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3-31 4-5pm Deke, Final Four

Mar 31, 2014|

Who do you think will win the Final Four?

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Evening and welcome his Monday edition of sports so I'm Deke Bellavia Kasey -- embodied there is on vacation coming up on today's program. Gave them -- director of -- sports law program at talking about college athletes being able. To form a union will get basically gave can explain is what this means now for college athletes with this means moving forward. And what this can lead to as he can break it down force he's directive to -- sports law program a tough weekly LSU by -- Tigers swept in Gainesville this as we -- inning with the elements and dealing with the gators. LSU baseball coach pulmonary. Will be with -- talk about his team moving fall also Scott Phillips he's a blog of a college basketball talk dot com the final four. And it is hard. To look all one into the spectrum and argue. What has been on a Connecticut into into the last three years a senior led. The guy with the ball in his paints Kemba -- -- will Huskies to the championship a couple of years ago. And now you're looking at ship -- Napier. Some of the best basketball. You'll see Saturday it was good. Sunday was even better Kentucky 75 to 72. Over. Mean scan yesterday the wildcats the young kids do is continue to grow up and now as we look at him woke -- possibly happen. Florida has won thirty straight games the last time and a loss was to Connecticut. Kentucky. Three losses already to Florida could they meet full full time. Michigan. Follows yesterday immediate thought they would be in the final four again. They gave -- is Aaron Harris and come -- with a three ball late -- in the Lockett back to the final four for the second time in three years and then there's the Wisconsin badges being close. But finally get -- Connecticut Wisconsin. Kentucky. And far. Operated jaguar opinion poll who will win the final full -- started 230 Saturday here on WW -- In the national semi finals began. Kentucky. In their matchup. And you have floor. In a match and clambering up those two teams first and that -- last -- Wisconsin and that's lining. Connecticut. Is that we city and we go by the SEC comment isn't that. Overall health of the conference at the schedules but to a full. Three of sixty. And -- Tennessee they could easily be at Tennessee Kentucky yesterday. It really great at Tennessee made remarkable comeback against Michigan. On not Friday night but he came up short. So the final four is set and Saturday afternoon I was able to check it out or not in BC it was a televised. The New Orleans fairgrounds the home of the Louisiana derby. And Vickers in trouble dominating down the stretch coming down Mike Alberto morning I'm making the clock at the fairgrounds. We'll recap the Louisiana derby and also talk about moving forward. Those Vick is in trouble have a chance at the next one which would be the bit when the Kentucky Derby. And tonight we got out to the point 7 o'clock it's like a -- there were with a pulmonary show. On FM 1053. Rescued me on 870 AM and it 1053 flagship of the New Orleans pelicans the pelicans hosting the Sacramento Kings both at 7 o'clock tonight right here. On WW go read the Bible for 260. 17203866889. He rates in the do you buy it to the SEC overall is not that strong from a college basketball stamp on now the two teams are in the final four. Have you paid attention to did you listen to it and there's a difference between -- into it. On television. Now on -- total television in -- into an -- radio. They're really use and -- radio -- -- -- mean he day -- Simone I want my favorite didn't -- seem out of national championship game. A Soviet -- an awesome is in. Amid it was the Fisher took over Glen Rice. Good college coach more notable for what a bizarre incident would really get choked. On a true spree well. But does a great job John Thompson hall of fame on national championship winning coach of Georgetown until the following year Cinderella Villanova. Some of the broadcasts. They were phenomenal this weekend and we had a final four he. Coming up. On Saturday on WWR -- big big week also college football this week the LSU Tigers had their national you know club's spring game will be covering that for you. So a lot to get to 7 o'clock and I -- an area show. And then we will have. The pelicans taken on the Sacramento Kings what do you think will win the final for the favorite overall and a tournament. The Florida Gators some right now really jumping on it Connecticut wagon and Connecticut that was like a home crowd for them and -- felt like they were based in the big east tournament. In Madison Square Garden not that far. From Connecticut compared to the other school's proximity and annual rolling yesterday. Should bag may Pia. What a job he has done and they looked at -- they broke down these coaches what they got. The coach from Connecticut -- I think 33000. Dollars and make it to the final four. -- diamond on a hundred and the second has pay coaching college athletics giant -- a pairing. At a hundred feet 2000 for beating Kentucky. To the final full Connecticut Wisconsin Kentucky and who's going to win the final full gets operated jaguar paid him -- -- WWL. Dot com and of course tonight's 7 o'clock it got out 878 in the pulmonary -- an issue coming off a sweep as they weren't sweat that is. By the Florida Gators. Without a prominent coming about the bottoming out it was at 7 o'clock it's the New Orleans pelicans and it's in the Sacramento Kings. On 1053 -- now all of that coming up here director of -- sports law program Gabe Feldman. John