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1-10-14 1:10pm Angela: with three Northshore mayors

Jan 10, 2014|

Angela spends the hour getting to know three Northshore mayors: Donald Villere of Mandeville, Mike Cooper of Covington, and Freddie Drennan of Slidell.

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On your mind and it's on everybody's mind and that is of course it's incredible game that's going to be in less than 24 hours or just a little over more. Rarely over point four hours we're counting minutes. And we know what the outcomes the debate because we're very positive thinkers about. That's -- good and you lose on Monday in our 3 o'clock hour we're going to be having a whole -- with Tom and -- Benson and I'm I'm genuinely thrilled because. They're an incredible couple and an incredible team. And win or lose on Saturday even though we know they're gonna win. I think he'll have a lot to say so I hope you'll join us again that's Monday. At the 3 o'clock -- well we wrap up our week with our. Very favorite segment and I mean I've said this since day one we called open Mike. When we get to know people better out of their daily environment and today is very special. Three mayors from three North Shore communities. We welcome Donald Hilary mayor of -- film. Mike Cooper mayor of Covington. And newly -- Freddie Renton mayor of flight to gentlemen thank you. Thank you so you have a vision I don't know I love this because I just like to get to know people and I think our audience does too. And we certainly see your name and newspapers and team interviewed on television picture real people. And that's what we like to talk about this who you -- I'm not gonna start with the saint prediction maybe we will end with the saint pretty good I'd first I'd like to know. You won't have been mayor now to abuse since 2010. And mayor Cooper since 1120. -- what has been the most fun part. -- -- -- The other thing about the. Yeah. I enjoy every day of -- they're they're tough decisions to make of course but. Every day there's there's something new. We've got events in downtown Covington. That I enjoy I enjoy going to -- meetings and NC in the senior citizens working with the citizens. In resolving. Personal issues. Small issues a larger issues so what's it's a rewarding. Very rewarding and I enjoy it. -- You're Angela itself. Normal people -- and I enjoy working with Republicans and George you know doing what I've done on. A spent forty years in law enforcement and and now become a year and a half years ago and it is just an extension of what I did before about being able to. Work through issues you're able to help people like it very little small problem to you and maybe a major problem to an individual moment. The and able to help them work through and they won't help them resolve an issue may be going on -- -- neighborhood and community -- Even with their personalized news is my reward and and that swamp -- do the job and abdominal leisure. Yeah I think absolutely the that the greatest amount of satisfaction is solving problems whether they be larger community problems -- Those individual problems that neighborhoods or. Just homeowner property -- may have and it's. It's it's a great opportunity to help people when you say public servicer really is -- you have to draw a public service and want to do the job for the community. It is that what you thought it would be. It's well thought it would be. It's. This is -- first time -- In as an elected official but it's on the first time in politics have been around government politics all my life and so it's it's pretty much what I expected. There are because -- as the previous member of the saint Tammany parish school board for thirteen years. In house involved with public service. With helping those families and want to take a greater role and spend a little more time doing its I think it was so it's exactly what I expected and end. And a great deal of enjoyment comes from. You know the challenges that we face every day years there's one of the things that and I guessed it it's such me you know used the you know fly -- a series of ups and downs. And that challenges that we run into the obstacle that we hit. Dash to things that are rewarding to me to be able to. To find a way to solve to work through. You nor our city is still very much recovering from Katrina. We were hit should barely born and and -- -- not a day goes by that I'm in the office and I'm not still working on Katrina related problems. I knew that going in. I had no -- were still going to be dealing with a mate your floater but I one studio while the men. Should I be reelected again I'm sure to be due to a limit the end of that emotional. Is there ever. A night you go home and saying what have I gotten salesmanship. So you know there's very few nights that I am at home well field before and on the clock but though when I do it's it's. But take advantage of that in and gently -- and read or catch -- on the news. But I don't allow him to -- regret opponent love. Covington and servants -- of people covered it but it is in many ways twenty foreseen. What you're saying yes it is I bet you don't go to the grocery store was somebody not -- mayor silence a silence. And that moment to them is very important. And it is and it's in it's something that. I feel like is a responsibility. When you take an elected position that you. You can expect that you're going to be stopped at the grocery store