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Jul 15, 2011|

Tommy Tucker in for Garland. Tommy speaks with Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and NFL.com Reporter on the rumors of Reggie Bush possibly leaving the Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Though Tommy today would you ready addition to. Tank -- -- -- that's good causes heat and the temperature down a couple of quick things they gotta do an -- in graduate Lauren and Karl getting married to nineteen gradually. Good luck -- Long and happy and prosperous life and special thanks to the firm of Wright and Barone for all of their help. Today are right you are you ready it'll prompt copy ago. I say here you -- Most for the football. Looks to his wife throws open. -- -- They're isolated floods got Willis Citi Field like a -- that's a six yard touchdown reception. Menard that's bashing into -- we're gonna have like some kind of 75 yard punt return. And it and the crowd chanting Reggie Reggie Reggie tell you -- runs out a flat edges of as -- -- that's it. -- -- -- you don't didn't play the first when you find a would you play the best when you find. Let's just move on Jason black in Florida joins us right now NFL network. And nfl.com reporter Jason welcome what the NFL network he does -- play the first highlight you find. -- you know quite literally don't know what's going on I I cannot speak to that process -- archer. I'm not sure how the sausage is made in that regard. I do know that we could access to NFL -- so we've got a ball of highlights. Well there's a guy picking up of football which is plea that -- just a week. Mark does a great we -- door locked out -- you want you know ramp up too much. When he talked about the lockout before we get to Reggie Bush what is going on now with this. Agreement about. Rookie wages. What is they'd agreed to -- -- -- to agree to and how big is that when it comes to an ultimate. JV agreement and ending all of this madness. Yeah. -- when you look at the business of football the economic social value tape players how you budget what the salary cap is going to be. How you negotiate contracts from that standpoint it was the last. Sort of slight -- that they had to wade through. -- to be able kind of put the economic bad and so getting that resolve was huge -- its core issue because. This isn't just about how -- rookies but. Rookies to their second contract when they're now stars based on in large part negotiating off where they were -- contract and veterans. Get more money went rookies are paid really well BK is -- effects franchise tags and it continues to raise the ceiling for every one. Arms it was a critical issue and and they have pretty much put it to bed. And there are things that remain. A lot of legal issues things with the drug policy. -- all the NFL PA would reconstitute itself as a union. Obviously to judge is still gonna have -- say over what this document looks like. But they've made significant significant progress and now for the first time -- truly close to a deal. Let's say my biggest fear in all of this is you know it is sometimes if if you've ever been in sales or if you've ever bought a car. You get right to the pointer closed in the deal and then all of a sudden ten million now on evans' second thoughts about this or that. The likelihood of something like that happening I think Jason. You know I think we're at a stage were were were more or -- beyond that at least that the content itself. Then again there are still definitely issues that need to be ironed out how much power the commissioner while overall field discipline that's still a bit -- There's still more negotiating to be done but the fact that. They've made it's much progress toward our armed with judge Portland would need to get out of the country. And then now besides we'll meet again next week in Minnesota with -- export I have a hard time. Seeing it all breakdown idol I felt he would come this plot program on the that the judge would let it. Breakdown I think key track and had -- he had to so. -- really feel like coming out of that mediation in Minnesota on Tuesday. I've been there at at at least I expected handshake deal and it may be. Not through the process that there're only a matter of days away from actually. Being able to ratify a full collective bargaining agreement or or just settlement whatever you call that. Yeah and that gets me to the next question which is about the process and drop dead dates in pre season and -- of fame game and ultimately free agency in the NFL's season because. You you know to shake hands today and insert free agency and start playing tomorrow talk to me about drop dead dates and how it is. How do you go from shaken hands to ratify in deals look yeah time frame are we talking about. Well. From the owner's standpoint that the -- negotiating this deal with the CC there there labor committee. Air power to do would deal so it really. Want bigger view it from the owner's standpoint it's going to be done. Exactly how many votes they get -- couple people dissent. It really doesn't matter from