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7-25 Sports Talk 540pm, Drew Brees Presser

Jul 25, 2014|

Drew Brees says he could play another 10 years…age is just a number. Is it? Also, find out what he thinks about the first team practice.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There welcome back -- -- all because we continued broadcasting from the green Brian -- training camp over trolls on here Owens yeah UW radio and on line it if you do if you go dot com for the latest on the -- ago. Just go to that -- -- -- we -- Saints coach on the become Graham. Also came -- among others but here is Saints quarterback Drew Brees addressed in the media following the dates first practice. A -- in 2014. At the green for a. The weather but I guess this is -- New York. You -- him during stretches -- degree referred to this stretch and nor is it just sort of last that grass is hot -- -- -- I kind of leaned over here is related I was -- you're stretched us a first -- ever late on cool grass. Dressed like your starters. So doubted you resign your surplus and you just feel like you can go all the should we should have called. 200 plays out there have been perfect -- and so I think here's that's part of the reason for being here is. The ability to especially with. A lot of young players do you have a solid veteran group for -- so a lot of young players we're trying to -- So efficiently very quickly into our system and what we're doing you don't wanna maximize reps this collage. Drew had pretty much had everybody available all offseason that Jimmy. -- that. Jimmy's Jimmy Jennings Tom Brennan best -- finishing -- yesterday so. No doubt he's in shape he's ready to roll. Had multiple conversations with a gorgeous site now so welcome back so glad to be back in the -- and a lot from the guys. You know you're in the place again my voice muddled foul. And it's like to see it as us and the way he's handled them the staff myself he's -- Brennan is victory yesterday with -- -- when it. -- nothing but good things here's a guy who's obviously extremely talented. But. More so. Very tough very intelligent and just. You get this feeling that he'd love he must be great -- loves football and we'll also learn this bunch and every time comes up to me just because why is it. We're just she'd seen him for information. -- and he absorbs a very quickly he's at the bottom five that's that's pretty rare for young guys have been -- there has been a while. Doesn't seem like anything's been too big for them here we are -- -- -- -- spent some time together in July. Which were a -- was pretty crucial coming in the camp. That we there was a level of player -- Reverse the playbook just -- sound. Tonight yourself. They want to look very good and excited to see you know. How to master reasonable progress with him but certainly gonna try to get him as many opportunities possibly can't go make plays like doing that until -- can never. It's where you would keep this person but. Young players like -- But generally like soon like you know so many others. It just just. When you look at my eight years -- -- you know so many of those years. With our skill position guys were LaMarcus. Marcus Colston Devery Henderson Lance Moore Robert Meachem right it doesn't look the big Forsberg. For seven years. And and now obviously two of those were gone and -- you've got these young guys are here take their place and so you just you know there's not. There's that period of time where you just really rejuvenated needed to get excited to come to work every day. So worked with -- these guys to. -- tried to build that same trust and just ESP. As we think about the system and what we're trying to take this offense so. That's the fun part for you bouncing off the bat. But several years. So once you. You contracts the money you can -- Food for several lives we'll win with a much even until Augusta hasn't heard before he's. What would. Drives -- at this point in -- Accomplished so much depth. -- to do. Look to win but -- was a ball. Like do things that people haven't done before. Where people would say are possible were extremely difficult to do Paul. I'd get a day of cub cub love. A lot of people still look heads. My career by legacy and say hey he did the right -- he -- a pro. We'll just for a long time it was at his consistent. What is it consistent. What was this will be the same level and -- on -- consistently good and we'll -- better. But I still feel like I'm at that point where each and every year -- get a little bit better but not in the deep -- Like most guys maybe in their mid thirties in my mind I'm not I'm not in my mid thirties I'm -- voters over. -- -- Good look at 35. It's. Always true. -- -- -- -- -- I I think it's a mindset more so than anything I mean certainly there are things that somewhere. Getting a bit older. Did more maintenance -- -- more recovery are good lord just some of these things but maybe a little bit different in the way did you train. But I enjoy -- balls along with that but thanks so much really is a myself. But it's almost a bonds was -- -- five. And that's not a guy that's that's why the -- serve like to play for another ten years but. -- and that's. That would be my goal coming down take a one year at a time but there's always -- your. I don't know my head. Guys like. -- up but yes but. But you know -- hey -- was so what. 3037 years old lesser arguably his best professor's berth Brett Favre for a bit -- investors is number one humorous story. There's. There's been superb examples of them ended in the near history. That's that's true that you can. Can continue to play very very high level. Yeah I think there's a lot of kids are going to that is not just his assault on Sundays and you got here. There's a lot of things throughout the week for -- of preparation reverse a recovery in the way did you train all those things so they're -- usually covets all that. And I just try to be very into those things but. It's. It's what year did I understand that luck is part of myself but but show great right now does that but I can't do now. That -- I'd like to do you know it's. Drugs -- The start that streak