of the walking in Colorado church or whatever you're gonna hear people's. They're individual problems or situations. At any time. And as -- sentences of 24/7 job and it's something that you have to be prepared for I think the three of sorrow and and so the -- you have to want to help people. Open you want to help people but there are some people who never going to be happy. The momentum -- a -- we know that and brotherhood with and if so how do you handle that just smile on your face to people. I think you just try to do the best you can deny that what I try to do Angela's here's. When decisions are -- -- that are difficult decisions and and obviously. There -- one size does not at all. And so when I make a decision that there's not real popular -- controversial. I try to make a decision based on what's best for the masses. What's best for the -- and you know you're you're never going to make a decision has -- make 100% of people happy I've learned that mr. -- call. You have to learn a little more than but if I can -- my funeral Marco every not and knows that I made a decision based on what's best for them. Most then I'm comfortable that. And and hopefully the next decision that you make in agrees with the that previous person who didn't particularly care for the Susan. Is the world of politics. Radically different than ones -- Freddie twenty years ago. Yes future and -- in my opinion it is and film was elected -- issue for eight years and obviously retired from saint Tammany parish sheriff's office and you know those jobs or or political. But I'll watch politics changed over the years and I think it changed for the better. You know a lot of the ethics reform that we have today employees -- a lot of things that are of has happened there's probably there's there's been much. Much that now think that. Elected officials are more in touch with the people to man I think that. The Internet. And technology has has brought that closeness and it's an expectation. A more immediate response. And more immediate action and I think that has been good as -- for our the political area if you would. And but the demands what you're telling them that the demand is greater because you know I think all of us who we have. I you know electronic devices Karzai phones and you know so we get messages by text messages by emails telephone calls. And as you said they come you know nights weekends and holidays. When you when you walk I feel like it -- gonna walk out of out of my door. At the house you know on the -- and the bill and I have to be responsive to folks where Bryant. Yes it's difficult. In today's time when you when you get an email -- text to voice message to be able to respond immediately because. You know in. Twenty years ago you'd have somebody take the message and leave a message on your on your desk and you'd you'd go three messages. But now the people know that they have immediate access to -- they expect immediate response and its it's difficult to love to meet those expectations. But we certainly tried to. The bottom line -- the three of you were having fun. We have a fund that's it stay with this we're gonna continue to have fun here right after this I'm Angela under the that you went well again it's our open Mike. Friday which I love because we get to know people better. And we're getting to know three super mayors from the North Shore Donald Hilary. Mayor man -- Mike Cooper mayor of Covington and Freddie Trenton mayor of slight hill. All right and you kind of touched on this a bit but when you were ten years old twelve years old did you say Monday on going to be -- Not ultimately in I think he you take a look at sooner. The influence that your mother or father or family number or teacher or. What do you have in your lives and you say a she was or. You know typically what the firemen and the policemen movies. That type of thing but. It's very it would be very unusual I think facilitate murals one that is now won't -- there. Well. Obviously -- continues -- did not think so but. I'd have to say. My dad was mayor of Covington for 24 years and he became mayor when I was fourteen years old. So throughout high school in and beyond that probably did have an inkling that one day at. Wanna served us citizens of -- in as many. And I want to role model -- have your dad did for that long certainly so. He was mayor until 1991. When he retired. And I was elected. Twenty years or took office forty years Tuesday when he retired Micah -- So I didn't have an inkling in and was involved in the community. Throughout the years and very fortune and proud service coverage may have well this is creek Freddie in your world had been law enforcement. More correct -- had no -- under order -- -- where my approach young boy with a real policemen and now. Obviously I was fortunate enough to pursue -- career and and had a very very controllable and wonderful forty year career in law enforcement and I've made my mind up don't corner retiring and of course we have term limits and slot room when Van Marsh could not run again and then. Small for good business people and good friend came -- -- -- should think about running for mayor. Talk you know were my family thought about it prayed about it and decided I would. Roma had met proverbial arrangement you're actually at its head and no wonder all -- I would be where I am to. You know you you were very fortunate to work. And live in communities that are very special but the North Shore