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2-26 5-6pm SportsTalk: Saints season 2014

Feb 26, 2014|

According to ESPN, the Saints' 2014 strength of schedule is tied for eighth weakest in the NFL. To early to predict? Are you optimistic that the Black & Gold can win the NFC South next year?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk at 6:30 PME seeming more and go to the LSU sports network. As the Tigers of LSU take on the Texas a and M Aggies -- -- local guy holy cross standout. Southeast into into the tournament if you use bank also it Morris they would the races and now Miami coach. Billy Kennedy more talk about a local guys don't -- coach candy from a holder crawls to the Aggies head basketball coach in. You know I know tiger fans -- at LSU tonight but now I -- problems in the community and if -- they have to win then I'm had been formed by just in local. I do yeah look I do well in the good man and I Jeff Duncan you know he wrote a piece about. Ball way if you look Louisiana basketball where we're at and how. You know not being represented in March Madness in simply -- on a local flavor. But Alou who will be represented a marked man. With Jimmie like that in Louisiana team than in Louisiana Tech -- you know Parcells and should be in man I mean unless it is -- for the -- comes -- and shouldn't be here coming up in a few weeks but they -- -- -- they have to win but southern southern -- win outright so they get out when them when the guy money so that took guns out of it awhile last year. So but the -- that kind of own interest or research to know he admitted that about sudden about that mentioning that but if you look at. These is 2006 -- elegy. No surprise -- made the final four over Tulane has been 1995. Yeah you know Louisiana in 96 -- Not that he has compared -- this year I don't know -- issue is because I don't know the ACC is. But two innings you know ever since there McLaughlin -- have been made this a Bowman the coach Dixon from Maryland he came in hand. Terrible right the new coach and he got excited last year because the union all the players and left. Yes enemy and it's not my enjoyment in this -- -- joined the big east. And going against the Catholic seven befall an all I fell far indelible also. Estes out -- don't Tulane basketball after the -- Joni. Well there's nothing in and I'm not taken by the Katrina but the death penalty when you don't have a program at all that's the worst that's the worst thing could have happened to an athletic program. And Darren Clarke brought him back coming he bottom and it was sweet sixteen team. Basketball and -- I mean yeah it real Manny should -- that they know are sometimes it looks ominous scores and you -- good job coast less to do you know I mean I think he's doing a good job Ryan right. But does some of those two -- scores to just look in the is that a misprint. Yeah I mean I'm not like tonight into my office in the world yeah the so but you look at LSU in. You know can they have set top ranked Florida you know obviously whenever you beat number one team -- would be. Offending you -- not playing on Saturday. In in Gainesville but would you look at gonna -- -- when they gained would you look at their resume overall. That it would really America against an at large bid. At large bid when you look at it now against top 25 RPI they're wanting to right and their six and six. In their past twelve games that would be Delcarmen lately. And -- on road losses yes right Arkansas's good to -- only one road win it but if they ran into of -- days province I was playing somebody -- play LSU -- Bill Clinton was there and on a coach Richardson -- the championship team with guys -- And in Corliss Williamson and all well -- Johnny Jones it would be gossage Georgia though and in the loss at Tennessee and those -- -- those horrible losses and you you could erased a lot of that -- if you don't want. Beat Kentucky because a lot of people look at not only. Who your playing -- of playing in the -- in prime time. And -- be in that Rupp Arena it's hard to play Kentucky at Rupp Arena regardless of what team they hand it's a historic venue it's like freedom all like a seminars like Polly pavilion. It's a historic benchmark in college sports especially college basketball and they had a chance and they blew it. To me they'll be Florida they haven't and they they had a winning SEC tournament. Yeah into the NC a daily and -- realistic is kinda look in -- you know they're going to NIT. Arnold I gonna -- -- there was a -- did do well in the tournament I think it in on a high note depending if you get invited you all when it's all said and on you look at their bracket tout him march 17 I think that's the Sunday. And you look at the team that with a Lance for an the last five man on how they break it down. And in need you know look at other teams is going to be team that they were 24 Tony thoughts on what 26 wins. I -- right now look at this island college which we talked a -- yesterday. As a team has got what two losses on the season Stephen F Austin right I mean that's a ballclub it's can be as it as a as attractive because of their record had a look at their conference but in an RPI they're conference play and you know you know play Ohio State and Ohio State easy. So yeah all those schools that before five handful a tough game they play non conference. What big guy and I think Johnny Jolly good -- and I think this is what. LSU fans are expecting. Is that. You have to have more on the likes of Johnny O'Bryant. As far as you know when you look at LSU basketball history we talked about that didn't. You'd look at the -- top fifty players of all time in NBA history had