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9-30-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' troubles and LSU-Auburn

Sep 30, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk about how the Saints can right the ship after their 1-3 start and LSU's upcoming game with Auburn.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports talk about a case to get him by BA -- I've Deke Bellavia 7 o'clock tonight to go around the National Football League. The talk about week five recap week four and week five of the National Football League season. Also coming -- Ross diligently she'd be right if an advocate violence you have a new quarterback freshman Brandon Harris. Anthony book and it -- Bogut did a great job Saturday night and what they do is they have a studio show. In the SEC network as a -- -- the two analysts -- McElroy -- herald a formal quarterback in Alabama. -- -- -- -- And they show the LA shoot a school state. Gain an inning with a Blumenthal and Bobby I thought he would. You don't hear you make -- decision go to guy they have -- stand behind them by. Brent Harris. Good point Willis spoke to him about that what this means moving forward. For the LSU Tiger Woods and James Craig who is with us it was Auburn football for the Montgomery advertiser as LSU and Auburn ballot title Saturday afternoon -- -- -- -- to 1 PM will be raising canes. McDonald saint Charles avenue in at 4 -- -- on the LSU sports network 606 kick off. And in the point after him -- you -- Ellis should -- insanity the biggest day the SEC west maybe the SEC history we've seen Alabama and Ole miss. This to be state and it's dog they'll take on. At Texas Stadium and LA issue at -- -- three huge -- six hootie. You know it's so we -- just one game not like that and again -- outlook I'm like OK yeah -- the US -- -- that night. The -- beginning of that and again kind of lot of hand. But began when you look at it this is -- SEC's all about these are gained like twelve games really. When you look -- units that have an -- -- as the B when you big bodies gauntlet Harris Anthony was like a no brainer if you look at it now. He's a no brainer and and when I'm gonna say is because in the -- ago production. When and he came all the bitch it was on with 89 minutes and -- is 28 seconds left before -- -- right. Big goal on seven touchdowns with seven possessions and now when you look at it this -- there's 1012. Of the last fifteen possessions that he quarterback. So it's like almost decade production. Now. And I Jennings as the -- got him out to New Mexico State game -- he had six touchdowns and one interception right. But you know -- miles an agreement of it with this value might not our you would think got a single one quarterback. But how Harris is still development in. You have to look at the success year having also -- opponent. That us that the big indeed both quarterbacks -- branches of Dan Norman. And and all of a sudden. Harris struggles in is that middle of the second quarter when I mean our he plays he doesn't get it done in the first half of the you know I give getting an opportunity I think it will give you innings. An opportunity in Edwards even though Brandon Harris as a starter right now like. No matter what he does even if he. Truly struggles like a lot of freshman would. Considering that mysteries of the -- -- that he's a quarterback no matter what. I don't think as the case -- I disagree with you that he dedicated and I think other -- -- standpoint you know if if there's a package for Jennings. -- this -- in a game plan for two innings -- I think they got to stick one year. And you mean if it's if if if the -- if you get beat 456 touchdowns -- do you think name off it throws for five picks in a row like Damon hounded all one right. Did you bring immediate in rain arrangement I think you can not afford to do you do 2008 men to it you've got to stick the one guy. Let him look you're gonna lose some games this year there's no doubt about it or -- -- the move forward let him grow with this talented freshman class and made him -- This could be huge I mean they could it would as the last time LSU had a quarterback three years -- what. You can you can recruit around rattled all win out I don't know I don't know when it's about -- the herb Tyler. When herb got in winning the -- Africa for damion and if -- may be. You go with him I think government falling hit in the point. Right there state right now with that say it is a little bowl ballots and there is Bobby Lackey -- -- used to play with the guys that would. Maybe not be good practice gas but they play of the game right if what we understand and beginnings is a better way to practice picks up stuff it's awful but we've all the feel the other night. Anthony he looked like a kid that was on a suppression and he's a young mania in Aussie stuff on FaceBook about these pitches once smile though you don't you don't do -- the pro. Athletes they'll -- it -- Q right you know get -- itself for life. In all due to the -- mean I mean all Acadia. It was like he wasn't playing his best. He wasn't playing as good as Brendan Harris was Brendan -- the better quarterback right now but you're exactly right the good days some he still wants that away from being a star you've -- -- Right right it