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Aug 12, 2011|

Tommy Tucker in for Garland. Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic discusses the preseason game against the 49ers tonight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take public calls here and wrap up our money topic -- -- continue to hold some anyway saints talk here this -- we count down to. Saints' first pre season game against 49ers -- has come -- work down Terry parkway genocide and a pickup truck with a barbecue pit -- trailer with the ice has fallen and now He was written down as CBD. To get it started CEO called earlier -- was talking about it. People choosing a -- lot of consumer items instead of putting money into his savings account which might have to do with. Then on hand and a thousand dollars when they needed. And I just looking at some of these products and went to top products advertised on TV. -- Google which is my preferred search engine. And seeing a -- Ten bucks -- cover. Instant zipper. -- had a guy Anthony whatever his faces push and then it's just not the same without Billy Mays you know perfect meatloaf in 1999. The micro touch magic Max which trims hair off idea. The a little -- wallets. And of course these so but how -- cloud pillow which I've been tempted to buy. Just to see if I can drop the weight on it and not crush the gigs. The Barack. And of course the pajama jeans the 3995. And that's just an example of some of the crap that's competing for your attention on TV. Not to mention what you see in the stores so when it comes to save in money. Is it really all about the economy and rising prices. And corporate America -- wages or did do we make him a discipline problem as well some of the techs that have come in. Don't look at the prices look at the value of the dollar the dollar has been trash for thirty years down is more than prices. Are. -- I don't know what he's talking about. Just made up my not alone in taking the 870 dollars per month to increase my monthly student loan payment to pay that off sooner. I can't imagine. Having a car note of 870. Dollars a month. That would have me sitting up in bed at night screaming. I it is paid nine off switches for our. I remember -- was 400. And that was happy as they in my life. Problem is success equals heating up with the Jones and a lawyer's back home energy asserting out immediately bought a 200000 dollar house. And a 50000 dollar car no furniture or appliances all about status. And image. Quickly of the phone lines Gerri -- -- sell high Euro WL. Yet. That you would you comment but the lady. How -- at that psychological aspect that we have we have -- bad. You see it you gotta want it even think about it. Is everybody. They. Cut cut it. Out. And -- day I. Doubt that make sure. -- 840. Years ago. Let it all offshore. So. Cool. And -- early eighties at the industry is we. And it goes up their cars to crash your car pretty hard hit area. Typically being. It goes out every week. People. Eat. More but not allow you why yet. -- -- I have I have -- off the court got the double. But yet why don't look the lead to 25 years in the month Monday. My congratulations ahead of time on -- They keep. -- -- that the allies that we strong. And we gave up a lot. In all future that we no doubt that position. -- the odd jobs. That -- to go back out. On the market. They'll. Let out about -- -- oh. The area. And that. But -- -- out there that He struggled amonte now the job. -- caught up. With all the is that when you understand that. The court that He got there. -- I was sure -- wait but. My oldest -- is calculated the island she. Did you -- -- back out well. I don't daughter's soccer what year we'll be out. And it doesn't lie or -- About it a policy that juncture. -- -- -- -- -- He chucked out one. Particular. And -- it is a constant trade off because when you're doing well. You do wanna have nice things joining have a nice home you gonna have nice furniture but you offset that with He had to save. Because you never know what's gonna happen you you want to resume -- everything's gonna keep flowing along but you never can tell when Katrina is gonna come up. In -- Intel when He -- a win at the economy is the industry's gonna change. Where the world's gonna change in you and -- gonna have big setbacks in the and you don't want to have to surge Celanese off things off so it is a a big. Add balance that you constantly have to achieve wages because Jamaican it today you don't wanna live. So high that Samari in the seem pretty silly for heaven all these things. An electric -- Tricking and a lot of people lost. Yet. -- mostly hurt but back in just eight. -- we buy vehicles that we drive to the back yet it -- the day. It. It changed the -- is -- -- a bit about what happens. A lot. But all. The way I look at it here and equal. We get -- that we. Want to talk about forty years old. We got a very good deal and we -- -- and out. Oh but it. -- it. It got it out and look up. So funny is. Try it go back and I need to -- back in the right. -- Our