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Mar 7, 2013|

Todd Menesses talks with WWL listeners about if cheerleading is a real sport.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually -- and this is in force screwed once again tonight 26018786. Exit 890870. All right here's the things that our on our talk topic. -- nine. TSA changed its policy of allowing passengers carry those knives on -- you can now carry a pocket knife. On the flight. You could before. Apparently someone never told my fault every time we had to flight some where he flew -- to fly much. Whenever we get the securities -- -- -- my pocket I've you know what they want those little but he. Any pen -- that they're talking about. And -- -- in the car but again you can bring those. On flights now -- gonna start allowing them started on Tuesday. To allow those back on flights as long as the blades. Not longer than 2.3 six inches. Is that right or wrong move. Air marshals and flight attendants are upset about the move obviously the former head of the TSA says they're not going far enough. He says we should let you bring axes and machetes. On board as well. Because he's saying. Yeah I can it be able to bring down the plane with those. He says that allows the TSA. To focus more. On things that they should be focusing. Mainly. Bombs and toxins. That can destroy an airplane. And not being worry worry about these things. Does that mean they're not paying attention. For those other things because they're looking. A pocket knives. That we thing and 260 on -- 786 exit 89087. He says they should be allowed a little while anything if you bring a battle lax on he should be able to take the battle lax onto the flight with the pieces I don't think what are you gonna do when you get on over the battle -- People -- battle lax and say you're gonna take over the plane -- one or two people but that's it. Because everyone else would jump on you and take it from you and use it on you. You think that's gonna happen. The most yet what do you have several people. On the plane with battle axes and machetes. Several people on the -- With knives. Is that problems should we go back. To the way it was before. The September 11 attacks. And allow everything back on points. Because. Even the you know they used box cutters. And the September 11 attack. Even those weren't allowed back then. They were stuck on board. So. Is it time to go back is a complacent if we go back or. Should we stay the course and the security measures that are in place now. -- -- -- -- He's 601 point 786 exit 890 it to. They're also and allow travelers to bring billiard cues ski poles hockey and lacrosse sticks. And a maximum. Of two golf clubs. Into an aircraft cabin as carry on baggage. Wildly to golf clubs. -- -- But apparently. Only to bring three. We got a problem. Bring three. Might be by -- to. Focus. It also allow novelty and toy -- if they measure less than 24 inches. And plastic bats if they -- less than 24. Pounds it's. Story. So announced that it -- for pocket knives I guess they're gonna have to be. Measuring bats and wing plastic -- -- If they're not to -- 2601878. Execs at 89 -- good good idea or bad right or wrong movement obviously. Also afford a legislator. Once anyone trying to buy ammunition. Not guns. Ammunition. To have a three day waiting period. And. -- anger management course. They would have to completed anger management course. Before. They can purchase. Ammunition. On top of a three day waiting period. She says come. -- bill it would say it would be unlawful to sell ammunition to another person who does not present certification. That he or she has successfully completed an anger management program. Consisting of at least two hours of on line or face to face instruction. In anger management techniques. What is wrong. With that. Automatically assuming. That anyone who. Owns a gun. And asked the purchase ammunition. As an anger problem. We think about that -- Those of you who. Sport -- those of you who. Have guns that shoot. Shoot. The competition's. Just go out and target -- The range. You gotta take anger management courses you gotta have a certified certificate that you went through this course. Before you can buy ammunition. Her reason being. She's concerned. About citizens who stockpile ammunition or by too much ammunition. She says that creates a dangerous situation. This is in Florida. The -- is senator from mud Jacksonville's senator Audrey Gibson. Democrat from Jackson. Three day waiting period. And anger management. Courses. You problem with that. I do I think once again. There -- attacking the wrong thing. To try to protect people from gun violence. Going down the wrong. Path. And law biding citizens once again. Have to worry about. Another. Hurdle jump another low poll they have to go through another when a loophole another hurdle -- the jump something else they have to. Go through another. Hoops to jump through. Just to buy ammunition for. 2601876. Exit signs early seventy and also. The judges ruled. That competitive cheerleading is not a sport and can't be considered one. In order to replace women's volleyball. At -- a big university in Connecticut. You think he's right. It is our parade eject or opinion poll. You log on at WW well dot com. And cast your vote is competitive cheerleading a sport or activity. 