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Jul 15, 2011|

Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan discusses the NFL lockout and Saints football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay good evening and welcome the sports saw the final hour here on -- Olivia. Just in the conversation at 5042601870. Fans. Is also given -- NFL owners simply as -- reach an agreement by next week and get this lockout out of the way. Wanna hear from -- today's pro ready famine dealerships opinion poll on line at WW -- that comic. Will you watch or listen to the 2011. -- Women's soccer team to between USA and opinions Sunday would have it for your right here. On WW yeah 58%. Of you are saying yes you will watch it. Well 42% of you a thing no you will -- While I want to let me know then and why would you -- is that in the good old American Spears. The -- team are doing extremely well in the finals once again. 260187866889. Yards in the email me -- at WWL. Dot com and what is the biggest of the you have ever missed to watch. Listen in the game. In India to miss all of them then maybe you don't -- -- how many how many you'd have to had been encouraged. Hand. There was. Somebody there from an -- paso from a farm mission a fountain and they were. -- them speak with an -- on a long long and you look at that you watch in his cute little skeptical that. You know will we not supposed to leave man before you're dismissed than all that. I have -- me want. -- of the priest. Says don't mean in my fan mail and you don't know that within. You know at church. You know at the communion -- -- one out in the patriotism -- -- asking for -- and you'll look around while a man. In Delano. -- has been the biggest event you've ever mixed. To watch listen or ten a game. 26018786688908. Serie handy NFL lockout. More positive news. But you know habits and Italian F a full month now. Today scoop the -- Spain today it's -- at the martz -- at bay is good good day they would he's -- confused. Forgive and forget what will you do. In the mean -- look like we're getting closer and closer to a new deal. So give us about that 504260187. In. Or toll free 86688908. -- and -- suited nation once again showing their stronger. Ties and devotion to the New Orleans Saints the black and gold. Exhibit number one market when it comes to fan participation. According to data from Scarborough sports marketing. The Saints had the highest percentage of inning home market where -- fans that they had watched the game on television. Listen to a game on the radio or attended at least one game during the pay this year. Cincinnati had a big it's one you'd jump in the rankings they moved up five spots on the sick. The Saints won number one -- they would number 287%. That's kind high number there so pains are certainly involved in Wisconsin to be. You look at that. Fourteen -- top. This list. All basically small markets. New Orleans Green Bay Pittsburgh. In an -- and an emphasis you know there's not a huge market. And Minnesota's if I'm in Cincinnati so he goes so -- devotion of the fans in the small market really -- that -- by outside of the media. Market use that on the mean you also as well. And -- O'Sullivan as will close to prep football was thought of prep football. About some of the best prep football. You have seen a player. After the -- and I I've been around and seen all four lob I was thinking about -- last night all the way home. Ousting him back to the early eighties. I get to a Biron in the eighties and John Curtis and he would Michael stones break. Who went on the Notre Dame the great players and great college. One of the best thing it's just hormonal. Discipline. Is Hannah and nose for the football. And so many from different ball on them down these -- you may be from all the Louisiana west in the Louisiana. So -- though -- into the mix too as you folks to. The prep football season 260 point 878668890. Hates him and he is the number to get involved. And that come and -- in just a moment. Earlier today Tommy Tucker caught up with Jason -- and four. Of the NFL network. And he hit on many things. I'm talking about the NFL's so lockout. The situation with the Saints -- where Reggie Bush may wind up landing if he's not returning with the New Orleans Saints. His vibe on whether or not the wins in the lockout when he basically also explain the current situation what it's basically kind of being in the forefront of why it has been such a stall August -- -- young athlete amount of negotiating. Which was the rookie scale. So time it's a very good interview you for what you take this out there will be just time time on off some of things he said about the rookie wage give the Saints and of course Reggie Bush but he is Tommy Tucker. Earlier today. When he was in for going round and it with Jason -- and four. Jason Lackey and Ford joins us right now NFL network. And nfl.com reporter Jason welcome -- but -- the NFL network Diaz is play the first highlight you find. You -- -- so you don't know what's gone on I can I cannot speak to that process I'm not sure. I'm not sure how the sausage is made in that regard. And I do know that -- access to NFL films so we've got a vault of violates night. Just well there's a guy picking up of football which is play that I just generally. Mark does a great -- -- -- -- lock out so I mean maybe you don't wanna you know ramp up highlights too much end Willie talk about the lockout before we get to Reggie Bush what is going