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Xtreme Saints Camp Coverage

Jul 31, 2011|

Deke and Bobby take your calls LIVE from Day 3 of Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes did -- will be a memorable carry not I don't know T really understood. How useful to finish the Ryan are what was asked of him or you know when the defense would officially stop. I'm not the big kind of move the business that being the defense led. By Jonathan Vilma where. His Martina you know I think what -- they not impressed with the and He definitely got about the third play and how hard He runs. He was running hard He understood the drill that He wouldn't have stepped in and that He was could deliver the -- and that -- take a global on the first play. He goes around I'll let Dan. And I believe it was Jonathan Vilma. Two bad things haven't simulate when He basically called the play was over. They take off his helmet and a Guinea -- this basketball program. And now -- -- until probably his helmets like dogs like welcome to the NFL. In any kind of not only Gregg williams' voice but our coach Payton. Says that the marking -- you got along that Evan ball. You know it's -- are very humbling experience the Heisman Trophy winner -- being -- with the NFL but He definitely. I guess understood what was asked of him as far as when he's taken around about his effort and that it's not over till it's over. Because he's got Lerman Gregg Williams in the defense that they going to strip the ball and even when the played really over by theory in a real game. -- practices actually extended UC Greg wins and a defense a number of plays. Whenever the ball hits the ground it could be any complete pass. They're scooping you know -- all seen scoop and score when hits the ground their scuba and out and then they become the all -- here expecting it to players to become blockers. So yeah. I think he's gonna understand the process now of I have to win this and you know that team drill when you have live you know what's crazy though when you look at it now. That when they say it's alive. That players there and sold the pads. And that's you know full practice. I guess what you call -- contact -- they don't. In the old days you have the guys uniting the -- did the thigh pads even the old school guys have the -- ball pat when nobody -- that anymore. It kind of looks nerdy guy looks sleek you know put that tale ball and economists is that you behind and all that they'll still knew we don't know by the temerity to go to our noted that -- impression and you see how many times in the game when it's actually full gear exposed to have those. Uniform cold and look what the good news already being covered. You see these receivers whatever. I remember Ricky Jackson and the -- pulling him aside and saying. -- -- Rick what -- CU pat. The key cut out -- sponges. That you know holing -- do additions and stuff -- and He has been this splurge He could bet in his thighs and it is knees. And I guess is that award by getting it deep thigh bruises so because He was so strong his hands in his wrist that they're going to get his legs. But He dallas' -- bit dishwasher as well and sponges that He actually use. And now it's getting more and more of light batting you know they have and I Gary barber rule you know from a nickel state ladies -- and he's kinda. The uniform police for the NFL you know if you if you Sox there are pulled up high enough and all I had to have you know and are you where it's -- kind of head banner hand -- that does not approved by an NFL you know you can't find you get -- first then fine -- it's amazing though. Going back and I'm an off understands it but going back to appoint a practice well and they say it's so like a full practice. That really -- is it is that you have a big boy -- your shoulder pads on but as far as below the waist. You know and it is still encourage all is to stay up. You know and hit high you can had been a year and like I thought today -- -- previous two practices. As far as their aggressive nature. That you see if you like hit balance you know like National Geographic channel -- -- Rams and coming up and butthead didn't use -- He was -- backs line and Aaron. And no goal and -- butt heads but that's about the extent is that. You'd hit somebody hard and you kind of ease of sound like you hit somebody hard and -- taken down to the ground. 260187866889. He rates in the is the number again though it. Have coverage for you until 6 PM -- this evening in from three to six it will be saint color analyst OP guys on I'm always think I'm I'm a poor. Christian Garrick and now also bubbly talking about today everybody is still kind of wanted to know about. What the situation is with the Saints have draft choice in a Cameron -- but those who -- knew that you. At bats and has been and and I'll be surprised. And I said this yesterday if he's not sign. You know I thought at some they would definitely get done today that it would be done over the weekend deal by Monday. I mean you cut another parameters. You know what you're dealing with a rookie wage scale where you kind of -- it is not exact numbers. But. You know now I don't know if his dad behind the scenes I -- is. You know I think he's stepping Steve