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1-31 10:10am Don Dubuc, your favorite SuperBowl Ads

Jan 31, 2014|

What are your favorite Super Bowl ads? Companies are spending millions to deliver their message to a giant-size audience. Do you remember them?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not to deal with you on the Friday addition of the think tank column will be back with you again. Next week got a great show lined up for you bullets Super Bowl weekend are you ready that'll be the first -- gonna talk about. I'm a little talk about the ads Super Bowl ads are they worth four million dollars for thirty seconds. Do you remember them do you purchase anything that you've seen. And -- what is your all time favorite I've got a list of the top ten all time. Commercials and I'll go to those specific kind of jogs your memory and if you could remember any of those and maybe pick one of your favorites from and also. What about the perfect food for Super Bowl parties. -- -- the chicken wings Saab -- steam and caught a ball and crosses those are going to be fine. May be a fish fry if you bin locked in -- to get up and catch some fish. Well before this big freeze up happen man and really knocked efficient bank in fact that would not be surprised if we don't get some reports. Over the weekend of some fish kills and generally takes a couple of days after those heart freezes. For the fish to float up and discovered that there has been fish -- so far and also good. And then nothing reported yet they all get to all of that also take -- calls to 60187866889087. -- to get you can text us about your favorite. Super Bowl and all your favorite Super Bowl menu dish at 87870. Some simple rules on the -- board do not text and drive please text responsibly. If you gonna be texting while you're driving have a designated. Driver. And again it's 87870. And remember if you gimme reading attacks which I do throughout the program remember keep in mind in May or may not be my opinion this is strictly. I am repeating what someone who was listening is texting in many many cases. And that's gonna be for the first hour then a second hour with two crucial to view a regular listeners know that the last Friday of every month. We dedicate to my home Paris saint Tammany parish president pat Bristow will join us. At 11 AM to give us an update the status of the roads and bridges to utilities. Warming shelter emerged of -- take a look back at the last couple of days of course all of those dangers all over now bit. All of all I'll ask you and congratulate mr. -- saint Tammany parish along with many of them -- southeast Louisiana parishes. I thought really handled that whole situation very well. I'm making closures the right closures of the right time in the right openings at the right time. Getting the word out to people taking precautions when really we are not set up for this yeah we just set up. Our hurricane coverage tropical storm coverage but we don't really have the resource is always in place to handle this I think they did a very very. Exceptional job on that we'll talk more about them of course if you've got something you would like to ask in my if you will live you work you play in saint Tammany parish. Powerful lines usually get jammed up to text message board did you text you know. Relay those two -- Bristol where you can speak with her directly that's coming up an 11 o'clock now. And then at 12 o'clock we're gonna close it out with some open lines. That was something happened on the shot she'll. If you don't know what a shot -- is its shooting. Hunting outdoor ratio it's an acronym that's what stands for. Well Ted Nugent who is a National Rifle Association board member he's a spokesperson for the Outdoor Channel. Had a very very. Negative. Speech if you have you want equality delivered a message there called President Obama a sub human mongo. Now argued that he and other liberal politician should be punished for treason. This is not his first on politically correct comments he's made sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton. Many racist remarks about African Americans. Calling them chimpanzees. Anti Semitic remarks about -- film producer. My question to you is it is this the kind of guy if you -- a hunter or fisherman a shooter. Second Amendment and gun rights activists on news is just kind of guy you want to represented -- does he really represents you resistant. Proper role model guys got the TV show spirit of the while. You know when he was of course he made his his fortune as a rock star. Rocks musician. I guess in the seventies maybe maybe into the eighties. Ted Nugent with the get scratched the Europe think it was called. Anyway he's he's been in trouble with the law you know if you listen to Marshal on Saturday morning you know I'd do the bad boy was in the outdoors he's been on -- twice and -- -- TV showed doing illegal things zone running in his new places without the proper permits. -- even mrs. Ted Nugent who appears on the show she made it. And she was caught carrying a firearm in in luggage in an airport. And was arrested for that so. -- these is this the kind of guy who really should represent -- as an outdoorsman is you you want him to speak up for your rights to keep and -- on in your rights to continue to -- tradition. In -- in United States anyway we'll open phone lines up we'll get to that we close out the show we are talking about Super Bowl anything Super Bowl -- like what's your favorite food item for the Super Bowl party menu. You have a favorite all time Super Bowl