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6-27 8:10pm: NBA Draft

Jun 27, 2013|

The WWL Sports Team cover the NBA Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome draft coverage continues we -- and our numb before we are getting close to the midway point we're actually at the midway point in Milwaukee's gone with pick number fifteen in the first round it's been. Exciting here on the big stage in the NBA of course so next to the NBA finals is the draft for the season officially. Begins -- thought oh what we have the broadcast team of the gentlemen that followed -- -- used to be Hornets now pelicans and know as much about them as anyone all 82 games -- and of course pre season workouts and training camp they Wear them every step of the way. Color analyst John -- Jays and the voice of the pelicans. That being shown care and before we move on -- while we're going into this is as just a PSA. As clear and everybody destructive Twitter handle shown how to compete will follow you on Twitter at Shaun Kelly lives at strong -- in my -- haven't had a solid thing on that yet so that's alright because I have to be careful of that. And I'll probably have plenty of reaction. Ultimately you you could you say you like the food and god save the have to focus body onto it at that fit ads on the station -- -- on the -- July that gets them not line and it and it is already -- -- -- And -- At the big chief in the next June and BBA's. -- he gives us a draft a recap including some interesting news about our pelicans Stephen -- guests of the -- -- the first. The overall pick to Cleveland Cavaliers would select Anthony Bennett out of UNLV. In Orlando Magic will be up next on the clock taking Indiana's Victor all the depot. Third overall it would be auto Porter from Georgetown going to the Washington Wizards. At number four the Charlotte Bobcats get Cody Zeller power forward out of Indiana. Alex Len wins in Phoenix with a fifth overall selection -- New Orleans pelicans and then be on the clock at number six and there was no well what form their lap but. They would seemingly were reading to hear confirmation have traded the pick. The Philadelphia 76ers. For Jrue Holiday and also sending the 2014. Top five projected first round draft pick as well. Next on the clock would be be Sacramento Kings getting -- Mac McLemore. The guard out of Kansas with the seventh overall selection. At number rated Detroit Pistons get in previous Kolb will hope at a Georgia. Michigan street Berkeley and win Minnesota with the ninth overall pick selection. But there is a rumored trade also in the works for waiting for approval from the commissioner was -- on that. He supposedly heading to Utah Jazz. Portland on the clock at number ten picking CJ McCollum had a league -- Syracuse is Michael Carter Williams going to the Philadelphia 76ers at number eleven. Okay see getting Pittsburgh senator Stephen Adams at number twelve. Telling old nick out of Gonzaga going to Dallas Mavericks at number thirteen the Utah Jazz would take Shabazz Mohammed at a UCLA with the fourteenth overall selection. And on the clock right now is the Milwaukee Bucks followed by. The Boston Celtics and then the Atlanta Hawks with two picks back to back. I'm Steve Geller Steve -- WWL -- -- the guys here at the pelicans draft says all right Steve thank you very much do you have a -- Have been of of course everything on line at WWL. Dot com and Shawn -- and now the Milwaukee -- -- ballclub bend the most exciting thing about Milwaukee so flashes cause we always which we thought would make the cut this pair up two. Electrifying scores so -- Ellison of course Jennings. And then the biggest class is it's -- Fifteenth pick in the 2013. NBA draft. The Milwaukee Bucks. See elect. Nervous but dad took Colombo. From Athens Greece he last played. Both feel. That it goes in Greece. -- yesterday you have it and the ballclub that went out and -- real quickly in the first round to the eventual champion Miami Heat but but at Milwaukee ballclub. That was better they see -- Better. The thing with Milwaukee then always confirm it was you know you had to smallish Guardsmen and -- innings in Monte Ellis -- high volume scores. Who took a lot of shots in order to get their points that you know was that the for those that. You know I -- when he shot the peace in the games so. You know you wonder how involved they can get with that being the number you know they've taken forward here. And both of those got a free agent right now for you would think that Miami I mean if you mean Milwaukee might wanna address. Their backcourt situation with a pretty certain that they got to get. One or both of those guys back so -- a little bit a little bit. I was surprised in in that regard but -- they were playoff payment in and might have been able to sneak up and maybe steal the game had it -- -- Not Tug on Superman's cape and -- yeah. It got beat him at six and mouth off a little bit. Well I'm hearing