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Xtreme Saints Camp Coverage

Aug 7, 2011|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie take your calls LIVE from Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where the rubber like it goes on Friday forcing the black and gold to go indoors. If you have to be in this area in between about the I guess about the last hour so He could see the clouds coming in and went to raining and lightning really hard about thirty minutes ago fourth in the black and gold inside -- practice is not available. To the -- today due to the weather the Saints having to move inside -- don't have enough for him. In their indoor facility but we'll bring you the coveted battle took out practice also if we Kristian -- as well. And they were here is coach Sean Payton addressed the media related and we'll visit with some saint plays. All on the program to a 601878668890. Rates that is six straight -- saint Tampa. Our practice they took off on Monday and they were looked take off for a game tomorrow -- because of the rules of the CB. You can go normal for six straight days without having paid day off and welcome an -- He came -- -- gave them by the black and gold inside. Well last night the new class went in the hall of fame class of 2011. And our mantra fan -- I guess you'd say you have four of the seven they went in He He is -- induction speech I think we're resilient group anyone that last night yeah. -- -- I'm representing New Orleans in an outstanding. Light. Yeah the only reason we Tokyo today was good in the crowd last night -- many other it is a family member and yet considering the adversity he's faced and how far he's come. I mean you couldn't find a more deserving guy. Actually be the first in memory and the Pro Football Hall of Fame from the city. I'm New Orleans I mean you can go on and on I mean and you look in -- element of player of the year for the first of three straight times in 1999. The voted NFL MVP in 2000 images goes I don't know I think He truly. Change of position and what I mean by that is. And -- and now we talk about a complete back. That He wasn't your traditional just running back. Where you see guys and cannot play we'll Warren Eric Metcalf. He -- -- -- -- -- with the Falcons Louis University of Texas but really was a pass receiving running back. We had those skills. But He could run the football on first and second down He just don't see that even the great running back to the past. Did they wouldn't they couldn't hold on Donyell Marshall -- -- and I'm Jim brown and and that as a pass receiver and running back. He was like a receiver at the running back position. Decade run would power. Between the tackles and first and second down so. I think everyone kind of see what He accomplished and you know being a major part of the greatest show on turf -- they did try to copy that and they look infinite and next Marshall Faulk but it. Obviously that's easier said than done but and I mean what more can you say you know I've always had a good relationship will Marshall. You know -- lights at times a little standoffish with and you. Imagine all the people -- and Adam here and there and and until I've talked to them. -- we had dinner primadonna Stucco around when I've talked to -- he's always been well rounded and and then and I just appreciate what he's done that a game of football because the guy and hope I don't know that you all know a better running back we talk about. In the passing game -- contributed and run in the pro ball I don't have a handle and. I don't know you know when you can you think over the course of time on the a lot -- ram it home from -- little to try to think I really can't think of anybody. It and in the game today about be up and think in ovals somebody might can be an -- bit of I'm thinking of somebody they can. To include them off just getting the ball ended up doing. -- you look at Marshal Paul when He was handed the ball He was one of the best front as if not to debate the best -- in the Nashville earlier like when the block and hit a block a lot of early on He can block to block any when He talked about are the banks in Mini Cooper special teams so I I've just got -- I don't nobody right now -- -- we have. Comes to mind they could do all the little things team in some people to -- Marshall felt it was a great great -- -- integrated into those things individually. I don't know but I know one thing was as good as anybody else individually. For the. And then made all purpose yards famous. When you look rush a little ball and as a pass receiver and running back it would be like you would complete things like outstanding right now against the recognition. This day Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson you know how they can run the ball -- but all of a sudden within our running ability -- also would bring to the table. -- Darren Sproles Reggie Bush is tied you know out of the backfield -- and characteristics. They. He's gotten anybody Hokies get in your playing days are you follow him back then and now do you think anybody out now I don't. Can you would start to make it to. I remember. I was cross check in around him backs in. The unit Marshall came out -- the draft and we knew we get to play BC is sideline -- -- end zone view. Yeah and I watch him and whenever San Diego State would get into a passing situation He would. The end zone view. And do well the other guy comes out and obvious bad situation