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Chris Low, LSU and Saints football

Oct 12, 2010|

Bobby and Deke invite ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low into the radio huddle. They also take your calls on the Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk on this Tuesday June 12 day of October 2002 am all the Casey -- -- -- a bear. I'm Deke Bellavia without some college football and NFL football today from 7:8 PM. Our weekly chat with scouting consultant and fox sports NFL analyst Chris Landry takes place and go around the National Football League. Coming up the bottom of this now Chris -- And it's not right as the coach of the Southeastern Conference ESPN ACC blogger will be with us. Also coming up later down the line it will be felt in the college football. With me if I -- including Steve Marbury he's our rivals dot com football there trying to. And my Scarborough tiger -- dot com will be with us as -- and now we pick I was a to a coach -- -- happens at five when he. This afternoon. Final Four to 601870. 86688908. Seven well the BCS standings will come out this Sunday October 17 the first one of the college football season. Where. Would you rank the LA -- Utah. And what a difference a week makes. Has your opinion of the -- you big -- changed. After the big win over Florida. In the -- 86688908. And -- Identity right now by the tone of the -- There's no question. That the win -- thrown has changed the minds of mania out there at the big victory over you go from a game right where. You a sixteen point favorite and you got out played. And you -- road and you win 33 between and. But you dominate the game -- be cheated dominated if you look at it and I thought. You know said this in the pregame day they definitely would have a chance now. I wasn't at the point where are gonna Thea Ellis who's gonna go to -- and win the game and I thought seven points on thug they're going to be ended today and I think -- -- Florida 24 Ellis she'd want me. But I'm glad that I was wrong -- you always have a chance. When you have the top defense in the country wanted to best in the nation and I think they have. Still an opportunity. To truly be a special defense. -- a little disappointing. You know because we do pride ourselves this year to Tigers -- being. You know would top defense and it's special teams though we had the second. As kick -- coverage unit was guess who's number one Florida. And enabling them to have -- long kickoff return for a touchdown Florida -- back in the game. But that we had said this you know be even on the plus side to turnover ratio. Ellis is gonna have a chance to win now. Really gave you know Florida to touchdowns and we ended up even so when -- minus one minus two and al-Qaeda is critical in big games. But that did surprise me how well -- defense play because that they were like you said we will winning in the trenches. Tony one point oh Florida came on 33 yards total right right and it's a hazard at the interception they ran back to seventeen at the mark punt. Compared to -- is -- about -- sixteen to defense made him fight for our. They score and and they get the big punt returner and kick -- -- You know they spread it around Florida still was to -- to run the ball. And and only had 89 yards rushing for the total game two to 43 total for the gators. So La -- she got -- than they played I kind of defense. I'm telling offense don't give the opponent -- feel would turn -- whatever on every play an arm and Alabama. Arkansas Ellis is going to be right there in the game and what's encouraging. Now know they got a great quarterback now at Auburn in Newton. But overall that was -- his best performance. Last year against right -- Now I know you going. Odd and -- it's an away game but that's getting in common is the way to beat Florida you know rolled opponent. And Alabama's not invincible. Because I think to a defense -- play in. It is going to be key now I think Auburn's offense. Is definitely better than Florida's offense. So. You know to look at the gains when you know they beat South Carolina and how they beat Kentucky their offense. Has the capability discordant thirty -- big into that against -- she's the business are often should have success. When we play you know -- aren't Tigers. Alabama obviously you look at a game against South Carolina I think they got away with they used to do business running the football. You look on the cal wrong when dallas' best game Alabama uniform thrown over 300 yards and that's not realistically. When but Alabama wants to do. Nothing is going to be a challenge when you face NFL tight type quarterback in Ryan mallet eagle and at Arkansas but at LSU foursome in the mistakes last year. As they were able to come out on top and a dog fight but it. Look -- outside Alabama beat of what having the two turnovers. By it would supposed to be NFL quarterback -- no I don't see any game. That if -- who comes to play. And all the chaos that has occurred it truly can have a special season. So yeah right now the most chills going in favor of L issue. I don't know that's the case with the Saints -- -- he -- joy you know the ball bounce and right Fauria. And look at the Saints -- his -- -- also played winning defense to win a game the forced four fumbles but the way to ball bounces they don't get any of them where last year. We would have gotten those type of fumbles and and I'd given up those these guitars on that thing drew said advanced no you know winning in NFL. You know went when you give vote that our