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6-27 7:10pm Pelicans Draft Coverage

Jun 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elegance and NBA draft coverage -- do you -- J&J exterminating Louisiana's largest independent pest control service to back to do hoops on pelicans radio WW well. And welcome back we have the broadcast team here whether it's the voice Shawn -- color analyst John the season and Steve gallon -- Bolivia we ought to pick. Couple still out there. And with the fourth pick in the 2013. NBA program. The Charlotte Bobcats. Select. Cody Zeller. So the first big real big goes up they said -- a lot of analysts say this was a draft that was over with them some good big bodies Cody -- had a tremendous career. At the University of Indiana fell short of their goal of game -- on national championship this year balance out. In the second wave of the tournament to Syracuse a year ago really the only team that talent Kentucky. In the tournament scored the most points in a very good Korean asserting that. Ballclub under Tom crane and now look at the Phoenix on guys. And also we look at the New Orleans pelicans and before we get show on and JB's thoughts on what has taken place thus far. Look at the Cubs beat Stephen it was so all the picks that have taken place -- the first overall pick the Cleveland Cavaliers selected power forward Anthony Bennett and it UNLV. In -- small shooting guard Victor all the people would go number two to the Orlando Magic. The third overall selection. It's more small forward Otto Porter of Georgetown going to Washington Wizards. And just now number four Cody Zeller power forward out of Indian are going to -- Charlotte Bobcats Phoenix on the clock right now. Then coming up on the pelicans pick at six overall getting an exciting damage on the -- Every draft and takes on a different meaning but are you surprised at how things have gone off the board -- -- handedly drove -- serious twisted -- for me me. I mean he was the third rated big guy as far as on -- behind the will -- and they'll have him go here it's quite the shock but I will say this either extremely skilled big. I -- the ball will run the floor great shoots it pretty well for battle before. Get this team mates involved and I -- minutes CAA tournament game against Kentucky we can -- you -- winning the Davis and he gave them fits so if he's going to be that guy. -- he thoroughly can add to what's relevant because again if that part of this you know -- and that's -- They wanna add talent and he certainly has the talent. And Shawn -- after not having a player drafted in the top five for thirty years they now have two of the top five at Indiana. And Victor and mount Cody -- its interest and and maybe injuries play into the spirit. Because. -- well. ACL Parnell poster at the season. On an active roster and then Alex -- recovery now from a stress fracture. In his foot soldiers Cody Zeller and maybe. Maybe he moves up Charlotte sport here or anybody else's board because he isn't hurt. Going into the NBA draft maybe there's something to be set for that. Otherwise. I'm sort of stunned at the -- Not that cold is always a bad player I just think that. This kind of turns a few of value leaders on their year. And an alike and think of at the moment this is the health issue or what they perceive. As a long term health. Of Cody Zeller vs perhaps a guy and girl -- stilwell who's had two significant leg injuries dating back the high school and then a guy like Alex land. Who is a load of -- body who's already battling one stress fracture so. To me you know again uneducated in this moment. Other than I can only that you think that the injury factor plays into this thing. And you know JD when you look at coach Higgins who took over at Charlotte in the Higgins is obviously did GM chooses GM Higgins the president but now. Clifford as the head coach but when you look at it noted GM with a guy to bring the players -- If they ask. One of the hall of fame and greatest fifty players in NBA history his ballclub Osama. And you know you look at it that the third best seller and you -- so -- Who knows that maybe the injury affected deeply deeply into it like they're not getting a -- -- is Alabi have by the count was at their best sentence. Well that's very well could be the safest pick they felt they can make a -- with Cody Zeller. You do kinda know what you're gonna get. You know there was -- is based moral potentially you hope he's got a development that this or that also the thing with Alex -- you hope he's gonna be. A big man who can defend down low who played physical with Cody silly I think you know pretty much exactly what you gotta get. So maybe they went safe this time. Let's think about for a moment here now who Phoenix in New Orleans has on their board sitting there available. No well land work I -- you -- circle down the line because. The first three again like we said -- Steve early on that I felt like the first six guys were kind of interchangeable. And I had Bennett all the people on Porter in my top six I didn't have Cody -- there's so now. Out of that top 63 you're still on the board the Hornets are not this next pick the one right after that. You'd have to sit here and