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12-30-13 7:05pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints-Eagles

Dec 30, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Merrill Reese, the voice of the Eagles, about this weekend's upcoming Saints-Eagles playoff game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the coaches show on a New Orleans Saints radio network it is the post season time now sixty some east conference -- total of twelve or in the tournament to see who gets the Super Bowl in New York. In early February wanna before division champions in the NFC the Philadelphia Eagles -- be 44 to 22 victory. All on the road last night to help us talk about the Eagles element that. Olson is probably as good as anybody the ball as the Philadelphia Eagles Merrill Reese Jones is now -- when you look at what this team has done this season. Philadelphia Eagles for awhile -- yeah you kind of scratch say he would sit -- likely at home we do so well all the wrote after the best. Record on the road this season with a few other clubs. But they -- finished a strong down the stretch to lose their first or at the link. And then winning their last -- so how would it be fair to say may be on the road at home -- -- team really put together down the stretch. Yeah I think that's there at the the the whole thing was just article would sort of so -- but they're a team that can't -- an -- infected it would -- A game against Arizona they beat the Lions. And does so they they did but -- had a great -- against the -- and called so I think that's breaks out of Olympic last year. It could pick the games they lost at home they probably won't would have lost -- -- Borges of the road it was a it was an -- came about what they lost. Going to give this season. Well probably what the Eagles fan base your perception -- it to me. You know you look at Chip Kelly it -- you spread option offense then. He got the likes of Michael Vick you look at his mobility. But to me. Like he was never the answer. And that he heard over the ball too much too many turnovers. Where you look at -- polls even last year. Woody was playing I was reading great finish fifth in the league. -- interception percentage. It even do an unbelievable this year I mean I don't know -- -- that 27 touchdowns. And two interceptions. And that speaks for itself to be that's the main difference. I don't care Lleyton you beat whatever but that has to be utmost importance -- Kelly convict fold protected the football compared -- Michael Vick. You're right body has protect the books want protected well I think the problem that most people had -- they expected Chip Kelly to calm your. At rugby or apartment for what they've reduced to sitting most recently at Oregon but that -- spread out. Read option -- He says it wasn't even really read option up but the pot at Oregon. And that -- I elusive apartments. To the talents of his personnel and he that he is one -- Quarterbacks who were not mobile he's one running quarterbacks. So he's made adjustments if you look at the soft that it's not anything that you open -- about that goal now I've never seen anything like that. It's a bad pays off but they don't huddle what they do there. Read option you you might be one or like a game with a very remote. It's just what they do they execute very well -- a probable -- and a relied heavily on the very strong black. Of shady McCoy. Now now you look at is they all their helmets balls and they've been especially in the superdome but even on the road but that is the which you look at scoring offense. Now that happen in the -- this year averaging only nineteen points -- at all when it was scored 33. We look it's 2006 on the Sean Payton. And Drew Brees they've been a top three scoring offense. Along the life that Tom Brady the Patriots and there -- is with the Packers and the reason -- yeah operate. You think. That we look at people like Bill Davis. And the group that coordinated. And try it paying but like regional look UK focused on one receiver. He just hit eleven different receivers in the game against Tampa Bay but it's not like feast or famine the -- or -- assortment. We got a -- them and correct me if I'm wrong like your opinion. But I think a four man rush but that that they can't get -- -- but then on the flip side okay good at that. Reads the play covered the payroll and you put guys that island. That it brings that time that you -- -- thing. Well I think you're right I I think derisive Drew Brees has time he's going to a lot of secondary they've got to. Brees without. A blitz all the pot a bit that they're going to be selective they are certainly are times when they are going to -- so -- blitzes and -- Come right back in and rub them. Sometimes two to three people but the Rockets on with a going to be more concerned with the back end. Able about build them as a very Smart defensive coordinator. You know the there or a few weak links in the these kinds -- -- but he has to cover four -- -- to -- but that has made a lot of strides. They've been may be right near the bottom of the national -- would you look at the those statistics but it may be thirtieth or 31. Brought. That's only in terms of -- In terms of points they have been pretty darn good really. They had the one collector of course in Minnesota at the beginning of the season they gave up a lot of points in the biggest nightmare it was in Denver. With a -- that the twos seventy. But since that they gave Bob. What he wants the Giants they gave them wanted to have probably happened team and lost for the Cowboys. Fifteen along the Giants. Definitely a point to the Raiders thirteen to replay six people want in the Q is it going to be like down the line except for the ones lost to Minnesota they really averaged. Seventeen points a game seventeen points public point game that totally given up -- part of the season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we got a break down the Saints game you know I'll bring it up a history at this point that you -- talking. And you look at leaders on the all that -- even -- that type of ball. And that we're talking about a DeMeco Ryans it would be beans and Eagles -- that everything -- But we talked about when Jonathan Vilma heat from the Jets to the thing I don't like that vehicle ride they get going from the taxes. And an Eagles. That not only leading tackles which is -- overall leadership I think that's the kind of guy you that your team you -- have success. The people at the -- You're absolutely -- the -- the definition of a leader. In every single respect he's an outstanding player he is the signal -- And he's been a big reason why the defense has improved this year about playing Bobby other players at the point out but you'll. See a lot own on Saturday night -- number by BA he also comes the Houston Texans and is neighbors called Portland. If you watched last night's game -- for the fourth at one and