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Nov 11, 2012|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert celebrate the Saints victory that broke rival Atlanta Falcons undefeated streak.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Evening and look this morning also unsafe radio WW LAM it's 870. NFL -- 1053 on the world wide web at WWL dot com. We're broadcasting live from -- seafood in the French Quarter on -- -- -- -- -- -- don't believe because of the loses -- all Bulls seafood it's a feast or famine. You're taking care of folks -- those releases. Weeks of -- seafood Bobby April 05 here that the original location in the books now program was also occupied. I rented it won't introduce kids eighteen and nine and Budweiser wants everybody to have a great time could be Smart and -- well there's a big. He knows that it united -- -- united the real point after the we got them here right here at the knees then you have the real point out that we tell like it is in -- noticed that big win. Visibly not sugarcoat met him -- -- you look quite as Saints are right now. I mean how could not be optimistic going forward I'm optimistic because the defense helped us win. I was solo artist like god knows you'll be a track meet whoever has the ball last is gonna win hopefully we got the ball last. No -- -- as a goal line stands are you kidding me build that gets you confidence that helps you swagger. You know going forward that used to show you. The weapons. Up on Thomas -- is dead. All of those and this and think they got some stupid offensive part of me hollering. -- -- -- -- -- -- being a sickle one you played -- presented -- -- winning Bob Ford nobody would throw the ball. You try and milk the clock in use all the time I'll. And all of a sudden you have to have commented a great -- Thomas More dead but 1055. Yards the Falcons get a -- yard penalty. Are you kidding no provision Bay's starting. On their own 31 yard line. I feel more things almost in the back of the end zone you know is Florida body because that ball back no comments -- -- Money at a Pro Bowl level now. To show you why it was a little bit frustrating and all you had to be a bad do you speak -- -- you live for you better have kind of tied. What in the world. When all this sunny 31. Now we got a wave back to us. Many guys -- it Matt -- scrambles. Some all. Roddy White he gets behind this. They're deep ball he was told when it was like a full -- -- like almost fell off the press box that you gotta be kidding me right how do you let him get behind you the ball's overthrown. No. That would have been suicide watch it that would have been -- heartbreaking loss though it has to monitor did you know that you feel bridge. Yeah bad guys and fans -- did you hang it on net and its good you can knock. Let him get behind you. But thankfully divine intervention that ball was overthrown. And it was just kidding how poured that one make you clean out -- and opt out of bounds along the Falcons sideline. -- -- this TV season deliberate one on Saints radio WWL AM FM and dot com New Orleans 31 Atlanta 27 also brought you five. Randy you wanted to -- -- needed and Budweiser want to be Smart and have a great time accuse me physically to drive. I think that if you look how it pulls out of halftime. Obviously we optimistic that you still think we could have been a tight really tight game like. You know whoever has the ball last has a great opportunity to win this thing to run 21 to seventeen. And then what necessarily. You know excited about this and I think we take advantage of every possession. Do we get the ball called the third quarter and we go three and now. I was that that's like good. As I could think about that and have confidence. -- -- defense it is so much you don't bend but don't break but it just would have hit the ball he dealt with this and you gotta get point. You've been up 21 to seventeen whether you get three whatever we -- three -- out. In our grammar -- -- now you still. You don't Islamabad. And it's hit and J. P. Howell he's trying to get that even the jump ball side didn't have colon can breathe through alcohol a false start. I don't know he jerked his legs feel like jar head Bob. But they call -- for false start. And you know the third at twelve -- try to go to Lance -- they could sleep good defense Asante Samuel. So with that being said and the reason I'm bringing that -- -- cut kinda thing at this stage to start the third quarter for a 21 to 715. You don't always look at you know players that is evident given the opportunity when the younger role your veteran Cory wine. The next time. That that Rollins got the ball another outstanding. Punt by Thomas More thin as a 57 yard punt. And you look at the start your drive. Ryan the Harry Douglas incomplete deflected. Mike Florio why not an arm always -- to wait and see the pass and definitive as. I don't know we just my imagination but it sure is it likely positions. That -- a number of balls down as far as past the -- So then also there's another to atone Roddy -- they have a third -- -- -- -- Ryan to the rookie Davis -- I think he's a rookie. And music deep ball great ball skills -- Morry