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11-21-11 1010 Richard Wolffe

Nov 21, 2011|

Award winning journalist & political analyst for MSNBC television, Richard Wolffe, joins the ThinkTank to talk about the Super Committee making cuts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

His political analyst for MSNBC television Richard thanks for the time I appreciate very much. Our bigotry ordered. And one of the things that I confess I do a lot of Reading on the list and I'll talk to a lot of experts I totally forgot that. Come December -- extinct. The the entire government runs out of -- so this is kind of just. Option open jump to a bigger problem than. But bigger problem and and given you'd like it. To the committee go about the long time and it's a really big challenge very important don't mean to do that down and told but there's a much more pressing problem which is. Keeping the doors of government open and those Social Security -- moving. And as you point out where he and other far away from being shut down and given how ms. role they have been in terms of agreeing on and that -- I think that it's much more pressing crisis the one that coming to -- the corner. Of bureau I'm I'm looking right before it's heard talk can you John Harwood and sure you know him CNBC and he was just your New Orleans for a bipartisan. Policies and meeting with Mary Matalin James Carville we're broadcast -- chemical and what we're talking about of course of course. And I -- I just looked over at CNBC and he's saying can be super committee reach an agreement. Everything I've read kind of just acquiesce is that hey. We're we we can't get it done users go chants. And they cannot get it done but let me just say no one can get it -- all what you got set up here is these these. Triggers these spending cuts doesn't kick in until the start at twice senior bush just so rapidly after the next election and at the same point. The bush tax cuts expire. You have everything. The Democrat. I'm talking about. What they contribute well you and I local taxes. And you have everything that they. That the Republican talking about which is spending cuts all coming into the same time in the couple of months. The election next presidential elections so that when the real negotiations are gonna happen you'll have a president elect whoever that is you have a lame duck congress. You know they can -- all the dirty work than you guys can blame them for. And and that where they're real negotiations. Only -- longer term issues -- going to be figured out it's going to be -- it's gonna be rushed but. That the only tying it's seeing the congress can get its act together because the system is so broken. You adjustment soon and wanna come back to the super committed bitumen mentions openness Cooper and about this over the weekend if I vote for Obama is going to be a lame -- interior so basically you're wasting -- my -- If -- vote Republican. A fin forty years listening to them saying they can't fix some problems because of the -- leapt by Obama just like the Democrats did after bush. So why am -- voting for the part. Well I think that he's the kind of time where -- he -- -- -- that the referred us to do. The group called America -- which is very organized online. In terms of getting people on the ballot the big challenge because the country's. You almost certain that complications of getting in the big states is its really pretty big for most people -- You know people that describe what that have a happy quite rightly with the economy or the way both parties that behaving. I think that's the realistic prospect on the other hand. Any president coming and so bloody whoever it is still have to work with congress cut the way the system setup you do not have a parliamentary. So -- huge -- Monologue to -- comes lending can do whatever they like and -- checks and balances mean. By the united hard to get everything done and and especially now when there are such big disagreements on how. I'm pretty fundamental issue is thought I I didn't think you know lose this election could be sort of the some of these -- many of these things. He -- level. Attacks could be should they go up for the people who -- right at the top of the -- and they stay where they offer every one. You know bunch of basic fundamental question is going to be stressed that through this presidential election. And in somebody's -- have been instability have that organization around here at three times and I'm passionate about what they're trying to do hum. But I've had many economists on end and at least one of them. So call that there is such -- thing. Non partisan economist. And they have all said. Even the ones that want to tax the rich when I say won't. What are the differences that make it's fractional. And then everybody admits the only way you can really do anything about the problems Medicare Medicaid Social Security defense spending. Which is anathema. To -- the party. Well we are gonna it's gonna. I gotta disagree on the island they if you let the bush tax cuts expire in totality. You deal with about a half for a 0003 sports all that deficit problem moving forward would be enough to soar and trying out twenty years time. Then you get into the Medicare problems which just become overwhelming so you have to deal with those. Over the long term if you wanna deal with a deficit over the next. Ten units. The bush I could go very wrong way to doing -- what may be marginal from a comment when you apply it to. Spending principle on unemployment insurance or funding -- That the shortfall and state governments that affect -- directly whether teachers verified or final firefight that compiled -- You know a 100000220. Billion for an economist for the average amounts to. But the real people jobs so I think the difficult choice. And and the tax cut. The tax levels are are really important but I agree -- -- longer -- you really have to deal with an aging population of the benefits they've been promised. And and again when you're talking hundreds of billions we're talking trillion plus per year fifteen trillion thus far overall right. -- -- and are -- all over the video entire history of America but look at how. 88 if you if you ask economist wed is that where does that come from then we'll identify. A few -- school year one. We'll be obviously -- economic recession and the slow recovery to would be wars the war -- funded three would be to tax cuts and I'm not most difficult long term problem and it's you have to you have to get in conflict. So long term issue is about an aging population but we have a short term problem which is how to get the economy -- -- into the economy living you can't do without any of these things. General -- couple more minutes. All right and come back corner I ask you about extending unemployment insurance wanna. Talk about the Alternative Minimum Tax. Reimbursement formula proposed which she would UC from a journalistic standpoint. Of the possibilities. Of India this getting any kind of fix. Well brotherhood with a group called the think tank and this is covered up yet felt please do some media public there's work. Conference and they're not giving finish hopefully you've. This will be the end. Of not being able to do anything. Soldiers still will wait and see but we're talking about the truth or winning journalism as -- BC you're -- world could resume is almost longer than nepotism only. Three hour show. A -- we're -- Wall Street Journal talking about the new super committed says Democrats. Are emerging stronger position because pulled suggests most voters agree within. Taxes should be raised on hiring them. Earners