Jordan was -- twelve year veteran you know play kind of the Vikings. You know He always got agent involved I think you know Cameron Jordan as an agent -- I think is that might have some influence and then maybe trying to maximize what cam ranking again I don't know that I'm just speculating Arabic. To me that that is the way it's set up now going forward the next ten years I mean how could you realistically have holed out that there's no way you can travel well. I mean because the way it's set. Now I think that's the way. It might be the way of two days of become a dinosaur -- the way of that pin stayed too -- hold out by. High draft picks I think that's about done and so nobody I don't understand. Maybe someone can enlighten me like Cameron Jordan if He got here by tomorrow I don't understand that. And also Bobby Saints come to terms with the veteran defensive back play with the Oakland Raiders in Baltimore Ravens and Fabian Washington. Seven their seasons here coming into the National Football League its first three wood Oakland the last three wood to Ravens. In fourteen games they -- He started eight times He head. 31. Tackles on the ball on and in two assisted Tony -- solo. He broke up eight passes they pass defenses the last season so are they have a nerve coming over from a Baltimore scheme which is an aggressive scheme. And that He is a new member of the saints' -- near Washington. You know I remember when He came out and was -- the Raiders. You know and looking at his you know production at that time He had a career high. You know four interceptions in 2006. With the Raiders -- I remember hearing that name you know Nebraska. I think -- you one thing you see a one year deal with the saint. Its kind of trial and error a seven year veteran. That. He came -- border came to the Saints. I think two -- He likes mainly Gregg Williams is doing. And -- can maximize his potential and and also Gregg Williams think him that you know I think I can do something with his Fabian Washington in. And is now like I wanted to your guys who are trying to make it in the -- know he's played seven seasons He can play. It's a matter of him try to maximize his potential at this point in his career. And you think you may be great -- to -- Gregg Williams can do that and a great opportunity with the saint and then Gregg Williams thinking yet that that I hiking get the best out of Fabian Washington. We'll come back over the phone lines -- in the program you'll hear from my father Marines had an interview Steve givens now with the -- and hopefully hear from Saints defensive back. Malcolm Jenkins you'll hear from attempting to see you Saints linebacker coach on pavement. And several of the players as well sports talk Saints camp coverage here on WWL radio 870 AM. FM 1053 and on the net at WWL dot com and welcome back He cicada came -- by BA there and He got to be a 5042601870. 8668890870. Is beat them to get involved four other big NFL news though overnight as a cajun cannon. And there was thought to be that they veteran defensive lineman. From the Green Bay Packers so maybe yeah in the running for the New Orleans Saints would like Philadelphia Eagles swooped up Cullen Jenkins. To a five year deal like Tim -- New Orleans was in the running also the New York Jets. Have agreed to terms with wide receiver Plaxico Burress so He goes from a New York. To the Giants on that course -- time of incarceration being reinstated the NFL at the end of last week. And now a when you deal with the New York Jets to the phone to go to mark in and -- On line one mark thank you for calling -- did you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was just science course -- the other defense book. -- a defense that today -- I thought. It's like Thursday's practice. Like you know I don't think they've both made plays when these saying offense defense is like Malcolm Jenkins gets an interception every practice. Will cement not and I -- in the quarterback down at saint Nike get the sack. You know every practice. As I was saying it's kind of like it players you're familiar with. Nom I'll -- Berrian and and their make you place. A -- you know and right now it's an opportunity. You know when you look at it you want to -- -- that gap and anything they Marquez Wilson they got -- starting off right now I just don't let live back -- -- also dropped an interception. An opportunity Patrick Robinson you see him make a plane and sometimes maybe give a play. And yet nobody is is kind of a mixed bag is sound like one. Necessarily unit dominating -- the offense vs defense it seems like. A long we will submit. That they have different stunts and blitzes the we coach -- Williams when he's doing in practice. You feel like Vilma. You know get to sacked. Almost every practice what they're doing -- -- I guess that you can't tell. That I take it down the quarterbacks that they've blown right past them so. This they want muted as -- Dominating on the other thing is kind of a mixed bag they've both made plays offense and defense. About -- You tell you. How much about it they don't want to do that just excited that the -- back it. You know bacteria got on the radio again you know been born I'm not. -- He mark mark thank you so much for the time we