you look at piston team averages -- Bob Pettit. You know so you have the players here. But I think that it's all about recruiting. Me and that I guess. I don't know within a kids' mindset like Greg Monroe right there or Helen Cox Eagles off to Georgetown prize -- beat him in -- kid. You gotta -- a big goal. Now he'd develop later Danny Granger. Miami player when he went in you makes way to go yeah. New Mexico and Mexico state program trying to recall but. If you look at it like -- is the ego the State's top two prospects. What Doug Jardine Cornish view the Tennessee dominate me he goes to Memphis. And then now you have like the former top same. Although prospects go to Arizona Cardinals at the -- victim and Arizona Kamal and mean Tennessee in -- the of the former program on my -- right now memorize an issue. On Iraq but but that's that you need Johnny Jones -- no need to be part of it is easier to eat and he is but from a player standpoint right right in around in -- gene -- -- the big -- Cons on Marten and he's he's -- known commodity and the guy is -- Tennessee basketball may Ellis you've got three events but I mean. Other than a year would check in pistol Pete you know in some other great ones I mean. Tennessee that's a great boost and dale Ellis Burt and Ernie showed no you know so that -- compare -- program but I'd. When you when you look at it. And like a set I think he would get excited about LSU basketball got -- win and and -- and and and you look at the fan base in the big economist all the little bit because look relishes football programs and look at their baseball here and then you look at track. Male and female running. So and you know basketball is considered right by football as a revenue sport. And you know when you look at okay how do you truly -- and generate revenue. And a top program in. And. -- biography team two years ago we were in school and we will follow the tournament. The bench mob was point win. You know anything in the ought to act came about and in the that the conference's. Strength of schedule is -- Meaning that okay -- -- Pull up anybody's conference and you you cease and they like to salvage your season teams outside at Stephen -- balls and -- word and I'll western states and -- that at the top. That that have. Big time conference scheduled would you look at a cobra losses and look at the in non conference -- got some teeth. I mean they got some real teeth. And some of non conference games -- this -- and you wonder why would you go and skated again. Because you have to and not only you have to -- other -- -- cards have too so the whole conference has a bit. Got a question for you right now and playing basketball fans out there and I think they should be. And number one seed because I think his hardest and defeated Wichita State the -- is on the hard and you know coming may be that these -- wanted to cut -- -- -- is -- -- -- back and they did it once St. -- with Phil will welcome and they they they walk they go hard pressed to be up there people people on of the things they have against -- people -- -- a conference right it's a better conference in some. But okay finances there is a thirty you know Wichita State team right there's a Florida team. There's Arizona this year -- is Candice is -- in his Louisville and defending national champs all of those teams right day if I'm a comedian member. Do I have my mind made up before the turn it cause a lot of it you know -- we think all of that you and I turn it. That's small thirteen at a time and again -- the number one seeds that I had an hour weeks and we see doe number one seed about a big -- on selection Sunday. They may lose in the second round a conference tournament try to put our estate out here's what they did in the season so if Louisville if it comes -- between Louisville and Wichita State or come down between Syracuse because it -- I'll get a -- found on one. The committal picked Syracuse and all of the our RR I like Syracuse Arizona. And I you know yeah so you know and look -- -- makes a lot of it was a where you're going to be in the bracket so there may be naked if they'd be -- number two seed and still -- clout to close to home I would think he would definitely be a guessing -- -- and a conversation to be a win and keep Amanda as close again and region it's. Close to Kansas and you know. But there -- there a great story run at a soccer is first men's team in thirty you know they get a big victory last night. Over Brantley college basketball might professional basketball night in New Orleans pelicans taking on the Dallas Mavericks 7 PM 01053 FM. Also on prime time on ESPN national TV. LSU and Texas -- -- 630 at time or 878 and we give you options on WW WW LA job -- -- information station I listen exclusively. For all the hardest parade previews every morning operates. At 63830. And on to drive home at 530 would tell you which -- Are rolling and what they're throwing at their union last minute changes you can also check out pockets of authors preview on line. Now -- badges where your best -- is the greatest free show on -- the crew WW. At WW real. AM FM. And -- dot com. 260187866889. He rates in the ESPN says the Saints have the eighth week is scheduled 2014. Are you optimistic they -- NFC south. This year the New Orleans Saints aside from playing Tampa Bay Atlanta and Carolina twice once at home. The New Orleans Saints have home games in the superdome. Against the Baltimore Ravens the Green Bay Packers a Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers San -- second place. Like the Saints -- the Saints will have road games are against teams in the division Tampa and Manning Carolina also they go to Chicago