San. He can be as good. But he's still young player. Only does what he's. Six starts under his belt but. You love every. Didn't see. Not only just his talent but. His eyes and see guys get. When there's a big challenge ahead of all the -- -- -- -- -- some -- -- -- but what I -- with him is just an intensity -- -- confidence. Was such -- love to see a left tackle ready for anything any tightness Alice hill. There's some really good defense and that's all that's not a born early. And and I guess he's he is really risen to the challenge. -- -- bad you don't do what I've seen early on and now it's just a matter of but taking that to. The next level probably just think the more consistent level you know where he would have he -- you on how to compare your burnout too. It was good as he has guys like -- -- through -- came in this league is seventh well they're. Slowly worked his way to becoming one of the best right -- for the week so certainly is actually a great example for him. Veterans like jewelry and Ben -- Jonathan good without coming back in the mix and we've got great veterans. In that room that can help me god a young talent develop them. I do -- -- And -- change change -- and training camp zero here you gotta break everybody a little bit you you can just throw in some some challengers and some unknowns and then just. Thanks to you get away and you elevation distractions and it becomes all about football about building this team and we know we look like on paper it looked pretty good on paper but now we got to go out we got to put together and do we have to it's legit team that we know we care of them the sort have to find different ways to win this year you know. -- size is going to be different types of their running game this -- the Cubs don't need your best game in. This is when you put it altogether right now is to be competitive out here but for guys we have on our side of the ball and on the third does we have on the team that's on the ball but that's. They did they would build something that happens -- but championship type of preparation and performance -- happen. Okay. I didn't. That is there's -- nervous first subpar start we've done it much you know other teams' jerseys in years past but it's -- first time we've done something right there. This I guess it's. Fun. Its -- on all the jerseys. But again we ran really well welcome to -- was really we must first take delivery of equipment does this all of your friends. Just you know how to walk around shirt during practice and -- each other projects what does this mean. It's it's that he's a corporate the corporate you know for for the open market it. -- -- That much -- you can. You go and. Yeah. I guess only time will tell you know -- This is different for certain positions you know I'm not -- He's. I think he's a guy who. Like I set out more worried about him and stayed in great shape. Torres conditioning or his work ethic away from our facilities here are some guys who might be worried about that they're just not fair. With the rest of the guys. But I'm not worried about it in that regard. -- from a timing standpoint yeah we got some work to do it doesn't just have to do but. I'm very confident the back come back very quickly. But I'm not sure you talked about doing your younger receivers I'm Chris Young women love him in the head and the new -- have that -- that -- his ball skills Dunham played a pretty big brown. But Obama. He's playing remains -- Islanders will come here stationary target I was strong. Photos -- you come back -- -- Sears to come back to the ball. So -- saying your beer and I'm saying receiver. We're we're doing we're just I don't what I want it wasn't over the top throw a big perhaps we have to describe this summer to get him off the courses afternoon. Maybe over here for some extra rest for you guys -- he's really nervous and I. This is for your thought that maybe maybe maybe -- -- there will get a big touchdown reception for UPS and leave your -- -- -- We joke. Well I just told -- so we just utilize his skills. And so really spiritual within a better route. Pour it on the number of people that I guess reached out there. Do an outing but if you -- an opportunity Jonathan Phillips and hopefully I can how can you talk about how important we'll. That aspect. A -- -- -- you're in your demeanor everywhere he had the support of everybody on the and then -- was safe bet we understand this voting process you need to take care of the -- this and we know -- of your own good night. And sure enough it all. We don't go -- otherwise right there is loaded but deadlines tonight because I'm a liar. Both sides are happy long term contract he's back he -- he's ready to roll plus conditions than yesterday which shows that he's here he's outta work he's been working. His -- is in the right place so we'll throw. And any Saints quarterback Drew Brees came to Canada and I mean yeah I think he hitter a number of points and and I've brought this up last night. You know before we close out on the show we talked about on paper and you've heard this this might be the best Saints team ever but. This is truly news -- you gotta get it there on the field and ironically rob Ryan's brother Rex Ryan head coach of the Jets. And I think this is appropriate. When he made this statement -- you could say this -- the thing itself so we understand. There's so many steps that we have to take obviously the process. Throughout the season to get to the playoffs and ultimately get that is doable and any goes on to say if we could talk about who we could talk about it and get there. It would ever ready been done so we know that talking won't get it done and we have to earn it and begin the next -- also gonna break down. What drew in the relationship with Jimmy Graham with Jimmy Graham has meant to this team. And I think has helped you drew stay. Among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. And where is kind of like second nature you almost surprised he didn't throw for at least 4000 York beats. Sports talk covered the Saints training camp 2014 green Brian Westbrook did you hear all the home with a black and gold this is WW.