that I'm hearing that Jennings is being shopped around. Monta Ellis his future is anything but certain. And the -- they just picked as a Tweeter. Between the two and a theory. In the interest thing you know -- tip toe -- couldn't pull here and -- -- -- -- other way to say his name. During the regular season because that would take half possession just say his name. Is very athletic he's long but he's played against inferior competition. And I'm not so sure they truly know what they're getting into here I'm a little surprised. That he goes to this particular ballclub with a guy like Larry Drew now as the head coach but in the interest in the -- this I think this does though. I think this -- reflects. A little bit of an insurance situation they're looking for knowing that that backcourt theirs is uncertain going. Past the free agency period. And a lot of noise this offseason because it was a pin based straits on again off the game on again off in a press conference call they can't the press conference. Doc Rivers said that they have a missed time with Scott van parodies -- even up to Sunday. He would -- to talk about the roster and at all behold it deal gets done. He goes out to the club -- the caveat there's that no exchange between players this season between Boston. In LA so the thoughts of may be Bledsoe coming to the east. And also are -- net he appears on to the west that won't happen with the Clippers and it looks like from. The way things have gone right now JP they don't have coach Gaines isn't money -- but a franchise that made around with the Big -- got. Two finals appearance is one -- O'Brien trophy. Looks like they've they've -- thought from scratch here now is scratched. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo order -- means we keep Rondo and we start from there that'll be interesting to see if they keep any pieces of that. Well they Rondo as if the guy who -- locked in rock solid there I mean I think. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce although they are obviously hall of famers and and combine it with Rondo -- those guys healthy we'll get you in the playoffs but. You know that puts you -- that hurt you purgatory area where you get a begin. But not good enough to win. You just good enough. Tonight get a lottery pick and get the help that you need so you know if you gotta do it you know you hate that they go all in but they might have to call him especially. If there's still lose value in Kevin Garnett. And Paul Pierce. You might be able to either individually move him or package him -- -- deal. And maybe get the value out of the of Boston right now it's kind of spin his wheels that I able to beat Chicago they are not able to be mine that can't be Indiana. You know so they can't jump over the hump they probably can't beat New Jersey right now. So you know they have some obstacles to get over if you've got the value is try to use that valley and looks like some movement well and. And this is something along the lines of a deal with Dallas that we discussed on the Mavericks picked Kelly only two I think political B. Well Boston Celtic when mrs. -- but I do disagree with my partner awoke me I don't think Randall's. The sacred cow if you like that the -- to blow the whole thing up this deal that was talked about earlier today with -- -- majors and would do that Brooklyn the nets. Sending Garnett pierce over the direction and from what it appeared to be a statistic -- stockpile of picks it looks like Danny Ainge is gonna blow the whole thing up. Go get a probably young coaches willing to do the rebuild if you will. And go from there I. Can you imagine -- -- on Rondo though John and being surrounded by. Not garbage but. But we're able to hit an idiot and a -- Duke coach -- you know and it he had been a guy who's been noted to have the best attitude in the world so maybe that. With Matt -- -- well with Wright but of those three you know if if there's a guy I could hold on to. I'd want to hold on to the point guard who mortgages to get it is if and it's sort of -- play and a year ago at this time when you know -- -- got fab -- who was -- the big east defensive player of the year of course quiet so what the issue apparently don't put two good picks to move forward -- so this year I think -- -- -- institution you get three good -- young guys and if you go and and I go back to right -- on six. I think they've got to bring in obviously a coach that they fairly strong with. You talk about the I it's easy to me on it coach if it's if it's from scratch. Because Rondo he did have a relationship with Doc Rivers and doc as a coach in his league pick him. Probably handle somebody that's almost a -- in the ordinary coach could VO. No doubt so Dallas Boston here at sixteen actually selecting four or. Dallas is that would that be a part of the illegal in the deal that's like that that's a question that affects our division here in the southwest. In that whomever -- sixties actually got accuracy. Three or four times a year ago if you are gonna blow it up and if Rondo is moving if -- moving in exchange for some package with Olympic. Which it. Just I mean this is this is kind of -- -- that we thought it might be and its going to be a lot of us do it in pencil with just weren't -- -- stuff out. I'm not big on -- -- him four times a year. And the Patriots in the ball. We have these sixteenth pick in the 2013. NBA draft. The Boston Celtics select. -- kids they've been a new guy Iran. From the sound young fellows. Brazil he last played for a studio on days in Spain. Luke please name a new golf senate from Brazil into the commissioner will -- may -- on so I think -- Think it's an hale talk to him. Got Rudolph tall guy hockey cities are from Brazil and in like -- just -- up a minute ago and now you're in the -- the draft folk. All right who's -- who -- Pickens for the right in. And now. Is there a third team involved. You know all those things start to come into play as well by the way he's he looks like -- nice -- young man. Who -- about seven inches just for the -- alone going in as -- see him all the first time column thing of the gentleman who at -- familiar with the -- -- He gets better a little wingspan known him for sure -- so and now the Atlanta Hawks -- on the clock a ballclub that. You know when you talk about those Josh Smith is a name that's out there Andre Iguodala you think about guys that are on the -- -- a second tier but we all think top names you know this summer it's Chris Paul and the -- -- But he's -- -- makes it like that may be over with. And then -- ballclub put -- -- They've been a playoff team but. That you know a couple of games in this series it decent but not a strong team. Another one of those teams it's just kind of stuck in its wheels is good enough to get in the playoffs maybe get enough to win -- theory if not good enough to win it all. And half the marketable pieces you know in -- Josh Smith. And the -- People or for Al Horford and that but you don't want to move Al Horford he's the he's the franchise foundational piece. So when Josh Smith the guy who want to get to the free agent market we want -- Max money. So they're really kind of stuck. And you know reports are that baby is going to -- about that lives that's -- owners tracks and -- report and tell -- here here's the here's the thing with that. That might spill. -- saying we cut ties with Josh Smith when I got its agent move Al Horford to the power forward and put baby at the -- or. Stashed the pick overseas now for another little bit of time. And you release from your cap situation in Atlanta. By being the third team in on a deal as well so this is a guy that's picked here in the teens that you may not see. Here this upcoming season received some of those players do all the old Santonio model of picking a European players stash him overseas for a couple years it's. It's hard to say it. Yeah and knowing you look at moving forward -- meaning as you think about under contract. For thirteen and fourteen as a -- at Horford it is but what they do with him. And Smith is off the books spate of this year thirteen point -- mean he was highest paid player. Kyle Calder is a question on he street ago that's not the Chile's free free to go along with Devin Harris in. I think at this talk character on the TV screen the most team be eight. They used twins and different starting lineups with the -- Last season so that's a lot of oval changed things. -- in there with Larry -- team last year. And you know they couldn't quite figure it out at point guard them and they've really been the quandary a point guard since they neglected to draft Chris Paul. And and they've been trying to find the guy. Since then -- allegedly -- -- Devin Harris and a couple other -- -- that -- the and they still have not found the solution there. And you know it's my belief that it Josh Smith is a -- player in your team and can't -- around the TV contain and he's the guy who could. Jack up those three and do things that are up there really are beneficial to a team that goes you -- have a team that struggles because he's got a he's not a guy who's been. Extremely disciplined in his NBA career. The team that was built facility answers by any means now on on any given night. Not built to win the playoffs and back to back picks for them now have seventeen and eighteen once again. On new so close to home the pelicans and made that pick if the six spot in the first round they took. Known -- the center out of the university of Kentucky's power over Bears reports according to wire reports and ESP Chris Broussard they're saying that off pelicans. What trade the draft rights to nervous no oil and 82014. Protected first round pick. To the Philadelphia 76 is four point guard Jrue Holiday found Kelly informed us that protected means that if it's 12 -- three -- We would retain the pick your pits after a 34. That point the end