area I mean I lived in Folsom four in the early eighties to see what has happened is unbelievable. And yet you have you don't really have the the big problems with the big city. Yes you have some crime which you don't have that as the primary concern and tension. Nobody wants any crime but it here of course we have serious problems home and we talked about endlessly but. What are the areas of concern that you have. But I think when you. When you live in a safe community. And you take that concern off of the table. Them. A lot of the other things that you thinker or big you know big concerns there there really and that you know lots more. And I think you know we live in the community that has is safe we have good schools we have good government. And we we do whatever we can as far as to serve the citizens to provide good infrastructure to provide. A good quality of life. Good cut cultural atmosphere and I own way in each in the house. Separate town. It I'm not sure that there is a an overwhelming factor in saint Tammany parish has considered it a big problem at this time. In Covington we're dealing with the traffic and transportation concerns. We've got that would -- we've got to. Rivers on the south of us and on the east of us and bridges and because with the Paris city many people come into our city every day. So. Solving and and and and find solutions for the traffic. Concerns is a priority of mine have been working. Closely with the department frustration development and getting some short term and long term solution for the trophy transportation. Problems in city. Victims of your success that. Exactly. Of course your actual fighting cover. Correct you know in July -- -- of people went on and on talk about the whole North Shore we live in the best -- recruitment site. When you really shop -- the candidate is Dong -- we have great schools we have extremely low crime rate on the North Shore. Are we now pork we have a bench and you cannot. Courtly fun we can -- not -- -- courtroom movement. Go known and one of our three cities and I'm talking about major very -- call from going home. We live so close to the metropolitan New Orleans area that we enjoy the benefits of this city of new forms. You know then you look at at the and bush interstates we haven't had. Go right through showing Tammy prayer you can be on interstate gore nor shall these -- question just a matter of minutes. -- 45 minutes away from the international airport. 35 minutes where optional remote beautiful watch sandy beaches your religion -- national you know rivers and -- to hunt and fish can. Are great wonderful place to raise a family. And now you know as I travel about his contract to people -- the best coach Rick reconcile I truly believe that not a secret anymore. Honestly and yeah I guess it if you had to put a a concern I guess more for Freddie and and maybe before we get so for the Madison fill -- You know when you have -- flooding as far as due to hurricane activity and and the like go over top here year. If sea walls to whatever and and comes in because of the terrific amount of damage to the community. And I think that you know the offset of that as far as because waters and the insurance premiums for flood insurance. Is it is a concern for everybody in southeast Louisiana. And we're not insulated from that at all you know that's certainly a concern for. For our communities to and something that we. Try to keep a keen on and trotted workers as well as we -- and -- that Annika flood protection. Raising elevation of houses. And also keep an on what's happening in congress well. That is what we're gonna talk about next we're gonna join Chris Miller in the newsroom but what we come back we're gonna talk to three mayors about their thoughts on Washington DC might have to. And we welcome you back -- -- talk with three mayors on Donald Hilary the mayor meant to bill. Mike Cooper mayor of Covington and Freddie dress and mayor of slight -- love listening to the life that you lead -- the life that you chose and that your enjoying -- With the understanding that is still a lot of work. We left talking about. And even mayors of towns have to face Washington. And because you we are all dependent on federal government on one level of the other. You were saying in the commercial that you -- had good experiences with York with our delegation. Who hopefully are fighting for you every inch of the way. But for Washington as a whole. You're just some of your thoughts as someone who is gone through political. -- that situation. And yet is -- citizen. Wanting action. We or Angeles so it's it's on most things that and the way I look at it is. The citizens have elected the three votes in our city expect us to work together -- councilman Mike -- -- No they don't -- and put us there -- or you confide in and you know throughout roadblocks and bear. And I think that that's what we think should be happening in Washington. You know should be working together to. Better help much on action news. To better help bush get things accomplished it needs to be accomplished. And and one of the big -- things and we were just talking about mr. -- quarterbacks. That the flood situation score on the corner absolutely devastate the North Shore. And just in the city of -- your if they're not from compromised version option change made to that. You know that by -- showing -- can actually calls an economic. Decline in our area that I don't know that we can never