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May 3, 2011|

NFL Network's Steve Wyche drops by to talk about the Saints draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk on Tuesday edition on the third day of may he is the one and only came to camp Bobby -- I'm big ability to 6 o'clock tonight they robbery continues LHQ a two -- on the diamond night at the box. Which -- -- sports network at six. Writer reports nfl.com NFL network would Jonas is a New Orleans Saints -- 37 point is practicing today out at Tulane University were hit on that. In the program and also as you which quarterback selected in the issues drafting you predict. We'll have the best in FF Korea. Entertaining series ball would go from having a basketball on -- from 6 o'clock in the right. 2000009. All day every day to win now he kind of like it's the only everyday but it. Man dismissed those whole realm of green but would do it to nine and two last night. Memphis. How about degrees leads dominating OKC on Sunday. This team in the paint this post season -- -- the book tool it's OKC in oak KC tonight. And the heat the to -- same over the sees down in South Florida last night blowing a sixteen point lead and make errors you beat. By the Dallas Mavericks and the Chicago Bulls fall behind 90 in the first quarter and never recover. Losing to the Hawks so we have seen three -- -- in the first four. Meetings in round 1 of the eastern and Western Conference semi final today's parity and the losers opinion poll is on -- weak kneed again in. The US government is considering releasing video in photos. Of killing Osama bin and I should day. 25% you say no 75%. Use city. Yes you know my take on his hold in my India they've been just so heated but just in usage is -- ego of the animal com Ryan -- I remember when Samuel Jackson was in and moving attack on the -- NEC's yes they deserved it back and I hope -- -- -- now that's the way I feel about this whole deal and that's almost they have. Yeah I mean -- I mean just enough violence. TV as is in movies whenever I mean if you -- -- 25%. I mean be one with the united as a matter right I mean is as long as he's gone so. Well. I don't have to snow in the no more Finnessey and it veto now wars and watch you know two -- -- soon be sidelined him morning. On September 11 2001 sitting with -- what is it and you see him in Rio pan. Now that it gave -- more -- NC a promise but anyway. I thought I'd just throw that out that since it was our opinion -- last night if you watch. The broadcast on basketball they weren't asking all of them on different with Kenny Smith Chris Webber on Jones -- about arms. Well some lines and and all week all right into the deepest nature it was 6 o'clock to all of our hope so it was a -- walled him on comes. Yeah you know the a lot of people still alive and well producers have you -- inning in. That you know cut out of sight out of mind when you look how long it's in its. The processes for -- to finally get him diamond heard if you do was say and I thought he was already dead. You know then maybe as you talked -- yeah -- kinda you know behind the scenes. And you know rumors about you know having some kind of illness in that he could have died because -- covered but. No for Morales sake I think it's a closure for a number of people. Now he never can bring back -- loved ones with. You have to have to say justice has prevailed and fanatic note in a regular out of them confident with intelligent all. He's not -- -- yen and I think there's some. I guess and you look at it against them. And gratification. That to a certain point that it was done by all armed forces that are in navy -- of their bag. -- mean on base defeated Dale Watson and I mean not bad I mean Sanath I was all right I was I was at all fears that you might be an issue them why -- was Watson view. And they had these being hated me BC military and so on he -- actually. Maine in May she if like when he found a man. And the Iran attest to tan in the in the exact blueprint of the house he was in the bureau -- -- simulated that they mean headed down pat. We have realistically you know we're always speculating wise it you know has it taken so long because you think and his -- needs. You know to technology and -- man that is his hard to hide and then yeah eventually. You'd think he'd be able to get him right and I was amazed how long you know it took. But you know almost kind of reverse psychology thing. I guess season over there hiding somewhere nikkei's. Because you look Saddam Hussein mean he has this year like in a hole. On this -- form. I guess so like on the ground cave thing. Very primitive that you think maybe you've been -- like that wanted you know kind of is hanging on the suburbs. You know and a compound almost like a drug. The drug lords kinda. -- As far as security in the walls and all that but I think they did the right thing by. You know -- going in there were -- Versa edges of blown out. And make -- a giant hole. Where the -- -- would speculate though though the. Well Bobby quarterbacks in the -- football league you've been drafted but in of course opponents out of the playoffs when asking fans out there all you steal in arrested in Bobby you know. You vote you you've. Like Westbrook you like Oklahoma City but right now I'm not like -- is too good man Omar Hewitt and then not just like a few good story they go bald and I mean again nobody