the owner's perspective. That the will be done the players now we've brought to see you know because there's this uncertainty about whether or mean. Trade association with a BA union -- what what exactly will laser designation be. In regard to that -- certification. That remains to be seen it and it could be that have to have one vote. To recertify and then you have -- ostensibly you -- need to look at any kind of get 18100 signatures in. And see. You know and make sure that they you know more than 50% ratifying the -- to back a little bit uncertain the judge will play a role that. Com the actual drawing up but the document I think he can be done in three to five days at this point the lawyers have been working at it for awhile now. But yet the judge thought we have to sign off for it as well so I mean realistically. You know will kick start exactly on time maybe not but. There were a position as -- the preceded perhaps that policy and insisted that the outcomes or. Could still be hanging in the balance but I mean even then that's to that's -- preceding games for those teams that you would -- To hold to broad preceding games so. -- or course due to meet those deadlines in and saves them most meaningful football activity. Man and a Mahal in you know far more about it -- -- -- but I'm just looking at July 15. And I unique it's free agency in get all of -- -- used you think well can still happen. But look it's gonna be due to meet different now -- to have teams. And then you'd like me and who covered this work around you that's a morass. Extra beat right now it is to be crazy you know that topic. Yet this is gonna it's gonna be -- -- and the reality is you know the coaches and GM's left on the bag -- but when all of this is resolved and were you know at a time is resolved you know 460 odd days inhaler 130 days and it. You're gonna have to make up for lost time and it's not going to be the owners to do that it's gonna be the people negotiating deals it's gonna be the people not to coach these players up. Have to figure it out. But -- you only have three of five day window just to feel like -- roster to sign your -- to create used to get movement. On resigning from your own guys and what have you and and you know GMs are expected that there are going to be left. You know with a small window less than a week to get their rosters together and it's basically Padilla did not you've figured out and you know what they've also had. For five months to prepare for this as well in terms of all burst out all their internal. Projections and their budgets they know would have free agents are essentially going to be at this point so you've also from that perspective a lot of time to prepare so you'd should be ready. I Jason reacted to talk about Reggie Bush hoping -- a couple more minutes -- I very well we'll take a break when we come back we'll talk to -- -- and for with the NFL network. And nfl.com about Reggie Bush's future. With the New Orleans Saints. Do you -- -- the audience do you wanna see him. Back in the black and gold next year and we'll let affect the chances of the saints get back to the Super Bowl Tommy Tucker and think tank -- 870 Davida you. -- And of the 35 yard line by bush. 4540 quiet -- you know they wanted. -- I think the end around now they get it on the reverse the bush bush looking for a block. Now as it tries to throw inside that 105 -- right up my time. About it. -- CNN. Jason like in Bora I -- nfl.com. NFL network and nfl.com reporter talking about Reggie Bush's. Future with the saints and Jason -- deference to mark Menard Manning master control. He tells me during the break it was hard to find Reggie Bush is highlights -- last year because he didn't have that many and it goes to electric car. -- conversation there are gonna have about his future with. The saints tell me what you hear about other teams and their interest in the Reggie. Well I mean we've been shot patent. Like having Reggie Bush in the Kimi Basra he loves him as a weapon but they've made a move from market there are significant they're very keeper running back. Reggie showers almost twelve million -- he's not concede that there as much -- it would like to find a way to keep Reggie Bush around at a lower price. Com Reggie Bush's interest in seeing what else is out there for him and what teams might look at him and and let's face it what to think you said yourself he would touch the ball that much minutes. If you Reggie Bush need to get that 111000012. Million anywhere. Yes -- want to say to be their but he might touch the ball five times a game there and there's other teams. We're gonna say yeah we noted an every down back at work -- -- to focus more you get the ball and sixteen times the -- twelve times gamer eighteen times -- game. That's going to be -- And Greg he's in the position where he wanted to know what else is doctors are would be frankly spa and if he agreed any renegotiation with the saints say it's going to be the position where we either if I would be worse or we let them go. And let's when he led ago -- interest in him Miami's a