think okay. Now cry if you if if if teams have a draft board. And -- -- -- does that translate well radio but I'm holding this board up. Position wise that goes across a spreadsheet or aborted and they're gonna have. Their their top guys the other guys ranked at each position. The case those guys go off the board that you are taking names off now now on the situation for Phoenix in New Orleans both. They're looking at perhaps. That. More than one position their best guy in that position still available so not only are you trying to pick what position or need you wanna fill. Now you're maybe saying OK is Mike is the best setter on my board. Worth more or have more upside than the best guard on my board. And that makes it difficult like you know that an extra stressful. Couple minutes on the clock in Phoenix in the world. Well at Phoenix at about point seconds left before they get their pick and of course try to Jackson State now coaching the Phoenix on demand on. Great in this league for many times a maiden name for himself in Detroit and really surpassed everything JD when you think about come -- -- Mika the talent to play in this -- -- play that the through four years with. Still by all accounts because he was so good -- that we do give a longshot because the competition -- based. It -- to have a long -- would be to Korean name BA now. You know he does well at Phoenix has been more double -- -- -- the coaches that one of the vacancies open right now the state with the season. Think they did them constantly firings Alia idiotic -- -- you just go to the -- gravity teams don't even. But will he could -- he did Philadelphia and Boston -- -- have a coat he didn't think he didn't like the play -- that made in safety and we got reports coming in that the sun's gonna go with Alex -- guys who it's going to be very interesting -- really get an early to New Orleans. Well that can be at the first no well in the -- yeah so only time you Frontline. I mean. It just seems like -- The stretch does well. Our season ticket rates -- open to the conventional all you're. You're a Florida Kentucky Kansas is on the road now episodes of Puerto sick at the coach. That's right I always say yeah that's it I didn't mean corrective I don't know I had to sit there and say. Is he wanted to dozen personal things right now on the ceremony tickets for a little Alex limit their guy he basically fill into their lap I'm sure -- -- expect to be there. Which means he's the top big that was on the board so what Maryland's loss that right now. I would say probably a little bit of embarrassment out there now much like a Brady Quinn was in the draft room -- -- -- -- and I -- for the -- it flies but it's the medium he's plastered on every magazine. I'm looking at the -- just with USA today. And mean it's all over mean if it were some nice it is I heard today. No way he gets past -- that that when -- with the worst case and Aaron night of the Canadian man depending on. -- -- -- here and it it's another big goes off the board that he's at a free for now. I really doubt if it is clearly -- safety the is clearly injury issues now I would think yeah I mean you unique you get skier at all by guy who might not be able plea until -- today. And if he is in the -- of the. With the fifth pick. In the 2013. NBA draft. The Phoenix Suns select. Alex -- So Alex ran out of town in a second big it goes off the board and in reverse ought to look at it this night he what's considered. A the second biggest big I guess who may be one and one a when you factor in Maryland no way I was intrigued. And now on Jeff wanna take its own sake it's a very good big man personal. Battle tested shown you think about the the the conference that he comes against. In the ACC and summoned his better games over the course of the last few years we'll get some of the best of maybe -- up. Mason glumly at Duke he's done well so this is obviously a pick if they feel -- with and -- -- a safe pick and then. At the defensive minded program in Maryland this is this the kind of senator John -- the hours say I think with somebody earlier. I think it's safe as a great -- to talk about Alex well I think that he is a fundamentally sound. Seven footer who can maybe shoot as far as fifteen to seventeen feet out. Let's look at Phoenix from a marching or Todd is I think going in the last year of his contract there. So you're going to camp with some competition at the center position. And you also look to the future with this pick as well and you know. Seven footers don't just fall off trees are usually -- tallest trees it -- but you get the the cliche here that I think they're looking at. Why not won it with a guy that was on the board why -- now excellent at this point especially with their situation of maybe. Building around bigs under -- acceptable. You know eight in the NF draft -- not expected to be from top to bottom you know and that in the media plays such a big part of it you know talk about this class the excitement about this. Not near as last year because of Davis and kick your Chris -- -- it was coming off on. But if you up pelicans fame and not only that they can -- wildest dreams you would think you'd be sitting here with this much about -- took