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7-30 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: Saints training camp

Jul 30, 2013|

The guys start to look at the NFC south and talk to D Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta journal Constitution about the Falcons AND Carolina Panthers radio color analyst Jim Szoke

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And leaving a run out of material sports talk Saints can't commit to continue our resident approach you get from the horse's mouth each and everyday hokey guy John and Bobby -- coming up adjustable recap what coach Sean Payton had to say follow today's practice marked as well as an -- two. To full weeks we'll get to that in just a moment also the -- making a roster move going through today's practice. The black and gold scrimmage Saturday's practice will be. I'm not all morning routine gates open at eight practice we'll start at 850 and go to 11 AM the black and gold scrimmage Saturday here. At Saints camp the world covered for -- on WWL. Radio it's due to a coach Sean Payton had to say. After the day's practice with his opening statement mini golf with a roster moves an entry. We've won a roster move today. We signed wide receiver Tim -- He's a number nineteen and we released number 86 -- Leonard. Cortez Wilson yesterday. Dislocated his left elbow. The timetables going to be. Somewhere between two and four weeks. When he returns he -- fit with the brace and hopefully it's sooner than later. Today we were in third down -- there was a big emphasis nickel. Go to Spain also asked about about the players who were a little injured he just we've got a -- He was in the pass rush drill yesterday. In. He too. Probably. Might be a week. Lofton like I said we just we just kind of took a conservative approach and set him. First player coach I was talking about with defensive lineman Tom. Johnson now he's coach Sean Payton talked about a lot of different to have players and the accommodations at the outside linebacker position. We've got enough numbers and it's really just in the -- see these guys in the team drills but but also in the world one pass rush drills and some of the individual stuff. After that having an. Not so good year by his own admission and others as well Zach Strief. Offensive tackle for the Saints how is that doing this camp so far is coach Sean Payton. Be Smart and he's got a lot of experience. He's probably. In the best playing shape he's been in in a while Lee's injury free so we had an off season worry wouldn't really rehabbing a specific injury but. He's in his best shape he's been doing it in a while he's trim. And we always played a lot of snaps for us so he's he's someone that. Sure I think he's on year rate you know he was in our first draft class and he's doing well. Always a gentleman and makes plays at practice the elusive Darren Sproles coach Payton on -- -- 43 he's a guy that. There which -- a little differently we we understand it kind of his strength he's very Smart he's elusive. You're just gonna watch the amount of snaps. But yeah I I think for. For us his role is pretty defined in pretty clear. How is Campbell Jordan doing in his third training camp with a black ago. Our players we consider him one of all the leaders really stepped up and and probably. Plays as well as anyone last season. He came in he's in great shape. He's doing well he's in good condition and. You know he's. He's a big part of what we're gonna do and indicating Gainey and Bobby Davis question to Saints coach Sean Payton. It's great when you look at can you Coleman. What is your plan of what is your -- -- -- for him drop describe him that's. Is probably water that the top run stopping units have been in it before is it more can you get the job done for us. Second I think learning situation and yeah I think well I think if his role been in I was in Dallas when we signed him. In and he's a player that understands exactly what he does well and then that is the early downs who plays the run well. He can come off the block and still rush the passer but. It is this straight would be defender in the run on first and second down in those run situations short yardage goal and stuff is -- is very strong. -- -- -- -- Yet QB I talked to Kenyon Coleman I think we'll play that the 7 o'clock hours. And really just an outstanding. Veteran. A well spoken to a twelve year veteran out of UCLA. What's impressive -- is that 34 years of age. He's still has a lot left in the tank so to speak. Rob Ryan would have brought him here. You know when you look at the roster as I I think Kenny Coleman can help with and that's primarily first things first -- we got to be stout against the run. So I think when you look at first down. And in looking at the 34 pure 34 that. You have Cameron Darnell one in and king Coleman will be the then I don't know how much do you utilize them. As a -- has been -- big it is coming here be stout against the run. -- on because he was in there now it's second and nine. Our are even a third and eight or something -- he has done his job but first and second down like coach Payton said. It was the third down day and I thought. That this is wanted to best office has looked but that we used to that is Saints fans on third down. The Saints has been. That have been amongst the best and third down efficiency as far as all offensively you know I always say. That if you could be around 50%. I know one year I think it was either 9192 we led the NFL third down efficiency we were like at 48 and a half. 0%. While wanna see in the year we had the new greatest show one terror filled with thirteen in three. We were almost like 57%. Third down conversion which is unbelievable. And to show you if you -- defense. It's like