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7-10 4:10pm Sports Talk: Lebron James Return to Cleveland

Jul 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to John Linder of Sports Miami who covers the Heat about the meeting between Lebron James and Pat Riley, and Mark Heisler of sheridanhoops.com about the Lakers’ talks with Carmelo Anthony.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Deke Bellavia -- the KCK am I BA Bears coming up on today's program would talk a lot about his take on the World Cup finals. And Jimmy Graham will he make an appeal. With. The NFL's. As always -- number to get involved a 5042601870. 0386688908. Syndicating canyons into a bit out of big bullet to jump right -- give us your take on Jimmy Graham situation. Well that I thought it was kind of a 5050 deal. You know who's gonna win agreements in the bottom line is. Hopefully that will be the case by July 15. -- will get a long term deal done. Because as a player. Whereas the team you know -- any hard feelings obviously. And and you know. And you shouldn't have hard feelings you get paid millions of dollars why really you should never be ticked off. Money thing and adding Mickey Loomis is fair I think six then. That's being -- -- agent he will play hard ball and he will. You know also be aggressive and I think over all that Mickey -- will be fair. And a -- language Ingram so hopefully. There is. You know on two term deal done by. July 15 because you never want as a as a player. Because not guaranteed contract you play one year. And then. Collison and some happens and you average -- you know word as much. Facility UN security of a long term view -- -- and guaranteed money now. With interest in and then when you look. Jimmy Graham worries that right now all in and potentially what you haven't -- a long -- -- does that come about. I'm not enough so people think he's full bowl -- You know some people given credit that Mike Freeman. Bleacher Report. Injuries and in the Saints are not willing or are not capable maybe. Again a long term deal done that it could have problem one good half a dozen teams. That would definitely make a run at Jimmy Graham. And every team in in theory right now could do it with the exception of the bills was traded their 20142015. For from -- To the Browns if in -- revolution Jimmy Graham. New get back to first round pace would. We've come from the 20152016. Drafts that's the legacy BA. The labor deal is in the language is set up. Now. There's -- ordinance article 106. Section 158. That kind of addresses this then and had a team could sign a contract. When a club so we we talked about they go back a little bit. That if Jimmy Graham does not sign a long term deal by July 15. And he has to play a one year deal with Estes with the Saints. That's not necessarily. When another team. I know Danny gets complicated because in the Saints and it kicked off at all and the instability of that that -- The -- and sixty section 158. And another team could sign a contract would a club as late as the Tuesday. After the attempts none of the regular season. Amendment that. That another team could sign a contract when a club as late as the Tuesday. After the tenth on in the regular season. Another team obviously apparently could pursue. Jimmy Graham out that -- July 15 deadline. For signing a long term deal. Will with the Saints so -- but no there's I might say who would need be and Justin and Jimmy Graham. And you look at franchises in every one the waiting game is chief change and indeed a deposition. Who would really be in the mix you could say well maybe. You know who would who would be willing to give a first round -- -- -- -- just give a first round picks. Up the franchise quarterback so when you look at. You know trooper from -- 201516. And you look at that. Teams semi proceed themselves. Are directly against the Saints in the NFC -- as the as a competitor -- ago with things -- -- pick late in the first round the next two years and we value Jimmy Graham. When robbing a franchise quarterback needs today. Like you know the Green Bay Packers. You know they would think I would think Dan their thing is expected to blow. In the first round next year so I -- -- Rodgers pocono with Jimmy Graham I think they realize that combination. You look right here in our backyard the Falcons in FC south hall of fame tight end. You know Tony Gonzales has retired. And then so you look at it found that could be in the market for us not over yen entailed. The Saints and Colvin as the -- able. The tent to sign. A long term deal but as far as average. And you know always allies Jimmy Graham hasn't had more. Of the market up to this is just get to a point where who's gonna give up 21 round picks and you really don't do them that it's an elite quarterback in -- -- well the big news and. Everybody is talking about when they come into fruition where he make a return to the place he spurned. Cleveland John Linda Jones is now the down in the showdown in South Florida -- a lot of buzz out there what's the vibe like down South Florida. A lot of attention a lot of nerves a lot of concern I would change. Now you're this confusion and and that they weird thing that you almost. -- when the confusion started I remember going on -- you guys. During the NBA finals and the Miami Heat and returned home after splitting the first two games to San Antonio and blew the doors off the Pacers and then should've won game one. Before -- cramps. Shut him down then make it to win game two are ever going on about. Eight stations including yours when the series returns to Miami. I'm sure it sounded calm and collected because I expected. The key to what we went one. Games at home and we got beat block out twice. And then got finished up in game five that. Was the first sign of trouble because that's what looked on -- looked around and I know we wind east