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Jan 10, 2013|

Bobby and Deke take your calls on your picks for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs...PLUS, would you vote in any player into the Hall of Fame accused of using performance enhancing drugs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And get a good evening good afternoon and welcome to sports talk on the tenth day of January 2013. He's the Kasey -- and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up at the bottom of this -- -- executive vice president and general manager. Mickey Loomis six into the radio huddle will visit -- on a several topics obviously about. -- -- he and the organization are doing moving forward is felt on the 2012. Season. And also yesterday. The resigning to a five year extension of coach Sean -- so stick around and -- -- -- will visibly Mickey Loomis at the bottom of the now. And open lines always to the 6 o'clock now Mets will go around the National Football League it is loud. Claude we can translates into divisional. Weekend at a wild cards in. I thought they were entertaining although Bobby. The favorite -- Houston in Green Bay -- The end on Sunday Baltimore. And late Seattle -- So all the famous -- but it wasn't my there will be they would blow up ethnic at Cincinnati Houston and it was tight in those -- drive yeah rabbit. I say the most down to performance and of -- back. Green Bay Area at this early stage of the game in saint the Seattle after an early at the -- -- today that property at a table looks like -- from a line standpoint. We could see some very interesting matchup this week in some rematch as you think about Houston. And New England Baltimore and -- Green Bay and San Francisco. And -- to win at Seattle and Atlanta will break down all of those games for -- it's a clock now and the off. Who is hack hack hack hack. The -- NFL games last week and he took the over in the national championship that was cities that you like the total. Which was -- want to with with the of the out or Crosby all -- this week in the way way it was -- get some volleys from him. May be if you teases -- could have been shot on games to -- Bobby. So we got to take advantage dance to gotta finish strong found a way to you know. Who scored two with our money into something and then also very interesting book it is out title at the fights it's a it's a basically a -- book. It's one of these bigger fickle books not the standards that book he came out before the holiday at the forward in his by Jim -- But Howard Jets will be with -- talk about it just it's it's it but it's a block -- art book novels but it's but I'm glad that table. You have big boom like that he would pick big -- again it all call a photos but he gets like about you could -- -- has slipped on the box that they got like. Floyd Mayweather in May be pose in the year oppose in the book. Were talking about that and that's coming up at 7 o'clock now and the road to Super Bowl in New Orleans continues. -- make -- for the divisional round what are your picks. Big games coming up on Saturday -- we will have all four games here on WW radio. And on Sunday as well Chris -- league in terms of podium I can all the match of new England and Houston. We have gamba and Baltimore. We have Atlanta and Seattle and San Francisco. And Green Bay. As for the first time in nearly twenty years. No one was voted into the Baseball Hall of -- Would you enshrined any of the PED tainted candidates. Almost hall of famers Bobby. Came out and spoke several different hall of -- was in -- the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. They applaud. They or excited. For the shut out so to speak. Goose Gossage -- is quoted saying if they let these guys in and the top of the list the three that with a PD's. Native Barry Bonds Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa. Who's got -- it if they let these guys in any point it's a big black eye for the hall info baseball it's like telling our kids. You can cheat you can do whatever you want and it's not going to matter you agree or disagree or should do you think dip on the -- TDs. Put these guys into hall of fame status all of you already hall of fame status guy as images in its big game so to speak. KG can and -- eventually. If not -- first ballot obviously and you -- hard to process. The owners say with a sixty some percent to get in the hall of fame here you bring in veteran and and how hard it is -- you might have to wait a number of years did you think and I get organized on his listeners do you think eventually they will get in the hall of fame who we might be Aleman. Do you you know on the last leg is Boras. You know not now because it's still fresh in everyone's mind. But do you think eventually they will get in sodas and that's a question and -- You know Bobby we called the bit about this yesterday of course -- game to a more once the interview comes out but. Lance