team. A particularly to keep on -- on there they're looking for. Some -- down there that the franchise has gotten stagnant the database -- -- -- it. They had talked all season. Kind of dangling their coach out there for -- and flirting with other coaches it's not a -- -- and at -- into flash -- you look at -- -- -- market and it'll. All the celebrity. I think Fergie from Black Eyed Peas and it got a slew of celebrity minority owners Reggie Bush -- the big name you know he's kind of -- Hollywood -- he makes big plays. He's known for things beyond football com. The that make sense and many need running -- desperately to Miami to teams Philadelphia Andy Reid looks at -- of the guys that they have a running back there. And the quarries security on back -- they want to but he kept all -- -- activities some of the things Brian Westbrook used to do for them. He's gonna be an option there at Saint Louis has been looking for someone compliments Stephen Jackson -- a workhorse back but frankly -- getting any younger. And -- team that needs. Options for the young quarterbacks Rembrandt or somebody's safety check the ball down to. Can do things in space and copy onscreen in on the screen game. Sort check downs by the -- line of scrimmage Reggie double that. They're trying they're not that far off that was won their division Lester the young teams so they're going to be as well. I get the better business fit in Miami where he thinks he's the better football it. Well. And. You know. I mean his his bad shot of being something close to a feature actors in Miami that. There's issues with their offensive line they don't have a quarterback. Armed they don't have really any diversity of their profits in the to team that's had a very tough division effort is -- struggle. And Reggie wants to win. And you go to Miami to go to Miami you're going -- because the economics are better than anyplace else I mean frankly that's -- that would play out you know I don't Americans kick start a couple when he. I -- the rams steps. Maybe the worst division in football and it's a fast track to play in the dome like that dome. You know they can they can make some sense in Philadelphia as a team reportedly competes. It is usually in the playoffs and then there are interrupted you can legitimately say every year that the team that everything all right. Could with a suitable Katie Reid is a very treat profits of mine in the same way that -- Peyton has but then again and in Saint Louis so adjustment and so. It will help Austin reported the other two places I think you know Miami make the kind of splash of -- -- think they're gonna make it may make regular effort can't refuse. So using that twelve million in Miami note I don't know what. But I mean these guys probably -- does is Reggie Bush -- to be a position where maybe he gets. I don't know somewhere around five million up front and the deal that averages somewhere in the three and a half to five range. I think that's feasible. So I guess what I'm trying to keep track of it for a from a fan's standpoint listening on the radio right now. -- compare and contrast is deal in the wall in Sierra and a pretty good chance you would think. A may be gone back to the Super Bowl what he would. Trade off good chance -- back the Super Bowl and what he would make here as opposed to Miami and not so good of a chance to -- the Super Bowl when you talk about the dollars. Well patent is going to be meeting again if you go to Miami it's it's just because. They're putting it -- from you're gonna you're gonna be intimate and get the -- lot and they're gonna give you lot of money. That about five million. It -- you don't want restore -- completely comprised finalized but if you. Think that would be. That would be -- -- get some from money that the deal that if it's if the market for him is competitive elected seats. And possibly averaging 45 million near -- -- the saints locker. I don't think they're -- from the united adult tickets for the matter you know immediately he's gonna -- -- -- takes everything to offer he can't see what else is out there. And you've got a point where he's waited this long especially with that directing market. He wants to see what else is now. I will let me ask you this Jason eighteen touches a game you think he's durable. Enough for that kind of season and it's gotta watch what you ask what you might just get it. Implying that if you preteen I'm just giving hypothetical and that he knows he's not gonna get. I mean it could be twelve could be fifteen big game playing goes right your planet Tina ports is a lot maybe it is eight it may be it is eighteen. You know they'll be flexible with the but the reality of the -- people -- to get hurt in north at this point. For him to get the ball that much at the art. That the drafting of anger was kind of -- and things really crystallized for companies like you know -- I'm probably gonna I'm gonna have to take a peek at what else is out there because. About certainly they they they gave -- -- deal. Ivory and after the season coming out of nowhere they just moved up into