you always third and eight something like that. Washington after about watch didn't -- play somewhat did nasseria around -- -- house slot position or field. Number two when He played like world let's marshall's hard. So I had to reverse that they've always McNamee any of the game knowing we didn't come -- obvious pass situations. They put it matters a wide receiver or slot in motion I mean is -- things that they wanted to would throw him back. I'd hold on let me just have Y one knows that made so far the other -- because. You never left the field when they are on offense because that's how valuable He was that they need. And -- have -- mile wide gap I'll let that you consider either be an -- eighth. He really got a slot in to give -- a running back in backfield -- go back when there was only from the end zone plays it right is. Because that's when they first started using an as if they own. You videotape right right it was kind of grainy and you couldn't see all the numbers -- rather -- -- what you had to pay close attention. To let them down -- -- wasn't hurting us because -- -- thought would be anywhere on the field but He was all on the field. -- and hold -- how durable He was. Yeah and and you know -- and and really how smart He was I mean how they prepared -- wanted to know everything that was going on what the playbook immediately and not just his position -- right and you know is almost like I'm you know we talk about and I've seen this wind Peyton Manning was younger. And you know coach -- let him come in -- quarterback meeting rooms and he's twelve of thirteen and taken note. Kind of Marshall Faulk in how meticulous He was taken notes in the meeting room. Hope He can go hang out with the receivers are running backs it didn't matter He was gonna succeed Pete you know I -- -- -- -- and Hoch. But I think he's as durable. And now I -- I've got maybe sub poor man Marshall Faulk and had the ability. But I'm -- maybe quite as the runner Brian Westbrook -- You know arrest -- as the 2000 -- all purpose -- -- the Eagles when Mueller roll right had kind of those of could return punts because Marshall Faulk skills. The big right here and here's where He made famous 2429. Yards. From scrimmage and if you look in NFL history. You know He became the second player to eclipse a thousand yard mark in both rushing and receiving and -- said directed. Would almost 4500 yards or three seasons in 2000 yards or more never been down before and Bruins didn't. No because Reggie did USC. Expectations. -- we get that kind of production that right from Reggie but Reggie. The midday dot and to me that that thing that Reggie are on the -- ever be able to do. Is now I'd be no running Baghdad Marshall Faulk was between the tackles right although it's not that they can in the passing game we can handle Marshall. But is purely on first second down. Mean I work cards and you give him the ball -- run the ball. No Marshall Faulk was durable Reggie is not built that way. Truly wild look kinda and a -- that -- can come out of the backfield and catch. Is well that maybe because Roswell story -- good yeah it's a -- -- the greatest soaked up all those receivers -- That was all but remember -- WGM has a gift. It doesn't come out frankly you know what do you think -- met their end this way He goes out He is honest when He doesn't like tomorrow and -- need to the minimum that He touches the ball. What a terrific player in -- actor He got it. Not basically in a hundred yard dash and He can go from zero to pull us through in a matter a couple of steps. And okay I mean I think Marshall Faulk will be seven years so it just seemed like you still have those puffy cheeks. They just got -- -- He looks so young. He looks like did you see his face you know He looks like the twenty year old and then -- still some of that to Deke and I know I'm gonna stand on this point I think this is the truth. That you're almost -- a good thing Mike Martz. Now he's been the Bears now he's trying to make Jay Cutler better with the Bears offense. Mike Martz to meet got too cute included Super Bowl and they lost to the Patriots and helped the kids go on that run. Well as I got -- -- semi look -- I'm trying to think that that I was like they gave -- a ball like four times are you kidding me do a lot of pass. No Marshal thought would have been the focus eventual bowl that the Patriots wouldn't have upset him. They -- I don't of people have said that that Mike Martz almost getting too cute but they would send it -- weren't done yet or three days. And they did a good remaining comes when you think about -- you think about the dying and how -- that bought to much screwing things up when you -- when you shouldn't get upset. You might see. The all time all around back that there was because. He does not get enough credit for his ability to pick up blitz and linebackers and safeties that they that luck this week they don't got him out out -- -- -- no. But -- you know you ride him. And those guys did not -- I didn't. And then -- when He had when He gets a free release that I have my -- -- and He came out of backfield. -- you think Reggie Bush caused problems for people. Marshal -- column along with or Reggie Bush ever did it. Don't occur while the quarterbacks Lebanon because of you know He is dumb enough to Marshall -- and He threw it about here to the wall and putting the ball about five yards away Ellis I lost. He had 26 yards. We had first and goal. Didn't even