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May 27, 2011|

Pro Wrestling is it real or fake? And if you’re a fan…does it really matter? Who is your favorite wrestler of all time? Scottie Pippen says teammate Michael Jordan was a great scorer, but LeBron James may be better because he scores and uses his team. Is Pippen off base?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and thank you for listening to sports talk on Deke Bellavia here on WWR radio first call the captain Herman being genius -- Mona Lisa thank you so what's hanging on. Come to you call us and we just reset everything for all of today's program Scottie Pippen. Says longtime teammate and the guy who helped him win or led the Bulls to six world championships. Was a great score in Michael Jordan. But the king LeBron James may be better because he scores and uses his team. Is tipped in -- off base in your thoughts. And while would people even compare. I mean it is it fair somebody takes me because anybody would who can give me a logical explanation how. You could actually compare a gentleman whose career is not done yet if you compare Michael Jordan Bill Russell got no problem with that. You wanna compare Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. Got no problem with that but the body of work is not complete yet. And we don't know what's gonna happen but so far LeBron. Has one thing. So. I don't know one. But. 88. It draws interest doesn't it and professional wrestling we could go to -- macho man Randy cents. The brother of leaping and a -- -- -- them again. Passed away and -- we talk about wrestling every now and then when we do people dispute excited about. I think because a lot of these guys are big like football players that most polluted athletic. But it's it's it's what they do as junkyard dog to change his -- It's the local -- this slam in. Many lights everywhere and -- and people now would be able. It's. Did you Arthur recruiters -- Is dusty row. Well we content with -- the next Thursday night we're gonna get Abdul love with him and were called -- head bedroom flat open. It's day entertainment. Ali was a great one of the greatest athlete that one of the greatest boxes. Sports that you have. -- if that Ollie was liked him don't. He insane -- what I at least UB LEO. He'd be a great boxes but he wouldn't beat Kansas clay AKA Mohammed Ali. Yet with anyone come from that's what wrestling goes it brings that element of curiosity. Entertainment. Of those sports in two. 260187. Any oppressed in this -- the UK. I think we all into it to -- he would go to movies sometimes. I mean do we really think it is going to be some data white outfit will look green -- only showed mainly older and a robot -- -- In install five how to what do you call it X wing pilot the millennium falcon. In no way this thing at the look like a lamp along -- -- And just wipe everybody out Luke Skywalker do we believe that now. But at some of the biggest grossing movies of all time it in the team. And who Asia favorites. Of all time that's a good -- got to get duplicate the -- The captain on line for captain thank you for calling WW ago. -- -- -- Thoughts on Holmes always talked on parole -- good. At. You are now who two. Out. -- -- Lance MacKey was Lackey was called who can't you wouldn't you don't. -- -- -- -- -- Can't eat -- -- it is one who would be your -- -- -- boy -- boy he was the go 11 in. The -- make stalemate in the Dallas because he's entertaining. And you know you don't can't did you notice. These these these people will blow this its main mainly different people although they watch the homeless and the rest of -- who. Who people chatting about all -- Payne arcade standing. Those are the ones that people don't and they didn't write it into his grip you go to Iraq -- all time he was a bad dude they were habit to have good dude. How many people flip the football career into a wrestling career and arrests -- career. It to a movie career -- -- -- funk of wanna open and he wouldn't road house he was an. I want the interest. In -- in probably -- -- Yeah probably -- atop an issue that. Public eye that he would do you were my two. Can -- cap it is always a pleasure to hear what you think about Pippen and Jordan. -- Matt -- In the mean that toward the I don't know now. You don't. All of you don't -- -- three person you know. All all -- Manhattan and Oregon. You'll disarmed and that will be Nike camp -- good to -- from -- -- We always do all of -- it all pro wrestling promotion and at -- keep it skewed because they keep company at a fast rate and it keeps going down. It's called old school wrestling -- temperament and it's on base they even have excelled Dublin and one main game and the rock and roll express it he's -- Thank you so much we appreciate it. There's he has given technique needed even if it's fake yeah I agree when you got to her prominent job offer -- -- five at six feet and he's made and on