government -- talk in the Greg was about that you wanna be. Like 3233%. You know a third down defense then you get it done at the highest level but look at that it's amazing I guess overall like this in. Coach -- talked about manage in this snaps with Darren Sproles. Breezed through Sproles a simple swing route and it probably. -- -- like the third and fourth third and five situation. And just the moves by Sproles and space he would gain fifteen yards in reduces the simple pass just shows you the ability. -- Darren Sproles and when they start out it was inch short you amigos of seven on seven and team. It was like a third and 33 and four situation how many times Saints fans have seen this like the trust factor Brees to Lance Moore. Just a simple six yard completion. That all of -- on first down. -- moving the chains -- impressive this thought this look like Darren Sproles. It was a third and six situation. And beat Brees -- Ingram on option -- And -- he look like Sproles beat Vilma like you know ankle in our route and what you look like Ingram looked really impressive. On that pass reception. And they didn't what are you talk more about the different plays that dealing with third down and who stepped up and come back from the break. He -- elaborate more after the break bless okay guys -- take on today's practice were ticking and on the NFC south. Who's the best quarterback on the that this season Drew Brees met Ryan. Just streaming Cam Newton atop already jaguar opinion poll online at WW that comment. How the NFC south stack up the defending south champion at Atlanta Falcons thirteen in three of the number one seed in the NFC. A year ago are they still the team to beat we'll check in on what's going on in flowery branch. With AJC Atlanta journal constitution the Orlando Ledbetter next this is sports talk. Saints camp coverage on black and -- radio WW -- -- course -- time to develop relationships that you lean on people because they're good they're trustworthy and they know what they're talking about we consider this next tournament as good as a beat try to put -- TV coverage as anybody out there. At flowery branch for the defending NFC south champion. Thirteen to 3002 also ordered the number one seed in the conference a year ago fallen to the 49ers. In a tight ball game in AFC championship game. The Orlando always a pleasure to speak to yet. Big -- going to camp we spoke to a week ago the hundred million dollar plus contract didn't Matt Ryan signed. How has can't -- -- ball for the defending NFC south champion Falcons. Well up and aren't here -- a couple of injured in record by league. That -- But there. Wondered you know on that corner and fullback who regularly. It to my average in Edmonton figure. Department they're not really true. In and packed environment. Trying to find them in the past. Now the other is speaking at the defense. Committee could get any worse in the saints' defense but even though they had unbelievable success the Falcons -- overall wasn't much of -- to write home about considering. They were -- report total defense 21 against the run and 23 against the pass so we all know likes -- and they are offensively. Where do you think that -- wanted to 2013. Season defensively. I -- You know what that. -- you you know the guys that are good now against the round and I also against the pats stay here. A couple of art that they were around with the intent here and in. They created some -- -- Yeah you know making sure that didn't -- -- Here in the past there. Looked like the core of what I expect chicken so child that they have -- -- do much. Now these film -- sided of all. That the depth at at defensive tackle. Well Jimmy Gobble and I was reading in the spring the Dallas area of concern. Yeah other than that to tackle. You know they've got -- Peter fact. Jerry and Jonathan Babineaux. Peter -- are accurate and let me get my double for -- penetration. I met -- a diabetic kids training and Roberts been. Who you know coach Matt Stairs pretty strong kid so. He might be able to help them out of the -- also doctor that the principal are restricting -- today. Mark talent in the -- We're going to be there yet figured. But it is way too bothered them what is -- During. Theater in the round the field -- correct but on the way not -- -- at third they're trying to do that bit darker distant relatives that. The Orlando Ledbetter covering the Atlanta Falcons training camp in flowery branch the Saints in the Falcons open up the season at the first Sunday. All this season September and the Mercedes-Benz superdome which is one of the bids -- earmark game too weak -- NFL 2013. Season. The what is it like. On that offense allow a lot of been made about players that transition from some mobile what is it like for the first time what thirteen years not to have to have a clue what would have falcons' training camp. Winners. -- I'll post it. Start back you know and you know -- coats is gonna say boat. Looks like he's the leader. But that McCoy is such an important part keeper unit together and he'll certainly be -- below its 2013. -- Going into this season how do you see that team stacking up in the south right now from from from top Bob May at Mandalay this year. Are the cream of the crop thirteen to three Carolina finished what. Five and two of their last seven to saint to a seven the -- hold up the reacts how do you lose them at all one opponent to the season. I let the record setting but. -- line. But you know it can make it out there that -- -- and certainly are expected to return coach. And you know they'll send your outlook it's gonna work then. And now. They're they're going to put a better. You know that there could do it here. So you know certainly -- -- -- -- pitcher. The only game in a new coach Sean Payton back although. And these incidents after the NFC south in 2002 there was Iran for several years that the team that won it the year before would go. Back to go to the back of the Latin and the team at the basement would be you go from worst to first and first to worst. Of the teams had to consider it done -- a step a few steps behind Atlanta wants. Tampa Bay and Carolina. -- talk about these ballclub it seemed like Carolina's more quipped the quarterback position. And -- Josh Freeman came play -- Tampa Bay is looks like they've got all phases of their game including their new coach. How well Brockovich showed some signs emaciated baker content in his division. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brandon I applaud them I don't think got treatment. Ogletree government that got picked up. But you know good -- and their running game either way and formula. You know Carolina. You know -- changes being an extra that they have there aren't any -- -- there have -- every day. You know injuries children and a lack of our neighbor. By the inability. Their -- -- outlook but I wrote about Patrick Taylor you know open -- -- outcome been so wonderful. Player talent. Aren't sure who had been with them it's been manner. And you know article in which it or go to thing but I'm. Finish on the apron. On the public. Company and years and -- -- out. Now the DL and 00 what is that a mindset of the Falcons fan base and I guess also the Falcons organization. Considering. When you look at Matt Ryan and what he's accomplished you know. The media as like because I think he has and meet even though he hasn't won a suitable to almost had to extend. His contract which now ranks in their Aaron Rodgers -- black -- Drew Brees Peyton Manning. Among the league's a top paid players and you look -- just Flacco Brees Manning all of wanna throw bowl. Before cashing in those this'll what did you take hasn't been out pretty much Matt Ryan deserves that money America's 59 million. That that's pretty impressive considering that he's never won a championship. Under and you know. But like -- Their -- yeah. And for. But the arm -- -- Week in on the I would spoke at a you know. It is 00 on that -- -- There are -- there. Opinions. I think the prepare on. Quarterback are probably. That -- being able to -- and Bobo it can get a quality throw. You know -- -- it was Margaret about the big contract. But everybody is. Not there any other time -- should -- The Orlando Ledbetter at flowery branch covering the falcons' training camp 2013. Beat. How can folks get the latest on the Falcons followed you on Twitter. I'd -- By me on we're we're. Out -- that are there and I don't -- that not the problem out there Burnett and not have it the -- more. Can't break. Or. Right now. The Orlando Ledbetter of the eighth JC AKC dot com Atlanta journal constitution covering BM and I found this week ticket on the teams in the NFC south. -- thank you so much for the time are good luck the rest of training camp. Our I thank -- be our next we will check in on the Carolina Panthers the last seven games this season were as good as anyone. In our division on five and two of having a big game a victory over the Saints the final game of the season here. In New Orleans Jim soaking color analyst for the Carolina Panthers radio network. Joins us next WW under his time at 631 it's type of person who's will go to saint -- and welcome back to sports talk operated -- opinion poll online at WW dot com how do you like the quarterbacks in the NFC south. Those starting quarterbacks cam knew -- Carolina Drew Brees New Orleans. Matt -- Atlanta. And Josh Freeman with Tampa Bay vote online at WW dot com -- -- -- can now practice each and everyday OK guys on and Bobby a bit. While giving us a -- what's taken place at Panthers training camp. Color analyst for the Carolina Panthers radio network -- -- it -- just now Jim thank you so much all the time how are. -- -- it -- my contract that about for Cavagnoud that your all okay. And then no way we we understand we understand we recovered from. Jim -- big difference between Carolina. The first eight games of the 2012 season. And the Carolina the -- eight games of the season down the stretch when you look at their record there was -- right up there with the best in the conference in the last. 878 games in the season what what what clicked all of what happened for him and ought to put it all together -- the makeup of a nice run down the stretch of the season. Yeah and you know in -- -- -- around long enough teams need go to learn how to win and in coaching -- need to learn how to win and in Robert apparently slowed guy in its first coaching stint in the NFL head coach. And that was his second season in the league and I think there were some coaching thing and some player things. That started to come together in the second half of the year that they learn from the first half when they had lead then something big lead and blew them in the first year. If -- -- I don't -- I don't hold out of them in the second half it's one -- to get a lead the and I think you know how to close out and winning games ago a baseball team at the -- but the bullpen I think they. -- -- figured out how to manage the game management clock like -- football. And those things came together I'll be bigger. That's clearly better as far as execution up ballclub I think -- -- smarter in the way they're handling being in situations towards -- man of the year. But this will be about the move of retaining coach Rivera jam mates it's -- saying that the Panthers front offices. Banking all all betting that the pat does that finished the pass the last seven games this season will be the one that sparked. -- this year vs the way they started last year. You'll