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12-16 11:10am Garland, flood insurance

Dec 16, 2013|

Congress won't vote on the new flood insurance until 2014. This is the law that would make thousands of Louisiana homes unaffordable and unsellable. Is the delay good news or bad? We were joined by Michael Hecht, President & CEO of GNO Inc

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we're still pretty good about some -- have been thinking about prolonged -- the bigger waters -- One to basically called for a depending rumored -- fortunately for 500000. People were here and millions around the country. Facing insurance rates that either keep them from selling their own Broncos -- two. Or insurance rates that keep him from staying in their homes because they can afford to pay the premium. Well how would it's bush vote on it in fact. -- thing that. Bill custody. Representative Republican bribes in Baton Rouge. That promise that -- for the holiday is that they would have a vote in the house but the house will not vote on flood insurance report next year. And even those efforts and other efforts to do lead to increases. Or in limbo at this point. And remember we've gone through most often -- talk about this because he and his staff have been very -- -- what this means it can be done. Michael had presidency -- -- Michael was always welcomed the Chicago. They think strong thanks so much happy holidays all right -- what do you take notes. Well you know the good news is that the momentum -- the coalition brought which she used to grow we now have. 200 organizations about covering thirty states -- on our side that wanted to distinct section. The bad news is that somebody in congress preaching he -- built at the sky is -- It is hard to get it passed in congress these days so. We started not to reward get Q a pin Ichi. Looking over that are in the senate and house overall. But you know I still think that in the mid term -- get this thing fixed because it's not just Louisiana. Reached that stage cross country. And respect individual are most concerned about right now which is potentially. The church house financial services without a doubt well fact is that check out the second most popular in the country so. I think that over time are we gonna -- -- gesture. But tribute one bitter fighting absent from -- crop poll of Republican I had a hole. Journal and you just mentioned house financial committee chairman. -- controlling. Republican Texas. Is this becoming a thing where the Republicans who. -- want small government and and think this is just one more financing about. People shouldn't live in the area in the -- Well it depends who you're talking America -- -- change issue is it more procedural one. It's wanted to vote restore the procedure more than torture or are unanimous chat which has. Kind of extraordinary litany of other individuals are like congressman potential in -- for them yet it really has more just told topical. Issue where they don't believe that government should be involved in -- -- At all and the challenges college if we can have that both are well destruction but the fact is that over five million cheap or country. Have built because currently get government was providing that type of insurance and so. In -- word go totally -- the system which is something we have to talk about. You gotta do something to transition people don't strike. Privatization we'll -- with a mean how would that get is that well is that a real option. It you know I think -- but it might be -- people say that it might be possible for the -- -- -- com and answered them to check out. But called the middle of the curse -- the policies that are less risky. But that detail what you might have some older businesses that are areas that are too risky to be insured in a way that's quarter makes sense but that need to be eager for commerce street and and it might be in the first place in that government steps in and and really insurers are recognized their living and working near the coast -- is not about each -- -- majority of the time it's about how to work because -- -- I think you currents could come up with legacy caught a hybrid public private system and that's one I -- spots in the order that direction -- -- -- We're doing good chosen but beamer -- escalation. Of flood insurance in Louisiana minimum of the -- round the country. Escalation in the premiums were some people will not be able to sell homes we've been that they can support the premiums and others. Won't below for the premiums although at least one. Currency rose churches reportedly. Lower property assessments because of that the -- That is insurance is coming. House was supposed to -- on the bloated insurance issue both -- the end of the year they have decided not to everything in the political limbo. Michael Hecht president that -- you know see you -- you know waiting for -- and his staff have been working on this effort art. And have been probably more knowledgeable than most but everything up -- Michael these states did you say the have been put to could be a -- All well you know the fact is that all state of the union. National plottage searched all -- older so they get -- little everybody as we saw. You know this year in New York which in the even in the mountain Colorado. Flooding is on the number one of the most pervasive. -- natural disaster now our coalition. Now grown which includes thirty states we have -- majority states that act without major business or other civic organizations that are saying. We watched credible response on -- program don't wanna ensure that the -- Bad behavior on