why. First career interception by Corey why. Broke -- And he pockets backe backed it up on that play because I think without all of the deep ball almost like a month. Recording why he hits his hands that he catches it. 2000 outstanding play because also we kill the Falcons drive. And -- what happens the next drive balances drive Drew Brees hit Lance Moore. Plus 189 yards restock it was thirteen. He Brees to Colston. Plus seven touchdown magical seven plays 81 yards. To make it 28 to seventy until -- why. Stepping up big time. Since you went three and out to stop any kind of problem momentum. To all of the things given that eleven point lead. To start the second half so -- know Corey -- like you graduate he stepped up big time. And he came -- -- turnover and Dolphins ticket manager that has he drove down and got a touchdown like instead of make it when he 76. I -- to -- -- nobody let's go to -- constitute a long time Bolivia thank you look on the point after back and on Saints radio WW. And -- my. -- let him out. I'm. Yeah I'm going to -- your. The mound and yeah yeah I'm not I'm I'm I'm not that group I thought apparently pleased that they just didn't know much about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want I want a bad -- them in Alabama yeah I don't know I was out and then Bob Knight and the fact you know I don't know that it erratic. Go Hussein's goes so I'll let you know her loyalty is he has now Alabama and the Falcons. Are now 81. Still -- you know obviously. Committee old school Saints fan though she loves Ellis to Louisiana football. And he elevated the bottom line is -- we don't form lately the Crimson Tide had a great opportunity at home -- take it. Did it take advantage -- football. So love you know he got out made the plays that they had to and now the little event grouping get off the hook yes. Yeah exactly yeah you live on the engine. You know is gonna -- unit now visits Texas native deserved to win that game. Tony did everything worked the awaited debut came up and handball and -- defense had to bail them out especially Nick Diaz. I was that was a big win for them very. And hey you know deep down the -- is sad thing is going to be because we like the Colts back about the SEC. Only had it locked down yet so high probability of now that you won't have. When it would have been seven straight years. That you have a chance that's an exemption from the SEC looks like you've been playing well you don't that would come my last night -- -- be -- -- -- from the Southeastern Conference this year. Don't know is going to be too often tell. There's going to be another while my kid is -- gonna -- the Marlins did you see they got the -- is doing. And then off and I've prepared about team today except seven champion and on the floor you -- people he -- his involvement in. -- -- that often talk not trying to judge anybody's morals but as far as coaching on the college level only I didn't think the one. They got those fourteenth out pollen Bobby Petrino like this don't wanna go to Kentucky. With Tennessee Auburn okay Bobby Petrino -- and -- could be a good fit for him would you like to do. And he -- on this telling you what he brought to Arkansas. And I think potentially in this and I know coach Petrino. You don't casually. His kids went to school my speedway back in Atlanta and this stuff I don't hold the block but having Dolphins. And he Eagles article but I know as a college coach at Louisville an article on nobody did. So the bottom line and is winning and I think he'll be given another opportunity still because how good a football coach he is. And as far as the way to keep you offensively in and his skills since. I would agree cool experience -- -- three thank you for calling the point after on WW him. Hey guys you know football is to win it ties who college don't prove when -- offensive minded bill then approved. Then you'll run him back to run and vote. And you stop the run. You don't win most of the time. Yeah. And one more thing -- we do have the best punter in the league. Where they're from home this then go inside the twenty and did you see deadly -- he has. Put on that guy that to your life. It was a good -- very good lick their defense played aggressive all game long and what their backs in the wallet with that -- You know if you could go back do you look good in important points this game. -- -- -- -- -- Could be traveling you know to take the lead by -- -- be -- if you don't force the Q -- have -- -- yes if they have fourteen to zero incidents in the room. Man -- like dig yourself a hole that's clothes saying how you handle adversity. He donated through receiving knowledge that OK you know it gave them three points but the defense stepped up big when I'm encouraged by going forward. Is how well we ran the ball back to back games against the Eagles in the -- That's what we have to continue to do -- I'm telling you Drew Brees threw the ball 32 time. Pauley -- -- greet them tell you -- I bring in about 5303730. Can't tell you that as great as drew is. Hey if you don't want to guard the ball up party out 45 or more -- behind the defense that's winning football. We how we played. The last