Green Bay Detroit. Minnesota Pittsburgh and mental Dallas. He said -- and things I got the home base here and make sure America. The race deal waking. And it's the only child actors strike he can block. -- iron out Chicago Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Dallas and in the conference and a division division right Falcons Panthers. So big I think we've following though. You know we weren't part of this over and fortune and how you know we pass the ball around in. -- we all know. Against frustrating games when you look at. We Sean Payton and Drew Brees first started against Chicago. When you're in inclement weather. You know how it -- maybe passing game in new mussina few highlights and you watch him NFL highlights in the past weekends where. Yeah I kind of blizzard conditions. Like you said I'd be surprised. The Saints don't have some. Away gain and we've kinda been fortunate haven't had been only going -- road and rhodesian ever. Can we go at Chicago -- -- I Cleveland. Detroit. Pittsburgh. Dallas. And in. Division again. So I that I -- and it Tampa. Chicago Pittsburgh Cleveland Detroit -- yet and I and landing in doling come middle of December 15 middle of the month -- December 27 that. Who have what are those away games. At Chicago all right Cleveland right Pittsburgh. Depending you know -- If you're playing a snowstorm. -- like you say we did a video or Lackey said -- when you think about playing Detroit and Dallas. Though to probably can -- a prime time games in and may be one of those is a nation may be at Thanksgiving Day. Yeah the kickoff Thanksgiving much to me I'd be may -- national television audience especially when you. Look at it too explosive. Offenses Reggie Bush and playing his former team. You know him being the running bank with the Detroit Lions. Controlled environment. You know Matthew Stafford and mega Tron Reggie Bush verses. You know Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. Whatever it is injury could see potentially shootout type game and thought I -- could see. That game if not. And on Thanksgiving Day than Sunday Night Football. Monday night Kubel that. You know considering where the Detroit tolerance has been and obviously the Saints offense that. But. I'd be really surprised that would like to -- when the prime tonight. After LSU basketball on the -- show the backlash against Ted Nugent for calling President Obama. A sub humor some humor -- growth. Has been strong on both sides of how is this finally proof that the Republican Party is divorcing itself from the extreme right is this the best is is that their best course of action. If you're an independent. Would it Republican Party to -- you. More or less if they move more to the senate and the right that's the -- show on the skyway tonight. After LSU basketball. -- 60 points and you know does it just me Bobby it's a free country. And look out voted for Dawkins before. -- both of them before I vote for a while light and as Jesus in my witness alma I do believe in god by the way. And to me. No president should be talking like that. I don't care if you don't like hmmm I don't care what it's respect. For up -- coaches July in coach and I don't like you -- coach. Is the president United States. That's just my field and you could talk about it looked as a way to say he's doing -- you know. Boy job I don't like what he's doing it's horrible to do in this country. But name call -- -- couple main you can have more money because I live appeals again -- -- -- the mom and and so on educational. Respective position by the BB with the dog George Bush in the and he won my favorite. He has his in the deport you know what out of a -- coming out terrain to drop -- watered down you'll Pete would Dan. But he was the president of the United States I refer to him as a present. Of the United States are distinctive position deserves respect there's just the way I feel. Yeah having an -- Agree with the politics now we don't agree with the politics you've got a Michael via live and that is -- that point where you look at who now -- well you know what you look -- parties have changed. The Republican Party maybe it wasn't your grandfather's Republican Party are right to Democratic Party wasn't. Yeah if all the Republicans -- You -- as Democratic Party you know how it changes. -- of the Republican Party it would mean you're sitting at the open politics you could still be conservative but if you don't you mean it is the you know look -- -- -- -- a lot of -- to two in known on 19. This is the God's honest truth the Republican Party has been almost -- -- down -- won't. Sense says the cowboy left says Ronald Reagan. He was the last true leader I think and that is my personal pain in the whole country. That's just my way. It's like I still say well -- you know if you look at the Republican Party it's almost like Adam display that you have obviously. Because you have the mindset of a lot of people like the Tea Party -- and -- more. Mean wait -- the right in a more conservative bent and don't want the Republican Party to be moderate. So and then to bill might say what a Democratic Party and Obama is leaning. More to the left in the socialists. Socialism so right I mean. Them -- things as a constant change. But if you look as a state of Louisiana. In. I would say who we are more along the lines I'm not saying. Everyone but. That is. Trying to be all winter where it is yes where conservative state. Right now I'm that same writer and I think is -- the older generation you steal more all of the the previous conservatives. Vs the new raise concerns right right and and the biggest kick that I you know time is it when you see when you see