Armstrong -- Oprah Winfrey yesterday and also permits when he is at the capital of Texas. And suppose he's gonna come clean a talk about it you know Oprah's gonna pose the question but -- -- I was talking about. Practice zones of about a -- doctor Robert via. American back in -- you know the doping in cycling must be phenomenal -- which in the guys over the top because. All of those guys have like the kind of the same -- Bobby is not like you gotta be just need stripping. But that bit the strategy and that in the TTO they go to some of the doping. I mean hidden in hotel rooms we can't see it's it's black and a get escorted to a bay they do a transfusion. The doping must must be really huge what I'm saying he'll pupil -- it's. Folk to go to the list that I do to to get a wayward the last would you be going into our crew so so ever and ever. Almost and -- at the and everybody's -- you can identify an. Understatement as the look at you think about the way I was -- like they say that. Suppose the cream -- with Barry Bonds you could. You could -- to scream and rub it on yourself I'm thinking OK but to go through a transfusion. You know I mean do all -- in in in -- enhance your performance it must really make him much of a different because of that the severity of what they do it. Does it when you climate system and I gonna mountains and the paired in the Pyrenees I think I'm pronouncing that right you know the oxygen in your blood. Give you an added advantage that that it is a big advantage. And I think why they want Lance Armstrong to come clean and in a -- and -- Tennessee when they interview comes out -- would Oprah because I think he still wants to compete. Makes -- Leno how much he's gonna saying. As for as Expos in. You know the authority. You know individuals in high places that make the decisions. As far as in the cycling world -- international level. That really. You know we can expose them I they would be trying to find out. What Lance Armstrong is that they want information. All he employed part how did you cheat the system -- all these guys getting away with it to to try and counteract that. You know it's Ozzy from what I understand there was a big feature a couple of years ago in the Wall Street Journal as soon as some type of test. His come up with to try and the curtail although he notes stopped open they found another way to -- is always a way to -- this says. Right right that's why he had to try to evening catch -- I mean right now you wanna talk about. A sport that that's been ugly and corrupt you have to say cycling I'm sure. We might have some cyclists out there and keep calling a lot more than you and I know. Of the but it's a shame is gone to this point but and and you look at Lance Armstrong all the great things he's done with the Kansas society. -- hundreds of millions of Dallas he's reason. So it was kind of like a hero and one note and then all of a sudden. It just. It's a travesty -- involvement to get to that level as far as and you look and a fair competition. Are opening up what -- as yesterday's Max Kolb borrow reported to Louis. The another one goes into the draft Chris Faulk offensive lineman bode LSU Tigers makes an eleven and they still haven't to a Tuesday. January 15 visit Atlanta on the class and declare. For address services but it. The NFL draft in April now call sharing Marcus in Joseph. He's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Saints general manager and executive vice president Mickey Loomis -- at five a 435 -- WW. And welcome back to sports talk today's -- jaguar opinion -- Online at WW a deck I am in the NFC divisional round who all you picking in Atlanta Seattle Green Bay. Our salmon sisco and stamina -- on out he said you know. We could see a rematch of the most controversial ending. To a game and in NFL history. When you talk about. What the officials were doing out there and that was a Monday Night Football debacle that events -- to the NFL officials being re. In state and it would be in the Packers backyard this time around but Seattle so much better weather com it is time they won a road game as yeah it would it on two road games so. All that's what they want -- goods like this thing to an acorn -- they win one right now -- up about Matt went on the road to being the only thing -- -- say two things anything colleges pulling in the next player did that it doesn't matter. And -- two players they gonna hurt their teams I think when all's said and done. I don't know the extent. Justin Smith. You know when his -- said his -- injury is he actually playing one arm because that hurts. The 49ers. Because I'm telling you when he is a beast -- controls the line of scrimmage Drew Brees talked about last night. Hollis and all the -- and he has no sex says justice has been out because he's that disruptive. And the player who got hurt and a terrible feeling at FedEx. Against the Redskins Chris Clemons. The David today Chris