some. And it's not carpet that's not turf it's a little bitty theater Matt maybe I don't know. It's path instinct in its -- -- a -- supply -- I would pick -- -- anyone before usually have a different places you can go. It's hard so late their their bodies do take apparently -- in Lake Charles on line six all thank you for -- Yet see. I am -- on Eric. -- -- all. Actually wrestle. It's in the paper. And I suppose is an urge every I think I'll never forget the number it's been. When you're -- 7000 dollars. On here -- transportation. In 1970 dollars. And he hit it in the -- or -- Korean. Yeah Agassi muster little oversee much impact -- a lot of extra sticky -- thousand dollars now. -- -- -- All you prepare. The -- -- Paul botched a promoter. Oh. You are not a tragedy a lot of tragedy and Von Erich family I think who a couple of Suns a couple of sons committed some with you know there was a Kevin there was nary in the it was a of the one and I don't know two -- through but yet they were you know they -- When you think of wrestling -- you call it off point to take -- -- south. You think of the Texas based wrestling that was the barbaric bruiser Brody people like that. Florida -- thought today had dusty Rhodes the the and it's always Ric Flair. You know whatever it was it was real big down here it was true bigot in in -- you know SE it's out -- -- the United States. Real real being at saint Pete they think -- -- -- it would be Murdoch. That column tech took out all not think they they -- the year. That he would act in that they -- Brothers I think what can -- back in the sixties and Eric yeah I mean. -- -- In my mind that I we're really super. A sport -- war. Guy is -- -- -- sport to. Order awards really think it was a forward and mature surety. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The meat option is at the big thing. And happy about it real or not think it's real but I think he's. Been -- Happening -- it could be you know. You any back a couple that ignorant way. I think it is politics it's generalized to wane some over the Rio it's some moments they always. I don't care what -- -- win if -- if it doesn't matter is that if you got a -- golf full force that it's another -- pop and talent. Is this contest in the gather mean you know we had the people -- that is -- and -- and they are in the -- As a documentary out there and it's take this makes it he's baby -- it talked about that the go to ups and downs the restaurant in -- These guys as bodies it's similar to the football players they just beat -- They beat their bodies up hope indicate -- change it much like football news. In other people physical sports they sacrificed their bodies hoping to make that big doubt that big contract some do some though but they you know they they get their bodies -- coming back. Mona Lisa genius BMI Herman. I Manassas will be was up barely eight DS is that the ATP that the program director. Will be was he used to do arrest and so it was a hot real hot here in our area a body ticks ticks me 8787 and one. Read a lot of them an email me be -- -- WW that. It's so obvious our coach Kennedy. And then all open lines the rest of the way after Memorial Day weekend from all of us here at WW. And welcome -- Scottie -- is called and teammate. It didn't mean he won six -- -- -- -- Michael Jordan is a great it was a great score but the -- Danes. Maybe better because he scores it uses his team is -- off base. And also professed arrests authorities -- it isn't real look bake if you are fans if they're really matter. You know it's almost like sometimes the complexities housewives -- of my wife and I tell us there was chaos at the Bob lapses. Fake as a kind of channel the -- there's no way -- -- -- TVs at the house they don't talk on the phone. They're not gonna do it if you to have somebody. That these reality shows now fake they have made it we try to out of those -- and the rest as -- you know throwing out their house. Trust a -- victim. -- Manassas extraordinaire host the first day that the program directed used to host to show the slam after it with us -- tied. He had been in the game the wrestling game for a long time but you were at -- in the it's it's that is maybe it's -- a popularity now too as well but. To have a show on radio and one now on satellite radio would -- great restless. If it's this it's power driven out of pains -- -- a lot of won't sports do you. Well I'd tell you -- it was it was a lot of on that it started like he says over the summer replacement show like you're doing now. And I'll update this summer then it was on Tuesday night on but he -- well and we used to do it was slam map for what we do it -- today after. The big Monday and reps at Monday night raw you. Indian. Had their wrestling and we used to bring out what actually happened now we took the approach. On this show and most of the callers and electors do it into the literature that we had on. Would admit. That