to play him no -- -- -- it's amazing how -- you look at that you say -- we defend a pick general -- we defend the pick general. And whenever they squeeze on Connolly -- Gasol open any sit there right to free throw money and sad free throw line either shoot -- go with. Or give it a busy voting it would almost half their points of the day. I'm Tim you watched Manny feast tonight people they all all five and -- that come out play as good tonight but I just think they called a matchup problem for whoever they play. Well you have to double team Zach Randolph. I mean but did you name your -- is right right assaulted -- -- I mean he's playing good -- and nobody in his right they get good team borrowings like the real Gasol Latin you know. Mark in the and you look at Paul Gasol boy as marks -- right now yeah yeah and is that he's the most impressive Gasol this policies about fall again and Andy -- they would. You know you gotta like the moxie of the Grizzlies and not intimidated and matter you know what they were seeded. And you know playing with a lot of confidence so. And you know -- you talk about contraction everything potentially would come about when Memphis. I mean right now I don't know since they -- an Indian man I don't know if you realistically. After the NBA CBA you know going forward. You know with the new agreement that how can he do his thing and Memphis is tonight they got a good thing going there. They do they do in the divided look at it the NFL quarterbacks taken issue -- you know what -- about this. Because of his situation. And way he used to me the question was saying which quarterbacks who make an -- draft you predict they have the best at their career almost Iran now. Yes now he no he no -- not only don't know where he's not playing time sin. He gated back programs Indian pre season games the Patriots getting hip they wanna put him and they can put -- -- And he can learn from Morgan greatness and a pretty game Tom Brady in a system and it Bill Belichick and get to the -- yourself -- who compete at home. Well in an if you look not -- he -- Player earlier you know god forbid if -- pages and when I can wear tags Cassel for years ago you know -- Cassel had to and here's a guy who never even started in college USC in. Would have eleven win season just shows -- how good the Patriots orbit. No I think right place right time very similar. You know again Aaron Rodgers waiting in the wing and -- Brett Favre you know left. Even Tom Brady you know and had Bledsoe he went just thrown out there I mean Peyton Manning is probably weren't a few guys just doorknob there. And struggled against his rookie year overall but. Kind of shouldered and show that he can handle that responsibility but if you look. Ryan mallet I think you're great opportunity for him I think also the league playing -- -- I mean he's gonna Jacksonville. You look at Guerrero hard. They gave him a good chunk of money. I think they got to kind of easing into it and you know Jacksonville is -- plated slugfest try to run the ball. Maurice Jones-Drew saw I think it's a good situation. So it's a bowling average and Ryan mallet that I don't think -- I think I can -- -- my initially struggled and that's the two quarterbacks having success. Coming back nor any of you other quarterbacks like and issued draft which one do you think we'll have the best NFL career with the Hornets out of the postseason you steal. Watching the into BA playoffs and another steeler says something stupid. That's a shock this is sports talk you're listening to WW yeah NFL network Solomon Wilcox talking about a Reggie Bush AD's. Its future all the speculation and his future here in New Orleans up online right now. Christian and Steve out of the saints' practice this morning news video and audio of the -- players that talked Drew Brees. Talked about how -- you should be happy marking him as a saint. And I also video of the practices check them -- up online at WWL. That count to six awaits him -- Bobby do you agree with with some Wilcox. As far as that registries help the opener of the numbers. No. I mean I think even if he's healthy. And tightness and that now and that would go any beacon Texas and eights in the eighth on let me explain when I'm -- but Obama -- just jump right in. And not for the sake of being hate you know a bandwagon. I agree with you. Even if he goes they don't they I mean what would our -- okayed this what I say the numbers you have that. To justify and I don't know what his new contract that's in it to four million dollar range. But I'm saying look and -- year eight million in initiated the amendment point eight. -- that -- in you know justified near as for the production now what I'm saying the numbers you'd have to put up -- given him. You know total yards from scrimmage as you know punt returner. Pass receiver and -- rushing he'd have to have Brian Westbrook type numbers where community ought fake -- departed. -- like out accident mostly between one to only want to and I'm saying about a 140 yards and and -- -- -- -- I Wallace and a bigger Reggie and I mean as big as anyone when you look at the playoff game against the Cardinals. When he had 217. Right now to justify when you get paid those big bucks subsidies for united you know would have to do that four or five times a year. Not saying every other week. Would you look at the sixteen being scheduled to justified its salary add that