does now and gave Bob basically. With all of this that is going on right now I guess that the number one thing I'll just the people who may not be keep an open the stories folks that don't know. Not Weston. So are other players. Or union -- they hitting the congress. Basically explain this to us what what this means currently. And what is possibly could mean down the line. Well all that's happened -- -- that a lot but it all happened so far is that the football players on northwestern team appealed -- the National Labor Relations Board. Today that they believe that their employees and therefore entitled to form -- union. And it turned out before being in that means they're entitled to enter the collective bargaining negotiations. Went northwestern have been an employer over their terms and conditions of employment which would include. The articles that. It helped that it and potentially compensation. And there had being. Similar to -- In different tried to have to unionize. But we got smoked in about six that. And really every time it happened to try to gain -- like that it lost. It was a surprising decision in some ways because -- regional director for the NBA rule that they are in fact simply been kind. And northwestern neatly peel back the full and Ellerbe indeed be -- presumably any decision there will be pretty will be appeal that the federal court. And so all we know now is that we a couple of preliminary ruling that the college football players at northwestern have the right to -- I had to take it to that extreme. All college athlete at private schools -- -- NRA only applies to private schools. But perhaps all I'll -- its ability unionized which means. Perhaps he'll be able to gain. Greater rights to collective bargaining agreement and they currently. So anywhere from that. Happening to the players losing appeal and the that quote saying but it is more like it happened something in the middle where typically -- -- and this is a real threat. So what's that now college athletes and try to lead some voluntary agreement. We can take that and the court and congress and federal agencies. Gave him the director of -- sports law program as -- Michigan so gave basically if if I go about what you tell them in -- John maybe. It's assembly simplified a little bit more and you certainly did that it if I'm if isn't like -- let's say a hundred media how heritage. It's it's a series of hurdles and obviously the -- okayed this -- the next one. But the in doll would -- it's like okay where it where all of this in what should we be getting paid is that is that the road decision on the travel down. It depends on needs not to that and the effort -- is being funded park but steelworkers union I think that steelworkers union -- day that. They really wanted to be played college sports and -- might agree. But I think the overall argument here on behalf of the student athletes is that they're entitled to or they're getting. And it's been that for decades it was not a good argument that. Schools the conference coaches everyone is making money in big time college sports in that -- did. And they have not without its been able to get any leverage to try to change the system. This may be part of that leveraged -- by jumping over -- hurdle didn't make gave them up leverage may be in combination with some other lawsuits that are floating around. Typically they are right. We're not gonna recognize you're -- or not that -- BA with Duke but we're gonna do you view more freedom. That you can make money whether that's related to lecture playing for something you do off the field whatever might be leading anymore the right now. And I think that that's what the -- So and so -- in the air in the context of it from may be you know I guess some things have to be done like you say -- and start -- come on -- the ironclad faced its talent OK let's sit down and -- -- or maybe Allen this had to say being in need but. -- OK -- olive branch wanna hear what they have to say because it's that calm peaceful approach may be suited better. For the NCA on the other hand decide is that even if even if days just being able to give it -- I think it bodes well for athletes from a standpoint even if they want -- beating. A little bit more benefits like you heard on. Some some coaches and our university president said that the cost of modeled my tuition are you throwing food it's it's a former that they go by. When these types of things are done they need I don't -- Day they have more stuff to -- with but it does show that hate. We we will have to work with you here may be without getting quote on quote just straight cans for being an amateur athlete. Lots of different options that they can agree to the risk is if you look at them they have a lot to that are floating out there get into that lately loses. Then we might have a total free market -- schools are allowed to pay whatever they can't whatever they want. To get these kidnapping I'm not sure that's right that commitment to a lot of problems without a lot of financial issues to start at. So it's the I think the key here is going to be part of the solution that doesn't lead and look at. And there in a lot of options it could be that that -- athletes all are very simply. Given that you. Tension increased. Our brand -- to cover their full competence. And depending on what school they're at that may -- the 2006000. Dollars to allow them to be -- before all the expenses on campus. Or it could be a bit more drastically kind of follow the Olympic model and -- it up it will get paid. But they have a right to use the other to like to be -- sign endorsement deal. To really be treated like other student on campus not