meant as far as the -- As a college football right or wrong it's like professional ball now and the fans -- -- -- -- now. If you might is one of the last miles. The players in the team you don't hear that way right polite you coupled with some channel -- -- remain mentally. Right Obama because he -- and I had people call to host additional night it was say well enough. It's -- the -- cant tell a young mandate that boo is not not is that he was struggling he's got to a set and a little photo he's the quarterback was sure he's gonna take it he did the bones about him again -- yeah I UK take it. Are like aware bully coach miles because he's putting them back in the no -- learn the player does not think that way now they now. I guess I'm looking at the glass more happen -- half full. Because that approach is to be on him you know from a mental standpoint I guess he got about the handle adversity and have the tough skin. What -- Brian Harris consider who they've plane. What likely Maryland it was punting game and and is only one series in. So what of that habits of budget times. It doesn't really have success against -- when you don't have success against Florida. Or whoever it might be in all of a sudden he got a handful of games but what what where where. He's the quarterback they because tennis. No interest in that situation to have to bring you to deciding calm him down right in the go back all year I do. Did to go back and forth and if he had not I think I think this program moving fall with the talent they've got old and I think they've been all. Stick him in no situation I agree with the you know fifty feet to string a so -- Bring -- really and that's one thing if you look the way to -- -- candidate but to say they -- know what timely Dan was banged up some. But he had some bad he had when he threw three picks rightly was against Georgia -- that part of decided ball -- it. But there's no question about it even last week aren't had a turnover highest post Johnson he says and they give us the best chance to win allows our -- yet visit the same -- -- It's what you have to do is they are struggling you know impressing. Is that if you take a deep breath and you come on this line office -- you know you kind of Mexico was used if you would have been right and you put him back yeah you watch and see any kind of Laura I'm under lock in that situation I'd -- that's that's gonna happen right in the girl local -- it will look at it that's awesome work you know. So I can sense unless my house has been here Bobby. Brandon Harris is the quarterback he won't. Him and Ryan -- that those the two. Big they can -- employees. They have good passes they can move around and some people look gamers and ethnic no brand has anybody who -- -- Haskell. He's a quarterback for he's a great athlete but he can throw the football he can be a pocket quarterback. And him in Iraq -- title quarterbacks in this house like -- member with a great quarterback. The coach miles like the type quarterback mechanics the end those plays with and then at the bit think about. Ryan -- -- get paid whenever whenever. When -- apparently a legitimate national champs -- mentally got hurt they don't get to an ACC team to to play for a national championship you know what you look -- hit and run -- that -- is -- like about widgets on the road where he has to do that role. They all I know is I don't care who you played and Houston Monroe. New Mexico State. If you have the ball fifteen possessions. And you scored twelve touchdowns. Bigot right is that well -- -- don't matter who you play it's it's if it's obvious that since I was about people the offense has confidence in them. They play with a different swagger when he's out there he's still a freshman but. Obviously. -- -- -- their leaders and thought this offense to rally behind these young man who's only been on campus for seven mosque. That -- -- -- -- tells me he's he's he's he's a pretty good lead already all a good leader right now and it BHD itself as it may end Cam Cameron over a million dollars gas when he's discounted. Coach -- has -- their talent level because the ability of coach him up again -- The play would experienced even the guys that have. I think they will do basis sports talk he's Bobby -- -- Deke Bellavia you're listening to WW. And welcome back Thursday night it's the Coors Light Saints players showed hooters on veterans boulevard in -- -- Jonas how special is Saints. Defensive -- cam Jordan jones' big ninth hole. We'll have our view from -- QB to QB plus a fantasy football update all day is on Thursday show. LSU and -- Saturday on the plane injured his stadium operating jaguar that you -- with Roy black and go with superb ago now that the Saints dropped another game. They awarded three have you pushed the panic button -- do you think they'll turn around quickly. If they are on turn around quickly what lead you to believe that. If they are not going turnaround quickly. Same thing will lead to believe that 2601878668890. Rates in the and you could take this -- -- -- -- -- hobbled look at -- from both sides and -- look at it from. The not turning it around quickly standpoint first. That is a situation at. The right. That to meat I don't know -- -- you hear athletes say this all the time can you