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6-25 7:10pm Bobby & Deke, LSU football

Jun 25, 2013|

TigerBait.com's Brian Lazare has the latest on LSU football and baseball

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk a little college recruiting and LSU football at this time would bring in senior right attack debate that content. Browns are to the radio little yesterday LSU take the strong side defense advance -- Oklahoma City. Ed Douglas high school 63230. Pounds. And that being him and I DR -- clock and Brian -- -- -- the bit about the -- latest commitment LSU there. Well either eat that night style of defense to be in good dot -- back and somebody really I think. You know I LSU. I don't think a lot of people thought Ellis unit -- gonna come away with what he's somebody that -- help they would they. They act everybody knows going to -- -- that and make -- -- -- The -- to block that available dole you know it's still early enough in the recruiting race. You know -- she's up India they get the love or commitment now warm. And they have a big can't coming up in July and usually the one in which you know all the better player on the Internet and tell you that -- Opportunity to make you know make the most headway with top players in the Clapton but you've got forty. Brian obviously a lot has gone on Watson not -- -- theoretical decide dog filed them off FaceBook they've been all over the Florida State camps Alabama camp so misused as a big when I'm sure they'll go to. And it USC Cassiopeia today it would Hammond and Marcus Allen and everybody is laying at the red carpet negative to see minute phone. Well. -- no secret that -- that is you know that layer leave via. May -- that player country certainly an outstanding running back and look. He is not yet for LA issue that you look at -- Hughes. 2013. Recurring -- They did not running back in in the reason they did not want it because they want to show. -- you know either guy and one in. Come in here when he got they want and it being charted their running game you know really. LA Hughes is eight in a little bit -- ample this year but not signed running back in and the gap after this year. Could be questionable right now depending upon that and Jeremy -- that out like Kelly if you want. -- great back strong and Ron are. And you know I -- there is not yet. It yet may be it's gonna come down -- two schools you know that -- later. Compete to see who gonna get out there running back at all. But -- twofold that'll make LSU fans hate Alabama more and then and to be you know I mean. Like you say Brian I'm I don't -- -- to put it it's a musket. I mean and not just from -- -- -- because he's the best player in the country using his fate but because of what LA she has a world I have in the bank field. Right and and I got bet that what I think is that the most important reason why me. Is. You know just from what -- perk and out situation in the running back spotlight -- Or. You know I think it. Here you know your -- the running back situation this year Alpert pollute the senior he'd go on. Jeremy ill you don't know what is that is. But he eligible for the -- -- -- and -- eat play and any guy a year when he goes out you know Kenny you know here. He was thinking about leaving this past year so he's a track bar and -- current. -- -- at the yum well -- next year. Try in the NFL the that you do -- back -- Obviously porn at the number one got that Alex you need to come couple -- just like reporters at the build up again at running back. -- -- euphoric golf when a different track and actually a question about -- the college World Series in what do currently L issue. Looking and now another running back question do you think they could've taken that approach it to be this is when I kind of look at it. That he does not want to be part of may be a running back by committee. And so they can maybe convince them of that that look we're not in not gonna have -- by bag by committee you always need depth at running back but you can be the main guy. And not necessarily utilized in three of four backs but do you think maybe that's also selling point that would help keep -- at -- -- They go to Alabama. I don't know well Bobby I think right now the way that you know you gotta go see him back. You know cute here you know to back -- the beauty and I think excellent -- you need to get you know. If you look back Ellis unit and the situation well if you do it by upbeat Arie are abaco and back. I'm really not true. But go back in -- is let rot in round rock. -- -- the year they won the national championship at Jacob's character. They did it. With Steven Ridley. Back in there three years ago I eat -- news for -- would kill it died. So there you want you -- Yeah I get at every right to go to back can change but one team that decides to go to bag like with Alice -- like you know it is a good two back. And it changes but he does stick with the guy give him a chance. And not necessarily gain to gain a like you said he does that would a particular back. Bobbie I really believe it I think it is Albert -- would they LT -- -- -- out for Lou Lou can get -- runs are really I really think it. That was gonna happen and as the season progressed. I think Jeremy -- was underpants that Kenny you need to be expected back. I think it felt a little eight LP lecture I think you have got a -- -- -- -- now we'll just have to -- you know -- this year. You know. Now I'm willing to get it out for Alou or is helping or is Jeremy -- It is skipped all the legal problems patent era and yet he won those two guys. Is that an epic on the year -- what they gonna get they've seen it like -- -- -- Now Brian looking at the college World Series I don't know if you watched. Any of the game and a majority in missy beast in UCLA's last night. Why is -- almost seemed like deja -- now who's the pitcher obviously making it it was him like oh. -- you know fly ball outs and