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Nomar Slevik discusses his resarch on UFO sightings & abductions

Jul 31, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Nomar Slevik about his books related to investigations of UFO sightings & abductions. 7/31/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Aren't playing hands. Ninth pill and so the weeks for us it's beyond reality radio and TV Johnson Jason is Austin and I thought it was going to be met with us tonight but he's traveling today. Getting in late so we'll be back with our next life programs are looking forward to that. We've got a great reminder for we actually the couple gas free tonight we have the scheduled guest who is no more Slevin accusing you of full author researcher. An investigator. He's gonna talk about what going to be interested in. Exploring in researching UFO sightings plus why he writes books about it. The talk and share some of the stories of his investigations. In his documentary does podcasts as well. So I'll level let's talk about with no more Slavic and that'll be the second guessed the first guest however much will bring him in after the break is Bob Christopher. And Bobby is a a promoter he's working on the Penn Hearst terror caught which is an event an ally should be attending. On August 18 and nineteenth he's gonna talk a little wood up ten Hearst asylum which is a very very haunted. Location. It's been investigated a lot lot of reports of activity there sir gonna get some of those stories with Bob. And he'll tell us what's going on on the eighteenth and nineteenth of August during the parent content sounds like it's going to be great event I can wait goes going to be a lot of fun. So that's all coming up tonight tomorrow night we will have actually a best of for you I've got to do a little bit of traveling so I will not be here tomorrow night. So Wednesday night won't come back Jason will be back with us and we'll be live again on Wednesday night tomorrow item will be a very very good program we're going back in the archives of pulling out a good one. For you. And then when tonight we have GR Freeman joining us on the show he is a US air force veteran and an author. He spent eighteen years. In the air force and he had two near death experiences while he was there and in both of those who experienced the afterlife and he wrote five books series about those experiences. Called the other world and beyond. He talks about his journey into the other world in the lessons that he learned to apply to his life and who share those with us so it'll be a very interesting conversation. And then Thursday. Of course had to be the first Thursday. Of August. And as we do on every first Thursday of the month we'll have Rebecca fought strong animal do readings with Rebecca we will take your phone calls. And she'll do readings where you life on air. It's a lot of fun. It's very very interesting. And I'm pressure slicker we attributed two hours. To do the whole two hour sloppy work on that. All right so him we might I know go more than an hour 'cause last time we hit so many phone calls we had to extend past an hour and we still had to cut people off. And so on Thursday this week we will do at least an hour and a half and maybe even do the full two hours continuously works out for so. It's a great week of programs for you on beyond reality radio. And while word presenting an offering these programs to you we'd love if he'd stop by the FaceBook page. Just beyond reality radio on FaceBook you've got to like can share with your friends also stop by the web site at beyond reality radio dot com. Check out all we have to offer there including a list of affiliate radio stations so you can see what the closest station is TU if you're traveling it's always great information to have. And also the beyond reality radio coffee mug. Is there are available for sale and it's a great month I promise you coffee has never tasted better than out of that month. So with that we're gonna take quick break and when we come back Bob Christopher will be back to talk this about the panned her spare con. We've got a lot of showed and I don't go away it's beyond reality room. That's. Jason's. Your best start program heard one of the interviews from awhile ago but it's going to be good when a prom a shoe and then Wednesday night will be back to life. With our guests GR Freeman tonight as I said we've got a couple of guests on the program tonight will be speaking with no more Slavic about fuel flows. And just a little bit but first I wanna welcome Bob Christopher to the show Bob is a promoter he is organizing and working on the Penn Hearst terror con which. Actually I just announced that'll be appearing at August 18 and nineteenth Bob welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. Thank you David gets close to the younger. So before we get into the event I know we only have a few minutes with you here but before we actually talked about the event itself Tulsa but about ten Hearst. Anderson. It's in spring city Pennsylvania. And it's the state school that actually closed down in the mid seventies. It was further fuel mind it and it was basically one of those worst places in the country I would say it. For that on the bigger hikes self medicated. And you know just if it was just a really bad place it is pretty much left them there to dial all the public patience. So this is one of those notorious facilities that so patients were neglected. Aramis treated. You know those horror stories we hear often infrequently make movies about. Correct correct I think her although it actually evolve and as in the closing at. What I wanted to understand. Yeah I think I don't think that might be true actually you know yeah. But I mean it's so it's probably well the most politically that I have been in. Just crazy with activity. And the new owners. Members. Took over this and they completely. Clean the place up I mean it's it's just. An amazing place that called McGrath well groomed all the Aggies up to build it is doing all kind of know repair resume. You know getting everything up to code in making everything safe for everybody so that you know we can enjoy this facility at Augusta there's. Yeah so tell salute about the activity because they've heard some terrific stories. About it I know it's been investigated a lot of people come back with a lot of evidence of activity what some what are some of the things that you've heard of being reported there. Well I mean personally I've been there. Probably fifty or sixty targets are ready you know right now only the mayflower building and a few of the holder actually opened. War investigating. The meat are building a public therefore. There is nurse that's how we've been seen up there are all kind of activity up there. EVP slate. Partly BP's all the time. All the way down to the eastern where. You know that your children playing down there and they have some kind of spirit that there and they called the king in this one room. Where he's. A pretty. Nasty spirit. There's claims. You know scrap scene and the change. And just I know that. Particularly doesn't like women. In that room. That's an interesting report because I know there are several facilities. Kind of similar in nature. Rolling Hills asylum as one of them. And there are some others were there seem to be spirits and never particularly particular angst when it comes to women visitors so that's not uncommon. Now none at all whether at all and I have. You know I'm thinking that they remind them of the nurses you know how much your calendars to leave it disrupt their poorly treated or whatever you know. Yeah that's a great point. So the event is August 18 and nineteenth. Indicated tell us a little bit about what happens at these events. Okay hit the little bit different then you know both both are cut what Erica he you know they have the vendors set up that. They have the star as we get to the stars the food actually