two weeks as far as running the football. And weaved through his ability. No. Because we get a score in the high twenties. Al Al -- -- -- say that we need to be in the low thirties. If you look at last year only did Green Bay Packers look better than I think we averaged 34 point two games at home we average don't want to think almost forty -- But you still wanna -- the run the ball rested defense time of possession and all that stuff. And -- that the crowd hopefully I'll tell you very similar to us and they wanna run the ball in theory even though they got. Great receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White Tony -- This pillar of the ball that's why go back -- see the difference in the game today. With how the Saints ran the ball 148 yards with problems 46 and be committed to the run 29 attempts. The sixteen attempts though we played the kind of football we knew it would be drawn on the chalkboard that's what you wanna do. Back to the phones and nobody let's go to moon. Parent in looming online -- -- thank you put on the point after point saints' radio that you get you have. I'll -- it great Jane what a great weekend Aggies blind LSU -- line. Until pie is in our beloved -- line favorite. All of us but we can't it was -- that the defense. Drew -- the whole team looked phenomenal. So I'm happy girl. Hello I Jared yeah I tell you what. Food business and do it -- listen and then die as they have like the stars are lined Florian a lot of great things happen in. And and that's why our goal -- to save the way they came close out. I think will help the team in the long run. Now it didn't look necessarily. You don't know promising we got a 31 to play seven lead. And then they drive it down the field. I don't NASDAQ up 33 minutes -- Cubs Rodgers. You don't plus 143. Floor of Ryan is Harry Douglas plus eight. They -- moving down the field all of a sudden they got first big goal of the ten yard line. Commodity and I'm thinking well they get a score when we got to get the ball back have a chance to win. Could they go ride that Douglas plus ninth. But not so fast. I don't care of the second gold one I'll leave this is not give up. Now I know some fans were villains. On that -- Douglas but his back was down you know the challenge flag. We wanted to -- fans that have been the second goal from the one. Guess what incomplete tickets Dallas. Broken up by Malcolm Jacque it's a great play by Malcolm jaded consecutive gold thirty golden -- -- Has made them and we get a run the ball against what Michael Turner runs -- My -- Lauren. And will submit cats who zone but minus looks and how they got fourth and goal. Two yard line I think somebody. The game's on the line it's second and goal from the one. Tickets doesn't -- a big play and we should. Get paid the big putts. Next play third and goal wells may come they'll put a big play guess what he's getting paid the big bucks that you should do that for the gold two yard line. Ryan's articles Matt Ryan trying to go to the Roddy White great defense finds replied we're past the pin and knocked the ball down. Any guy beat -- -- -- gay Powell. Divide America the big time Saints win right did. Saints win poured into the film was going crazy. I write New Orleans 31 Atlanta 27 will continue with the one now on C radio WW. No right over the middle wide -- -- -- its. -- -- Oregon may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But these -- -- -- -- designated driver to the phones we -- -- cannon and first so we go through. -- I think health of Mike online -- my good evening thank you for calling WWF. It's. More relevant. Okay Mike how are you look at what I'd been killed but don't count that group that was should have been -- -- and -- same thing. -- that -- You know those those who criticize everything and run at. Not England Luke he. -- driving through it just another run at home yeah yeah yeah. I asked him game don't you think Bart pick him I don't know why every push him a lot. Lamar king of the last two games as fans gave the Saints uniform. Yes I've got it yet -- I'm I'm I'm a bit ridiculous record that will look at who happen. We can keep somebody with a particular job working about what you do. Though he's deaf but he's definitely get it done and argue well you go by high -- It did I say -- a highway. I'm I'm doing exactly what did get -- Matt and I yeah I don't know it's no credit we got -- -- -- who I was he's angry and we do I -- Q and we -- -- to open up from the about it but you know. Is it in my -- got the fans by -- Florida like Chris Ivory can run around you are over you visit noble what one guy knocking him back. -- Chris Ivory is like give credit to. I mean you look at it it's like man all I know is that -- that dark Alley. And they know guns -- not been involved that I met the man I'll -- Chris are real must find. He's done they'll create come and have -- been. I did think that I wouldn't you look at them as well enough and the bats good clean it and -- and hard as we thought it. Yeah that -- -- the attempt and couldn't play with a good. -- -- look at accordingly and then probably didn't record any. That if you put -- back problems I couldn't battle put