appreciate it to 60 points whereby its born people from all. Well they do they'll love football they don't give a crowd -- though world -- woman's World Cup and trying to give you are no matter what you tried to be you know -- Wimbledon or whatever you do that you didn't know whatever is going on. You know whether it in Tiger Woods is gonna play golf or not. You know people might be concerned with that -- about two seconds then there -- -- what's happening with the Saints. -- part of football Bobby Plaxico -- now a New York do you. What does He do for them to just get those Santonio Holmes back that'd be deal in the course and now Plaxico Burress. In the mix now a difficult matchup. He's a big guy big target and and I think. High school Burress can play. I mean. As. I still can't get over that's kind of idiot move when you try to be cool and you shoot yourself in the leg right I mean c'mon. You ordered how many people -- -- with me shoot himself in the league and if you don't until we shoot somebody. Right has -- probably got a no -- should meg key in the most trouble ever -- in themselves you need to think about that right. You know how -- China okay what's justice. But I don't know of anybody has gotten more trouble than Plaxico Burress to shoot himself. -- as his New York good laws though. He can be politically. He didn't now no -- that as the right you can cook it down you -- yeah you just can't have no good -- That -- not that this is the best thing I don't try to do what you wanted to do it -- -- -- you to step in the league in the kind of mark Newman talks about his first play in SH in the fall -- wasn't really good. When the plays -- they they still strip and Barroso. We did burned out man I thought it was everybody noticed above us. Did happen anymore so. You know corrected. And then of course it by aliens too early on the first play that day He got. Handed the football his first play actually. He was a kind of welcomed in them -- about Johnson -- which He lost the ball into Hilemon Campbell -- is they don't you know that He He. You know He would use to their mind. Continuously coming after the football. You know I'd have probably Jonathan Vilma and is Brett you know selling. You know broad and tag. You know -- the end is it that well you know -- -- -- -- stuff but it's still not NFL my. You know and and a number of players from the SEC obviously -- in the NFL it. It's still he's definitely not the. He is a mocking him on a -- to get a grasp of the playbook this football thing is is different terminology different words. I communicate things different. So -- -- It's just who's got it's you know. Used I'm used to I think Alabama and -- largely different and so is getting used to learn -- And his mark on how He thought He He would overall audience a first date and a black and gold uniform just to be out there with a team in general so good coming. First day we. And says -- put on our -- thing divided decided. And finally a -- cooking and one final could hear all the rookies who have toll on right after practice. This is actually a return to shoot out of them so. Of their return kicks my whole life. When He talked about the return a few -- out there as well let their program we'll hear from. -- -- have a -- -- interesting recently how He got the NFL and sentenced on and off his camp pretty good. Taken advantage of some band so actually Dave Thomas not being here right now and basically. But Italians by the. Yeah I Begin tolerance -- like drew said and He realizes you know he's put on. In the program and they got 33 to 35 and drew said he's about 250. So you know you don't wanna be one dimensional. I don't think He has that ability so he's still gonna have to the -- some run block and I mean -- that opportunity. You know to make that team. Not -- you look at Mark Ingram as a kick returner. And you say well you know number one draft pick and you know Heisman Trophy all that high what we want you know -- to be like Duke's not necessary educate returner -- You know I think you know is willing to do whatever He can. To help the team in the Palestinian that -- seeming room back there -- look like an actual. You know fielding kickoffs. When you look at the hit should the Saints in you look at the returns for touchdowns I don't know. It they have ever been a more meaningful pick return. Then -- running back Pierre Thomas did against the Minnesota Vikings -- in overtime field position right there was no in ninety yard touchdown hundred yard return. I think it was party polish -- and -- I don't know 4244 yards but talk about field position. That big kickoff return by Pierre Thomas enable the Saints. Have a great opportunity to go to super -- -- I think it's individual player I don't care if you stud running back whenever you could do. To help the team that go to soup bowl if it is in that returning game and you need you know you might be a situation like if Pierre Thomas. That also coach Payton if boy if He thinks marketing and can do it at a high level it's a crucial point in the game. Very similar to what -- Brian Westbrook with the Eagles. All the sun that He be back there is not the normal punt returner Kamal we need a big return go back there and do something. While I think Beckett