getting paid for playing. But they're getting paid because they are the same because they're -- well -- because of what they've been able to deal on the field -- on the court that a lot of different options out there and it does seem like there's plenty of room for compromise. The risk for the NCAA now is dominant that they may have been able to. Reach compromise on maybe four -- in two or three years ago may not be enough for them -- athletes because based. He may be the maybe the pot and the -- that they see bigger -- to get them into the wind may be offered right now that that it becomes a little bit of the group that. -- get -- very early ruling its too early to jump to any conclusions. And I think we can all hope. That they put his mark amber ten conference commissioner but failed to sit down and -- we've got to come up with a better system that that aside it did athlete's needs. And not want that at all but. We've got to putt better solution otherwise you risk the court coming in telling us what we're doing illegal illegal blowing opposite. Eight you gave it almost looks like did the NCA. You know they take an approach. In everything you -- to explain but it's like okay. The more people pay attention to my friends it's an -- Albanian. -- -- came out I was like through a sports. I didn't really -- -- to the find the two of the print it would put into his college scholarship and when these players sign these scholarships and -- is. You sign over -- that your name and likeness and not just in name and I was before he is -- you name him like this before you cities university. But some of the language in his dollar -- said. -- Alba and throughout the universe an -- must have you know. That's one thing with kind of odd but the -- people who started to pick up on net and follow let go by what you mean what does this all about. Did -- -- comes across where what what what out or what else they keep him from these these -- I think that's part of it. Actually right -- and these lawsuits can shine a light or alliance of looking into the latest period compared about it and you add that and whipped the dollars that are coming into college sports -- cultural because that's what particular in March Madness making it over billion dollars. An ad revenue for the NCAA. Can they went and that the Pistons didn't right. It's one thing at these schools are struggling at the end of the struggling but there's money to be had out there. And there's money to be shared. And most of it now is going all that now has got to people other than that student athletes. And it's beyond just like that getting catching -- hand but the restrictions they about a case that they're alleging here that you can't username like that in perpetuity. It's all been that they can't do life in college but what are at a bad. And 1015 years -- college is trying to make a little bit of money on the side. Package could make any way cool and it is even more more fair and equitable way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Note that the NCAA is in -- -- -- in the publicity war right now but particularly for decades and hasn't mattered. They've been viewed as intently -- evil empire the table and able to keep the iron it. And now we finally have a formal ruling that might open a couple little bit and put enough pressure than typical lately we've got to change the way overdue. Or they -- might lose control completely. Interesting interesting game and you got a ton of things to do and it's not division numbers but do Duke can people follow you on Twitter. Holiday Italy because that's Portland. Gave them a game very interesting seems like for the last what three or four years through we've had -- -- I don't know we -- is one common but this is a very very interesting. In the will keep in touch with the as this a story continue to develop. Our right he's the director of the two -- or -- program that's. Top in the Contra broke cellphone moaning NFL network college Wednesday when they wanna talk about something that's related to law. It's sports -- keep -- top of the list 7 o'clock tonight. They donate 70 AM -- check out DePaul men and showed that tiger is tough week. 044. Not Thomas lost to Tulane last week in New Orleans and and lost three straight. To the Florida game losing games to a two on Saturday one on Sunday. And at 7 o'clock on a 53 FA in the New Orleans pelicans take on the Sacramento Kings give Mitchell is he on WW slide -- Bryant thank you for calling WW well. Yeah I -- on that penalties. Turned that would -- to the standard and what they lose that scholarship and you know on you know like a lot of schools like Alabama Auburn -- achieve. -- -- -- at the door to come in place form and Jets is is he got it in there right now. So how'd that work. You mean if -- if they don't do well do it again. Actually they don't do well and now they're almost being treated that there employee of the universe. Right well I'm I know in the past they've been what what coaches tend to do in sports after the season they evaluate each player. And now they have -- there have been players that over the course of time you know they may transfers into game play and time. They've -- it's -- to had been rescinded in a point in time if they don't feel and it's on the discretion the coach. But has fallen being but I guess you don't have a category if you don't if you could just Collison take away that will be equivalent to being caught. Yeah. You know so much walk away with it yeah it is -- -- cool yeah I didn't know how that would play -- -- in some ways how you can -- moving forward. If you're moving forward on a get -- grown to foaming at thank you so much for the