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11-11 10am Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 11, 2012|

The WWL Sports Team gets ready for the game in the Dome against rivals the Atlanta Falcons who are undefeated so far this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- out but I don't think the toughest thing. Well outside gate C at the mercy he's been through and also won a head -- is always it's always do. As a welcome and around Atlanta and just so happened to Atlanta Falcons Bobby -- only team in the National Football League went out of laws and a perfect eight in. -- -- if you are undefeated in the NFL you can't take got a way out. Has tiger ever ONE ninety Terrell though that's hard to do so you gotta give Atlanta credit so hopefully. -- we can burst that bubble if you look at Atlanta Falcons traveled that you all have to battle there aren't. In his -- the south rival ours saint for the first of two scheduled meetings in November of 2012. The foul within that today's contest with a perfect game no racquet -- portal on the road for the first time in franchise history. Since 2009. The Saints at the Falcons have the exact same bracket -- party at sixteen. The third best in the NFL only behind the Patriots and the Packers. Big Z both organizations are getting it done having when he -- Did when you look at the month of November like I said. You know the thing is I want twelve -- this past week after the Eagles game when you consider the last five season. CNN Atlanta is right there with you all of with the Saints at fourteen in June and the -- was at fourteen and five. Both wanna tune in this league respectively. But the Saints have had the falcons' number on the head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees at the Helm. Winning the last three meetings and more importantly. Can -- the last twelve matches. There's so you intensity of the rivalry in recent years the last war bonds hasn't gone overtime. To declare a winner and since 1991. To 45 games. Haven't decided by a touchdown or less. Atlanta leads the series 45 to forty. But you all envisioned that don't -- advantage winning seven of the last eight battles played in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. -- look at what the problems are right now since 1978. Nine teams have started eight no and gone on to the Super -- including the Saints in 2009. It will be interesting to see if you all and we're Drew Brees at quarterback. Can't continue to dominate Atlanta. And that's the last season humiliating defeat in the superdome where does Saints clinch. The NFC salvage crew broke all the NFL single season record for passing yards -- -- 45 to sixteen victory. At some players at the foul that sent the Saints were trying to run up the score. Me can't you say they are thinking revenge yes. They definitely remember that in -- wanna get back at the -- to show you the challenge to say -- are facing according to the Las Vegas power ratings. Yards will be an underdog in five of their eight remaining games. Also to -- -- unbelievable run the Saints have been on. With the Falcons being good to -- point favorite today they albeit under -- for the first time in the superdome. Since 2008. Dallas this streak of 31 straight games as a home favorite. I think a lot of fans don't realize how good it is a yard right now he -- 31 straight games to the superdome. The Saints have been favored over me to pull of that today. Who dat nation. Have -- favorite thing about this post-Katrina. Do that they should have been favorites in 51 a 55 home games since the stadium got his post-Katrina renovations. You -- does heading in the right direction and they've now won three of their past four games after starting the season or four. But he'll be a huge challenge for the Saints defense. As the opposing quarterbacks. Have a 105 quarterback rating against them. And Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan is morning and I didn't know. When he posts a quarterback rating of over a hundred. Bottom all -- break that trend that that that don't look too good right there. I know that -- the foul was into the red zone five times like the Eagles did Monday night. They look at -- two field goals. But let's -- Phil and I believe Drew Brees has to play great. Yes they carry the team and they have to win the turnover battle. And to keep the fans in the game I think it's giving the most important being that we get off their great start if we can get out their great start. And have that lead like we did against the Eagles. Are they got the winning formula for the Saints to -- the dirty -- That's the case he can't in my BA bet there will be done by FL analyst Mike Didier county downs in New Orleans and Atlanta turned down to some extent. It's not the New Orleans Saints radio network. NFC so. Opposition appears Christian there. We can any NFC south we start here in New Orleans as the 35 Saints host the eight though Atlanta Falcons quarterback Drew Brees and company are looking up at the dirty birds. I think