it to court is big men had the perfect coverage you know we just does it off to Marshall and and makes it their first now are not a player award ever accomplish that. Let's go to Jackson for -- Carlyle want He -- to allow Marshal -- great thank you for calling WW. He had gas get -- know I'm not I blew -- in March or. I think that would separate images even so -- dynamic but not I was glad -- allowed. I think maybe Roger Craig and then the one that started that dual purpose -- credibility gets the football and run boulevard between the tackles and I don't know when their payday and I don't let -- well. Stands -- -- -- and followed by AB I think maybe. You know I thank you should be in the hall of fame I don't know why Roger Craig's not in the hall of fame. He was a great running -- between tackles. Powerful runner. A big part of the 49ers did in the West Coast offense in the passing game. Maybe quite nice not as much as Marshall as a pure -- eager to put Marshall with the receivers that would of Hong. What that would necessarily they case that Roger Craig -- passes semen running back but I agree you I mean I don't know I don't know why Roger Craig's on the hall of -- And that would -- you Garrett led trying to give up we Iguodala data yesterday. Great crowd not a very impressed. -- -- that he'll that they will have a special year you got them huge opportunity. All right great thank you very much -- once again their -- -- is that the new movie indoors due to the weather raining and lightning and found out here on L -- draft talk to. Some severe weather here the rest of the afternoon the next practice that is available to the public will be Tuesday morning it skidded to be 852. 11:30 PM on the outdoor theme who's in and of course. A week from the very will be you know recap in the saints' first pre season game Friday night in the dome the San Francisco 49ers and a it's clear that you look at least 20 for real this weekend. Well big you know his crazy -- it was it was saying how we learn about the only dissolver and get settled and you know rumors about. You know 85% done and and owners approve it the players not so fast. But I -- once -- gets done August 12 is going to be just around the corner that Friday night apart -- has come in the superdome is going to be here before you know and and we -- right there in. You know I'll look at forward. You know they game here tonight and I'm a big admirer. Jim Harbaugh. And what he's accomplished as a coach and you know a lot of University of San Diego in the any goals at Stanford made Stanford a tough team which is always through -- to be considered Inverness team. Are you look at his brother what he's done with the Ravens John Harbaugh that's a full ball -- family and I'm also spoke of the look too -- -- chair and far not a gives -- they split. Big fan jail if the deal was acquired a guy that is he's a big reason the dawn patrol had the success that they had Steve's Steve Sidwell. Was He was a coordinator. But a big fan Joseph was coaching those linebackers. And now and he's now that He has a coordinator on the Harbaugh is there. Is a guy that He is it brought itself through the ranks in the NFL and MER breaks not a very big man it got its about. -- sixty pounds so let's get him but I want to say what you know what that that red nosed defense is in -- like SF in. And He actually was a linebacker Reggie when you had -- don't earlier but. Everybody gave credit to Steve Sidwell Dom Capers something like that. But -- NGOs -- -- in charge of coach who -- for people. He has done an outstanding job through his entire -- to the NFL. He's been a lot of places what they've had a lot of good David Mayhew would kill a lot of their defense and now and you know. When you look at big and I look at -- in all. He's throwing a lot of times and Vick was young at that time -- willing to push the right buttons. When you deal would give -- personalities the Rickey jacksons pat swilling Sam mills I want to get along with Sam mills but then I'll -- Johnson know you -- Did you got to earn their respect. In Ricky Hatton all night in -- they would have respected big competed Millwood to Helen is doing you in the meeting room you better know. -- what you're doing when you tally of certain players trust me I'm at a point in the right direction are we gonna be dominant and make plays very quickly. Happens from those guys I mean they towered over him say that this is what you're gonna do. Any earned that respect that they what I am thrilled to death rate because that man in a good football coach. 2601878668890. Attendees saints' practice that has been moved in dole is somebody who go out and about five and taken out and give assists to pull away from Saints coach Sean Peyton. When He addressed the media as well and I also get an update from Christian -- and number again involved is 260187866. -- -- -- -- We heard yesterday playing the -- -- coach Payton had to say Marcus -- dressing is Hendry saying it. You know it was a regular season game He could go to wasn't that -- precautionary because of the time and obviously what's going on right now and then Jeff Charleston -- Beckham in the next two as well so you look at Pitt being that rotation yeah. Getting did you think more and more wealthy at that position. Yeah I know how I look at Jeff Charleston you know I think. I don't know it was going to be down the road but right now why I think Jeff Charleston to tribute not only to the Saints