to be. You know 45 innings a year that's why I think he'd -- -- even if he was healthy. That I don't see him. I see him putting a moral what he has to his career. Seven yards a game you know we were we wind down in which. The back who is that would come by in the back right now from 072 going into the season Pierre thomas'. Has average a 101 York's total all purpose that's returns to its receiving and so Russian write write everything one on one and in the mean let's face it. This is at the end of the day well by production people who are listening Mayo female wouldn't matter what. You know background you've come from welcome welcome Leo we're all judged on production bottom line how we get the job done. What a week doing you know what did manage with -- working embodied in the big agreed on your bottom line. And do the -- justify the means and seven yards per game. And am -- mean it does not average -- no accountant. -- over in FAO team nobody was over any kind of business would tell you that that title production verses that type of a pace. -- done and a it -- nine and a half an egg donated -- out. And we all embrace and I think it was a great thing about timing Reggie coming -- -- Saints post-Katrina and those six no. He definitely was a big impact. As far as expectations when the Saints were gonna do you know Sean Payton Drew Brees -- on board. You draft -- no help sellout did know he was a major contributor in 06 as he did a tremendous job. In known and won the Super Bowl bullet. It will go back to what you talked about not repeat without and you want Jon Gruden pee break -- as people get more phenom on you. And you know your tendencies in the what you do. Visit the national football until you've got to the well -- big considering where he was drafted. And you look expectation note Reggie is hard pressed to vote today. But if you look at and and why would you Galactica like marking. No you need 12 punch last year in the falling to 28 best rushing attack the year before by committee. Who were to sixth best rushing attack the deal with the Reggie -- numbers have been on this consistent decline ever since his rookie year. And he never has been and -- got mark Ingram are not. -- ever will be. That feature back in this and in for the New Orleans Saints right he'll be a feature back for no NFL team he's not need that way is this is that the excuses why council on -- -- -- up big numbers we can -- -- I agree with you about the weapons would not being on on what was saying years. You can't make twelve million dollars and seventy yards total yeah. That -- got a salary cap will -- yesterday didn't you need to bring -- would that be an autumn which insane as you can that make the kind of money be justifiable. For the production yet how about he he can't score. He meets -- he had scored 22 point five touchdowns a year to be making twelve million dollars a year yet here at note note that he got to be like Chris Johnson with the Titans -- for 2000 yards in his season. Or even if you look and I think Reggie he's gonna go Pro Bowl. This is an area as big Fella and as a punt returner. Mean as Reggie couldn't you know turn into. And DeSean Jackson and Devin Hester yet this thing though I mean. You'll dig it fuel Pro Bowl returner you have to obviously averaging double digit and is close to like thirteen fourteen yards a punt return. Or Reggie was average and I think even in his who bull run policy at like seven point eight yards in last year is like four point six. And that you are return and the longest punt return we had. Last year was about lance ward is the province in the superdome -- when and that was a 78 yarder. And civil register deal and injuries while. At that time he got hurt because he fumbled the punt against the 49ers. And he can be a liability in a big game we play in the Cowboys. Would come on Reggie he runs a great option Roddy drops the ball over the middle have been a touchdown. And any fumbles inside the fifteen yard line under the punt return. Additionally how bad it was Ginn and his Saints fans they want to embrace Reggie. -- Cowboys stating the stadium -- Reggie Reggie Reggie. What got to a point at being at a game the Cowboys fans are Mok and -- and their -- Reggie Reggie. You know zone though Reggie. Obviously he can't play in the NFL. But he don't have -- average anymore I don't care what his agent says. They get paid when he wants is to be more to team dictates when big premium on back to Jack PG cam Allen. Bubba dangerous you college plus the wise with Jonas DeVito VO a news time approaching 432. Handed off to show in a row the first news. Yeah I mean I saw us we just like you did you know right after the that's just your frustration. A little bit discus. I don't you hit it did they drafted catcher position you know so but I I think we're the message there was sent him was by no means look at that is. You know defected here you're didn't show on the door that we don't want journeyman like that I mean in fact you could probably look back to five years ago. When Deuce McAllister was sitting there Reggie Bush did stress that as the second. So the roles have almost been reversed and I think -- handle that situation better than anybody ever could have. A mandate that Saints quarterback Drew Brees welcome back he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- and answer the question the first tweet was about the Hornets