59% of you say it's an activity 41%. Say it is. A sports. All right. Let's go to the phone to go to Alex in the CBD -- lecture on WW. Well hey Alex. And it's our -- can make a comment about. You know being able to take certain things that he's as Welker on the plane to the knives yeah. Yeah dot com. And that there really that idea could you Avalon. Not so nice people and a lot of people who. You know. Could be. You know terrible. Problem. Common in the not in the US and it just gives him another opportunity. -- actually don't see a -- to. Well I mean there are some restrictions to the types of knives. They can bring on because in the TSA was they would confiscate every night. It -- -- a little and knives. Small -- this has to be. The blade is no can no longer then. 2.3 six inches about six centimeters. And it can't be a one of these. Locking beliefs or anything like that simply can't be more than a half inch at its widest point. Can't ample locking a fix believe. Can have molded grip. And box cutters and razor blades still won't be allowed in the -- as well. I think it's very stupid Lou I mean article on who wants it to you do open -- he's been he's an opportunity. Well. The consultant and just think it's very stupid foolish -- -- an intelligent intelligent close here understand that column. I'm just kidding about diet more chances. While -- -- -- additional I mean that make sense to you. Yeah -- -- -- -- say it makes sense that mean the former UFC agents is they're not going or not that should allow to bring axes and machetes to it he's not being sarcastic he's been serious. Yeah that doesn't make -- I'm almost sure it was a little -- question at you. Now a large article the plane -- -- plant again you know. Yeah he yeah I don't think I don't think he understands you know he says those things can't bring down the plane. But. And and what your concern and effort from others September 11. -- used bombs or are. Toxic. Chemicals to bring down on the plane they had box cutters. They took over and then they flew the Burlington that the bill that made the playing the ball. So. I think it's. They are comfortable it's I think. I want to in ours -- house it is do or that he was law and beaten early in the morning yesterday point. Yeah he got he got mugged yesterday he's doing okay he was on the air this morning and oh yeah he's he's doing fine the he's -- topple bird. Conflict in explicitly that could. At W them -- patrol officer. Now that are known you when you went to go get checked out but no he was hospital. Well. There are ongoing concerns. Apparently. I'm concerned about. Issued an item that does not issue a little yes. We've been who's been filled in for Tommy this week Indonesia the -- he's not a OK. -- thanks for -- Alex. Thanks for your concern for the this -- 26018786. Exit 890870. The evidence is in for that very same dispute. He has should be back with you on Tuesday night will take a break and when we come back into more of these topics. And a check are pretty Jack or opinion poll and also our text that 87870. As a many of you. -- commenting on a lot of the topics were talking about especially the cheerleading one. Is that a sport or not his competitive cheerleading a sport. And shouldn't be considered a sport -- the NCAA recognize competitive cheerleading. As a sport will take a break and be right back TWO. -- you heard the numbers call and you can also text that they 787. You're some of the text that have been coming in. About our topics so far. Someone texting rates that -- that racism cheerleaders have to take the same physical little sports players have to take so with the sport. Signed sincerely high school football coach. Another text is doing flips and singing on a trampoline a sport. That's all cheerleading is just not on trampoline. Someone else competitor purely sports. Now the tax I think the university talking about that -- University of Connecticut. Should bring back the volleyball team the women's volleyball team keep the cheerleading cut the payroll for every one. Line via one's. That way to capitol up they -- to the women's volleyball team. Because they didn't have enough on the exit monetary reasons budgetary. And for the players and the coach -- It's that you can't. Because of a title mind you can't get rid of it though. They then went in -- women rugby. And competitive truly. And the judge says no that doesn't count. So the cheerleading he says there's not a sport because it's not recognize. But he NCA eight. Sports one of his main reasons. Says it's not quietly. Recognized enough and hasn't grown enough. As far as the women's rugby team. The problem with that did not going far enough it is there's not enough competition. On the college level for them to actually play compete. So that was their problem there. And politics at 87870. -- -- double sport from an activity. Defense. Sports baseball basketball football hockey soccer auto racing horse racing etc. Not sports. Skull. -- Cheerleading. At that. You agree with that that the Tiger Woods might have something -- say with Goldman being sport. Let's see here. Another -- how. You haven't you can have a night. In a bat which you have to throw out the water