but news on another team. You know not everyone -- special teams is little to me he's a big guy. And you know He had his game you caught everyone's island is first game regular season game the Saints uniform had a couple of sacks against the Chiefs. But to me what He brings to the table I guess they did you need different -- special teams. Is that holly contributes in that area you know and then and I think the Saints definitely are aware of that. You know what this punt coverage kick coverage of you know return game. That you know He knows he's going to be on the back in in that rotation claim that fifteen to twenty snaps a game. But also you can come army he's dressed out in uniform. He's a reliable special teams player and and you know -- talk about great stories and you remember when He first -- being in -- what was your work in a woodworking shop yeah. You know who have been out of her into Oregon RB yeah yeah you read I know I think -- and then He was working in Oregon and now is amazing. You know staying in shape doing that would work job and doing his business and make him a call and you know -- did that that's that's the kind of guys you cheer for and you hole make it because they're good guys their hard work and and none I would do a lot of competition but a lot of I have to do it hugged all of a sudden Jeff Charleston in those pre season games. And I and He may get a couple of tackles and we've seen him in the top three that's going to be team. I think you can like you brought -- the party night that's for you know and August the twelfth. Now -- fans obviously going way back. And and that was definitely a thorn in my side how no matter how do we were -- know winning 1112 games we never could beat. Basically a party niners -- winning you know twenty to 30% at a time when He had the likes of Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon. We do and they've played now about this is in his and they played -- party niners 71 times in the regular season. But this will be only the third time in the history of both franchises that they play one another. In the pre season. You know you would have thought a hole I was thinking -- dog as his same division and all that when there was fantasy US. But this will be only the third time. That they would have played in order 49ers in -- pre season games and like we had said early. I'm just looking. For the debut of coach Harbaugh and hope we had said this early at three of the four before pre season games. It's been big his coaches are making their debut. And all you want his coach Kubiak with the Texans who's on the hot seat He has to win but you look hue Jackson with the Raiders. And then you look at coach Mike munchak with the Titans. This all their first shares sold. You think about period as they should have. A big advantage possesses. That they're still implementing what they're trying to -- and and -- I -- here. We just trying to get the young guys up to speed do we got this establish veterans. -- with -- all of -- indeed kids are not necessarily the case. You know the fighting Irish Raiders and the Titans. 260178668890. -- and want to in the -- -- is that there has been moved in dole is due to bad weather here in the area will keep it close with -- -- later we're -- live from Saints coach Sean Payton. When He addresses the media with a quick timeout to come back. A lot of our pros -- then okay guys on empty Bolivia Saints camp coverage on sports talk on WW rebel. -- are pro rules look guys John and Bobby gave the time it beat Miller whose Saints practice has been moved indoors. But I can go practicing in the indoor facility due to bad weather here in the area -- -- better running around. 330 -- between 330 informed prompted the staff to move. The practice in -- stumbling Saints football this afternoon at 260187. Or you can email us. A big chief at WWL dot com and last night it was the hall of fame issue takedown early we were talking about Marshall Faulk and of course I Shannon Sharpe and beyond a sand has also gone and with -- -- did you take in arresting all of them fame induction spins it will put the class of eleven goes in there also. So we're talking Lewis thinks the ball the rest of the way -- okay as we talked about everybody just about in camp or anybody using camp already college football. And then of course high school start and you know this is doing that the Tammy where everybody seemed to be excited didn't. In just the last -- but did you kind of feel bad for the fans because Friday -- suburban crowd I was lined up out there and today was a big crowd out of there but. Mean there when you get done and lightning like dead that's the number one thing but then of course come by -- -- You you can waste any time I mean would you have all these -- good immunity is pressure right then I think they called in Olympic. And anyway and took it to the Saints and -- have been a home here. They were always Likud they wanted to see bowl so that was with fans to see it but want to -- -- -- -- like that they had to bring in some way He. If you look at it from the logistics right here at the Saints facility if you -- Anybody that comes down here for practicing appear right across the street it to Winn-Dixie parking lot you don't have that far ago. But -- you have to get across airline how way. To get back QB clarity and with you have in the park over there around zephyr field in. God bless you people that come out here to watch practice -- with