be a situation of Ingram does at a high level. That coach being particularly a big return. And that's it Pierre did in that Vikings game and -- -- -- and oh yeah result there was a more critical return. Considering. That few position enabled us two win that game and voters who will. 2601878668890. Rights and the saint camp coverage will be through the phones. Again the minute we have -- in Mississippi and the dale and Dallas when it to 6 PM this evening. At by BA -- dig out of -- we -- at 3 PM think Christie Garrett. And former saint and saint color and the faculty guys' job will be here. From three to sixteen and He knows it questions that the -- at WW dot net com for the latest on this bright isn't so much more Saints -- Visit our website WWL dot com let's go to the news that He could be a new time is 1230 it's half off first news that we go to Donnie. Welcome back into WWL AM FM and a BWR dot com have -- -- -- intolerance in. Tell -- hell of camp has -- for you as far as I know it's pretty hot out here but I'll -- third day and -- motivates -- you know it's just great to be back. Nixon with the guys working on didn't there was football every day in day in camp brats everyday looking to get better. Now the other day Drew Brees said some pretty very complimentary things about you said he's -- free to make really make this squad and -- the world that you're putting in. What does it mean to hear a guy like that and you -- But He got the utmost respect for Drew Brees. Are off to build -- all of his quality is there. You know exceptional everyone knows that so anytime He had his -- I'll play any -- -- I'll take it. And I'll always be missing all of his advice trying to learn from soak in as much they can come up to prevent -- -- -- How hard has the transition been for you from going from a quarterback to a tight and it's not. Very common and I know it's got to be a lot different but can use that. Quarterback now is to your advantage at all I don't think He can use the knowledge that it's just overall understanding of the game. But there's there's a lot because in the tight end that I mean from being a part of guided that doesn't understand. -- up physically needed to. He big enough and physical enough to play tennis I was like the first main. Main goal for me and then it's just learning now what to do about how to do it so I'm just trying to use it at everyone around from coach Malone who. Dave Thomas shot. Jimmie everybody we just try to bounce off ideas then. Yet tricks of the trade -- say and just how to how to get the job done and that's the most efficient way. How would you both dove for the new role a whole lot I came and to have when I sign undrafted free agent contract with the jags us to 27. And now I'm weigh in at 250 so that -- couple years of a lot of lot of time earlier a lot of eating. And it's. Big time folks in my diet and -- show you enough. And what got enough to put our side than state fast. I'll what are some things away from football that -- interest you some things off the field. Are you not I love music and a basketball. Does does a part of my two favorite things anything all the water as well -- this thing a wake boarding. Mendez he's that kind of stuff that those are my -- since as I love being outside inside. We just got done in lock up -- looks like we're going for another running along one in the NBA who's your favorite team if I you know I always root for the Hornets whole team wise but I. The big coach Bryant and Lakers. I got to look at got to go for -- you think Dwight Howard to end up over there eventually you know why I'm an Agassi or try to predict. I don't know I just I just enjoy watching great players compete in. And it posited that shares slot and watched they mentioned music row what are some of artist that you like listen to -- group of fans you know I have a vast variety from the Beach Boys. Always kind of lasting you know coaching music and it's fame wherever it may be if that's good I like it actually kind of got into a little bit house is that clearly woods. Yes today years ago have not ever felt like this. I used in this Sainz radio here on WWL AM FM and dot com on Steve Kelly here with tight end Tyler Lorenzen and I'm just wondering. What else do you feel like you have to learn to really. Fully grasp the tight end position. What what pieces -- missing from the right now you know I'd I'd never think the main thing is learning exactly how to do what we need to do so I know my Simon and know what one of Sosa and I needed just to make sure I have a much that's proper. And out stepped in exactly the right place on strike at the exact right time and I'm doing -- -- because you -- -- -- -- at full speed and when you know exactly what you're doing and how to do it. That's when you -- -- being so that's my main focus is just. Really didn't in the playbook and take each playing the finer details of it. Citing god they're not make mistakes and play hard play fast and -- well now I know Shockey not here anymore. Were you able took gain anything from him and also guy like Dave Thomas who also apparently isn't is signed to a deal were you able to. Get any of their knowledge line up to this point and maybe be -- to good use that to your advantage. Absolutely -- know my group my rookie season I would Rose -- -- I was. Try to soak up as much as possible every day because. I say I did not know much about Todd and I knew where they're supposed to run on their routes and you know coverages and how to get open -- coverage is about and know. What's the best way to do it I didn't know you know what's best with a lot of the three point stance of from the small said He felt so that they greatest I've been. Really try to soak up for -- and Dave and Billy Miller and all those guys they've always been ever able to Atlanta and then also. -- giving the device and all the -- really worked really well. Who have a lot of superhero movies come out this summer -- Green lantern now Captain America. If you could have one super -- man role would you walk -- -- I always say I would like to build teleport. But you know for football purposes I would like to be superstars of the best that He is big like Superman that be perfect the man of steel yeah. And if there was one thing away from the game of football that you had to do for a job would interest you. He's gotten out of all of the business world but I I really limits to sit and you know here and performance and things of that nature as far as. That's during training conditioning and just that is -- making -- buy it passes the biggest of -- like this pretty cool. Yes some like that but who knows that it affected the fact that there are obviously I'd be that to back guess they've -- videos and American. You know what losing shows in your future have talent that is gonna work. Colin thank you so much for the time appreciated if I'm Steve -- with tight -- how the -- in here on WWL AM FM and dot com. Thank you -- give us the good about it is another -- taken advantage rather have right now and he's city He had Jimmy Graham locally as -- as it is going to. And then they'd make some catches I don't know. You know I mean obviously you think about it. Drops I don't know the guys know. I don't well black to Jimmie Johnson with Tyler has been out of room but on the topic though He had a night off right now I would think they -- That he'd definitely. An NFL level from what I've seen it can be. That of receiving tight in -- you know we knew in the back can say that Dave Thomas does come in the full along with Jimmy Graham. That you know coach Peyton utilizes two tied in so you want the depth and all that when He needs -- -- -- -- continued. To get stronger. And -- the run block. You know -- will know Zach Strief -- three tight -- situation lights in there because He can run blocks all. And I think He has that work ethic. In this thing and you know that's a big difference going from 235 to fifty. He probably even knows -- He couldn't get even stronger. And now they're trying to be that complete and because all I know list. If you can be a possession receiver type tight end. And you can get. And a point where his skill level is that they can trust you that you can run block and you can have. You know 8910 year career and mine if you -- that even know even who you are. Because he's just playing the role on the team and obviously contributing inspection teams in on the back canceled. A great opportunity tolerance in and Drew Brees technology and and say that's the kind of good player that you're cheering for you pulling for because it is. You know work -- A great opportunity him right now. And become scene and get open a quarterbacks have missed even drew miss the most talent this team for a touchdown. I know when the balls in his area. Who is almost very similar. A -- that that I think that Dave Thomas and and I think maybe potentially mighty in have a little more upside. You know long term. If He continues development and when you look at his size -- -- Ambien a quarterback you know put him at playing good music it all without a doubt about that kept him. It helps you understand offense. And I can't -- and then and tolerance and coming out of UConn playing quarterback. When he's in the meeting rooms. He's so used to knowing when everybody has to do. So He can break down understand. The concept of hopefully if that makes it. You know the percentages according to the defense where. You Gordon likely -- you know what I'm going to be like the primary guy according it is priest every and He can even change. As you come off the ball so yeah I think that's where. That helps you know I think that helped out too. In his career with have a -- always said this probably. He's the toughest to me. Hands down in the history of professional football the toughest quarterback ever and needing to play quarterback in the NFL and that's Litsch. Kabul was let's first name -- -- Kane they've done it John Lynch He was a quarterback at Stanford. And He plays at the highest levels safety. At Tampa -- come on knock the snot bubble I mean that guy was African animal. So when He -- like toughness. And I think that helped them to play that position a whole lot better. Because of his experience of playing quarterback so I think that can benefit. You know Lorenzen. You know that He played at understanding the concept of the play and offense. Priest that breeds. You know my the primary target would truth be looking -- so -- that definitely. Helps