they were driving near midfield. And or beyond midfield and when all public Orton went back to throw the -- -- wide open. The Marcus married. At -- jumped comparable with and not -- out of the god and there are with the hoop group walk all over the Eagles on down. Comparable what it is cold the jacket which means but Jack of all praised -- move them inside outside -- drop impact. They'll send him and they used about a lot of different ways and he has been an impact players this year. He's the voice of the Philadelphia Eagles Marreese joins us now as the Eagles went last night in Dallas to clinch the NFC east. And a home playoff games that are not against the New Orleans Saints and looking at some of the numbers and offensive numbers that stick out defense and make. I gather it's a -- made a name for himself Brent Hawkins day interception last -- Mary pass that several of the players. For a second in the regular season at six but none bigger than that one last night Dallas and they had the momentum. They get the ball back went around two minutes left the chance to -- -- -- -- maybe get a chance for a game winning feel logo. -- -- on their first play walker steps in front of their past released seal the deal foot eagle. Yet it did the same thing go late in the game at home against the Washington Redskins orgy Fareed had been riding for. What could've been curtains for the Eagles and Heatley got the the end zone -- -- one in the pretty much in the game so that's not new for him he was this deal. By the Eagles the battle with -- last year but he's a tremendous football player he's like quick. A while he only spent about five feet behind the job I have -- The -- -- the Dez Bryant last night and knock -- ball out of his reach of the end zone. So he has he's used in the slot he rarely starts on the outside of bill I think he will want and he. But he has -- he has appointment. But. This next question I gotta tell ya just love to hear your voice whenever I hear your voice. One highlight. I'll go man that's what it's supposed to sound like a love you -- them. But he Eagles did that and thought they would let I don't know of anyone else that resentment your my favorite knowledge not that bad actually it's quite. -- -- Well and barrel. Unit shady LeSean McCoy it's a call I mean like the little discouraged. When they go to the Philadelphia. And he's got the line if they committed. You know -- -- -- -- 185 carries because I'll look at what acutely ill is that they have given up. More like that short and that yeah. Tampa -- at times -- -- -- play catch up. But that you look now they average with all of that is done they averaged four point. You know -- point guard. So that they have given up yardage and that's our average per carry. But -- but I activity -- he's really -- back like -- look like I believe. We consider all -- back as a receiver or running. Our runner the best that are bad and obviously it is not worth between now and then they'll -- -- one in the league. All -- something else on the doing these games along on not as far back as the van Buren. What they've been bigger bullet injury eagle eagle by the 1940s. And many people consider -- the greatest eagle -- taught me all the labor but since then in modern times I've been around three great running. Global Montgomery back in the eighties team the lead belt now they revealed Super Bowl team. Brian Westbrook who you remember of course under Andy Reid. At shady McCoy. I think that all the black shady McCoy is the most complete back -- yesterday he broke Wilbert Montgomery -- record. For your tendencies and 6807. In the season and they also -- Westbrook record in yards from scrimmage both running the ball boy and catching it. So he stands atop the Rutgers as he is just outstanding guy I know you guys. Probably slowed clips of that game the Eagles played in boats blow -- eight inches of snow looked like it that appealed against alliance. About the ago at -- bad game he gained -- 270. Yards. Which would be all on eagles' single game rushing record. He broke van Buren record about one so he pretty much is the best the Eagles running back -- upon. Maryland now wanted to educate us so we hear a lot of people who you know the players some guys stand out and rightfully so where where they're playing for they they salute -- -- fans but let's say it's -- be crunch time in this situation with the Saints have before Obama. You tell us how how loud does he -- it in Lincoln Financial Field and are the fans all for putting on. A lot of heat making it difficult on opposing teams that coming out there. Which absolutely it will be as loud and if you ever. Outside of the bill. Of course but domes stadiums can wrap abilities. Probably an outdoor stadium could not but this place -- lock able shake. And they've -- in there but not the opposition although you know that you talk about a team like the Saints have him as a team that won the Super Bowl few years back. And nothing's gonna -- Drew Brees he's beatable than rule god like more good calls that. He's not going to be intimidated by the crowd -- or let players make make it a little but more for the for the guys -- -- The snap count hey here's the simple plot the thought. But like every other team the Saints are out of school silent count. The crowd has always certain factor but I don't think it's as big a a factor as people make it out to be a respectfully when you're playing with an experienced. Playoff team -- the Saints certainly more. There Marreese -- it's always a pleasure merit as you open up the post season found me is a anyone post season I'll play all game that religious registers to you all the great games you call. Yet there's one. Build one that I remember. More than any other occur early bitterly cold today. January 11 1981. And that was against the Dallas Cowboys team that. Really matter be controlled and dominated the Eagles for many many years and a -- -- of the first quarter broke robbery. Exploded all the right side behind the blocks of Woody peoples and -- Sizemore. And -- -- for the -- but point we do -- the Eagles were at the Super Bowl fatigued which. Was play in New Orleans Atlanta didn't go very well but he Eagles a. Absolutely and of course I wanted to all time greats in black college football history course in Minnesota university history. Are playing at that point that was worth about we will Montgomery Harold Carmichael so many great. All of those Eagles team a good step back in the history there -- that's always a pleasure to visit which he will be have a great call Saturday night. You very much does the departure being on the field. Merrick thank you very much affect on it one of the best in the business without question Barry I heard one of these so most memorable moments have to beat the post season in which the Eagles made all the way to the Super Bowl. And of course eventually -- -- -- fifteenth. To this Tom Flores coached Oakland rate.