few parts so there. You start it is steady trot is don't take you about five minutes to get back to your vehicle and ages I ate it it's a safety issue -- -- -- dangerous for defensively out there because. There's very little -- -- very few trees there there's no place like if He can't or something like yeah I'll tell you they get out there and only eight yellows the element. It takes one and it's an -- to go wrong and then you know it's too late night is too -- you don't mess with a by the nature enlightening. Like you know and you playing golf on the golf course or you know football practice. You know going forward peak I'll just think -- -- that and I'll look at the weather and how fortunate and they are now to have this great. -- indoor facility. And you know I think coach pretty newbie here for awhile. You look at Jeff Fisher that thousand believe how long he'll last too with the Titans the Uga coach Moore was that nine years. When you look at track records and NFL head coaches. But I know coach Peyton and I. Bobby I want Rego and I was thinking about that last night. Uniting Europe computer -- -- novel about bring this up the broken by the when you -- last time a coach won a Super Bowl. Didn't leave on his own terms in other words it was kind of force -- -- fish and I want to willful I can't tell you who didn't who didn't even his own terms coach gruden. -- candidate right. Yeah I got a very seldom have this -- but I mean I even got to thank him back you know -- I was the first ever thought command with Tom Landry because that was -- -- it's -- yeah yeah but even Chuck -- in them you think about him I mean. Very few coaches who won a Super Bowl don't -- what do you know -- -- you know around my course here or something I didn't build something. And then I got to go to mean. Shanahan. Most recently yet that didn't pan out you know but I mean is is not. And try out for and they might not -- -- -- him and and Washington. I think I think -- -- You win it to a bowl broken hip but should have been a different can't -- yet that probably had a stroke and I think I think those type a personalities and goes to have a coach is they love those challenges. I may be going to different place and and building a championship. You know I think right now perfect example. The nice diving head coach he's running the team my whole room my -- room and okay are you look what He -- Green Day. You know one -- -- -- goes to Seattle they don't win it but He gets in there. Policy evening he's not a full ball and he's probably drive and his wife crazy and He had to He even knows who will He got a Mulligan on that I. Like Steve -- but yeah -- Seattle yet have that they had now's probably the worst of fish sole Super Bowl ever bring one -- do but I think. You know coaches like to coach in dividends as they retired I mean that that that's hard -- -- -- do him. Coach Holmgren looks an opportunity to run the Browns organization you know how -- -- build the Bulls fans love their team. Like -- -- nation loves the Saints so that's a challenge that they look pretty challenges. But the -- initially have brought this up with the weather and practicing and training camp. That I think coach Peyton and I think coaches do this that they don't want to get in the comfortable routine. Pat has overall team that being the players where don't be surprised out running is next year. But I talk to a coach Mara and then coach training coach Barnett conversation. And now pushed -- next course more of College Lacrosse Wisconsin was a pretty nice hot it. And -- -- of their seven or eight years -- I think it was in. Tell you succeed in the Dodgers got a look at how long dollars and that's out that probably have many went right right -- play out here that to that and then out coach -- bars or not it was great because He wanted to have a hard practices. The weather was nice lacrosse that we US trying to survive practice you actually getting work done what I think right now all. Although I could see him going back to Jackson is just to deal with the fan base the whole golf -- -- gulf south region. Right and as far as that element if coach and Payton wanted to do a change of pace. I would not be surprised. No you're right there's not a loaded they go back up to look at all -- but Bobby you don't have to agree with me but this is just an outsider looking in our own scouting staff parity at. -- coach Mora took two club up there it just a break come down. You know it just 88 I don't know why He made it harder that He should demand right if Sean Payton was to go up there this club. They wouldn't think that they were at some kind of -- spot something like dad. But because of the weather in no way that coach Payton is smart enough to handle a coach Moore was. It will get practice schedule is -- we're going to practice Brad Lidge once or twice today way now. I don't wanna take our routine okay Miami He would just absolutely break the club down Miami it took me and I always say want to players automated sitting around going. Meant the guy I would just give us one day. When I -- off just lets come out here in shorts and shoulder pads. No pads whatsoever but it's it was on the Seattle joked that they were they are -- -- that's it. I think Sean Payton would go up there in the guys are really appreciate dead weather in Wisconsin at this time -- like -- Louisiana Paul -- you back risk that they feel like if -- -- feels like early October you have. When you're out