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Bill Birnes discusses UFOs, Edison v Tesla and more

Jul 11, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Bill Birnes about UFOs, Roswell, and the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. 7/11/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just they'll ask those wins the East Coast many are stuck somewhere between what going to be on morality revue with myself Jason laws in the results and G. Each so last night we said that there were some schedule flip flopping going on for tonight's program and I think we won't we won the the roll of the dice here we want you've got the I don't know we book how to put it but we really really scored big here we have bill Byrne's comments bill. Earns in them many of you might remember mainly does show UFO hunters which I came on site try for a short period of time Mara. Mr. but it was speed and pretty much from the same company. And to go senators and and bills to season green you focus. It's been in the fuel for a long time alone he covers so many different things as well I know he was writing a book on. Anderson vs Tesla and and their last invention and just so much more so I'm I'm looking for business. Yeah it's going to be a great conversation. I'm excited about this will certainly take your phone calls later. In the show so make sure you get ready to call with your questions or comments. But don't do it. If you're driving. And you don't have like a Bluetooth connection now I know. Yeah and you do loans you know use your Bluetooth connection for phone calls in the car. I do the same thing and it's a good thing because nor faults Virginia is the first one of the first communities. To test new technology which puts cellphone usage detectors. In two street signs. OK but if cellphone usage usage detectors but this year army using. In your Bluetooth they would still show that it's being worked I mean how do they know that it's you unite using her here this is. This is what the technology part is all about wildly but aren't necessarily. Interested at this point in phone calls they are definitely interest in texting. And texting occurs in short quick verse of data and these devices in the street signs can deterred. Tell the difference between the short bursts of data which would be considered text. Vs. You know a telephone telephone conversation which is a long stream continuous stream of. Audio back and more often. So but then again later site at the same steering wheel like you just hit the button and say yeah I don't know. The other thing is certain burnout against my wife Susan. Then and then it goes from there so I normal. It will be interesting to see this and experiment right now and they're not writing tickets based on this what they're doing. Is they are this is a lighting sign that he'll slash a to warn you to get off your cell phone. If you drive by this is staying with the you're you know whatever picks up and you're doing what you're not supposed to be doing so little sign. Flashes. And I think that's huge because I'll tell him and is there are some really really. I first thought people shouldn't be texting and driving it in time. And the and the worst part is some fantasy officers doing it all the time here well we tell we have we have a good common friend whose state trooper in New York State. And used to tell us that you know the cell phone law doesn't apply to the police officers yet one they say because they're using their phone for official business. We feel that slow and I'm not an answer and different there's probably listening so I don't pulls over and given a ticket but we greatly respected his what do but now on a serious doubt it it's it is tough I mean. Is cheese and you get all the crazy people out here altered don't and it's just crime is how many times even drive a longer gonna highway Nelson UC car veer into that you know the left shoulder of the racial whatever you you know what's going on in the car at a B or you drive by a car. It's going specifically. Slower than the speed limit new look and sure enough there's something going I see you like reading on an iPad you know did you drive by enemy has some SF is a. Successes and defeats timing the other either faced or are you kidding me you're facetime. And it's just it's an act on the Oscars and in you can only gonna get crazy but you've seen that plant around. It was liner on mile and he's certain kinds. You know. I'm anyway will bode you know anybody who who gets a thought of answering attacks or texting or whatever on the phone 100 just don't do it just don't do we didn't have to do before texting we don't have to do it now voice to text voice to these tax and is only trying to type at all known. Everything else you know sometimes for secession really does not work no you get some real what I write what I say things to Steve like be there in a sect. That and it totally changes late and be there for sex and it just say it's not a good thing so you know the Japanese and I don't mean tasty so I'm waiting is that kids are being you know Steve that's a sense of humor but and it was behind me yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under really reviewed com. He tried all the great stations we have here across the country analysts costly being updated. You can also listen Wright Phillips at a quick analysts and libel and enduring corner. Or download the free iPhone and android app which allows illicit life test past shows join him in check and moral ago. Com and again now for the texting back and colleges used to say. But yeah and if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and just read it for us because it makes it easier for people find investments Obama. Yeah and tonight we're gonna talk with bill burns as we said earlier about UFO's plus for a Tucker and his book that discusses the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. And one of the last things that both of them working again on toward the end of the lines which is a spiritual way to communicate with the dead. In a phone phones are dead. Speaking in a weird things. Did you care about the announcement came out and Indonesia and you probably didn't so. There was this announcement Indonesia about a woman who was washed out to see almost eighteen months ago. And now he's that you haven't heard that so iris Sochi was found a life on the same beach wearing the same clothes that she had a much despair. Really the eighteen months eighteen months multiple Indonesian media recent sources report that denying that some Irish. Who is 52 and vacationing at at the beach in West Java on January 8 2017. Where are huge it was she was hit by huge wave pitchers carried out to seek professional search and rescue teams search for her for weeks and found nothing. Or rescue operations were eventually called off moments pronounced dead by the authorities. So fast forward now to June 2018. An older man and a relative of the family claimed to be having these recurring dreams where. The woman told him she was alive and directed and the beach near where she disappeared. And so Gruber relatives accompanied him to the beach where after searching for hours the founder 4 AM. On July 1 500 meters from where she disappeared. She was unconscious. Covered and CN and wearing the same clothes. She reportedly had on eighteen months ago Florida floral yellow dress and black