it to about an absolute. What I don't want that he got beat a good bit what I thought of the movie because I would go out and we had the ankle didn't. Other people look back and I think it was a solid -- Sammy and I hear you need a veteran. And I guarantee they watch the film going forward and you got a lot of data to back you don't let that happen in. All of that they see Chris Ivory common they're trying to move to decided to strip them. They did their not trying to hit of this night and they've got it trip them and they'll fall down who they know they try to deliver a blow -- -- get run over. But my dad and brother as I'm out there. He's a bit talked about it bad and I know that he's gonna give up so much I don't experiment. Which you know and I don't think a lot of talk about it today and I yeah Atlanta week I don't -- a lot of hard and I'm up to have a I have. I'm looking for Detroit captains yet but you are not going to crappy OK okay guys quiet. I don't. Plan would be even. And given everything they yeah we got to give credit or whatever and I talked about it because we don't about the -- would argue that our best achievement. We don't have the Eagles went yeah actually it's a bad night. You know at that and what do you think about now. He has got -- they have the health because I think he can play. There was a couple of snot bubble hits by Jonathan -- -- -- You know like John I think you see is kids playing I mean he's -- look at them like a will linebacker and nickel linebacker. But John I think you see is an open field he had a couple hard hit we knocked the crap out of falcon you know player. And you know little matter of staying healthy if I can see is stays healthy I know we can play. Within about a deal and he came out and compete yeah -- definitely -- that given the political abstract. And it's quick. Q school and moved back to its feet deep down at them. You mean -- up about it -- you can't think about that you want if you don't know -- definitely took it if you didn't have those things haven't gone. Has he would've never thought you would never got there. No you can't eat at this -- -- have been a touchdown for the Falcons. James Dmitry thank you for calling the point afternoon on WWL. Here are if ever. Hello James. -- who you gonna let him -- games. Yeah a lot of fun on the court you -- not a whole lot now who have come I hope. Good job of Ahmedabad hit penalties that they -- -- -- approach. You know what what it was if you look at it there was -- Matt Bryant Julio Jones plus 52 yards. New bridegroom was right there and -- get bullied they get -- It was just didn't. I mean Julio Jones isn't easy it is a big guy. Annie -- is like getting a rebound he got it over Jabari Greer. In all the son of 52 yard gain not a -- Black. Now found out that it was against coach Pitt coach -- very emotional. I don't know when he was -- is probably a few choice words -- -- got a call for unsportsmanlike. Conduct. Because he was out the coach's box. You know if you look on the field to have a coach's box and an Italian a lot of times the coaches are the coach's box so I think that is cool games. That they called out on coach -- LeBron -- all. The coach's box and he probably talked about the rough -- -- so nominally is that something that definitely ill -- beneficial. Did they get half that this is that a goal then all of a sudden its first thing goal at the five yard line begins life. He -- all of those who probably think we got vertical with a five we're gonna run turner zero yards nothing. And then all of a sudden -- throws the pass to Rogers Jacque please mark Rogers -- state. Whose like is Darren Sproles must -- nice tackle by John that you see is it finished third in -- They completely -- and took down Julio Jones on the fade route. Cannot opt out those who put acknowledged that it -- awesome on the defense they go six plays 67 yards. But they got a kick a field goal and the Saints are still out 28 to 27. Back to the -- go Bobby and let's go to get it on line fool in the good -- thank you look on the point -- -- because you -- a about it. And it. Bobby out all the tradition the -- is proud to me that I didn't put it in the who are no real idea okay. Pierre as a proven bad why -- -- feed and moral thing. I -- little -- and this -- the fan base everyone dresses Pierre look Ingram had two to one carries Pierre had five carries. Marty ribs then. They -- they got their right you know discount decade -- and I think that's the total number of carries. Know loosen up on the PR thing you know I did. The tell me I love England and seek to block out on sixteen okay so I can't sixteenth a five so what I'm saying right then. It's good that if you look at that sixteen of five there's no way any game. That Ingram should have we don't want carries Olympia. Not a really trying to get Abrams complement. Who we try to win games -- -- competence and I want him to work out -- the number one draft pick. Listen to meet. As well. Mark Ingram I played the last two weeks. -- unbelievable run against the Eagles with 23 yards and as well as he played against the Eagles at the Falcons. We're eating he's still the third banana. Editing