him playing that quarterback position in now knowing. That how it's gonna make it in the NFL it is at tight end and realizing also that I can't dispute. Receiving tight end that on the last a long time also have to be trusted that I can run block when called on. You told to go Mississippi the field on -- wants to look good afternoon thank you for calling WW yeah. Safety that I had run capabilities and no you -- are -- eight. I'd just thought that came meal that we can without CD. The upcoming not suspension a -- -- you know for the full game. I don't know I mean I don't know. Any other play as well. A lot of the effect it would. Did they all could be hand throughout this ordered a bargaining to get in -- You know that they made it like to slate clean news without any -- Bentsen and I out of debt and the thought ever have. That would offense fold under the collective vote so it could have been disclosed while all that was going on and and that means that like that falls on the ball out of that. Disciplined. The -- and you don't insane by the rabbit so it broke both sides now would be to kind of mean. Though the -- I think it's the is it that Williams is to Minnesota. I'm. But where -- they both out of football right now and no one on the right but even he'd like to lose myself but you couldn't believe it they would become making him no no not even though they had to sit out. They -- just like Will Smith right so those those who want to -- yet. It is just a shame that my guys do like right now it that is taken so long was that He is three years old and I had 83 seasons ago yes and that no that's why I think and and this helps is a situation and and the last year of his contract. We need Alex prowl. You know it was a ten year better or not he's 322 years of between him to play this year. Thank you contribute more like He did with the Chicago Bears. I think has to be utmost important that Alex Brown. I'm not saying play at a Pro Bowl level but right at it. In those first four games considering how opponents mean Alex Brown -- to come up big time. And I think he's gonna have that opportunity now long term I don't see them. Realistically in less Alex Brown now seen it happen and having eleven to about twelve sack season. -- flat out like a -- last year I think Alex Brown. He was just average -- mean yet -- is to see you know nothing you know terrible but nothing. Mike you you write home about. But I but I think these 41 four games won this thing you brought Alex Ronald board as we -- know when this suspension was gonna come about -- right. That this is when He really. Least help out and and help the Saints. Considering. You can on the season -- they got I think right now Will Smith looks healthy. Like a 74. And off cut it counted at least to a degree batted passes. He's had a sack every practice. And He looks good out there He looks mean and ready to roll but. He will be ready to roll those words four games because He can't play. Okay well how I -- thank you so much for the time back to the fold coup to load the bills on line to let dale thank you for calling WW -- Well Matt thanks for having me you Bobby you. -- -- is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I looked into the new new acquisition from the quarterback I was wondering. RB these guys made in India where it is too. Revamping -- added to the linebacker -- because he'll leave even knew if you have a shore. Secondary. Men and have you guys put in question one more of that company is who put that in my position -- last year so I don't know what you. -- on the bill -- about you want to talk about you know outside linebacker. Obviously getting -- back into a full. -- to -- CS. You know. And He definitely. I had -- on the soapbox and you know talk about his opportunity this year coming back from the injury. And you look at martz has wheels that it looks like Pete did that that I think. What you get him on -- of things mentally. That you'll be ready to roll I mean he's looked the part of being strong side linebacker like a Scott Fujita. Today you would -- a sacked He also dropped an interception. But I think I think they're expecting big things from him they can give him an opportunity. Now be looking at three get outside linebackers. I don't know have you heard anything their Rocky Macintosh. You know what's come about -- him I think Manny Lawson I heard I think almost Manny Lawson is guys still out there. Who's the number one draft pick from the party nine is that he's 27 years of age a Macintosh is 28. Yeah lacy this an email at you to comment don't know. Our Rocky Macintosh and also I am not Todd Heap who Russo with the Ravens this time primary opponent took it. For several -- Yeah a lot lot look at comedy anti diva I still think Dallas definite salary cap mode like I can play. And now I've been is Tennessee where He ends up because He still wants to get paid and how you fit that. In the you know salary cap as far as how they're structured. Now Macintosh. I mean. He was one I was reading somewhere -- -- wanted to many Redskins who were kind of loss in the new 34 look you know what they were trying to do. And that He should have more success. If He stays away from teams running at 34 more. In 043 concept that He could