WWL>Topics>>8-6-14 10:10am Garland: on immigration

8-6-14 10:10am Garland: on immigration

Aug 6, 2014|

Garland talks with George Fowler of the New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation about what should be done about illegal immigrants coming to America.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. -- blow follow what troops today BP. And target their case before -- ring court. And while they want to Supreme Court to Greenwood. Is that -- -- official who singled through money. Operating in many instances illegal. Giving money to people that weren't affected by the BP spill. And world will take a look at all that in details in the time line and and the most. Important question what would mean they won. Do dupe -- to get it and who -- now. Get over VO lead attorneys in the class action lawsuit. To better help those. And and were vaults are requested BP and about it from BP listen. -- -- command -- -- of -- and more than welcome we do and heard from you yet. I think it's unknown story the other world governor jungle. Is. Paulson. Both poor so and -- wall. The brutal imminent lawsuit. Lawsuit that would have sued about 97 oil companies. Over damage to the wetland. I'm surprised by that because the the governor -- where and when that being fought in the legislature. Stood his orders attorneys' fees legal principle that says and that. Government can killed this sudden -- In the legal. Against lol lawsuit to -- wild and forcefully -- So a splendid than usual that now he's not outside one of the IT group closer look at. Well a couple people and it's our board. -- shows submitted -- and that is an ongoing problem. Immigration illegal immigration. Now Britain will grow old and children some with. Parents who have come to New Orleans. And George follower. Differences and talk about a hundred and war against and every two they could. Executive board member of the World Trade Center and also turn towards war from the shore producers call. Sure. It's what's happening with the thousand plus children that are coming here everything and says. Our court system in -- -- The the very year in your situation that -- only get a thousand acres and you know in the war the second under city. We have wonderful wonder and community in this. In this city and in this state and we're talking more children who would've been this way but. Not sure knows that the administration. Is. Looking at all the issues and distributing media. They -- the children you know 2000 children I think our immigration. Service can handle. Might take. Some time. You know it is the several laws affecting the process. If children from not contiguous states that means enough from Mexico. Under -- 2008 blow. -- designed to protect children from abuse those. Long pox. So that most of the children in the you know I understand it not been looking for them myself. Have been placed -- of the -- There's a lot of good tablet here and undertaking QB -- is that brought -- -- You follow him wrong UPU. -- else. Table -- last week. Where they would LT 6094. Million dollars. To the process. Reporting these children. Also modified in the 2000 the anti human trafficking in the wall. A lot of people needed easier to deport. Unaccompanied minors through. Wondered -- -- a lot of people think. Then we found out about in and since their children and 35 million to -- To. -- to the huge and actually courtroom their borders. Well what are your thoughts on what to view view. All the happy the GOP finally taking some. Rule in connection with. Was this issue. Emblem back to Mitt Romney election talked program. Particularly in the world about the immigration situation. And and how important Latin American vote was -- the the Republican Party. And his presidential election but he tells me. Is he will pander to the Latin Americans which. You know our -- was fairly. And immature approach to that this issue. Whether people want the -- Americans in this country not this year and the voting bloc. And the Democrats to take advantage of that certain. President Obama. And taking advantage of the east created this. This particular problem right now. Would work in Latin America my whole career you know that. The problems that endures tremendous as far as corruption. And murder capital the world as an example. Who border country -- outdoor of the same thing perhaps. -- expand the -- a lesser extent. Those problems have been to the question. We need to ourselves as. Wild side we have. Thousand children coming into this. Into. And cross -- borders. Leave their administration allow him to commitment. I believe the administration's creating disorder. Because I believe this president. Is planning to past. Widespread and nationwide in immigration. Legislation. It -- and or. He can't -- executive. In order so all of this rules it would happen and that is happening now did that happen then it is done but -- Otherwise somebody explain to me why it's happening now the law that we talked that he did to two point well. Over two years so he passed a law. Which he allowed children -- page of illegals in this country remain in this country's wine now and we have decision. So. If these past two years ago wise enough. Big one when that is important to. Two years ago it. Children certain age under hinged at. The end this. Why did in the courtroom that. Exactly the issue -- should have occurred then but he did bunkers it is occurring now. And in a massive. Somebody signal to those countries. That could bring their children across the border battle border patrols where now and not really stop him in the. Article that dog old -- dog got to take a break we'll come back because upright or. Told him George fellow founder of the New Orleans is Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Robin that would recalled 23. All right to were blue good Jorge follow pro owner new -- -- -- phone they're. Talking about illegal immigration over a thousand children. Now in the New Orleans area and doing what figures who believed. 