game and I. And all that right without you're welcome back to sports talk with quarterbacks make it an issue that you predict they have the best. NFL Korean Hornets out of the post season do you steal. Watch on interested in the NBA play -- -- the -- -- out. Reggie Bush. And it today Drew Brees says it make you should be happy and mark Ingram is a saint should have the entire ballclub. A couple of takes -- Bobby is -- one it is -- watch when major leagues he will be an all pro am before another team in will be say it. You know it. It if the players come and go and -- please do leave places -- -- have success but wouldn't leave a place and that very place that they left. Steele does good in place for championships. Nobody -- -- not it's all about the team right about the team. And as long as you winning you winning and be. That's what matters -- you've got to put the team first and the teams that put. Other people for they put all of the Eagles aside they're the ones that are winning the championship. At Nittany. That's not an -- -- a great situation for rigid as if it doesn't work now with the Saints. And I think now based on what Pierre has accomplished what he's averaging the skins he's put on the wall if you look at Pierre Thomas. The four year deal averages that he just signed with the Saints two point eight million. Per season so based on production. I'm willing to keep -- boarding and the same film that will give you two million. But his agent obviously is saying oh Reggie -- think named Kendall -- so -- of the great opportunity to him. Would be to San Diego charges. Here he gets to go back home that's where he played high school ball he's been playing a franchise quarterback. In Philip Rivers for the Rivers makes people around Hamlet called Andy's fade away it. You know he's always has -- a top three quarterback rating tunnels along with 4000 yards. And you look at Darren Sproles and scat back right he's trying to get paid. And so maybe guitars by now one of paid Darren Sproles in place that we can get Reggie that happened that would Sproles is Jackson. And and only negative thing. And and I brought this -- dead -- would be is scary situation as you wanna keep the mobbed abusing his. He does have ability. Is it ought to blank all of ascendancy as a free agent in all of the blank would be willing to pay him a little bit more. And even with the Falcons because you know Norwood. Who's kind of there scat back. Combination Michael Turner right now 12 punch. He's coming back to -- and humid and they'd be drafted Rodgers -- yet jock as trial artists they thought the game noticing Collins is in the weeks that we've we let -- go. But you know you can go he and he ran right known though but but I -- Uga would go where you wanna go you get the goal but about that I think Reggie. I mean even to say. Okay he was due eleven point eight to get happen that analyzed -- don't think he has then members slide effort Jack dignity and thank you for calling WW yeah. I you do and let -- if you. Body -- -- there were playable at the market but what about your old son with me in recited some fortunately I don't know memory and not. -- yes I remember how could you forget -- pull. Well let you know allotment that about -- can't but I am now -- -- -- -- must sign. And -- been playing span and they want now that the first game I'm 69 your soul and -- in that more net. -- back court cuts them bringing him Lugo when they were -- way -- the idea that wait 43 days and years but any rate. Yeah I think we can get number one draft choice for -- usually. Did it. Much -- -- UK he -- trade nobody's gonna trade for Reggie Bush as you trade also is contract and you can't get an animal one. Hey I mean you have by theory you wanna -- -- -- for Reggie -- and he's due eleven point eight million there's no NFL team that he become they would even -- him lesser salary eight million -- -- Some people an example you have to -- slide you know. Steve Weiss of NFL network report of nfl.com. -- with a Steve. Thank you so much -- -- the black and gold conducting their own practice among their among themselves. -- what does that say to underestimate -- -- Well it only keep doing. That would if you -- at media availability millionaire players. Getting together and our players. I've been doing it for a couple weeks. So. You know -- that. Unique however you know it goes. Actually used the leader get the majority that they have with thinking because in the -- The pool could go struggling you lock the lupica veteran players. And that stable veteran quarterback. Are going to want to come out. That we ought to date people that are quarterback who will. Got 36 who routinely -- work and that you know they're gonna continue to. Actual dedicate it to protect our players in the -- -- And you tell us the -- thing drew said advance. We would all be working out somewhere anyways so why not do it together and he -- and I feel like this is putting this way ahead. Of other teams by having it so organized and a -- like you said that goes back to the leaders and and he went on to say. You know it's hard to have everyone there I don't blame them if they're not here. That being that certain players we have no into prediction. As if we would if -- -- facilities that -- case take a risk of being here. Sunday to trying to encourage the players. And and and him and Jonathan Vilma being the leader is at dale