you agree. The Coldplay Coldplay that it's true for not just Democrats but independents. And even Republican majority to Republicans are very happy to be -- ago people making under 50000 Baltimore. Oh. When the president talks about millionaires billionaires -- you know the most the people Wear them. And the Senate Budget Committee of the unit share Judd Gregg a Republican from New Hampshire. The report also in more than publications over the weekend so because of super committed failure. All incumbents are in trouble huge trouble but histories suggest that's not true doesn't. I mean we we call -- congress but we like our ports. You know many did it -- different this time. I disagree with an analysis that it's -- it's a committee that makes. Incumbents. In trouble they're in trouble because we go unemployment is nine to -- on the economy grows slowly. People are unhappy there aren't happy -- the fact that congress. -- to be able. All our own beacon trusted him moving things forward Theron and many reasonable people left now what we of course who voted to send them a mixed message we said -- in 2010. -- hold back we don't want so much change but also. We would like you to get things done and president mixed message that but I. A bomb -- it is a good rule of it was strange question news or everything other than political suicide the word -- because I see the condoms on both sides saying. You back to your beliefs if you're liberal you played for liberal ideas conservative -- and compromise is not. Fighting for what you know is right. You cannot compromise. And both sides saying the same thing and the question always asking them never gotten -- answer. OK I hear what you're saying I don't know anything about ball security experts so what's the end game. Nobody gives up anything because you're fighting for your beliefs and what to reluctant to do -- seen in game and -- You won't most of these people not all of them but most of these people know have a compromise finished and I know the budget deal made to look like they know the -- the committee deal and so it looked like. And the reason they're not doing it is because of street here. They're afraid they gonna get challenged from the alleged to have the right in the primaries -- -- when he comes down to a general election and you know these districts have been gerrymandered to the point where they're -- challenges from the extreme. And that being -- about it honestly they're being that we can and if they stood up what they believe then not of that policy but for the country. -- -- -- And Alexa and on that basis because they just don't have confidence and our ability to do. The failure of leadership couldn't find a compromise and nowhere lies. Republicans know it's going to be able taxes Democrats know it's gonna involve. Cutting spending on these long term entitlements. And I don't know that the reason they're not doing a bit because apparent fear and weakness. We need to say. Get districting out of the hands of the politicians put it in the hands of judges think the politics out of it so we have. All reasonable district that reflect the population not the policy. And to do we need to find people with some backbone because what do you guys think they need to stand up what's right for the country they don't know whether it is. That's why should just political suicide if you do the right things from his fortune mentioned earlier we. Tell you one thing you -- if they do it we're gonna punish him for. -- look at the kind of struck by arresting people may hear it it's gonna get you'll believe -- can job eight year if you say I wanna raise taxes on people making 250 out no more. Most the people with -- that's not gonna leave you jump to two Republican. And it as a Democrat. The kind of changes to Medicare and Social Security are really for the next generation of retirees you've got plenty of time to educate people -- getting used to it getting prepared trip crow about but what we're talking about -- -- where -- having. A discussion about how you campaign. Against senior. And all people so upset with everything else going on that they don't wanna EU and not much -- where leadership and turn -- -- banished you'd look at bit. People who can fight it out in tough places like -- McCaskill of Missouri. I don't think type thing and you know what they go out and campaign -- they communicate they would the district so that state. And it's tough but they're doing something better for the country which is what actually have voted in to do and and and they have to work continent but especially at a time when people are that they can Bellotti vehicle about our district group -- -- on China during the coming up when it's raining really hard but. Because they -- to kick it down the road until that point. Video bush era tax cuts expiring at the end of the year. You're both sides saying the -- have a tremendous effect on whether their continued or not continued. What what are you what are you reading on this what do you think congress -- gonna do that's a big user and not. And I think they'll spell extends for for most people. -- and the question is what's the dividing line for the well fear is at 250 of the Camellia. If it's demanding you're really not -- accused moderately years. Probably deal with a deficit issues politically more acceptable. I come down to one of those classic pieces of course trading has. What I took the people want or need it the government is. Being shut down again because they don't have done a budget look at traded here at bat a -- but. But the tough thing about trying to do all of these things in a couple of months after an election -- clock ticking on -- You don't know what the CD to big defense coach Rudy command. And that includes Democrats and includes the president and yet Republicans agree doing that now because it was so thankful. You know it just be if you try to trade these big piece says then. Then small errors can have a big impact on on the way we -- about lives so the strike -- You know the the -- Hope is that by the -- we get to our the end of 2012. People feel that the economy moving a bit better that is right now do what I wanna raise tensions right now but maybe. Did a year -- he can deal with the longer term budget problems by. Because the economy is is that maybe a little battle. That that government troops who have put your brought them up I was talking with the -- professors Saturday. And the -- in general everybody keeps talking about spending -- better start talking about -- growing the economy the GDP. And you should bulldozed CBO says it's it's it's they're expecting some real growth area has said absolutely not I'll look it up he was right. They're expecting 5% growth that hasn't happened since 1984. What do they base that on are you hearing. -- economy the last quarter was great -- and a half percent which well which is. Okay growth for America. Eight in Europe to be considered boom time. Yahoo!. I think you're getting better and it is a long long way to go and and I don't know the tournament by a group or. Should 2012. A lot of economist that I told to lecture in that this. This economic upturn will accelerate you know they even. Supposedly -- entree gold contractually -- is going to be a lot of groups say -- I really big upswing. But not in the -- -- -- -- after that he had -- the cycle has has some real great finish and we haven't seen it yet. You know eight if you could predict exactly when it would -- would -- -- retouched. Our Richard -- -- I broke splintered. Interviewing and talking -- two Lynn I'm flattered Kim facto truce again thank -- for the time my god and thank thank.