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08-23-13 9:10pm Open Lines

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What actor and/or actors were so convincing doing those memorable roles, that you just couldn't imagine anyone else playing that character?Also, is it cool for people to get married past the age of 50?

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It's a Friday nights it is the beginning of the weekend and don't even if you have a lot of stuff to do over the weekend even if you work on the weekend. Yeah it's still it's still Friday night -- and even though we sometimes have a lot to do over the weekend. We still have this. Mentality this weekend mentality that starts right down on a Friday -- actually sometimes -- starts so I know Friday afternoon. -- you get married after the age of fifteen. I was reading this new work surveyed indicates that there is an increasing number of baby boomers who after the age of 55. It is that you -- -- older they're getting married and they're not just getting married but they're having big blow out weddings almost as if it's like their first wedding. If you were any of merit after fifty would you will be personal would you get married after 650. And even if you're younger if you if you weren't married -- if -- were married a first time and unfortunately it's reality that quite often noted the first marriage has a work out. And you get married you won't even if you're younger would you get buried after fifty and if you did which actually blowing out that's hard to be WL pretty general opinion poll tonight. And here's an update 86% say yes they would get married after the age of fifteen. And 14% say. They would not. We're also talking about the selection of being an ass like this is a fun Friday night topic Ben Affleck is the new bad man and the movie is bad man vs Superman. And I I think it's interesting that there are some roles that we except other people playing their been a number of people who played bad man a number of people have played. James Bond double 07. A number of people who have played the part of Superman. And we we except that does some that do the people who play Superman were not big names until they played Superman. But I just can't imagine anybody else playing. Somebody like dirty Harry or. The godfather. Either Marlon Brando or Michael Corleone. Sort I've gotten -- -- I can't imagine anybody else playing in in certain roles. What's your role that an actor so well captured that you just can't imagine anybody else playing that part that's one of the things were talking about tonight and I would -- for some -- to explain to me you know more about the genre -- I -- -- I was never into a comic books. I I -- I -- I don't know what I blew it I don't know why I mean I security there into it or you're not I I can't explain today it would have been a good escape and I know there even adults were in the comic books and I really never did into the did this superhero. Genre when it comes to film selective Iron Man and I thought the original Spider-Man was good I've seen Superman I've seen bad rampant. I'm not infatuated with facts that show on rock and I don't criticize anybody who's into that. But my question is if you got bad man vs Superman and they're both good guys how was that story line gonna play count. Does anybody have any idea. If you would -- our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. It's evident in a text summary is. 87870. We're also asking the question of whether or not it's selfish for single men to have children with a surrogate mother. There's a lot of talk today about children growing up without fathers. What abouts children growing up without a mother. There's an increase in -- going to soared to see agencies. To. I've set up a pregnancy and so the baby is -- of adopting a baby the baby will have fear their genetic traits. It will be clear their child. Because they would be and the sperm donor for third the surrogate mother. -- is is is that okay. Any time we talk about father's not being with kids is it okay for a single fathers say hey you know what I can't find a suitable partner I wanna be a father. Why can't I use a surrogate mother. Women have been doing this they get to a certain point in their lives they produce sperm donor and they have a baby. And they can't fines. The right person to Mary so they have a baby and that is it okay if guys do that as a -- for talking about tonight and our number is 2601870. It's all -- 8668890878. In a text number is 87870. I John your on this cute show good evening. Eric gave it to you are out there it was a movie. Well I think so far the city didn't. Whatever -- -- the Tibetan. Eight. Yeah you know she played a few roles that she really very well defined. Are. Pretty enamored -- that that brings to mind to. And I want to know I would see it -- -- Joan Crawford who played Joan Crawford president Joan Crawford movie -- was they don't if they don't ruin it I can't imagine anybody else thinks they don't know I'm being. I can't imagine anybody other than -- don't know wading Joan Crawford and -- it was Joseph Crawford. I got -- And get married at this that's -- by -- yet completely about that to cap pulled it well this book because. I don't know it. Mean it could be side and it that it could be platonic relationships it could be any day here and people getting