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2-6-14 11:10am Garland: on farming subsidies

Feb 6, 2014|

Garland discusses farm subsidies with Darren Daxst of the Heritage Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back as usual or confuse. Rip dude number of reports on these. Senate passing. Or building its all for very long time. It talks about what it can do for the performers and what it's -- can do for poems and recipients and then I'm a little bit computers is exactly held were so is all -- -- confusion. We're going to be experts from -- -- facts in my getting their act. Research fellow agricultural policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation there an appreciative call. It says at least on one of the ports in the government says. -- eight billion from food stay. And gives a trillion dollars two performers. Knowing today's media the question always says to follow is that correct. Well. Two billion dollars. That the farmers the bill itself fiscal two trillion dollar bill. And that action that -- six billion it'll probably quite a lot more than that and actually 80% in the bill. Is dedicated his stance so most spent money that there's and to not arm. -- One of -- via the but liberals and so of course Chicago eight billion from food stamps over a decade you can have them and they're gonna have to make that decision. The recipients. -- What do you do buy food pay the rent paper that is. Yet at the that it -- any -- dollar credit or tenured it is her and that caught eighty billion dollars a year on so that -- tiny. Little reduction spending. Visit our brand that has Rodger pulled in the caught the last twelve or thirteen years it doubled since 2008. So -- skyrocketing cost of food stamps. And eight in the reductions in spending by just addressing the polls actually get what kind of -- How dangerous many other local so people aren't having to make any tough decisions and the result of any of the Chinese -- that. They don't back -- much further than it did. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well one positive on the poll that was addressed by that you can. I'm limited access. So I can have a -- thousand dollars in the bank and still receive this -- And you know if you don't know what the after testing that was -- house will be addressed that in their bill he did. But in this final bill it was that remitted and now. We wouldn't -- it's debated you're your side points -- would scenes like. In I know enough about what here in the media and out food to weep with you should drop. But it sounds reasonable portrait saying what does the other sides say. That that makes them think that on -- Well I think a lot of it's just rhetorical you know ultimately he -- he you have. People -- in meeting these stamps I think this -- stamps there is going to be your people. I'm going to be April so -- he point that fact that there might be that they one point eight billion dollars. They put up when he million fewer people receiving food stamps. If you close that loophole but the whole point -- those people and been -- it skipped the first by. But they kind of used that number to try to get sympathy use scare tactic. I can understand that part of the -- me go back to an I'm not present brewed from real -- and then spend it if you say to me -- -- Absolutely -- a 100000 dollars -- more consumer good food stamps. That's not reasonable thing. How would respond how to that I mean do they do they give viewer response to that. Well not really and do say that. Well actually what both tend to do is. But I ain't too much in the week is the what did he gets rid don't have to meet income apartments. That he can't have too much. -- it is look at the access and the reason the argument for keeping it that way is an idea that makes it easier. For the state the kind of. Operate in minister the welfare programs that might be that be one apartment in May. The problem is of course is that there's just going to be type of people that are returning to get ahead of the game he should be looking -- the act. The also would be BK that. That that one apartment. Not to make it. That it discourages savings for example if you. Start to look at the app that these individuals. The people being handle it anymore my -- and -- in awhile haven't done this matter. If you got the money in the bank he shouldn't be receiving -- stance. It -- before people actually need these. All right Lula would agree here that that that is -- Leo Borough part of the ago old so. There's not a lot of people independence in particular. Have read all the history in pursue it and listened to both sides and when one -- -- what seemed like a good point. We're looking for the response by the side in order to determine who believe appreciate. Come right back on continued talk about the new thousand page applause forum bill. And wanted goes and goes do you get questioned you got comments -- call 260187. Told bring anywhere in the country at six dictated none zero -- -- -- -- thing good about the senate passing ago long sole form build. Talking about the winners and losers in and more importantly who was exactly what does this mean. And everything are Reid says the it and spend -- crop insurance to four hours by itself opened billion dollars. And anti hunger advocates. A claim the bill would you or me. 850000. American households about one point seven million people. Across thirteen states lose an average of ninety dollars per month in benefits because of the cuts in the U. Federal food stamp program. We have -- -- with the senior research fellow and agricultural policies -- the conservative. Heritage Foundation. Do you agree with that report from the media -- Well it. You know it is it's important that it happened agriculture. Issues. There. Is an increase in crop insurance. A lot of attention on this side. But he played by the act which side -- really been -- Reports in this -- on crop insurance is the largest art program. And it's skyrocketing cost is they tripling our. -- while President Obama would have. Reduced structures spending by about twelve billion dollars to ten years that it would increase crop insurance cost explain. Or ten years in that top that that. Eliot Spitzer. Our intern during a -- bring in some militia leaders -- of questions comments. President mural with a good -- Dex they're -- Okay thank you Garland. Yeah I was listening to the conversation. And a couple of questions noble one there what should be original bill language which would. Required that the names of congressmen who are getting agricultural substitute those subsidies be. Identified in the -- that they receive and understand that line