you get between war and are okay it's you can go out. And you can walk through the bait for our building as long as you want to eat so that and AM. And we have closed sixty vendors right now that we're gonna have in the courtyard. We have. Can send celebrities were doing. Lectures were doing photo tours. Some of the buildings. In the polls are actually handicap accessible now. So that we get you know those people there to enjoy it and now what do we have we have. Air hot air balloon or it's we have. A sideshow performances go to. All day long. Yeah it's can be a great time really Yugoslav media ghost I'd like if you want to experience I don't senate you'd never bet on it just sort of we have 45 minute those aren't you go down it's the biggest debate far or you can go down into the tunnels. And try to get an experience for yourself. So a lot going on you mentioned celebrities and I know there's some pretty interesting and fun and big names that are going to be they're sewing you tick off a few of the people that are going to be. On served for the weekend yet. Sure first we have grant will in coming from a coaster of ups and guys and there we have the godfather himself. That is covering. We also now it's got grew ball. We have about Gypsies coming we. Eric Allman big foot expert. You know just go police shoot. Scream queen it and imposed oracle and spoke without. Any strikes in Delhi. AKA doctor Spector. Who have sort out where blow them wrote about having in her as her new husband actually worker's Villa. And quote Charlie opening producer screenwriter. And we have JD jobs. At the putting putting myself aside. A number of those folks have been on this program so our audiences are very familiar with them. So and I know there's a lot of excitement of watching the chat room right now and there is hearts and in gays and and stuff flooding the chat room some people are pretty excited about it. So tell us what happens this liberties are there and how does that work for people to meet the. Well well we are bigger are gonna have these two Q did in the courtyards. You know where we're gonna have the vendors in the stores there and you can. Walker out for what he blocks steps for the cup come into the territory. And you could stay there from 10 AM. 0:6 PM and walk around you go right up to the table every one of these stars are very you know approachable. And if you're that you take a look them there and there's little charge about you know pop to them they're gonna have all kind of merchandise they're short. And you know it's going to be great content differently he has so many different vendors to buy it but that paranormal. But we have a good mix of vendors where everybody can. Walk around and get that. We'll put themselves. You know I've got to say because I've attended and then and a lot of these events and I've also held some of my own as a promoter. I don't think people really appreciate how accessible the celebrities or it's it's it's as though you you know Bure had a big party with with these folks that's how accessible they are. They you know they don't put up any pretense there's no barriers purse say they like to talk to people and they're prepared to do that. Absolutely absolutely and like it says each and every one of these you politicos are so approachable and and so currently. You know people call me say you know the little fridge can introduced me no problem you know it they just like it's like they're clearly it's like one big. Happy to have colonel failing and it. Yeah I think that's a great way to describe it so it's people who are in precedent going house didn't commit for smoke and they buy tickets in advance. B can name I'm at the door if they don't buy them advance. No actually tickets are only going on sale. Are on sale actually online at www. Adverse terrico on doc that's the only place you get them. They're not selling any at the gate OK we are getting close or Libya on tickets okay I think world. Over thirteen hundred dollar thirteen hundred tickets per day right now though. Yet there's been a lot of people coming and it's going to be huge event huge. That's that's amazing that's a lot of people a lot of paranormal. Curiosity seekers I would say armed. We've when it comes to the did the building in the facilities itself how many times have you had this type of event there. This is actually. What one that I'm actually a ball. The previous owners had three there and you know what we first started this. Who the sport for years ago I think we had fifty people there with a just us out of a walking tour yeah you know and it just. Grew so fast I mean there's so much interest for us this place you know the best part is people walk around. You know it's no really guided tours we do have guided towards it's record isn't all echoing. You can take those by. Yeah if you just sort of go yourself you know just rearrange walk around and take pictures doing what to do the only thing is. You know those buildings that are accessible and about the other dangerous right now and we may have debit opened by the and so we may have an extra building that we're going to be able to walk through. You know I don't know if you've ever been in depth and that's that it actually make huge building you know they were actually cleaning out. Three weeks ago when I was there they were almost finished what it so that'll be up to coach soon. So didn't live to tell me this Tom and I know the answer to it but our audience may not. When we you have events Serb people have events at facilities like this it helps. Preserve these places doesn't. Oh absolutely a lot of money goes back in electric said they they've made so much improvement by the plate. Like the week ago they put emergency lighting and you know exit and they've actually dug out some of the total that we're actually Covert you know what dirt the all the debris is. Inside the building so it's a safe environment now. You know you don't have to worry about you know anything happening theaters. It'll fire doors and all back or it's it's great you know of the the preparation of the billing as great as we actually. Need to keep these buildings would really do. Yeah they're they're not only not only a part of history but you know there's a lot of emotional and especially some these places were so many people suffered almost a monument to those people. I'm we'll hear about a minute left here so once again gives. The folks at the web address and explain the rules for getting tickets does what you basically saying is a got to get in quickly. Yes you do have to give him quickly we do have vending spots open if you wanna get a vendor by the ruler of thirty or fifty dollars for two days. OK if you wanna purchase tickets you go to www. And it hurts Eric dot com and tickets are forty bucks. For one day what do purchased two days but it's 35 dollars to get it. So is a great deal. It's this yellow wanna for all you get it all yet. Hey Bob thanks so much from being with me on short notice I can't wait to be there it's going to be a fantastic weekend a lot of fun educational. Exciting all of that. OK once again it's Pinehurst Kara con dot com check it out. It's beyond reality ready on Jamey Johnson and policy we're gonna take a break here and when we come back we will bring our next guest in no more Slavic we're gonna talk about UFO's with Nomar he's written a book. We're going to be talking about his book infect them and hold up the book right now African reaches. It's called otherworldly encounters. Evidence of UFO sightings and abductions. So we're gonna have a conversation with so I know more about the research that went into the book be investigations the experiences all of that. His right hand and beyond. We're stations carrying. Program around the country we love seeing that list grow into the station near you is carrying the program dropping but dropped the maligned. Saying thank you if they station near you isn't and they should drop