bottles still to get on a plane. Makes -- cents. Someone else takes it must be something in the water in Florida. What -- not talking about the Florida senator. Who wants people have to take anger management courses. In order to buy ammunition. Have a three day waiting period and have to go through an anger management course before. You can purchase ammunition you have to be certified. That you don't have an anger problem. And every ten years. You have to be recertified. -- you don't have an anger problem. To buy ammunition. Most people think the bill's not even doing like to go anywhere she seems to think it's. A good bill. And she says it's not about the guns. It's about the ammunition. She's concerned with citizens stockpiling. Ammunition. And potentially creating a dangerous situation. Her words to music so what late 786 exit 890878. Another text -- 87870. I guess you could call NASCAR or bowling a sport. I don't seem like cheerleading shouldn't be considered sport requires way more athletic ability. And either of those two. Let's see here. Someone else. -- Why does anybody need a -- while flying anyway what's the point of having won what could you possibly can't dispute that so important. With a bully that you can't do before or after your flight doesn't matter if it's just. 234 inches it glance nothing good can come of it. Come on America. So someone else. Upset that the TSA. Has decided to change their ruling on Tuesday and now allows people carry those small pocket knives. On to planes. That the bad idea. Air marshals flight attendants also say they need to reconsider that that it's a bad idea of the former TSA hits with. Should the expand that a little more. Numbering. Axes and machetes. As well because he's convinced. That you won't bring down a plane. If you have any of those things on a flight. That. The citizens I think based on his statement. Those flying on the plane. Won't allow it to happen. The right to 608786. Exit 89 points. What do you think about the guy -- Long Island. I mentioned this last hour but we didn't. Get into too much. He got a summons for laughing. To allow. In his own. Whose -- -- is disturbing the peace. He was laughing too -- apparently was laughing at his neighbor. Who was making faces -- remarks to him. Trying to get upset and all -- it was laughed off and the neighbor didn't like it called police the police. Gave -- a summons on the twelfth and the thirteenth. Two nights in a row. At a 6 o'clock in the evening. Disturbing the peace laughing. Wildly. That neighbor. Is the guy that needs to take the anger management course. Not the one -- The other guy. He's the one -- and anger management course. Because really your neighbors Laphen. And it's too wild. You got to call the police. Really. Serious. Wow I mean I -- New Yorkers there. Known for. Being a little sour. But really. 260876. Exit 8908. That we are operating eject or opinion poll four tonight. Is competitive cheerleading a sport or activity. 58% of you say it's an activity. 42%. Say it's the sport and as a courses on. On our -- at 8787 a lot of people. Comparing and contrasting what they think of the sport they don't think it's the sport. So tell me. Is competitive cheerleading a sport not the most of ice skating it's not a sport. With somewhat caller earlier this that well. Since competitive cheerleading is not in the Olympics. It shouldn't be considered a sport. But I skating hits. In the mile. Those should that be considered. Sport. Football baseball Lebanese politics. So what is the criteria for sport. One of our -- that -- -- -- it's it was as you gotta have some sort of defense she got to be. Really competing -- -- -- competing for me gymnastics is in the Olympics. NCAA recognizes gymnastics that compete. Judges rule orbit. As to who wins and who does the best. So why is that a sport and -- Competitive purely. You see when you start to try to make those. Lines. As to what you consider a sport which you don't consider war. There's always something that falls in that. Gray area. It's never really black and white. Because the summit the sport. They may be trading four. There competing and it. -- -- Bowlers compete. -- the PBA global associates. A lot of money. -- story. Golfers compete. The PGA. Pretty sure we all agree Tiger Woods. As -- a lot of money. Those Rory so his. Phil -- all these other guys. You gonna tell them. Not a sport. What they're doing. So. If it only if your actually. Physically. Competing with someone. In the sport has to have some physical aspect of -- actually. Making contact with the other team. That your definition of the sport. Music so -- 78 the secluded -- are awaits them. I think George Carlin used to have. A a whole bit about what the sport what's not a sport. And he said. You know one of the things he says jokingly was. The chance for physical injury. Mean that the sport. The chance that. While competing against your opponents. You couldn't physically get hurt. Or you could hurt them. Is the sport. To which he jokingly events. Racecar driving. Is the ultimate sport because you can die. You can crash into someone that they can die if you go by those rules to 60 what -- 786 dictated nine. 0878. Let's go to a Joseph in Dallas they do the -- on WW up. While we're a couple