for the -- it would equal that's what Chris Broussard report right now and -- evening -- act. Says it's a lottery protected which would then take us through the first fourteen picks. So it just means to see with the terms of the deal. If they go through what they will be but. -- the report we've seen so far from a guy who seems fairly reliable. Is saying that it's it's the small. Span of protection their one through threes so. You'd like to think. That the pelicans are not a position where they're drafting 12 or three picks season that means so that means that you we're one of the three worst teams in the league. -- erratically right I don't think that's the case and so therefore I think that. When you're on the Philadelphia side you're looking at getting -- world's first round pick in. True road from. Grounds by Germany you last played for the New York of Phantoms and Germans would. Right to the last three picks have been an international plays we will continue the -- All on the clock a candidate picks seventeen now they will -- eighteen that followed by -- the Cleveland Cavaliers are roundtable crew the Hornets brought point the pelicans broadcast team or Shaun Kelly and John to -- -- the -- Deke Bellavia. It's pelicans radio WW. Pelicans and NBA draft coverage brought to you by J&J exterminating Louisiana's largest independent pest control service back to hoops on pelicans radio WWL. And Baltimore draft coverage continues here we have the -- broadcasting much on killing color analyst on the series along with the gala. I'm peak ability you don't forget them -- draft -- at our website up to the minute profiles plus. The entire draft clock in the NFL has released its most overrated. Saints of all time according to an article. And eating candy and is on them and see what he had to say if response plus the US Supreme Court handed down major rulings on gay marriage he got to take a comic circus. Show after the show it to the law and go to block they all sound off and its on line. At WWL. Dot com well we were doing now as the Atlanta Hawks have their second straight peek in at that. Number eighteen I just went in the national on number seventeen in the speculation before that was may be the center at a Brazil. Could also be gone to the Hawks would be an arrest and you look at 161718. JP. What happens here in and what the Hawks one of keeping. The youth through we all off that you're talking about the ovaries things that you that you brought that pro mode about it in the face them. And I wanted to hear like write all my bring -- -- that telephone line can not only to be like he had he thought he responded to a couple -- -- the -- is a little our. -- effort fog -- I just don't let them and look at like -- reiterated in a at least you're rated as -- that it not -- Pick in the 2013. NBA draft the Atlanta Hawks elect. Shane Larkin from the University of Miami. Lost in Miami ballclub had a tremendous season and best season in school history really broke through opened a lot of guys with a a twenty point win over Duke. Early in the season became one of the top seats in the overall tournament. And they've really built the program down there is of course the news about Miami beat. Athletic programs are waiting to hear from the NCAA later this week a with a sanction will be placed on them after three years. Investigation which Shane Larkin go through Atlanta. But at this point -- as you mentioned Shawn -- you just don't know who's gonna go way -- -- you could talk about where they'll -- if their their best. In the matter of minutes can be. Something that's different it's hard to say and yet the order blocking ability to field a ground ball and hit in clutch situations is helped -- become. A first round pick I'm sorry that's it's -- misses Barry Larkin -- kids. And again it's another guard so. Atlanta looking at that backcourt. Certainly. Can address some needs with what they've done here in the first round but it -- like you alluded to you wonder. I mean those guys are gonna keep at this point EU pickets a player in this spot that there. Going to be on your ball -- OK whether it's your call over some bills -- we're not talking about late first round second round guys that. May not make. Roster this is guaranteed money right here at this spot in the draft so whether it be a Larkin. Atlanta Hawks relationship getting ready to start or if it's a piece of something else it's hard to say and from what we've already seen tonight I think what three. Steve three propose trades that we know of and one involving the pelicans one involving. Perhaps Dallas one solving -- on Minnesota so hard to say at this point it's interesting though. At seventeen and eighteen and they went guard guard and point guard point guard so that would lead you to believe that they've got designs on. Something grander it was Moyer being part of perhaps somebody else's week yeah. Of the two I of course obviously not theme should shrewd or so I could tell you how are you pleased but I do like -- You know kid who who -- that you know pro athlete father background but also who can flat play a little bit short you know 511 six foot. But the 44 inch vertical and the ability to play the pick and roll in the ability issue from -- And the willingness to take big shots are something that I like about it months. You know where that out of fifth with the -- again who knows what the hall's roster is going to look like right now because. You just don't know who they're playing on keeping who they like to move with the gonna do with these picks but of the three they've made. You know of the two they've made I proposed trade of a -- to them. -- -- the most 44 inch vertical. 