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1-6 10:10am Think Tank: 2013 in Review

Jan 6, 2014|

Garland talks to President and CEO of GNO Inc. Michael Hecht to look back at 2013 for New Orleans and to look ahead at 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good thing turned out being you you're everybody. Twelve noon what have some fun we bubbly is Bauer reporter you -- -- can. Talk Cuba saints and Seahawks and what everybody. Talking about the -- about in this region during the new year. We'll look at governor jungles bordered ethics system certainties it's working some say it's not take a look at that issue. This hour. Yeah it feels to me that that New Orleans and even -- -- you just keeps getting better. We're gonna hosted Super Bowl -- mark McGraw starting as of today in National Geographic. Says that won't have the best trips in the coming year Mardi Gras that is. Get very -- marks in the business. Numbers six business climate numbers six and he's creating the world's middle class problems. Number on -- with the passes growing incomes number two in the U currency and export growth. And -- really hard its hottest startups along the and America. And medalist keeps growing and growing and one of the people that is I think and from middle for a lot of pictures on -- list. Michael -- presidency you drew and Michael welcome to the show one more time and happen. Garland happier to view and entrapment actually Carl Edwards thanks for being. Really one of the greatest vocal support is what happened here in Louisiana. For three years now really appreciated. -- you you you made it impossible for Mickey griping ruined my old New Hampshire. So much fun doing -- in particular bug and review but I do is give Europe. Earlier where we're we're we're still gonna get better 2014. When his siblings in the crystal ball. Well you know looking forward in terms of the economy I think things are very optimistic what -- me. Feeling bad about the future is the diversification that we're seeing in the economy can look at the old line industries. Our international trade is their record levels our energy is really has you most excited because of practice technology and the cause such sale. We don't have that the state about 9200 billion dollars a projects in our pipeline over over the next two to three years and about 24 point five billion of that. Is right in the New Orleans -- you're getting a lot of jobs and invest manufacturer like technology process technology jobs. On that side old line -- damage that -- did you -- diversification. As you know he mentioned with the dark past strong technology market North America. And we're built in order to be used in medical quarter horse in the country as well so that's gonna get a whole slate of new jobs and if you look back to the pass in the seventies and eighties. Other problem that we had coming out of the boomers set pieces in the bus cities who worked diversified. This time we're going to be -- I think that's what Mexico best about our future on terms of the economy. A -- is so big time inquiries about. Really big virginity via a Colorado River. And the river -- tremendous. Problems the guts were disruptive it was seen. Oh border levels of -- we below whatever that he predicted in the future. There having good natured dig deeper tunnels below. I think it's -- league lead. Just to be able provide water for those in our zone and bottom California etc. And we've got that that what seems to -- huge water resource. Company. Institution being built in Baton Rouge where do we stand to benefit from. We're trying to save -- and we're. Studying water and those two or problems all over the world student. Can we profit from. What the and that's exactly our reaction starter -- sector called emerging environmental. With the idea that we could become basically the -- -- North America and if you look at Holland. They sell about 4% of their of the tribal 4% of their gross national product but selling the water management technology. And we actually have the same opportunity here in Louisiana. To be the folks that understand best how to live with water how to manage it and had actually manage a profitable and that's going to be something we can sell. Around the world I think the first test he's like aren't being. In New York actors and the Louisiana -- not have about 350 million dollars of contracts up in New York -- looking to us pretty expertise and so. Are you got the highest level what this means that our brand is changing from being. The victims of disasters now being seen at the masters of disaster and that's good for brands before congress to. Burglars take overs -- will come right back my quarterback presidency you'll -- and we're talking about how much we improved in 2013. And look at the crucible for 2000 porting. You've got questions comments or Michael Gibbs called to -- 0187. In Texas 787. Robin that would be -- call it that the two or collected two big trek were taken about two all the improvements that certainly see and you're not only -- -- separate. New Orleans in the metro region Michael -- president CU Gian too. Probably is better handle on this than anybody -- Michael as usual. Talk about all the goods so Prada hall -- looking for four cracks in the armor. What do you think drug reading. Over the holidays. That this used to be a country of mobile. People that couldn't -- on one -- -- traveled -- and there and according to the the leaders servers that the cure search. Says so many people or or having to -- their parents because even though they have the education they don't have. Job opportunities. Lot of people. Even though there's switch jobs there's not much in the way of escalating salaries so it's difficult for him to make the move. Yeah it's. That reality. In the country and it's -- does that affect a short and that. Well -- it is around in the country very much Garland and I think it actually helps to at least in the near term because. The fact is that ecology orange right now -- somethings -- More expensive here and immigration -- and Louisiana -- wall we are less expensive. The match result market parable size and you can actually get more whether your purse or business -- -- here than anybody else anywhere else and the that they came out a couple of weeks ago from Forbes bought back that -- is that in the war in -- -- -- our region. He's actually top ten in the country for it migration. Across all -- all aged actors and it's actually were number one. -- workers and their prime at least in which I believe was it was people ought to there early forties. Remember one from mature workers that -- number nine pretty young workers and people are beginning to either way you're not because. We have wonderful cultural one opportunity that you -- -- she goes further here. And then why are we seeing in the migration because. Four years. And it's it's it in and I completely -- it's important and more liberal local restaurants. Underpin countries by a gentleman seemed to have a lot of vote prudential he's worked in government you had so. Journalism and scored his picture and journalism's grew and his says quote almost every of the -- promises more opportunity. And better quality of light war with seeing top ten and in in mind. Well you know what when I read that these I think you know it -- off the mark I think you must just be being provocative because she did have. Believe we can't Casper golf was started back in the eighties and the people like Robert and part of that they left. But if you look at the past five years I think we've reversed distributed pretty stark Hashemi anger remains just below to view the Reagan championed the country. Bloomberg with a number Q -- Daily Beast all those numbers -- inspirational. As you mentioned number six for creating middle class jobs. The fact is that. Louisiana this year and his sixth straight year net in migration so people are voting with their feet and whether people coming back after Katrina. Are people like me are coming back after -- generation. Folks are coming to Louisiana. Angrier and more -- in the. In record numbers here's the reason I think why. All -- it not so much we had to accentuate our positives are positive in terms of our culture our quality of life. A -- he's been world class but we had these negatives inclined corruption -- education. That we cannot be able to address for decades and we would like to be able to address some think the latest most hopeful being seen is that the homicide rate now instruct. To a level that we haven't seen it many many years as we eliminate those negatives deposits into signed three. And an increasingly homogenized world people that it -- which use a great war to Malaysia. Infrastructure. And DUC answers Tuesday. What what I've been told over and over again we have tremendous infrastructure -- that sooner or later we have to place. Do we have the wherewithal to do -- to is this the kind of thing -- Knock who's back and we can find the answer. Well I think the answer a lot of infrastructure. Projects is public private partnerships doing things like having. If you build new road haven't told -- it -- something like -- forty notch wanna build which in Lafayette in the bayou region be a major economic driver. I would definitely free up traffic. You'll would probably -- and he's become the and it worked in the private company too -- to make it work so I think the engines are out there but it's gonna work are to be traded. As deep into the way to we haven't done before I don't know problem that the public dollar existence sufficient quantity to do without private sector's help. And in -- dude do you see. In the government and infielders they -- the -- private sectors Gupta. You know if you look at many other states they have for example new roads that are being built were told we were just. Our trip to the super region down in Florida looking at Tampa and Orlando. It's seeing how they work together in the same way that you want to average work together and a lot of intersection they've built there to sport that. That incredible growth has been to PP PQ do anything like had a -- -- bill privately. And then told not to pay reports and yet there is precedent it seems to work and it's it's something that the public has got to get comfortable with. And my Michael -- opinion