Clemons now groin against the Falcons. Big you know -- gonna put in there more now and Kenny stepped magazine get after the quarterback. Bruce Irvin from West Virginia all I know -- -- issue. Ran those kind of guys run right at him don't be surprised if Bruce -- in their Chris Kluwe Chris Clemons is out with a knee injury that they run right -- -- arms in this deal. Married for a series Sherri good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. I'm gonna say that I grew up in the family with a big fan of a baseball and the NFL. And that we followed baseball closely for a long time I did very closely. I agree with Goose Gossage and I think if any of the guys who used performance enhancing -- ever to make it into the hall. Which spent the night. They're in every publication and should be. Are -- -- the other names should be have been as strict as they should be a footnote saying used performance enhancing -- and let people make up their own. -- and that's way Hank Aaron can -- that. Poland playing a vital. Good commandment you want it right he's the one is the one you need to have that I -- and I'm in my mind at this point because he's probably one. May -- may Syria if I may get what what has all of this PD VDs there Lloyd's. Performance enhancing drugs done to you as a fan watch him baseball. Okay what is can debate is just make me. Wonder how anyone wanna finish your career having used to him. What they'll never know what they could've done without them and that the that is part -- the Barry Bonds might have done it anyway without. And look at Lance Armstrong look at him he's never gonna -- would be by the time look at it -- and plus. Area probably no one that's -- it was a seven year old ordinance that Dallas unbelievable -- yeah I I think you make a valid points count like all right you know what you did with them but right -- know what you do without. That's the Edmonton and serve as it does to everybody involved with. Right thing I mean that. -- -- try to be a role model are sharing a young cyclists and I'll come on that -- thing it's against that level. You know I've that this on the illegal -- and I think that's gonna change going forward but we have to wait thing. Share it thank you so much for the call we appreciated. To a cell call for Joseph Joseph good evening thank you for calling them. -- -- Doesn't do. -- -- -- Yeah that's -- you guys -- what I disagree with -- got a -- in the previous -- -- -- two things number one Andre and Clemens what are got to look should be in the hall of fame based on anything that was prior -- roller. Allegation. Talked Bob Taylor in there can't be called in Korea or. -- Clement are the other playing here as of you don't credible. For like -- -- and all -- -- -- that you look at welcome written. And in the late sixty's can't while former Yankee pitcher they also like to playing well Robbie. Called green. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Org Jared hey general you point you know -- tell by the green knees and and bills and stuff and and All Saints locker room in the first of the saints' first started. They you have to have speed and a bowl in the training a little like a jelly bean ball. Yeah I just a good you wanted let me think about that now and though there rebellion you look in the sixties and they hippie era and all that. But when you think about all it's so bad today. No that would be shocked you didn't have the media a -- and but it would be -- was that card in the sixties and early seventies and even in good going into the eighties. Right Bobby and nobody has been a comfortable that's what -- it. And that's what. Not what I appropriate bin Goose -- Are you who you who you hopefully -- you've got him the ball a baseball bat that he -- when you look at it and it would Patriot well covered -- when you look at the gun albeit -- Are both guys -- -- and then -- -- -- walk away is the guy should be in the hall Eric is all because you gambled on baseball and as people all the doubtful well yeah. Why nobody in the camp and getting -- even do drug related. Riding it out. Exactly what dare we thank you so much paragraph called Al's a great call yet it Gerald while we go to break here. -- tell you Pete Rose. By him gamble -- that that did help him get all those hits yes so I mean it's all I know professional sports DE. Amylin and that's why do they -- all that more than anything. I'm back now call and Marcus. Saints general manager executive vice president Mickey Loomis Knicks WW a news times for 31 will go to saint Rose the first new. Audits these pants in full effect last night holding the high school on Rockets. Nearly thirty below their average you averaging a a -- 06 to -- just seven man last night as a bonus deep into rolling all the subways how was this week. First San Antonio -- Dan. The Rockets in tomorrow night the loveless Minnesota Timberwolves. To the phones -- ago. Now on I want thank you for