the maligned in safe they should. Can lose either way Iraq. Anyway we got a great guests scheduled for tonight we're gonna talk about UFO's with no more Slavic he's an author. UFO Saddam phenomenon but other paranormal phenomenon as well. He's written a couple books including UFO's over Maine and his newest book called otherworldly encounters. Evidence of UFO sightings and abductions and let's welcome no more to the program tomorrow welcome to be unreal to radio great to have you on tonight. OJB Johnson what an honor. Thanks so much for me unveil. Its slick that he pay you to say it that way and then there's tons of no on just a big idiot should for an excellent golf aren't. I'm a big fan of the show us in ghost runners my mother says it ends up. I have been down with beyond reality since porcelain. A house so yeah. Yes Jason in grants started the program on consulate 2004 somewhere in that near Portland and it's for a I don't know if those quit a year and then just the show discuss too busy and obviously Jason when the show went off a size five. A wanted to resurrected and he national back together and here we are and we've got you on the program sort all worked out perfectly didn't. Guess it didn't guess audit your roots and keep that in stations. Yet it's good stuff were really really honored in fact tomorrow. August 1 will be our two year anniversary being syndicated which is pretty exciting. That required really fast and mentally cards were played a round of like periscope and yes you're an all that stuff so crazy. That's right yeah those are incubator anyway we're not here to talk about us we're here to talk about you. And what you're up to you so before we can get into the details of the book don't wanna know more about you tell us first of all how you started to do is open interest in the paranormal life fine. Everybody stories a bit different with a lot of common threads but they're all interesting. You well I think you'll find a common thread here it was like 1980 to 1983 I was 45 years old Ed I had a sighting in fort cat portent is that the tip of you mean like you can literally. Rocked in Canada and you see here it's their apps it by any race it was only winner and sound asleep in bed and out. Apple's funder yup. In a did you hear the tap in a rain hitting windows. And then I saw a flash light I was like all of thunder and lightning storm so I knew about my dead and I was watching swarm. And then after a moment or so I saw this sick. White people see only way to think to describe it like that I remember my head but guitar askew to draw lightning bolt would draw that sick jacket yellow line or or the way your Smartphone. Are charging indicator works. And it would stop. In to a class. Scary when your hands there were like electrical. Arcs coming off a bit and there were the sounds. And it just made no sense is even and I like that age I knew that you can only seems like we were very short amount. Mountain time so I kept watching it and eventually. I guess it drifted back to sleep so. Would it welcome to the more he went to the bathroom and when I was walking back to my bedroom. My windows. Feast of Saint John river. And that's where so polite people and it was still this year. Doctor in the eye out. Yeah so every downstairs got my dad. Into problem upstairs I'm not sure why in just outside but you know brought him upstairs shot and it is gone. And I was trying to explain to home what happened and then and what was seen any kind of just like had my at a yeah yeah yeah you know like little kids you know titles. Little kids you know and put it Tony. That it did not read the night. So after that I was actually pretty scared geeks here it's. That about two weeks we are. I think witnessed the northern lights my folks for my sister and now my sister and I outside and it was gorgeous strange. But those two things talking at a young age that the world is for and mysterious and year skit reach but that was kind of hooked it still scared you know. And then. It doesn't say it's all those things and fascinating at same time yeah yeah yeah I completely agree but so I think is the first time. I saw UFO extol. Remember it as late in bowl so who knows but. It was very very odd. And as time went on as I got older. That that scare this one way that turned and assassinations which are checked out books library each trying to read everything I could you closed at about four walks and checked out all the time and I didn't understand all the time either Stastny but the stories touch and Denny started thinking as it was getting into my late teens early twenties like you I'm not scared or. Other people might be in this guy to talk to them call them up. And stats were like talking to people and interview when people trying to kind of had it. And then just kind of went from there which research and and really getting into. When you had that experience she's say you're like fighters all the that we sent. Elite force like you know and a lot of us don't have these glimpses of things at that age we don't remember a whole lot but the things that we do remember from that major things that are really impact on our allies and assuming. That experiences we don't. Ranks right up there in in that category trio. Absolutely remember like it was yesterday I even talked to my dad about it the you know the other day because I knew I was coming on the show is don't you are. When I was talking about that he's a. Weekly practice and it. When you know as you started to develop this curiosity. Is this something that is that as a child you would you know you know. Look for material or go out and stare at the night sky or. You know or did you just do those things a lot of us did it dad Ager is it something that actually kind of you know fester for awhile and then as you became an adult he became more active in pursuing it. No I would say ice they stared at the sky all time just so fascinated by and the and see seeing the stars and seen every time it just fascinated me and hope that it's something that it's that since. Would like come close to what I saw before in and you know it never happen quite like that I've actually had a ten site in my lifetime. But but nothing that look like that 11. Yeah oh well I mean to have ten in the in the course of lessons pretty spectacular many people who spend spend their whole lives looking for one don't get to see any you see anybody. Because she assessed to be in the right place at the right time now. You know just to kind of compare I remember as a kid I. A camera what year was that skylab do you remember skylab. Reading anything about Schuyler was the first attempt. Bly a NASA and some other organizations I think it was multinational. A to put a orbiting laboratory. And mail it. Rarely take yeah I mean obviously there's a doozy International Space Station now earlier this was the first effort and it was our was orbiting earth first a purity Tom I don't remember I was very very young but it came. Crashing to Bursa some heat. And I are big I remember the night that it was supposed to. Actually. Break fierce atmosphere and come in and burn up in the atmosphere and a friend of mine and I went outside it was a crystal clear night and we are in the middle of nowhere is where we lived. And we just stared at the sky and we didn't see sky left but I tell you we saw so many things. Going through the night sky if you just take the time to look. We're just there you see things. And that's really all it takes what you said I am lucky to have you know despite. These these ten different things but really all it takes just you know put the phone and cup in hand and if you're in a city I know that's tough you know trucks. You know to which hand to try to just look up look up more than most hand to. And I just see a lot of things now I say exceeds annual foes I'm not telling you that I saw ten extra rest crap. I I literally saw on identified not who don't Wear. Right yeah and