eternal can you turnoff. I -- for the life of me I just don't understand. Howell this team. Is looking like dale own defense assign the football that that's why we've seen it we've seen it three out of four games. All -- in a game to Minnesota. So to meet all of the full game to play that's against that's what's most disturbing but the its its the missed tackles. In things. I don't know -- alters that all come together one week I hear coaches say that you know. Sacks come in bunches turnovers come in bunches when right now and we just ended -- three wood just wanna pick one piece of for a treat not a bunch. I bet that. That's what makes me believe now -- know you appropriate that you Timmy can't make us all get out there one they have style attack them better and if forced a turnover tomorrow because if they don't. If they don't start. Force internal Bobby. Right when I went back. He and not exactly like you might what you can -- -- but he knew he nugget you via fibers team big when you look at it right now. The thing it's of one of only two teams whereas here in the sense -- have any interceptions blowing -- five sacks for gains right I mean now we getting -- in the trenches. And then and that's very discouraging computing and came here have a breakout year. Cam Jordan has been nothing. About a no show this season and he was I believe whatever it is they drafted him union -- he flashed an island of it is no consistency. I mean come on that that the Cowboys they ran the ball and he won -- like Sean -- and we couldn't really run we -- -- good. Then there's going to be issued news. Why. -- I mean -- doubled in a different place but why do you think. Malcolm Jenkins and three incision right now has one need -- habits since he is is it is -- -- the Eagles and Panthers front seven excellent -- Well at times pressure and in scheme and and an advantage and you catch it -- came out here it's the -- need to drop that he be in position. But they catch the ball but he dropped it you know it's crazy though. You look at the shows how quickly things can change. -- right now I think of this -- Again that it wins. That would be able coaching job. As a great team effort considering whether it right now and out there play. Because bill thought they'd be 41 of 50 and you look at the media schedule with promising. Is so that's seven home games. And wiggles out favor. It is because you know look at Tyrod is a great team as far as the quarterbacks that. He got the Packers -- down. Even debate -- to look at their office the it to the Ravens. You got just on the Detroit right that's what we did it it went I think it would be unbelievable bullet that being said. If you look at the division NFC east might say. That was definitely no expectations of the Cowboys do got to prove with Jimmie dale. But NFC's you know we say NFC east Tennessee -- went out NFC's out in his and now the NFC -- It ended down -- acted the way the way -- Mac is back outside. Yeah look internally -- look at the way the Saints have planned to go the way without the -- look at the way Tampa has played and look at the way too long to play. This division now out -- if Baker's reset it. I think eight to have man wouldn't division and anybody might take and yeah but it could be united seven depending on what happens Whitney to show you will play. You know we respect Carolina's defense now that injuries make it to different. Greg Hardy and Thomas Davis I I out via I'm. Rookie so -- presence of right -- that that observation. Yeah -- pressured their Davidson meetings that given up a 195. And he's right he's the patent agent why I mean he's not JD while but it does give you he's death that type impact not think he has on their front -- follow AFC debate is to play this year -- -- FC north. In Paris Carolina Buick big at Carolina gave up identical 454 yards back the bag if Theodore. I mean it would even in a game against Baltimore. And it is this the -- That -- say investigated it was that's who we got a late. Now one game at all awesome achievement as well right now. I come back we got -- phone lines were gonna get to it but it takes -- is -- 0260187. Texas at 8787 email is a big chief at WW dot -- come back DePaul Billy Roscoe and the rest you Collison whose time -- 431 we'll go to -- hands -- first name with. And welcome Matt. New Orleans is one in three after four games Tampa and in the bye week. Have you push the panic button. But he -- the Saints can turn around quickly cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com lot of calls here we will get to the phone lines first of the capital city of bedrooms for Troy Troy thank you for calling WWL. I appreciate my golf and order and now. Actual news media what and it's. A big. Check strawberry. Predictions -- in port you know one or -- It would be well. I didn't. Execute it. You know. Well I try rotated before and I was telling these and they get the break in he kind of look can you speculate. You know when you overconfident party is trying to be a homer and I don't think it was objective in -- sense because. I thought even if they don't stay that before defense. That that they could maybe still be like twelve or middle of the pack and but would that being said I think a lot of people. Are guilty. And and analyze him boarded