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2-10 6:20pm Sports Talk: Gay Atheletes

Feb 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Former LSU Tiger and 3WL Double Coverage Co-Host T-Bob Hebert about how a football locker room would react to an openly gay football player.

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Today's part of today's 18100 flowers folks remember now he got all day long to get it right. Saint Valentine's day's coming up this week in getting thirty -- if only fifteen books allow her. With flowers ought to online in. Have truly original -- was against the it would just into the Valentine's Day they have something to satisfy every taste in budget. Flowers while baskets decadent chocolate animal eighteen and Afflalo perks on semi New Orleans pro stock down dazzle you -- -- of the Abbas and some Plum Island. On February 13. And Anthony. Youth and all buys. A new book about. That a good to. David well want to give flowers speak you know you have the big budget once among all of you -- or fewer. Or if you missed due -- -- -- -- -- wanted him all by is that they're not going to be as good if you do it on a fifty is the third team well you know a lot of live it's kind of like. It's a double whammy of -- you -- combine them she's born on Valentine's Day and I social judge those. She she expects. You've got tossed Valentine -- and birdie here so I like it is like people Mora Christmas Day you know that they don't want to account and now -- I was saying I haven't been -- an awful lot and that's probably using. -- is definitely deserves operated at a birthday is the big we team bako and he 25 yesterday. On an -- Henneberg DT Bob T Bob joins us now -- on double coverage ETV we -- morning heat. And Christie Garrett on -- going to be a 6 AM until 9 AM operated jaguar Pena both. Do you care if a player in college -- pro his game or is it about his performance. On the field anti Bob took that to me out of those dog -- -- earlier about that the point you bring in up and a I've seen him to be on along the lines -- do you. How about this being a generational thing and an -- on this out to some of the things. About might not little girls are now one it's five and one it's two to beat three in April. And out on -- -- before April and I'll point out that. Now when I was coming up there was certain sets of things from a caught two and standpoint in an -- year and all different kind of cartoons but. It basically the same whereas now you've got you know caught two with a lot diversity. In the Al Kyle Landis is from a different argument. The door explores a different aren't you know and I need a little -- and -- across the board. And I think it's a generation so a lot of kids have grown up now with things -- in more accepted in the generation where is an older generation team Bob's. You know that its date the things that are happening now we're not a partisan race. Yeah now. I agree I think. And I think when it comes to the NFL. I don't know why he might be a bit of an optimist -- but I will have to match that most of the younger players. I don't see -- necessarily being the biggest -- -- -- like everybody's. Just you know going to be completely stepped in and not. Our belt with Jonathan Vilma said he could not agree that all bets. Some the ball process a lot of guys have that I think it's a great opportunity. For a guy like Michael Spann who is going to be you know the first quietly. NFL player got carried -- -- expel. The negative stereotypes mean that your day you know Alex is sort sexual -- all on them into it. It's appropriate. Administrators and -- our sport -- go to work we did -- job Asia it's not. A big deal and I just I thought he was gonna happen potentially there's simply being gay players in the fast. And I just love the fact that -- -- Took the initiative and you know to let the media. And I talked about his own true. Which I like that. Allowed him to get out of control and hired -- deeper you. Go like. It shouldn't be an 888 o'clock am glad it's Erstad to -- essential nations should. Just the issue and effect is the football there. Whether gay straight football player on she'd go to player here in the dark but. Has changed. Yeah just get worried. You know what. -- a fourth -- guys trying to make achievement. They don't always make his team but it's not necessarily help his skates were in the media is going to be there twenty course of the ever read days. Question would plays on a couple quality plays in the preceding the two threes that. -- you get the could be productive you know just it is okay. -- -- -- -- -- You gotta make an impact yet to get the coach that -- and you got to make plays now. The Obama and like I played for 1982 -- 97. You were in NFL locker room and -- Augustin in the pre season with a St. Louis Rams what a year and a half ago. I guess just talk about maybe maybe -- being at LSU. About yes -- Monica's -- like it tell you. In fifteen years and -- -- 97. You know you estimate the population how many gay individuals you have. That I could say. You know you can thing that is probably one and every team that person who has that gay. But -- and fifteen years I played I probably could say. That I knew five players in fifteen years. Now and -- so I mean I think you know people hiding -- and and now they feel they were more that yet yeah that what. He can do a mixture yet it mixture of people hiding it. It is. The sport itself. Is it just always conducive you know toward the tree I was especially at bats and so you're young gay man it's almost like. Every hit ball all -- did you even -- you can add it to be really good player. Shot away completely because you know -- discrimination be worried about the -- minorities. Dipped in -- degeneration but he did look a lot better -- about it you know he's got a couple guys. Considered significantly better at one I think a lot of these guys really are more accepting now and. As it -- today. I mean everybody in Dayton Moore can win more and so between games. You can keep it and it ran it in a perfect world -- sexual orientation or no impact. On days it felt success now is that all might think so. Maybe so -- mean you look at the Chris Kluwe other part of from the Vikings that old controversy. Acquaintance set. You know knee basal ward played out fired basically -- standing up for marriage equality. So it might be some merit but note that a lot of coaches don't like to bring Easter -- so that's -- on -- in this situation. Is that while you gonna be defending Michaels and they're going to be his own worst enemy. Can they are the