of people who are. I'll try to get -- for the -- Great man -- and so -- What cool it. -- Butler did it feel more like Chile in the sport you know that one question or in the kind of fun to actually cheerleading. -- -- When you get the cheerleading what -- the rule. What we're. Well there there has come there is competitive cheerleading on a collegiate level with a -- compete against each other. And -- -- judge what they're doing which is no different than it gymnastic. Routine thing. In gymnastics is recognized -- So while we put competitive cheerleading under domestic and just totally -- -- -- -- cheer leading. -- competitive cheerleading gymnastic. It's more like -- gymnastics. Because you can't in the finals that you wouldn't it all. In at the big difference between surely you know. What the rules you know -- the scoring in her or at an all of these and what. And other rules -- The sport. What -- the rules -- you. All the -- that is is weightlifting and sports. Are ovals yet. You know -- the -- -- Now what how do you -- -- along adaptable to go wrong but that. So considered a sport it's the big -- here. So so then. Checkers and -- would be a sport. If you wanna consider their competitive -- the show that there's another bloodbath at the -- been. It's classified as these war. But that would be more game is concerned so it what if. Okay would've been competitive cheerleading and I'm not sure I'll try to find it out here trying to on that is were -- him. You know maybe they have to do you know like in gymnastics they have to do so many routines that -- this many points they have to do so many of this and that you know. Those -- the rules. Well but it would cheers. What not to tip cheered -- but in the end is under title now. Well you know. But Canon color videos show and so on a while back not a -- of parliament took him out. The government -- What -- -- about -- actually it is now. It -- back to what he cheerleading umbrella is an Eagles -- think the name before the and they have a very broad umbrella in a huge learning process. And they don't want to -- -- war because there -- regularly it. And it's regulated they have all the bodies. -- of awarding of cooperation. Stop it but you know the way it is there by the the aspect of don't don't regularly. But the sport that regulated just like football as well. Yeah they're all there is a season there is a rule book for all start cheering in the NC NCAA dot varsity dot com. There is -- rule book. -- That's a culture and out and may as well that's what the score was trying to do in Connecticut they actually were calling it. Acrobatics and tumbling. -- I have but it that is judge certain now now -- -- you know -- that it followed an added that followed the title nine. That hit. His reasoning his reasoning for it. Was that he's -- while they have made some improvements and it is catching on. They've got more cohesive rules of competition they've gotten better championship formats he said. Two organizations compete to oversee the activity and it's not recognized by the NC a sport. Yeah net wary of -- -- -- -- There is it's one of those corporate does everybody that's on their part. Well it's unfortunate that. About a couple friends that have dollars and you you know pretty well. They've worked -- It's not a sport unfortunately. In well local organizations. All I know what they think they would hear that it did make the work that you have awkward years spotters there. They spotters tick away from the overall well. Visualization of the sports world -- actively. In the world spotter thing. -- If you look at electable candidate and it. -- Joseph comments he should it be a sport. How much we know indicated in the in the teacher and coach you know see how short the girls work and Howard from the boards were I -- think it's it's sport. I think it should be recognized. And he put the hard work -- that -- he bought it bought it. This on a little bit -- the war of the rule. And that floppy that was the all right Joseph that they -- listen Dallas thanks Solomon. They today of the stream. Thanks. I'd music so what -- 7866 -- 89 generated Jennifer coming to hang on YouTube we come back from our break. She's a cheer coach he says there are rules. To this oh I want to find out a little bit more about it the ominous is in force it will take a break and be right back it's WWL. And welcome back to evidences in the force cute tomorrow on WWL first news. Should the world let's make exceptions to its residency requirement Boston Chicago Philadelphia all have -- laws if you were for city. Should you be required to live in the city. Where do you live. And where'd you work. Plus at a recent survey. The majority of American Catholics the majority favors same sex marriage married priest women priest birth control the death penalty and abortion. With some limitations view. And which of these should the next Pope addressed. And also. A guy delivered 85 pizzas. The bills over 14100 dollars he got a ten dollar tip. You look good tipper is it ever okay not to tip. That's just some of the things tomorrow with -- In fort Tommy Tucker from six to ten here on WW well 26018786. Exit 890870. Getting a lot of text about. This cheerleading. Thing. Man that shouldn't be any sport. When OPEC