commercial handles its populace is not more in some cases in the game. -- always felt that the the playoff games that we saw. Last those those last two games. Those are probably the best -- in most cases there's been some very exciting Super Bowl endings that. For the most part playoff games -- -- will be more exciting will be equals gains socio now plays out. I think this is going to be you know very close game and Peyton Manning lived offense against the it's not tough Seattle defense policy now that. Please also are we gonna talk to saint Tammany parish president that -- the next hour. Those that you wanted to talk about Ted Nugent -- gonna reserve that for the last now appreciate your. Patience in getting to that sending instant text messages already trying to get back to bills but few messages in an 8787 yet to export. With regard to the commercials is one that -- their favorite. Was when the little boy slapped the guy and told him don't touches -- and don't touches to Rio vaguely remember that when do columns and could remember exactly what you was it may have been the last couple years. And then and Evelyn says the bud lite commercials must pork. As always have that my fridge for the game. Well you know -- it is they they work in the -- little fashion -- of the bud lite commercials about ourselves that'll make any. Pitch to go out and get to some. Or drank -- most of the time when they run a Super Bowl commercial. It's more about branding. And about feeling good and I guess that associates that didn't. Kind of buries itself deep down into your memory about what you think of Budweiser -- those things you think about. At some of the top ten commercials and has a lot of different lists account like this when does. I think it's it's almost on argument anyway on number ten was 1995. The Budweiser. For talks and -- very well be the number one on many many list I think it may be very close to that on my nose that was the one. Where we had that the frogs do on the Budweiser thing and it was very very popular. And in -- kids will run around on eyes. And that was real -- and we had the Pepsi Cindy Crawford 1992. She pulled up in a Ferrari and she introduces two boys to the beauty of the new Pepsi can. That was in Super Bowl 26. And coast and the Redskins. You know we're playing at that time in they tore -- the Buffalo Bills that you know Cindy Crawford and those awestruck youngsters. That seemed to be the star of the day on that on number eight Reebok commercial Terry Tate office linebacker 2000. Robbery. It was a fictional NFL linebacker named Terry Tate he was -- shake up things in increased. Office productivity and raise morale at children's. Names. It was. Part of Reebok campaign. I can't say that that was very memorable -- and I even remember that should. Kind of went back there in the past a number seven. The Honda Ferris Buell. The fourth quarter of Super Bowl I guess that was 46. The patriot fans were beginning to seed Asia doom against the giants. I'm Matthew Broderick and went to his role as there's -- spot Honda. And was probably one of them. Last time's most people's smile that night at the when that game mind that we had to the Farrah Fawcett Joan name of knocks you look at this goes way back. 1970. S name -- do an interview last -- TV looks great old is -- Articles seventies. And total knee replacements a lot of off three problems of Nicky says you have five concussions then remembered. But I looked pretty good they look like is still out there haven't won anyway. This commercial way back in 1973. If you don't remember -- Sima is a shaving cream. Q if it's still out there but. It was probably the you know. Semis. Some considered semi video porn for the day anyway. You know it was kind of he's between now Fawcett and classic Broadway jails -- that was. Way back in 1973. Then we had number five McDonald's it was called. The showed. And it was Larry Bird Michael Jordan engaged in the old basketball game you play horse. Big Mac was -- -- first one to miss. Watch it and watched it winner eat the other. It was actually in 92 commercial. With that would cost them but now it's four million dollars for a 32 so if they can afford that anymore. But there was probably more interest in in the bird and Jordan contest. In that game because it was a runaway. The bills again beat 52. To seventeen -- the cowboys. Number four all time. Volkswagen's. The this as a recent -- 111. Kind of the take off on Star Wars. There was no special effects no gimmicks no animals no big stars. Except for the greatest villain in in cinematic history you know we've talked about. -- was played by. Donny Deutsch advertising as a young dogs made. A struggle to harness the force and to league got assistance from his dad and this one went down as the most viral -- in Internet history with more. Then 159. Million YouTube views remember that went and enjoyed it. I'm number three. How about this Coke coal. Hey -- catch. What makes this was so memorable who of people watched it was that is aired on super bull. Fourteenth. Steelers were on their way to beating the rams 3119. Coaxed timing -- put its faith in mean Joseph green steel curtain Terry Bradshaw. And it was rewarded with a spot that actually showed big mean Joseph greens human side. And -- helped propel Super Bowl commercials to a place of prominence with the viewing the public equal to the game itself the normal lot of people still to Tuesday. Remembered for that about naked catch. And then number two Budweiser 9/11. -- was in 2002. Year after the 9/11 tragedy. A lot of people have