talent waiting for Dayton where you've got to go. An opportunity here either you can go for the consensus number one overall pick who is totally fallen to number six. Or you've got the best point guard. On your board still available for you can go big or small and have a really get obviously you've got a good chance to get whoever it is you want. The only thing is that you want to wait for Nolan there was no well the fourth game to develop before to come back to health and see if he can fit in. At the center position in the NBA -- p.s you know 6116. And seven foot. 210 -- look I we -- Which I should -- -- should they write but I we -- that. For he's going to be moved to rail and -- -- to put him down low with Anthony Davis you got to -- guys who try to defend the play in the NBA. But if you go with at this point guard was on your what you board. You go with a guy who probably can step in and play today. So you know it will be interesting to see which way guilty let's say they go. No well John would be you read into currently what what we have on Republican roster what does that say about what -- basket -- If they don't know well if they go big -- well our. That I think that they say that word in okay shape with Greivis Vasquez. Or we can address another need in free agency which seems to look at the free agent class at the right now that might be a bit of a stretch but. The other just thinking if I can kind of throw a -- all of this is because you have multiple quality players at different positions at the moment. Treatment come -- in this. You may say now his sitting here at number six because essentially there all in your hand if you're looking at the hand of cards now you have Trey Burke. Can take his -- one hand you've got all these guys at different positions now that are there that multiple teams may see I got one of those needs there. And and then he may -- to position make. A trite but at the same time the choice is good and a and it Beatrice and see here I think we're. -- as a supplement to about Romo is about well this point that is about a nine seconds away and to this point oh Stevens. You know I wish we go back to may issue -- -- at Nashville TN and we're looking at Austin Rivers there was a guy that we felt there was good and also look at Andre Drummond. And you talk about pan out what we just talked about -- you afford -- five right there and drumming go to Detroit of course -- -- but. Now we'll see what happens. As the pick it and put it all out. With the sixth pick in the 2013. NBA draft. The New Orleans pelicans yes the New Orleans pelicans. Select New Orleans go well for the. The big goal and that's a pick them pick out what I I dislike when you have an opportunity in that course you -- Beckett different players. When I go back to the nannies. Win -- Orlando -- Shaquille O'Neal. And they have an opportunity keep Chris well whether it's at their front court for years. They want to pick whoever and make it totally when you're good opportunity to BO a facet of the game and both these guys complete defense -- And like you say he's tall he's gains -- taken a while. But we're we're a franchise that's in their growing process. I'm really -- I look at it -- easily shot blocker. You -- and -- with -- the Anthony Davis to be that shot blocker and he didn't have the -- immediately even though he had the guy who with that if so we can't play immediately all obviously. But you do have Robin Lopez at that insurance. You do have they suspect at that insurers so -- -- not only does not have to play immediately. -- you can develop them a little bit more slowly you don't have the rest of into the fire so you get that benefit of having some big already play in a position. You'll see a play immediately either he's injured he's got -- back from an ACL surgeries so. Pelicans fans won't see him on the floor during training camp they Waltz into the start of the regular season. The beavers to see when when he is cleared to playing golf or go on a week it could be December at this point but. Maryland stilwell. Alongside Anthony Davis makes for a very very long and backcourt that can run the floor like two guards. So money Williams has said just the other day. We have got the hit the ball up the floor quicker. Now we get ball down and get deep -- shot clocks well with two bigs like this and again after a welcome back from injury. This is a team that can get out and fly part yeah on with the pelicans that they can -- fly with a front line like. This -- you talked about like you said JP Stevens the range now the ability of I was sixth man the sixth inning that they was to get up. Like a seven photo a kid like this if this gets up like a seven foot and in the live in the span that they have now. You talked about people think him twice before going in the lane in the when they get dead -- it's that much better. But the shot blocking ability was already there are absolutely and I'm just -- because I'm just thinking right now of the you to browse combined with a flat tops that we're going to be seeing any of Davis he's the he's seven feet four inches in this week's fan. Unbelievable walked that often your living room so the projected number one overall pick from much of the going