pants. I have so many questions. And he noticed a while and then so's she was taken to a local hospital where Aaron reports saying she's conscious are recovering but still on fluids and not talking about where she's been last year. I mis use obviously you can't float in the ocean for a year now that's not possible no. So you know what was so what it was and an alien abduction is that whole split ends and an honor. That's a big question Jim ma am not going to show it to be alien abduction part but. It makes you wonder if there's some sort of hoax going on with this or written depending it was a family member who went one of the failing numbers involved so. It wrenching to see what comes out yeah I love to hear when mr. than Denny's is disappearing for eighteen months. And reappearing in the I don't know this isn't as some strange stuff. Wanna hear the story wanna know what happened in a hurry tomorrow night by the way we've got the dragon lady joining us this is a a person who. Claims to be and I guess rightfully so. The first. And only half human half reptilian wrapped toys and this is all been done through body modification. And yeah it's definitely will be interest and in the second hour we've got tolley Bergkamp author and founder of the fire walking movement. Will be discussing overcoming challenges along with fought in the far walking movement such interest yes great stuff to monitor are so we're gonna take a break a lot more to come we're gonna get our guest bill burns on. You listen and Jason TV be on a daily radio will be back after this. GPS decimate it's the so a very very special my very special tree. We're excited about this. Predicament a whole bunch of things bill tonight including his work as a you've followed just. Plus some of the other works and work he's done including a book he's written about you foes in the White House. And then something that comes up on this program one isn't Nikola Tesla. His work but also Thomas Edison and the two of them as most people understand and realize and recognize had quite a rivalry. Both of them were very very mysterious people and it turns out both of them working in a phone or some type of device to communicate with the afterlife. Communication device for the other side and a so really it's and some people out there even today and think that they've been able to retreat. What they were working on our tickets to the exact. Specs but only hit people are trying. So it really interest priceless bring up bill under the program hey bill welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on tonight with us. Hey thanks guys sense in wearing make. Alex come on bill. So let's start with the getting a little bit of so the background about you how did you get into all this crazy business. I was originally. When I graduate leave college professor and home. I was working for me. Book producer in Princeton new treaty. And as is our relationship I would Kissinger sliding proposals both proposals for. Organizations. That this book producer. It was working with so there was questions say debt there was we were trying to do both with the asthma and allergy association. Professionals association of physicians. And let this company would ask me to do is they would say look could you please bright a proposal. For a book. That would be published by publisher but it would be endorsed by this organization. Okay so. That's how it began and then gradually. Has that worked there and it worked there in my off hours so it wasn't teaching classes site. Learned from Trenton that would teach hatred and they can't get one over from threatened to Princeton to 25 minutes. Worked there in the afternoon it's worked or sometimes early in the morning or weekends. And ultimately. The company asked me to represent some of those proposals in person. Too few organizations that was writing Oklahoma I was writing them. And ultimately to publishers. And finally I began to represent that. Company. As they're literary agent and that's how I got into representing the literary rights different organizations. And companies. And when we went out to California. A McGraw-Hill. Had to ask me to put together a team. To. Created encyclopedia. Of computer programming for personal computers there was all the way back in the early 1980s. Which I did. And it up late in. It was so time consuming and it was really a full time job you're running back and forth to New York from New Jersey on a very daily basis. You really weren't available to teach classes sore left threatened state college. And so out of my own time editorial company and that became the book. Publishing company treats we got into true crime publishing. A few years later that brought me out to California with said the Stephen cattle company. And from clear that one of the companies that was working with the California. While he was doing all wired to a movie. On POWs. And American military personnel left behind. After the Vietnam War after the Korean War. And if the World War II. And in researching and putting together material for that motion picture. IE. This company solicited manuscripts of a couple of organizations look before we do the movie when you're trying to edit these manuscript into a single book. Which I was doing when along came. All the hard lieutenant. Colonel in the army so of course so who would the person who hadn't negotiated. The Prisoner of War swapped. With North Korea for the Eisenhower. White House all the way back in 1953. So we began talking to court so bad that particular story. And suddenly Corso pops up until all this happened. All right before our. I went to the White House I I I went to army or in DN investigated in your question Roswell. And certainly there was silence. In the room and Corso told us the story. All how. His commanding officer at army or indeed this person general lieutenant general ought to true adult who's a Korean War hero. Had secretive style of debris that he's found it located written in the bottom of the Pentagon. If you located this researched it realized where it came from research to Roswell crash in nineteen. 47 this is now 1961. He researched a gradual quest from 1947. And and suddenly realized. That the army had in its possession. Crash debris from the flying saucer. That crash debris containing technology. That is brought to fruition. In the United States by American defense contractors. Would that would. Be a great technological leap for the United States. So true that no general true no Alton. New course though from the 1950s and he was up Eisenhower's. Military staff. And said look you finish your tour in the seventh or me as the inspector general I want you to comment or the R&D at the Pentagon before you retire. Could they have a big job for you and the big job record so was sticking all of that Russell debris. That was at the Pentagon file cabinet. And secret and yet. Filtering it. Two American companies. So they can put their. Develop these things just finished. Piece of technology like the transistor like yeah integrated circuits like sample lore like lasers. And particle beam weapons. And develop these in just finished technologies. And then they would put their own patents on it so that nobody knew this came from foreign susser. And took that company the motion picture company. Purchased. They options shall of course social rights on the spot. Is like story rights and then says to