there -- -- I mean that. The middle with that you get from that but -- -- -- coach 48 and He just He just can't just grab. -- you guys. Marine mentality and I think it was hard to change -- and having -- that was it that was this kid look. You know -- I'll Wear one held a football club okay no doubt that you. And do you put up with that if you don't win -- and you have rebel -- you liars and you want you want -- you Taylor does the best for a -- we are right now would take the club up there and and -- really dictated a different level of their coach Mario -- guarantee it. Jonathan -- on Drew Brees Marcus Colston Devery Henderson Pierre Thomas it's Scott Shanle. Roman -- He had begun. They go like. Manager when they Jesus can't ever gone there because the weather is a really good and you could -- if you don't get hurt maybe a year or two to your career all. All because she's so far body. Yeah could I don't present and I did that day that one -- -- Hammond at southeast and now I love saudis -- Hammond. But I had a number of linemen what is it a lot and I mean it was just -- Vizquel played out there should read your resolve their career -- good that they were beat the crap and just totally worn. I mean the big guys like Steve -- losing 22 pounds of practice called that that I don't know -- that's okay waterway that's. -- am a hokey as that and that helped the RC well. No I really hate you get back in that locker room really stranded stargate is Armenia. Can that be -- -- landlords whatever you can do to get Baghdad back in it and when you start cramping up at night eagle and I can't straighten out. I'm muscles and I mean that's like OK okay. It was so hot. You couldn't drink enough Gatorade water Ann and Andy you know bananas and that's the worst deal in 3 o'clock in the morning you wake him up -- -- all locked up cramps and He got a bunch of -- excited about -- has already somebody if somebody gave you -- and said did you give me autograph you get -- that he'd have a chance to put that. Out and end the retire right now away I'd get -- I hope now that. Were more educated supposedly out of water breaks and how they conduct practice in -- two days might be the way of the dinosaur. Time. You know and and pick and choose maybe. I disciplinary reasons you might wanna get the team's attention but not out now. Four and a half weeks off four we rise to the days I think coaches have learned. And gone back to doubt my original point don't they I think would still awesome about having training camp here though the -- facility. That way there's Jackson. Are lacrosse. They don't have that indoor facility like the -- here. Because when they wouldn't unlike new are even like in Jackson. And coach Vinatieri He lucked out to do with the media was joking He can control the weather. But in Jackson all across when you would have days like this. You can't get to work in a jam. Like. You can't get any endeavor that knows that that was the only option in your head when -- lacrosse to win again right drag out release it yet -- -- Millsap acknowledged. The only place she had to go to yet on whether it was a GM so that's not bad guys -- Phil would not any players and have him out the end and then nothing it's like you in the media big meeting room and tries that's a walk through -- I get anything downward this afternoon right Bigelow and things they didn't -- -- again a lot done so and Dave brash -- Chris. -- -- I don't know and now everything's about money like it always is have been down the road. Now you -- -- indoor facility and I'm sure Millsap -- a welcome that our lacrosse. You know Wisconsin lacrosse have that kind of oh yeah. Then that is -- while -- the weather never cousin the play how you gonna conduct practice because. And Oden does -- jumpsuit like physical front yeah and you'll get ran that morning yeah and end zone it's all dried -- it's gonna it is past it. -- the solidly build it -- to him on I want him thank you for calling WW well. -- I would go out all right Tim. Car Karbala about Trevor potter out of all the good as we are all about Olin Kreutz -- But I doubt I have bad bed but it is now we listened -- all. I am saying the prudent. Approach that we got the bed in New England Philadelphia. I think we mentioned it in the pretty good but. Well I'm not I mean not -- my -- -- -- -- because I don't know if we're better. But about I don't give them than not overtime I think we're right there no doubt about William. Yeah yeah. I think the additions we made and I'm gonna limit I think I said as initial last night I think. When -- Lewis and Sean Payton and not even if it's a short time even if I didn't have the lockout I don't know at this point. Before we -- playoff first pre season game when I'll look at the roster and He this is even after the US Arsenal bowl are you -- -- on -- -- -- ever seen a better roster of players. In this they have right now. -- certainly can't it happen. It will look like Greg Quinn says an up we look awesome coming all the buzz and those guys have skins on the wall. No you know sometimes you might a look at that it feels like men and look how big you know when you. Look at the players -- when they come look up big down -- and are no right now who we gonna be as big as any NFL team in net in period. I mean you just put on is in the game two guys you put Carl migs and Shaun Rogers -- outside and said earlier that day. NFL team they got the two players more median net and. Hobby more