be. A linebacker that you can rely upon me in a 43. Not on the what kind of money is demanding. We gonna trying be on top of that you know Gregg Williams has some experience you know with him. So I think that's that's kind of where we at right now. The guy I don't know they gonna go out in the free agent market and try to bring in an outside linebacker of the thing they have the guys in its in house. But one thing. That I know they have to do is get after the quarterback. And sack the quarterback. Maybe that's what Tampa. We talked to royal come into Tampa Tribune and they cast having had based as much money to anybody -- -- thrown as much money but any of the -- -- -- but He -- know. That's not what they do here they promote with the and they believe in Beirut and -- the draft in. That's what Tampa doing right now because they basically they know what could have beat him as far as -- dollars that they were just they had -- a funnel money and the calf. And and I think a dark cars now these that are true dark cars because -- familiar -- -- it. I think they expecting things enacted a quarterback from junior -- I really think that junior -- gonna have the greatest opportunity. To be a big part of getting after the quarterback and -- You know he's been mentally challenged at times on what to do but. Commodity keep doing things over and over again sooner or later you gonna learn it you have to learn but I know despite. Listen we've done this a hundred times you got it now also I think. That he's gonna have an opportunity. And because mentally. He may be started to pick things up so I think he's could be one that will be surprised and at the corner. Coming back to you called this is sports talk Saints can't coverage on WW and welcome back keys Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia 260 -- and the if you heard the number to get involved let's go to call over on the North -- on line -- -- Paul thank you for calling WWL. All right -- dropped out. You know big -- their whole lives we think -- but you know Saints fans. And you wanna get fans fired out with fires up a fan born anything to me that the third could turn over. If you cause a turnover in the dole. And I think that's what you know. Obviously ranked fourth overall. But only committing SA 25 turnovers driving it they can get on a consistent basis not necessarily 39 but at least over thirty. But they've got to get after the quarterback and I think that's with fans when you call in about a outside linebacker. That's why they hope we Cameron are now that he's a sack machine I just think he's could be more consistent. Like player against the run and get after a quarter -- just all around defensive -- but this is crazy wind is almost embarrassing. In the mood and the issue we did challenge our players to be dealt do better in this the State's top third or the fifth event. Wilson is. Alex Brown Jeff Charleston and you focus okay. Will -- that five and a half sacks Alex Brown to Jeff Charleston three Jimmy Wilkinson to. All of -- combined with the fewest sacks. Now Atlanta Falcons John Abraham. Who had thirteen all by himself. So big when you're trying to list noble and give back and now they've added an opinion over there who had I think I believe. Edwards right -- everywhere but the Vikings. Yes that they got ready to block from mom Arkansas. I'm Jamal Anderson ranked U member so I think in. That. That that right there if you look at it challenge. That and nobility not to think Greg wins they're aware of that Kamal we got to get after the quarterback they'll -- quarterback Curry's. Quarterback Brett suggest that comes in the play. But that's one thing you can get there you all so close but so far we've got to have more sack production. In and and hopefully He is no reason to me he's healthy will submit to you Virginia route. He should not average you are have five and a half sacks but should be more like ten and a half sacks and hopefully that'll be the case this year. Because they'll know that embarrassed to one thing and I know coach who has -- probably challenge. You know getting after the quarterback that you got four guys. That combined for fewest sacks in Atlanta's John Abraham had thirteen know that that's as I get it -- at a high level well Woody's scheme. I don't see skiing or individual player I don't I don't think it's -- his great glimpses. Has done it has so many different players. I do it and I don't. You don't play again -- Giants front gas from -- -- And the with the Saints and yes well compared enemies like you know they have a number overlook where guys were drafted it's compare ball. But yet they consistently give more pressure on their front pads and then in the whole lot and it goes if you can get more pressure -- front. In the back seven. It just makes everything a -- benefit him I would say easier -- benefits it will -- and -- Ryder Tracy -- everybody about the things everyone involved -- whole lot better in pass coverage on defense if you get after the quarterback -- look at this -- Alexander and -- -- -- post what -- coach Tom -- had -- -- -- -- practice -- for 260187. Email us. A big seafood WWL that -- Saints can't cover girls on here on the home of the black and gold you're listening to WW yeah.