the the X more realistic on this -- hand and a lot of people tend to overeat teams based on the past success like but he did last year. Then how many people try and all of -- settled Tom Brady -- the Patriots again well look how they got embarrass. Well last night so when I don't get it. Doesn't so it's like when I look at that you know like. You know the Seahawks at a Broncos there's a lot of teams don't live and up the so to speak at an expectation is so we overreached its committee did last year but -- actually investigate. And I should've known better about this that when you look at -- I've said this now even in the post game. They've forced only five turnovers in the past fifteen games. And and you look with those five takeaways and sixty -- right then the Saints are seven and eight in the fifteenth he's got -- -- to such a great start last year -- but -- basically a 500 team right now at that. You know because I UN going to lose one because we not take -- weight of football is not playing winning football with the one thing -- I'm discouraged. Is how -- again I ass kicked on in the trenches on the line of scrimmage we not it detail. -- I had to look back and Carlo receive under an -- as long as you know these it was an impression on the court. Would you say that because Eric's bat -- -- you look at them -- what can they do better but I mean I was a Dallas sickening and it's at twelve head Tony Romo. He's like basically smile on the whole game. I mean I just had back surgery I mean he's good though he won a tattoo of a few times or get somewhere. Oh where you know that you have some got a impact. If you don't get. That a quarterback would a four man rush even the best of secondaries we will get exported only Segui got. Was a kid -- Carroll blitz we did blitz one time eight people at Tony Romo still to get hit I think it was the last touchdown. Woody Dez Bryant to be Keenan Lewis days nobody even hit him and when it. C'mon Andy can't -- -- it was a delayed stunner some he was coming -- but he come there. That Tony Romo made Tony Romo with the could have played last night. And because he went even well affected that that date before. I -- you know I trauma they will get emotional you know we're on emotional creatures that are trying to have a need your critics and -- try to pay attention to what the coaches say the players say in the one thing you hear him say is it. You know last year's team was -- issues team where that a lot as you could a team that dominated Dallas this is the issues teams and maybe do it. Okay now MI to go by that rule -- that -- she was last year the issue the issue if that's the case and that's we have from coaches and players. -- what would I go along to think that the team that we've seen the first full week this season can win five or six games in a row I have no. If I'm going on the issue now if I -- think of last you the year before -- -- of previous years absolutely but if Bob -- at what they say they be coaches and players. -- -- I'd be a -- I don't think dusty quit pharmacies game broke out Kampman will they. They don't have to if they go win ten games. To that level if obviously his game general by the -- dignity even -- when they've gotten off to slow start even goal for the egg cells that well here we got back to full full -- Jackson view anyway it is nine them. That was 07 of seven. You know so I mean that's the bottom line you could do that each day -- got beat them and go from there. Because it is going to be is going to be that challenge. It to be wanna coach -- coaching jobs and the players with that and get it and I think it's going to be that it was a. Such a thing is as -- and music doesn't mean we know this team watched. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They've they did extra deals on trying to take the ball away if they -- practice and that's that's what makes him in a caller I look. I I want all what I saw how when all what I saw and look at all the people in this. On this year -- excellent alive -- me just I don't understand Bobby while speaking get eternal. -- you know the other night that was the first game this season in the first quarter DeMarco Murray didn't fumble the football. The first pac game this season ever the game you fumble there in the first court. Well you know based on and Dallas had the ball great conferences the goodness that is his mind boggling based on scouting report. Coming at the NFL. In. What he did last season -- to the -- wanna see the whole season this being the short two maybe three tackles. The right now he missed three tackles and Cowboys the united -- managers effort yet. But he's missed nine right now. And total he's just nine already yeah and and and I don't know we could tackle last year while -- was -- -- I mean. Dig everybody has not gotten it done they'll need to look at them -- that that is the most humbling thing is now like while doing my job no nobody's doing their. Saints had 77 missed tackles in sixteen regular season games in 2013. They have 44 right now that's a lemon missed tackles. On average per game and if they did it to -- over his back -- you need to do and now this is one thing that is that I plead the fifth I don't know but I'm telling you. Well like you talk to Ricky Jackson and