individual acute care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- July. Yep thank you. I'm glad you called Jerry which is at the time answering again happy anniversary on sixteen. Who that is right couple attacks they're gonna move on here to the saints got Christian Garrick ski join aside about all we can look forward tonight. Maybe all of these people texting in that live paycheck to paycheck need to cut out the Smartphone in the monthly bills that come with -- well you don't need a smart phone. To text in. A couple of people talk about driving vehicles still wheels come off from one guy says he's a truck driver -- minus one. I -- a truck driver. -- -- -- -- fifteen -- it work thirty hours a week I have two kids and -- no money be able to save. -- again with -- truck driver and aliases he's truck driver and can barely afford to maintain my work truck here conditions broken. Can't afford to fix it savings and college fund was like not listen to years due to medical bills for our daughter. And we have insurance. And are some -- revenue vehicle that needed some work. And they couldn't get it fix. But it can't find it but anyway quickly. Last Saturday we'll know by now thirty American service members most of them elite Navy SEALs. Including several members of seal team six. The unit that killed Osama bin Laden wants -- life and a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. To. Brave men from Louisiana countless children. Now fatherless dozens of wives are now widows parents are gone through the one thing that no parent should ever go through and then is mourning the loss of their children. We're asking you to help WW Allen -- on the wall and honor their memories by going to New Orleans sparks dot com. And donating to the navy -- foundation. When something like this happens a lot of us say we await the result in something we could do in our hearts go out of the family in the and we wish that we can do something to make a difference -- you years that we you can. Go to New Orleans for -- dot com and donate right now to the navy -- foundation. And help the families of our Navy SEALs. In seal team six will be back in a flash talking a Christian Garrick about the saints and yields. About tonight's. Gamer who is it that you. That you that you're looking forward to seeing in the most who are your favorite saints players who do you think. The best three saints players -- And the -- -- that it could be listening of the game online. Now that it's available where will they be listening and how far do you think. Those who dat nation has gone -- global do you think it's spread. You think is the best team ever. And who -- the best saints players that really like talking about this mobile who dat nation. How far has its red you know people that follow the saints may be in it in France may be in England media Iceland. Love to hear from an NT six though when He seventy toll free 866889087. Tommy and for Garland on a think tank. Black and gold edition of the think tank as we count Canada night saints game of the big 877 W. I any Tommy Tucker's spending the final hour of the maintained count us down -- Does saints game wells -- coming up next then he'll -- -- -- -- we don't it was all county -- saints game spurs saints game tonight black and gold base in the. 49ers in the refurbished don't. Dome. No mark grants are -- We can only do that so many times a ten hours of extreme saints coverage for 7:3 o'clock band's first take with former saints offensive lineman. Steve -- -- Manassas live from Oceana grill and a quarter than at five. The Bud Light counting on a kick off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia from gate C at adults appear on tonight's stop by and say hi. 7 o'clock game time best play by play team in football Jim Anderson. -- guys John and Christine Garrick and then at that was whistling and -- after the game joining cajun cannon -- IBA bear. It Deke Bellavia. For the point after ten hours of wall walls saints coverage on saints radio evident you alienate seventy and FM 1053. And now. Now. Worldwide. On WWL dot com so we are trying to find out how global is the -- nation. Which Ryan let's see how would subvert the skull we get if you're listening -- -- -- need to be tuning in the saints game tonight and if you know somebody. That's gonna be tuning in. Oral logging on to listen to the saints game tonight from. Somewhere a long way away I'd love to hear front. And also we can talk about who do you think is the best saints player best three. And who's your favorite three saints players nick in Canada before regular Kristian -- talk about the global who dat nation I don't nick. I'm doing well at any given the very good. Very well I'm. I just got back from a Vienna in Austria and I decided one day this kind of randomly in a way in my my deaf interpreter in the outlook around town you are not believed like can get -- people come out to me that -- about the Jersey and they didn't necessarily know you know. Everything there ought to know about the -- -- Austria and by that I mean it is amazing that does the global reach of the nation just blew my mind in the recognition. Updated instantly knew little of the -- you know I got the suitable matches and I got. You know the NFL tag on it and everything I mean I mean that's actually a couple of my pictures you know there was -- I was surprised enemy. You know -- people that are not from here put the emphasis on on the on the debt because -- -- true it's been out front here they'll say that this -- debt. Take that. Long isn't good at nation goes global that's all we care -- That go ahead I'll solid sickened five and had a bunch of people darkly about the same -- Maybe pretty happy to -- Gallup poll -- -- -- three saints players -- -- -- Drew Brees and -- worries well and the man I'd nick thanks like you on an Internet. No but I'll be a lot of from the copper in my home I get him -- the list and -- at home that the at least. -- on the emphasis that -- thank you nick appreciate the call Christian Gary's Garrett joins right now saints' sideline reporter and Christian before we get to the nuts and bolts of the game and just wondered you know and any pre season training or anything and it does of course of course comic. It because not that you have any physical exertion but I have noticed specifically. Last year's season opener against the vikings. The it was a point where they -- -- game -- that they want to review. And the official was. Look in the -- And -- about an IQ is stand there and I watched you you have you're you're Seidler -- the Steinfeld. A unique. Talent when it comes to being able aside a lot today at -- replay Booth and income you get the word before ideals don't. -- out -- seekers out Tommy thanks now NFL's that we look at for. I just Hispanic you Canon nonchalantly walked out there and the next thing you know legislate drug it was it Rob Schneider and it's Steinfeld episode -- -- Seidler. Yeah you're kinda sidled up there in the word out so you -- the microphone you about in your town about it would happen. Literally fifteen seconds before anybody else knew it. Well now all time. I'm not the only -- -- somebody knows to look like that's the thing. So actually tell me about tonight calendar uses start. Well look you know anywhere from 1218 snaps and a -- -- things that I guess this post practice conference. And you know -- -- -- would Drew Brees guys like Jonathan -- Darren Sproles. In the could be could be deal less animated series that Drew Brees a series -- -- Darren Sproles. Say they would don't know if that so. In most of the the -- of guys is their opportunity to prove that they are. They deserve a shot to be a backup -- -- an understudy to somebody or guys and a fight to make this roster rookies young players. Or better trying to hang on will give you one more chance to hang on -- at all and it's LT. Now you know it is around here I got the hook up. So I was able to get tickets to the game tonight from my sister. Sobbing on and obligate people will be looking and well we think thank you and the people I'll be looking forward to see in. Our. Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles -- I get this eleven imminent. Q do you see more of Mark -- and Darren Sproles -- I think so it has to do with the fact that marking of the rookie in. If you wanna see him again and expose him on tape and an -- in you know bill that could teach him annihilate him. There is polls they don't know with a guy he's been in the league several years now so. They've done -- they understand what they have an -- not player. And you know Hillary is an injury nor do they really want to risk marketing of injury but the stuff to get in his carries in the -- -- being used to. Player in L level and also academies in the speed of the episode. -- anything else what religion I I'm I was negligent mentioning to this mentioning this also creation a federal appeals court has ruled. That it is illegal for the federal government to require. If people to buy health insurance eleven update from that from CBS in about a minute and a half but anything else who should look for tonight. Just watch the full competition between Dave Collins and Korey Hall. That's positioned company air right now also keep an -- on the outside linebacker position again chance take a look at their third round draft pick from the April marked as Wilson. He's he's an athletic as a linebacker that accurately can after the passer he's been precedent times. Their training camp but he's also looked like it look like a rookie and keep it on a special teams how much improvement that they make there won't be easy to just take away. All of that and one game you can that you start to get a glimpse into how that's gonna shake out. Thank you Christian good like tonight will watch for use idling on the sidelines so I think talent I'd would be secretive about about it will take your phone calls we come back about how global has The Who dat nation. Grown we got a text here that says got a call this morning from Japan. Grew. Well and