conservative candidates is some stout. Long -- sponsor of service say. Look just because you conservative he conservative enough for me all reality I probably and a deep south that ability. Like John McCain who they -- they not even are concerned no you know -- at this Dana Republican it's gonna go back to something we talk when it it's kind of generational. Right now. So ESPN says the Saints had the eight week is scheduled to and entertain you -- you optimistic. -- they will win the NFC south. This year yes no or too early to tail three teams in the NFC were in the post season this year there were not in the post season players including two division champs. That being Carolina and Philadelphia the Saints being the other. Now give us your take and we'll go to vols Bobby Joseph thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- -- which got. Guys. He's got. Yeah like shake it would appear. That got oh thank you all -- -- -- Nice days at night right on the two point nine million. If you. -- it out been beaten up out that the period that they're gonna be able. No this is what if if they pick a -- the waiver wire. It does say that of the 24 -- players' party -- 24 hours they pick him -- above the whale -- able -- a peak of his contract. So another words if at the -- would claim embassy. Pierre Thomas gets cut. And the Falcons like he goes through all the teams that process. Of the waiver wire in 2000 pick -- up they'll have to honored contract now. While a lot of teams that do they now that's if you really want imagine you might -- while wait till the no one picks him up well off waivers and we'll negotiate up are all contract that we won't let them in his out of San. Yes. He yet Yasser though -- he's not if he's on the contract -- waive him. And no would pick them up and that's what -- -- -- -- -- -- anyone. But yet they can negotiate a different a separate contract. I would keep him I don't know why I still. Corey Robinson. -- when you look at how we finished a season ago. And I and I thought coached me did an outstanding job makes an out of the realm of the past as in the past four games in the playoffs. Now wish after we had them long completion to lucky completion to meet -- we had the ball with 45 yard line. And wouldn't it through three straight passes. But look we -- ran the ball against Seattle as well as anyone knowledge that being said. When you look at OK we Pierre thomas' hurt. How well do we run the ball well. We had a consistent running attack in the post season and appear -- both of those games because of a -- entry. Now that being said. They got a PPP -- two point nine million you look at mark Ingram make -- Robinson now a combined. And he made two point eight million that that's their cap figure. But I take the approach a silly because. Now I know we only averaged three point seven yards to carry his Al leading rusher 549 yards. Wanna save is a second leading. Receiver and out team will know what he's done in his green game and how he's an every down back and how drew cause them to me that figure is not out of whack. Would Pierre is done for this team two point nine million I'll probably ten if you get and be more cast face obviously going forward. I'm trying to track free agents from other teams and you know working out a deal would Jimmy Graham. I would put him. Kind of third afford banana. I'd put atop an out of his Brodrick Bunkley. Our may be Lance Moore. That I would tend to get rid of -- to Pierre Thomas or even -- -- Roberts. You know Joseph I realize it comes down to eight in production. Price production value. Born unit of the running back position. All the Saints in position and and they know there's been an even up and is it fair to evaluate bring out. Okay let's say Pierre Thomas in here. Well who who's the leader. Who's been around a loan of -- showed a lot of guys are ropes today mocking -- would it be that the longest tenured Beckett Beckett a assassin dance broken most of special teams got. I don't know this team and I'm not knock him mocking let's play out there -- -- shaving yet but obviously these kind of tailed it out of quiet. Still I think did Tia Thomas to -- -- standpoint is on being here because. Of what he does I mean blocking. He's not -- and -- -- -- only one -- marking him telling Carl Roberts who went to digs well it does get better I think it would not only that but him I mean he had Thomas has been and done that immediate right it did seem better coming from after a complete back when you break it down the film. Not only when you're running the ball but knowing all your assignment super you know pass protections and all night. That that's -- big guy and and you know. Who detonation. What player who's long been a guy who's gonna be next. Who will -- be brought you Buckley Lance Moore rob -- two rounds and now. We Lola cornerbacks. But. If you look at his is cap numbers like two point eight million dead. You know he rob Roy -- to see through me I don't know I still. I think he not -- not overpaid for him in I know we've got and every team estimate those tough decisions and it Leggett said Pierre Thomas. And he might be third of four down the road it you as far as who you'd. Have to release and if you look to avoid team that could really go from worst to first. It could be our own division the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a lot of new leadership -- -- and trust me hit Kobe is not bad at all it's loaded on defense. They got some good pieces on offense that can you imagine if they get MRSA the building. They had the best offensive -- the game today -- to go with some pretty -- expected the -- bay Buccaneers are a prime example and also