into the draft and bowel counts. Noticed how well we get. Him at the University of Kentucky so buyout meaning -- you could say that the for the second straight year we've got the best player in this draft according to support these national analysis thing. That's something else you like you know he averaged 2.2 steals per game is one college season. That -- anticipation especially for big guy I think he's got to be in the right place at the right time gotta have pretty good chance to be able to do that got to have great feet. So you know he's a guy who understands how to play the position again it is whether or not he's going to be able to hold that position initially. As the youngster who only 210250. Pounds. But he will gain weight naturally if the thing concern that was with Anthony Davis lastly the eightieth in the game -- you know these guys the going to be in Norfolk and all the places the but they get it in the right kind of way with the -- -- staff so. That's when they'll be able to hold the position and really be a force down low you know. And John -- Paris seven in the wildcat program began in. People are saying that this class has come and Kentucky will rob a bad the Anthony Davis class. From a couple years ago -- -- to a national championship they only get riches in the Bluegrass State Republicans have some of the Netherlands and well with a six in the fifth round of the ups and came and spoke for about twenty seconds and left back down analysts -- -- with the -- need some movement -- -- -- we're seeing now -- -- -- reportedly have traded the pick to Philadelphia for Jrue Holiday. And the 20141. Rounder and that might have been what that was so quick to give up the room. Holland -- dynamic. Initially. It is absolutely absolutely. Tremendous leader in a first round pick from a lottery team. In a stronger draft and 2014. But there. Are a they -- that's what we talked about that when we -- we can put on deck of cards in your hand now and maybe fill the need for another team pick for somebody else than that. Apparently is what -- Demps has done yours though. I said earlier today but the last two NBA -- pretty straightforward and frankly quite boring I think tonight this is the tip of the iceberg I think yeah for a while the went. And you know the thing I don't know if you rebound posturing but. Regret to have dale stamping keep working and he could address the media later after the draft -- -- -- -- because Canadiens talked to us with. This is on the -- business but the heartbeat pelicans have traded. The draft rights and there are no well funk 76 is that it -- That's the that's the report yeah. That's that's -- reports but I will say this if if that report is true you talk about Jrue Holiday that you talked about one one of the dynamic. Young. Point guards. In the league absolutely and he is the guy who can fill that void that we could talk about guarding quicker on a quick or opponent point guards. And make in those guys have to plead the fifth. And Jrue Holiday at the score who also distributes to his teammates though he's the guy if you can get that piece. You know you gotta like. And Jrue Holiday you know we've. The -- seventy sixes and what you look at his numbers two point six may. In 2012 the big money's about the kicking to load owed eleven million for the Knicks. Four seasons so if you do acquire him in that means he's you play this contract now be us -- history. Beat -- 3013. NBA draft the Detroit Pistons select. -- taping his whole -- hope from the University of Georgia. So Shawn -- a guy that you mentioned a while ago kid at a University of Georgia a bright spot for the bulldogs this season. And now moving right along in. -- pelicans -- Nolan is no well with the sixth pick in the first round I would go -- did Bears reports. They're coming out that they can beat pelicans may have possibly traded the draft rights for Maryland's nowhere quick. Thought Nicole -- scoring guards no doubting his own shot penalty is arranges all that great but he's also going to be one of these guards. Kind of like -- -- Robinson. When the ball goes that direction don't expect that to come back out that's mildly criticism. Contagious but you know these two -- so. What Detroit -- -- scored no I mean yeah great great Munro. And Andre Drummond. And though they have Brandon might run the point but hundreds number and an -- -- wrote down low that you a little bit and help hopefully to loosen up defenses against them so. A scoring wing probably helped Detroit elbow that I'm still hang anonymous -- pelicans -- right now because it is this is huge because. But there was -- and then let's say that it was hot from the get go because with giving words that the general managers come -- down. And the intimacy or heard him -- in pain but -- I'll walk and he's article on that the VP with them that we didn't hear anything. It was two questions for 45 seconds and you don't give -- you don't speculate but it's obvious -- some reason what bill is movement so quickly out of room in the you do it. Reports of various of various trade that is not confirmed but if you read anything into -- how swiftly dealt with in and out of there in the I don't know if -- -- at literate room so the