call for. You know I don't mean to sound simplistic but just as we were talking Maxine Waters who was one of the original. People who put that they -- get it comes down here sees what the issues are admits to all my gosh I didn't know. And then goes back and tries to correct now I'm wondering is what is the debate. What it -- the very person who helped put it together realizes there were some issues that we need to fix and yet it's still looming. But -- has been noted that some senate is going to. Content to do with their vote can create an opportunity. To take a look at the affordability. And to take a look at. How massive and how widespread this decision -- And sandy as as Freddie have indicated -- awhile ago. Open the eyes of a number of if people in different. States that said to us you know maybe we need to take a look at something like this and maybe we can get. A greater amount of people to. To look at the affordability of -- waters and maybe to make some adjustments there but people won't lose their houses because. A G the insurance requirements. I'm an insurance give me an example of somebody in your community. How they would be hit. -- had people that live in the knowledge area. To me that you're. Flood insurance adjuster -- in church has grown from. He anywhere from 8900 dollar a year 25000. Dollars year. Our best charge for the flood insurance. And you know that is that is not sustain animals now does not and in dash. You know the bigger the hole the more. The more impacted us and you know we're there we have some big beautiful homes on the North Shore that. You know -- -- I hate to know what to what to -- in terms would be home. While I think so in some -- suits it's actually unaffordable. And so people are gonna make a decision not to get flood insurance and take their chances. But that it wherever they can the problem there is they can't unless they pay cash for they -- -- -- and so I don't know -- won't be -- -- able to finance at noon. He -- sub you know. Lenders to -- by market which he finished in real estate market drops a lot of the market. People are gonna walk away from these homes took on McCain afford to pay the insurer. And don't wind up mortgage companies don't have to type comeback -- -- -- those are all -- just won't go out of control and now. No one wanted to things and a -- one hour meeting mayor Landrieu about there's no monster months ago. A comment she may need. Has stuck with me and she said that a lot of the senators. In the interior reported United States. Did not think it just would affect them and their constituents. The word around capitol -- issue -- request. This is another Katrina fine. -- And you know as as Donaldson and unfortunately end and our you know my home flooded. Goodness gracious I hope nobody's home ever floods again how went through now live through that but. Like Donald said sandy opened a lot -- And you know this pasture we had a awful lot of river flooding on the interior storage Minnesota. You know look at Nashville Nashville on our future fun. How would have computers -- if you had. Places that are totally removed from the coastline. That had some major flooding impacts. That. God forbid that ever happen to anybody Ian but it did open a lot about store bought two senators and congressman that. Wait a minute this does affect me and I don't live on the go off coached. Well didn't do I sense a little hope -- I sure hope so yeah but the there is nothing is moving that direction. In fact ethic. Senator rubio from Florida jump on board supports this where he before it was. Had not announced he was that support. This action well there are we talking in the next. Months this is going to hit the senate. Knowing that the ultimate example way -- similar to rerecord it. Yes an image in the course the other thing that we all hope but as far as in saint Tammany and every every year cities. Parish that surrounds like posturing is that we get some decision. Some actions some progress. On. Some sort of wall or protection at the -- is in the -- passed so that we can say that saint Tammany. Won't see. The the influx of water in them and it'll be a better hurricane protection for a us in that regard and that would be something huge. Aren't our community and to the entire Paris. Stay with -- we're gonna continue our talk with a three mayors right after this. The mayors of three North Shore beautiful communities. On Donald -- mayor of -- -- Mike Cook for mayor of Covington and Freddie to run -- mayor of Slidell. Our guest today on open Mike. I just have to say Freddie address and payment. With the most beautiful wedding announcement. That he and -- Glenda. Had he -- and she is hanging mad bang out the window and you're getting it and it is a beautiful idea and you are living happily ever. But as I told you we stolen I'd hear from you. To a friend of our police -- Clemens told instituted that we were -- dilemma on how we're gonna get mirrored it was getting big and out of hand. So we we play drought or stolen -- from the news. The -- I'm honored at the bottom line is that worked for you to picture of beautiful couple and and you just look at. Thank you so much and she's a great lady and I'm so glad she came position that they too. Let's talk about. These are crazy questions but the last time you really -- What was it about. Profit more than likely about family grandchildren Laura you know. My kids in the. Laugh when -- sit around. The lunch table with