and I will know what went -- -- thirteen fly ball and pop outs and that occurred but. When you reflect now and look at LSU's season. What was shocking to me was obviously the lack. Above it's a production considering this season you know when you're setting records are regular season SEC wins. Boom and all said and done in the two games. Collectively LSU grads to to -- when he won. Then you look runners in scoring position one for thirteen. Against UCLA in including one for nine in that loss to Carolina. But what was surprising also not know. There's not going to be gorilla ball went to score only three runs and that's like the second fewest in college World Series history only -- Kansas. Scored fewer two in 1993. And and that was shocking when you look at their Big Three. -- and what they did in the season. When the accounted for 256 it. Fifty doubles under 47 RBIs in the -- for 24. Well when -- -- -- that he wasn't one that is because CY Alicia went and in all into into -- out. You're right I mean like the point one point at me you know right handed. You know all the right handed pitching. That got -- -- issue in the regional and all of these Geithner. Didn't get it all right gators are different matchups were good relish it and I'm going back in the again. And I -- -- -- -- -- -- make a big deal is for but I think it is it's a heat team. -- -- you would've gotten to -- last year. And they go on go into -- one into last year. I think that would definitely help it. This team's chances because they would know it's like up there. You know would -- TD Ameritrade park is like in. Think it I just would not help them particularly are actively and -- Again -- about those we're seeing low. Run gains there. But what I think is three home runs and have been yet and you know UCLA is is that went away from winning not winning its first all national championship and I'll like it. I really -- I thought I mean -- to three games are not like he'll -- Mississippi State in. You know had been -- beard out -- not -- for years they lost in the championship series to a South Carolina three years ago so they've been here. And -- I just think this is going to be to -- and chances that it would be funny now. In the -- -- three Atlanta -- years it's been at the speed vs -- well stop Carolina beat UCLA. -- Last year. That Arizona on to beat doubt airline now if you could act well and at -- team meeting again in the -- is the one away from. Given the pac twelve to one lead. Now Bryant going back of football now how important is going to be obviously. -- it looked as to pull one out talking about the Saints in the Falcons NFC south. You know you wanna get off to a great start at home as you -- -- common is that swagger. Every season the new season but just from a confidence standpoint how important. Is that kickoff game in Dallas with TCU. To me it's on Garcia must win but I know what a big win when they beat Oregon in Dallas would admit that LSU team. But how important -- you know SEC whatever but. Just it just from a swagger all of its of standpoint maybe -- Byrne gave gained confidence how important as it Spurs game against TCU. Well you know. I really think when you go when the scenes starting in here you know the next few weeks all the -- it -- to come out but the national rankings and then. Even at the you know being vehicle pulled the coaches will come out I think Alex is going to be. Number six month at the NT how they may be I don't know thirteen fourteen in the country and I think they're going to be considered the number six that the ATP. So holes they are going to be under the radar. And it's going to be a situation where people that are able is it LUT good enough to contend so hot pink. There's going to be some questions about them. And if you look at the schedule in other began the year you know the -- The best scenic place in our market is probably TCU in the opener at TCU is not. You know this is not the PP UT moved a couple of years ago is under a Rose Bowl. They will be a very good defensive team this year they'd -- you reach our new quarterback -- And it from the -- last year. But you know he's he was evident that last year. I don't think there. You know they're not gonna be a favorite in the. Well is not the Oregon Ducks mean does that mean run right. It right it's not your conduct like that not -- you -- the year so. I date yet. -- -- issue is going. To. Feel good. I think they need it could come up quite well and beat he's human and it. But -- when people look Ellis is gonna be it experience and a lot of places on defense. You know TCU. Or make talent pure talent standpoint TCU is not where -- Hewitt. Have to play well feel that night in Dallas and -- it yeah yet to go back to the questions. I think it's very important it is Belichick team is gonna have a shot. At. You know. Let's say. You know people high end well that -- cheap team can win and being -- that -- people repent. Regular these -- -- -- can't -- -- you'd start the year. The -- ago -- on Lyle -- thank you for calling WW well. Strong -- and OT to. I you do. -- -- did you say something -- -- it up in the in the middle of it for they have declared he's going to Alabama and oil issues that. -- we -- -- that seemed like it to be between those two schools exist. -- Arnold. I think -- -- -- Belichick is no reason to -- undated Euro league you know applaud -- degree in your family lives in things like that. Analogy with proven that they have no plans for the running back. -- -- would have let him back wanted to let them that you -- that projected number one virtually. -- viewed Corey calls for us right now I. -- well and I like our state -- the second as second round was he thinking that our round. NF in the first round yet the whole debacle has been written. Yeah -- they can and it went -- found out recruited freshman group but it. Atlanta and remains the only -- -- I don't know the last couple. Of magnitude. But