living off their. And it and it or -- bit later he would. I think it's great. And when you say more active in later years I think it's fair to bring up V medical technology of the Viagra is of the world. So -- this is an example John knows how the baby boomer a -- which meant in many baby boomers announced senior citizens this is how baby boomers are continuing to re defined an era that they occupy. John I'm glad to call the show and you have a great weekend. From home -- David your on WWL. Hello David. -- -- the -- I don't know what's your bag with him I if you if you do calling the show in Iran holds the best thing to do is to listen to to show through your phone. And not listen to the radio could -- confused from the plus Jim -- under the W well. It's great gotten into him a little tank yeah. Oh no local embargo could compare -- got better and bill I'll have good adapt quicker and better as you know CNN. Hell no I mean I mean. Our payroll to repair or more neutral medical -- country prospers prepared I do quite dead birds to land appear and wardrobe. I'm allowed to go vote next Kuo. In the real sure. Are probably the metrodome recruit -- And you know Jim if you think about some of these people who have played some bad -- good exudes character Bruce Wayne and then the character of bad man. -- they they do have one thing in common and that is that they they had this very calm. And somewhat sophisticated side. But then they also have this side where they are strong and powerful as bad men. And I guess the question is does Ben Affleck have those qualities. And see your humor -- -- earlier upon compared group prayer and haven't had had a personality that Benji could pull that Ole. I'm -- I'm into the comic book full. I got very good little. Bit not here you know and in his cookbook and it's oh me oh. You know active until okay good initial numbers -- a good amount of our best hope. I -- -- since you're century into their there they're comic book very genre movie. Who do you think would be the best. That -- Lawyers -- Kristen -- to shenanigans of the -- -- -- paper. Yeah you know not use -- very good question about go to prepare members -- -- -- -- lives are committed. You know there -- members it's OK yeah I don't duty I think they're men enter into. Do pick on account or particular in principle to write -- book -- -- Just feel. Well which got in the country I don't know it's just. I don't know it was just just didn't. That doesn't do is quite good candidate I got a group poster girl whichever true mind you order or. And good good good wondered got a cold it was like okay bad and has a good two or your opponent could tell. Wish you could you could see how somebody who is not into comic books would be confused. Because I would I really did read earlier today that it was bad man not a bad man and Superman it was better on first Superman simply waited two good guys here. And and M. You know I have read any thing if you could maybe campers who battled and got a week or latter gonna go lose didn't bumpy it's a little bit but. All in Albany go a lot of work to get -- in the middle holes. Feel about the. Now if it's bad man has Kryptonite and Superman doesn't have a chance. -- -- and I can't believe it's true well how what cocaine current French chemical compared marijuana -- didn't Kryptonite. Just go straight to predict improvement. -- just doesn't seem fair. Durham are accelerated their man but mad bad they couldn't be Superman out if he didn't have the -- -- well not a -- to an amateur. Okay. I'm Jim I'm going to go is Sheila thanks in the end in sight from had a recheck your on this -- OW WL. Okay good I don't decide I'm going jags. Wanted to comment on the roles that nobody could fill it and I think a lot of you -- they just going to movies and you forget about. Com what about. Henry when he closed the palms Al. John to a bowl and remember when he did welcome back out of Benny bomber you know I do you remember Jackie Gleason and honeymooners. Yeah that's true there were a lot of class girls there in TV and I'll keep my car and wrap my agent nobody -- did did you know -- -- do you think about Caroline -- I mean this was an actor there as far as I know as a person word is there was part of liberal Hollywood and -- think about the character he played. On -- on the family. Right. Hijack an -- tell the show thanks listing if you're on hold you stay -- us I'm coming right back with your calls. Also more -- -- are coming up our number is 26021878. -- free. 8668890. -- seven in a text number is 877. Is a text Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. That's all -- got to say about the I'd have to agree I can't imagine anybody else playing sports don't understand. Here's an interesting Roy and Sean Payton is coach of the series. Even though other people have played that card. Sean Payton has male -- role and I can't imagine anybody else playing that hard. This is this good show. Ben Affleck has been selected as the new bad man cool so captured a movie role that you just can't imagine anybody else playing it. We're coming right back reporter comments like from New Orleans on a Friday night -- be a hero. You married at some point we've got to talk a little bit about Bradley Manning who was convicted of leaking secret says military documents. -- sinister 35 years in prison. Now he wants to be Chelsea Manning