job goalie Darren Thomas and Chris Ivory did Ingram. Try to do my thing. Here are already proven he he could do would -- certainly gave -- would go to Hawaii you know. I'll give -- -- that not. I don't need -- you know yeah that would be. You wanna be a fly on the -- those moments -- meetings so we put Carmichael. And and all know is let me tell you. Mark Ingram. Is coach -- god. And I think Mickey Loomis is the general manager. But I guarantee you coach Payton with the bat the Uga we did the draft Bryant coached they've had a lot essays so. He wanted to bring marte get one -- where you look at times the fan base. Today we need help on defense. So that's why -- tell even though could change not here. That spirit are that influence is definitely there are trying to make Ingram work out. Good in that mode you called New Orleans 3127. With the point after on Saints radio that he did you have. And do all of wins 3227. Over Atlanta at some point ended any -- in the French sporting your own Saints radio that you feel you're also going to -- and it -- -- -- visit since AC immunized. And -- -- wanted to have a great time would be smaller came Jews being designated driver back to phone. We go and now let's go to rest Susan on line six Susan thank you for calling the point after on WWL. Yes I'm here to see I'm here. -- -- the right here we hear I want to congratulate my three favorite local teams. Loading. Model across tiger. All you have maybe my LH mileage cute guy into my new -- and say. Well I think that that is also do think you know they're right kicking off the high school playoffs. And you look holy cross and a big win for Ellis to. You know coach rather than an outstanding job -- you know it could be a let down. -- game in. Listen look at LSU's red zone defense all the Sunday you know they had somebody on their -- seeded. When you look at his bread and oh yeah it was happening. All his -- it is seventeen big draft and will assume those -- did it you know fourteen points. Are you the only 56 you don't Tug McGraw ride this is -- think your blog with you gotta give -- -- a lot of credit. And you don't do is just a progression commit -- -- -- learned that now back to back games throwing the ball well unbelievable no. I think he's the build upon what he did against Mississippi State against old Arizona thought in the bowl game. It's gonna be a lot of promise heading into the 2013. Season when -- Edberg at the Helm. We got anything else in his sooner. Now look what -- I'll think about it for a football. No we we love and I mean we talk about every night we'll -- Friday night before I'll. He the end is visit new layout. What do you think about -- across move but not at the next level playing I think I. Think it was a big win opponent crossed and I got a tough when this week believe it's a -- down at 35. That they'll be facing but you know that was a big win last week for them. Bob over east deficit the last two weeks of the season they hit big victories. -- beating you know early in the season they opened up a lot of guys -- -- -- Synagogues and only two losses were to into the top five teams in class -- -- With -- undefeated -- and once -- just it was so always a big points he did did we could just get bounced back yesterday. And beat west Jefferson. How winning multiple vulnerability of a back to though the point hapless saint. Yet before we go to another caller and that's our -- is not enough wanna leave him I'll I'll wanna give credit to Charles Brown. Stefan the Zach -- He's started five games last year and everybody wants to talk about. You know we all bring you know we're all guilty of this win Chris Long at those three sacks against them last year and Saint Louis. Charles Brown did an outstanding job. I mean you don't call on the sublime as -- -- UB EDT if you want something. So you know Charles Brown stepping up big time. And now and end up and I think. He should beat the kind of player that we you know -- did today where I was drafted next vacation -- -- this as the health is common it's a lot. Because you look at the Atlanta defense and how they get after the quarterback. Would you look at it now when you think about it did anybody call. John Abraham is being. You beat how are part Jonathan Babineaux. I mean if you look at Abraham. Is the NFL's active sacks leader. We got -- 1819. Quarterback sacks big job army army you're putting his name is my notes I know we gotta give all the Salina a lot of critics mean John Abraham. Came out flat out getting deep in the you look at tackles for a loss of one mistake coming into the game here at the end Babineaux had nine. And then how we -- look at sacks. I mean you know I think begins seven sacks coming into the game really call -- -- so. Problems go out -- all -- -- line and Charles Brown a 70 big time putting engines not street. How about -- correct myself I was talking to those who was mentioned has the holy cross breezes that you -- this week is to make down 35 in Tampa you know -- their -- -- of wearing out -- that's -- don't bring your official -- for the young -- affect the quarterback. At the end of the game a big difference is fourth down and that happens from