forgot about that is. -- it's not on too many top ten list but this list president and number two. It was a -- in the game when the patriots. We're playing. Star spangled banner before Super Bowl twenty five was notwithstanding the game was played less than five months. After the 9/11 attacks in. You know lost some of these -- cement to be funny and other created -- second life again on YouTube as a goal that's really. The goal of some of these ads is not just -- do in the game and take advantage of the huge audience that's there. But to get it on target to go viral win as many many more people. See it on the Internet. This particular one showcase the the grandeur of that the declines details in in tonight's. Kind of been a mainstay of Budweiser commercials in there and only wants and it was in the low Def video but at least it. In 2011. But the background the final scene. Edited to feature the freedom now under construction champion. And then that this particular topped analyst says that no one as apple 1980 fool whose title. It was done in 1984. In the -- it was. You know -- the Super Bowl -- Fighting for second place people think this was the number one. This was the one that says it was -- for jobs to brief moment. A self image to world kind of a playoff form George Orwell's now 1984. On the game that. The raiders beat the Redskins 38 and -- that was Super Bowl believe that would have been. Eighteen anyway that's the top ten on this list what is your top ten in no bodily damage and got a sneak preview. Of the new Budweiser commercial that's gonna run on this weekend's game and it has to do with a little yellow lab puppy yeah I think that theme of it is the poppy. While wants to be -- collides dale. And he keeps his skate and in from his his he's up for adoption keeps escaped from the adoption agency in. And Gholston declines available on these attorneys escaped again and finally I think declines -- Decide he's one of some. They adopt him anyway it's it's pretty pretty impressive low commercial thank you Angela. I at 2601878668890870. Is anybody out there have been able fine crawfish does anybody have a crawfish boil. With a suitable point in his -- and whether. I know it's it's put the hurt on -- -- commercial farms I don't think anybody's probably been able to get into the base in the spillway. And places to catch -- themselves. Looks like this might be a crawfish less soup labels so in that the what would you have to replace. I'm looking at explored his one that says that famous Budweiser commercial with the first frog was -- Shot on saint rose highway in saint Charles parishes -- back. Don't remember here and that an amendment to say it's not. I see what else to 60187. 8668890870. Them. Budweiser commercials. A woman now remembrance that stood out was kind of a local company. Was it Tabasco commercial -- that first early ones where. They had a guy was eaten of the Rios and with Tabasco hot sauce assault and and he got bitten by mosquitoes -- flew off and ignited went up in smoke that was some pretty memo meant to. What do you think about it a Super Bowl commercials do they pay on it worth four million dollars. Can you remember a day that many in do you think that gave. Make you spend your money on whatever the product is what commercials that. This so vague in his -- out there form this so compelling. You actually overlook the product he can't remember what the product was on the message was that -- -- was same look as he was so. Focused on the commercial production itself. It's Marshawn Lynch doesn't seem like talk into the media and -- if they win and he has a -- outstanding game in Russia's -- may be over a hundred yards and scores the winning touchdown what would happen if he wouldn't be making itself available in the media. It's in their contract at the question. Franca ducks in serie antsy couples that stuff would. Our players a contract and have to speak to the media images simply enormous they want to understand he's been about six minutes. Doing a full hour session with the media. And over in in new York at the the pre game stuff anyway what's your favorite Super Bowl ad that we gave you list the top ten you probably got one that you like better than others and got some text. That a company and now we had. GO -- lost market he was gonna talk about policy is one that says. Last year's Budweiser commercial with the trainer in the COLT he trains and recognizes him years -- and watch it on YouTube and still cry that's for number. Well thank you mark -- remember that one it was a memorable close it was still in recent memory because. And it's not that far. Past that some of those ones that have come and on it's stick around for a long long time. I'm let's see I'm told that I guess that means the football players subcontracted. Lynch -- 550000. Dollars. While avoiding the media this season I think what the fine would be. If you -- to avoid the media. Following the Super Bowl. Item by the way if you're not going to be near a television or you're going to be travel and you going to be out -- boat -- or something like that that you wanna keep in touch with the game. In fact if you wanna hear a different version of the announces. We've got to -- on WW album before the game you can enjoy the final weekend of pro football -- -- bear he's engaged in Canada and of course the big chief Deke Bellavia. Tomorrow the dynamic sports duels -- -- broadcast live from Ralph's supermarket in homer. That's at 1410 saint Charles street that's from noon till 330 then Sunday Super Bowl Sunday. Can catch Bobby indeed -- at twin peaks in clear view mall from noon till three. As the countdown to the biggest game of the year with a cajun cannon Bobby a -- and big chief Deke Bellavia on your home for the saints and NFL football. That's here at WW. I -- attacks are coming in again as simple way to tax is 8787 at least act responsibly. This text that says players on mandated by contract. To be available to the media some have been fine for -- adults yet mrs. martian lynch. Was fine and now known as part of a deal I don't know how much time they have to give often have to make themselves available. I don't know what the actual legal. The languages on how it's written. Anyway -- from anybody about the Super Bowl party are you partying what is your favorite food and a chicken wings are going to be up there. Some people you know do the easy thing they may call up -- pizza and pizza parties -- suitable. Crawfish balls would be popular if they're available I don't know on them haven't seen very many -- for income for crawfish. And and judging from what that is the farmers -- tells -- like it's going to be a tough at least early point of the season. Fish Fries that's also very popular. Some you know Super Bowl stuff I guess you know kind of theme according to the teams a lot of times they'll come up with something like that. I here we go another one says these are some text and become an intimacy. And. I guess I'm in the minority but I automatically tune out all commercials artists and the debt includes two of the WL. A long time listener in my excess CO while Mike you know you may be missed some things you know you might try. Listening to it because as a lot of information you can get him and if you diametrically opposed to a commercial will also be that you right here's another one players. Cannot ignore the media on media day it's an NFL rule in guidelines for the Super Bowl if they avoid the media they will be fine if they avoid the media on the today. But lynch does have an anxiety disorder. When he is in front of the media much like Darren Sproles -- the first part of that does now controls actually have. Some type of that this water off the you phobia of the media. Don't see much of him on there. And maybe -- does maybe that would provide an exception but according to information -- eases. Anxiety disorder Molly got a 50000 dollar five infinite participating in what does that say how much time do you have to give them. Did his six minutes qualify the other day and are you pick the winner and you go by the team's. Do you like the name of the team may -- you know local players and Peyton Manning from the wall loans as planned for the Denver. Broncos. Trend in the holiday delegates I say go to the -- got the most knowledge you play that's and I don't -- -- How do you decide which team. I'm Manassas was -- -- a while ago he -- it is the as a some -- has a gorilla that's like eight or nine Super Bowl win is in a -- again in the two teams. Put more side by side which have one grandson that's who they pick in the east east never missed an eight years. Like to know what his system is I also what about -- -- Super Bowl menu his attacks imminent. Can't have Super Bowl party without Brothers kicked in -- Brothers chickens and good stuff. The -- on a cold day -- a gumbo examples of real popular on suitable two. Com let's see here's some more favorites. In this one I would say. At least listeners this would be number one did the repose compression keep them coming in. The one that says don't mess with my momma -- met some of the read those Arnold maximum nominal. Touched by the regionals which of the case it might be that was very popular. Also it is another -- coming in with regard to. A friend not wanting to talk to the media for the Seattle. Disease says Barry Sanders would not and could not talk to media to -- many years to learn to talk a little to the media. During his college recruitment. His coach pat Jones promised him he would not have to talk to anyone he didn't want some say he quit the alliance so it would not have to talk to the media. I've seen Barry Sanders on a couple of movies seem to be struggling with -- but there could be some truth to that. -- know that is the number one fear the American public is speaking in public. Suffer from the -- It would go commercial that make you forget about what was being advertised was detail for a Valentine's Day yeah I agree that probably sought. In I don't remember. When it was the tile floor. Here's another one on these Super Bowl menu choices got to hand my status now. -- I guess that would be agree balances get in Hungary and the Somalis of global stuff they can about. What's on the menu. I numb awaited people decide who they want to win don't pick a team is. Directed against the saints in if you look at that this year you've got to be confident because Seattle shoe were ruined cities in the year. So that might be another reason why a lot of you would be opting for. Denver to win the game. 2601. A 78668890870. That's not telephone numbers if you get a text. Your response -- -- pretty simple as -- 87870. Please remember to text responsibly. I want remind you there's always something new here Davida BO got -- on the Nagin trials heating up. I governments get -- calls some star witnesses to testify against a former mayor. You can follow the corruption trial of his daily. Plus the crew of Orpheus announced this year's celebrity moniker one of time magazine's 100. Most influential people in the world Oscar winning screenwriter director producer Quinton Tarantino. Count on us for late this morning on news also cajun cannon Bobby a -- big chief Deke Bellavia. Analyzed the Broncos. Seahawks match up for Super Bowl and you got to read -- latest blog Mike Huckabee may be helping. Democrats. Not his own party all online now where you confided WWL dot. -- getting some more you know this is one that's on my affect the body got it made it's set up. It's -- -- and that is a staple for menu for a Super Bowl parties is one got to have king cake. Lot of choices out there it is and here's one that don't know how many if you will agree with -- what's Super Bowl. Without vehicle -- lips yummy. Pickled pig lips yeah imagine that might be on the top list of -- Super Bowl party. Menu items what's yours 260187866889. 