university. In Connecticut. Is saying that competitive cheerleading should be a sport it should be. -- considered under title nine and that would cover them for women women's sport. Now. Some people texting and they're saying let's see that it that it tell the people who think it's not a sport to try and do it. -- it's not a sport. And you know just because something is difficult dude doesn't mean it necessarily. Has to be a sport or not. -- rock climbing is incredibly difficult. -- be fairly athletic that. But that's not considered sport considered activity. Ballroom dancing is an Olympic sport also. Is an Olympic sport also but not a sport. The a look at them and that is -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- in the Olympics. Someone else there -- -- and competitive cheerleading. Do some research before you speak so confidently caller. Into our last caller saying that there's no rules therefore it should be considered sport. Another tax -- that it's just outlaw all sports. So the students can focus on getting that great in being a graduate from whatever school problem Saul. -- -- -- -- The Olympics are about ratings now that is why wrestling and baseball. Will not be at the next Olympic women's beach volleyball. It's always done live on TV 260187866889. 0870. That is are pretty jaguar opinion poll for tonight. Based on that story -- Connecticut. Is competitive cheerleading a sport where activity. 61% of you now say it's an activity. 39%. Say. That it is a sport. And speaking of sports somebody else. Will throw into the mix here -- you know like I can't go at night without talking. More sports. More football. Jeff Saturday. Jeff Saturday -- he recently retired. And he played with the Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning was senator. He that it does last year with the Packers last year he'd been re signed with the colts are obviously and retired. As COLT. He says the only regret he had. In his career. Is that. They didn't go after. The perfect season when they had the chance to do. 2009. Member of the year they made it to the Super Bowl loss to the things. The colts pulled Peyton Manning. And others in the third quarter. Of the fifteenth game. And they ended up losing that game to the jets 2915. At that point there were undefeated. He says quote that's the only thing I wish we would have done differently. I was in favor but obviously I got outvoted by management -- we pulled everybody just let it go by the wayside and ended up losing. Those great opportunity. To -- sixty you know. What a team is. Fourteen wins. Fifteen wins NFL team. He was a fan. What's more important to you. To go sixteen and -- to keep those starters in the patriots did it in 2007. Playing Tom Brady and the rest of the start of all the way through. They have a final game with via the jets not the over the giants at the Super Bowl but the regular season. Where. Everything was locked up. If you were saying what should they play the starters and they did it -- got as close game. They got a little mountain. Which a risk that injury for the playoffs. Do you think your team should go. For the perfect season for sixteen you know. Or. Should they do like the colts did. Polar body out. And lose if you get everything locked up. Colts that even go on when the Super Bowl that -- the saints won the Super Bowl. But at least they could -- there were one of the teams that went sixteen and now. Which is very hard to do. So being like that. Your team is undefeated. Should they pull the starters are people playing these 601 point seven it's XX 89. 087. -- will take our final break this are what we come back we'll talk to a Bulldog -- talk about the cheerleaders. And the game other -- coming in about the cheerleading as well with some of the other things going on in. Again the debate what the sport wants not a sport that some people and if your team or the states or whichever team you follow. If they could go undefeated in the regular season should they go for it to keep their starters in even if they've got everything locked up Jeff Saturday says. That's his biggest regret that they didn't do that. What do you think will be right back WW. Backed up an assistant for us cute. To stick so what 87866889. 0870. And coming to you who tonight from you know obviously the -- wrestlers. Coming from parts -- no. Actually in the that the men. My home. Because -- they're doing work around the building. Down there and they're Jack hammering I think all the Siemens up. Or something around the building. And in Alison ransom Tuesday answering your phone then running matched control. Says it's incredibly loud enough so we anticipated that it was going to be incredibly loud that you couldn't. We couldn't do this show. From there and neither are obviously doing that night. So it doesn't disturb the rest of the patrons in the building but. So if you if you happen here a dog bark. Or. Someone. Walked into the room with a phone ring. That's why. Now the dog. The dog is sleeping. Over the corner now so I doubt she's gonna bark. But. If you do I just want to alert you if you're listening. That's why because we're coming from parts of the masked wrestler from parts -- and so Bulldog Matthew David we'll get you right after the break here.