friends or members of the City Council and I'm not a joke -- -- an -- on the great listener. And a person great jokes in the last week soon. Have the opportunity it'll have quite a bit. You have -- laugh every day and it's such. You know which part of it then you know Oakland and I have a great time you know premonition about our grandchildren and actually administered about our passed by houses and we. We enjoy that we we laugh everyday and I think just a lot of what -- the three of us keep our sanity to be quite honest with. -- -- it's the power left them very much so -- -- I'm sad for people who don't have a sense of humor -- -- minimal sense of humor. But in positions like you where you have so many demands and so much pressure he -- though you're absolutely. And what would make you meant. Who. I can Terry what upsets me is whenever I have a new issues. Pop up in and someone. Has her -- and take -- to be the truth then probably -- half for the situation without bothering to give. You know and -- or should address to the story. And in the unit we have become reality -- -- And that bothers me that people. Would jump to conclusions that quick. Now I can get upset about that really quick especially when it's when it's wrong. When it's dead wrong and it doesn't matter whether it's they're involved in me -- rich involved and someone else are used to -- one of my brother mayors sitting here. To me that is she that is so wrong for people to do that. It is. It takes a lot to get me mad. With regard to two run in the city. You know empowerment department has to make decisions and it's. Not that I get -- get mad at him. Par -- two to make decisions and what may. When made. Frustrate me a bit is. When there's a lack of communication and something on some easy things everybody's doing their job does that lack of communication. And I think we have to stress that more. Two to have that communication everybody's doing a great job but sometimes -- just a bit of miscommunication. Or lack. And probably unfulfilled commitments Simone says you know they're gonna do something -- them. It just doesn't happen and it doesn't happen not because of outside influences but they just didn't get it done. I think that. -- We'll stay with this because we were gonna get the predictions. -- prediction from these three mayors right after this I'm Angela on WW. OK were talking with three mayors of the North Shore. And we are gonna talk about the saints because I know that these guys have predictions. And people want enough. And I'm writing them down. No pressure and 2730. Force and -- 2734. Saint. Well I think it's going to be close game also. Nothing to say it's gonna take it if there. If they show with their running game and the short -- game I think the saints will win 2724. Well. It's Linda Segal right if I believe that is who their clients -- runs. -- definitely I've been here at a pretty much all day if nothing. Well I agree -- things can be a close game also lost like 21 -- Science. But all of you that interest and high scoring. Pretty high score in. Even though the weather the weather may not be like it is in the superdome. Think. I think we think at some point tomorrow I think they're so prepped for this has prepared for this what's a little rain when I was comparing the wind is more the issue even then rain. But bill will coach Payton reenacted all of that in the in the practice yeah. He put rain into the noise. That they run the -- -- -- on the practice field so he's got him he's got to prepare his gut. The prepared and we are all cheering for them. And I wanna remind everybody that from. Three to four we're going to have once again how lucky we are talk Manassas on with T Bob de beer -- we talking things. But we're going to be. Wrapping up with her three mayors first -- thank you thank you thank you for coming across and talk to us this is how we get to know people beyond the job they do. And just sort of your final thoughts on the hopes for your community. I think -- our communities corner continue to grow. As I've said before and in turn North Shore them -- very very good polish racial forum with. And now -- -- nothing but just brought lots -- future. The world which corner continue to grow and scorn continue to thrive. The North Shore usually is desirable place and as you know I know -- lived their for loans and non. Many many people have moved there in and will continue to come in here. I'm excited about 20144. For the city of Covington. In the spring we're gonna have the opening of the historic southern hotel. Which has been dormant for so many years -- instructors over a hundred years will. And developers or putting his forty room hotel. Back in the commerce and new restaurant all -- is right downtown Covington and we're very excited about. The southern hotel could be a little and that's wonderful that's gonna that's gonna help so many of them Sheraton economic. Development -- romantic getaways and yes sure yes yes. And -- meant. The man -- built -- as you know we're really gave way to saint Tammany parish we we have a beautiful community. The lake -- is just a pristine quiet. Place two to experience a wonderful things about mother nature and and the cultural aspects of the history that we have now. Thank you thank you and thank you. And continued success and all that you do in your great communities on now let's go to the newsroom but again will be back we're gonna talk about what's happening in new wallets.