which was removed. From the bills so I like to know we're gonna have an accurate count on how many who they are. How much they're getting in subsidies for their quote family farms four members of congress accurately. It's I understand that the insurance payments are guaranteed by the government and -- most of those in church. Subsidies are going to build to. To the agribusiness conglomerate so as opposed to the family -- So I'm just curious to hear -- It Portland -- which members of congress are getting subsidies and how much they're getting and if in fact most of those insurance statements are going to people departure -- intimately. Good question aren't -- limited knowledge of -- Yeah I mean -- and then. There -- information. Out there on that members of congress to RC sent -- -- but the deal. Provide any information is receiving. That is really crop insurance and a jump -- net relation to -- and wasn't. There are ways to kind of figure out he added these searches and get that data. Of those honestly in the government making it available. On the -- make -- available -- recourse at her -- part of the public. Figure out what people are getting on the second part. He -- remind me that -- media. Money going to be. The beer companies well I think it's important to note that in. Current agriculture is not about the small farmer anymore is not. Run in 1930s the striking small farmer. The agriculture industry is very wealthy in history and is primarily -- up the aggregate. And and what happens with the crop -- program is taxpayers pay 62%. At a premium. Forty the insurance avenue -- cover the the issuers of these big companies have too big. At least have to pay so bad and -- small business and the taxpayers -- the -- almost all the premiums. That's we have the agriculture. Sector. You know I'm would you report that -- clean. -- insurers. Eaten. And they -- the Agriculture Department. From renegotiating. Lesser payments to their companies. Over the five year life for the bill and producers. Agriculture department's negotiation and insurance companies. A result in the billions of dollars in savings for the government that was stalled this time. -- And that's that that's one issue there was a very modest reform that would send the -- bill that would it have. Dead OK if you have adjusted gross things come out and vision the people out not more. That 62%. Subsidy. Talking about actually be so. Unfortunately even that much production that would have been part of the very wealthiest. Farmers. Would not have -- -- -- at the bill so. Any type of kind of constraint reforms on crop insurance to rein in the excessive pot. Are just being you know you just can't be done. Because -- fortunately there's just this -- alliance between Tuesday and legislators. And the farm program legislators. And they pushed to prop up farm bill through and it just made it very to reform either. The Boland says the bill contained an Angel Washington tradition that doling out -- -- economic interest lawmakers' home state. In March what pros and was talking about. Longest pigeons of dozens of obscure but economically valuable provisions. The benefit -- crop insurers blood sugar in -- and reformers. What would cap or fish former. -- Keep. The year. -- forum Asia and adamant. But actually at that that's kind of what the tapping program at -- that this kind of program. It was a bad. In the -- farm bill there was a that's up basically our offbeat visited inspected by the kidney treatments. But it in 2008 farm bill being. The USDA was. Told to start respect in the cap. And the reason why it important it is Ursula duplicative. So cost taxpayers. Money peace process is now. Have to deal with the deregulation. Receipt it and it's special and a -- -- regulations that cost about -- -- going out year. But it being done it for protection scheme again. Foreign captives. Because the US that he's pouring in the other countries have to try to get approval from the USDA. And it takes years. And basically wait for the domestic industry. To kind of. Not have to deal with foreign competitors. As a result consumers are going to tablet slate attempts to cap that and also at the paint chip probably higher prices as a result. This is basic protections -- -- -- Are there every day we have little -- -- into the -- called approve -- drug warrant over bill opinion poll we as people cushions and realized. Other Truman in Cleveland food stamps and of course and in particular in this -- the interest 82%. People say yeah. When I hit them all always think to myself. Balled where are the parameters. Of who should be on food stamps. You know drew a lot of -- for the show that wrong and to a study aura. Congressional Budget Office dissertation. On. OK here are the parameters you meet these remembered as you should be impeached. Now. How do -- we know who should not be. But I think that part of the whole debate and the united I would. Hey Ian in in my heart beat you. Actually it in -- needed and if you. As you know funny of assets speed should be getting it to others might just be with. Certainly we want to have made it -- assisted safety net but -- at hand when -- providing. Who can't of people that certainly do have a means to be able to. Defeat themselves. -- he pointed out that this stance is one. A nanny welfare programs does not like when you hear you Ian -- a part of an assistant programs and enough to beat someone. Well but the camp program -- -- supplemental. This supplemental program that helps -- people. DE and it is that once again after he dropped Kissinger also on many other up there pertinent as well as just one piece of the puzzle. This is it important to keep that in mind. There and I appreciate it to tell him very much in the in the opinions in the expertise. You have a great big thank you for calling it. It would come right back. Next FO will look at the liberal side of the darom was from. Heritage Foundation highly conservative group that group from -- -- -- very liberal organization but let introducing -- -- How could somebody tell somebody should be put him in the basic due to a -- All of they had the need be and would be. It appeared to -- that you were being. And body overseeing britney's album what that would do you have the need okay how did you department. To get committee -- that how do you department. A key opponent -- anything that tells us promote independent. The news. I just issued nor. Government figured that says here's how we define and who should be on it in didn't. Took apart whether that sings while Bullock doesn't -- and am I missing something coming right back double to build bigger age 78 a mortal part of the re after.