me. This book you have to cells that you work with with him work with this manuscripts. And that's when edited version write a proposal. Try to get to a publisher to publisher publishes says that will close to deal for the purchase of course those rights. That's what I did. The publisher in this case is Simon and Schuster had written a couple of books for them ready. And they said we want you to write the book the name of that book was to stay after Roswell but it's the best seller list that Charlie got a W focus. Aren't on the no we're gonna take a quick break in the lot more com to listen Jason GBM yeah on an island radio. It would take 44167766. And take your phone calls later in the program for guest tonight bill burns were talking about UFO's we just kind of started to talk about your follows we just started to scratched the surface on the topics tonight we've been a lot of things to cover there's a huge and so it's just a huge. Area and a billion even doing this a long time and all of your member review and I met years ago on the guys who did ghost hunters and you units are in Austin and UFO on turned. Oh right right yeah so long terms yeah Mel a couple of New England I think we've had a conference. Yeah that's right you're hanging down and Derek as one of my ex members that I removed ended up joining you one point you remote and we remember I had to work. Asian yes we won't get into any games but I. But yeah and so you've been doing this for such a long time and mean you you're one of those names that seem to pop up everywhere let alone if you're ever watching anything on. On the History Channel or any of those things that's on my beautiful jewel seem to pop up the judicial on the shows. Kind of like a bad penny yes. I want to ask you a little more specifically about the debris from Roswell that was disseminated to American companies to help. Sam develop and perfect technologies that obviously exists in the alien craft that we didn't have here on earth. A full and order for those that debris to be useful in must've been rather intact it wouldn't have. Not only was it rather intact. Good point you may not only would you rather intact. But using those two. Things that came coat of the book but it also what conversations with Phil Corso in general. That born in large to UFO community has tended to over and science itself by the way it's tended to overlook that particular science that would actually. Alton. Look what acceptance upon the existence of viewer flows okay. But as I have to embrace it but at least be open minded to it and that and that's this. On the one hand. That it wasn't a crash that demolished and he's saying it was a question it's split opened a craft that was gonna identify those forums concerts more like a crescent. It's split it open along the seam and sure the staff was debris it was damaged it was mixed with dirt and gravel from from from the Roswell crash site. But the pieces. Although they were. Krista Greek word impact and not. So that those scientists working in the government. Looking at this stuff could say gee this looks vaguely familiar to. Acts. That strike to develop life. So the first thing all the way back in 1947. And so was. They were looking at these kind of like Wafer size. Pieces. Of if he was clearly it was a circuit the ticket subway map it was clearly is circuit. And we squarely on the board. But it was unlike any circuit. That was currently in existence they would know why your state looked like they were like. Printed on the net and so they knew only one company that was working on something. Vaguely similar that was bell labs. Where the scientists retain and Shockley. We're trying to develop. A switch. Tech could replace the Edison rightful. Yet at some light bulb became the DeForest to the radio to. Basically. Element. In close. In effect you and so it didn't burn up. Which transmitted current. Along fulfillment. That's really what awards that would be Edison to that was the other radio to. When these things would go bad when the settlement would burn out just like a light bulb burning out you have to replace that it was a pain in the neck. Pertaining Shockley this afoot they can do is if they could create a circuit that deter misstatements. Instead of distilled in transmitting electricity both weights. They wanted to go and only one direction. And the a good thing they wanted was to turn it into kind of the switch. So that only Warren and electron at a time. Would pass through this circuit that was really important. Because that. A device that resists the flow of electricity. And trillions amidst the flow of electrons in the same device. That would replace the radioed to. Which would allow any of that scope components. In the devices that would be developed. It would certainly work print for a the burgeoning sciences telecommunications. The it would transform. An analog transmission system into. A prime ordeal digital trends in the transmission system and that's what they worked on. But they were failing. Every single attempt to do it from the 1930s right to the 1940s. Thread wouldn't general George Marshall Marshall plan we general George Marshall roulette the those printed circuits. To bell labs pertaining Shockley analyze the big of those circuits and we'll let my guard that they are using soon content. Which is doped. With arsenic and that allows the silicon to be always sister as well as the transmitter. Hints. They invented this device which they called the transistor. That was patented in 1948 pageant again commercially in 1949. By 1950. We will walking around with these little tiny. Transistor radio it's. That was the first step in this reverse engineering of technology from the fuel for the Christian right as well. That's set to limit for the next eleven years war I because the army was so furious at bell labs for putting its own path. Patent on it. That they've just stopped giving many more stopped giving anybody any more technology. Finally or they're true though comes along. And says you know that was the stupidest thing in your immediate. Because we begin to do with this technology. Would get a patent different outer space I mean it's the dumbest thing in the world not even a patented with the defense contractor. That's the best way to cover up that this can commit UFO. So true though went to Strom Thurmond. And set to Strom Thurman look let me just say with this stuff as they discussed the risks they cannot put the whole would remain pro this technology called not. He invented here NIH's they were called. Seabrook and Phil Corso. To take some of the technology. Two defense contractors and secular outlook. This is what do jointly develop from. Overseas. Military establishment stated and so it came from foreign susser. You guys can have this you can torture patent on it and gets one but today's your lucky day Merry Christmas would be a hate you. What is huge budget to develop this never starring in the came from flying saucer. That's how we got. The transistor. The personal computer. Integrated circuitry and and this explosion. Of technology in the 1960s. All from that crashed and that was what Corso told us. That became the book game you have to run as well. That became the television documentary day after Roswell and the book stay in the best seller list for most of the summer of 1997. But throughout history didn't many companies seem to really flourish. After