ones bringing along all the baggage hopefully. And an optimistic view I hope that it is they -- to camp there or. Open in the regular football player trying to. -- and I doubt I can't that be seen. Hey hang tight -- -- about a bad host on double coverage -- -- a weekday morning tee by the Chris again execs say in the -- -- morris' decision. Three W elements boss and -- news I'm a 631 will go to Donnie. Post. Hot new show on three W now -- the way to 4 o'clock in every day. Can be to sports speaks T Bob and Kristian -- eaten at him point six say in the 9 AM. Three WL thirteen 15 AM double coverage during your morning drive. Operated jaguar opinion vote UK -- college to pro player is gay. Always about a performance. On the field cast a vote online at WW dot com a lot of avenues as we can. T Bob of course opening of of the Winter Olympics and of course -- but and I really haven't had much talk about what seems to be pretty much it's accusations. About the young man who is widely considered by some the best player in college basketball mr. Smart. Oklahoma State who showed a fan at Texas -- this week in the and claim that the fan you -- a slower and you some type of rehearsals however. The video -- VOs and a sound in the investigation by Texas Tech and knows in this situation. All the fans that is as you basically playing like crap when your piece of crap that's a ball practically every from time sometime bestseller misses kind of -- battle missed a Smart and -- I mean different social situation. Is just wild watching sports outlet I -- struggling. Not a lap because somewhere along the line the general public we get so we did bite each and every little bit. Be entitled to an apology. They're cracking up. First they should be you know they lead outsmart egos and the apology or did that -- comes out he's got his. Treat you know it prepared me job Ortiz or. -- work to be every April you're like -- There's our country that she does or an agent so I think has -- periods speech and validate precede. That that put the apology any -- I got -- town does. -- -- so why don't need everybody. Applauded him a big sports equipment. But. It does it. The ball on the situation. I think all -- situation. -- part. -- you know -- in the stands. And they close proximity where. If you want it not that big a deal. In my opinion -- You know we got -- we've -- -- -- literally bought this story at all the sports anchor or apologize. Apologize so much. County. Going back to Michaels and and I think. You know the idea. Call for tennis individual sport it's because a team sport yet -- personalities even mention it yeah did the night everybody opera and even on this team team. You think at all promising team but. The approach I haven't got to respect everyone. That's someone -- have religious views then they'll never except. That lifestyle and to me you have to respect that. You know and -- and that that's why. That to -- is. Also in that locker room agree with -- Yeah you gotta respect it's not. People with you -- like in the workplace right you have people. From all victory walk why. Coming together for one singular goal. If you're going to be successful in the great teams are able. I'd. Like to -- the -- Goes back on the field right. If you want. -- Michael you've been traditionally. Really you know whatever you've got to pick -- a stool. Strong core leadership. I imagine. I'm not here there's not same it does for example that bad acute -- I need. Yeah the Brady Belichick album being able to kind of walk it. From the beginning -- might still be grumbling but you know epic war leadership is gonna keep between them -- it figured out what do. That's the bottom line. I think the bands scenario you look writes adding. I'll different communities different parts of this United States how progressive they are being inactive. Ideally be on the West Coast flights and the eagle San Francisco Seattle. Vs the deep -- And well. -- -- -- From my opinion based perspective -- -- in the West Coast right in -- that like you respected -- chuckle caliber. Yet about it -- how about this and and I think -- to be innocent now I'm saying is have jokingly. But talk -- being ridiculed. When the first gay center comes out our our our -- quarterback. But because the touchy Feely between. You know the quarterback in this entered a big -- the butt of jokes pardon the pun but yeah I mean do you think about that. I mean I. I've caught you or admired by guys different -- all I'd commit yet because the quarterbacks touch your tactics like the quarterback. Is. You -- because it's been and a quarterback like that it would Steve court -- Joel Greenberg. Okay the. Register. When you know where you're. God. That it starts. Well like sexual orientation. I am not -- And I don't the -- that to happen did do or whatever. Who don't can apply to tell Michael I -- polite girl he felt like. People like what they like and it's actually especially. It get people that you know everybody has different like. That other people want it. -- and -- -- their other people out in. Like that I'm not into it and it has to mine. To judge's personal I. Michaels and just be judged on his football playing ability. And hopefully that that's what it's very good. He -- -- it out on the field he actually -- it's clear. Them during tiger team. Does not yet he's he chant beat out Michael are you. Talking about Michael but maybe what you're talking about what Michael's. Here. Yeah we're not worried about production have to -- Yeah I tell you what he had a higher -- -- colony you agreed last year. You'd think so you'd think it may care about it being juggernaut -- deal trying to wouldn't -- Egypt Egypt. Didn't keep it -- it would be no Florida. It looked like that that stricker and beat Georgia. Or -- they just grabbed the EU should before. All short the charge on company. That I mean I think that they're really good they can put respected people. -- it's important. Not to about the let you go go -- a break. You know stellar deacon Diana's. And human that no one team that I note they probably won't be enlisted. Because of all of this rushes they've had as the Dolphins after -- telling you how important that big dogs all those eggs right now. The problem with that situation is there and there's a lot of baggage along with a lot of -- To avoid that which. About why they are right it is the reality situation. T Bob May ban -- ball on a weekday mornings three WL -- double coverage stick and Kristian -- Tomorrow morning 6 AM on thirteen feet TD -- -- to -- about Doug is so much daycare. All right come on back to Al this is WW.