anyone's. The army prison to pay for his sexual reassignment his hormone treatments and his transition into womanhood. Yeah we gonna talk about that a little bit later tonight. I'm sure graduate this on this Friday night here's an update on our W if you are pretty -- opinion poll would you get married after the age of fifty. I was reading that a new survey that shows that there's an increasing number of baby boomers 55 and older who are getting married. And they're having like big time almost like it's the first time wedding and a wedding in ninth just. A simple ceremony. Had you or would you get married after 5070%. Say yes and 30% say no and even if you're under fifty. If you're married now and you weren't married and you were over fifty would you you think you do it again you think you get married again or you just totally enjoys. Your freedom. Give your -- by going to our website WW well. Dot com throws are talking about Ben -- being selected as a new bad man and I'm Wes we spent ban on TV then there was Michael Keaton Val -- these are in the movies. George Clooney. Christian Bale and Ben -- down. Is it is Ben -- a good choice and which was your favorite Batman and who hasn't played bad man who you would love to see in the role of -- And it's a movie is as far as I know the movie's title bad man vs Superman. I mean they've got to be on the same side right they can't be battling each other. And I think years ago in some. That -- comic could. Edition. Bad man did beat up Superman. But he cheated because he had he could tonight -- see us. It's like cheating but if he didn't have -- could be not Superman. We have accepted. Different actors in different roles when it comes to bad -- when it comes to James Bond. However there are certain rules that you just can't imagine anybody else playing. Crucial capture roll you just can't imagine another actor playing that part. We're talking about that tonight if you -- as for your comment are numbers 2601878. Till 38668890878. In a text summary is it 7870. Here's a text Harrison Ford is the president Harrison Ford was a good president but I also play Jeff Daniels was a very good president. That's something else could you talk about who has played the best president because you know that's it that's a tough role to play because when you're playing just the president. And you're not playing in particular president. You kind of have to just represents. The persona of the office of the presidency. Who played the president better than anybody I -- Harrison Ford was good but I also thought -- -- Jeff Daniels but they're very good Chavez. The president. Getting -- -- -- about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Outstanding as. Conan the barbarian. And then now Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator and any role that -- is he has played. Here's a checks to Michael Keaton is the best bad man. Danny DeVito as bad fan. Like it would have been on. I guess he could have been a good bad man. Ned -- is Bobby in deliverance. I I guess. What. I I'm sure there are other people they could've played that parts but he did it very very convincingly from Texas Kenny here on WWL. I -- our local authorities admit that you couldn't deliver. -- -- Yeah I'm thinking that there are other people could have played better than even -- trying to get loose thinking about dad's is as -- -- -- down on their mind tonight and. -- did it look pretty are pretty good pubic I think that -- and I think he wants to league TV. These people and their -- not appropriate vehicle like the original Redman had a left our beloved win in the heart beating number Brett made that movie. So I'll be original character. People marrow. -- Nomar as catwoman Hartford check it out sort of catwoman in the pocket and -- sort of hopeful more. So I think -- -- these people and he's too old to become -- -- commitment everybody up who's best candidate but maybe an abstract probably there were probably Bettman have to check it good. You don't grant should not think we'll do as far as people enrolled bit. Could never repeat but nobody out. I think -- in the history. And think about that could be party -- when he played buck and look at the preacher. There's no point now that you mention said he thought -- thinking about his role in the heat of the night and also his ruling Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Yet there to build Duke but I like -- up to company build -- personal favorite but I'm like yeah. You know who entered -- -- rather not think that maybe the minister. Critical spot -- Internet movie another parent can. One more of a woman is like a great idea of the American. I don't I remember the name and and I know those actors remembered but I'd I don't remember ever seeing a movie. And they're you know -- Roebuck black that we feel that there -- submitted it appeared like crap like Samuel L. Jackson is tools in the and that and we played him. I'll kind of opened it and I think the public shouldn't. Altitude you know I. Integrity and I just got a -- Samuel Jackson and pulp fiction. They're gonna pick Bill Belichick can't imagine anybody else will make it and you don't kind of get back there a reporter -- my career grand. I don't know -- it's not chipped it. Look at it. And you both talk about. Wouldn't single -- It's surrogate marker. You know we hear so much about raising my children without