anyway. Because they know playing in. If you don't well if we can make it look like. Whoever takes the bull by the hole on teaches is an ambulance got. It got guys that don't know they'd go -- there is -- -- and keep them short program that would recruiting. Yeah it will happen to note to what happened they play on that game like make a hundred yards and play and -- like correct. It's all got it Charles Scott got the ball a lot. One at that it Albany -- -- and it didn't plan all along when it blew it got late in May know the rotation when they can play it like I. I think now it is not a good situation is a different situation nick. Nick -- I went to back in -- is going to be. That people number one got -- it's 66. Panic Eric and the second guys get 40% in the air. I think what let smiled at. If I find that one guy that one guy is gonna get deputy partnered. And it that one guy it. He doesn't on that one guy and I think. You know it's been like it like it -- in the last few years you know where. You know or -- people back. -- -- go back Steven Ridley you need. You know 2000 cant -- out. There but yet again art football. And Ridley would get and twenty cot when he did he keep Garrett pretty because he proved he was the -- -- Yet somebody proved that he is the best -- Let's not been given the football now I'll. And I'll go back and not really it's there's one problem with Kenny you know like I remember talking with -- -- and Kenny you -- And Alpert blues as well I wanna beat the number one guy I wanna beat you gotta get all care. Kenny -- that. Look I'm happy I just -- help the team win a spot on separate Aaron McKie met would make. Look what happened when Albert -- got hurt without -- rule got hurt at any idiot. Eddie you in the first game yet to play against Auburn you ran the ball against opera like somebody about it won it yet but separate -- -- BP got. And I think that route to hatred toward the end of the year ERL all the -- pictured here meal with the hype that was enough most of the art. When he initiative -- you -- -- -- point -- LSU. Yeah if you get it where I think point eight on on the public sale that's leg again and -- about getting plenty of help when quote. -- you understand. Well I mean you know you know -- steel steps and played in Alabama in -- -- -- or daughter worked in the. -- Montreal -- championships in four years so let me get decent guy and I got a ton of people hit. And they've -- playing the way he's been terrible you know that he's ever run back in the terrible basically. -- say that. You know -- -- almost got to play and -- teach it in Wisconsin I mean Brady -- -- got a plan what what is is the vocal as they. No no I think they got it if you are running back at you like you're trying to figure out -- that bicycle a lot of back. Took a lot of schools and not use and -- back on the -- like they used to. That I would go when it looked like it right. You could well -- they -- -- this year you'll see a plague you use the -- if you have a watch college football out Saturday SEC. What you saw Wisconsin in the last decade USC and Arkansas now if you're running back it can be ought to overlook that -- -- good guys -- -- -- let -- -- running a lot is banks. I can promise today yeah -- you look at there was constant running backs they don't have the NFL cornered the card their production yardage wise. But they outstanding at Wisconsin. I mean I don't have a program -- Izod trophy have a candidate running backs speak almost as a running back to and again as Brian would probably agree with his two. You go look at the longevity. A lifespan of a running back. I don't know if you necessarily the get from the get go -- NFL and actually get pretty. Do you want to be running the ball. 2530 times a demon -- SEC. Before all of a sudden. Are you to beat up. And how the NFL's interview you you're a show flashes of greatness but actually deride you like old Earl Campbell days at Texas. I don't think from an individual standpoint is this -- a given a final one Bryant following you. -- all listed. Is Cam Cameron. How will he help in all of this -- we talk about not just in time that the quarterback received mean you look at the LSU offense. It and need from what they've been recruiting and where the numbers saw it's they have been made that big in the return on the investment. Quarterback wide receiver. And running back how to see how does he -- -- equation -- -- all. Well I think for that matter and the caliber of the players after Albert. -- -- And yet. If I I don't think it LHU and at. The type of quarterback. Play. Since 2000 snapper Matt walking off the stroke let's look at the -- -- a lot. -- back -- slandered by receivers they're pretty big got a. Are pretty good at the talent of the Reuben Randle ordinarily do that. All our you know the big guys art Powell are not Albert Brandon looked out I don't think it. So. The -- the -- Alley if you. All the coaching staff and instruction the last two years we have the balk at the line coach called the lady and the guy. You know and this guy has never dealing with the quarterback to crack back couldn't work. So I think it will be much static is -- being a point now that the guy -- -- the quarterback is whipping every day -- Is gonna call -- now and you ask me about LA law and public better going to be. He'd come out of one position on the field for me it's quarterback at a -- LB -- met burger is going to have numbers like AJ McCarron. And and Murray at Georgia. And Connors you all like South Carolina. And complete over 60% of -- passes and had. -- -- To the one touchdown interception on the sale and move the football -- So I'm I'm but it -- right here is all on a quarterback. And if you look at it at the quarterback in this league right now. That there were returning you know Matt Burke it's not the top of the. Senior running attack debate dot com Brian czar Brian always a pleasure thank you so much. It.