but I don't think he had enough to win it all and that's really why we are where we are right now. Now the thing is in -- What will Miami do now cause them any easy series it's the it seems he seriously thinking about this. Yeah well. I mean if he leaves him bosh leaves in Miami is one a 3540 win team made me. Is keenly and actually you people call it golf pop pop pop -- a guy. -- -- -- No you know -- -- you know I'm not repeat inside information. And like I am all in law in but. My gut feeling is that you know LeBron are friends. His best friend your listeners were listening right now. Grew up with that -- neighbors people that they would consider an extension of family and bronze by best friend he grew up with. Who have been at his side and he was in high school -- -- in -- in Miami won his agent. Two or is marketing is one person has opened up a couple of stores for them and they -- his inner circle. Those guys and his wife. At mid Ohio in the data -- and I truly believe it. Family and friends are the biggest influence for his return. In addition the fact that. He can't really trust Dwyane -- tell. He's not really sure what factories are going to be around and I truly believe without -- for back but I truly believe. That he was almost a 100% at Cleveland or that meeting with Riley yesterday. And I feel is -- and everybody was resort the week. And -- doing that -- percent of the situation 20. Well maybe it was shorter term. Which would try to win him over for May be coming back in another year two years while keeping his options so I think. That's why you know he's thinking about it with it's and we understand that. There -- accurate -- expect LeBron to stay here forever require. We're renting him right now right gate he was born in Cleveland he played that he's here retired there. For now so whether we -- even another year -- inevitably. I do believe he'll be cavalier again. Now John if you reflect back in the press conference and you know the decision. Involving viewing any crew is by -- Wendy's and not one not two element of that and the Eagles up to seven championship. -- he was doing all the talk in -- waiting Chris -- smile -- that. To -- he might have been talking about what he wants to do individually and not necessarily. In heat uniform. But when I -- -- right now to meet and we all know that that fractured relationship but to say the least -- Dan Gilbert the owner. That if he does to me go back to -- you talked about. 123 years on the rolled and I think LeBron but it's all about championship -- but to me because the Cleveland now. That after two or three years. I mean he came to leave then right you would want to leave I mean it's almost you couldn't leave your hometown like twice -- and it is someone I'm saying. Sounds like you've been hearing might show I've been all week there's there's something that. That element where it was LeBron ideas perhaps going back and number one. She is not going to be able to leave them second time and there are no guarantees they can get Kevin Love they inspect respect. They can try to recreate it seemed like the heat in Cleveland. There are no guarantees that things don't work out. And -- Irving is good but not great. And Williams a guy -- looked at Derrick Rose and Chicago dynamic players saddled with the injuries we don't know about its future that can happen anybody. That LeBron James is locked in Cleveland. To a point where -- Can't you then then that decision the other and he's not mad -- coach from what I from what I'm learning yet you've not met general manager. And if these met with Dan Gilbert is not that long enough. To live up to do this so -- hit it almost -- all our. At all people on ESPN are going 80% 90% 100%. Everybody's concerned that he's leading to what in -- while ago and he's gonna go. Just roll I. Can't beat coach ever. It seemed really freakish but I'm. You know at this point at liberty to do he can we get the best player in the world turned it and he deserves. John -- John thank you so much for the time won't stay in touch with you. All right. In that right John thank you very much we appreciate it time and you know it's just -- All of that about a coach and he -- Gilbert and everything. LeBron will be that team in the morning he -- -- -- -- Tickets more current 95 dollars on Miami's before he -- they plummeted to 51 dollars on average eight Cleveland. Quicken Loans Arena we and he there if he returns. You can -- hundred million dollars a year in -- enough. If he goes back to Cleveland. He's gone go day for those -- think he can be a champion there with Erving and other Peabody guys and they make it a plea for Kevin Love island yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right now if you don't go to -- no don't -- put pressure on he might not be able to go back to Cleveland rookie it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you've given them. This is full assault -- to be reviewed and allowed to give to indicating canyon and Bobby a bands Beckel what does the Saints have only five days and -- the -- and -- to a new contract do you think a deal will get down on. Plus operated jaguar opinion -- if LeBron returns to Cleveland would that change your opinion of -- yes. He redeemed himself know he be betraying Miami I don't even. Cast your vote online at WW dot com plus next month in the middle of August Bobby. The longest jaw the original long and short -- ball. What. Is the greatest football movie of all time. Well as the by that time the dog days -- -- for training camp he sportsman nominee denominator of the week and in two days it out about -- -- OK okay well -- -- like you know you know the tradition you know -- Remembered I remembered it -- yeah though bodega you know what I like about LeBron that and and -- -- it like. But I think he's truly concerned. A ball with people think -- and he takes approaches