the Roswell crash I know IBM and they were there were claims that IBM. It was given some technology to. Two reverse engineer and and the story you'll read the company really exploded as well there are a bunch of other companies that were involved in things it to correct. That's right back I saw this some this morning and I. In nineteen in the late 1950s. Read about the trial in the 1960s. Computers were still these kind of blew. Sides beats even if devices like bring yet. Why. The middle of the 1960s. Computers. Had actually gone to in some lines down to. Know what will sides. BC Mets but there was tabletop computers or or or like not deft tapped yet but they did stand against a wall. Like the idea between sixty to sixty. At least 6060 which I use when I was a graduate student. It was still punch card driven for the most part of wasn't be it it it it it wasn't keyboard entry until a few years later but still. They'd contains smaller and then a long. Gone in the beginning of the 1970s. You had the first attempts at a micro computer. The all care for all this made possible by the integrated circuitry from the craft to run as well. Well I remember as a kid them and my father I was born 71 I remembered it was like 7778. Going to my father. On the weekends to his work and you worked cast industries and in New York State. And it was it was just these room useful these huge computers and you have to keep their rooms like sixty degrees here consulate freezing to death when during there. They were these monster computers and that I remember him also getting one of the first laptops out there which of course back then was still a huge toll is fifty pound computer. And it popped up the street and see how quickly it started going from these in these huge rooms. And times that it with these huge computer systems that they are changing reals on the back and forth. To all of a sudden now you're starting to be fit them in in the smaller areas and they just kept on getting smaller and smaller. Every year it seemed like they were dropping in in size by at least half the size. And then along came stave Steve Wozniak Steve Wozniak. And why is working with Steve Jobs. Was in didn't do it. The floppy disk controller and that was one of the killer hardware app that actually transport. Computing. Into personal computer. Because what and stabilize their content it was the ability for a small computer. To talked to. She lives that pull information off a disk in this is important because before this. If you wanted to pull information. Wolf a permanent storage you have to use a reel to reel tape recorder. Then these are. Tape player in the very early. Micro computers like the commodore. The commodore pet. Used a real a little reel to reel tape. And that was basically sequential data recovery. Data retrieval finally we're wired the jacket invented what do you ability or on microprocessors. To look for something on disk two to go boot disk directory. Find pointers on the directory where the data is stored even in different places on a disk. Symbol that they get into packaged and delivered that dated to the microprocessor. I've been to the computer itself so that was an exciting development and that begin the apple two. That was the apple two then there was that QIRS eighties and that was received kit and finally there was the IBM. All wanting to. The version of the CPM. Micro computer assistants and then finally a long in. At the very ignorant in 1980. Was the Macintosh. So all this happened very rapidly in a brilliant legal and are given how long we've been working on analog have been digital computers so that. That all resulted. From the mid EG realization ability of scientists to collect a political engineers. Based on the pressure runs welcome mat technology but it was also IBM also Monsanto. Also the army laser who have also night vision. Goggles. Night vision glasses from Ford still of from port built war in no Maryland. Okay we're sick to break we've got a lot more to talk about that every time bill answers a question it opens up the door to host one actress Tony more so we've got a lot more to talk about after the break. Our eyes so and our guests this and the show is bill Barnes and make she tune in we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come listening Jason GP. Next hour. 4677669. Welcome back beyond reality radio Jason NGZ or guest tonight is bill burns we've been talked about. While this Roswell specifically in the technology that came from the Roswell crash it's outlined in bill's book called day after Roswell and build one of the things there's one little clarification on. On you mentioned that the Department of Defense basically the US military was handing this technology over companies kind of piecemeal. Two have them develop perfect and find commercial and military uses for the technology. Now where the companies themselves in the people working on these projects. Aware of where the technology had come from or where they. Not told. No they were not aware what they would hold. The standard car for a line once. That. The army up to support indeed have a special division called foreign technology division. And Phil Corso went to two rector. Of the fallen technology division which meant. You were. Technologies. That came out of foreign militaries. And that United States to basically take them to be adapted to our own military so for example all one of the classic mourns. Was the was this helicopter gunship helicopter gunship was staple in Vietnam. And we have of course at helicopters and in the Korean War. But the idea of melting it got pushed and pulled me melting heavy caliber machine guns and helicopter would is destructive. Because. They all are. Fragile. Aircraft. And anything can upset the balance and helicopter eat it at selected to like a propeller driven plane or reject peace world. Delicate craft out back in the 1950s. And what court so help this general opt in in 1961. Would machine good balance. For an American military helicopter. Which actually was the machine gun mount that was used during the Vietnam War. Light years later so that was a conventional. Way to foreign technology division import taking the Italian machine than man with a French machine gunned down and adapting it to American helicopter. That was the harbor. Fort taking steps from the Roswell crash. And under that same program without identifying you to do anything special under that same programs or technologies saying 0% was not invented here. Itself in some kind of strange cutting device itself from a foreign country we you're we we could get the country but it came out of World War II it's cutting device. Well it actually was a laser. And that's it was being developed that and that brought that to be on meet Alton. I'll wager laboratory at Columbia University where Eisenhower was once the president of Columbia. And that was with a laser will develop big instead the laser. Because abroad as well. They were working with a light amplification. Photon into dictation into would narrow piece and that's what they were experimenting. Where. At Columbia. Would Corso blunt them. Was distinguished device cute we'll both look like guys we got this from the Italians. Oh that's great let's reverse NG what we're doing that it works like this. That's how we got the laser but it wasn't from the Italians it was from the crash rats well. Bill we've got to go to break here in about 45 seconds I want you to take this few moments just to give out your web address is I know you have a couple of web sites. Sure anybody wants to take peak wed done. They can go to shadow Lauren press that's one word SH a DO WL EW wind press. Dot com. They'll see all the books we've done all the people who Britain where less. You see my web site my blog and that's go they can go to Twitter. They've got it like FaceBook page. And next hour were also in the opening up phone lines if you have a question for us or our guest bill burns. Phone numbers 8446877669. Again tall freed 844. 