tickets this. This -- I didn't pull my laptop announcers here with me and our offices that were full of holiday I can't numbers on those numbers the last two years. But I didn't know that are huddled up to up my hip but I know at some point last year early last year they were talking about Ambien. Potentially an all star gone right and a guy who was really. Looked over when he didn't make the all star team -- what you did you factor that in. To the to the to the fact that the guy can he he can flat play you know he went on a stretch last year member. In fact win we played them in Philly well he was in the middle of that hole yes. And so you know we know he can flat do with the well he had the -- court which you're rich yet that that those two but beat down on so fast. -- Steve you've got to holidays numbers that. Yea averaged -- eighteen points a game with four rebounds. -- played in. Around 32 minutes a game. And you a percentage of 44%. They have -- at the elements that welcome -- the probably got a source confirmation it is true that true quality. It will be a pelicans in and welcome to root -- again he's the guy who can. Who can who can flat do it it's not official yet but. -- but the reports are that he's going to be a long with that 20141. Round of the roles are getting the 42 pick this year as well. There's somebody there's somebody deep on the board they think they can maybe pick up here because the team from some of the reports that I read. From people that I really trust around the league that while this isn't. Huge deep big star draft there's going to be some steals in the second round -- press -- name comes to mind OK now you're not looking at the Presley. Because now you have Jrue Holiday. But. That's just examples some of the players that are lying around out there some who have been brought it through late work out here with the Spurs. Boston and others have brought guys in the last couple days guys because they think. They're gonna get a good look at a guy like. Please take I don't know Gary Neal situation and throw that out there. Here's a guy that okay well nobody really knows about him and next thing you know he set and well NBA finals record for three pointers made and all that nonsense so. This this. It go down the deal again -- -- -- -- do it's it's Maryland's no well leaving the pelicans for Philly for. Jrue Holiday up the first round pick in two when he fourteen which is going to be a lottery pick probably. And the. 42 pick overall this year this year right so -- -- so you get Jrue Holiday and I think what will cause people now do you say trait he replied OK well how long -- here. This big big money for Jrue Holiday keeps him now so he's under contract. He made two point six this year who have eleven million each of the next four seasons well not only -- you get a dynamic player he's under contract for offensive this franchise has money. In that Jrue Holiday I will take over the number six pick in this draft everyday and twice on so occasional. That the next question of me this in your analysis of this deal which I loved by the way. If you look to the free agent market right now point guard you're lucky if it's your goal is to upgrade the point guard position. Is true holiday better than any other free agent out there right now with -- can be a free agent here next month at that same position. So to do what I'm saying is that you spend your money quote unquote in this deal with the right guy. In Jrue Holiday. Well if he's in eleven million dollar plea here -- and you're in if you're Max guys are two point the plus right there and I would say. That the a good span. -- -- he's not the best. Guy who would be on this market because Chris Paul going to be on the market he's off the ball well yeah but well while taking over anybody else about the that's -- that's like yeah I'll take him as a -- an event so -- -- -- got a real article about it and I think that's the bargain and that bright attitude. -- -- but that's I had it that I think that you. And he accused me. With the nine. Pick in the 2013. NBA draft. The Minnesota Timberwolves select trademark. From the. -- goal a guard to go along with the Ricky Rubio that Minnesota towards Trey Burke from Michigan again in news for the pelicans they -- in their -- no well with the sixth pick. Overall in this draft they have traded the rights to -- and go out to the Philadelphia seventy sixes. Off for eight pick coming fourth in 2014. Which could be a lottery -- is Shaun Kelly pointed out depending on where Philadelphia alliance next season and also the 42 pick. And the issue strengths. With the tenth pick in the 2013. NBA draft and Portland trailblazers select. CJ McCollum. So the most recent pick is and that's the tenth pick in the 2013 in BA draft of Lehigh CJ McCollum. The -- go to the Portland trailblazers so 22 guys that did not. Do some different things last year the rookie of the year Damian Miller had a command issue of course LaMarcus August. Is a very good guy would they do moving forward Nicklaus but soon so -- Portland TrailBlazer ballclub that just a couple of years back. -- this -- and what you think about how they. Had a masters they just master the Lakers. They can rip city at their home