that's that's the difference a lot of people assume when you see you Russell you're talking about an alien craft but what you're saying here is a something that it didn't look like an airplane didn't look like certain that you could recognize so you just don't know what it was he certainly didn't see aliens waving it through a window right. Right right right I did see a Chinese lantern two Summers ago and that was my first time seeing that the night sky which and it was pretty clear it'd been released in oh Lakeland ten and twenty minutes prior Kazuo was up there are a little ace may be 300 beat and that's a weird thing to see why it was easily identifiable. W Percy oh is that call. Found and I just wanna make another comment about stirring up at the night sky so you know many of us live in metropolitan areas. And we think when we look up at the sky it's dark but in interviews go somewhere where there's no light pollution you really have seen the night sky yet. Yeah we Europe main that's on night sky until. I mean it is spectacular especially couldn't get in on a night where there's not a lot of humidity here. He's here in the and it's it's a rare set of circumstances blue he can do it it is spectacular. So wetness it's got a no no Uga but it's been a tough summer for you know for everybody it's been so humid so it's it's actually been kind of tough now. So at some point along the way you decided you were going to write a book about so people's experiences. Oh now what what triggered that for. Well I I have like you know as we all knew that are into the error normal we all have our own little libraries of paranormal books whether on teens who oppose a SaaS waksal records just push ends. I have a couple of books that mentions stories of view of those many but there was nothing dedicated to there's probably fifty your hundred books about ghosts in mean there's nothing dedicated to your foes and I decided. Like. 89 years ago that I was gonna write that book I didn't know what Alan was doing but I started right and and then somebody was dumb enough to put it out so. Critical. As you're gathering information for the book and of course Renault we're talking about other worldly action encounters have an answer UFO sightings and reductions had you collect the stories. Of so many different ways the first looked kind. You know got my name out there are hands. I started out front in a lot of people feel old hands. Started burning a lot of people cease balked and interacting with people on line. And so for the second book. A lot of people actually reached out to meet directly to any one it's August or so that's wanna tell a story I also linked up with a move on I. I am friends with yes state director meet her name is pat Schultz and so I actually contacted her about it east that I saw on the Haiti one television show that history ahead on Furl it yeah it and it was in my case I was actually upset. At first my first thought that was mad at myself for not knowing the story you like across and search. Ends. So I knew was most Monty sort contacted the state director and it turned out to be Valerie she told me about the keys turns out she was one that investigated that she ends and then it kind of went from mayor she shared some stories are at ends again I got people send me messages on these book ends I interviewed are. A lot of people about stories that they had and set they had inch and us it would just spoke a lot of that kind of saying to me and it's. That I could compare to my first thought it was a complete hell out east simply thinks it's. When you wrote the first book you fools over your name was it that was at a similar type book we were you sharing experiences and others and had. Yet yeah absolutely and there are a few more well known pieces in the book you know out cash auctions where you felt about that feature mr. expect today which I. Am but. Yeah and it's in my opinion it's like a starter edition in other might be. Twenty stories and at something like that and some of them are shortened you know. But there's been so many pieces through much research over the past ten year from both books are promptly went over about 800 pieces from me from Maine along you know. And it expanded our crop circles Menem lacked. You'll foes and abductions you know it it's just runs the GM and. Our number two pick up on that when we get back from break we're talking with Nomar Slavic he's the author of the book called otherworldly encounters evidence of UFO sightings. And abductions we will be opening up our phone lines. Little bit later the numbers 8446877669. TI. Arson evidence of UFO sightings and abduction he's also got a book out called UFO's over main. He's a researcher and a paranormal investigator. And oh this is a particularly short segments and this might be good time to bring this up but Nomar you're also a musician. Tell us what kind of musician that. Well. I gave me a I'm a producer and me. Hip hop music ends I'm also a rapper and whenever. About Tony five years by my passion for the paranormal team first is and the music. Have second thoughts I've been on a record label out of Portland Maine for years how legal it records shut out in ski. Yeah I and as of late because I've been so busy. Interviewing people writing and thinks like that that the music. It. I was releasing stuff to a year wants two years but now I would have been doing is releasing a copying copying meant pieces. With the books on first came out at a CD and the spot came out and I have set actually that going to be now the summer as cannon just like a companion piece. I hope you don't think this is an insult was really no meant to be but did anybody ever tell you you resemble Sal from a practical jokers. Or is it OK actually yeah on the on the when things so I'm just look at it your picture on our. And are you two feet and that's that's the first to get caved in my. So when it cuts in the book otherworldly encounters. Is it just UFO stories and there's other stuff in there as well. Now there's some other stuff to me and there's such there's a story about a mosque in tight encounter that happens and mean and steers a story about. Out talk men that happens. So it really cobbers. A lot of different different aspects along with a story of reduction. The storm and also talks about paranormal experiences. Site is all afterwards you know also some concurrent things non interest. Billiton trustees say that too because that seems to be more more common where do these intersections. Various current normal disciplines kind of they come together and there is you know concurrent. Or sequential experience yet whether or ghosting UFO big footed you know these things can happen. Either together one right after the other and it's pretty generous saying it's it's I think it's a field of study and so we've got about a minute here before we have to go to break. And when we come back on the other side of the break we're gonna not only take phone calls were gonna Newsom the. Yet they can get the book wherever books are sold meaning Amazon Barnes & Noble street from my publisher which is what went worldwide publishing there's also are really cool wet cycle in deep down. Or in deep down and dot org and error search engine for mom and pops worst which is really cold or to give support to examine business. Yeah I know that's that's a great point as well in fact today I think it's today. Or maybe it's this month maybe it's the month I don't know I just read something where his national support your local retailer day or something like that actually. It's a very very worthy cause because we're losing their mom and pop store shops and every industry not just we just booksellers but everyone's so it's it's very very important. Other generally our neighbors and nod their kids go to school their kids and all those things and it's really important support them so that's great that that's available. All right we're take a break when we come