6877669. Or when to take quick break a lot more to come to listen to Jason GP. Tuesday on the West Coast once again. Schools and you're stuck somewhere in between welcomed me on really review this myself Jason positives and the always awesome JB Johnson who. Hasn't looked into the sky. And a clear night seen them. Millions Serb I'm not sure how many. Stars we can actually see with the naked eye when we're looking up in the night sky but the slot it's a lot and we know there are billions in the in the galaxy. Who hasn't looked up there and thought he. Wonder how many of those stars have a planet. That's orbiting that star that has conditions and possibly actually has life on it similar to what we're used to his life on earth. Early 90% of them O'Neal's isn't it because amendment and looking down to fox. And arrogant ever looked up at an excellent. But you know that's something that people dream about think about. Ponder while all the time but it we're talking with a bill burns who's. Spent a good chunk of his professional career looking into what may be. Visitors from those planets. In the form of fuel follows we don't have all the answers but boy we're getting some and bill's been you're giving us what a great information tonight. I'm about Roswell and the technologies that came from that. But you may do we need is open up the question now with bill. Insert figure out maybe do we have the answers as to who it is that's visiting us and what their intentions are why are they coming here. On the last hour bill made some great points and we you and I've talked about this numerous times JV where. It always seems after these so called you a full crashes. And that the government always denies call something else. That we get these huge technology poems these huge advancements whether it's whether it's aviation or. Or whether it's right down to it and technology home computers and things of that nature. And it's just incredible how quickly things tend to explode and technology with new decade two decades after. Asked the have to be so called beautiful crouched. And we will be taking your phone calls at 8446877669. If you wanna join this discussion let's bring bill back into the program bill. So that's the next question then on we have pretty darn well determined that we are being visited. Who's visiting us. What that's the funny question because. On the one hand there has been in. All our major sea change. In how old. Government or let's just say semi official relationships with the government those organizations. Have been reacting to the youth vote question. I remember where and Barack Obama. Made a joke. About this is so crazy it's sounds like somebody talking about the pressure runs well and it was. Awful. In official circles. Now however. Mean I don't know that you being used before. President Obama made that remorse in public about Ryan's well. The government. Not only had continued to conduct its research. Into UFO's. Would it wherever they're from would conduct its resurgence UFO's. But actually had to do footage. Of unidentified flying objects craft in the year. Encountering. American military jets. Now that's starting we know about that from the Phoenix lights. We know about that from this nineteen. I'm so late this 2004. Encounter over Santa Monica today. Over actually San Diego. Where. Two F eighteen hornets at eighteen a hornets. Encountered. Strange tic tac shaped craft. That was. Closing tributes in the water below it and outlining. The jets they couldn't get a radar picked up that they've got a way to pick up that they would able to paint the object in the and so the object visually they tracked it under the gun cameras. And the abject disappeared. The stunning thing to me about that. Wasn't that they saw the object I mean if you look at some of the day. These studios in UFO is something United States from Europe from Belgium for example beats flying triangles. That we're out running RF sixteens. Flying triangle from the putting California from the Phoenix like that you're looking at these you know the people have seen these things in the sky. Seat take that for granted would have been able to take that for granted. What you can't take for granted. Is the reaction of the two navy fighter pilot. We're commenting on the object. This student selected data Europe stood still. Or in figures from Mars or my god were under attack you know let's go get the Pentagon and bring the troops this is war the world. None of them. Yeah that. They kept the object in their sights as long as they could they laughed about it. People on the aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz. Laughed about it and they said the report really up beat up the stove piped to the Pentagon. Where they are almost in the don't reaction from the Pentagon it wasn't classified top secret while I was gonna classified top secret. In other words. It's what you are thinking about also kind of official disclosure. Disclosure is is happening. Unofficially. And so you have to wonder at this point what do we know about the east. What do we assume what about the east. And what kinds of speculation. Could mean gauging. With respect to these kinds of cramped. Among the things that I'm thinking about eight. That the east. Entities that are piling these cramped they're visiting that's probably still very much like us. I mean they need to have the crap they can't just materialize in failure as if they're coming out from the Star Trek. Called out from this from the Star Trek. Spaceship from the idea of enterprise. They don't materialize. Big is it a craft they've got to have something to enclose them in the year. That's one to the people will describe in its say they walk on to beat yes there are reptiles yes Billy insect. Tight. Then despite being is that people who supported thing I understand that. But even the men despite beans or do reptiles. Resemble. Life forms here on platter. So for some. Strange reason they're probably very much like us that's warns seems quite true here at the conclusion. Or at least he assumption that I made. From what I learned from full court sold the last what questions. That the technology. That. When it's your runs well want to do that for ahead of us. I mean it was you'd think about it. We were able in this space. Wouldn't started reverse engineering. In earnest let's just say in 1947. And really to where that was the first one and picked it up again in 1961. When you limit to play 1965. We had amalgamated much of this technology. Into our own technology. So important was that far away from us that's to win your part of Baptist maybe they weren't. Tweet site is evidence maybe they were fifty years ahead of us. That's not a lot in in in biological time revolution. There's not a lot at all. Now look at how quickly