they strangest refresh from Japan good at sailors serving our country somebody on line. To talk about Guardsmen in Iraq's it will take that call we wanna see how if you know somebody around the world to be listening on line in the game tonight. We really love to -- for me to see how global. -- Who dat nation has grown right now though an update from CBS. About a. My health insurance -- WL it's Connie Tucker it was you were gonna in the -- shown a very special mode today with a tribute. To the Navy SEALs and make sure you keep listening for that but between now and we're talking about the saints game tonight first. Pre season game than He -- -- season opener but in in essence view and look at it as a a holiday season and it's -- first football season though not the regular season opener for the saints in the dome tonight. And we're trying to determine how global who dat nation is gone in the big news of course is that now. You can listen of the games on line at WWL. Got time dot com rather. To like give me a couple of details on -- the games -- B sync up on TV and one thing you can do if you wanted to listen to -- on line. If you have a DVR recorders. Sued. Pause it. Analytic catch up and and you could sync it up yourself with the computers seagate here Jim and hokey. And Christian. On the sidelines. Another text comes in Tommy I personally know several -- -- -- be watch in all the way over in Slidell. So those who dat nation -- extending all the way across the leak. Funny stuff. Jeff in Kenya for real or not. Yeah. You can't. In -- Jackie did you find Leo where you're listening on iTunes now. Yet via Skype calling on guys and wait let you do -- into Kenya. Well the. My wife is that the united Asian we actually walk -- here and musician. Please look at well you it is important that cute I didn't GG well. Are you guys from new loans originally and I am my wife is huge and cute Canadian. The war that war yet I'll what is so how long have you guys been in canyon. I don't think he'd been January. And you've -- like 500 for the last five years the -- the world. You've got a. Do they have any com. Concept and all of eighty American football -- beat the saints and who dat nation in Kenya Jeff are you pretty much it. I'm pretty much more can. When we played against Chicago in the championship game I I went offline. -- morning. At the US embassy. Who might be watching the game could be. Three achieved I think that all important television like that so. I want that some guys. -- accused of war. Agendas I don't remember his name them anyway. Remote or people they don't you know beer and football -- -- -- -- -- So do you get to watch the knights of the game tonight -- Well I'm thinking beyond well away from me -- -- -- -- network. Like it. The game after the deal happen so I can. I can grow. An archive ought to -- after the play be that preceding game all. -- But usually. You know they are you can watch so. And the the only thing that is the Internet. The little sketchy it doesn't always work all the candidate which. Kind of but I do. -- do you have a Jersey you're not yet. Yeah. People. I believe. In the -- and a apparently here. You know. -- People here here so we had a lot of -- We -- -- -- yeah. Here -- If I was here. On the Super -- And it here -- we. These huge shook hands and use some projects off. Your. No well there are not weird it's the extent of the red nation. So where can we get a report that The Who dat nation is now extended to Nairobi Kenya and -- you tell us that it's through Virginia. -- -- general could act as a good like in Nairobi Kenya. What what an outstanding column about bad yep definitely wins the Woodward talking about. Did the call from the far there's part of news furthers the I always get confused it's like to annually more fit into harvest. From the father's place and that would have to be Nairobi Kenya woody Tennessee hi thanks for -- on WL. Not do that anymore than -- do that well you don't. -- -- -- -- -- Well probable mountaintop right now opposes -- couple -- -- almost -- ticket holder not come down for the -- -- And my granddaughter's birthday money obviously than -- signed up and down now serve one year. And then -- -- come back up the actors start I want despite -- and in when it starts getting gold -- let me know you know we're going whether. I've been out there -- -- go down. That the river there in York county in sight is one of. Thank you -- appreciate it added that. -- Africa. And how you -- -- -- well. It. Make you -- you Colin -- Not content -- be. In the end. One now in your listen to is obviously on line. And what you're doing in Abu Dhabi were in in the oil industry and a. That's correct yeah well actually -- I detected a little changed what responded when -- we. This gentleman just pitching every morning. I detected -- cajun and your boys this I was basket. So tell me about The Who dat nation you the only good that there you got some other guys with the NBA do you guys Wear jerseys are now. We -- And we. Continue. To -- it became obvious