what development but at the same time he can't aperture and actual patient which other. -- -- -- If do the house and the senate. Continuing not a big board together. Now you've got the brouhaha in the senate. Where have Barea did way aboard the filibuster rule. Arts and the Republicans are biting the Democrats on virtually everything and anything that comes up and do you see this being rectified and anytime soon. Well you know -- chipped it secrets what they're making a part of something that's how -- install -- from the debate. And that is that even at our pursuit deadlocked the president has the ability to delay -- -- with a stroke of a pan and you know we've seen. From the -- or care act was able to delay. -- -- parts of Obama Cherokee genius did you show you know aren't in the ATP -- action thing over here for national flood insurance -- -- you -- in check without the affordability study done. Well what you brought the program. By executive order on it should it rain delay in program and remember. But -- Archie and humor that our Homeland Security they report to the president ultimately and dusty administratively can actually. Take chair while -- what congress should. You get to Altidore. And in more unhappy with the bills off horrors representative Maxine Waters -- Democrat of California. Has she talked to the president said look this is -- we intended would would you sign this Tuesday. Effort to delay you bills. Well you know I'd give another representative waters on the very first open that this was not my intention like -- -- bit. Or are running from the issue but standing up in China being a champion Robert I'm like don't know about to educate our conversation that she. With the president like you know that -- -- Richmond center Richmond had spoken directly to the president with a market that there. Eric Close I don't know if they actually asked him to -- chair -- in the power of the White House and -- -- -- office. But that's ultimately to follow upon because. Rappaport now but really aren't we need to keep the pressure up one but whatever chance solve this issue do you expect to you have to make sure that the -- in the -- radar screen. In the on the I want stretches out so. Pursuant both the executive and a legislators -- now. Comedy though people -- victim in Louisiana received 400000 missy 500000. When they dropped 460000. East is the number in the I -- third in the nation were behind Florida. Which has by far the most in about two million. And I believe -- to chat about 800000 -- then no we entered as well now one of the preacher argued that this program this might sound ridiculous but. The reason probably the portability story is that he might either unwilling or unable to actually say how many helpful comic -- resist. In the country will be impact by bigger waters -- simply don't know Tom. And so it just seems incredibly irresponsible a lot of master troop ramp. Forward understand the stroke -- impact and that's the story. Where it's a question I have -- time you -- Brooke washing Alabi we have congressmen and senators. And I envision the message that goes up or would get thirty -- that could be affected the national economy could be affected. We've got some of the moved horrible space novel idea number abused -- in the even so mirror is Obama. California in the midwest that are powerful political entities. -- -- all be affected were people can report -- home you can report to sell their homes. And the answer comes back is -- why a congress won't do this I thought everything they did virtually was to get reelected. Arm -- you know it's it's a good question and it does art -- by gesture but we're looking at chairman canceling -- actions. Other major -- in Houston it much less of an issue in Dallas but you would think that it's college would be able persuade them that you at least. Ticket neutral stance on the issues are and that's where would that be able to get it cheaper -- why not been fixed yet. -- I think this speaks into -- you want is the level of partisanship and and and the challenges in congress so right now. So typical. She passed and the other early arts and genuine or soft or ideological differences about what role should be edit many think not just what -- -- let's -- Education. Should be considered a couple of good or by the and then when I haven't -- checks and balances where a single individual has the bill stop to the legislation's on case -- are you ready to make it very difficult but. Again I think that we do have a nation on our side -- much -- Garland that if this were just a Louisiana -- just a thought this issue. I'd be much less sanguine but the content is a national issue because. That's been somewhat tragically demonstrated over the year all I do think that we're going get this -- six a pointer in the first four. To your knowledge have saint -- urged the assessor of their. Lowered the property assessments because. I yeah absolutely it's asserted there isn't specific sub divisions. For example -- by the -- sub division. That actually lowered the assessment by about 30%. Are about her many cases homes that have never floated. But what -- the assessor is doing is simply try. To reach out valuable all of the possibility that much higher current cost itself. I think particular -- actuarial urged that sent. I don't think anybody -- that what he's doing Wallace distraction. Is necessarily wrong in my abortion. Although we're gonna see this oral oral we've seen this in -- parachutes. You know to my knowledge -- we haven't seen the actual lowering of assessments and other -- you get below are per short seen