mark. But realize in this circumstance in the situation that this could help out depending on how long this last. Well you know -- -- -- on free agent to a lot of guys. Not working out because they're not under contract and protected anyway their opening. State -- the order free agent rule about you also. -- that it may third. At all the right real happy that they are apt to be worked out. They're patient they're out there vacationing. No echo here I think you'll go to number of 37. Double closure of 4050. -- you'll -- -- more around the league polite value there are guys working out there. If you -- guys are just just to cap BP to be an old rival or not do too much. And then I -- looking at the Saints drab I think the fans have been as a static as I've ever seen him as far as expectations. And the potential. If you look at wrong one you know everyone talks about great value. Here -- -- Cameron jar the 24 pig. A lot of people speculating thought he'd be going -- teens and you get the best running back in the draft. Let me begin behalf of what people maybe expect compared it to Emmitt Smith and will know how to fans feel about Deuce McAllister. Then all of a sudden when his third in one that we -- are trying to trick people that you actually can run the full blown especially in the reds' home. That you have that running game and not always Hammond. You know that a drew having all the pressure to play great to have agreed offense. It was coming through a group of all the power or water in real quick on and can really you're not -- -- appear comically begin. It is not in the what equally good with mark Ingram. Coca that the where he felt there react to what he had to have art. The protections and things like that -- have to worry about that. I'd like he can make eagle what why -- -- -- a -- popular because -- linebacker there and out. In pretty. I -- a lot you can do it because from guard to guard -- -- If not better and he came. An amateur. Player I spoke to a lot of things going into the draft. Who most of them felt he wouldn't get out of the top twelve. Something in the 34 defenses and other into the -- read a perfect for the secretly in because you know like the move guys up about it quick but he got on the -- can be perfectly. Clearly more is. The market will linebacker with a guy I believe in the where Illinois. What is the very good later. In the country linebacker. -- -- the -- that they -- lacking at one -- -- right spot along. Steve wise of the NFL network nfl.com. Steve always a pleasure thank you so much for the time we certainly appreciate. Our. Priority -- Steve wise to -- is great work inept now. That comment in -- and welcome him back him. PGA -- in Bubba. 2601878. No on its in the NBA playoffs now he's still paying attention to the Saints 37 of them practice today. At Tulane university in of the quarterback that a select in this year's draft. Who do you predict they have the best in FAO -- I'd say Ryan now. We'll get Bobby stone just a moment to sports talk on WW. There were no -- -- so slow moment. News division around these guys are still has been the best part of the whole situation so you know just getting back here and and numerical order him miss all those who have. And welcome back. 26018788668890. Rates have me is -- remiss in not call we should do. We really should do a variety show. Like life -- -- Dressed in Coles meaning women that they were diverted to be good at Everett and -- -- a lot of opinions on that issue. Well yeah -- would be I don't know hundreds of people want to do but they sure looked at them what not to do. And that would that would be of you know acted apology go hobby for cam cam thank you for calling WW -- -- -- -- -- I've been listening to you guys and that they come in agreement with he would. As far as we -- analysis is on Reggie Bush. I think the only the only possibility that as no -- that children didn't bring up was. The dissenting view him as a weapon inept offense. Apart from questionable. Or from -- the ball. Actually being. Like glorified because well I think that last year. We -- this same conversation -- -- -- you didn't think that he was gonna get paid last year right in the -- one opinion he had eaten. Right right and I think that the biggest justifications. How the use -- And was curious to me it. I don't understand die. Because the -- -- using. And the fact that he was -- he he was talking about being well -- the take a pay cut. That it would draft Ingram who doesn't have its -- it. So if if -- says okay draft you'd be drafted in group OK now I'm gone. Okay that's okay we got in England then it's also it seems more Pierre Thomas Moore Chris -- But while Carlos it to -- Yeah yeah but I think network to me and in my estimation totally gave. Up. That's -- -- about it because. He'd become an unrestricted free agent. And you know you can you can you can look at his numbers. And and and and I'm not gonna. Justified numbers which you could look at his numbers. But that's not always going to be that not all -- gonna go in to select in the Reggie Bush to you'd seen. No no he has ability and I think he Devlin was more at threat early on his career. But look at a great opportunity. To show that skill -- like inning game at Seattle. I mean I've come on you know Reggie be an impact helpless when the game. No what was Reggie damage -- as the dogs game no coming back this is sports talk on WW yeah.