fathers and their -- and there's a growing number of men who are now going to -- to see agencies to. You surrogate bombs to have their children percent of adopting -- children that would have their genetic traits -- -- anything wrong with a single father having a child to a Soriano. So you know people know people -- maybe a bit Parker bamboo. -- -- -- -- -- -- Having -- -- would be better than we have effectively be better than walking a dog. Look at it. I'm glad I'm Bruntlett been added that there have been at the mark was the vehicle is open -- -- -- -- and -- -- the other about the ability Ahmadabad could be completely but I don't follow my guys how many mothers can -- -- Really so it was a babe magnet. Shaped magnet and -- Don't put Atlanta and -- -- -- little bit they've been great attitude and how we might have been looked like you. In doing a lot of units that's all that -- starts getting. I appreciate I appreciate you calling shown. You have what they could do a preemptive -- Bradley could do. Yeah they're they're -- season and you know they don't go to republic broke open my computer. All right can you have a great weekend specialist thing in Texas suffered memory Charlie your -- -- derail. You can't. I can't take -- I got a lot would be better than it has the last. This comes -- who would be better. As selected duck. I don't know that could be coming out and -- bad man outfit I don't think that would be too convincing. I'm 110. AM I'm not -- you don't really Amtrak anyway. -- I can't speak. -- That you don't think that's all. Anybody out but I don't better -- -- yeah. I didn't have and mentally tough was it black and -- they ink. They start. Ben Mason. And Ryan was the only. Yeah I -- I remember I remember the name but no I don't remember who he wasn't to Lolita a rather loose woman. -- -- -- doesn't she -- wasn't she buried sexually active. No. Issue that the younger all and she is -- learn our people seem like Matt x.s and about our. And that put into Lions head about her on the set I was starring role and now he's not I don't think that maybe. Along with Shelley Winters. It was a very captivating would be and I -- -- ball acting with a double act it was. This I didn't dying a -- did the heat and away he wouldn't icon. Kubrick. Simply cubic. Yard keeper and. It was one of these strange movie. To lieutenant because I I've never seen the lead and everything and why and and they want slightly can't you know let you know I cannot think of it but. With 1957. Or nineteen DP at age pier out over at. Aren't aren't getting late and Chile where. And. I'm -- -- -- -- the Majoli and I appreciate you and that. And she went out and we and I James that you could maybe. I'd open I didn't -- you want to push. I'll Richard Burton. And night -- he -- -- is an amazing. Movie you know so many subplots in that movie it is truly a classic and I believe that was one of -- John Houston's classics. It requires to pass and they actually got -- And then the other day and they actually had it -- the other city I think it was dale. Somewhere and I over the air and they actually had been below that CB. In order to make the derby -- here. And I thought it was I thought it was supposed to be in nine -- every -- Mexico. He's not out night in the iguana. It was it was yeah I think correct it bit late in the past and you've got to wait and see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd feel. That they get -- about why they weren't a Jeremy Nash. And and get our current and it. I'm going to pick Taylor is dare but she's not in the movie that she stayed out while there are. -- monopoly that is happening to. And -- of the iguana is a classic and if you just are looking for a movie to watching you haven't seen that it is a classic is in black and white. A movie that has a lot of different subplots you'll feel a lot of different things it's a of it's a challenge there's a priest faces with his his faith in his religion it's about. -- young promiscuous girl it's about. That particular pioneer he will I remember her in that movie the only track. Nobody could there are actually get back I -- in the end it estimating here we cannot -- that I might as well it is not fair. You know I have that movie at home and know you're inspiring me to wanna go home and watch -- I appreciate your calling Charlie. You have done it here and thank them that they don't yes. I don't know that anybody else can replicate blocker but I don't think anybody else could epileptic caddie -- I. Another not cut -- -- we had a -- In and a lot of kids. Immediate -- And I don't know I'm walking I think you let me yet I I mean I would I would -- McKeon. And I never even knew about it background or whether it is. NC -- you know I view it as as kids we we knew a lot of the stuff they were known in Hollywood because of my mother. At one point in my leg my grandparents. With my mother and her -- daily than in Hollywood diligent in Beverly Hills and they knew all my grandmother knew all the inside scoop but so was like no big deal we knew that -- -- -- was -- -- there was a bit surprised -- that a lot of people were really surprised that I think the lesson there to learn -- it. You know you -- you can't always a bit picked out somebody who's who's gay and don't try to stereotype. I think I admit I didn't know about it until he appeared well on it. Amnesty or something and