on now with this. Agreement about. Rookie wages. What do they do agreed to -- appear to agree to and how big is that when it comes to an ultimate. Maybe agreement and ending of all of this madness. Yeah. Oh when you look at the business of football the economic social par value -- players -- -- budget what the salary cap is going to be. You negotiate contracts from that standpoint it was the last. Sort of -- that they had to wade through arm to be able to kind of put. The economics to bed and took getting that result was huge and -- its core issue BK -- This isn't just about how you -- rookie but. Rookies get their second contract when they're now stars based on in large part negotiating awful where they were an old contract and veterans. To get more money when rookies are paid really well because is that effects franchise tags and then. It rate continues to raise the ceiling for everyone -- it was a critical issue and they have pretty much put it to bed. And there are things that remain calm a lot of legal issues things with the drug policy. How the NFL PA would reconstitute itself as a union. Obviously to judge is still gonna have some say over what this document looks like. But they've made significant significant progress and and now for the first time -- truly close to a deal. Let's say my biggest fear and all of this is you know it is sometimes if you if you ever been in sales or if you've ever bought a car. You get right to the point of closing the deal and then all of a sudden value in Juan evans' second thoughts about this or that. The likelihood of something like that happening you think Jason. You know I think grandest stage were were were more rest beyond that at least I don't count myself who. I get there are still definitely issues that need to be ironed out how much power -- commissioner -- -- -- were off field discipline that's still a bit more. There's still more negotiating to be done but the fact that. They made this much progress -- their -- with judge Boylan who had been mediating get out of the country. And then now the sides will meet again next week in Minnesota with judge -- and I have a hard time. Cheney and all breakdown I don't I don't kid come this spot playground though that the judge would let it. Breakdown I think he tracked -- had a he had to show. I really feel like coming out of that mediation and in Minnesota on Tuesday. I think mayor -- at the least I expect -- handshake deal -- they may be. Are not through the process Specter only a matter of days away from actually. Being able to ratify a full collective bargaining agreement are hard you know first settlement whatever you wanna call it. Yeah and that gets me to the next question which is about the process and dropped dead dates and pre season and hall of fame game and ultimately free agency in the NFL season because. You you don't -- shake hands today and insert free agency and start playing tomorrow talk to me about drop dead -- and how does. How do you go from shaken hands to ratify in deals look yeah time frame are we talking about. Well -- from the owner's standpoint demand the men negotiating this deal that this CC their their labor committee. They are empowered to do a deal so there really and once they graduate from the owner's standpoint it's gonna be done. Exactly how many votes they get whether a couple people dissent it it really doesn't matter from the owner's perspective calm that deal will be done. The players now we want to see you know because there's this uncertainty about whether they'll remain. Trade association would be a union there where you -- what exactly will they or their designation beach. In regard to that decertification. That remains to be -- and it can be that they have to have one vote. To recertify and then you'll have to you know ostensibly you can need to look at -- gotta get 18100 signatures in. And see. He you know -- and make sure that they got you know more than 50% ratifying the steak too that's still a little bit uncertain of the judge a player role or that. The actual drawing up of the document I think he can be done in three of five days at this point the lawyers have been working at it for awhile now. But yet the judge -- all we have to sign off sorted as well so I mean realistically. Arm. You know wall camps start exactly on time maybe not but. There in a position to save the pre season perhaps that hall of fame game is that it does come -- it's. Could still be hanging in the balance but I mean even then that's to that -- preceding game for those teams those teams would still have. Two moment too -- preceding games so I. You know very they're all course due to meet most deadlines and and saves -- most meaningful football activity. Man I don't know home Danielle far more about it than I do but I'm just looking at July 15. And and -- and get free agency and get all of that Don used these things can still happen. Yeah a lot of good look it's gonna be it'll be different now I think to have teams. And then dude like me and -- to cover this working around you got some rest -- dumb expletive beat right now refuses to be crazy you know then topic should get noticed is gonna it's gonna be nuts and and the reality is. You know the coaches and GM's purely left on the bag as well what do what all this is resolved and we're you know -- at a time it is resolved -- -- 260. Odd days and -- 130 days and do it. You're gonna have to make up for lost time and it's not going to be the owners should do