and we thank him. Over the band -- It's going to happen. Do you get to see that game tonight -- not. We -- originally here so it would have been accused of home made it easy. -- -- definitely listened to it on Debbie WL that I'm John I can't thank you enough for Colin and I give a big Buddha. -- to do. All the way from Abu Dhabi they did John god bless you we'll take a break -- right back under the W. I tummy -- in for Garland think tank and it instantly definitely well we -- this texting feature on the one things I love this weekend. Like the official call in the field we haven't hurt and expects. He -- now if you want. Well I did. I had to set a doughnut but thanks -- good answer and mastery and Louisiana -- things I'm glad to see the nation spread there. I know of three friends -- to be listening won in Scotland another in Brazil the other in Germany. Bombed and then I have a friend that's in London. That'd be listening online to the game double WL now you can listen -- the saints games online at Debbie WL dot com. We've had calls just in the last couple of minutes from people listening in Nairobi Kenya. And from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates quickly directs and applause they richer under the WL. Yeah I call -- -- back in note two it was when the -- on the first. Policies in game against programs. A billion Hong Kong it was 5 o'clock in the morning. That in -- ball game like guesses because the games start at 7 o'clock starting -- but. There was -- o'clock Sunday morning in Hong Kong and gain in Latin players so in light. On the personal. In hog tying those who dat nation thanks for calling wrecks and dug in -- hi you're on -- -- you well. But the -- on. Well I got brother in. About a 140 other Bartlett and a guard and -- members of the duke 39. That plan outlets and at that at -- there and edit it and I Baghdad. Outstanding god bless them and their service and I'm glad they're going to be listening and I hope they enjoy the game Doug thank you for calling it. Speaking of service you you know what happened last Saturday with the Navy SEALs we have. A special tribute coming up to the Navy SEALs and we're gonna ask you for some help. When we come back to keep it right here. DNA -- all when we return on the big gates said He got a WL AM FM and dot com. Gates said any double WL and Tommy Tucker last Saturday tough day for the US military -- -- listen to this and then. When it's over -- and tell you how you can help. The brave men and women. Serving in the military and their families. In 1962. President Kennedy ordered the establishment of a small military force suited for every aspect of unconventional warfare setting in motion the creation of of the Navy SEALs and navy seal specialize in clandestine redone and combat support and -- Warfare conducting missions behind enemy lines capturing targets and intelligence against impossible odds. There -- legendary and exhaustive training makes Navy SEALs -- physically harder and mentally stronger than their enemies and are considered the most elite special forces group. In the world. Governor Bob McDonnell has designated today as a -- this morning in Virginia. The thirty members of the US military who died after their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. Please call score moments as a bill. Holes in recognition and gratitude. To each of the 22 Navy SEALs and spend more sailors or find soldiers and three airmen. Who were killed in action just sixty -- in Afghanistan. Along with the thousands of men and women who have given their lives to this country. -- and Johnston -- we're seeking recognition for their actions and voluntarily accepted the inherent passage of their profession. Placed on welfare and security of their country before their own. There is no one who embodies the penalties more from the men and women in the United States armed forces from this weekend we lost thirty. -- Afghanistan. No losses they start. And our men and women in uniform take every single day I'm. You -- You go. Here. Change. They're using convert to get you situation room is so -- only son so very kind of him moving soon. Okay. -- Then anything -- better. Hillary. Sorry you. You know 100. So you're telling me. I. It's okay it's amazing you can. Country. I mean. He did not. Nothing like them they -- and. You know live. -- okay. Then that's like a million changed me. I'm very dangerous way. I mean. Unknown. Thirty Americans are exposed and only Navy SEALs and several members. Seal teams sixteen and things don't sound in my in laws that helicopter. Attack in Afghanistan countless children now bottomless dozens of wives now win. Parents gone through the one thing no parent should ever come through in. Mourning the loss of their. You wanna help WWL and Entercom New Orleans honored their memories. Go to New Orleans Bernstein. You can donate to the navy -- island nation. Bottom line -- done time and Tony writedowns in the navy seal foundation. And help the families of Navy SEALs in -- NC. Speaking in an eminently.