just the fact fit yours you look at the outlook of our division right now and Atlanta sits atop the only division but the the conference and the entire week. You know so. If we wanna get to where we wanna go they stand on our way. The Saints have -- -- last twelve meetings in Atlanta linebacker Curtis Lofton. We'll get his first shot his former team today in the superdome. You know wanted to go to tunis so brilliant celebrated me not tolerate him. And I ask myself and I'm happy that I'm hearing. You know the surface again. Lofton left Atlanta for the world as a free agency this spring and leads the Saints defense. And tackles the Falcons and coach Mike Smith are looking forward to this one. Well when you played in the day in the division at branch it branch out there's no doubt about it. It's a lot more weight in terms of those values I'm down I'm division games and ultimately. -- number one goes to win your division. Atlanta is -- no but they've only beaten one team with a winning record the action starts. And a Mercedes-Benz superdome at noon right here on Saints radio the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look to climb above 500 at home. Against the San Diego Chargers today the Bucs have won two straight linebacker Quincy Black says the charters or provide a good test. Pound the ball -- coming in. They made their -- they're loaded you know from top to bottom so it's this is going to be tough you know no money you know it being. You know they've got a couple moles that there and again I guess -- Some room nimble feet guys in those guys they they can really move. It's a new king golf today between a Bucs and Chargers and finally that you -- six Carolina Panthers there at home this week trying to cool off. A red hot Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos Kansas quarterback Cam Newton can't wait to match up when Manning. He's transcending took out of the game sort of speak you know he's obviously our offense quarterback. You know what he has done. For this game and you know directly say yes says he knows she is extraordinary. The Panthers and Broncos also get started at noon four on the road in the NFC south on Kristian garic on the New Orleans Saints radio network. -- Domino's Pizza -- distance after the game get the door it's a dominoes it is about like -- that a kick out but I'd official beer. Of the Saints well the big key will be the Saints trying to rush the football again impressive performance last week and Tony thirteen victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Todd brown was to get some action today Christie Garrett -- and a report a column with -- to get his thoughts. On facing the Falcons. Defense Charles. -- hero of this week and he's actually down -- you play that's I'd enroll a third tight end but. Can start at tackle this week and you don't see opportunities come -- another guy going down -- -- -- you creation of this and don't. Comes from China for cameramen so we can make sure I'm all elusive for him -- -- against our offense around. They go. They don't such Amoco's username don't have. How different is an aquarium we know it's a third tight enroll your filling bit. Belliard you know preparing as a starting tackle is it. And different year pros together approached different illnesses that you annuities it's the most playing time and I was the Panthers are in a -- Number of tackles. The whole -- Cars signal reps this week when -- -- his -- the stars is that you got to be on every. He's Williams who was you -- -- -- those -- really knows how much more comfortable are you now in -- in this system and maybe you were last year or the year before. -- -- -- There's so you can do well don't -- those lessons though because they realize that -- just -- more time and then -- -- mistakes and Sam my mistakes and you have the bag and I'll watch enough film and correct and everything we lose this defense will have thought his defense is this whether they they love to get after the passer mean. They've got a number of guys Jimmy matched up with just talk about some of those guys. No we got Abraham coming -- the -- a lot of speed and take it from outside our sun beer and also salute a decent amount of screaming and we ran over us right now you know. I mean there is a good all around players so we owe them everything he comes from different players are. How important would be to get a running game going against those speed rushers that they're kind of slow them down a bit. It doesn't -- room for him and just our game plan I'm just chemistry Russians we -- You rescue on to Posey Aaron -- Charles thanks a -- reluctant to thank you members of. And -- solid round gets his opportunity today no dig it out and hopefully you take advantage of logo we drafted him we drafted him to be a starter. Now and he should be develop right now he should have some kind of common until he started five games last year. In overall played pretty good but what does that would and they did Saints fans remember it. What do you struggled and had a terrific game against