then he was really sick and you -- areas they have like -- -- about it. And I don't like shock but I still -- Charlie I enjoyed our conversation and you have a great weekend. We're gonna it's all your calls a -- toward your checks coming to appear in just a moment for let's take a quick break here. And there is you're post they would listen this is a fun Friday night topic but you know I I do want to. Comment at least on Chelsea. Chelsea. Is Manning. She wants to now be Chelsea instead of Bradley Manning as she goes into army. Is -- -- to pay for -- Transition into. Womanhood. Come out of a bad -- Coming up also we're talking about more baby boomers are getting married ending grand style would you get married after fifteen that's RW WL pretty general opinion poll this is this good show. What actor who has sold. Convincing inner rolls that you just can't imagine anybody else playing their hearts and Ben Affleck is the new best man -- -- -- that's. We'll be right back on WL. Day countdown Vijay. And then vs Superman. What about a movie. Madonna vs Lady Gaga and that would be to get my name might be a little more violent invest in vs Superman. This is this crucial -- -- -- -- tonight to Ben Affleck has been selected as the new bad -- you think that's a good choice and we. Have accepted as a movie going public we've accepted different people playing bad -- different people playing. Agent double 07 James Bond but there are some people who have so captured roles that you just can't imagine anybody else playing that part. I was bothered to get wind there was a sequel to silence of the lambs I believe the second -- was Hannibal. And Jodie Foster I forget so and I forget the actress who was it blew a long reddish hair. Light skin that I I forget prepare freckles I think I've -- not serve who that was but. I Jodie Foster for so greats as -- Clarice. I -- I couldn't match anybody else playing -- -- showed the movie lost his a little bit for me and you know that to me they should have just changed that rule we should just not had her. On in general but was wasn't wasn't the other person that tint to put the other person in the movie didn't they play. I -- Or did they just Olivia I I see I don't remember that down here's a text and Heath Ledger as the Joker yeah I'd have to agree with that. Could anybody played dirty Harry other event Clint -- Indiana Jones Harrison -- change Kendall -- Tony Soprano. Jack Nicholson the shining. I've got a couple of text Dustin Hoffman Rain Man Tom Hanks Forrest Gump and of course and the confidence. As Hannibal -- nobody else could play Hannibal Lecter. And I got net Tex if you text saying a will Smith and is Mohammed Ali. If you wanna join our shooter like numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. And our -- summary is a 7870 Julianne Moore as thank you -- this audience is so Smart it doesn't take long to get an answer to any Russians that time might have. From Algiers Alex here on the VW elegant evening. -- area for quick ones where you he rescinded its. Blow when purses Alamo the talk. This -- -- notre is so low wanna be seen a person did its and Mark -- his immediate -- a cadet. Germany Italy is -- -- -- this torture presents a good when you know in my whole time favorite of nobody is born repeat his role that is. Only reinforce it it's bunker. Well you write about that's I may be Richard Simmons could've played that part but it's a good front and yeah I can see Richard Simmons general hundreds -- Tony -- docile as it was actually still when you talk about Alan -- as Hawkeye. I love to the movie meant so much maybe that's why I do I respected the TV show mash but I never watched it. And I know was an incredible show when so many different levels but I love the movie so much and I could never mentioned. Visited the TV show without Donald Donald Sutherland and tell Elliott -- Right well while I like the deal won't become group will be more committed to increase to be where it's about you know can't. Allegory it gusted. -- how board have been political order marine corporation. Motorola to categories to the Vietnam War -- war but I mean it was so good dead dead degenerate generation blanket and I did too but. -- I think they had -- all kind of people -- -- Alamo and Alamo there -- reason why he worked his -- is basically the same guy and everything just seemed. ABC princess same time make -- here. Yes I have sort of like go over -- -- that's an interesting that's an interesting plot. In here here's this this couple lay there and love and they're they're big if I remember correctly they're they're both married Marsha Mason and Alan Alda right they're both married to. Other people. Might every year they go on vacation they tell their spouses are going on vacation alone but they meet together and right they get together. Every year at the same time and it just had this wonderful love affair. Right right now -- persons group. Ellis said OK here. Okay and I yet -- it was a great agreed on one of the best movies I think gets under seventies and I end -- bump of all time. But I mean you know did you ever you know vols -- what made you think don't today because. Com. Rob -- door Germany and aliens. Oh yeah I think all those were excellent job of trying to focus a little more and when movies and TV shows that -- -- that's our that's our right Ellis those are all really. Strong