take -- is this team would then learning how to win all all they're ready to start consistently and not big themselves a hole like debut last year. I certainly agree that line deserves a third season so I'm glad they made that decision and I'll be out of the -- the decision and a right awaited news there was some time spent thinking about it and only roper and deciding to bring. Accurate corporate -- that I think it was the right move and run deserves that in. Because of what. Is that because they are heading in the right direction as far as awaited these outlets here at conversely what are they get in the first -- when they won -- their lives six. But then they didn't trade -- to keep it well. The only get out. Is a repeat and our 2013. To eight which is a thing or lack adequate there's evidence nine. I don't know that they'll provide the tornado that were happening yet now they view that either. I think they got the part there you can do in his third year but the -- seemed beyond them. I think this team should you be if it. The paper where you're. Now Jim. HEH testing you know the NFL notified players they email. To be prepared and training camp to be Testaverde GH the -- study. Used to determine. You know threats so I guess for a positive -- -- fifth seeing what they had a number of panther players -- bed being cam knew Steve Smith. -- tight end Greg also were new and said. Having blood drawn drawn is not a big deal whatever they NFL decided to do I'm all for our web -- -- testing or any testing. I'll be prepared to do. The test so what is your take on that. And now will they almost so to speak have maybe some tiger -- testing. A four AGH in training camp. Yeah I don't know it's signing is that the great speeches coming. As a volleys that last year than they contest. You're an -- that one quality field as one of that movie the next thing that need to be taken care of and there for the same reason you had. -- before or there or anything more respectable. Its first state the Internet site at a pro sports league that -- -- they yeah trickle down at college in high school. They start there. You can't. Not that it that there is wobble and take care of it at that level. That's the dribbled out a positive Bennett that. Then it'll be to it now now that the food chain so to speak so it's coming what they expect that it I don't know where it needs to happen and I think the sport needed. For the elderly -- -- -- you're in the league in pompano by parents. And good player in general. Am not a money the player. Following Ryan broad -- all -- -- deeper deny deny deny him again as you were -- -- aren't that different players that you bring it. I thought in general doesn't mean that it did not open out there in the dark I use up that definitely injury is. Innately a world you know well and some guys -- -- that testing time -- Not Jim -- what is your take on this that I guess the confident so the -- their fan base. You look like they were especially. And they get production in the Carolina front seven. Maybe very good if not maybe the best in the NFC south within you look in the secondary. And you might say boy I believe a lot that to be desired you almost could say. A bad secondary. Especially you look -- -- veteran cornerback Chris Gamble he might have been the best of Panthers history. But what did you take -- their act defensively and especially. According to 2013 season with a secondary. Yet are all the position unit that's the one that -- most scrutiny. And date you know an economic game and replacing Marty Ernie event from the New York Giants. Inherited a team that was sixteen million dollar over the salary there. Record like oh last week about thirteen million under the salary cap. As some of that was our decision by Chris Gamble we're not gonna bring -- back in -- the retiring. Is that going to -- being Jon Beason. DeAngelo Williams -- players took a cut the bigger story broke started -- -- So what they inherited a budget or they could address all the need. And it would -- good. In the draft to really address the number one which would be -- -- stopping the run the first -- very bad about it that the that draft and on that or an older one. -- -- quick remarks made it bring your better guys go with the young guys that were here when I you're right at the position unit it's quite get mark. And whether open is that the people at the front seven get the job done a good pressure with two double digit deck and I -- Johnson and take some of that pressure off the -- in their orbit the planet. -- -- -- Jim -- color analyst for the Carolina panther radio network that's what has given us his take all the Panthers during training camp may give you talk about those two big guys in this sacks. But if you think if you could get a a wrist surgery a year out of a decent like you saw out of close Steve Smith the last company is. -- what would have become a tackling machine -- equally -- -- pat at the fifth could be salty to say the least. It can be in that equities a phenomenal player you'd stick it in the pros were dallas' leading tackler in the league. And the question mark are on the stuff that -- that. They've played the to -- one game since 2009 between Davis's record -- you know which held up last year. But that just being in the last two years and bail on your plate by game two years -- -- -- -- a game and all those first four years. The the physical game so that there are outstanding players the question is. You know a bit argue that you're not on the field -- that the -- that the Apatow rolling. And that gave it to be it will hold ability standards and go free agency to Chicago. -- -- bring in the Chase Blackburn but here. Start with the New York giants' current record veteran player commitment there. But