that it's gonna be the people negotiating deals it's going to be people have to coach these players up. Who have to figure it out. Bite you you may only have a three to five day window to speak to feel like your roster to sign your undrafted free agents to get movement. All in resigning from your own guys and what have you and and you know GMs are expected that they're going to be left. You know with a small window less than a week to get their rosters together and it's basically going to be okay now you've figured out and you know what they've also had. -- or five months to prepare for this is well in terms of all their scouting all their internal. Projection that their budgets they know would have free agents are essentially going to be at this point so you've also from that perspective had a lot of time to prepare so you should be ready. Tommy would you hear about other teams and their interest in Reggie. Well I I mean we've beaten Sean Payton likes having Reggie Bush and his team he loved Reggie loves him as a weapon but. They made a move for mark Ingram there are significant move they're very -- running back Reggie salaries almost twelve million bucks he's not gonna see that there. And is much -- it would like to find a way to keep Reggie Bush around at a lower price. Tom Reggie Bush is it just didn't -- what else is out there for him and what teams might look at him and and let's face it -- I think he's setting yourself he would get in touch the ball that much minutes. -- Reggie Bush and you know you're not gonna get that 111000000 and twelve million anywhere. Yes he wanted to say that he loves being their but he might touched the ball five times a game there and there's other teams. We're gonna say yeah we know you're not an every down back but we're gonna we want to focus more -- get the ball in your hands. Fifteen times a game or twelve times a game -- eighteen times a game. That's going to be appeal bed and ready to the position where -- wanna know what else is out there are so I would be frankly stunned. If he agreed any renegotiation with the Saints to say it's going to be the position where we either pay this guy would be worse or we let him go. And it slash when he let go -- interest in him Miami the team. -- particularly to keep an eye on their they're looking for. Some civil down there that the franchise has gotten stagnant the fan base is alienated. They had a top offseason. Kinda dangling their coach out there for awhile and flirting with other coaches it's not a -- -- and they're -- into flash spare you look at. All the -- -- the I think Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas and they've got a slew of celebrity minority owners Reggie Bush is a big name you know he's kind of -- Hollywood guy he makes big plays. He's known for things beyond football. Com. The that makes sense for the many need running backs desperately so Miami's -- -- Philadelphia Andy Reid. Looks at him with a guy even though they have a running back -- and the boys are good young back in May want somebody to catch balls out of the backfield to do some of the things Brian Westbrook used to do for them. He's going to be an option there at Saint Louis has been looking for someone to compliment Stephen Jackson is a workhorse back. But frankly -- getting any younger. And -- team that needs. For -- young quarterback Sam Bradford somebody's safety can check the ball down to. Can do things in space can help you onscreen ill in the screen game. -- check downs five yard line of scrimmage Reggie does all that. They're trying they're not that far off there was won their division last year with a young team so they're going to be on him as well. I get the better business fit in Miami where you think he's the better football -- And you know I. It depends I mean his his best shot of being something close to a feature back is in Miami but. There's issues with their offensive line they don't have a quarterback. They don't have really any diversity in their offense and it's a team that's been a very tough division that frankly gonna struggle and Reggie wants to win. Many go to Miami if you go to Miami you're going their because the economics are better than any place south so meaning that frankly that's how that would play value not -- Americans think. There on the cusp of -- when the Rams steps maybe the worst division in football. And it's a fast track to play in the dome he likes the dome. You know they can take it makes some sense since Philadelphia as a team that Torre really competes. -- is usually in the playoffs and then our our European you can legitimately say every year that the team that everything balls right. To win the Super Bowl and Andy Reid is a very creative offensive mind in the same way that Sean Payton has but then again and -- Saint Louis so is Josh McDaniels so. It will help -- -- -- the other two places but I I think you know Miami makes the kind of splash in free agency I think they're gonna make. They may make regular -- can't refuse. So -- you get twelve million in Miami no no no he didn't want it anyway. Now but I mean these guys it's probably they -- but there's is Reggie Bush -- -- -- -- a position where maybe he gets. I don't know somewhere around five million up -- and the deal that averages somewhere and that's three and a half to five range yeah. I think that's feasible. So I guess what I'm trying to keep track of -- trip from the fan's standpoint listening on the radio right now. Did he compare