calling WW well. Now the -- about that broke out it. Thought ought to go out. What I was -- volleys -- should well. All cricket does Charlotte Church backboard shot or reproach. But I'll show on the college football today children would get up on ball. -- part of it is above but it -- not really bit -- they're going to to a troubled real -- -- -- Now wind chill and it was a -- on your approach college football today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did think is usually if you look around the country -- few of the sure first round today and sometimes. You know you project it is that you projected even a first or second round pick a lot of players ago you don't notice players economic background his family. -- -- -- -- they don't wanna take a chance Woody injury. So they take advantage and not -- to -- to me not as Tuesday's guy I'm just speculating here. You look at the running back to a good for instance aware meant they look at Steven Ridley. And -- where he -- drafted. And impact he's had with the Patriots right now what was the third round pick. So I mean David looking at it now and even if I'm not a first and second round pick. The salmon get drafted third Aurora. And and I think that's out there thinking because LSU always has. A stable of running backs but now we are now I think now that you can maybe elaborate else on this you look of Faulk. A top left tackle would have been a first promptly he gets hurt. And all the studies coming back you know it's amazing with the rehab how quickly they come back. I kind of heard he got hurt between the last game and a bowl game. So he's saying make you want to might get hurt again his -- being goals of buying more down so we think him and I think the thing about in rehab. Did the pro day I still can be maybe a second or third round pick in the new look a bush tried. Where he was drafted. So you mine I get it on the run and now all of a sudden you -- two -- three years in the and you make yes exactly so I I think and I don't. No I haven't heard anything. About that locker room was going on maybe just wanted to leave. The holiday Agassi it is this -- to a player's mind. That did they weigh the pros and -- Q what about chances of winning a national championship on a chair on its easy to game the yet -- had a big day could look at it okay our offense should be able to carry out deep as the one that doesn't happen. All of us and -- Asking about it work of art it's a team with the way asking the body of work on -- team -- defense -- the key areas. And it had been a Forte it is team that at the it's always been the deep and I'll tell you look at their strength of schedule and then I think to be a great achievement Ellis should get the ten wins next year. Worst case scenario you would think probably eight. But in my -- only nine wins so I think the players that the players look at all of you you're allowed 25 scholarships to San each year in 08 overall in a sure Ross the from a standpoint like if you lose a scholarship player. But it doesn't it doesn't give you that extra scholarship that year. So you can't go in like and think oh because you lost eleven guys each year they Q wind up with 36 scholarships to deal. Right right now -- stock I don't know I don't know 85000 players odd to slide dale. O'Connell called good evening thank you calling WW him. It as oh I'm sorry -- It got it covered person what you got to be permanent or that. Let we can't miss bay Brett it -- bit regards to the strength in the coaching it's -- brownies. And also. The NC coach very -- -- -- that simple well I mean it is. Is truly believe you do certain personal or along with. In the game -- -- in this sort of straight in the the left -- it is. What is part is huge picnic deep into start the ball they haven't found it later about -- in do -- Jack. Our anger in this. Well we had Dominique we had dominant players. If you look at the pass rush and has that when they won the first playoff game would Joseph Johnson. The La'Roi Glover and on the but those guys -- we have broad level with the -- effort -- -- we had like 51 of the two sacks weekend about half. So while I'm elaborate more on that about what. ESPN. First take talking about NFL commissioner Goodell and how he's treated the Saints is pretty Anderson I'll talk about this after the break Marcus. Uptown will lead us off and on deck is Craig in Metairie this is more solid your picks this weekend who is going to. To the championship round in the AFC and the NFC. This is WW. I -- Harrison slide down. Crown in -- bad bone in hobby. Mossy in New Orleans -- Picayune and a rainbow and -- in Covington. GMC official vehicle of the NFL. Tomorrow it's the fans in the brokers to get it OK guys now we'll get her ready for the week in -- talk a little apology threes there during Mike Shanahan. All their picks -- -- toothpicks and borders on -- the phone -- Christian is a master the strike in nerves in light