back to fall mines will be open will continue our conversation with no more Slavic. About his book otherworldly encounters evidence of UFO sightings and abduction don't forget tomorrow night is a best of program I will be on the road. And so will have a great interview Oliver past interviews airing tomorrow night and then Wednesday night will be back with JR Freeman. EZ US air force veteran plus he's an author he has spent eighteen years. In the air force and had two near death experiences in which he actually experienced the afterlife he wrote five books series about those experiences called to the the other world and beyond. And he describes. His journey in those books also talked to us about them. Not just the experiences but what it has taught him how to apply those lessons to his life. They'll share that always this. On now when tonight's program and then of course Thursday night readings with the Beckham would love that it's beyond reality radio don't go away we have so much more. That hurt us on Wednesday night tomorrow night we'll have a best of program for you as I will be on the road. And wins and it will both be back here with JR Freeman he has a US air force veteran and an author during his years in the air force he had to. Near death experiences. In which he experienced the afterlife. He wrote of five series. Book five book series about those experiences called the other world and bring him beyond any describes is journeys. In the other world in those books and help share the move us as well he says he's he's learned to apply those lessons to his life. And who teaches some of those things on Wednesday night's program. Thursday it's the first Thursday. Of August so the first Thursday of the month is readings with Rebecca psychic medium Rebecca Foster will be here. She'll be taking your phone calls and giving you readings. Now we always have a great time with this we get a ton of phone calls and we do this. So pay attention to. What's going on because when I say call. On Thursday night you get a certain dialing and you gotta keep dialing NT get through because of phone mines Philip very very quickly so what are we gonna do two hours from that. You still working on that okay. Maybe the whole two hours 'cause last time we did about an hour and twenty and we had a second guest on the program and we had to leave a lot of people hanging. On the lines as we just couldn't get to everybody so we may go full two hours with that we'll see how that works out. We've got a great show tonight for you as well we're talking about UFOs and the phone lines are open by the way if you wanna share your story is slick said. Yeah okay we are going to hours. So it who are phone lines are open if you wanna share Yuri UFO stories or ask questions either way it's 844. 6877669. Is our phone number and our guest tonight is no bar Slavic key is Eric sees me Nomar Slavic he's a a UFO author researcher investigator he's written a couple books about UFO's including your foes over Maine and otherworldly encounters is is. Most recent book it's evidence of UFOs sightings and abductions pluses other stories in there and again you know mark thanks for being here. Let's talk about some of the stories that you shared when. No first of all are they all stories from Maynor the northeaster how what's the geography. Yeah it's all Maine actually in this. Is there something unique about mean that term makes is so active as it because it's so quiet in May be on populated areas or what is it. You know that's. Really good point when I was actually talking to one witnesses. She described or she talked about. Their they're there are much less distractions that maybe we're just more unintentionally. Air so it's kind of an interesting thing to think about but also mean and it has long history of teens and sex stories and other scripted you know what the over email and others she'd been some talk in sightings actually talked to a dog and witness about a month ago and then of course sponsored lecturer terrestrial caller's you know so it's just passes on history but. Knows why I am not shore of traffic. There's not some mysterious fault Weiner or some kind of dimensional portal what you're aware of it's just it just happened to be an active place. Well there there may be import all right about that never wanted to storybook loss. Yeah but most of the state is made of granite so it's pretty yeah. Who knows who let's talk about some of the stories when you started putting stories together for the book. Newman did you seek a did you initially put out a call if you will for a very UFO stories or did you. Look in the media reports and and try to find the ones that interest should use the most. Yet that's where initially start it looked in to media reports moves on or things like that and then. I start talking about it based page that's started to get some stories also some of these stories in the media it's or some stores on upon trying to find out more info trying to get witness Siemens some of that was six shots and then those were the people I was able to meet where he had to their story in person and ends sometimes able to actually. Go on site and conduct a little bass each now. That's got to be the most rewarding when you can actually visit the location and I don't know conceit you see there is the the environment first and get a sense for what the witness saw. As the time. You probably can't do that with everyone but I imagine that makes the experience a little more rich. Oh it's it's utterly fascinating when when I mean. So let's talk about a couple of stories share one with a senator worry starter what you wanted to do was what person you most her but however you wanna start. Well forcible one of my favorites. I just scripted it's ever it's the off. And I wish I just keep it a shot in the Dark Knight Google off and then me. Maybe there's something out there and I kept coming across this hotline. Man cease. Off man like creature in me and that's what you find I could never tried story. No matter where surged. Changed it up. Nothing so actually reached out to a fellow author and researcher for some assistance names that shells yeah I can't she was actually able tracked and so actually just look the guy FaceBook after numerous attempts with people the same name so we'll all but I finally found and he was going to talk about his intent. And I thought that was amazing he does refer like actually like. Halfway through talking to swim when. Happened over the course like a couple of weeks and once he saw that I like this was serious and that really was investigating and was going to write about this he became a bit apprehensive and wanted to you remain anonymous so the name in the book is pseudonym which it does say that. Student but a call Robert Osbourne and this happened in 2001. Almost 35 years to the month of the original insight some kind of less secured a sick and their. Cash ends he was walking home early one. Walking down Washington street torts is a Washington street is great and the downtown. Center of Camden Maine which is a beautiful ball out. Bring it out of the Steven king book and see and so he's walking and it begins hearing this chirpy squeak team like sound a cab. Like a mouse really out so he was looking down Siebert was the key to step on stage and while he was looking down he saw the shadow. Local body. It clearly the shadow was something. Loved him so he looks up any sees this large. I've humanoid looking creature with a mass we expand flying off him and it was making that sat down. He said the body was like fourth and a half feet on lynch and and that wings were trends. And he's in he said it flew breed up over the apartment building that he lived in has it that city get a good measurement of the wings. And that it speeds from one side the use of our hands. That was about twenty fight she likes me that's what that's linked to put small plane you know what it's huge so it dental off into