now. -- he spiked the football. Clearly did you spike the football put them try to stop the clock. It really you know -- give -- everything in the game okay kids that are trying to make good plays like that grindstone only do and what I thought it was a battle Clearwater. All sold very well when they lost the red area right you don't homeless people accusing move until you didn't know that I did not know. But it will click into you know and with a -- they want when I was not on line. I was hitting it -- to cheer for college and he's like who also game them for doing okay. Going forward you know comment -- you think you've got to kill the clock you know. If pointing out that you present their rhetoric goes all the way through left and west Louisiana did you all beat so very welcome the World Bank. -- -- -- Rosen high school coming all the way down look at Alexander now that's not to show who's in the lead in arriving here in 2000 yet still can't -- carried almost the very fit a West Bengal fans. It's. Finish your -- -- -- it. Backs that's how we go. Beating Cuba on line fourteen thank you -- -- and look what happened on that because you have. -- AM on the pole -- Oklahoma running back a few minutes ago. I kind of like who could -- because if you think about Colby and now I -- certain veteran injured they get it appears. You know he's a veteran guy apology backing up the middle return that these guys are pushing themselves like. Ivory and -- -- right now -- -- -- let -- -- mode until -- -- -- -- you know. -- While the thing is at Doral look at any and all -- know that's that this is the beginning of the show. I don't care who's getting the yards all know as a team let beat you by committee whatever. Then when the Saints get a 120 yards or more on the Sean Payton Drew Brees. They're 33 wins and two losses. So I mean look what we did against the Eagles today we had a 148 yards this. I don't know we should have that chance and offensive line take pride in having them these 120 yards -- game in the -- blend. Eric and I anything else -- -- -- shortly. Healthy team thank you so much for the call. Let's go through. We have our group got no longer on a -- six -- thank -- -- calling the point after Rondo who WL. You got -- it's. A good arm. I would imply that -- -- the game but he did all the work I don't know how it out. Big game. And it -- the trips are great aren't they I don't know -- contract he's gonna want to cheers when he walked. We need wheelchairs body on Chris I agree we argue -- -- side what is it gonna take. When -- say he's not he's on the contrary -- and I think what you have do you gotta go back look at coach since. In two weeks ago Chris interview Chris -- Chris it would be close to trade deadline. And they came up big Soviets squad so any similar present everything going nowhere. So yeah -- know he had if you look bang for the buck with the paying him come on. He's too much and commodity as far as what you get every turn you want a player like Chris are the only team. As far as that they have been given the opportunity we'll see what he's done the last two weeks now. Long term I'm telling you can't be everybody. I don't make those decisions -- tell -- -- -- -- was figuring this out. But I know you never they're rewarded Pierre Thomas and thinking and then all of a son of Mark Ingram. You know where he was drafted now is thought. You know I think winning rookie then they had the rookie wage scale wanna see was that the first year he was not -- unbelievable. First round -- contract. Andy you got the likes of Darren Sproles on a city -- Sproles like that for many years of my dad. I didn't really think we have but they got a pretty good fields rolls on though is -- you can't pay everybody. Not those -- fans do have no problem. With the safety Chris tiger. And figure out the rest on and believe in it that. Alright look at -- games of progress and now Seattle continued and he did some misery and pissing off to lead the New York Jets 21 to 7858. Let them play in that contest 214 left in the third Philadelphia. Leads the Cowboys 1710 Michael Vick he's thinking he's injured in the Colts as any quarterback. Colby eagles' other Rams are taking care -- going on right now I'm late in the third seventeen to seven Alex Smith. He did in that ball game -- happening -- the end for the 49ers and you would think that would be too that wouldn't beat. You know that bad for San Francisco this happening in slow moving get more playing time. Well we -- we'll make a big throws. But this struggle I don't think yeah against seventh on the ego I still would rather. Faced him and Alex Smith. And he is Alex did any he's seen everything he's been through everything. I mean adversity so I'd rather have. A young quarterback we -- experiencing here now. You look good RG three did great Cologne cabernet. In my -- right from Reno -- here yet the money now aren't that RG three now. So a lot politic like -- -- over him and Alex did it this day and age you never know when a quarterback gets a concussion. Here -- my theory the way to rules or he might be out for a whole month. I'm 46 weeks I mean this is the way it is you might wanna play. And then in order -- has that intervening in you don't play so that dal wins and to see how series that is when Alex Smith. The video does value back to back weeks are offenses being tennis sadly they only get thirteen points and they have their only touchdown came in the fourth. As the Cincinnati down me -- beating New York 31 to thirteen with just now have lost two straight is 64. To the top of the east but Adams word most of -- -- -- -- -- the Titans dominated Dolphins sending him out three quarters only to -- infield road. There's a -- beat Miami -- most impressive performance of the season. 