it was all day. And it's basically a giant male soap opera. That is what wrestling has become. You know the weather watch soap operas during the day all that breaks up like slant an out the the housewives shows. But wrestling -- ball kind of died today. Where you have the storyline of the good guys and the bad guys they you'll. Sometimes you you would turn Euro and -- the -- very -- and it would just beat up on each other. So you have the whole story line in the draw all the soap opera with the technicality of these two big guys just beat the living daylights out of reach. -- what type of feedback he used to give anyhow how animated how passionate what do fans about a restaurant owner radio show. Oh I don't agree that you were incredibly pasture and fact that between -- the Internet was troops. -- and starting and we had a -- we actually they actually had to give our own page on the web site. Her -- they have a blog that continue going on discussing the things that we talked about show. And I'll tell you from from the young he would. To the old guys who would -- -- back in the fifties. They would call each wanna have that same amount of passion and their board. Each one problem lobbed it. And most of them took it for what it was. And out so you haven't -- the -- on and pocket to element and actually going to a couple of wrestling events that year they let it go backstage with them. From the show. I tell ya my hat's off to anyone who does this because. While it's pretty you know up with that in quotations. The only thing that is -- in they built the outcome of the rest of the match they're -- diplomats say -- would be quick -- match. Will -- that you're gonna win the match whip a figure four leg lock. And that's all we know what we step and ray that's pretty much all that figured out at the rate at the matches go. These guys are kind of communicate in -- -- -- considered real close. They know what's coming up next they've got to be ready for. -- Most memorable interview you don't -- arrest. Ol'. What's happening -- well. You know it was a Russell -- became a manager that -- the suspect it mattered in the manager's. Crazy. And a very good. Interview he knew a lot about the history. Knew a lot about right back he wrote a book. He's coauthored a book that sent me -- pro wrestling for dummies. And pretty much goes to explain everything that they do it who argue is and what happens in football are what they do certain things. In wrestling. Another interview which is which is kind of funny and I heard the call is matching most -- -- bar. There's always a great. Interview. And the interesting thing is I interviewed over the course of moderate your career different states movement round -- -- an -- Alabama Tennessee. I interviewed in Iraq or read different times. Under three different radio. And each time he would start to -- start to tell -- what you know look about -- when -- I would say it was. General remember me we've talked before I'm from saint Bernard parish and he would say okay you know all about -- that. -- -- -- -- That's why did you get to some matches at the youth down at Saint Bernard. Oh yeah you know funniest thing at a match epic -- say that you place to -- -- they are civic center whether they have the matches. By the by a couple of friends and -- we went we got -- ringside seats and we always for summary that like the duels. And at the time. Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the big heel and we were random -- eligibility and he came about everyone was going him the -- -- -- stood at ringside and applauded him. To which he'd turn the with a two aborted children look that -- they gave us is really strange look like wait a minute you're clapping for me on the bad guy. And then made the most of these guys are crazy until the everybody else in the race so that was in the arena that was pretty cool. I'll Beriault Hoffman and although he is now progress quite awhile at least as a soft spot or. For not always a pleasure thank you -- are -- All right coming back a -- the Mona Lisa she is Hammond Alex and a lot of people wave would they would -- -- off. Plus some very interesting story but dad started small and continues -- up. Maybe winning an answer to -- one -- college basketball. That story is a -- and Deke Bellavia. -- W news then it's 532 it's not the first new Hussein wrote do you smell what the Rockets coach. It's. Excess cited different sound off on -- Bryant staying in this moment teammate Michael Jordan as the week after the macho man Randy advanced. Randy says it's. Tragically that that's a car accident although wrestling into the mix thank you so much sixty year. Great interview by -- yes it book. Prominence is with the -- that the program director and -- the first statement about sports team on new team members. Of the rest show. That I don't mix Mets go 20 before we get the Mona Lisa genius uptown on line to genius thank you