like a marshy area behind his shall any talk to friends and family about it and it's. It's not like he didn't really believe him it's more what they thought he was just mist I data fights that you don't like a Turkey vulture or seen until cream and both of those are actually it found in the area so. For whatever that's worth but then he started happened ES. He said that he would find himself seemed spot. And he would look up and instead of CNET creature you would actually see. Really large like as big as the house UFO. And as soon as he would see it would like life. Take cash and so when I talk to him about it. I was just kind you know it's what investigators to peak and it was just ask him what Joseph is that. Injury or do you think that might be more remember. The heat. Like yeah right I would say confided in me is civic talked about it but he admitted it. That Hubert likely to be trained but he does feel like it was a social that was really fascinating as well you know. Was that. Who I just won a wanted to have for sold the moth man story and experiences related to mark Spence at some Point Pleasant West Virginia. One of my favorites. Missed Luis we have spent quite a bit of time on this program talking to people. Who have written in and treated documentaries about about the more an instance some very fast and about this has anybody else did it was at the only. Person in Maine. That you were able to find that had that experience or have you have you sense now that you're talking about it. And now you've written about it has anybody else come forward saying yeah I too saw something like that. No one has actually come forward about it but I was that a paranormal conference and this was probably eight months ago something like that ends. There were. Burst like other people were telling me each that hate this other guy says she saw until Michael which raised and that's embryos come out you don't need to know and any idea I heard that this other guy saw fan in me too and if we couldn't just connect on it it was really weird and trying to find out who was so that's been actually a little bit frustrating. But as far as I know this is the only camera that's been talked about at least publicly is he actually a disclaimer out himself into the -- -- into the world of the Internet he did a post about its. And -- Toledo it's a dose while G dot net her arm and push a pretty good they're now that actually points faced each cookie you that'll. That's not mourn Coleman's. Site is that it is not known he's yet. That's terrible I can remember which is what psychiatric help but. I don't. I don't memory there was item on the program and a number of times and no yes something like that. I'm so so these a so that was single that the one witness that you were able to talk to who experienced the moss men's side and what did anything I mean obviously one of the things that makes. No Point Pleasant moss man. Events so intriguing is that it seemed to end with a tragedy the collapse of the silver bridge. It's an in the citing stopped. Any thing that you found in media reports that that happened around the time that this gentleman saw what he thought was a marked man my creature. Well that's really interesting that. You bring that up you know one months. On. For his site was actually the September 11 attacks who Sosa was a very tumultuous time. On loan you know you know if there. But it's than that though you know nothing. Related although you know that that could be. I can you know. Centers into the dossier rate remain yeah yeah you have a right price Melissa we with two quick break here when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Nomar Slavic. The numbers 8446877669. If you like to. Join the program. Action. It's. Parts of the country in no way a soft drink is known as a soda. In other parts of the country it's known as a pop. I happen to think so it is there more appropriate way what do you think. Nomar has a soda pop for you definitely soda and Ed Ed let's see and in the word you know when you when you make a film about a a non fictional topic. It's called when I say is a documentarian. What are you said. Document their Internet so it's Terry at the end is Darryl saying this document tree documentary I just don't buy it but. Welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio RGB Johnson we're talking with Nomar slept accusing UFO author. Any researcher and investigator. We are chuck the moth man before the break we've only got a couple minutes in this break on any bigfoot sightings that you were able to report under that tipper cryptic. There's definitely tons a big for reports but Lauren Coleman and Michelle also Axel yeah they're actually were compatible read our about a foot in Maine so anything that came across that sported that. Nice CEO there that are. The kind of top of the heap when it comes to people keeping an eye and that stuff. You know Lawrence been on the program a bunch times let's great. With the with the UFO sightings. How far back did you go. I went to quite aways I found a couple of reports from eighteen O six and eighteen OE and that was heiress is. How Torbor 186 need to know heat. Yeah yet there's this gentleman named reverend Abraham. Am a means that he really might be the United States like Hearst paranormal investigator he wrote a book. That came out in the mid eighteen hundreds and it's gut literally like a fifteen were tight. Ends. Key key at this point in time Chrysler write about it he was investigating. About this Scopes that people's on the town sultan. And her name was elderly Butler and like most people in town I saw. Her so one night Abraham's like just around town in two guys team at all except that the Sox didn't really we're in a nearby field in light hovering over the field or my flexor off a much I was see your Falls Church so I keep reading you know months and tests Cummings went to check it out. He actually saw with the mend it but it was actually. Landed in the field that she described it as a quote unquote won it. And then they send it while he was watching. And that while it was in the air he actually observed small. Entity come out of it float down. It's crazy she and that east yeah and that he spoke telepathically to it ends actually assumed well according to Israeli anyways he assumed that it was Nellie. Where he was confused on why it was so small so as he had that thought it she shifted to a larger size in a pure female and I can't red flags going off. While this you know alien and it's they talked briefly and then without each found himself inside his home. Without knowing how we are so he went back out. Outside and they you know rocks and entity or cash in my opinion you don't a lot of abduction scenarios and with witnesses in export duty inexplicably being some results you know after their abduction and in my opinion that sounds very much do you follow auction takes area. Well I mean the two that come to mind that are the most obvious or Travis warms story from terror in the sky and he did you know wake up after we quarter right remember the details and he was zero to know how we got where he was. And Ned that he Barney hill saying thank you capsule so little when you go back to something like ET no 63 Q Norah are you know early nineteenth century anyway. I mean they're viewing the world was completely different than ours so. Could it could even process this drivel about we only have about thirty seconds or less than segment. I really don't think so he kept Jews in the works Specter and I hit it I just think that's the only word she mute with sushi. Just like you don't heartless that you see this is whatever they saw. What the true you know once of them to look like. Other things you know and I just don't think they had. Where would fall Laurie you know to describe it as something not seen. Yeah okay when we're gonna continue our conversation with Nomar Slavic when we come back after the break the numbers are 844. 