offense -- Obama scored nine points. And office gave him 21 we you know -- gonna win NFL and happens to the phones we go sell cough up. Here PS thank you for calling WW area. Yeah right I was whether you -- -- -- it was the -- about the turnover that saw that -- That with the turnover of the game -- again off also on their bid again it was also play it was with skills. And not. All you companies and -- has to come out tomorrow for me Watson camping as she was -- Nadal. A perfect they've put them for the stated attitude taken all the opponent say this -- I have to look as. You don't let it seems like -- act at the at Ethier to me at I think that obviously the balance on the -- for Lugo and that certainly play into -- -- flawed they dominated Florida would not lucky about that. As it was just this is ridiculous on all operator. You know a couple of tests are also others who -- the regular may have a broken foot. Yeah all of the one. Like did you wanted to go to find out which aren't Jemison Barrett -- -- -- almost -- you know like -- car of the Bjorn at the -- line. Had not -- string it out and and challenged Florida's speed to go north and south and they kind of thought. It didn't know as a bus but it kind of thought it was a bootleg you and end of the line blocked well enough to have that hole would Jordan. You know to cut have been there again in the end zone against Georgia is a lot of credit union freak out when the play wasn't executed properly and needed trying maybe get outside -- -- -- -- Tsonga and that is. I -- making some moves this afternoon -- they have signed free agent safety Matt Giordano and a running back Julius Jones. Saints also announcing they have released kicker John Carney and wave running back to show on win. Julius Jones may know him around them and played with the Cowboys know Fuller recognize that name and he can get. Is cares to a taken from him what you saw the emergence of Marion Jones over the in the neatly with the Seattle seahawk. Then also you look at the running back for markets. That was later McFadden as the -- Paying him with no -- pain -- with the Browns who went from members of the Browns. Another a known by American think anything is gonna come tomorrow mine credit they drafted in my you know -- Jerry Jones being an Arkansas guy became the same time as big -- right and it's is gonna come. Anyway reiterating with the Saints have -- has signed free safety Matt Giordano. A six year veteran of fourth round pick for the Colts and oh by about eight played. With the Colts before seasons that the -- also for the university account. And oh nines -- on the Green Bay and summer and this year with the Falcons playing in sixty career games. And they have signed running back Julius Jones to make room for the lieutenant in the Saints are released kicker John coney. And wave running back to show on wing and coming back to all your calls would be too easy John and gene Tony Joey. The Tigers. LA issue of BCS would be released a Sunday where over the Tigers end up. And has an opinion changed of LA -- at the big victory over -- And in the and I all NFL from 78 with scouting consultant box with an opponent this crystalline dodger -- Felix Felix Jones and -- -- what can't this is what you're listening to WW. And welcome back he is the KGK anybody baggy bell of the after LSU's big victory over Florida. As your opinion of the 2010 by you being boost changed. He won't owner Joan -- gators in this -- to the phones we go by -- to -- Tony on -- five Tony thank you for calling WW. Could -- Soccer not so much the opinion note -- between her well. If the culture aspect and there -- black coat off awareness on the Atlantic belt you know I am stakes are big. Well Tony -- made that statement after the Tennessee game there's no way you can make that after the Florida game. Well I main McCord -- down repeated this time straight year. Yeah but I'm saying what every don't prime and may be looking at the Florida game you could say you -- that you lost confidence. In the course and you could say you lost common it's a long period. After what happened in Tennessee. But to say it's a continuing a process and we always say or whatever Delcarmen lately. In challenging decisions. As far as with the coaches are doing he could say and it's a big Resnick and a -- -- -- Iran but the bottom line is it it worked even though you wanna call -- lucky. But how they managed the clock down the stretch though they put themselves. In a position to win TK it's a that the coaches who have challenged as far as with the were doing as far as clock management in this game. Would you agree to disagree don't that went in on the strength. You need to stop and soon we can -- smart man that matter our opportunity there. Right on all right thank you so much back there and once again no repeating -- Saints this afternoon making some roster changes. They sign free agent safety Matt Giordano and running back Julius Jones they released kicker John Carney and running back. To -- wing in back to the phone to go Bobby -- root for Joey Joey good evening thank you for calling. Julius Jones not to -- -- Yes and it's. And again look witnessed many years beer -- going to be working out this -- -- -- work it out walk. Where would we don't practice tomorrow so -- -- -- -- Omar you know could enjoy -- Tuesday is their day off you know the player right when he points and it is and the council. -- -- -- in the morning and -- midday. One in my panacea. Butler said that -- supposed to practice tomorrow though. Yeah