for caller. We will not big she's home I do. At a time and on this market jog back markets are moved to not that great player no he wasn't the greatest day. Oh you don't you think if you had to name one right now it's easy thing with the greatest ever -- you think -- You know -- -- is going to be Bill Russell and that's out doesn't market jobs by I might have done with the greatest in his. Was -- a lot of down it would no. They didn't have too much inevitability. Out that that they have not who. And Scottie Pippen Jordan in the none without attitude we need to -- and not. Now all the Brad banks he comes straight from -- -- -- about the first leg this year but it is not going to be easy to do you have to. You know as laughter it'll be advertise yeah. You don't think you don't think John play within the good guys and an era. That'll be in the Mexican it was on the -- Advance and there was on their way in what about you realize along Malone and all I want of that night but you are overrated Nadal needed to have -- own -- ready -- Even one of the greatest I don't know out there. Might have been the greatest power sort of all time -- that you're -- -- New York -- -- volatile Hakeem Olajuwon nobody and I mean nobody eight feet all the not. Could stop the dream shake but you think they're overrated. -- not not not Q did you didn't. Brad Radke when -- you're talking about if you're talking about. Due to tell him -- that your voice is championship -- of you talk about championships let's let -- -- went one in the we'll talk all right. Note note that thank you think that's -- genius. -- expect them to resolve will not -- a that would that it is they are all this could be part of another team that created this spot could. Very I you know would it genius I could agree you more he would do anything wrong -- -- breaking any rules that was ought to system now. We could -- about the way he did it but you're right nothing -- -- was -- He gave two million to charity I mean I'm gonna people have been done net out doesn't match. That's big right given -- about it cannot check that I mean come on man lit. Boy genius I think I think you make at that you makes a tremendous sense -- would -- that they save but as far as the air with jawed with and that area what's what's more golfer because of rules. And the way the game was played -- that it is now athletic ability. You're right about Eric -- about a Salem my air with a bit that this air with that would get old school with calling -- target. Well that's completely used Braylon. You know that didn't mean players now don't play with mark. Backhand there was like a quote unquote on spoken cold of hurtled jumping whereas it took for -- Put us sixes and everybody else detracts or plant Boston the heat to a championship. In after that. It was kind of like the aero -- the Sixers in the Pistons team. In the Knicks came all the the bullets came up that you had to get past the Celtics yet to get past that the Pistons had to get past the Bulls so to me was much more physical. And they were more dominant centers in the game the game whereas now the -- point guard driven so. I'm not a discredit anything that happened championship wise in -- Michael Jordan -- because of meat when you think about young and older that error at that point time. The end of magic and bird it -- the emergence of the sentence Robertson Ewing. Our allies who want that we talk about other guys that company it was incredible. And to me it was -- players at that point that is now but that is like your opinion it's just my opinion. Mona Lisa on my -- -- -- thank you for calling WW yeah. I'm right he did not only. I call -- now that the protocol to you see big. He learned the most fateful. Who -- and he died and his service the that they at he -- people in goal with the law like camp -- now. And he split the season ticket holder since the beginning. That I know he went to the game thankfully. He elevates the game and EA active in his group over itself even last year. Each game. And acted like the -- job but he was so excited when we won that -- epic was more of an outward and acting black. But all of these they -- that they absurdities -- and friends appreciate you call -- today. -- like it had to do it he was my buddy and I mean he was just a wonderful wonderful man and he's La is drink -- -- -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- And -- all of -- gate GMJ. And that aren't. And I. Am -- Normally I'm I'm like units aren't the guys like trying to give away that seek to acted just are right now. Is all is ala Jordan Davis all -- -- You don't like it all -- it be like Mike there was only one Ottawa Ottawa. Appallingly -- Hewitt he was out in Michael Jackson's popularity he was the QB like might well. -- totally suspected dog and I appreciate. Unity. Is maybe you have a great Memorial Day weekend Napoleon BO. Full -- on line five -- thank you -- -- I don't Colin discussed