the first round to get a guy who plays my position. You don't mean right at the writing -- law. -- -- look at your crystal ball tell me. Where Reggie winds up. Yeah. Yeah I'll say politically -- and so about this up is that there's some things or -- is gonna be very aggressive. I got I think maybe that would in theory. Night they -- Jason appreciate your time I really do and and quickly late that you crystal ball out insults fine tuned and everything yeah tell me what is deal gets done with the lockout. Well what would you consider the deal being on the it would back I mean -- collective bargaining agreement ratified collective bargaining I mean it's finished and we as fans can say you know what it's finished their bodies back to playing football and that training camps open. And really care about what the leap year begins it would create as you can start happening guys are getting traded. And that's not dogma that -- sometimes get the -- may -- some -- around 28. -- -- -- -- course about two weeks. That could be realistic. And I thank you Jason appreciates time -- pleasure talking to. Nor was the only NFL network Jason -- -- four NFL network nfl.com reporter so open a phone lines do you right now. Reggie Bush you heard Jason saying you think it is things it is a fait accompli. That's French for done deal. -- There's somebody else won and Reggie make you wanna keep him are you ready to let Reggie ago. And of going to the super bull. It's Friday. We've talked debt and deficit we can talk some more about that if you like let's wrap up little habits saints' Reggie Bush -- here final half hour the think tank if we can. Does somebody else wanting Reggie Bush make you -- anymore are you ready to part company when he meant in this saints make it to the Super Bowl without Reggie does that. Impact your chances at all. I'm gone back to the big game back in a flash Tommy Tucker right now the time for Devin WL first news that we -- donny's. This is where everyone else gets their news the news source for New Orleans and the gulf self. C news talk and sports leader the big 871053. WWL have and WWL. Dot com about 26 minutes left in this edition of the pink tank it -- in a rabbit -- talking about Reggie Bush you heard Jason locked in for a. Play the trumpet forests and then he put it struck it down and talked about Reggie Bush and his future with the saints which he thinks. Is finished Jason like in four with the NFL network nfl.com reporter Miami. Intercede in Reggie he thinks that would be a good -- business wise because. Miami has some owners the Marc Anthony her husband and some other celebrities and you heard Bobby Hebert already talked about how they have a red carpet out in front of the place and the celebrity owners walk in and it Mormon only image the real football and in standing things Reggie Bush the Hollywood kind of thing no one would be a good business fit there. Which generates -- fan excitement in terms of football -- probably a better fit in Philadelphia. And I asked Jason world if you had to look at year crystal ball. Where do you think Reggie is gonna wind up -- admit probably Philadelphia. So I'm asking you. Now let somebody else. Wants Reggie does that make you won him more. Because let's face it we have relationships although their pseudo relationships with the players on the saints. As somebody else really wants in the if you were ready letting -- Ford does that make you -- waiting on now secondly bush keeping even -- you know the saints can't afford to pay him. That much. And they're talking about giving eighteen touches a game maybe -- do you think he's durable enough for that. Text comes in and says if Reggie had more touches in most games we may not be having these talks. In the saints' offense every receiver. And running back is used in the in the tax cuts off silly thing to 601870. Toll free 86 exit 89087. Me. And do you think. Reggie Bush be in there or not has any impact. On a saints make and another Super Bowl front and coming up before the the 1 o'clock hour I'm gonna tell you a story about something that happened. To a woman in Oklahoma. That doesn't bode well. For Casey Anthony and there is a weird connection between the two I'll leave it at that tell you the details. Little bit right now big game mean on the list lately I'd be game Germany look at the lecture why they tell you that. Okay -- the one million. In import all old what position do you play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Victory -- for you and we do now. OK -- Shall do all great book it's called the pre KBO. Report Kim and everything. You all the ball. In to the community. And and I -- -- -- -- -- good do you literacy at. Least begin. Please act in the future to hopefully be able. And at all with a lot of trouble any little bit and poke into. Action. That's I hope that -- have -- postal strike. Would be. It's too late to catch it macabre. Machine and and it was in the global unit and report it. Streak visual pleasure -- -- duke. -- got the ball -- -- because you're not gonna help you look at Michael you know he doesn't. That