call. Absolutely and as a valid points I mean you're thinking about. I'll Wear it -- the end all on this thing is is okay. What do at least deserve to gear it I think we all agreed there they should at least be a conversation all. You sit down and what they -- again now. You know what is fair. Won't allow them to be. I've always been in a mindset way is a parent should be able to come watch that shouldn't play. I'm not saying you put them up in a five double tail and hampers -- stated that we camping every game's big pity on on seats now. But there's gotta be something. Has got to be -- up in the keep a -- it's from -- take some from some slimy scum -- boost of who all he wanted to go on -- union and he did you know they got people like that now they get people who go put a program and again -- You know wannabes. They have -- and everything but it's got to be. A medium ground a a common area where people with the NC can meet. The Cubs can -- two ways. There's not an enticement to go out there and look for that. And ought to get somebody to -- all be able to fly home for the holidays I'll go home for the how anybody can't fly home Vikings -- home. Miss some I don't know why I've got to fit the Dow not a scholarship ball thirty top not a scholarship. But I can't -- packing it home. So there has to be something they can be darn name but. If you go two ways you are paying these athletes. Is the criteria. For performance. Like the coliseum which is a good point. Do you open up to whereas OK where we're gonna look it you know. What we feel. Your value is what you get paid and I'm not saying individually like individual contracts -- It's fair to throughout this somebody is not producing well when you may wanna Q did you do you get you know. -- scholarships. I'll pick they'll give him as positive as we don't feel like -- produce what. That does happen and coming coaches evaluate -- after every season they evaluate some some of the nose and do that the first a year depend on when you threw. Now with your season but. That is very interesting -- would fall. College Baseball the baseball America top 25 is out for our state is number one team in the country filed by the South Carolina. Steve Cox the -- is it three they're raging case in Louisiana Lafayette point four. Rounding out the top ten cal poly is it five Oregon State Vanderbilt Texas Ellis is next opponent is CB stays at nine. And Houston is -- -- in the Florida Gators -- not ranked a week ago the move all the way to number. 1413. For the week a week ago. Alabama is in the on the fifteenth. Any LSU Tigers all right number twenty Kentucky's point 20 -- is it 23. I'm big Bellamy a 504260187203866889087. In the final four can be heard here Saturday -- started to parity. On home of the men's national championship the LSU Tigers. Full games last week. Very rare. Fill in all four games in this week for more big games are starting points and I would make -- stay in a huge series coming up. Friday Saturday and Sunday against the Mississippi State Bulldogs up president of welcoming LSU baseball coach called an area. Coach and an area out of my recollection I don't know if you had an -- -- full week since you've been here. It was a much but I can tell you that opening excuse me the petite dark better known for a week in and makes me costs. The Pope let's hope we don't experience that again it was a much fun. I played the -- -- -- game at Tulane last Tuesday was a great game we just you know didn't hit well enough in. Two lane pitched really well at the end of the game with their closer we just couldn't get anything off -- -- and they they scratch one across. Indeed it's an and we went down to Florida and lost to 221 ballgame in the first games so. You know we -- you know when you when you have those close ones you don't pull him out they're really excited demoralize you. That we just didn't pitch well enough to win in the last two games then -- Florida but the team's section were very evenly matched we just didn't do what it took to win and so. We just got to accept it and move forward and keep a positive attitude and and and recover we'd -- seven weeks ago in this season. All of our goals are still very much in front of this in. You know we've you know we've just got to play a little bit better -- at all but it was it was a rough week but you know I'm glad we're coming home let's put it that way. Coach and an area is there when you look Eddie is there is a combination of things is is there one or two is is it may be one thing or two things -- you you just on combo with you team is -- on on not don't know it's just a combination of of all thank you just can't. Well you know on to it you know you Bates it's been followed as closely as it has known that offensively we've been a little bit it's been a little bit of a -- You know as more than a little bit -- and it's been a pretty good right. You know Alex -- and has really been struggling and Alex is an all American and our best player that's been our best hitter that. You know there's no way -- effect he's three for fifteen three for 35 in the SEC game. So support kid is Q does the way to the world on his shoulders he's trying to -- he can. But he just struggled. And you know wind when your best hitters struggle it's going to be hard to score runs states Miguel Cabrera did -- for the Tigers they'd have a tough time scorn and so. You know it's a lot put on one player and I'm not blaming him for anything I'm just saying this -- part first -- nonsense. When your best hitter doesn't hit I remember a couple of years ago when. Great frames. Which would -- ahead by a pitch. And he couldn't play for a week and our offense gets