court Brandon Roy was one of the best closers in the game. He gates and did different things have been Nate McMillan and so forth. So appalled and ballclub that picks up another guy that can score the basketball in the top news we have. In the first round the pelicans drafted nervous no well the center out of Kentucky now they are unconfirmed reports that as saying that. Noel will be traded to the Philadelphia seventy sixes in exchange for Philadelphia's 42 pick in this year's draft. A first round pick from Philadelphia next it would it would determine on where they land with the season's over their record. And tremendous young right guard in Jrue Holiday of course all this has to be. Approved by the the league and I think we equate everything to football. Where his football when it's announced that pretty much done in the NBA nothing needs submitted to the commissioner. Sounds awful but that's that's what we have more stable right national. Then we'll try to get to Micah. So maybe situation we can reactions I've dealt Dempster money leaves and that's okay I'll be patient enough because this is what we think it is this is a tremendous upgrade of the team. And we talked about other trades happening and we talked about before the break that Minnesota was making a pick with Ricky Rubio in their full of Trey Burke. And we're here reports on the Burke may be traded so over utes also. Yeah I think we're often run and kind of a crazy. -- here in the NBA draft this. And I know we're -- broadcasters. Audience. Tip your cap to you know what I say yeah I just I take what I say -- -- -- could well well get it you know -- -- and -- With -- to be objective right but when when -- team on the home team's new good everybody knows about the economy. People feel better until fall so if we talk about the home team so be it. If if he had basically impossible question that you you'd better tonight. I think you have out I mean my theoretically theoretically about a yeah yeah but yeah I mean if according according to various coordinate their reports of a lot better about that they'll have got a lot. Yeah I mean significantly -- army you talk about. That new young wait -- point guards behind the Chris Paul and Tony parkers. And those guys in -- holiday would certainly fit into that category. Or if you're able to get that guy you get you're able to get a -- -- year. Who is everything you could want in a point guard in terms of the distributors turned score in terms of the guy who. Create a lot of steals crease and made him on the offensive and so you know you've got to love that if this goes through and if it's that you know if it becomes official. You have to fall in love with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But coach always there any talk about how much he -- Trey Burke. You know so. You look at that situation what you pick whether you -- birthday did you got no well maybe figure the number one pick in the draft and you come out of you know left field because two hours ago followed -- said that somehow -- lot of pain. Jrue Holiday I think well with that well they got the money they -- they can do it by about the way it has happened I don't know -- -- little orchestrated that. But if this does come to fruition now. Did you talk about a guy that it is very young he's under contract -- -- four for four more years he's off with some good money. And use -- very very remarkable we spoke with -- that they -- the three things about this franchise now he's -- -- brief press. Are all -- our coaching staff and I financial position. Before you money we have got -- you could say that. He could say that other than maybe the Cole would you -- had Paul. You had wins maybe Tyson was on his way out for the -- was all right but the financial position and the staff but not nearly what. I think Byron Scott was I just think that that yet two -- -- three at that time with the core and environs gotten step on the I'm unabashed. Fan of Byron Scott and in the door and coached that that group of guys -- the I need an -- at -- you at all it would take offense yeah you know. Look. You'll never confirmed would ever -- David west's departure from the franchise. I think. Wasn't solely. On the instability of the owners of the situation but it was a major major major factor. And when mr. Benson. And -- -- that's -- that team and you shed that owned by the NBA label. It changes everything about this franchise. And it's kind of scary to think that money Williams right now as the fifth most tenured coach in the India all the changes that happened so you have that stability -- referring to. Get better tonight you mean I can be done tonight. Because if this is all through. The pelicans -- pick in the second round. And then you have free agency questions ago while. So. He can't help -- be somewhat excited about the situation here. And the other thing that we haven't really -- followed holiday is that part of this building's foundation and not skipping steps has as Coach Williams was top college. You bring that guy who's not nineteen or twenty years old. I mean at at first blush on this on this pick -- Maryland's -- well you're looking at your power forward it to wanna get -- turn 21 during the season late in