the -- then we still have some great harassment. You'd mentioned it -- about old school wrestler and Russell every third week in Panama. On church street bridge suited as a little arena on net. The loss of veterans. Well be some old -- up guys like one man gang. Ronald expressed we've brought -- -- balance and and they've used him and look at like or chi -- the Steiner Brothers. And did you wait and when they when they have harmed it's it's right our holy guardian Angel church on church street in bridge city. And -- that it lost. And im pretty good turnout. Are they got great turnout you got a lot of local Louisiana wrestlers do you get the get go more to grow and and financially to and they go a bag company data. Wondered greatest taking their council floor. It Uga got like Steve Anthony and -- thousand and you get the -- Bryant falcon you know in the state -- Trying to get that stretched trying to get a little. Recognition and and they and they got a good job work and some of these older you know we also -- actual agenda has been in a few times. Right now we've worked wood bat like scandal so you can still get some great old school -- and -- that Herman. We -- -- -- -- -- now we'll have more I grow old with these that local residents got a few local title in his thoughts on the upgraded tentative on net. Oh. All right apartment thank you so much may have Greg -- -- we -- Alexander's got a great don't want me to yet. Danny it's my dale wants out about our remember bull. Match in the dome that will be resting manatee YouTube a lot of on the media day ticket optimal or -- -- -- -- -- -- Falcons. Only thing we need now is. I don't know -- pot asylum. -- -- -- -- And dissident taken a few around -- campfire some respect yet so we'd do is more the week is a great takes the best one we've. Want to send this out out to our troops but this Memorial Day week. Even on the ability at this WW. -- -- -- themed movies of the take -- in the round got a lot of media have a Memorial Day. The union benefit both on the road Greenpeace say don't drink and drive a lot of people out on. The roof is leaking. To get off your week here what's good conversation. Here. Scotty pippin longtime teammate Michael Jordan a part of six or tentative with the Chicago -- says Jordan was a great score but LeBron James may be better because he's -- and uses his team. Seek to meet. I do see a piece of jealousy and bad because he's CAC scores and uses his team. How might remember Michael Jordan not not use -- to me. That's just me. So maybe Scotty failed to join him use him enough I go back to the ninth for Eastern Conference semi final it would. Guy Pittman sold him blow put up crap don't abuse the -- tactic because -- of the plate. Dakota Ku coach the game winning shot in game three. He hit the shot. So do I read that as a longtime NBA fans follow this -- -- I don't know is pivotal base. At professed -- rest. He's a real fake if you're a fan is it really matter and of course the favorite -- paper -- Of all time. Alexander on -- six Alexander thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- age. A lot of work. -- 010. -- really good. 00 ball where. At that stage yet. He had been oh well almost equally. Awful. EJ. One at -- -- -- You know three point -- Oh. Q I went back for a buy out in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think he had -- Belgian law a couple of couple trophies but I work. Local must -- the ball. It was terrible watch -- -- Alex Alexander that's a good story down memory Lane Bryant thank you Campbell bill watts Oklahoman that was good. Not the -- the week. Chris all I want Chris thank you call. -- -- -- -- Yeah article. -- -- -- and -- thought it couldn't -- -- you know pretty hurt but he. When you know but he's back at Chicago now because supposedly. Out of him and his wife on the financial troubles but the word is he's out of bankruptcy and -- Arafat over the back in the Chicago -- -- -- move him back in Chicago. Maybe he's had to put Miami I would think it has kind of hit us all by surprise that they came from him that look like if you know I don't know if if Robin came out told that the associated. All -- and it was good but he would have been worth a -- not a bad deal but almost utility thing you know war all agreed and it was better than that pain -- -- -- as if the closeness of it that somebody else that deal winning Santo. Some -- from another team with that as well I -- point 3833. You know. I don't know. 260187866889. Yards it gains dale. One -- off Michael Jordan. These news because his former teammate Scottie Pippen says John was a great score but the Bryant's aim may be better because he schools use his team's pivotal base and a little fumble. Pro wrestler real -- Your pain you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- him basketball coach this activity which is its seventh in the this is sports talk and the Soviet and noticed the UW.