687766. The it's. An actress her back here JR Freeman talking to him. About his experiences he was an eighteen year air force veteran he had two near death experiences during that time. In which she experienced the afterlife. He wrote five books series about those experiences called the other world and beyond he describes them in detail he'll talk to us about them and talked to us about. What lessons he learned. In the other world on the other side that he applies to his life now and then Thursday of course it's readings with Rebecca. Rebecca Foster psychic meeting medium. Be taking your calls in giving readings on the air it's a great time Il wanna start calling at the beginning of the program. Because the foam mines Philip very very quickly. Tonight we're talking with no more Slavic he's the author of the book called other worldly encounters. Evidence of UFO sightings and abductions the book includes more than just UFO stories but let's talk about a couple of the UFO stories. No more what sound you know I visit them he said you went through nearly I think 800 sightings or something or some reports during the course yeah research for the book. Obviously the ones that made the cut there are certain qualities to those stories what was it that you used to kind of you know filter the ones that you would use verses the ones that you wouldn't. If I could speak to the witnesses in person and adults that they were very genuine. In and what were telling me that there's a believability each say don't always you don't believe everything you in nine times out of ten I believe that they believe it and then there's a few were like oh you bet you folks periods but that that played a week or. So and. If you do it when you got to speak to them and you could actually you can and Jane engage the sincerity in her voice of the rise or whatever happens to be. That was a big part of a four of what you use stood to decide whether to include the stories is that because. You felt as though you. I mean obviously when you're bringing me stories to people through the course of a book you want those stories to be as legitimate as possible but. Am I know we really don't have a way to gauge how legitimate some of these stories are you know. No you just you know take all the pieces put him to gather. I mean it's all always going to be circumstantial or conjecture fuel whatever. But what those polls pieces of the puzzle together against. I do what you don't leave it to the reader to decide but if I'm including it in the book it's because spoke to me in some way with all those pieces come together. When many of the stories. They came to you for possible inclusion anybody come deal with a video or photos or audio recorder or something also supported their claim. Yes absolutely there's actually hold chapter dedicated to you. Videos to actually look up on YouTube. Leases. And some people at some some interesting. Soto is you know they really could be anything like we're talking about or are certainly UFO's but who knows that they were actually you know crap you know yet there's some great photos and seduction in the book where I'm not allow note it is. It's it's yeah witness that wasn't to their photo for whatever reason that I point them to where they can potentially find it on so. That that's theirs well. I know you said over the course of your life you've had ten or so experiences are sightings UFO sightings. And weeks we've different should be differentiated between UFO vs alien craft are any of your ten. A citing that you could very very confidently say it was an alien craft. Not confidently but two out of the ten. A lot more year than than I could try to that a conventional. You know that first one with the lightning bolt and then in 2007. I believe. I had a site and made actually came all they are big skeptic all things are they came home kind of out of breath and like their elders stood outside and it's hovering over the house street are just. You know it's like 6 o'clock at nights in its I go outside and sure enough there are these two red lights with the white late in the at all and it's for a hundred eat all the house that's crossed the street. And I'm watching it for a little bit and at that time just have to Nokia phones so I tried snapping a picture but it's just like this Bradstreet. Back. Backgrounds that and anyway H but as a watchman after just like a minute or so it I sensed I actually there rehearsal maybe another fifty yard catch and then it's it's there again for maybe 1015 seconds and then it starts ticking off a horizontal. And itself following the roadway so get my card I start a well immediately. Lose sight of so now Matt excel super teach my eyes off it but I know that about a mile road theirs it did feel and view of the sky so I pull it to a drive that was the air and that we. Eat and never. So I don't know what to make it did but it was weird inch you know 2007. I drones. Oh ports available you know just asked you know broad mass were seen like they are now there is a naval station nearby but it certainly was out site. You know period during the years. One of the things I think people don't appreciate because we frequently get well geez you know why does any or anybody have any good pictures. I'm and then they don't then they go on to say everybody's got us phone now that takes pictures well I don't know if anybody's taken their phone entry and I did the other night. And try to take a picture of you know the minute we had Morris were very close to full moon. And when you try to take a picture of that would yourself on it does not amount anything like what you see her eyes. And those phones don't have the ability not a great cameras but they're they're designed to take pics with pictures of people's faces in. Things like that they don't have the filters in the things you need to take good pictures of anything up in the night sky is just not that easy. I agree it doesn't have the land capacity better really needs and you know the depth of field that you need and can it read. Certain. Variants of why he thinks like that they're just on a dance enough for a. So let's turn the topic of conversation from the encounters in the sightings that you included in the book and I'm gonna get some of your opinion on what's going on here because. You know as you said we've got a lot of years of people reporting seeing things in the sky we'll call them UFO as we don't know what they are. But what do you think they are the ones that you know art something conventional. Aren't they are. Well. I think this goes back to putting the pieces of the puzzle together. And when you have a phenomenon. That boasts probably like a billion witnesses. Not every piece is missing data to teach not everything is helicopter playing. On and on and there's got to be something to push and personally. Do you believe that there is life besides us in the universe and I hold we think it's possible. That whatever they are. And when you take that leap when you say there is life in the universe beyond just us and they're coming here. We have to start asking the questions what kind of technology could they possibly have given the distances that are so great. I can't even imagine you know those were old technology. You know depending space and time is this all just. A parallel universe is and it's really easy to go back and forth kinda liked our teens and how back can be a theory teams as well where were just seen a lead through if you will is that Thai travel you know it it. Possibilities and us. There are a lot of possibilities so. If we assume they are coming here. The next questioner for use which your thoughts on one and they're coming here. Boy I I think some might be malevolent nature you know we kind of goes back to that contact team burst at T. Movements you know the differences between them the contact ease our. Are you don't experience series Joaquin and passionate. Abduction scenarios and and they're