picture. You look at a -- about what you'll. Be kept so doors. That he drought while the local pet food that he does so it'll. But the potential to -- And -- to the global markets and yet most. And I read. That they wanna look in elk they went between look at. Between the tackles in the but it appears -- bless them and -- -- them com. That's because it gets old when it between apple isn't it ought to do. -- Big gain weight you team that's when he missed a twelve million. And two million in cautioning that you know I don't know maybe a full pension and witness abuse and I applaud the home. Do you have a boat machine -- -- the next year because opponent got -- -- against the cap. Think it and actually maybe too important to to Portland. People can look at all -- Any -- you can duplicate the global. Let's -- what you and you couldn't duplicate what you need to look at all you -- Philadelphia. Gonna talk. Well. You'd think he'd be happy there. So you think he wants to -- you could put the deal together and using it be win win for every hour. To put it put the baby -- output and disciplined and bush and the. I guarantee you within the -- got to deal about it happy and everybody that you. That's what I call you -- big. That's why they can't you big game germane they give big game I. Appreciate cult dean -- West Bank your WL. Eight. -- and you know the bottom line is take a lot of people just don't bring it up and and he stormed a little bit it it's basically you know with the character Reggie Bush and guys on -- commitment he's been here at the box in the entries. The bottom line is. You know pit. Bull. And he knows. He can be conducted among the -- and shift. -- he has got at least another two years. Forty years -- a competitive football. Where he can probably -- insult a couple of drinks he will find anywhere. -- -- urged to England Indianapolis and those other teams at which it's compete. He's not before that Miami in Iraq and on Google. And I think that's the intangible. And we think to be. -- but I don't get that from this guy I mean. He got a big contract when he came out. -- realistic and optimistic. You know I have too much out -- that -- -- they realize the general and felt. US feet -- -- a lot different. How much money does he have them marked out intuitively it -- he made examining. I wanna create more -- that's Adams and dean and it was enemy when it comes to it you know like -- -- thing -- as those hierarchy of needs. I think there's something he's and then and Jason. Like in four and -- far more about this than I do but it would seem to me if I was in his position. -- and we look at legacy and you look at. How many NFL players tell you it's so hard to get back to the Super Bowl. Man and a I'd have to seriously consider staying here and and. They he to expire shall but that. Expansion but it when he jumped to a couple looking is it that is exactly and he said that these said that the if you had to do Albert can you know of course -- situation in Green and good. Commercial competitor. -- Qatar. -- in the art as it does the and errors and robberies in -- leadership -- football team is gonna get Reggie and for regular. We need you here and I think that that played. Ping time -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Him not being there doesn't impact their chances -- that is -- Dana you are not on this -- the question and it will be right back tummy -- a think tank -- 870 W. -- about Reggie Bush here back to the pounds in the second and text comes in Reggie is going to Miami. He runs east west not north sounds. -- graduate vote is always energy front and back instead of side to side. He be the fastest guy in the NFL but since he Zhou -- time he's an easy tackle by by -- for a Christmas card. They could at least sentiment Christmas card Reggie stinks doesn't run upfield drop hasn't playoffs set the tone for the playoff loss. The problem with Reggie is he's labeled -- running back for performs poorly as such maybe another position would shoot. Him better. Is company a will pay you if company able to 83 million and company B six million where you gonna go where all about the money. And that's an interesting text because I've never been in that position. To turn down three -- four million dollars but then again in terms of hierarchy of needs if you're already satan. On twelve or thirteen million and maybe you're concerned about something else on Leno back to the phones in the second but again get to this story. Casey Anthony's getting out of jail this weekend okay. Sammy Blackwell working at a convenience store in Oklahoma last weekend last Friday night July 8. Woman comes in and says. You look like Casey Anthony. And girls like it woman's like gable whatever okay fine and just you work in OK good pay precast. But she thought it was odd the way the woman was looking -- So this Sammy woman that Sammy Blackwell that the customer told her she looked like Casey Anthony. Gets off work at 1030 she walks to her car parked on the outside the building gets inside. And she starts to back out she sees that this woman is