44 at the -- almost the building almost. Almost. 30 -- -- me if I'm Cleveland beat Anthony bandits some -- to postpone the twist in this plot. Of the 2013. In BA -- for the number one pick now they are open and and number in nineteen it to see what the young Cavaliers -- and then after that the ballclub diminutive is the toughest competitor. To Miami penalty in the east that maybe overall in BA -- Derrick Rose less this season. Chicago Bulls who dip in scoring toward the back in the -- -- defense to step to where they needed to be. But this of the ballclub if they're just healthy they're a contender right now and everything they had. And no doubt now there's talks about maybe Luol Deng being a movable -- for them. And so I have a feeling that based upon what we see in their selection here that will tell -- -- more about how real possibly. They Alou all things tight -- move was made. At least that's just -- kind of trying to zero in on what a team that seems to be pretty well stocked via would do. And the Bulls. Of course last year making a -- taken their first game against the heat but then after that it was all Miami. Downhill and the and the biggest thing that really with what Chicago was it was. He is Rose got a plate if he's not gonna play and -- became kind of a story after they won their first game and in Miami decided. All right let's go have not come out and that's exactly what they'd be able like Chauncey when you look at each position on this ballclub front court called one day they have more than stock. But it's a system -- who have come there. They got to play defense and I mean they gotta they gotta big contribution out of Nate Robinson. Do they bring him back and he's he's a guy that could -- helping the ballclub. Well if they -- us. -- to work their road opening round that he touched the floor probably but you know going back that thing you know I like thing for Chicago from the simple fact that he defends. He adds that toughness and he's the guy that if you wanna play Miami. He's one of those guys in the NBA one of the few guys who does not back down from LeBron James. Who will fourth LeBron James to defend and probably both ends of the court. Not be able to play free safety on defense and roam around and -- -- so that's what I really like about him he will step up that challenge. But in what we have overheard earlier tonight is that we knew that the Republicans had the sixth pick they took New Orleans -- well. And the reports are saying that they will ship the draft rights and there -- Noel and 82014. Protected. First round pick to the Philadelphia seventy sixes now what is the pelicans getting in exchange -- to this report. It would be guard Jrue Holiday and also the 42 overall pick. In tonight's draft which would be early but Tim -- to a picks into tonight's second front. Two things real quick one it appears that Larkin despite -- wishes for Atlanta. Reportedly is going to be a part of a three team deal that would involve the Dallas Mavericks. So they're looking to fill their point guard needs perhaps with 511. Shane Larkin and with people on the clock. The last available I guess. Short -- guard in the draft certainly -- soft is gonna go to the Cavaliers at this point. They've already shored up things on the wing with Anthony Bennett so maybe looking for depth now at the guard position. And you know the biggest thing haven't been. In this draft going to was that there are some players it's all all potential of maybe -- And about all this movement now it's it's like some of these teams like I don't want any of these guys. I mean it is just is so much movement and I'm I'm trying to go back in Atlanta handful of picks. Where there wasn't something that was said that -- OK he's solid he's going to be here. It is so I don't know if in this match you know -- uncertainty of this draft you know there are a million movable parts in this draft right now I mean you you. Just for the god it didn't pick you have no idea where these gonna be there within five minutes right. Well that we always said earlier in the show 26 of the sixty draft picks last year spent time with the -- that was a new record this draft may break that record. When you talk about a lot of these