I'm glad to see how limit that he is in and -- what where exactly is that we know. Now now Reggie the possibility to have Reggie bagged the thing is going to be probably -- and a Pittsburgh team -- you know over here -- Reggie is definitely out I know for Tampa. But yeah luckily we need all of playmakers right now to get a swagger back and -- -- out. Yet Jimmy -- looked like a ilk on here. You never get back in 07 now and out of seven but in oh wait you know everybody is couldn't stand special admits he's in LA when. Sean Payton was making those game calls and some clock management issues and the plays he was called and redundancy. Week we were very very predictable. A lot of the offensive game and looks like the same thing we're going through it straight in this Cadillac get yep boy that is acting like this year let smile and I just wondered this. I joy I don't know if you ever get sake though I mean you know active show me some incidents. As far as coach -- this thing's been predictable you don't in the NFL. You know the normal one -- is three out of four years in the worse inept for -- -- -- will fourth in the NFL that's not the case obviously right now. He gets the average at middle of the pack but to say. And -- conservative though coach Payton might be. A little more risky he's been a deadly all over the years. -- putting has really never played you know you know playing not to lose though he's always been playing for the win and kind of going for the -- right. So -- -- look at the track record I mean that hasn't in the past history are animal elegant. No way in in no way and Vietnam. With with -- and -- seven and only with Peyton I mean we were just accepted that everybody stacked right and whenever we were predictable along those lapses on each play caller yeah you're right -- this is much different than that smile a little more. Open book but it that you know I just think it's the way that's saying it's gone with the football god Jiten. We keep it -- -- -- my attitude is villages -- now waiter -- we can make it goes that far. And then these kind of games this close that mentality meant was gonna go all the way. Well we have an opportunity you know got to wait and see that's what I played a game that really I think coach Payton even -- you grade yourself and you know check yourself and you know looking at the percentages what you're doing. He really had turned things around as far as his play calling ever since then only game at Tampa memorable only ran the ball on the weather conditions -- -- Who ran like eighteen times. No he has been more balance and really I know. He's setting goals to where not wanting Drew Brees to throw the ball forty times a more. The -- may be you know 34 to 35 in that range and and having 2829 rushing attempts. If you look at what came about. Against Arizona. Now if you could just change five plays not yet know the dictating the flow of the game. Where if you look at it we had 22 rushes you'd like to have. You know 27 Russia's instead of 39 passing attempts like 34 -- -- you truly would have more balance that's. That's a difference of five place. 2601878668890. Rates and is -- again involved coming in to gene at. Easy Johns Jason Christie and that's Cyrus. Tigers -- get the right people out there they -- you don't have to be be on the field that they got enough like there's the snap. Riley back the pro chased out of the pocket runs farsighted because back your side and it is. -- -- -- Over Tigers looked okay. And Ellis to improving to six and no. Bono a conference play at 33 to 29 victory over the Florida Gators. As your opinion tainted by you being goes and a week LSU imagines this Saturday and Death -- 6 o'clock ago Bobby -- myself counting it down. From 1 PM to 4 PM -- warplane on the LSU campus with tiger tailgating. Saints making some roster moves they've brought in veteran safety Matt Giordano. And they have also brought in veteran running back Julius Jones to make room for those two gentlemen the Saints are released kicker John -- And wave running back to show on the wing. Back to his phones we go -- it's who to whom we have about -- we go to a ham and for Jason Jason thank you for calling WW Mayo. Yet are you asking -- writing him a I'll take on being. And -- a whole lot of sense -- Seattle. Just what did you tell acorn and ability to run. And back and he actually engine company just taken a I mean. Nobody saw it PA and Reggie should be on the back that -- really gets regrets at all and. While Jason in my in my beaches short term. You know and look and yet he has can be a disadvantage compared to Ledell Betts had the shot and land. Where'd you had a couple weeks in training camp where you can familiar you know familiarize yourself with playbook and all that so. He might be a quick study you know coach -- to use that term as far as picking things up. And we'll have to wait and see how much you actually contribute right away the shot and win. They -- initially he had an edge over the ailments because of in a special team play. But. Julio Jones I mean I truly huge -- and Julius Jones. Yeah I still think that they think he has something that indicate tank you know he went in the Seahawks. You know to the Cowboys and -- he was kind of odd man out. When he played for the Cowboys 'cause it Felix Jones obviously and in the Bulls that I'm not taking them Maroney. Though running back -- Cowboys besides Darrion Jones Marion Jones yeah I think in the wrong with the Patriots know so. Yet you got numbers and and who each and on his