the Rams and Chris Long odds at three sacks off of them but we need him to step up. Because look he's a starter at right tackle not only today but I think that in their future. -- you look at Zach Strief. He's gonna probably makes it in this the next few weeks with a groin injury he went to Philadelphia that's where everyone goals for that sport turned his surgery. And then be likely that requires sports hernia surgery to repair it so know we need Charles Brown. To step up every need Charlie Brown not to vehicle -- And don't -- but everybody picking on me no we need Charles Brown to step club and to be dominant and you talk about the rushing game. Big about it is going to be important as much as the problems other try to run the ball to keep Drew Brees all the field. Reading keep -- falcons' offense and Matt Ryan off the field so we have to built to run the ball like we did last Vick gives the Eagles. If you only have 128. Combined rushing yards in the losses that are Redskins. Packers and the broad goals on 128. Combined. Well we had a heart to party Russian last week against the Eagles. I don't say I'm not saying we gotta get to one party but I think another part of the winning formula and and my kids they would tell you it is. The -- threat it will we get to 101. Yards unlike what we. -- Bull bull -- bull 125. And that's not a lot of rushing yards and 32 into. 32 into the remarkable sorry now back gutting it I'll watch how we're running we had about one party get the one point five this they can win. They're 32 went to even as bad as our defense is I think truly knew we could run the ball like we did against the Eagles. And and obviously Drew Brees play great we going to be the fountain that's what is gonna take I think there. A big part of this Falcons team that no one knew about was how good their defense isn't until you know because you know -- Julio Jones. Would Roddy White Tony Gonzales. -- that runs a good football player Michael Turner still can. BS heavy duty runner to guess Rodgers basically plays the best pros rolled beautiful gonna score which you -- know. Was how good their defense is ball was. And the first eight games -- squeezed everybody. Plus -- give away take your rationale is crucial and I mean that's to me has been unbelievable how fast they play to the football. OK yeah yeah I -- they got you going to break let me tell you why I think we can run the ball now they've caused turnovers. But right now if you sit where they've struggled they've given up 147. And a half yards a game that's -- -- -- an NFL -- yellow in the twenties now but still I. As much as the does the -- a good -- they -- -- obviously the Saints are dead last given a 176 yards. What we need to do the fitting really appealed to run against the -- look like big try to run against us. Open I do those Rolex Simon is a one out -- one hour and a 48 minutes it took pick up the biggest things -- -- the Falcons are down to -- let's -- -- of the New Orleans Saints radio network. Today it is about like have them kick off but my official beer of the New Orleans Saints. Put the Falcons offense is very efficient limited internal was. Bears soundly in the red zone also on red zone defense one piazza will be the Saints defense. Let's make it then and had their best performance at a point -- just allowing thirteen once he will be on ages as our defensive back trying to. -- they'll have very good passing game that features quarterback Matt Ryan and Roddy White Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. Saints cornerback Jabari greater sense now with Saints have a reporter Kristian -- to talk about the challenges the secondary face. Jamar what did that performance last week defensively do for you guys in terms of confidence in the scheme and growing with Steve Spagnuolo. Well I think he gave us a good foundation and just feel awkward you know. Now we've been having some. The struggles and issues on third down for the last -- Create pressure on the quarterback really in my hands and coming some some some deep routes. So last week against certain a really good. And explosive Eagles seemed able to create pressure. And in the outfield third down we able Islam stand up in the red zone we -- was to create. Opportunities for -- about coverage downfield. I mean we really put together a game that was. Indicative of our our hearts out. Know what we came in -- so we've been able to do -- see that. Well we realize they NB in the NFL isn't really is a humbling me so. Com and the week of the blocking improved but we know -- we have the capability of doing winning. And once close calls who's going to an excuse because this week it is the Falcons another exposing all things -- -- maybe. And MVP level Roddy White Julio Jones who we -- of those guys you want to picked. Well I mean they may have been the same the same team around they've always been exposed the last couple years. And you know well you realize that. We cannot have nonsense. We have eleven other guys that. Make you out there for. A single purpose and