0870. Do you remember the -- -- -- about ready opinion poll question do you remember the ads. Right now 53% says no they don't 47 to senses yes they do. I think on a certain percentage of that 53%. Doesn't realize that the a lot of those ads. Possibly -- messages and they are effective today companies who do a lot of research. On advertising in response do not waste one million dollars for thirty seconds for nothing believe. I to anyone that I didn't remember but you know it's funny and we will laugh and -- here in -- Allison tennis that you got to see this one. This one now wasn't Super Bowl to the two year 2000. And it's called money out the while zoo. And the quick. It's on YouTube you gotta look at this and that doesn't make you know laugh out loud. At least bring a smile to you face check it out it was from E*Trade and I do not remember this maybe I missed it was total set at that that. Rate at four million dollars from one spot it may have only ran once in the -- of another moment on something else. Check it out it's called money out the -- zoos that spelled WA. ZOO. And then -- and tell me which -- think about that. I would also talking about menu items on -- Super Bowl party list also how do you pick the team. A -- like the mascot deal like the players you go for a few players won't the most local guys on the team. How they fare against the New Orleans Saints one issue. Decision do you flip coins like a lot of people in about -- text in his Saddam bad poll numbers five and two in 5 and 8 am feeling for you there. But do you play -- the simple ball. If I do and occasionally I will get on one of those. I don't you wanna know -- numbers collapse of the game does it ruins the game for. You know you'll -- constantly figured out calculating ways that they can get to this school war on that score and you actually forget about the games so. Again if I play a -- I think -- gitmo once they have when he opens. Then you know I won't owning -- in my comments and you won the money that I won't know because not only wanna know my numbers. -- here's somewhat Tex coming in an 8787. If the saints couldn't beat Seattle and -- Boykin man. And here's another when Darren Sproles does not talk to me in you know for the life of me I cannot call an interview. With Darren Sproles have to ask some of -- sports -- -- but I can't remember -- any of them -- are. Christian Garrett gore. Arm and TV after game may be it's in his contract. That he does not have to talk to media. And I here's a great this is one -- -- wanted -- Chile on a cold soup bowl day that would be a great addition to the menu. With Angel without let me know that -- go here's one that says I feel better the team that kicked us out of the playoffs should -- the saints. Wins the soup global I guess that does. Kind of give you a little bit more credibility and run ships and you know the team that took the knock us out. Was the best in the league Seattle's -- that way. That person would pull the Seattle but then there's the revenge -- -- two times wanna get even with and you look at a couple of different ways. -- is another two reasons payback Seattle. Get whipped got to pull for the local guy -- -- ago. Here's one I live in Dallas from new loans red beans and rise on my menus. Gotta support Denver because of Peyton Manning and now a New Orleans native -- 35 in Louisiana Tech alone. Baum is one that says Manning left tackle number seven if Chris Kluwe. Since my saints didn't -- Is another -- the favorite commercial the streaking lamb at the horse football game. Don't remember that when his analysis I remember a Clint Eastwood now remember that too. Here's another one simple old. He means rolls -- roles as they stuttering problem. In Ireland comes in and says Sproles as they speech impediment. Which is why he doesn't speak to the -- Well regardless of downs rolls as a speech impediment he just says stuttering problem when he doesn't wanna talk to them. He does talk and on the field and today that I think weaken. We can all agree that Darren Sproles does his job in the he says it all on the field here is one that says money out the laws dude don't over think it. I don't know what that means over thing check it out though money out there was who was it 2000 Super Bowl commercial. I think it's like ours I'd Reggie calls and on time negating moment he remembers the Tabasco yet that's the one when. The mosquito -- often exploded after. But in the big guy who was eaten and in the -- Odom was with the Tabasco. I we're going to be back after the news and we gonna talk to sampling Tammany parish -- -- prisoner you can talk with a two are sent a text message of what is you'd like to Alaska. I'll relay that message to harm. 260187. He's the phone number. The text message boards open for you -- a 7870. Am down to -- Good Friday morning from the big 870 WW.