anecdotally. That number case source saleable homes -- sale of businesses are not going through on through one perspective buyer discovers what do you rate could be. And so we are beginning to you the impact in the market and what are the challenges that we have of course the longer change resolve this the part of the issue are gonna comma in the market. And I think what the things that -- or reporters don't Shirley understand about commissioner coalition. Is that simply getting out. The statement period. Our -- matters ultimate level. Of insurance. Unaffordable 161000 dollars because that's your fight in chief Omer is a two day. And effectively make it on sellable so -- -- the end of the day we need to get an action. What I would tell people that rather than trying to fix bigger waters which it would accurately match. That would solve that 80% of our problems. If we hacker traumatic Turkey here. And it keyword not standing on Libby did do not just -- -- matched. Everything would be much simply because actuarial -- should be more it would be more accurate. All but as of right now we are not aware law that is challenge -- -- -- administration that maps which are fundamental problem. Do you were talked to anybody -- prima. Could there there are things called Google Maps and there are all over the world. And they're really easily these are susceptible -- accessible. Is that no but the look imported via active physically stand on it. PLO Garland and he reasonable common sense and again we talked about their Arctic where there's dangers to beat -- Carol but you know I do. That the truth -- -- it's like come up with truly accurate maps in typical look at you have to understand. Not only what is impact of not a president let me also other features like Broward embankment and then of course. You're trying not to talk about the past but to look to the future we are relatives -- level rise is complicating things get more volatile weather so. I'm not trying to diminish the casket are. But again the planet recognizing how difficult it is to not accurately. -- program rebels out slowly and softly. In light out in light of this challenge each. Do you 97 on one tried to help people Booker coming threat. Of the loss of wetlands and talked to move the architects that and about the problem and I would -- say to them. What are what are we just build these houses up on stilts and they would say it will -- big Debbie will read too expensive. That's what people don't do it anymore they use -- when annually and runners were -- A subtle but that'll do it anymore but after Katrina. I saw a tall houses up on stilts. Or or those homes part of the areas that the camp orb or can't get -- insurance that recent. Well you know evidently picture building out on -- that your raising generally well based on a patient and then they're going to be -- going to be better. The challenge that we're seeing it's for a couple more home -- chase and it was built. Back in 1992 and street above the level in the senate had to be built almost never flooded. And out -- concerned still about 600 dollars 133. Chew over 151000 dollars a year. And that's because the new maps which are not holistic (%expletive) that he is flat -- patient now on achieve higher. So you don't want to think about the car like if you borrow a term life insurance policy. For thirty years let's say and then fifteen years into it because it's -- -- -- Bad news are actuaries have been out looking at cables and well you've gotten orders were more likely to die out so we Jack reached. Well you would never that term life insurance policy. That's effectively what they're doing by Jack they have reached without you doesn't percent in the middle of mortgage. It just defies convention and it -- you know common sense. Security doesn't reduce cut through -- and Scholl and military retirement does being cut the -- promised. We're getting rated show in the next hour about his actions that were promised that from being cut aura of the -- didn't seem to carry much weight and -- -- those. Well you know we've got a lot of systems here which are current turned upside down with the unfunded accrued liabilities -- another example that it. You know that the patent that you are typical -- the good news that are actually being stretch right now and so I think when -- look out there were actually like Detroit. We were -- to realize that Detroit is not an anomaly necessarily. -- secure area coal mine. And across all of our systems whether it's flood insurance -- unfunded liability. Our Social Security we have to figure out how we're virtually meet you and that change the future look at the consequences. Are morally -- economically are are appropriate that. I'm you know otherwise but political and you know what I'm glad about this car through this process. You now have Louisiana leading international conversation. And so -- that has been portrayed as victims of bigger waters victim a potential flooding we're actually international agenda -- -- a coalition of states across you know. Got to shop which has so much stronger position and that's what you're polite a shot from -- team. Michael I assume all the time thing good with the juniors they're open to -- Juneau where you're gonna. Terrific job in this new the other major issues that we all need coupon in port thank you -- what you -- and appreciated call have a great. Michael Hecht president and C eulogies. In 08 -- coming. Well -- to blow -- professor of finance director of the institute of economic development primarily. Will the state search and you'll know about what gives those to your value of -- of.