greatest he has is that we would be so arrogant. And narcissistic in the order right in the world these days it's way anybody know here's here's the thing up on a relatively. I'll go back to the point two decision not only that though is day in day in and -- bright lights big city. Well I think I think Carmelo is a bright lights big city guy does -- own day I think Kobe's that I began. Toaster and Eckstein Chris Wells that kind of guy. But I think the bronze chains. Is a home I cannot do Randy and I I do too and what I mean is is not -- Miami's do anything wrong on nobody -- couldn't make a pitch for him. Is only one place can offer you home in -- home. And another thing what does it say about -- women if my main had been housing hammy. From all accounts all of the -- about the Cleveland Cavaliers with a number one team in the draft -- -- the last four years make in the more eight. They 100 in 52 -- on to win the NBA finals. When he is why put it all FaceBook and Twitter about what a way to give back a -- it's -- it won't be long now. Now because Vegas is taken a banned. Leaving his team into one that's how many people a bad owner of big -- is retired now if he returns Vegas take -- those -- They cannot cover all of that and it people bid at a 150 to -- That's why bulldogs down to two in the war without about a team won what twenty games Nancy the big guy out there a favorite. If you look at the best players in the world Kevin Durant was MVP I think Kevin Durant. And LeBron James. That they would take the city seminary championships in Oklahoma City Memphis or Cleveland. Vs. Two or three NL in Chicago New York not side yards and one netting forever and -- I just think how LeBron not -- I think but I -- different and -- -- I also think too on the flip side. -- Durant and James who take one or two to be -- and home please yes and to go back home and he could be the biggest villain. And the biggest hero and his nuclear right. And -- -- and you know a table in the forget I don't see short memory is there remember. But it's always where yet now I mean big I look myself going in this things that -- Falcons. And then coming back -- years later to New Orleans right it takes awhile but it's a process you know that I mean it's a different generation every people you can be in -- a whole life -- -- -- -- -- I think a lot of people about -- for gave view and in abolished -- Falcons scenes. Yeah wing when we play digits in the dome in 2000. And you Houston -- game around the salute and a lot of people called and -- -- -- nobody in this thing happened here negative that I of course I wouldn't go for it. -- -- -- 433. At that the first news. And we'll go to Jim -- Operated jaguar paying involved we should be hearing some news about the top stars in the NBA what would they do where we play next season if LeBron returns to Cleveland. Would that change your opinion of him you can -- Asia vote online at WWL. Dot com and where would you put your money on -- doing all magically went on staying in Miami well. One of the top. Prizes on the market is New York's Carmelo Anthony he said no reports saying that he's gonna wait to LeBron James announces his decision before he says -- he's going. -- kind of stared hoops dot com book that was the Los Angeles basketball scene for us mark thank you so much for the time it. Over the course of the last week with so it seems like -- eats eats LA -- -- yards for Carmelo and the I don't really think it is anybody else at that it's a player. I don't think so but the big question is for the Lakers is still a player on New York Daily News -- solo reported that. Carmelo is going back. It hasn't been refuted. You know Frankfurt Scotland and so like Eric I've sort of kind of thought was gonna happen you know that he would pick 129 million offers. So it'll have to wait a bit. I'd be surprised if anything else happened. Now Marco what is sure -- that you know you have defeat here as far as a free agents in. Obviously always you know focus on the top dogs bit. When you lookalike. You know Paul Gasol where he's at right now. Now and and I love this guy because I think if you get hotel the LeBron Kevin Love. That that would -- a difference maker what is your take. Let's -- on a player like Kevin Love and anywhere up all the cells that. -- probably -- close. You know you don't need to know and he needed to played really good. And I think you'd be really fabulous -- he gets on a team that's got a real number one option the one thing that's missing and he's not really number one option. You know as far as getting his own shot that's probably the weakest thing you guys -- these. He's really offensive. Player and of course fabulous rebounder. High producer. You know he's just. Donald low post player he's kind of an outside shooter. But at the fewest. Goes someplace where there's a car though that is the LeBron you're going to be -- -- that again that Minnesota has gone on to crying and on to them. You know salute. At least to start the season on the news -- there's teams that are second that. Okay. Let's see what happens when he and on -- and then -- start one for currently available and states still very much interest it. I think Cleveland's interest as part of LeBron strategy of course LeBron strategy may be over by. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reporting that person and likely were actually alive. Now mark. That would put in Knicks are red and obviously avoiding -- championship and you yard with the Knicks that speak for itself but. -- Carmel at the with a Carmelo Phil Jackson. I mean. Candy get it done over and next to a three years aren't going to be the same song and dance and where they're at right now are. Well the Knicks really truly be contenders as far as winning a championship. -- you know there's a long way between Gordon Nixon now and you know even being real contender for a championship. You know like Oklahoma City is a real contender for championships. But they're not that wanted. An extra long way -- in Oklahoma City. You know I think he'll be professionally run and I think it's -- I think they're gonna be better than they were at least managerial. But I you know they've got to get another great player and there you're not gonna do it this year they don't have you know the only can -- basically -- keep Carmelo. They have shaken up the other team a little bit I think getting -- they called on is going to be good for them. But Asian open there's a lot of teams in the Lakers are in the same position. You know the Lakers have a lot of moves ahead of them but none. This year -- Gasol mentioned earlier you know he's going to be a really big piece for somebody. Could he could make -- Knicks into. A respectable. Living game play in them. Playoff -- do the same thing for the Lakers so. It'll only want an alum and so you know -- you know these -- really. You know he's a real important piece as -- look because we know that he's available we don't know -- available. Mark how can folks thought you want to put him. At mark Chrysler. And bear cage EI SL ER. -- we thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right Marshall and Baton Rouge thank you for calling WW ago. -- And on two -- so you talk first and what problems that go back. Also think the main reason to me just one other reach to make these guys -- legend continues. I just don't see them agent. And those close to drop but this type situation. I mean. You said earlier everybody who actually wants to -- And this -- there's a Qatar and just perfect for you that you don't back. And you don't know nothing about Cleveland this eighty. As I wanted any kind of anxious -- Morris in 1964. The early -- -- Amused well bring it to damage where I mean. That counts to the three people prepared if you win -- it's in the Miami. My hobby also you know you got your approach so much from left field -- the mental factor and everything else go on. Account not got elected -- Right I don't know what -- at a table a mosque that. Bet that's a good point -- I I I what do you think about the Browns right now but man this could be. Who has to be huge for the Cleveland sports scene. Sort of know you're right right. Do that the most polarizing figures in sports -- exactly right. One good thing that you want to protect him. I mean -- you know your original song and that. On special op extra come wandering in the thing and it. You appreciate -- estimate. I appreciate any more now about it when it first came at them and become one or teaching in the what practical truck -- -- haters call him and Warner. Never she wore all black guy. In the cage and about it at all like Brock struck out an adult and it was strictly. In the best. Checchi and it was two friends and to me it's -- members again in the context. And outlook that you. Well -- you look at me and you know. And everyone got emotional reputed -- that little move on and you're not really watch you know and he says I love Bryant and Marshall great caught the beginning of his movie incessant -- Did they say. -- Stories all life -- true stories in India. Well -- -- oh yeah and you know what about Brad Pitt -- develop -- the only team has the way. By -- Elizabeth frank -- say who now that was the time to cry not -- big yeah yeah -- you know Bobby that was not demo every Brazilian bankrupt. I bet that -- was the best in the animated run into things like eighty minutes. It was rated G. -- -- -- And at that there rip your heart oh yeah for sure will come Akamai combatant address you -- this is sports talk he's Bobby bad Deke Bellavia on WW. And welcome back. The sports talk easy -- to camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia into the day. Of course Jimmy Graham has that been -- his agent to make an appeal. The top 100 president felt were released by the over the course the last few weeks I guess you know surprise Peyton Manning. Was number 13 New Orleans Saints in the top 100. They wore. -- -- -- -- It would Jimmy Graham in the Mateen. And Drew Brees is at number six. Jimmy Graham by fall the highest rated tied in Bobby the next closest idea to Jamie Graham was Rob Gronkowski and he was it 41. Sold to the top ten players in the infield -- and in what's impressive about this -- allowed the the players voting on -- is here is what these activities NFL and it looks him. -- finally as reminder obviously this is determined solely. But the vote of current NFL players like so I'll let you are coming at that here on out I know people make a point people do make a point about you know -- got to be physical -- -- there's no favorites is yet. But in Jimmy Graham is considered the top team in. Bye bye. The players in the league they don't think he saw though equally he burned wanted to the requisite the key to leaving it in chairman Bobby. -- dominant. And they make a lot of people look back Seattle makes every tied in the bad I mean I dominated the it is like the Cardinals Jimmy Graham burn them. You know so. I mean though that players don't show any favoritism no make that -- Tom Brady definitely got to be in the top five what he's done with the pages. He's probably is -- to a three. To me has to be at least two or three yeah I've got I know I was I had a base in need of one basic meat of this the NFL network -- -- -- on the Saints players as -- Manny was normal line I don't know where Brady was at -- two. What the team with the players active players they of the Saints team and their leaders. Elected Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham when you got to -- in. On the Saints have never had that that's why we got a great chance and we -- on an NFC. He is the -- again about BA bad Deke Bellavia Chris and Michael coming back out to you basis sports talk on debuted at Uga.