that's when they named so we get out there we had to make sure that we do my job there we capitalize off -- -- out assuming that we do. And know that we worked together. So blog think and and win this game obviously -- they've been doing -- doing very well this season you know they've been no good in. Com no I had goals and pats will go off to him but at same time when it comes -- -- that we have to be. Really qualified fourth quarter so we realize that. There's nothing. It's going to run in the way that. Are you in the community a lot of this since he has seen this weekend I told you how bad they want to -- and not you know what I'll. Intentionally kind of stayed. But the reason they jump on Twitter and it is just that I. I have little split -- FaceBook but I don't -- I'm sure somebody has. I don't know that they -- US and you understand how long that oh my goodness I mean I'm an unknown the I know the -- some of the city behind this game unknown. What they have to -- Swiss won game negated by the place for so this is going to be exciting -- -- -- the dome it's going to be rocking. I'm mean this is gone -- Tommy Craig how big an impact can AB's he -- -- I can be and will be huge enough -- -- I divisional game. Hey. You know big time again. A game and his arrival. The game -- -- might miss how many insects favored over us out of there and I think for the first time he had so yeah. We realize what you found the same time we play one play at a time. We finish to the sounds of the echo of the whistle work moron fans in here and make plays no government -- -- they look to -- it I think. I've been a strong challenge today the Falcons got a very good -- and this is challenging being kind to particularly vivid today. I'll always be shocked. If we can -- that fit their passing game if we don't get a rush they know I'm just value we don't have the players to cover. Roddy White Julio Jones and Tony Gonzales. -- you could tell like it is really tell you put it this way. Right now the secondary they're given up more yards per passively in any of the team in the league -- we given up almost nine yards a pass play. -- -- mean I knew who you gonna get he knows he's admitted that Carolina fan is how he's been as Saints killer. On any day about Roddy White is Saints fans hate it could be talks trash but in fourteen games against the Saints yes the -- totaled. I'm 59 catches for -- a thousand yards and seven touchdowns. -- -- -- You talk about that's ovals this season yeah -- what he's been able to do right now you got Julio on the other side. Two big physical receivers but the worst thing about it is matching up with the only team because when they stretch you one way you can go put a middle with Gonzales. Yeah -- have not done well I tuneup against what they did I do is to be trying to help he rob -- Robinson -- -- republic the safeties. I mean a coach bit -- event that's because I've been in those meetings look we have two big skilled receivers like Julio Jones or Roddy White. You like the -- -- cover -- against them -- covered Q would you get his -- they have their corners them jam the receivers and they -- have -- help over the top with the safety. But the problem was that good when you can when you get a roll up on the outside and protect him with the safeties. -- -- Do that -- now because what you gonna do in the middle -- Tony -- Dallas. Against linebackers. Tony gets Dallas right now he's on pace to get up by seven receptions for his tenth season in a row. Not destroy you Tony gives Dallas the hall of fame he's a hall of Famer you know we think it Darren Sharper is only seven players in history. Only seven players and his -- caught a thousand or more passes. Only one goal against Dallas is that tied him for me that the money how is his receivers. So I think that's what we got a great turn over I don't know -- all I'm nowhere as. I think that we stack the box I got to stop the run -- you got a -- I don't know how we gonna cover them. We will continue -- about my -- down the good golf on the saints' radio network. Hey welcome back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay guys good Monaco now are you good morning big -- you doing today first of all I'd like to say. Hello welcome to. The game today for all the veterans out there on veterans day and you'll -- Garrett is an ex marine and yesterday was that 237. Birthday or something. Along that line of the Marines birthday and it just say welcome to all our our veterans out there and thank you for you service so. What better team to be play and then the Falcons today on a special day like this because. Is much is. We hate one another because it's. He always good coming be a little bit of -- war out there and you know it's just. I've been talking to people all weeklong geek in you and Bobby and you know yeah I look at -- records of the two teams and I kind of just I'm only in my own mind and I go you know is like your better than a three and proud team and I don't think Atlanta is as good as an eight no team. But I think we'll find that