here to help. Worlds and that a thirst. You know maybe not so much maybe maybe what happened with Betty or ill four or street or were you know scenarios like that so it's really hard to tell what they want but for some reason. Something is happening on earth that is caught their retention. I think there's a lot of observation. But again this is all speculation elects her or anything these are just you know personal thoughts. Well I like I like hearing your personal thoughts given to the number of people you've spoken to a FedEx or had experiences that's how we put some disposals together. So if they're coming here and closely there nod to making their presence obvious. They are whether there'd been there and doing that intentionally or not I'm not sure but but they're not landing on the white proverbial White House lawn. It right yet but I think if he talks on people and they're making themselves very obvious Gary you know you know look at the Phoenix lights and that incident that boasts thousands. This is and that you know mass sightings and a concept that start out it's you know soul. You know somebody on the other side act like me now only the it is pretty obvious he. Some people believe that. Governments including the United States government not only a fully aware of their presence but actually. A colluding with them. Some with some technology swapping. We've sort some assistance in one way or another maybe even with some subservient. Intentions. Do you think that's happening. Again I can't say I'm a percent but I do think there's something to I don't know if it's that conspiracy theorist inside of me but since 1947 army since Kevin Arnold's. Stuff that he saw even before Roswell. Park Jennifer search before Ross well. It's genes that are technology has grown exponentially. And it doesn't seem by happens you know. Yeah. And visited there is that there does seem to be some method to it. This is a question of what is that method. So what he thinks next do you think. You know we knew we get some disclosure along the way here I know these these are all the questions and all you can do is speculate but nobody yet only answers so we all speculate. Oh but I do have a thought so it's theory it's OK okay hence. I don't even know how row which are actually believe that I certainly think it's possible. So disclosure I. I don't know Trevor gonna get disclosure the way we disclosure which is just as you don't got to now be like yo the real. That's not even happy with what's going on with the Pentagon stuff be at least you know. People our people in currently in the govern our or staying away from and its people that what you really com you know so it's solid grabbed disclosure out by. Sheer ease is -- and such as mine like this is. Are pretty beat. It is that their EP some sort of staged. Alien invasion. It's going to happen at some. And and you can kind of tree step backwards EB. Vietnam and and you a chance to Lebanon and in all these. Things that happened that have had caused these big changes in the world watched changed the way relive our lives to change in and the next thing. Could be the stage doing these were saying this is. An actual action structure and patient that's happening but it is our own government or the world's governments coming to each other war or some sort of shadow government. Come together and and you know is that going to be waiting two to. It's all in interment camps or is it a way to maybe progress together and the way I think about it is I hope exhumed and you know if that is the thing that's gonna happen but that's really theory that I like to think tobacco and exception it's kind of scary it's kind of fascinating. That's a kind of been on my mind. You know last year shows and stuff. We'll have a couple minutes left. You are a member of apparel from a group called prime paranormal which stands for parent paranormal research in mean. You do assuming you do some go sending in that kind of thing to. Yeah yeah we're actually on hiatus now you know other babies were Warren and sorrow illness and then books and so we've been on hiatus for a little while now but yet we travel around the state we did a ton of investigations cut some really pretty classy EV PEs are a couple things our camera we had some pretty easy personal experiences. And ash and that I absolutely. Really enjoy that process. I yeah maybe a one a few but it really enjoyed the evidence review as well as when you get that you know even if it's just one DP after eight hours listening to white noise. Boy it just that you go and it's it's better than any Red Bull or anything you know. It's just of these. Well it's I have to share a quick experience but as a relates to EVP. I was at Rolling Hills sanitary am I doing an investigation. Few years back with a friend. And we are sitting in a dark room buyer sells. Didn't EVP session and after the fact we listened to the recording and the most incredible EVP showed up. We could and we were there on the ones in the room we knew we're alone and it was one of those things that does show and send shivers down your spine it is it is it is an unbelievable experience when you capture one of. It's absolutely ups and what's not what's next for you you're you're sure you're not to retire at this point you go to work and it's what's next. Yeah idea of always working on something new righty wise. A lot of stories about two. Each you know like either alien being scripted to just kind of pulling stuff together and getting my thoughts together on that on outside my home podcast. It's called I what to believe I host body titles here and we talk about fun stuff like team in past of course you suppose a lot more answer it's just about it goes be released everything it -- Like Netflix style. So record all the episodes and and that we're really small one season one is out now season two begins a record in the fall and it'll come out winner Argentina and it's available on iTunes in number were just search for I want to push and so I also wrote produced a documentary. On the old rock. Bill Brock directed at and it's called a conducted when lynch in a covers to reach peace. Of potential auction and that'll be outs are fairly soon actually and summer yet. He speaks which is nick Crawford and the seats channel also be available on T and actually just started production on to. That covers current east which current X trust real activity durst footage and pictures and it's in the story of couples from southern me and to its wild. I'm hoping to have that available by this spring. But sounds like you're busy and I appreciate you taking the time to be on the program or listening and sharing stories and to all all the conversation we had been a great night. I really appreciate it benefited but he just wants to reach out say higher share Ers or whatever to set up on FaceBook she spoke dot com slash. No Marshall a big Alter it and go back to you right away. All right so the next time he has something that you release in a combat on the program can continue the conversation. I appreciate it may be chase shall. It will try to make a joke this next and kinds have a great night takes a much Nomar is great avenue on the show. Due to Jamie take care are we're gonna take a break we'll come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality river. Best of program one of our great interviews from. The past not sure exactly which one it's going to be but I know it's gonna be good to be on tomorrow night and then. Lewd act when tonight with JR Freeman Jason and I will be and then Thursday night it's readings with Rebecca Foster. That's going to be busy once or be prepared for that thanks again for being here I'm Jamie Johnson have a great night and we'll catch you next time man. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria toxins they. It's in the week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason both smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.