very stagnant at that time to anytime your best hitter he is out or he's not hitting. You know it just puts a lot on the other guy and so. It would break and start to crank it up which I have no doubt he will have a plan and on and do it Wednesday against the -- into the weekend against Mississippi State. I think what happens is directing guys around him relax and search when in the bat better and our offense to get cranked up. But it's not just our offense you know we've we've had a couple of bad days pitching as well you know -- it was -- his final game was very uncharacteristic of us we walked -- I think nine batters in that ballgame and boy you'd have to do a few weeks to get nine walks combined from our pitching staff but. It's huge it's one of those states and and you know we scored seven runs and fortunate there was -- enough when you. When you walked nine and give up the last and so. Here we just gotta like I said just got to regroup and will be OK in our kids are great kids to work really hard to get a tremendous attitude. And we're glad to be back on this Wednesday and then into the next two weeks so. You know get -- a very strong feeling their guys can play very well as we get to start that starts this homestand. And coach would talk about this before but easy is it any bitter -- dog -- to say in nine benefit when you look. At your schedule and now an uncle -- -- -- not -- to say you know once snapping Cleo won game and not win or lose great good bad -- you put it behind you it's all about the next game the next pitch the next inning. But when you're looking UC eighteenth annual conference and -- point five. It's almost like you know win or lose and the minds it is at this that we got to be ready regardless those amino vital their sartorial look at the -- of Florida. Coach they -- even rain they sweep due -- an -- thirteen. Well apparently did basically process we did beat Florida. And I'm Lindsay when he's in the country yet. Hey you know and and that's a team that was 29 in thirty last year for -- that their talent is outstanding and they get instant. You know that. They had four pitchers that team and appear in the games. They were all drafted Lester command high school that I -- know all through 1994 miles an hour name and appear in the game so. They've got to -- served great guards like Vanderbilt did. This and also. You know the Vanderbilt it's harder to the the most. Traditionally difficult places for us to play you go back and look at the record we have an experience a lot of success to either one of those places and you know you'd you'd see -- schedule coming on in the first three weekends of the season those are two years trips. You know Ortiz to -- -- about right and negate the third week in Florida. Trot has obviously got -- if I would have. If you don't if we would have been 45 or five and four after three weeks I think I'd be doing cartwheels and feel like we're perfect position. He had a tie against Georges you know it's frustrating because at we've won that game we'd be. Four and five and you know not terrible position were terrible position as it is or seven weeks ago. Four of those series are at home. So we can we get it just you know take your business seemed to start playing better if we do that then will end up with the Goodyear any doubt about that. LSU baseball coach called -- -- the Tigers with four big games this week Manny skate now coming out Wednesday night and then of course the Tigers have a huge shoes. With Mississippi State on Friday evening. At 630 coach McNair always a pleasure a good look TDs week in you -- LSU coach pulmonary coming up in about a couple hours you can kids the full time recap of what Belichick did Lessig what's interesting -- look at the baseball. America top 25 this simple teams that weren't ranked last week it not only just -- we always broke into a twenty out 24 and has skyrocketed. Alabama. Washington. And -- All three of those teams had four no week's Alabama went from being not ranked a fifteen washing goes remain not ranked. To fourteen in the fifth brought it last week they beat Florida State whose number one. An -- whip animal for LSU they skyrocket the number thirteen -- in the Southeastern Conference. In the top 25 minutes of recruitment and says they we were not in a bad position right now got to regroup. And it's good to be back home but he says you know we've we. A more than struggled. Offensively he's -- a off with a little bit reasonable we've been more than a little bit in that Alex Bregman needed to put all the blame on him but. Our top players in the country in conference play is three for 35 like you say when your best player in case you've -- -- -- Isn't producing well within the team house itself the palm an air show at 7 o'clock 970. AM. And the pelicans take on the Sacramento Kings. On 1053 at them good stuff from my LA issues coach Bob McNair they're talking about his ballclub and not often you hear that coach McNair and even a couple years and -- hits and disbarment season violent few stands let's face it -- standard as high as -- there is -- Omaha boss. But an -- full week the top. Hitter autopsies on the top hitter and more top players in the country Alex -- three for 35. In conference games so you have a chance night that is the -- coach minute talk about wise team is struggling a point two of this week's -- to -- Maine -- 83 gets. Mississippi State 7 PM 1878 AME pulmonary show ended at 7 o'clock tonight it's New Orleans pelicans in attaining the Sacramento team. It's the final four Wisconsin to Florida Kentucky -- -- who's gonna get to the national championship game one we put the night vote online at WWL dot com.