yeah. The story out after today's ball game because and Gil are the Falcons really for real -- -- it's hard to say. I really don't get an opportunity to watch him all that much you know I get to see the Saints. Every weekend and I think they're better than a three win team at the midway point during the season so. I don't know I mean I think a lot of questions will be answered in this ball game today and the Saints have one world. You'll want to the past twelve games against the Falcons. They just gonna have book they're number. And I don't for whatever reason I got a good feeling about today's game and now -- may end up 41 nuts and with the Falcons winning. But I just don't have that feeling in my gut right now I think to think they're ready to play this ball game. I think they're improving as the season goes along. And I mean not I looked -- as I look forward to be a close ball game there's no doubt about that. But I feel pretty good about this ball game and I don't know what -- gut feeling is but. I just I hope. -- -- -- way this night there are going in the right direction right now. Holed about what -- all but I hope we get all their great start. So the fans are in the game and look how -- the Eagles though they have something to cheer for. Do you look at scoring offense in as scoring defense you look at the balance overall. Is not feast or famine big kind of in the middle of the pack in a number of scattered categories but -- was sandwiches forward. -- -- give -- take we're ratio in that we all know we we always talk about turnovers but look at high scoring offense and defense. They -- right where we are right. We're both basically average and about 2728. Points a game. But we'd given up one enacted twenty to have and they did not only eight yeah so -- you know that was -- -- scoring the visited team. You could see maybe a lot of Falcons are eight no. Only given up like basically eighteen points a game. Live Bobby united ego right now always be a Smart -- when I'm talking to people and I go. And people don't feel who's gonna win a game this week and I know while we got to do is score more one more point in making -- a week ago and it doesn't make any difference you don't. What the points for anything like Danny we -- -- get one more point did they do then we win the ballgame and it's. Get a hit that. That's that's a whole other thing grinding you know enable the Falcons are not a very penalized team guy that they played pretty solid football and that's another thing. They keep them in some ball games then -- they got a great. Group for receivers in Tony Gonzales and -- why didn't you Julio Jones -- you mean it's just you know they've got some weapons. -- profits but the thing that they don't boom they don't make the bone headed mistakes that the Saints do from time to time -- Hope we wanted to things what I'll look -- a big game like this I go to defense and how well you can tackle. We got big play people like a Roddy White and Julio Jones. Gonzales Michael Turner -- Rodgers. It's how well you tackle. And I think that's gonna be a -- because a lot of times. You can make a play if you make the tackle you know you stop it from being the first black -- down on the ground right now. And that I didn't think that's the thing with the Atlanta when you watch them play. There's nothing fancy -- then because that's about what they do. But they stretch of play. It doesn't somebody they should get tackled and instead of an eight yard gain -- becomes a twelve yard gain and so that was the biggest key today. Because you're extending plays with those big play guys to be picky if this game is which team not only can turn a ball over and get the turnovers. But you stop the extended plays when you have people like that on the flip side with designs on Marcus goes to Jimmy Graham. Pierre Thomas Biggs did you plays that they do. I think to me that's the big key today. As you know not a lot like here is saying you know by the penalties. Now that's why you go to talk about it I think fans respect a well disciplined team not only are the problem is the least penalized team this year. When I read this I was shocked since 2008. The Falcons have been penalized least in the entire NFL since 2008 so you know you got to give coach been a lot of credit that did not absolutely Sylvia. Absolutely NBA you Bobby gets all you have to do is go back to you couple years ago when the Saints played alliance. The Lions yeah the most penalized team yeah I mean the but you don't sugar turn a shot -- they were out there on the field because you don't illegal hits to the quarterback. You know it's stupid penalties. You unnecessary roughness at the at the end of a place up from my dad. The Falcons on the other hand account the other side of the coin right here yeah they don't beat themselves. Now they might get beat by a better team or they might get beat because they lost the turnover battle. In a particular game but. It's not. That they just don't kill themselves and I think that you know that's one of the things that