we'd be solved. I mean human beings or not just. Clearly would not the same neanderthals. That word on running into caves. And swinging clubs at one another we're not we live in cities we communicate elects electronically. But. If you could look could be just between let's just say. 18100. And the year 2000 that's a small slice of geological time. If you just look at that. We have now incorporated. Into our existence and by that I mean your daily. Coming in growing existence. We've incorporated. Entirely. In times human technology. We're carbon based creatures. We've incorporated silicon technology. Into how we're. It's our daily existence. I'm sitting here looking at a computer screen I'm on a phone it's digital. We all are it would. We are encompassing. A new form of technology into our evolutionary progress. And and I I can't help but wonder. Whether. The creature is that we can we took this technology. Are somehow. These high parade it's digital. Carbon. Silicon carbon. Hybrid creatures. Very much like us in fact. If you wanted to really swing for the same this year it could be that we are at an earlier evolutionary stage then fatal car. And as a result. We buddies will be comedy that they planted on this planet had an earlier stage. Interest in little something we totally talked about in the past June. Yeah okay this that we're gonna we're gonna quickly run out of time here bill so this were routed a winner take a break. And when we come back we're gonna change the topic we're gonna we're gonna discuss your book. Edison vs Tesla the battle over their last invention this is a fascinating topic as well as everything we've been talking about tonight is an church before or hours or so meaningless vote when I'm gonna do it it's very were it's a quick break a lot more to come to the senate Jason TV via. We're talking. They're talking with these first and the only. Half human half reptilian wrapped toilet. Tia Matt Medusa the dragon lady will have her on the program in the first hour and talk about what she has done to modify her body to be calm. The first half human half reptilian RegToy. Okay and its second hour we'll have tile labor camp author and founder of the fire walking movement will be discussing overcoming challenges along with the firewall in movement. It's and talking with bill burns we've been talking about you'll foes for the first. Majority of the program here on the we need to change the topic because there's so many things that we can talk to build out and we really wanna get. It is a discussion of Tesla and Edison and their rival rivalry and one of the last things that they were both working on as they ended their careers which. It has several different names spirit phone is something that's pretty common but way to communicate with the deceased. And bill this is this is a topic that fascinates a lot of people. And the whole rivalry between Edison in Tesla itself fascinates a lot of people get this little background there. Actual world is so what you are younger than edition. And two were very different in individuals edition of his parents were Canadian they were actually illegal immigrants. And they crossed the border in two. More island Ohio. In the early part of the nineteenth century. Potential as they wanted to get ready teens forty. He can put shipments. And just parents moved to Latin a point you run Michigan because the originally. That area of the American. Central endorsement. Like northern border. Who originally. In America was connected by a series of an elks. When the track. Planes came through with the real world moved through any sort of build new low opening 1850s it was completed in the 1860s during the civil war when the real bullets came true. Accounts field could count counts he died. Because commerce and it's comply. And that didn't count the sprang up Orwell wrote camps. Cancer Edison grew up in net new year lows in Q which is far there was a liberation sold lumber he sold would be. In addition grew up basically. Learning to leprosy until legacy. You've learned chemistry. She was very bright and that you basically. His mother pulled a lot of school because teachers said the kit which is not disinterested in the sector were doing in school so he was schools for the most part. Played with a chemistry set this basement. And was largely sold whole so he felt it failed and failed totally succeeded. Castro was absolutely the opposite. She was trained in European schools. His father was disarmed a minister. Regret that I know him and orthodox minister. He was Serbia he was Serbian. And be restrained in Paris as electrical engineer formal training. And so just from cultural backgrounds the two were very different but for intellectual background there are also very different because of Tesla. How did it do you graphic memory which meant that secret in Asia and something he could cease something in his mind. With such clarity. That he can copy yet from what he's seen in his mind on a piece of paper and now we can diagram for the device. She realized when it was put it Europe being trained. That the standard way of generating electricity. Which was direct current. Was. Floor for a lot of reasons one the chrome was too weak. To which had to be boosted every couple miles of the modular cell. And it was inefficient. As as is something that could be viable business. Like Tesla believed is that instead of having a direct current that is to say instead of having a sickle oil. Turning into into armed into magnetic field generating and flow of electrons. If you want to bat. Hole. Back at fort from the positive polls have been naked pole that's side looking at bay hill. If you walk up the hill. You'll spend more power to get to the top but if you walking on flat surface. That's the premise behind alternating current peak crusher building up power. Or in electricity terms potential. You meet in fact power pushes the current push the flow of electrons. On the farther along the line. And so. He tried to explain when he came to New York to work could be Edison company tried to explain to Edison. The purchase of alternating current and Edison had a ready to vote. Millions of dollars. Into direct parent and he was powering New York City there was pearl street generating plant at this point. And so there was a conflict there. Is any sins. Trick to. Tesla into repairing generators on pearl street saying if you can get these generators working over the weekend it just you know don't actually just. Work any generators the president. He can get. I'll give you which acting side it checked and you put it all this heroes that you wore it well Cassell was not a rich man this is this is really something for him so with Tesla did as he works or it. It week yet. Doesn't sleep but he's he's still walking wounded on Monday morning and says mr. read the. Bill hale won hang on which were run out of time we have to take a quick break him with that women get back into the C listen Jason dvd on highly rated. Cut him off. Abruptly as we had to go into a break the bill you were telling us. About ten test slow working for Edison and you said the Tesla gave our was assigned a task but I Thomas Edison to repair generators at the pearl street. Facility in New York City pick up the story what happened. So when on. Tesla. Went back Edison controlled doesn't mean kind of my check now especially left out of insert your foot I