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7-23 4:35pm Kristian, NFL negotiations

Jul 23, 2013|

Kristian, in for Deke, talks to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe about how NFL players got hosed in contract negotiations

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome and Albania Poland of covering the NFL for the Boston Globe and then -- redid -- reworked by the way about the breaking down the CBA that's two years old. And and it is clear that the owners. Got the better end this deal. Not just a matter under the deal but really just -- destroy idea opinion negotiations. I think they're very experienced ownership group that was an angry about how the 2006 negotiations aren't. And a pretty inexperienced group on their side with decent -- and then some of their lawyers are representing their top players and they overplayed their hand in March -- -- -- -- the table and it probably have a great are in. -- -- -- -- I've got back to written agreed to a deal to shoot in early July or mid July they didn't put any pressure on on the owners -- -- preceding games. I'm -- revenue so I really think he had owners took clear advantage -- players and interlocking were really bad deal now until 20/20 one. Then -- the players. Even know and they acknowledged that they got taken to the woodshed here. I think yeah they're older vets sort out Berger realized. I when they -- big contract two years ago all and all the sudden -- -- -- mistreatment are getting just a fraction of you all for it any. I entries -- -- and I think some of those guys start to realize how bad a deal it is. And Egypt each -- the players there are locked into their contract for at least three years if not for years and they're very team friendly and there's nothing the players can do about them. And -- -- -- double fact that it kind of squeezes the veterans that -- now because. Other veterans did their rookies are such good value I would spend big money on a veteran but -- he's the only guy puck in the cheap contract for three years now. You know I quote my historically agent thing 90% of players have no idea. How -- this the deal -- for them I mean that's because you know the 42 year old kids who are actually in college and go to the NFL. They don't know how long are going to be but we don't -- time to it to learn to do want to defeat peaked yet that the -- agents more last -- aren't I'm not told her up -- Kicked out of the game in a pretty much now welcome back that they are really paying attention to the business side. The NFL in and yeah I don't think many players really understand how bad deal it was because I haven't seen. I'm much ground -- for her you know overthrowing decent testing an okay area like that he agents are -- -- then but I'm not sure the players understand. How badly beaten that into negotiation. They're locked into the CB and tilts point 11 as you mentioned -- can't they do anything before the before then I mean there's no way they can. I mean it didn't hurt their stock right. Yeah there's there's no doubt that was another thing out of -- mission that put in the contract -- I know knock -- per per time through a point four -- -- -- -- staying in content and even when there's going to be influx of TV money edge here. The Lee makes just under two billion in TV revenue now starting pitchers in -- over three billion dollars a significant jumps. I'm but the salary cap I need to -- go up there this salary -- very flat for next year and probably for the foreseeable future. The other meanwhile it is gonna continue to it to pocket. All the new money coming in the Green Bay Packers. They -- -- financial status last speaker publicly controlled company took a one window into the financial of the NFL. Other tears for the media Internet income was about 22 million and -- after it's been about 86 billion so I mean he -- is not making money hand over -- But I trickling down the players. So okay -- I asked I'm I'm a bit of a -- end so. If if they're Creason this Tom money you mentioned the TV revenue. The new TV contracts play is right around three billion dollars up from where orange golf you're reportedly is Guerrero one point nine billion. Under the under the current you know TV contract but. How -- that that salary cap is not gonna be increased I thought that because of that that was going to be the the reason why you would see these salary cap go up. Yet you would think I mean certainly -- paying more in. Our pensions and post retirement. -- in there and -- medical. You know such players -- better post career medical treatment now. On the you were that's a fraction of the cost -- -- -- all the money list that the owners are making aimed at saving by not getting to the players right now. You know I thought he does that all -- the owners wanting to get back bigger Portugal pie and it's what you try to get a little doubt about it. Now the players didn't have great you know levers to begin with. And this kid you know we have our our -- that the weakest union contract army cannot guarantee. -- -- play yet you know I at the same time. If it feels like it -- he's that kind of overplayed it it'll -- he was very contentious ending their negotiations. Autumn on that you know he's buried lawyerly I guessed. I guess and it really packed -- it's been good Gene Upshaw was called. Paul Tagliabue lap dog by many people but he understood that he -- because the up and have a more collaborative. Negotiation. Or to get a good deal for the players. And I mean they've thought that I. Happened because the -- or gently how badly Gene Upshaw I think it -- them back 2006 player that has won the last time. For the under can't teach it but he could fight fire with fire and you really came back to I don't. I acted like I say the owners that they they weren't met her on the topic whatever. Then -- covering the NFL for the Boston Globe a really conference of peace. And easy Boston Globe about bringing down the CB AM two years ago we saw that. Image and you pointed out Robert Kraft and Jeff Saturday. And breezy and a hug it seemed to be the culmination of the in the into the negotiation and that's kind of what they're by our members about the CBA and then once they came to terms and we we saw men. Mike Wallace Dwayne -- Paul Kruger veterans cashing in a free agent this past offseason but. Think guys like Dustin Keller Michael Bennett and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Aqib Talib. Not giving the -- than maybe they thought they were going to give it. It and it looks like. More than ever the NFL is placing an emphasis on the the draft. Because they can get these younger players at such a such a cheap a bargain basement price. You know one point I didn't really on illustrate clearly not an article that. I missed it to be able it's really hearings and eliminating the middle class are still have a few guys that needs to make -- -- really elite money quarterback. Wide receiver is pass rusher -- -- quarterback recruit guys that premiums actually position they don't command top dollar and especially quarterback and that's definitely continue to skyrocket now. Public and yet because they're rookies. And young players are -- good values and locked in the young -- and if you pay your big stars. You know big money and everyone else -- this year near minimum purse you know not much more than minimum salary more last. Find it less and less and incentives they're on spending money -- -- free agents. I mean you want an off speed and virtually everybody not just gotta do what you call it she's seen me go and slowed up and start -- -- -- billion dollar contracts. You know it's just delegate to the middle class is going to be a road here. I'm most -- most we got energy market and be your minimum salary guys a lot of veteran you know they came in get a job. They're gonna salaries it's hot that I was eight years of experience without -- salary under or 8000 dollars. Can say well we can grab someone in save or 2000 dollars and probably get. You know better used -- -- -- more you're out there so you're still seeing you're a few players urging get a lot of money. By -- -- there or else it chuckling not little salary. Then -- covering the NFL -- Boston Globe great stuff appreciating great breakdown. Or either go spend Boland. For the Boston Globe covering the NFL and the community and every this I think it's I found an instinct Oakland. CBA the players just clobbered I mean the players got clobbered by the owners. And their recent. CBA from two years ago -- -- some of the numbers are eye popping. In the owners are pocketing all the money you all -- salary cap not going up. And that's the point for the players they they want their money they won their salary cap increase to go out so that means more money to go around for the players not happen though. Chris in Lafayette and Chris in -- you're up next is a sports talk on WWL.