and -- I mean I fully expect Atlanta to come out here in game. About 500 yards of offense today but I also think the Saints are up to that standard as well to match them point for point so. I mean I don't know why I'm so optimistic -- maybe it's because of the robbery. That we've had through the years but I just I feel pretty good about today's ball game and yet and -- but again. If you go out ten years Saints and you have ten penalties and three turnovers you make coming out of here with a win. Right that's that is horrendous bogey guys John let's hope he's not. Did you would have -- countdown to kickoff on the New Orleans Saints radio network. No I just say hey we are just sit down to the Saints and the Falcons have a lot of room shows on as the -- after -- -- -- in the French Quarter on the corner of I have a -- golf being your chances sound off. With the Kasey Kahne Bobby V fare well he has been a great this -- Saints Curtis Lofton and we picked him up from today's opponent. The Atlanta Falcons Saints have a report Christie Garrett -- -- -- Curtis to get his thoughts on facing his former team. Hi Curtis. Okay Falcons the Saints and they are -- asylum it. There's no what do you think in time I really think too much she knows this this is another name Ramon slam and playing harder than he's got around them because this. Does the same time in the Falcons but. You don't come excited and -- Diaz and to go take care of business how much insight can you provide your teammates now about your former team. Well you know no person you know I know some of the things I like to do in the past but -- this is a whole another offense and they got a new often cornerstone. You know as far as stakes inaudible and those are totally different song now too much you can in the world -- a free agent and obviously the Falcons wanna just. Do you look at your departure there is -- -- left at it and once you. So I got left you know they won't they want to keep you put you know I just felt like you -- -- It was a better fit for me to come here and record ways have moved on they moved on and you know that's what sort goes it's a business and that's the way I approached you and Jon and -- I don't feel now couple weeks go -- recent. Looks like these -- a little more harmony and then that he and send it. Having you wanna feel it provides a little bit. Moreover I guess relief because -- Kasay missed a call ardent and get to the checkered it's just it's a nice I guess nose into it. Good him in Davie where if he's making a call and then you know he must have been able sometimes -- know -- as golfers out there and appliance from both sides of us you know -- one guy that Billups fresh don't want guys who have two guys out -- than those of defense. It makes things like using him for less than deepest of -- -- Curtis you do your best to downplay it but I mean it is going to be a little excited and I guess -- Somalia -- about facing these guys. Yeah me alone I'm excited about final book you know. By no I don't -- sound so country like any other game. Thanks Chris for -- to I don't know from the Austin. Bobby had they were all excited and smiling it from the gentlemen that came over here you know last season and Curtis Lofton was the featured player up on a media -- putting lab found. Well big if you look at it and his head coach job former head coach Atlanta coach Mike Schmidt. Since then he's attack clemency machine. And you could see that every week the if you look at it he racked up 577. Total tackles in -- season. -- I'm looking -- OK you've played four seasons. And you have a will 400. They need your average an old book 200 tackles a year. -- might he has 57784. Seasons now you look right now where is that. What we've played eight games. Would guess what he's been a mainstay. Starting all eight games he's leading that team went 86 tackles. So until you can just show. That the pace that he's on. And now and like I mean. These did I that there isn't too many players that you would say other teams by one but he's one player on the saints' defense even though they are last. That has been a playmaker. And if they get it done up front he can run silent thought. Absolutely and you pick up -- free agents defensively Tennessee right now he's as productive as anybody and I thought when he picked him up. You would have an impact like Johnathan Joseph did with the Texans if you had to play up front. A problem has been they haven't had that type player I remember a lot of people now. I put Nichols state. Who's -- -- -- assistant director of player personnel and what about it's talking about male with type football player. He was and how much -- will -- to miss him from a leadership standpoint and a production standpoint. Really the Falcons have built like Floyd but it is one heck of a football player don't always around the ball. Always around the tackle and sold. You gotta see this did a tremendous tremendous pick up put a Saints and there's no -- -- give it a shot out tenth birthday. Kalin and Addison is so big who dat nation