characters and I can't imagine anybody else playing those those characters because with with the movie there's always the possibility of -- sequel and somebody else playing their part. I don't remember the actor's name but I can't imagine anybody else playing the dead guy and weekends we can't burn -- that the guy you played the dead guy. And perhaps I can't think of anybody else he and unfair to be alert enough wheels. Each yeah speed and he's been all about -- -- -- -- be native language -- out this morning Nikolay. Yeah I got a couple of text on that I think that's a good went to and and if I'm not mistaken I I was -- into a tub and this is earlier he was telling me I I think this is true. Then the other part was originally. Written for actor Eric Stoltz. And they just did they just didn't feel like he could do. He could pull loss to the -- morning and what he was in good with the humorous so then they cast Michael. I -- you know I didn't I didn't even know had that -- -- -- believe it was -- -- trying to. It was also in the movie mask our shares -- in that is as well. I'm Alex I'm glad you -- showing you have a great weekend. From the Carol city area Ralph you're on WWL. Yeah I think that. -- gave who was born to play can be -- but there theorized. The man has the most harm. That it didn't do critics didn't like that they weren't acting own life but if you lose those moves he made it into the net to. I heard actresses Sara I had heard I read it. Stories about actress is talking about working with -- people in this city just always had terrible breath. I would know what that's why I keep thinking about that -- move -- I read that years ago and when I see scenes where their people really close up in movies I'm thinking I you know I wonder if their breath smells fresh. -- -- -- -- -- And personality and looked and sure would've remembered for trouble -- -- If you're right about that rough -- never get married after fifty you think it's a good idea though it now. -- now it is a good -- get married before she's. How old record for you have heard. Really well that's this much later in life and I relevant politically show -- thing if you are on hold stay where it is for coming right back with more of your calls. -- numbers 2601870. Until -- 8668890878. The text number is 87070. I'm screwed on Friday nights we are heading into the weekend here's our WL pretty general opinion poll would you get married after the age of fifty. The picture Pena by going to W -- but -- give an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes. Here's a text Charlton Heston as Moses yeah I Charlton Heston was a hell of Moses. Alpa chino has scarface. Only Montana. Yeah he was a really good and overall. You know I've never thought about it chain saw the same after I saw that -- in South Beach. I was coming right back to -- your comments on a Friday nights on W zero. Think pitchers so Bradley Manning the guy who is convicted of leaking secret military documents he's been sentenced to 35 years in prison have you seen him as a check. Chelsea man he was having noticed Shell two -- And he says he is. Transgender. Which is good relating to. The opposite gender. From the body but your morning and now he's. Interested. In transitioning into a woman and volleys in prison he wants the army prison to pay for -- hormone treatments. And his transition to womanhood. There are people who actually. Think that the government should do this. And this is not the only case like this there there are people who believes that because. If you're transgender. Are you go through such terrific psychological. Trauma. Within Europe your brain and your body as sometimes at least a self castration. Sometimes it has led to two suicide. That because of of this horrific trauma suffered by transgender people. There are advocates who believe that. The big government and a case like this but should should pay for this that it would be cruel than usual -- not help a prisoner transition. A from a man's role and or I guess. Vice Versa. But. You know and I got to draw the line somewhere and as sympathetic is like Indy toward people wanting to be whoever they want to -- I'm not sure the government should be paying for. I transgender. Inmates. To transition into another gender. I'm nick you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- Rick you particularly if I'm good. At what I got or -- -- -- you yeah. Training -- then -- Washington absolutely want respect trolls. But it went with technical yes. Blues Brothers John Belushi and then Eric Gordon did -- -- skills are important he has scored one straight former child well. Yeah I never got into the transformer kind of movies but it's interesting that they'll be young generation that will have they are iconic actors that are so defined a role you can't imagine anybody else up playing if we had Jack Nicholson and if you could Ben can't imagine anybody else -- playing that part. Well I don't know. -- -- tabloids call the show you have a great weekend with your -- if you wanna join -- show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. -- -- -- 7870. Here's a -- or Robert De Niro as cheek a little money in the raging bull. Another -- to Richard Gere and Lou -- I junior in an officer and a gentleman Patrick Swayze in dirty dancing. Been asked -- has been selected as the new bad man in the upcoming movie Batman vs Superman.