name yeah yeah but Julius Jones and he's not -- -- game if you look at his size five in. 208 pounds kind of a compacted. You know running back but to say that though is kind of almost the stop -- -- gap measure. If I had to you know truly look at where he's -- you know right now as -- contributing with the things. That in a phone Vigo 2601870. And it's -- to who we. Christie on 96 -- thank you for calling WW ago. Art and lifelong tiger and I I want it to be updated by Bobby for. Racing team doctor Ned -- to snap the -- in the playoffs for him that game as far as I'm concerned. At Bible mild kick things happened Saturday -- -- I think change public opinion that award. They had an excellent against bar and you do it -- it is the special game doesn't. In support me it would have been. Kick up front pack and then muffed punt block. Fourteen at that point and what that school for a decade. If that thing again and I think happened was. The -- football loss on national TV Nick Saban and Alabama looked uninspired. They did not well prepared. They had twelve men on the field at one critical point it. Out that. Can't say that it is and just like everybody else and I think it easier while. Because before America too many people still -- -- kind of expect it could be any human being as well happen but the analogy again. I don't I know I I hear anything about things other issues feel good anything to do with the formal code to think had a few. When I don't know yet -- yes I do I prompt -- -- total Chris Kluwe. I don't -- we are here to wear around them every day to -- we got day every every week -- day every day my point is that. The team that had been to transcend it in the west. Lost the game for the first time in two years. That is why people more exciting an opportunity gain a game on a team. Two ways if you would have finished eleven and won the last two years. You still would be about -- -- Alabama because they were twelve and though I think that's what excitement was Alabama got beat now if you beat Alabama. On November to six. Dan DN -- going to be saint well -- would be an Odyssey. Any message board I don't I don't -- and I don't know again they'll. Are there trying to say and got hurt real bad day on Saturday because too bad things happen. Let mild one and and probably it is jobs aren't there are a lot believe that. And -- just -- -- well Enola -- you out there and it's -- -- in the in the you know. While Chris Christie and you -- LSU obviously throughout their history now what's impressive -- it is what it is. Mean you look at the last time -- she won its first four SEC games. Came back in 1987. When they open born oh before they lost the vision loss to Alabama thing like this. They have not won four straight SEC games going back to 1987. Less miles as the coach and then you look who they beat. Think their quality of opponent yet he gets it but I'll Tim Tebow -- Florida going to today game was bring a twelve game winning streak. At home and seven straight as easy home games they had one. So if it wasn't like you've beaten. You know the Vanderbilt to the world -- And be far like did did Dell's impressive. Coming back to all you college sports talk on WW him. And welcome mat Hoffman and out of welcome this time -- -- -- over the Southeastern Conference Chris slow ESPN he has SEC blogger. Chris thank you so much for the time -- a man what a difference a week makes -- in these Paula -- from LA issues. But saw win over Tennessee to their big victory over the floor. Yet Syria has let himself that a city like little bit better this week. Chris as it. How bad is the ACC east this season. There's no real good thing we knew it could mean. Florida in the actually had division out for number readers and triple -- I don't academic question. -- special -- for a standard. They don't know what they are offensively they they just are really. Pretty pedestrian after such -- -- and it is not. Brady went Heisman Trophy you know like round -- Right now they can get open on the field make placed on the field and they care for all and he takes sort of Florida that equation and almost in an actual bolted -- terrible. Armed guards. Start and they like it argue last policies and but it gets support from what we're used to -- -- nine. Chris what's impressions and LA issue confirms that the season. You know looked out of football team in spots and the Giants it was a -- actual talent decent seat he would stark reported. Oh that's so Albany at threw rocks to build around penetrate that this -- Shepherd. Corked bat Peterson back into -- to back till the he corporate like your kids. While -- put a lot of young guys think they're really be responded that they dissect each year in his defense. They but he playing faster put more instinctively. And defensively. LSU has played -- which cal football right now and opted simply. It's been trying to recruit until we pursue I think your week it will open toward the football. Tactic check rhetoric he used -- that I just think the people are scheduled. So and now they're gonna act built for the football -- with a -- And it Chris you talk about offensively. Picking a dislike as you have a championship defense. And you know going forward and I told the this a set against Florida playing in the swamp there even. It on the plus side they going to be in the game and they'll have a chance while they ended up even. You look they remind is -- and and and really just kept the Florida and in the game where the gators applause for -- she's still at minus two I think