37 to thirteen Chris Johnson with a 146 yard rusher and -- Minnesota continue to be impressive is that they were probably the two game losing streak they beat Detroit this afternoon. 34 to 44 F 51 at home in the metrodome. And a pound of body finally -- so -- -- hundred yard -- he throws for two weeks when he wanted to stay cool they had -- again proven that much alone yeah. Have they win he's on a 67 PM -- gave divided Helio obviously Pete who fought in the 58 yards. And of course they give these -- continuing winning MVP like season he had a 171 yard -- -- the day. Only 27 carries. Like -- you -- -- Petersen and it's amazing. You look at the type injury and you know like a normal human being. Tennessee not necessarily a football where you get a knee injury and then hopefully make him walk normal look look at the rehab. A -- ago Willis McGahee. He even get -- Miami and -- that there's no way he's never has there ever been this back from -- and then look what he's done an inning that gave him music coming back from his injury. -- it's amazing I don't know -- level faces. Yeah yeah that -- you look at that horrific injury in South Carolina. And knows that and I wouldn't make entry but I think again so but I think is these queries sent Lattimore is a great individual thing. You know -- he'll succeed in life a whole please do you know of playing here he don't never have to -- big campus. -- -- He's -- he's goes faded in the work he is don't have a big -- dark dry yes and then I thought I needed Linda hi did yard drive is a lot like Earl camel. -- they they -- hand held with PR and they university things scare them. I think if you like almost -- dry his -- in the cards. The Lattimore the end of 5000 dollar Lincoln you know yeah I am going to RA and it's an NL even though you can't play golf go hang out. Not a road you play golf -- go hang out with the alumni. And all the functions though on your game will take you got to take carry on and and we will and out you know Texas really look at early on and now on those dark prizes -- Carolina and I think that BB king's a lot of. Patriots beat the bills -- about a 37 the 31 Tampa Bay continues to play well they're five and force now waiting to see if the Saints defeated the AM they beat the Chargers thirty photos and when you gotta -- Obama. There's nothing going his way out Bobby nor turner and San Diego. Yeah -- this. The one under achievers that they almost like this in receivers and the Cowboys in the NFC. You know where all visit the year -- gonna get it done it and it always does their chief that's been the case. We've Philip Rivers in the charges -- Tony Romo and the Cowboys and the Broncos take care of him on a day game here on out there and does run we'll -- tough. And the Ravens -- 55 -- June 20 oval okay. 55 and a lot of points and are the only thing. -- and Ravens defense than I was and I've been on that Flacco bandwagon. Ever since to -- he played good enough against the Patriots. Who could have been miserable Somalia haven't hit the ball right so well you always Mercedes is the Ravens defense though that the Ravens have gotten better. -- Flacco matured as a quarterback no who did it -- it all they visited even decided a ball and don't give Oakland the Raiders this year. Coming back. Walter Collins New Orleans 31 minutes 47 is a point after All Saints radio WW. Anyways yeah. Right throws back to the. -- -- Crucial point in the ball game today is -- New Orleans is victorious over Atlanta 31 to 47 welcome back. To the point now so. He ABC through in the first quarter as the Saints a record 3127. It's also brought -- That or anything he wants to do since since a Canadian land him but wasn't going to have a great fabric -- point. Its use of designated driver -- Obama think the man -- I think about the Philadelphia Eagles. -- -- -- -- -- On the bed itself given self inflicted. Dream team. And this is supposedly he's given himself many eyes. He's a great regular season quarterback. He's been outscored 102 to 47 the post season he's always three he's thrown for three touchdowns and four interceptions. And until you win the playoff game if you think the Saints in the near the Falcons. That's what Mike felt the whole world comes on top of the heavyweight basically years and we still faces. Mean this page every time we had in years and save them won't rule him one on the road we don't have one room and until we win on the road. Who disputed that but until they win a playoff game a meaningful playoff game in the -- taken stock of what they do well. Peca on the Falcons fans would have taken defeated thrown perhaps Woody did. Right the first time he's everything on global Florida yards can you imagine and it's a little bit Falcons win yeah -- throws 205. They didn't you know it's it's amazing depth perception. And it's all about winning and losing in Philly wins in the playoffs. Until -- actually get to be accepted among them the you know what I mean among -- -- I'm talking about the Tom Brady's. Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Peyton Manning to the world they tell Matt Ryan. And I know he's a franchise quarterback -- you who you -- to be considered. Like the best of events. He has to get he has to get it done and -- well got to be. You know I enjoyed three big and they could have he's gonna have an opportunity. The -- you know look at where we're at right now. And don't -- -- coach Vick get back in the fold I got to give a lot of credit to the coach grow homer. Look at what he's done the last two weeks with the running game and get the offensive line to get it done. If you against the Eagles speak in the it's all above production. -- we had a 25 attempts -- wanna say -- 140 yards. Did today play nine tenths over a 140. And although we can keep that going at it don't matter who we play in. Now who knows he'll be a challenge like it's -- right now that's going to be easier said than done. How would be I don't see shock. But I I would be surprised if we have a 140 yards in the 49. People with a point nine has come to town we can run I just was movies -- run a 120. But that'll be a big skin on the wall and you -- that kind of production in the running game. Against the San Francisco 49ers considering. When you look at him a stock bubble type defense so swept away and see what's been a car but all I know is. From the deep into perspective when you look at stopping the running game. And what we did the Michael Turner today. Kind of speaks for itself one point two yard average. Thirteen carries fifteen yards and recent visit a pregame. Michael Turner was averaging four yards a carry. Now wasn't the case today obviously. Well below that but if you look. Had him since as an individual runners since 2008. This is kind of a Marcus Colston syndrome would you look at numbers. Like I said you looked a touchdown passes 2006 a lot of we will win again as the markets Colston is behind FitzGerald Randy Moss. We look at big run since 2008 this is -- plus yard runs. You just he is today. Unlike the Eagles game. Who we gave up big. You know big rushing plays not a likely Chris Ivory did the Falcons that did happen to us sitting. Could you look at Michael Turner. -- did they gave he's only behind. Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson. Now -- that's high school Nate I don't know are household names that followed the great rushing attacks. He's ahead of Stephen Jackson. Maurice Jones-Drew. Because I'm looking at 88 music Chris Johnson Stephen Jackson Rees Jones-Drew. Those are household names you might expect with you don't realize that Michael Turner. Since 2008. Was third in the NFL. Of ten plus yard gain. And that I needed do nothing he could do Jack against the Saints defense. Who was given up 176. Yards a game so odd to me it now that there was like I said before. How we ran the ball and then stuff the Falcons rushing game. Back to the phone to go out and chill and don't put on line six thank you for calling the point after on -- did you have. Hi Olympic break gain great game great that they get a quick in the paint and a mini mini mini inside it infected. My only members might we have a big big variety of college and our family and -- and Norway. They're thinking all evening with the fight that is beat. -- -- The way ya talk about a fifteen yard yard is not. -- pregnant got yep -- bring up the highlights of other players and I'm seventeen. Am the type -- you end I think that the I'd -- that. I'm I really going to be it's gonna complement to break up it's not do everything -- -- -- -- can see Allen is that what can you aren't. I -- -- it and it be. And but of course my family we're like LSU and we're -- and where Ole miss and my dad and they miss statement is the end all of. Well I try to be objective they give up rob crowds are great performances. They get off always been like that you made 850 you don't archenemy listen if this does is good I'll I'll call like I see it. And I'm glad. That we have views Douglas may seem as though. You don't listen we've gotten it done. We'd gotten it done a winning football at the bottom line is the Saints away -- me tell you. And I say it isn't every game this series is so relevance between the Saints -- a pro -- you look at records of NFL teams of 2000 ninths to now. Only the Patriots did the Packers have a better record in his face -- -- thousand. We're 41 and it's sixteen. Their party and seventeenth his 2000 NFL close we'll build this thing. And the Falcons their relevant bit more relevant again game -- fox right now -- the Cowboys and Eagles. I wanna vote this afternoon at -- all. Want him and it's 47 thanks examining -- and the positive I've become a Big Easy Casey came in my -- fare well new England's all good night people.