players that -- we don't know a tremendous amount of but also the teams may be asking the same questions that we are tonight so. We may see. More than half of this track less spent time in the the league over that stretch at all. Now and the Cavaliers and looks like their pick will be in after they picked. The Chicago Bulls and the -- -- day as as we have -- close to the moving into the final ten picks of be a first round and then we'll get -- around to it according to reports. The pelicans will have another pick in this stretch as ESPN is reporting that we will pick the -- it is in. The NBA draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers select. Certain games. Power assault. From Saint Petersburg Russia who he last played. Graham and rusher. He and so they you know we come though was that they are soft from Russia and there is no truth to the speculation that he -- Bob Kraft rained in the first half. -- It's -- that -- he said earlier that last year's lottery did not have one single international player and now we've had. Several -- the first Canadian born player to go number one overall. Let's see here Alex Glen international player. -- season and analysts here I would say five and the last six about a six FO -- detonate it from Brazil. Thing so we've had several well so we're out of the lottery at this point but this is just another. Another international player by the way I think. Worth noting David Stern as you'll see the end of this in the end of the first round his thirtieth and final NBA draft is announcing the picks in the first round water on. For mr. stern who's received a variety of reactions in from the crack tonight in Brooklyn at the Barkley had. I would say this for -- -- out of all the commissioners though. No one and you know. You in the James Gandolfini you -- not liking them that you -- respect me I don't know if it's fear or respect but no one has the fear and all respect of the -- -- like the -- Dallas doesn't mean when he says. -- broadcasts and C -- coaches who have not say enough that they don't say enough that. You know same thing -- not the case NFL. Major League Baseball or hockey so it is a clear understanding that he's the balls and what he says go also be interesting. What happens -- -- -- we keep going in Asia. Good direction coming up with some of the best final ratings. We've had an awful long time with that seven game series between the Spurs and the heat we will continue a draft coverage here. All of our roundtable crew the broadcast team by the pelicans Shaun Kelly and John the Shays -- Steven -- will come back with a draft. Recap open at this point we -- at pick number twenty what the Chicago Bulls. All on the clock its draft coverage on the home with a pelicans WW. Pelicans and NBA draft coverage drug deal by J&J exterminating Louisiana's largest independent pest control service now back to -- the boys on pelicans radio WWL. And welcome back we -- at pelicans headquarters where there are a lot of different development a lot of things and movement and shaking. In the first round of the 2013. In BA draft including about our all -- commitment could -- draft update and recap. -- handed off to Steve -- -- well Anthony Bennett would come off the board number one to the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward out of UNLV Indiana. Shooting guard perfect all the people go to Orlando with the second overall selection. At pick number three the Washington Wizards get Georgetown forward Otto Porter the Charlotte Bobcats would select Cody -- with the fourth overall selection. Phoenix Suns were next on the clock at number five giving Maryland center Alex -- And the pelicans would be on the clock for the first time in franchise history to that name. And would take the number six pick Maryland though well Kentucky senator who would then reportedly and the giving traded. To the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for point guard Jrue Holiday. Sacramento with the seventh overall pick -- Kansas guard -- back look more. Detroit Pistons are on the clock neck that eight overall giving Georgia shooting guard in previous Caldwell Pope. Michigan point guard Trey -- go into the Minnesota Timberwolves the pick number nine but reportedly traded then to beat Utah Jets. At pick number ten Portland gets CJ McCollum had a -- Lehigh. Syracuse point guard Michael Carter Williams going to the Philadelphia 76ers. At pick number eleven the Oklahoma City Thunder up next giving Pittsburgh center Stephen Adams. At pick number thirteen Gonzaga forward Kelly only going to beat Dallas Mavericks who would then be traded reportedly to -- Boston Celtics the winning on. Finals they -- -- all these deals from commissioner. That the fourteenth pick Utah getting Shabazz Mohammed who then gets. Reportedly turned to beat Minnesota Timberwolves. Milwaukee at pick number fifteen getting forward Gionta has on -- -- how cool and go from Greece Brazil's senator -- know