and contrast is deal in new -- -- -- and a pretty good chance you would think. A may be gone back to the Super Bowl Woody would. Trade off good chance -- -- the Super Bowl and what he would make here as opposed to go to Miami and not so good of a chance to back to Super Bowl when you talk about the dollars. Well yeah I mean Miami is going to be immediate go to go to Miami did just because. They're putting it out from being you're gonna you're going to be the man you're gonna get the ball a lot and they're gonna give you a lot of money arm and by that is about five million. I don't they have made it -- -- -- we still under the salary -- completely go right finalized but yeah did appear you know I don't think that would be. That would be crazy Jimmie he'll get some upfront money then that's a deal that if if if the market for him -- competitive bucket seats. And possibly averaging around 45 million a year and look and -- the Saints alone for a I don't think they're gonna offer me that I don't think it's gonna matter either -- could easily go to wanna if he'd take whoever the saints' offer he can't see what else is out there. Then -- at a point where he waited this long and especially with them drafting mark Ingram he wants to see what else is out there. I will let me ask you this Jason eighteen touches a game you think he's durable. -- enough for that kind of season and a -- what did you ask where you might just get it. I don't I'm not an element implying that he did it for eighteen under giving a hypothetical and that. No he's not gonna get -- -- -- twelve they could be fifteen FT gain playing goes right at your plan a team that blitzes a lot may be it is -- it may -- did eighteenth. Tom you know he'll be flexible with the but the reality of a couple people got to get hurt indoors at this point. For him to get the ball that much and really mean that part. The that the drafting of Ingram was kind of when things really crystallized for him and he's like you know I'd dumb. I'm probably gonna come -- have to take a peek at what else is out there because. The -- certainly they pick they gave Pierre deal. I agree had a heck of -- season coming out of nowhere they just moved up into the first round to get a guy who plays my position. You know I mean right at the writing a little lost. I still look at your crystal ball tell me. Where Reggie winds up. Yeah. Dahlia say so it'll clear up our Philadelphia missed shot a lot of good there's some things -- -- is gonna be very aggressive mom. But I think maybe and that would Andy Reid. Tonight they did Jason appreciate your time I really -- and and quickly late Eddie crystal ball out insults fine tune it and everything that yeah tell me what is deal gets done with the lockout. What'd would you consider the deal being done he would back I mean training collective bargaining agreement ratified collective bargaining I mean it's finished and we as fans can say you know what it's finished their -- back to playing football -- -- training camps open up. Obama -- are really care about what the league year begin to -- created should just start happening and guys are getting traded. Now let's talk about that the other I sometimes get it a month maybe sometime around the 28. Com thereabouts. It's -- they -- of course about two weeks from now. That's that could be realistic and I thank you Jason appreciates time I really do pleasure talking to -- worst thing is the only NFL network. Jason knock on forward -- I tell them this morning on the the lock out and of course the speculation in the -- on the future of Reggie Bush would -- be here in new -- all with another team. Let's go to -- Mike on Iowa Mike thank you for calling WW -- Are a decent value I'm doing just drop -- On God's -- what's on your mind to -- Well -- I'll ask a question of high school football player we saw all. Split in that. Any any doubt in any do you need a matter what there just any time would you worldview. Well. With the ball and I remembers sitting in tag on the -- and watching two -- span. What brought mark. And I was just totally. Different position -- -- the play defense you play quarterback punted the ball to street credible what it right. I can't remember where it ended up playing the brought mark. But and he was pretty outstanding eleven audit back. Right did you seats in the Rose play -- -- Sure and that that -- day bonds out of greatly. Too quick old story I grew up with -- don't break and I really appreciate you bringing. -- -- -- in there was another guy I don't know if his name was the ball well but it was the -- And I remember he was another linebacker defense -- is man's name was Sloan as -- only year he was a -- -- him -- that was. That Curtis team. And OJT's -- so me and him by him right defensively. They always dominate in that I was 808485. Season then maybe I thought they weren't in any defense that thing. Absolutely. Scares and edited it or you remember coached previously over. Com we numerous hours disguise it. About things like this and -- Corey get. Utley in the city of new Portland's been he would ever witnessed this might my. On this. It's in my mind -- religion and. Yeah and people on talk about the naturally -- in an alien that that. I'm almost into Portland and Al and I -- we appreciate you take give me. Now -- thank you so much man we -- praising him view around for a prep football B should tune in on Friday nights it's now I enjoy doing that as much as the do anything here. Loud go Raiders -- look at -- this season and now. I got to my Mike thank you so much for the time. Are -- -- Grady and 2601878668890. -- in the offing info online at WW Kodak down. Will you watch the women's soccer championship between USA in Japan on Sunday if you can't watch you can listen to a right here. Beginning at 1:30 PM Sunday on WW they'll come right back over the with Saints commandments a -- -- him. And welcome back -- president welcoming Saints Alanis have almost sent a memo -- fourth stance here at W de Villa hope you guys on a -- okay how are you. It takes sort for the little mix up earlier with the with a telephone let them down immigrant now trying to you know last week inefficient because. -- normally optimistic I think it's going to be football. When -- if you if you optimistic. Year pro football. At least two weeks and today will be -- that they don't have land grab the first day of practice if everything holds a -- Well not certainly hopes so I think -- you know at least -- Alaska the date that they did. You know it's catalyst that would Bobby said he listened all the people in L network to -- saying it would forward. You know it. Kind of seeing where he'll be the most that there were card player in people that -- could possibly. It may be slow things down a bit but I don't think that the able to mount a pretty. Think that the retired place don't look they come too far need to. Negotiation what did everybody in America want would -- in a week -- Richard -- right -- any religious -- everything that I personal seat at appetite get -- Good but anyway I think it's Al -- -- training camp -- exactly on time but equivalency. I mean we hit the greatly at least repeat preceding game and then dresses -- Okay when you look at everything -- transcribe the Saints that I had their own little plan to play is the kind of orchestrated offensively by drew would defensively. By Jonathan -- six weeks working out eight to lean -- it gives the Saints in Tampa -- over the other teams but by doing that on their own results season. Well they -- and the -- work it out and detained at that always huge unit with. You don't become a little bit curious. You know because he weed out in -- little. Part of the world. Right now. You know that really hurting thing in years past about. Paula you know Green Bay Packers he had a great OTA session of the opted pedigree don't PA civic. I don't know that something like that was really. You know really newsworthy. Just from the standpoint it. -- what it's like damn -- work together and you know I heard where he's a man. Suddenly got together to catch and would do -- think what. That's basically all you heard about it didn't say -- date it will work and I mean it didn't work. We can terror that out here because we were alerted to a vidro agreed to -- these people worked out so I don't know. I'm a little bit curious sister on the -- actually in. I think it's those that. Not -- I think that's definitely. Detriment that they out. So. That you can get beat UT makes battle it was Robin Williams branch gets beat in the weight room. It not erotic plays long you're together as a group dot LB dot I. Says Diana's former saint memo about WW a sports that -- guys on is what is now -- when you look at now GMs putting any. In a precarious situation more so maybe than a ball before a convince free agent period. And this OK when you come but the -- -- -- and more of aids in May come up now from the team's sticking gate. Their players in the camp on time the sooners all quicker than -- and guess have to have him more than veteran players. Banking camp the Saints have a high number of players so create is that they have the Santo or negotiate with. And when you think about that that may be -- it comes in who could write the quickest amount of the bit higher number of players. In quickly in the campus right now we may be starting camp. Without everybody on -- way as in past you which is basically have pretty much everybody. But the exception of maybe a draft to Chico are also a threat to right. And that's exactly right at me you know you're you're really. Well beer in guilt free agents that unit target they would be in that and now you can -- College free -- -- -- now. Eight in what you say you probably would and it's seven through number. About talent now would be like wait for right now as you speak on the Patriot news first and second round -- they can which is not a usual. Teams that year. I mean it's going to be saying it and no doubt about that it's curious that. You know that they said that they -- -- man roster. Is it an eight man roster going to camp but I'm also curious -- oh okay -- -- that -- college created result of the it. That are really sit around right now. You'd pick epic at the cryptic in appropriate but you know they albeit -- -- -- the post Puerto that they don't know whether I want. I mean I feel podium deal late round draft pick like -- I would recite them nowhere but a couple of political and -- that they you're talking about some -- -- -- it's huge you know thought you'd like for example. It's a club and having -- -- The cynical outlook -- -- back -- back from Minnesota and a packet from South Florida I just don't know so. That's a bit hectic thing Earl vote and then as they'll. -- he collected and you don't -- college free agents in new teacher roster and nine. An opposite starts Danica the draft picks here -- -- you know jacket she got to start shop and all on the back he would need to think