of the phone lines. If you could. Would you take Nick Saban and get LSU oh my god they get the big Libya from four until 4 in the morning. -- -- It good noted prior has got the bit to get in the zone remarkably the BP -- called the technical one the Colorado law. That'd be the same thing you think about you know when -- -- from lately and Utley will success regularly welcome disputed maul with not not not know anything else in the sports world. And they will be able to mark to go full throttle on -- for -- and easily the Morry the look at even. You know and trying to actually be the top dog in save another one and -- and whoever says they would take Saban his line it got sort of saying -- everybody had the statement one reason why he left Michigan State. Has -- economic success at Michigan State he still is going to be second fiddle to Michigan yeah. And you'd I have to win maybe 45 national championship but you would steal V -- to that as part of an apartment going seven straight. -- -- Alabama and Oklahoma Oklahoma State Texas Texas a and -- agreeing and Jackson dome Jordan. Cam Newton it's bill. Brian alum I am able and is always will be. To the -- at all Marcus on line fought thank you for calling WW Rio. A good afternoon boys that channel warms to open and accumulate it might just hang on the rest -- he did when Uga did you know that a lot of calls. -- -- As it terrific -- you got some good call Stewart used a soap opera -- Bobby their perch in a brought -- -- that would be if they can camp. Initially when I think as far as the baseball guys go take his best. Saints. Trouble for the and I think -- troubled little off the two biggest -- -- that our lives or brain injury that transcends baseball. That's a great play or they. No that's a great point sometimes you know come clean in the game ago no that. That carries and finally. I mean I understand what the public policy you know you got a call about six possible that you all and common good guard Jordan listen. -- I was very passionate about baseball. If you that you know god and Mickey you know you talk a lot about Pete Rotella. And reported differently here it is part of the conversation about sixty. The case up in those days they didn't have a product testing at a they didn't have a lot of the stuff they have and it's different. What ball what state did in those days and no matter sorry. I believe that guys that are in the hall of fame right now and that people that called you and talk about it Garret she had a great point. Yeah that is tremendously. Different it sure old Ortiz. That Drew -- to mark caught for the same thing what we're looking at different if you work on and now. He's sick but I haven't -- it happened that but that it should have more respect red apple 'cause I'm sorry expressed well. Well mark as well what got you here who who are your picks this week in wc moving forward. -- honestly I'm not I'm trying to let not my heart -- I'll happily. That they gonna pull it off a rule that tortured -- in that regard and you know I got -- the Seattle book at Butler but has anyone else slide around in my adult. Would your arms out and -- -- that you lately about the. Yeah and though Marcus and I was even saying we would do it all up Nixon and -- the Falcons have a great chance to win I think. That's gonna hurt the Seahawks with Clemens -- now they're utterly because it completed -- have been against the run. And again after the quarterback what he brings to the table. But on it was when I look at my Falcons ties and and it's not like you kind of justify. It is that. My guys who are loyal to me. The dinner with the Falcons no more knocked on the about the Smith family -- -- -- my -- -- it -- I don't know I mean I know what the blank -- -- and and the dealings that in the old people guy. He bought. The balance. -- you know guy you know him. He was down there when -- -- there yeah I was doing the radio via a yeah but it was no ties Favre would meet with the team playing. And how did -- -- it's a shame the Falcons are in Atlanta and -- -- posted. I mean I like going man I really do you know like all -- you know a lot of valuable means in Dublin there like early on I'm look I'm a clue -- truly. I mean a big city like Houston or Dallas to look where he is that in Dallas right behind. In a New York LA Chicago. So it people with all of the traffic here ankle. As a you have no idea here. -- traffic I was in Atlanta with the -- trap that you look at. Was five -- across each article fourteen miles at the age of fifty minutes is this -- is interesting tactics. McGwire and Sosa saved baseball. Their home run do certainly did at strike that lie did peoples that had the power the commissioner all the big give look in the the way -- statement is that the strike and all the trying to get it out it would have been waiting on me. Creek -- will lead us off basis sports talk who's gonna win this week and give bishop -- here on WW.