Lugar. Go to the Boston Celtics at pick number 616. Reportedly getting traded to beat Dallas Mavericks Atlanta at pick number seventeen -- -- reader. Germany point guard Miami point guard space the floor -- goes also to Atlanta at pick number eighteen. At number nineteen Chicago gets forward Tony snell at a New Mexico and Utah Jazz are currently on the clock. After that would be the Brooklyn nets and then the Indiana Pacers I'm Ron -- there with a quick trap and -- draft recap. I'm Steve. Giving him -- temperature to -- sports will be few a lot of calls recap all the draft McAuliffe and they'll. Particularly following anything outside team the other in the pelicans and when you go back and look at what you just said about this and being paid the trade obviously that's why I don't like the NBA Columbia Ottawa because I think all. The Brooklyn nets or a ballclub that can exit to come up it's -- and in Brooklyn in Boca has been in news. As of late John diseases as possibly being one of the team that is looking to acquire the services of some veteran players -- near east. It being the Boston Celtics and not one that may be -- have been interested in. And it being Paul Pierce and also Kevin Garnett which seemingly would be a good fit for a ballclub that was a five seat last year in the NBA Eastern Conference foresee. Well they'll add that veteran toughness and their veteran know how they'll add players who. Will not streak when the occasion Roz is in the fourth quarter and I think we saw a lot of that with the Brooklyn. In the playoff series last season where they just pretty much wilted down the stretch well that's probably not gonna happen with Kevin Garnett. And with Paul Pierce and if you can add -- to the pieces that they have -- those older -- Garnett pierce. Will not have to Carrey as heavy a load if they had to carry in Boston so now they're probably in a much better situation where they can let beard Williams. And Joseph Johnson and may be Brook Lopez if they're able to hold all of those got them in with managers that -- Brooklyn. Let those guys -- do they have to -- a while hope got picked it up a little bit later. He and I found interesting thing about Doc Rivers who'd been in his game for an awful long time coming just a -- And Atlanta with guys like Dominique Wilkins and with the Knicks and made a run to the finals in 94. And all the great players he was around he said that of all the gas he's been around he said it if there was a poster child for. The ultimate professional he said he will be Kevin Garnett he city you know every coach's league should be able to coach a guy. Like Kevin Garnett in that you know you can't argue with him mean you know when everybody writes him off. And he was only chance in this series against the Knicks he was that consistent bright spot solid defensive player and us I think still got some good gas left in the thing. Well till the last lesson another group of players currently lead. That is the closers so there. Our help he needs to go out and he he may be you know and I -- completely with him but I've always I'll always admitted into the Dave Altman is. Who's got a ring and I agree with the you know. Jason Kidd and now with it is about Davis he with a Altman constant hand but me he'd make more crime faith in Chris whoever effort -- it. -- rather go to them but -- I'm. It did when they hit us on -- -- and I know that Jason kid and has coached there this is it for the kill pro Roth would please say was -- window. Compete for a championship and -- make it 35 or three years. A -- playing with the crowd down it was final ten minutes away. We've had to explain Taylor is and then once it was doing us. That the food is an American sign of respect. Do. You. With the 21 pick in the 2013. NBA draft. This Utah Jazz select. -- -- from. Have a matter Senegal and the University of Louisville and while. Good day -- -- let me say this is a graduate of the NBA. Basketball without borders Africa program. So Jane and -- who was a tremendous player at Louisville look a key reason why they went to back to back. Final fours a national championship game -- this season and the toughest conference in college in the big east and a bowl and you think about that they shifted gears we talk about the landscape before Bobble can you imagine Louisville in two seasons in the ACC. Unbelievable and I mean the rich just continue to get richer right fitness of the gap you know. There's all sorts of ratings but when you talk about a guy who's been to a polished college program. That means a lot. Davey I think going to going to be in Vienna I know that people rating you know both -- here and there but. Vick cares to me a lot of weight being an assistant might be a book -- -- to you know what when you play for and you elite level coach like pitino. Who has. You know coast in the NBA and -- that many players in the NBA and then you play against great competition in college it's only gonna