the season march. And -- news and the new draft pick who will play till December who's nineteen years old. And I and I sort of -- first. This -- and I am. And we just we just got younger do we really need it even younger at this point. Even Norman draft -- -- they take it that the I don't think it's -- it's lost on those making these decisions that. You just use your number six pick to actually get a little. And that's about it. You know you get a guy who are ready form if you. Through -- policy and his current accomplishments. Into this draft that he's the number one -- So yeah that's I don't know a foot and a -- so basically. You get the top pick in this draft and you add a second round pick and that you and into a lottery pick next season so. You know when this thing you know if it comes to fruition which we expect it will well accord to report something you really pull off something really. Good to sit this franchise and given a really solid foundation. And you know it and you and you don't know when you go back and -- give you a perfect example if you look in his book that they give us this draft book. And it goes beckoning you to all the number ones and you look back at the number one's even mentioned you see if a guy like Anthony Davis and you go back and you look at seven. And you see magic Johnson and you go to 82. And you see. James Worthy and you going ointment hound him -- -- the -- pick Magic Johnson has seven. Become a championship team -- pick James Worthy and 82. They've made a trade with Cleveland. The Philadelphia 76 is select. Michael Carter will. Thought out of a Syracuse University 66 -- won -- best players in the big east but but after that and that their point guard -- -- to Rollins and back to that point date -- is that. They made a trade with Cleveland in seventy man that they would have their first round pick in 82. And Cleveland was the worst team than me that's had to get an out I'm not saying that that's going to be the case in Philly but clearly it looks like a team that would be lottery bound. So you're talking about adding. And like you stated if you factored in. For lottery style players and in three years I mean that's how you get the foundation your team. That's -- your team becomes an annual playoff team. And becomes a championship or Western Conference champion -- contender. I mean you've got to have that foundation you got young talented guys and I got to really. Great pieces. In the Anthony Davis -- holiday. Again according to reports. In -- you get you get the lottery pick next year with a deeper draft. Probably more talented players and I mean you you know you get. Back to back to back years of the old -- the players and you're on wood -- up for those -- -- -- -- It's television or two hours that followed you feel that guy yet. Mired in the -- reports crew is still out of it with all the about the with coach guide he has got a -- true. Were those all of the broadcast on the team and that is the job to say the color analyst at pelicans radio and the voice Shaun Kelly again the pelicans what we know they picked. In this first round six pick overall that was Norman's no well. Mean people are saying that they will be a trade of course on this it's official yet but they were traded the rights to -- -- go out to the Philadelphia seventy sixes. In exchange for Phillies 42. Pick in this year's draft which is -- early second round pick. Payton number one pick in next year's draft but the seventy sixes and Jrue Holiday our roundtable crew includes the broadcast crew of the New Orleans pelicans and on -- radio the voice of the pelicans that being Shawn -- color analyst John Shays. That being Steven get will catch up to speed right now and the Dallas Mavericks. All the clock Dallas 41 in 414 in the southwest division a year ago missing out on the playoffs they have this pick which is thirteenth. And also they have the 44 pick which will be a second round at ten players can test the free agent market. On mark Cuban's ballclub now the pelicans had a six pick in the first round. And they directed Kentucky center Maryland no way out Pavel reports announcing this on espn.com. News services this thing. That the pelicans were traded draft rights and out of nowhere now and 82014. Protected. First round pick to the Philadelphia seventy sixes a point guard Jrue Holiday so they haven't now -- we were thinking that. Thought it was different corner -- reports but now Chris Bruce sort -- you know saying that. The -- pelicans to a ship the draft rights to nervous no way out to Philadelphia. An exchange. For that they'll get Jrue Holiday and the pelicans also stand a 2014. Protected first round pick but those who don't know Shawn -- The difference between he protected it unprotected pick -- Well Chris Broussard in this cases reporting that is protected pick one victory so you can do a couple different things are protecting your. But that's what this means is if the pelicans ended up next summer with either picks one to three they would hold that. Philly would not their hands on that. Otherwise if the outside of the protect the range and again Broussard reporting went through three. Then it would be Philadelphia's that. In that situation. Still it