there's going to be critical. Whether it's Auburn Alabama Arkansas. That there either and that plus side that's all they go win those games. Yeah and it looked at all it about it the big plays defense and the around the league in forced turnovers the -- properly it's acts. There impacted. In -- game -- and he didn't think guys should short fields. Put out there than it usually get special people getting day. Kept Peterson with the big return to Josh aspiration has proven time and time again. In these clutch guy tickets through school so -- Russia. Clearly it was not invincible. Alford has struggled. Two wins and gained a Q credit that would close football games they won by three yet Mississippi State it would -- three the last play of the game Kentucky. It's going to be -- or race in the way and by. Sort of still threaten by plate as the next two weeks you've got a lot you know Arkansas two or this week of course you'll. -- Yea Chris I'm looking at that future opponent and -- Tigers a look at an outstanding in the of you know we mentioned straighten Evans. He's now has five and a half sacks on the season. And another another big time defensive tackle nick Farley junior for the Auburn Tigers on -- It seems like they kind of alternate every other week being SEC -- of player of the of the week. When you give an instant Evans are of Orleans Florida the top tackle in the league. Oh shoot it probably should the season. Hello from -- report SEC and it depicted defense -- here and for ownership for 34 minutes a pack of -- produced employers. I don't go right now let's look at it -- a better defense. Cutting motion across support a better defense and Auburn. They truly Kamal just straight it was a balk or this floor and I'd take this away east plate. And -- missed it around and I want it kicked straight -- could be. This -- statements fairly well both those kids. -- difference makers in the years that the water at notre so -- the. Chris low over the best conference in the land the SEC does so that you European background SEC -- Chris thank you so much for the time we appreciate. I connect all ecology body -- Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk -- a rare open Jean Jean thank you for calling WW. Yeah he's like piano wise and as I imagine what you've got to win this game -- bad and how much you wanna make a bet they can only end. While Le Jean did this come. You know that by gene called us about 11 part of by Sunday morning and she was -- about the same as part of the -- that I mean by theory -- she should go to play all fresh and their freshman -- ninety's have a freshman team the and beat Nate needs. I mean it's one of those games I don't wanna see a preceding game what you wanna do is you Kamal would you start as you get him -- rolling. And in the shooting and have to play the second. I don't know that's a car you know we never know what's gonna happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Way gene good to hear from Madonna in rent and all right Jean thank you so my jeans jeans that intimacy and drive back to the phones though we go Bobby and it's even in the that John out in Los Angeles John thank you for calling WW -- Like his Bobby I think this corporate situation -- play as human terms of the -- think. That is going to suggest to start and get most of the positions then that. Well -- did -- I mean I think -- doesn't care if he starts he is close to help the team win. And obviously. You know coming out this game it's all about confidence yet to be common -- was nine of eleven the but I think -- they would the same formula. That. You know the routine -- Jefferson started but I would give Jeremy the majority to snaps it all -- it that makes sense you know I'm saying. Set -- but Belichick said when they try to navigate this that consistency is scheduled. I don't think you can afford from the -- has too much -- when he's on overpriced and you're as we -- he would germs -- -- -- I mean they can do. But DeVon George Jemison. Made plays at his feet you you take a -- terrible and a session that he had. I mean come on it jar and mean look -- struggled to throw 500 yards. I mean he finally got to a hundred yards but if you look at it -- -- He had 42 yards carrying they do it by committee the bottom line is is the production. And -- yeah it it if I look at and I was bringing -- the film and in as far as opportunities yeah probably Allah give. You know I don't know a couple more series may be the Jeremy instead of Jordan Jefferson but I still have Jordan Jefferson in the game. I don't know about Bobby news -- you'll have to. Back and -- Oh yes it all lined -- bow out out but. And elicited a pop it back to that is that we played Bartow vote and they chipped -- more victories maybe. May may -- -- yoga is a lot of privilege all America at that time here is Bert Jones first team column every can beat any team you play all the time. Coming back to all your college Cyrus child dame fans picked across our weekly conversation with LSU coach -- -- Bobby Dave -- I'm big -- Levine is saying to making summer roster move this afternoon. They have signed free agent safety Matt Giordano. And running back Julius Jones to make way for those two gentlemen they released kicker John Carney. And running back dish on the win also the Saints announcing the every signed. A couple of practice squad transaction the recycling -- rates he Jones to. Practice squad and released linebacker Harry Coleman. This is sports talk on the home the Saints and the Tigers you'll listening to WW.