50000 plus children. Here illegally. And in recently. -- George correct -- -- -- wrong thinkable and standing Tuesday. Democrats and President Obama communicated the message to the leaders. Insult American particulate those three countries. That their children because 2000 the law can call me and and and -- your chances a year. They community that parents weren't spread in the we're -- -- wrong. The -- he passed. -- in 22. To 2008. Law was passed on the bush and that is opening they've. Wearing purge people would come from Central America to. Petit to the United States both of those laws and their vote welcoming children. Into the United States but. This situation is developing 114. To the question when he answers those -- it's happening now and why are they crossing the border -- you know -- alone in the cross the border. Commando that they have quickly utilities. Whatever you're up to cross that had those problems. That brings. Bring bring the children go in there there's this this is a crisis it created. I'd like to they're more likely culprit. Is the administration. -- -- -- -- -- -- President Obama. Won the clash over the immigration issues and the Republicans but advocate Mark Campbell. I am very happy to -- skilling. Probably you know congressmen. Is working to try to get the divisions between people party in the rational. Party you know. Together regret and aggression. Republican connecting -- to ignore the immigration problem simply saying you know support of the children. -- all of you illegal it would. Let let let let's look at some rumors issues. Look at Washington towards post. -- All contiguous nearby countries of the -- with a rapid increase in the number. Children and -- Americans Seeking Asylum. Nicaragua. Will -- countries on -- -- -- in the largest part of these children roaming from under. Vineyard. The -- In -- and pardon him when -- lose. General didn't talk evangelicals. Then you have the southern baptists can do and then you have the Cuban Joseph co chair of the world vision. All today and these children or running from violence sexual abuse and exploitation. Then. He's got the Louisiana cap -- food issue. -- two days ago said. Compassionate immigration reform refers broke -- right subordination to secure or borders but. Catholic teaching equally -- at all people of the blade two conditions. World -- of human life. A little light in the of four and violence and and torture. Are they seem to be saying they believe it's primarily island. Your primarily believe it's the Democrats and well. Don't know and but don't -- for. Did. You about that means and explain appointment of violence always exist in under. As long remembered is a violent country are dealing right now would corrupt. Supreme Court. And I'm dealing with them and am getting help from congressmen. And senators. -- help me with the issue in the product longstanding. Well. You know so -- Did leave and as we have -- during immigration. In the world and in the bio aren't aware of certain. And so but why why coming now. Why is that this is this -- crisis provoked by the administration. Must have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You think okay. I I cannot believe that we can now strengthen -- -- wouldn't it. Leaves the border and on the -- guys you guys work. You know. You can close. But I do believe that we should now. Immigrants should come into this country to war. You know our lipped it in Poland and we've only got a -- Yeah we've got that law that allows them not welcome Bob -- ball. Until convert you guys keep talking about now. We've got to stop these illegal. Immigrant and in the movie ever talk about closing. The the border. Probably will go to. Other close the board. Opened up with somebody comes in with. Him and let them work in our country yeah -- in regard as the main post-Katrina. In Portland the Latin blood came here helped. To rebuild -- And so. There's good reason to bring Latin America mall and borders because it means to. -- help you know in in that it's an interest. But. The united. A lot of people that help a lot of people that helped to worry legal should we deep war. -- mean that it they -- those come back. I I think that -- That complicated question -- there -- go there to port tension. But the question that needs to be addressed now is that we have left in -- illegals. In this country the leopard -- okay. And the Obama administration is saying Cheney at our quick turn -- -- And the Republicans. Are going well I don't know. But. Couldn't. Get Republicans back. And the White House. I would tune. In blinding lightning. And Democrat -- aren't. That. I don't want this this whole half hour talking about the politics you got that over islanders. Pure search. Reading from their latest report. Last year there were removed 369. Now holds an undocumented. Migrants. An increase of nine times. Compared with the forty years ago. And I DelHomme let's say we've got eleven billion people. We're not -- brilliant grin and sleep they're illegal. At that ivory which I'm sure you disagree with the deaths occurred in the first place. But hypothetically. Say those figures or -- Well it's -- and take its thirty years to get rid of the one we. And because you guys never. Come up with a plan to talk about -- the -- or -- closed border or talk about it we're gonna have more people come and didn't. Well preliminary. Well. I heard -- we need to close the border. When we need to close the border and allow immigrants commit into the country. I -- know that I know