was serious and that really began and are being. Catholic quit I mean I didn't get paid and so that began this rivalry between the two notches on the technology. Of what credit crunch generate beached on a very personal. Basis. When the time came to light at Chicago world's fair. Tesla who was working with the George Westinghouse. Of each. Edison's proposal. He came in lower than it is and lit the Chicago world's fair with alternating current and that really. It's spelled the end of direct current electronic transmission. And to deter or rivals for the rest of their lives. After World War I. The world was a totally shock it's the first modern war with weapons of mass destruction. Machine guns airplanes placing gassed. Only way you waging war on trillion populations. And the millions of people that don't writes in both Europe and the United States in to a real state of do you read it. Well for evolution. Course a more market. Date skin gentry it's really important key early in his career he tried to intense stuff for the sake of inventing until we wanted wanted to Barnes some of this stuff. Once the bite of voting machine where you can change the votes. Makes no sense. That didn't work. We're fortunate and it didn't work then. That deal. The so so should learn to content directly into the market consumer market. And should actually began the consumer economy I mean he was responsible for that to this consumer economy. Had slowed for a can support. So was kind of more getting worried advance teams contending waded into what the market could bear wouldn't think of some of the stuff he invented like. Solar power and things like that. So. Polite. 1920s. It certainly had come up with the idea. To choose the new science of quantum physics and Einstein's spooky action has distanced. For Steve pretty that we got the consciousness that we have and that's been proven out to be actually today that spoke out to be in fact. Debt ecologist system we have it is really a collection of electrons soreness. Nothing fancy electronics. And then of those electrons stayed together in some sort of an attractive could end and attracted cohesion. After death of the body you could probably peaking at bat within electronic device and that was the basis for Edison spiritual. Well I had Angela knew what Edison was doing any is IQ what does it all settlement. All the sound exists forever. Radio waves travel for emperor. So if you you can. Pick up the frequency of the radio waves it's troubling for every bit of forces of the dead today. Goes country fans that EDT. And so. These two gentlemen these two would centers which by the way. We've both been nominated to share the Nobel prize in in the early twentieth century both rejected it could be other we're sharing the prize winner and aren't they both begin a rivalry fort defiance. That would speak to predict. Tesla through radio. And listen to concentrated beam of photons or light beam. That hit a year to register and integrity to replica light beam and that would be. Wired to an electric volt metre to show exactly constraint the bad into eruption. And that would have these two people begin their hard. Forward decides to talk to that it. How far did teaches them get in producing the actual devices themselves have been. Did that they've always done it I mean Edison built it I can build to moral meaning keep built that. On the you can get the parts at a RadioShack now that's how I'm that's a simple Edison that priceless. Same thing especially you just have to have a radio beckoned relief find that frequency the problem is. The building that device. Which finding good spirits of the deported to. That was why it should never perfected do you experiment could he could find anybody who died. They Tesla. It's like being all dressed up with no place to go here's the device it's turned on kuril all the mistakes in the clairvoyance and a trench channel or as you know beating their drums and using ouija board's and there are no electrons coming across the team where everybody go their debt. So then who who would Tesla is device have been. A better system trying to pick up these sound waves authority Elton John. Like Superman and I erratically he could travel far out into the galaxy and pick up the sound waves floating towards him I mean. Me neither inventor managed to communicate with the debt. Each in center built the device to communicate with the dead. But now there's people out there who claim that the game that they take in the plans. Edison and they've been able to build these devices and now they can communicate with you the site. Now do you think that those devices are actually working off of the the Edison model or do you think that there's something more to. Well on the one hand. It's a very it's a very easy to it's very easy device to build I mean. What are the television shows that I mean proposing right now. Is show. That's still out yet as a laboratory it's still there at the Edison museum. And recently built a device and we just don't exactly would at this indeed in the winter of 1920. We bring a group of forty and sin we bring trench channel as saying we bring immediate and we try and encourage. Spirits of the deployed to cross that being. And see if it's it's can mix and see if it registers on the like Peter. Well that's an Edison did and the question is worth to trade Chandler is not good enough to invoke the spirit. Was editions theory. About a cohesion of electrons is stayed together after the death of the body was not true. I mean to date people like sir Roger had grossed. Are saying that you know we don't that there are quanta. It's a matter but still stayed together that are attracted to each other and that surely consciousness. Stage. In Al reality doesn't just disappear. But that's spirit nobody is yet proven that could be true. Bill. We know that both of these inventors who not only had profound effects on what we consider modern civilization or modern society. On the ball for very mysterious men and and particularly Tesla has case. There's talk of Tesla having been murdered. There is a lot of mystery surrounding his notes in his notebooks after his death were and where did this were go. How much research an investigation and writing about those particular topics have you done. Well a lot. Guess we know. That. On Tesla had managed to Lowell from rule scorched tens of millions of dollars people looked George west. Counts keep. Or she got hockey pool of other. Types of investors. And tricky it is like that what we're now back in the nineteen. Edition died in 1932 so in the latter part of the depression. Tesla moved into a single room. Rule single room residence. At peeled new Yorker hotel 120 -- treatment. And you lift really I certainly poverty topic existence. Yeah she was famous I mean Cusick guy. Who were so famous as a scientist. Debt if you look the deal Flash Gordon serials. Doctors are caught in Ming the merciless they both embody midst. And Nikola Tesla on the Ming the merciless even how to decorate. That he aimed at Europe from the planet mongo that's what Flash Gordon had to travel tomorrow and go to shut the death rate off. That was Nikola Tesla. Doctors are caught. Nikola Tesla. So. She'd become a really important. Cultural pieces Tesla became a really important cultural figure by the 1930s. It was the papal court two and if you can find the old. Fleischer Brothers big people cartoons they were originally portrayed his dogs like to Simpson's originally. The pin maybe change human. Well. Can't slow witted character in the old days people court consistently. Culturally market the United States but today on court. The late thirties. 