like that that scout the thing. Agassi curious about it just because that don't know never been in this situation so -- -- I don't know how all back at work I -- it ain't gonna go out in -- many people roster and it starts in I'd. Outside and not Brett aches and out of restart that people out technical because Sunday -- to -- before you don't know what they -- -- good. -- thought about the tree -- -- -- You've been they would do is Saints organization pretty much all you pro life VN FL a few low post a tiger town and it -- say before Ohman now -- radio your first season was 2000. That year you come into Saints when their first playoff game but six Q they'd be in a coma and -- hokey. And ups and downs a playoff victories Super Bowl how far has this France has come. Oh man gamble paid -- like ears. You went through. -- -- -- Expect in the latter part of the game more air. I mean that might get there it was dirt ball all the way in Jim -- can come in and -- spark. It what that does that mean when it right down into the Alley -- And it -- I dumped in. And you know to a certain degree almost that -- that well you know okay immune -- went to the NFC championship game in which to work on them. That's what happens next year and not a whole lot at bat the bat I actually -- it sent any rats. In its football team out that out there on the field you know -- poppy. -- Steve Geller. So we're out that watch practice secretary. -- -- bro you watch you know you can problem period. I don't know name. But yet he'll let you know he's going to be don't come -- got an at -- The start a little bit pepper and a blanket that says the draft. That it's it's at all but has is that -- -- not. I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just lost my belt but. It's Sydney and bring that guy in the reportedly -- -- I think you've got to Cuba hello great that it from opposite approach at the people that paper and -- -- out and play. Visiting running now with -- -- as a former saint -- guys on a QB with a -- -- -- -- Saints camp coverage and we're planning on their football thoughts on time so that would be -- two weeks from yesterday and of course if the everything -- goals and ought to the first practices would be on Friday two weeks today Friday. July 20 ninth -- have you call World Cup fever that's our opinion poll today. You know what I -- not about march which pat -- on Sunday between the final round of the British Open and the soccer is that fight where people don't really know the correct way to burn out but. You know I think if he can that the Americans that are in the finals of the bank under the walking. And you know I mean they cannot rule the world comes -- -- track and field and things like that they present. For the most part but -- -- yet never watch one minute women's soccer but I we will come Sunday. I mean it's not analysis it is go ankle so I'd. We're cheaper in the box marketing -- -- better way it I don't know -- switched back. War between the British Open and and it wouldn't -- -- stretcher cart certainly will. And okay when you look at dead expectations this year you know we talk about -- for the France and has come you know the fans' -- -- -- some hokey amazing what what culpable. All good Ron -- do -- three playoff seasons in the emotional pain there of course we know win the Super Bowl but. Now okay you know it's -- way it's always hoped to be in the mix. I don't think there's any person now than if follow the Saints oh it doesn't think these team is not going to be in the post season now it's a matter. How much damage how well you do. In the post season and that within itself as you know -- how far the franchise's com. But did the years of -- you know negative thinking because of things that it happened on the field. Has completely changed where now they're not only expected to win but the wind be. Yeah and that economy thing to do in that battle and -- -- You know -- a window of opportunity year what Drew Brees is still primed to do a lot of great things and one of the things that encouraged me about the team this year you know they're relatively young when you when you just look at Carl abort. And it when you start bringing in. Younger players like you know they have been an extra year would draft picks. Got like that the Chiquita deal we watch -- we get a chance Abacha bracket we need to see him on game day. Ego you on the exact count got speed he's got moved around -- -- you know that they. People out there -- there's no doubt about that could certainly see why. I mean you know this is that bill cliche but it it's not a cliche at me it's natural true at all if you got. Quarterback. -- every minute sites are fortunate. Right now and throw all my years and hopefully it. And it scouting you know I've got to watch 49ers -- to Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon in -- in San Diego. He epic got great player around but I mean when you got the ability quarterback it is making a difference characteristic -- mean it's hard to compensate for. Lack of good quarterback like Andruw post I think that each right arm right now probably get another four really good year in and what I expect an opportunity of it -- in. That they they surrounded -- -- -- -- -- but again all chemicals back to that one got right in Munich it's a one bedroom sure but it. Again the that -- that you'll PA on it was Drew Brees -- gather at present the site and in the contract negotiation is Drew Brees and I cannot get elected -- so I certainly think that I'm not excited about it they. You know last year they etc. actually interest. Some agreement but they went on to win the Super Bowl. Chalk that means it's a multitude of things that that can't happen. Could have. I'll bet you a little little -- here and there and you know what. Late king and sit and -- it's it was a packed and glee. You know the difference between the team to a bad -- the separation bat opposite late during the course receipt and what you can wrong break and that's what does think he would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two it's OK chip at the -- at -- so that you. Luckily sat with injuries in in a break here and there but you also that their quality personnel and it's thanks to -- that. Saints color analyst synonym of our sports team -- guys and I hope thank you so much -- the time in a brother. Will be talking soon will be a tick in the and I guess in the band or less in two weeks at our home acted to Hampton -- -- would do a provide myriad things all the time and it's nobody. Yeah I hope it is it will take out bringing in fish we've already got to do except they're not nature of the book is too much more mart operated day. Actually you detonator. That. Anthony. I hope taking a -- appreciate. It rights as an -- okay guys let's go to -- in Covington is impatiently waiting Dustin thank you for calling WW yeah. Okay tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't will remember this kid can -- that they actually do it Paul Byrd. Yes tonic I was an only two lane with a good plan there. What lane they -- freshmen. And he was caught -- short kinky river on the it would on the. Yeah now I'm Jamaican dog is PJ Franklin. Troy to me -- and a lot of good deal to one dollar and. 00. Duly note yeah. -- bigger trouble and he warned. -- your thoughtful well. It would -- Are. The quarterback. There. And in. Immediately to bond to big league team. And it I think he worked so to record. But. Oh well and promptly. Today is a lot in the same -- and NBA he had that he could have been one of those it looks like he could have moved on to the next level yeah. And I outweigh the right wing and I'll gain this year with a little carpet in. That you or -- or more effort and picnic -- true we're looking. In the lower back. Pain. Yeah -- missed it he went to miss him be statement he's at Franklin. Ask him a rookie -- -- I know what they'll actually. They both play at that too big applicable quarterback but that Eric. That it that quarterback the -- -- yeah. Or go to like to recover. And it there and that the. -- had a great teams he would indeed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what they got out there they -- it. What does that tag for the story mom and I appreciate. -- wonder what they people. And it. Like Reggie -- I like their you'll staple. Get people they're all such as well such as Barrett thought about it or more such -- we go -- Worley doctor ordered if you stay healthy and that big problem. Yeah you gotta stay here at the -- and that's a huge part of mom and I appreciated thank you so much here. All right does that take him -- back Warren wants to chime in on the Saints got a few minutes of jumping in the years. 2601878668890. -- -- this is -- -- under abusive you know four. And welcome back out the wall Arnott line to warrant thank you for Collins. Yet there are built right. I'd say it's. It's great always say they have that would look good. And it Bynum let it slip away. And our command of -- all the work at a time. Awareness so all productive it's part except I was little. And umps thought right now. So. -- -- if we had that they've worked it out geographic. That to have a bit -- -- win about who. They -- remote to order to keep it in the -- but. Way you know law I picked it ultimately that's what this Saints of -- an -- that a lot of the fans want it because you know. Sometimes production. Eaten we well located at -- in someone -- of production -- wins and losses. In the -- the individual production. But you know we really know production wise. If Reggie may have you know I don't know fifteen our yards in the season -- that way you know. He's and we wanted to with 2000 polio Russian and in receiving in his fifteen dollar but. His production could be in a formal what he opens up. The so many other players too as well you know it's not -- -- -- -- I think that's why he is such a big commodity. Whenever he is because of the matchup problems he calls -- you know at some. Matchup problems and it opens up things for all the people when that's a valuable commodity you wanna hand and Albert doesn't work anybody in I was didn't come down to a financial situation you know. -- particular local. Returned a kickoff return right now yeah I agree wood in I say put him to -- -- -- and yeah again it upon returning group that. -- -- On -- -- -- you -- -- keep them covered but back to put it. -- it hit they're it will separate contract as well it -- that I've worked with him net. Yet they keep on -- over the guillotine and Taiwan maybe 25 but we'll we'll have to see some you know and on August 15. Was he would have because that the season has been basically all of their salaries will want to thank difficult thanks so much so all of a wonderful yes. -- -- on the news in the main man Joseph and it's still gave you off and of course running to show up next it's -- in the morning with a nice she's I'm Deke Bellavia. You know listen this -- saw this is WW up.