doesn't change my excitement about potentially what. Could be football in the situation. Based upon points that we. We've made already -- Dallas by the way it would have a lottery pick that seems strange connecting on the break when that -- and then it's Oklahoma City took. What I -- it was the third best big on the board and Stephen Adams. The seven footer -- six electronic if -- kind of get back -- the speed with us on the draft order -- -- get ready for pick number thirteen. It doesn't surprise me. And shouldn't -- either John and Oklahoma City goes after a big. Based on where Kendrick Perkins is that his career. And is offensive production. For the -- -- they can you Perkins actually of their weekly Q a lot of people talking about that the decision that was made to have to three. James Harden at the post keeping -- bako -- I think the contract that really. Was the albatross around their neck. Would be Kendrick Perkins and him. I take third to bako over Kendrick Perkins every day lots of death if that the contract you can move in order to be able to keep James Harden and that the move you make. But I don't think they can move Kendrick Perkins obviously well I think when when they acquired Perkins though it was the right move because he's a culture guy much like David West has become for the Pacers. But now that culture is entrenched and your younger player electorate what Westbrook so close are we have grown up a little bit. You become a little more expendable for Kendrick Perkins at this point -- to bottom island isn't and David West you know culture guy but a much more productive -- -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- drawing the line there as far as saying establishing an identity. Being tough and reminded them and don't come in here with that type of attitude in the low post. And maybe dallas' biggest prizes yet the comments today of course so wishy washy at best Dwight Howard of course. Coming out the banner school BS they state -- -- -- point followed later Chris Broussard reports it's unlikely he would state. In Los Angeles with the Lakers and babies alternative to he doesn't like this -- -- might be Antonio runs the three teams he says he is interesting and according to Chris Bruce thought. Have to be Atlanta Houston and that. Well in what bothers me about that is is this what number one I do think that Howard is not the right fit in Los Angeles. But what bothers me is that two of the teams on his wishlists right now are in the pelicans division and I still think that Dwight Howard in the right situation. There's a real problem for teams and I'd rather not have to face that guy four times of the year and see a team like Houston like that is on the brink of really doing something special. Get a guy like Howard. And certainly Howard in a Rick Carlisle system would do very well Nowitzki is is running -- before so you know -- you know. -- -- that -- -- that -- as -- obviously because it is probable with the Lakers one of his problems one of his many problems with the Lakers that them but -- Bryant doesn't pass them. The ball enough right and I don't know that James Harden is gonna give them a whole lot more. A -- but that's what we've got -- -- they can't believe it but maybe James Harden getting yell at him with Cokie it. This is true to its history to Dallas is. Jake is in and as we say they have this nick and also one more if everything holds true for the 4141. -- four place I was division Mavericks they were also pick 44 in this draft and as we say that. OJ Mayo Collison brand Marion Dirk Nowitzki however moving forward -- -- can't possibly can't play up to -- can test the free agent market. Forward Dallas and you'd call follows Dallas. Then Milwaukee again the pelicans picked Maryland no well with the sixth pick overall in the first round of the draft. Now according to media source including ESPN our bosses think Chris Broussard. They are saying that the pelicans would ship the draft rights and Ireland's Noel and eighth 2014. Protected first round pick. To the Philadelphia seventy sixes six point -- -- hot. And he'll Mavericks being used -- there in NBA draft. The Dallas Mavericks select. Kelly Olympic from cam Lewis Canada and Gonzaga University. Kelly is not here this evening. And it. Olympics from the Gonzaga bulldogs as we are rolled to the top but they'll break a tremendous team that. Mean it felt would make a push -- five southern in the first round but got popped in the second round. But was one of the top players focus on -- at this past season again the New Orleans pelicans draft coverage continues what we know at this point attempt the pelicans drafted. Known and know well the center out of Kentucky. Report to saying that they would trade the rights and haven't Noel. To the Philadelphia seventy sixes in exchange for Jrue Holiday and the pelicans -- and they protected first round pick. The voice of the pelicans Shaun Kelly is whether it's the color analyst John peseta. And our own Steve -- when we give back we will he too caught up in recapping it. First round and draft up until we -- to pick. Fourteen right now that you colleges. Here on the home with a New Orleans pelicans WW LE 70 AM FM at 1053. And on line at WWL dot com.