staring directly under pulls out of the parking lot. Woman -- a few miles and this woman is following her and and suddenly she rams the back of her truck. She pulls apart you want to get away you know pardon like to get away in the woman. Hits a trucker gear again causing the vehicle flipped two and a half times landing on a driver's side has just laser playing dead. They chase this woman for awhile -- finally arrested her for assault and battery and and she tells police she was trying to save the children. She said that this convenience store clerk Sammy Blackwell who the only thing she did was look like Casey Anthony. She said that while she thought that she is trying to -- babies that she was killing babies is gonna stop it before it happened again. That he wanna hear the weirdest part of all of this. And convenience store there and just dimension. Beyond that which is known programs that looked as a dimension has fastest pace and his tigris. Hasn't been that looked like Casey is the middle ground between light and shadow between Santa superstition. And it tries to be here in the -- demand fears she looked like species -- opening of his knowledge. This is in his -- is provide patients and killed visionary which we score the twilight. So she hasn't -- earnings. -- True story and I'm not mean enough. So this woman's a convenience store clerk in Oklahoma customer comes in and says you look like Casey Anthony falls or tries to killer. To quote save her for save the babies because she -- try to kill babies. And the only connection is this woman looks like Casey Anthony and coincidentally has a daughter named Q did the woman think she went back and time and I had to stop her from doing obviously ignorant because first off. Even if it was hard you can't go back in time say -- secondly she's in jail in Florida. And you don't have the right to kill somebody and it's just a weird story I think that she has a daughter named -- that's twilight zones. I'd Tyler battery start by Reggie Bush tiger on -- have you. At my luck to lead -- But what it today optic. The Reggie Bush may be the most radical. Boy at now. A linebacker. -- in which they become in which opened up toward format I go for either through. -- -- Not our great state apple -- so I'll take. A lot about about people people are not -- you go that. I -- operates -- but all it -- -- an island about that he would take off would. Does he ever cease to become a taken him as a legitimate threat or do you always have to put -- -- data covering. And ask union. Ali what what -- are a lot jumbled up British winter. I was saying indeed does he ever stop being a decoy. A. Equal Bobble the ball drop taxes state. On that and our church who think they're earth orbit it bought. Output it to say I'm not. People are now at all it's always so much currency -- But a lot out of it off it's a lot of people were a lot that they light up like this the great blues. And I wanna get to the data calls -- do you think. Hey he if he leaves -- of Texas who rules the saints Super Bowl champs. -- honestly like this -- they're -- up. He hit there this year without them honestly that I think there'll be a lot easier Whitman just -- -- -- He's going to be -- -- at the last couple years we've been good. Got -- appreciate -- thing I wanna clean up to I was talking earlier and up ready jaguar opinion poll about debt and deficit and drop dead. Drop dead. Date for the the deficit in debt. And gone to testers to drop dead date. For the debt ceiling. Being August 2 and it really isn't it's more like July 22 in order for congress. To pass the necessary laws get all of these checks cut just keep that in mind and it's like. A week from today rain in an Algiers quickly about Reggie Bush hi you're on -- BO you got about a minute. Kitty -- yeah. -- -- a whole lot of people locked up or did look in net. Radicalism and bit. Me and the -- and got people who are. Do what is odd years -- -- it obviously I'm directly did you attend. Yeah well maybe three million -- for upper body. And -- -- But made money he. It looked way ahead -- me because ought to reward. But at. At some point Raymond you stop being a decoy right. The bit because of the second pick up and let you it will be -- like. Tennessee current -- and it would -- that. The ball because he apparently called. That we need to know about that adios amigo. And if you keep saying somebody's a decoy at some point doesn't the defense realize you just a. What is it what you what you -- because. You rapidly so that is why because of the apple. Don't you take one. And that may actually keep. Made eagle. To my friend so -- give you say letting go doesn't matter does Hollywood. -- eagle antley was at least sentiment prisons right. You count -- -- a week and we'll be right back on them -- I aids but is coming up next he'll be talking about kids. Six and under are not welcome at a restaurant. And also about a guy terrorizing his -- -- -- computers steels -- the march on Diane hill and anybody else -- new vehicles we'll talk T tomorrow morning. With -- -- -- 10 o'clock 877 have you.