so than anything you know serene even when you look at what we have lost him we've gone out nearly lost remain down gosh dang it did last. Are you -- but don't you all know frankly go on. You know what I know I. I'm -- might be better than we were hurt my club I I would par. That -- out and see the full product that don't feel led. I mean this team I mean they've been able to counterpunch everything that's happened to them in free agency whoever they lost. I think Dave and build very worse state level -- arbitrary you are okay do they are prove themselves. -- -- -- Now look at it and I hate to do is gonna do anyway is that I that I think right now and look what we achieved last year. Is that I would be disappointed now this is -- got to you know guys got to stay healthy. Mainly Drew Brees -- but but I'd be disappointed if they don't win at least eleven gained. That I think eleven who has led the bottom and I'm telling you in the NFL when you win ten games. Thank -- organization is headed in the right direction. Any time I double -- she had to use young suffered no yellow yeah a good game as you're competing you're in the hunt and I only good thing in hockey right now. Now we know you know with a lot gotten almost gonna occur. But I don't know sled we won the lottery are we -- seven's no matter who we honor roll right now and ball we can keep people helping you know not a -- when -- championship to me more than anything else is all these gathers and the only approaches. Even and David Thomas and Scott Shanle. Guys that you've already had here before. What they say is. You know what I -- only for a long time I've got money. You don't wanna look at for right now is another radio or a hearing feeling -- -- -- -- ahead of Olin Kreutz and so he's not out there doing just to get the biggest paycheck getting hit the that's what players say -- I wanna go somewhere where I compete and win a championship. Olin Kreutz I think setback I mean I think to get -- of these a fourteen year veteran. I think He looks at the entire thing and says you want to go anywhere in play for four million dollar hotel and his -- is the best I. To say yes and no I don't think. I have an opportunity to get a -- and help a lot more so than it does its share of Chicago Bears. And I really im not sure who the other -- right Ryder out his services but He sent. Out of all of them New Orleans got the best chance to win a ring. Because after fourteen years in the league if you don't have your financial situation or yeah a shame on you. But you can't control of the you have an opportunity to win do little lonely yep and that's what He looks and and I think that that's what a lot of these free agents have gone is that they said. After a winery here okay. I think right now. Now I don't know what the future is gonna hole and He heard me say this about Drew Brees now and Mickey Loomis and I'll be realized that the opportunity to win is now we now rebuild and nothing we trying to win now college kids here and I -- -- opportune that window is gonna be the next 34 maybe you know five years. This is the golden age of did you all. And the franchise because now you guide players. They look at all the 32 teams no big every Karuna Saints instead it is -- tentative on recruit day and nobody wanted to on this team UNL really -- When -- -- -- in May and say will you take me on this squad -- -- good opportunity yeah I there's I'd love to have a long term deal. And I assumption far down the rolled but I didn't come play forty would a one year deal that is nothing and have a chance to -- -- -- best situation you can be -- I know down the road 1015 years would -- nations say I really any better but I know. Right now it's all good this like the roaring twenties -- -- about it depression and the -- -- -- is good right now. Because they might beat the crap and and everything been right now that the same time -- honor roll and integrated team. Right now and know how to get out there and snatch up tree -- appreciate that we can't know those guys at wanna walk -- walk and say I wanna win a championship within. Did right and and He had as good as any place right here and you all over the Saints. I'm that would take a quick time out were wrap up our number one indicate they -- they will all go out to practice. Okinawa Manning and we'll get an update from Christine did saint camp coverage. Continue to do the Saints forced inside -- -- due to bad and -- the bowl cover you hear and stayed tuned later in the our program. Uh oh prior between 6:30 in a 7 o'clock tonight you will -- Saints coach Sean -- live as He addresses the media also risen with some players on the program where JPM is seeming -- -- sports talk with Saints -- coverage. On WW yeah. Was okay guys Don and nobody gave I -- Deke Bellavia 260187866. 