the Atlanta Falcons the number one -- from the year prior. Toward the back of the pack this year could win a close games Tampa was four and twelve. They're also a handful of games -- touchdown or less and -- cupboard is not bad they have a good offensive line they can just get infection not to be Oden. Colin makes them and Joseph -- -- Dotson. And he's come advantage Jackson one of the most -- receive was in the lead. They they got some play a thirteen game -- -- -- -- and at that they had to divorce that's what I'm still going on out I nobody. He'll have to be a great no no no I totally agree that you guys Jane's right you got a Martin who was hurt this year so he looked all present lad Sammy defense to blame on the defense and they are stacked. They've got a prime time Pro Bowl slash player. At every position on one thing about at the -- back -- position and missing in -- in this job and his team. -- roster is much better is much better in shape both -- And and fought for Lovie Smith a win lick to go Arizona ranking Whisenhunt got Danny messing with to a Super Bowl. And went went went Lovie Smith took over Chicago Bears have only we know how does this division is Bobby. Look at Carolina they want what 67 more games this year they were twelve wins I could see Carolina being -- -- eleven win team this season. I'm good I think -- found it's going to be last. I -- my I don't there on their offensive line there's a deal as the second best quarterback -- division our defense -- Put a guess at this I think it's have a real IQ I think you put Drew Brees on to have -- sort of twelve team -- -- that I think but big you know I'll. They gonna make a decision. I'd be somewhat surprise. Is Darrelle Revis on that team nature and -- -- Omega and imitate life. They paid him all wanna say like his campaign like sixteen -- OK okay. And they did at Tampa two and obviously -- you don't need an outstanding corner -- they begin to try and market him. It's he would became. Recoup sounding as far not know what a team would be willing to pay him that may may be. A playoff team that's gonna win now who's not -- and -- as of late did the 49ers. Can you imagine you -- like -- Darrelle Revis on that 49ers defense and you know you know who had back -- the -- as a bank there was there was those four little Danny -- on -- -- OK yeah yeah I think. It was a -- or yes explained to him and he knows when they have yet and yet you have a he's a backup so they get -- go to saint led Tampa to concept. Who's the line. Jason David Mamet had the improved at all right right. When. That have the two you don't need a guy. A cornerback and it's Hamlet two's not a dominant units of player you claim that covered two's home and and you don't have to be a dominant shut down corner so that's why you waste your money paint Darrelle Revis. Based on you scheme your defense so I think they were trying to market him remove them. And recoup something back. Martinez to really to pay to -- is that Tom look at 49ers -- about a -- all of the top of -- heading. We got a year deal for him and that's it they don't cause has a way. Yeah -- I don't even eat but -- because this came to -- -- his -- so I understand but even even what to projections that they pay him that. This and it almost Simien in good right now that -- That's -- tennis gives me most because. Following him and you remember the last abuse I'm I'm talking to Peter King. What what team has to be educated -- Tampa. After -- -- it was a big big big got the players. And on this Sunday as it did in the city they got those type of players on defense well and think how we beat him and boy. I was an outstanding drive by drew the and how we beat them out there on hand and look how. But they shot themselves in the foot -- -- best linebacker Jimmy had Jets Colorado I David Villa -- -- yet. Noted they're right there but the guys still I don't know yet what the -- -- -- that that that. Might not dead he has that ability like a Russell will got a seventh overall pick in the regular -- Glen and at quarterback is like no heat and have to play great. But he also. You know -- you manage in the game and making crucial plays well is Russell Wilson -- even though he's only thrown five times. They are maybe like. You know he's only 225 times a game with Seattle. He always comes so quick he did against the Saints twice in three of four. A similar threw for five plays at a crucial third down or some bitterness doable you'd be in wrestler -- badly when it needs to do the -- Revis move forward -- Tampa. Those secondary. And meaning of watching after the -- on the defensive back. From Oklahoma State just think Gilbert is projected to be a first corner taken and he's projected on a spot -- they -- him. Daniel through your your theory about being up for it either probably always apply in my very -- -- -- is because it's almost wasted money. As far as 'cause this scheme you're running at Tampa two Lovie Smith look at the background that that that's the one defense. -- the cornerback does not have to be -- perfect example Jason Dave -- with the Colts when -- -- there were asking you put him there Jason -- was terrible this thing to report. We'll come back to your cause us to -- to -- for LSU find tiger basketball against Texas a and am. ESPN accorded their numbers the Saints had a eighth easiest schedule in 2014. I don't buy -- because -- gone about what team did the year prior. Who knows what it'll be good the league this year you don't. That's why it's from year to year. But that's it take so what the Saints win the NFC sound good some -- dates and we'll get to -- -- LSU and -- commit to him and Manuel this is what stock on WW yeah.