birthday today. I don't bomb -- -- -- proud of -- America's cup not the Saints -- Madison happy tenth birthday. All right we would continue the -- -- get down to kick Obama New Orleans Saints radio network. Inside the NFL with Mike did -- the day brought him wide open heart -- where there's a great work tomorrow. Hey am I some big big matchup this -- -- about who want immediate payroll -- should say oh contending teams once beaten teams. In Chicago in Houston they when you look at everything that it's a perfect scenario for the Bears. At home was supposed to be cold and rainy night. And it that seemed like a perfect scenario for Bears defense that is tenacious as they believed. I don't believe in people who knew we'd have -- to see. Like a cornerbacks back to back -- is that a bullpen did -- that -- -- -- got -- -- -- his. -- college football and you will lap yet. If you're in the league is played better not -- it would it was a five year guy. You don't look -- find out a lot of -- the Texans boarded the -- that night. Because you know what they melted down when they won't primetime against the Packers I think -- they got you really didn't -- You know what I know it's that Chicago I'd like to Texas tonight I just think that they it's so much bull -- They know what state is that -- play and I trust bank job a lot borderline trust Jay Cutler. I like the fans I think you are terrific football team on defense. But -- what I think that Texas this is a -- game -- lose this does think about it back to back. Not a prime time games that get melted down against teams. Wrong say the midwest in Green Bay and Dallas Chicago unlike Texas unlike Houston and I. Another vote though Mike has been extremely well right now the number one defense in the league and the Pittsburgh -- at home tomorrow night against the Kansas City Chiefs seem like that's. Easy pickings for Pittsburgh because then I tell you couple weeks back I could see this -- when they could get healthy they can beat a really -- out. And if they can stay healthy down the stretch. With that running game now -- Rashad did it all get healthy you saw with Jonathan Dwyer has been able to do their passing game was terrific and they play great defense. You saw last week they shut down the Giants completely everybody talked about how good you like Danny welcome back to the Bulls won -- Who was the -- one a quarterback it was -- Roethlisberger at that running game. They absolutely slammed the door shut. All the time it's. I'll be honest which I think right now and I'll pick at Texas before the season. I don't wanna change picks but -- not -- -- -- -- the Steelers I think people all the way to AFC. Now -- look at the NFC sounded who's gonna finish strong boy is same like getting -- into the -- even go to Saints beat him. At Tampa Bay is the Buccaneers and you look at Doug Morton. And what he did and you look at the top backs in the league knew it you have to put him in the conversation. Deadly pick MVP got no real wind but. Well Brad -- took one -- -- yet you think other then RG three and what Andrew Luck. And look at the first pick in the draft -- god and I think that the best college wanna back out have -- rated at 27 is Bobby holik hit. A miniscule a lot of credit all of a sudden Thursday night. They end up with a big game. What a great story with McDonald but not -- he reminds me kind of a combination. Warrick Dunn Bryant Westbrook that would Brian Westbrook with the Eagles -- -- lazy out and Warrick -- not much short shift you run a lot of accommodation and the two. Just a great job this was -- guy open to his sophomore year at Boise State he was a quarterback. In it took five running backs to -- now that Boise State injury wise we have to get a shot at running back this capital Manama though you put them. If they can just you don't speak receivers. It Mike Williams -- attacks. They hit like he players towards the end to make -- different and maybe beat a team that's looking to get it to the playoffs and this while it might look. Well my -- the reason I brought it up because I think this thing through should continue to have success running the ball. Because you look and we play in the Raiders in the month of November of you know they beat the Raiders last week of fortitude -- 32 he set a franchise record 251. Yards. But in no coaching Donnelly said look. He reason -- -- also -- the -- Powell power club par pullback of Ray Rice but I'm looking at these runs. Runs a party 567. And seven yards became the first player in NFL history. To score 13 runs of at least 5545. Yards in the same game so he's a home run hitter -- will all of that one running had to get the -- that was yeah 32. It thirty yards thirty yards yeah he's a home run threat like little -- rice that did that man yeah he's vocal power runner. This city and what -- nobody is you don't have a lot of -- all the cars. Muted defense -- rest yet because he's a fresh back. Did a terrific addition to the Bucs will continue with a bunt might get down to kick off on the same radio and her. --