88908. Send me the Saints. -- inside today because -- The red and his band so we're gonna have recruited Katie can't go go around an eight bird's eye view. A practice Christie Garrett will come and those are the first hour or so win in the late in the program NFL analyst Mike to TA will be whether to send Mike embodied not tomorrow. But on the fifteenth then we'll start out at the silver -- -- the second game showed just got sick He gets it right after the formats games somebody. The thinking is Begin that's the first pre season games you get to second guess the whole year. And who can. To really get an opportunity to talk about a lot of -- junk players and especially able to break down special to lose. You know that's been Achilles heel for this team includes Pete has acknowledged that. I knew He was rather and He went in -- has been somewhat embarrassed. The special teams play last year I mean the only nice poker tournament that was the last Morgan is the Falcons. In the dome but. You read the bottom of the lead in the royal world champs and -- the bottom only again last year. So they definitely address an Aggie seeded number of drills that they're doing all the coaches involved Gregg Williams was a former special teams coach at times. You know now it's primarily He was a coordinator pretty -- -- Hamilton in good. Would put his position players are gonna contribute. On special teams and then also coach Peyton. So I don't look at parts a lot of these young guys come I don't necessarily make that final roster but to see that Chris I was in the world club. You know join bell all of Sunday is -- we -- like 56 yards a carry like we've seen him practice. Here's a two year veteran out of Wayne State that at times is on that Philadelphia Eagles to loop. Agree I recruited him now and it really comes right now like Chris I was expense but I didn't listen to see. Who's going to be making plays what is all of its a defense. And -- difference could be. If you see a player making plays and all of the defense and all of a sudden big contributor on special blue you still -- that's really gonna catch the coaches the kitchen. Politico -- final currencies oil the guy can. You know we got -- -- insurance policy when this all into -- is good we can dress a mile and you have a big impact on special teams. So that's will be Guillen on Monday the fifteenth over all the way to Super Bowl the Monday have to assume nobody there might need to create. Second guessing from the silver slipper in Hancock county Mississippi beachside. Speaking the Monday after the San Francisco 49ers game 26018786688902. And once against saint. Forced inside because of the way over the next to their practice is open to the public will be Tuesday. The black and gold will be off tomorrow because the new CB grew six straight days is a long which you can go practicing you must. I'm not go more than six days that taken a day off they have a day off tomorrow that can affect the practice field Tuesday morning. 8521130. AM in the first preceding game Friday night against the San Francisco Fernandez and you know. In -- about that division -- you think about it a San Francisco has been a sexy pick for the last few years despite all the magazines. Haven't -- again this year a new coach and so same. Or meg well accident yeah I don't. Guys -- -- we would say the same quarterback He said. Any changes I had. -- -- -- -- You know were good coach Harbaugh didn't -- this I don't know at least it will sell insurance and -- do something else when you have to do not put our money. You make a five million dollars this year we're OK I know is this morning it's like thirty million Iraqis into a contract. Is this one of those things that they they're trying to go back to the folklore of the 49ers that you know back when we were in that you -- US for those guys and there was no free agency. They were the team to be every year. I mean is that kind of whatever makes him an -- right now. It's our kids I don't know why. Mark you look good I think NFC west has been so bad if you look and now -- They're becoming maybe they don't -- trust to St. Louis Rams yet even though they have potential franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford. You know the Eagles and Eagles the Seahawks. Two new cornerbacks. Has a bag now with the Tennessee Titans. And then not knowing. Kevin Kolb how Holly's gonna work out with the car. Our rules I'll always do any good Seahawks do last year at 79 record yeah. -- -- out and maybe -- saves in the first round out you know you can be at about his mediocre is you can possibly be let go. -- -- when I'm not a series and overall I decided that's not a seven but I don't always tell you one game no one time. -- a bag really struggled last year overall. But a lot like of our very own Brandon Stokley from Louisiana Lafayette who just signed -- early camp with the Redskins. Middle. Can't seniors didn't know yet if -- okay -- and -- I -- I played their two best games against the Saints in the Delmon in a playoff game. But -- -- those -- you never know any given Sunday but. I think the -- nodded -- look at it because that they look at you know people into the game played dementieva Janzen look at them having the most dominant. Middle linebacker Patrick Willis in the league so I think. And I think that's a big base hit and run and anything while the quarterback could just manage -- game and -- -- -- Frank Gore. Franco I don't know man as a running back running backs and. So I feel like I mean I'm here in. You know I -- at least read the Paper or the F. The uproar about -- Aubrayo Franklin -- there. That a lot of the fans were so upset that boy He was one of by Dominik deep -- players and they you lay down and away. And I still think that a lot of people still look at it as a Saints in the 49ers are still the NFC west. I am now. Look at the trade as much as we like Jonathan Dylan I think we got to bed and it led the I grew Ian all right coming back -- is going to be able Christie Garrett indicated cant all go to camp practice saw hokey and I voted down -- -- tried to this is what's populist and WW yeah.