enhance your ability. To make that adaptation. To the NBA you should be more ready to play in the NBA when you play for that kind of coach because he knows exactly what it takes to get -- -- he wasn't very successful when he was there. But he knows how to get guys to the NBA now. And the that's seen. Now love from Brooklyn makes that pick coming up and then beat Indiana paces and then in New York Indiana ballclub that is so well built. Obviously their big key things this offseason is to bring back David whereas. And what you'll get a look at -- you saw a guy like George come through. And you saw all the players but what happens with a healthy Danny -- does that bumps somebody out does that make them stronger. To be addressed this is this a big question mark for Larry Byrd is back in the fold yeah yeah we had a editorial points. And now reports today that Nate McMillan to -- Bryant jaws points of the lead assistant with the Pacers though. This is a team that I think. -- most was surprised at how deep they got I think that. Those around the league probably saw it coming a little more than others. It is it is a situation where. You look at guys easily right now ridiculous money Williams. There's a short -- Tom Thibodeau to some extent. But Frank -- Found it seems the right place. To start is that coaching run and I just think in the midwest town like that with the roster they had at that time and the personalities -- brought in around him. That is tremendous success story and I'm always rooting for markets similar in size to -- When it comes to competing. Deep in the playoffs Memphis doesn't this year. I don't care for Memphis that are division but they're similar in size two loss at Indiana makes a place San Antonio find themselves in the finals again. That's the thing because. When teams like Indiana. And San Antonio and Memphis and hopefully new -- here soon enough. Make runs like they do. It tells everybody hopefully you don't have any excuses. You can't make the lower small more. Or nobody wants to complain owners and I think that strengthens the league across the board so. Here with Nate McMillan joining the staff -- for coming back in the fold. The Danny Granger question becomes a big when that impacts there's a ripple effect that goes outside of Indianapolis in that situation. And now you have an interest in pictures so. That's fun to watch I guess I get kind of keep up about that part. Of the league right now is there is. While it seems that we keep talking about the same teams much like we did in the mid nineties when Chicago had their dynasty going. I think that on any given night across the league now during the regular season. There are teams that you may stumble across as a fan thing problem laughs I think that's worth watching. And I'm not so sure that was the case when I got into this league full time. Back in you know all four -- five right around there so. Kind of ramble and a little bit but I just I think it's a success story that's worth noting that makes this league that are. Oh yeah no question about it in in you know and some people think in the you go back to it and you gotta put it behind him and clear things out on the back of the NBA. Post season talent in any detail Frank Vogel waste a timeout and called think Julian should've called a timeout. You got -- Roy Hibbert and gain yeah. You know I am coming that's the difference they may be in the final at this level unassisted goal fell to win on the soon -- in Miami I mean I think we all agreed they should've won that Bo is no doubt -- a fan -- land in between them. Plant -- championship in. Not blame for a championship right dead now Brooklyn. I has about fifty seconds left in this talented Indiana and the New York Knicks who have back to square one just about -- nineteen million dollar player. That will come off the pants on list Amare Stoudemire somehow. It's inserted into the starting line so it's pretty much done and via of the the reports out there are worse off than they were. Two years ago in the report that net to take and they make them wobbly from Duke. The senator who has really. And you know he knows you know he's 23 years mobile -- people -- reached his ceiling he reached a feeling we 23. Live like that that about me. But the hunt you know he he should be able to help them at the at the back -- -- -- -- -- the big backup big man behind. Open is if it and it's very well what about it. You Reggie starts written by the -- pretty evident it's evident that my outlook of the -- say this from the rooftops Richie Evans and Mike a guy who can get fifty rebounds who you'd never have to rent a plea for who do all the dirty work literally. He is my -- Who can play another five years from. Coming down the homestretch. In the first round. As we -- Giving you the latest on the 2013 NBA draft Brooklyn's big example come back with that in Indiana. And New York it's the home of the New Orleans pelicans you'll listening to W --