that but how do you close the border. -- got other guys who historically. China they have channel. They're not the way to close the border there as well and you know in this country to do it. I -- I totally. I totally agreeable when I steps to Italy's one and I have all the conservatives on and I assume a Wikipedia. Let's look at how we can do this -- at the last group told me. Where you're logo and regal grand and that. We have hundreds -- it really closed the Texas border. It's if I heard more people saying what should you assess. China built of brick wall we can do you say. It. But just to talk about a bomb -- the -- -- and eleven billion here. To me it doesn't solve the. -- it -- question. Definitely. I was there's ways to seal the border do visit Bhutto knew it would. National -- -- you do. Increase resources to close the border. And that would need to be -- much. There's not much. This sent -- that he should the commitment that it. You know you're the -- in the administration. The order that national. Federally funded National Guard to the border and that -- That we have been doing. -- eliminate them at a brick. Lunatic break got to go to news into -- god truly pro complement its terrific. We've finally arrived. Yes we should close the border it's come back and talk about it now. -- -- old thing good about illegal immigration. In the United States across our southern border. And we have a little WW gold glove approach -- drug gore opinion poll wherever every morning whereas to. Americans plan to solve immigration. Is not. To close the border. But the distinct and unlike during the recession. For a few people entered the country illegally. Are you okay it will -- cure a -- of -- break 75 pars and -- -- pollute enough. And I've George followed with a -- group via -- New Orleans who's been an accurate to founded. In Georgia and call you can serve would tell me of fumbled. But. If you or your literally the first one -- -- on new years seven years. That his descendants. Yes we should close the border probably go but do. Well I mean when you have problems in the they'll close the borders of physical you do with national bark when you do the police -- do would -- that would boundaries do. But I don't -- -- well in the crystal clear on this like -- label. -- -- -- little. But I do believe that that would hear the eleven media whether that you -- in order to bring -- should be treated and look at what. This country and that by park to be able to keep them the country but he now. Didn't need to be treated with love and compassion. Including. -- -- I mean we are America where the country that is compassionate country we got a -- people truly. It is terrible situation -- -- typical in relation. To deal with an easy one to. Opening closing -- border it is. What -- to stop the ongoing problem. About -- -- to the match is being sent from the White House to these countries whose tenure. Oh and that that that -- that happening that live in squalor of the and then of course. The countries with what kind of violent. And so there. Send their children -- and I came to this country you know as a refugee from -- you. And and that's got to welcome in India -- opportunity. It is that we have bring people come. Crumble whenever they can because it's a collection of the country there are not -- in the United States is who's the greatest country. On the planet with a greater opportunity. My apologies to you that you believe you console that at The Heritage Foundation. Hooked onto it. Shouldn't have a that support. Children -- children and -- the world school. -- pivotal. -- advantage for -- that you. Strongly conservative. Michael. Let's get back to. You agree shoot wolves the border in the in the door open borders and -- -- And it didn't. And then all of that at that I'm not saying. Stop all immigration. When we try to on board to immediately or draw that one more time reading and people that walloped by the code and legally. By playing. Both by train. While walking across the border blue blue dot Kate were weakened. Check and we would come and so I agree would you. Bought it closed the border. Bush didn't talk about it or didn't do it Clinton didn't do it Reagan didn't total on the didn't do it. And I personally. Don't believe and you have -- A look in 2000 line and analysis from the old. They were building. At that time three and a half mile stretch of Vincent and the cost him at the eighty knew him doll. One developed. Brownsville Texas with a lot of it grew got four point seven million or is it. Over and over again associated persons series in taxes in the Texans said. You're -- -- take my property for a bit right now. A -- Or taken a look at 700 miles more. A vote gullible your best forward in the cause. It in the bin gifts until -- that's -- -- wouldn't -- 700. Close 670. Is thirteen 170 ma we've got 2000 miles to open part being the Texas border. How can we stop this if we don't close the border in part and he says. This serves conservatives. And liberal exactly what they need. They can sit there and the group's mobile would be from the all day long and it doesn't give us. Where a marble. Open the border can be. He can be he can -- A minute about physically well with men and it would -- I mean I think you'd sort of money. At that going to be a lot cheaper than dealing with eleven million illegal aliens that have maybe twenty million. You know so he's going to be cheaper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I do believe it as a political football. Game and which. Which of the -- that would do a good job of playing. Until that meeting it is the Americans go in there in this country which is -- As a -- is going minority group. In the -- stay at home you know whether it is now political and -- need