38. Tesla came up with the idea for anti gravity. No we experimented with that I knew full hunters we actually developed in a ferret HH were able to levitate. Well objects she seeks to outraged. So edit saying so Tesla actually. Foot but he pretty effective anti gravity. He died in 1943. When he died the FBI injured his hotel room and seized or. It is notes for the office of alien property. After the war no end. And debris into this was to Casper had gotten a grand. 45000. Dollars from the Soviet Union to develop anti gravity will that actually sent. United sits at tech agents services. I mean that really made them Artest. The security. Test was ruled in 1943 after he died. They see his notes. They took all those votes to beat opposite alien properties. And they had after the war. The Yugoslavia. Now Marshal Tito is dedicated Yugoslavia. Now that's now Serbia and and Croatia and and and Kosovo. In the nineteen put in in in in 194840. Darling. It was Yugoslavia under martial Chico. Can mandate to cancel those notes backed its stake it built pistol. Or you see in little stuffed in Belgrade. And be overly boats to get naked back to that Belgrade is seen. Attest was notes on anti gravity. Which were sent in 1940. Says that. Sick to. To right field in Ohio. Where they met up with. The crash debris from the crash or run as well. So there Centre right Patterson air force base. So into right field into the under the command to intertwining. General naked twining appear materiel command. While. Brings this whole conversation full circle doesn't it. While. We only have a couple of minutes left here with you and sadly we're not gonna be able to get to the book US foes in the White House are gonna have to have you back on to talk to talk about aren't sure yet we're gonna have to do that. But in the meantime you mentioned that you've got a few would television released one proposal in front of people what other projects are you working on. Well. Right L I'm writing the well first couple we get the book doctor feel good package when he's fourteen. And that will now be. We're looking at. A dramatic motion picture or dramatic television series. Based on doctor field which Houston doctor by the way they match Jacobson. Are important American history. Did you sit guided port methamphetamine. To the United States and used it to and checked. President John F. Kennedy. And so old or injected him. That it destroyed. The he had a conference in Berlin in 1962. And it's in 1960 hadn't brought about the Cuban missile crisis and October 1962. So he cause the death of Marilyn Monroe cause of death and a few other people keep what you Russian agent he was working to KGB after the war. And he was injecting John F. Kennedy with a very poisonous amount. Methamphetamine. And that's one book and that's one series. And we're also doing a documentary on. And we're doing at the bookie just mention you afloat in the White House and that's being looked at dealt for a television series could there's so many episodes of that. And we're also talking about doing a couple of other shows one on the southern border at the United States. And another bad bigfoot dealing with. A lot of the witnesses. All I'm a native American reservations ski Apache reservation. Navajo reservation mission and reservation or they actually seen this preacher and church out in Oklahoma they have seen this creature. And we have some evidence that this is a real this is a real tournament this is not some Mittal board this is a real creature would guarantee a testing. Went public differ from this creature so it's going to be a fascinating series. Lot of great stuff in the works and of course your books are available where. Posted by ebooks and any bookstore. Point two noble any of the bookstore or you can go to Amazon and get them or are the best place to get them. Is action title impressed dot com. Which is our web site. And you go beer and you see all the books of laid out click on a copper and you are books from Amazon Kindle. As as a Kindle e-book as an audiobook. War from boards and noble as in nook or from apple is an iBook you're Chile's. Well bill thanks so much for common hang in all of us tonight and it's pleasure to talk with you again it's been a long time squeeze we hung out and we got a heavy on again at some point and talk about amorphous because. The list just goes on and on we can do this for numerous shows. Sure my pleasure just while doing it gave me. Why we will we will do banks have a great night. All right so again bill burns sub by the website check out the books a lot of great stuff there. Yes so we're gonna to take a quick break come back wrap things up but you listen Jason GDP on reality radio. It's. On this tonight come. That lesson to us we get a chance promoted ahead of time too much but it was really really. Great to have a mom we talked about a lot of cool things and we left a lot of cool things on the table that we're gonna have to have demonstrably talk about later him bill bill. Just have so much information and he's just just phenomenal guys so yeah we definitely gotta have money again and talk about so many more. Things as well as added information on what we've already talked about tonight yet. And then there's something else that we need to get an expert on because I've I learned about this for the first time today if you ever heard of Margo reed a berm. Margarito burn yet the real thing. It's like Margaret that drink yes what Arthur redid the drink burn now I can't have all right well this is a real thing this is actually has nothing to do specifically with margaritas however you tend to drink margaritas when you're out. In his warm weather it's it's a kind of a warm weather remind my wife to Asia OK so apparently if you get lime juice and lime juice is used to mark Regis. If you get lime juice on your skin. And then you're exposed to the sun you get develops second degree burns on your skin it's very. Very serious look it up on that and your favorite search engine check it out this is craziness I never knew this existed it's called a Margarita burn. That's the first I've heard it's. Gotten a little bit earlier today was for some might never material and I saw the effects of it and I looked it up pictures it's nasty stuff don't get lined juice on your skin and go on the site and put oranges and my finger tomorrow it will mean so I mean that works as a parent or prevent you some asserted emerged. Yeah I blow my thumb is Ernie experience and of trauma. Are it's so well again a big thank you to bill for coming in any analysis tonight may she tune in tomorrow going to be talking with. It won't. Time at the Medusa the dragon lady. And also Tolliver and author and founder of the firewall movement. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with FaceBook page for us. Headed had to be on reality radio that count and all our stations download the free apps in more. Estimate to a for estimates Jason GDP on really reveal that shell amount. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. So can only the only angry news. Yeah. You know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.