it it will that would gamble there they would Beason and and -- -- -- vote. Out -- heard people are speculate about the Panthers. That looking at their strength of schedule that they can be six in ten or ten at six not much different than if you go by the 2012. A real winning percentage of their thirteen 2013 opponent that I was ready to have the NFL's hardest schedule. Think you'll excuse. You look at their opponents there went a combined 13162. And you look at that winning percentage boy that's a pretty salty schedule for Carolina. It's the top one. A lot of saves two point let readers and a road me and tell mr. It's open and the -- because they should be in the east out to play a lot of -- opponent that we -- out of the division. Cardinal number it will murder but we have got a winning record at the turn at an eight game point because in November at Atlanta. We yet separatists though. New England Europe on Monday and we go to Miami which should be a better team that -- And a real. The guys go to them quickly quite agree weekly year I'm expecting your detective at the airport -- -- prior to -- yourself. And very not yet he'll get out of it as it goes down we opened at home. But against Seattle and you know -- our team personally lectures were what do they look like an opening day but it is not an excellent indeed in India now you can be a better team. Your record in group but he says because the quality of replaying it really. Is huge factor -- Italy your mother that you play out. And Jim found it -- gone into this season how do you see the team I used to just debate since Beckham no way to use at all fourteenth. Yes it's stop Atlanta obviously being that -- moment and taken the Super Bowl I think if you guys could prevent defense -- -- -- the middle of the road -- could be back to where you're at it that two years ago. I think the good team I think we're better than to -- -- what we got to prove it that we is that tough to occur without the arena which you know what our position we -- that. Jim -- color analyst for the Carolina Panthers radio network Jim thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. But I do all right this is sports -- you're listening to WW. Think about Zack exact won't tell me what I'm doing until after -- though it. He's not trying to definitely give me any tips and clues on how to pass -- yet. He doesn't winning -- halfway through my rookie year when I was doing wrong. -- told me like pat like. Second pre season game last year so I won't get any feedback from sixty feet so. So you know it's out of camp so funny -- tell you about that guy he's a so so season veteran in and he's just a great you know he's a great Smart -- That is Saints defensive slamming Campbell joined talk about facing offensive tackle Zach streak to be the first to know about breaking news about -- training camp news weather and sports. But I see LSU fighting Tigers and the New Orleans -- sign up right now fourth text alerts today. Just text the word sports to 870. 87 operated jaguar opinion -- who has the best quarterback in the NFC south Matt Ryan Drew Brees Cam Newton. All right Josh Freeman and Moya Bobby and -- he heard him so -- talk about that run that Carolina has in November. San Francisco and New England at Miami that's a tough run for him that day. It was very similar for the sake -- -- scared you know yeah. But both tough and we don't play them twice until this ever. And even though it's a home game over them like that the Seahawks were but don't give meaning -- -- all right. I think that they got the best quarterback in the division so that it should -- piece of cake for -- and -- -- and it welcome -- -- -- yeah -- I think he'd -- a consensus right now I -- if you -- -- -- only team that -- yet -- -- -- -- actually -- I would I. But I think it but I think it pretty well unanimous that got Freeman is is as they get -- everywhere you -- -- -- you -- you do you talk about two years ago and got through six interceptions all season right. I mean that's that is an outstanding number he would have that has to have back to back seasons -- have a they could trust them. Then he's their franchise quarterback -- -- and meet you know because they got a group supporting cast a resolutely absolutely I mean he's got himself a hell of a running back to Martin's. And and Josh Freeman is not really young quarterback anymore and he certainly got the skills and everything else but he's just a guy that you just don't hear that much about. Yeah and then they got probably the best -- guards in the NFL outlook now would jewels of the Carl Nicks and now also be interested to see you know what he does -- You know look at the money is paid for it Darrelle Revis. You know wood healthy the best cornerback a cover guy in the league and they got goaltender at the all pro safety from the 49ers. So you know -- Carolina can get after the quarterback. Well at Tampa Bay right now is they were dead last out that they -- -- is the back in. And they were about manufactured a pass rush to a Carolina. Can manufacture a pass -- -- but not the back and you can't put everybody right you know the bottom line it's and that's where is that what can you need to. -- -- I'm if I'm piano around to new England and I got to face Matt ran in the Cam Newton and Drew Brees every year I'd want my sixth and yet frustrated as well as you know you gonna -- -- -- Which -- needs to do. It is just start the season like he's finished the last two years because he's been. Outstanding but he just got off to poor starts in because that been that you get obviously more recognition among among the -- quarterbacks at the case you can't -- -- -- he's -- guys on our resident pros here each and everyday right here exclusively. On Saints radio WW.