to be. And I think it can't be at the border and you know I mean different. It. That's the real. World record would have darkened Alley where have been talked importantly it's would you reach agreement. It. Artwork I know you -- ago. Purge it I think where of these debates. More and more often in my -- support would be actually do some. In instead of the little slap fights. -- For sure you'd. Looked you'd. Debate positions OK I. I'm happy that these releases silently. You know. Does that have to deploy and try to address the -- from Republican side well let's go to group. Georgia appreciated call them we will be calling you give them great. I Debra -- bigoted celebrity -- five the -- Well do if you didn't break here or are we had a bra -- and a ground breaking. Event. In the big time. Well first time. Somebody that thinks we should deport. The children that are here now in the eleven million or so. Everything. We think that number we know bigger illegal and actionable -- think. First one ever. And terribly important to compensation. Does say. We should close the border. There are looking that report. Right -- future. Last year americorps moved 369000. Undocumented. Migrants. And intrusive nonconference compared with twenty years ago number one. Conservatives. Don't believe Obama did that but it's Cisco dependency. Here and a bit of the -- to conservatives. And saying that really occurred will do the -- If we had nobody else come and -- would choose what you would have to do and if you wanna get rid Libya eleven million plots. That's thirty years. At 369000. A year. Little bit more than thirty years. I don't see. How you even begin an internal closure of border. And can the border be close. On 370. Miles that would close. Congress. Is looking for the money. That technology. To close 700. -- That means. A good. 700 mile and a 2000 mile border will be wide open which is primarily taxes. And George Fowler of the -- I have a list out power. Is the only one. That is -- we ought to go endured the last two. I have only one conservative. Heritage Foundation. The album. From an organization called fair. And Melissa that they said we you know and you can put the ball room. -- it meanders like Mississippi River experts who wouldn't or in east and west and south it is that at some of the -- One that is crazy talk. All of the troops we have sitting in Germany -- If Russia invade Europe or 30000 troops can stop him. Do we nod if we -- for sport. 200. I'm an. Immigrant the hundreds of thousands per year of illegal immigrants that are hiding. I think we could transport. Troops in Europe if something broke. Recruits in the Philippines got proved to itself Korea. Clinton. South Korea North Korea removed two million. Of the best trained soldiers in the world. I fought with South Korean marine and I guarantee North Korean -- or Joe's is good a million of them move. The tens of thousands of soldiers we have -- that really gonna make a difference. So what do we bring them home. Let him live on -- and -- their family. And rotated off for the border. Closing of the combination wall and troops. Well I'm always so what -- -- nothing to. And this -- A Nazi and I know. It's him getting bare rhesus issues. Because if you listen to the conservatives. They don't want to talk. About closing the board and that they do mention. And you say how you're gonna do -- And get figures down -- costs. You have figures on god only. You get figures of -- that show how many people we're gonna bite him in Texas over the private property rights. I have my doubt. With this much bigger. Go look up HSBC. Largest banks and more affiliates all of with the United States. They watched. Drug and bide the billions of dollars. But just drug. There were is a -- And they won't warned over and over this stop. In they didn't make finally got a really and be fine. -- -- -- Nobody -- Nobody goes to -- Did you capture share up off the record and ask him a large part of his budget. Relies on the seizing the property that those. That violate the drug laws. Called -- Law enforcement against. Prohibition. The overall pollution deity. Federal judges all retired. All of thing. The drug trade. Has a -- on -- and true age. And I think that money. And that Powell. Has infiltrated. -- laws. In some former fashion that I can't quite put my -- But we -- its -- police say. Close the border. We've got the troops. Overtime. Anything flares up around the world. Lot of one -- at the other says we ought to be don't -- rooted in real out of going there would troops. We don't approved for a Bork. -- get a visceral. Hundreds of millions of into. Weapons. Which I agree with. But. We could use them on the border. Seems like we have the money. Seems like we have the troops there and George roll like very much a bit of reported that time I was talking here. Talking about Obama and the Democrats. Going to South America it's spreading the word to colonial and so and they can get Latinos. To put him in office. -- support solve the problem. But the next. Conservative town hall meeting Hugo. Out or you in favor closing the border and if they use a yes. Say -- Where's the money you guys during -- the law you guys couldn't -- a petition to smile that -- moon. How are you gonna close the border. What's the plan asking. It with a plan. All of play in these news. Here's the physical side. Here's the maintenance item here's the cost side of here at the -- that we allow the legal decent caring. Foreigners come in this country ask you this season the played. You know. -- of -- I'm thinking. We're not here. Review duties. -- Well we asked Europe who would real -- have a little bit of book traffic go across the borders 75 groups -- -- absolutely. So that seems to be everybody's eyes closed border.