but -- link is that if you do you have not told alternatives. We do build new road to only get on mr. partnership I think it probably makes sense. All right born when it right here and people was appear in 2002 are turning. And we were talking about the issue with blood ventures for those that happened and while going. Following sandy. FEMA and other federal. Government entities that the try to help rebuild. Basically broke. And congress' said look we've reduced can't keep purporting to to rebuild the plants and shouldn't be rebuilt. America also walled there were trying to change but so far it's things in place Michael correct me your problem. Get tens of thousands of people that may not be humans in their -- -- being able to keep their businesses is that correct and so what do you see an opening. Well you know borrow and you're you're wrong actually I'm sorry to say but it not tens of thousands it's probably. Could. Because I ordered to -- It is the another fact is Netflix urges -- folks across the whole country all fifty states spot point five million people. And at the cart bigger waters legislation is not fixed and actor maps should not produced by FEMA. What it means that living along the coast along rivers America's not -- be possible and -- you and I know the waters for commerce happens until the economic consequences would be. They are really impossible for the country the good news is that the coalition that we didn't that we were able to develop -- -- can apology she is on the air. Now stands -- thirty states or two organizations across the country. As for the moment in these key building ever more. We're going to be up in DC. Later this week is going to be a vote held in the senate to try to implement a four year delay on bigger warships -- essentially while the clock. I think we're gonna get -- -- probably never get him -- house which is not as supportive but again constituents now from New York to California. From Michigan to Florida or all beginning to -- cable because. There are maps are coming out they are seeing their church corner two and 2003000%. And so -- I am. You know I hate the term problem cautiously optimistic -- to get that done sooner than later because it is now -- much national issues. A select a broken record in in this question but. If if I were a congressman god for Anderson. And you or me or. Confident I give you fifteen minutes brokered deal or problem is. Well all holdings coached gonna go into a recession or depression. Many people in the Middle East -- and midwest won't be you -- stay in the old same thing goes with California. You don't repealed big water. Why isn't that something where. All of dissenters all of college and get to get -- -- always incidentally even. Maxine Waters says. This wasn't the intention of the ball and it has the ability to destroy the economy in this country. This is no brainer let's overturn it born in my mirrors. Well you know that there are some political considerations in that everybody DeDe did vote -- -- first time around and so reversing course requires somebody to have the car -- the honesty of Maxine Waters to go and and do that -- personal philosophical or ideological considerations personal. Some individuals -- simply don't like the idea. Big government programs. Any sort in the national flood insurance would qualify. Under that. And then quite frankly there's a moral politic an extra district as well for example insurance companies can do -- like this program but can they get thirty cents of every dollar that's spent not -- any of the risks. So it's premium goes up from 500 dollars to 151000 dollars aggregate -- percentage -- ball so. Ultimate carpal interest groups are actually pushing back the current. The spot with a way to its -- No one final question I'm 49 via a big -- being proposed I think the report links. I'd tune. Room of north -- Latvia. Do you guys support that and and so we met him in applauds. Acting is that that transportation transportation infrastructure drives economic development whether you're talking about highways. Or airports or rail all these things are critical and again one of the lessons we learned Florida. If you read what -- largely invested in this type of multi more -- shock yourself we actually do support it. The fact is that. And that embarrassed part of America is in some type of flood plain. And it's something that we just have to recognize and an engineer -- Turks so we very much supported without the topic structure. You're not gonna have economic growth over time. I or -- always splurge Earl Woods intrusive and have a great new year were probably the suit 300 and the -- and conditioner. We'll probably call 800 giants but no more than. Hey you don't remember -- force -- 65 -- Garland thanks so much and a and a creek here you'd talk a. Governor of that we'll talk about don't talk to -- more pro. Presidency you with the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation. In two rooms terrorism going to be going through Rupp. Into questions and comments taxes and 770. Gibbs called two's exit broke. 170 patrol or you can listening outside the seated six weeks -- 908. Celebrity that's WW.