players. That have done this at a high level. Is that you got -- wonderful you know it's about popularly you know ball be around the ball okay you can't have guys trying to attack -- -- out there and -- count the guys on that level. The one guy has to be an -- making that tackle in -- and -- might have 23 guys admitted there. That's why you put the ball and -- -- you should shoot the ball carrier bested tackled like they ought to have dusty would make it past. Anyway securing it -- and it -- it but it but it's only what I've got to make that tackle rather look at DeMarco Murray I mean it was like oh OK -- -- a got a valid to -- judge there's only one guy there he'd ball all follow me -- the -- the -- trying to borrow it and DeMarco Murray it was like this -- become an accommodation. Jim Brown Gale Sayers Ortiz isn't on an average one. DeMarco Murray like at a different level you know wins 2015. Dallas highlight real for fourteen seasons will be a bunch of infinitely. Coming back to all your columns and sports talk on WW -- Back to -- to go. You hit the panic button yet over the Saints turned things around get to vote on line it's upper deck whopping you -- Did you WL dot com and it's cool to meet -- for Doyle Doyle thank you for calling WW Rio. Eight being married or consider your -- art of you know every day can't sit in record number that we beat Atlanta and it. Really not a barrier ground game archeology did you herald you do -- and -- -- in the -- -- Big book director secure government are old popcorn and how well you know -- football and the fact -- not -- -- they're -- routine we drafted. We -- not spent a lot of money on top of that and torture we've -- some good. As -- you're seeing. And -- the -- -- understand a little bit aggressive book bulky I'll watch -- -- you live life. Cole are we can assure you you -- in October -- he shared the block and on the track all. Aaron ball carry you need to -- on -- -- caught -- to your column while I'm getting blocked and nowhere to be. On the back incumbent mostly written and aggression. But -- Well can't go -- I mean what would you say is Greg -- but to say they have it's been -- they lose their money -- you at all if they spent money in your an analogy your assessment. In the right place at the eight record you're right they rate they have been on -- yeah. But not in the right place exotic car back. Linebacker and not an alternative. I don't tackle position -- track -- -- old wallet back are we got in there. Alone while all that thing is this -- and we thought maybe a breakout year. It and you look you know those dominant now that you -- innocent as he was eons and we have to face them but comic -- -- May we when you see that can't play in how dominant I don't know he might end up with the Cowboys. I heard of Falcons and New York teams that you had about leverage and that's a person that. I'm not saying -- second coming of Michael Warren Sapp are Reggie White -- economic it's a GGY. Those par dominant players all the time you know they always play great -- a big you know what's frustrating and -- dole along those lines. The Cowboys all of -- a lot of talent he is again tradable and traffic's. They might have been in the conversation the best office of line you know as a whole did Buren online like -- when he made -- two -- when I am on the ball approved in the putting because if you -- would have back like these -- -- -- DeMarco Murray. Before the Saints even touch -- any contact anywhere. He was averaging almost four yards a carry. We don't fall -- -- little bit if they think about that you don't like get penetration to stop before we get started. Almost four yards before we even had to avoid contact. That's -- Paul all I want Paul thank you for calling WWL. You're actually on I'll -- -- out. On pay like I. Wanna eat at. And -- about is -- And they beat. Lot of law if I had. -- game. Sunday night. It would -- You know thought has called luck of strict man. Well. Trading -- -- I mean -- -- Been so hot yet. -- -- Are a lot cheaper -- -- the end up back on the art beat. Indeed don't -- it back but yet. We paid or didn't -- -- -- -- -- want to get in at like eighty. Break up on -- Well -- right now all allegedly did breakup but he has to do it every game and have about and those those people with -- Julio Jones the fumble. And that green god and that no right now Jerry has bird stealing money. I mean I and a that that that's a fact we need him to be great Dominic. I mean did you see DeMarco Murray embarrass him lightly ran I thought that remind me of when will -- -- Jamaal Charles Scott was the physical and and 92 yard run when he's right there are deployed at that nobody even blocked that we don't even touch -- one hand it was kind of like a DJ well to try to tackle that you Mexico's state quarterback out of the middle. But even that bad angles don't even get him -- height and again -- touch him and he hit the panic button or you still comment -- the game turned around quickly. This is sport's top vote on operated jaguar that you pulled -- WW dot com. He is it takes guys have blamed the coaching these planes did all of a sudden become bad players during one season including Jared -- found -- -- they should be -- -- eligible fault but the coach is on display if I -- a full --