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Welcome to the 2018 Hurricane Season

Jun 1, 2018|

Everthing you need to know about hurricane season! Dave Cohen talks to John Monzon, Regional Director of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority West, Derek Boese, CAO of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East, and WWL-TV Meterologist Carl Arredondo about what we can expect ...

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Joining us on the live line is John and men as on Jon bon. Pain how Mann's Don. John thanks for joining us you're the regional director of the southeast Louisiana flood protection authority west and we heard earlier in the week in a news conference. Some pretty lofty statements about how the system. That has been built and improved. And developed since Hurricane Katrina has come along and our current level of protection simply put. You oversee the flood protection for the west bank of Orleans Jefferson and the surrounding area how is that system doing trying to. Intent on we Nam Paramount or restructured struck a year with the corps of engineers and the strategy cannot. And part Turkey season we we have to call cold killer shot. Where we are we X shots are aren't they sent again to make sure they are working properly and we are ready. You know we heard during a news conference as is the best protected we've. Ever ban is that what you believe at this point. We have on you know protection which means that system that would span of 1% storm. I want 1% chance of a year that in the immediate. You know part Katrina you know the West Bank was largely spared you know so you know Edward. We didn't really have. Complete system yet maybe some equipment should let this year there. Now our system averages about what people are. There are eight orange beat it really is about them earlier pat on our. Including aiming getting this right the largest. Pump station anywhere in North America. Actually the largest population in the world yeah. You did that at 90000. 140 cubic perspective to park in what director went to it that the Olympics are on Google and about per second. I wrote this on patient actually restrict all the all the published an expert what we aren't into the out your art house. We closed circuit that we current upon entering all the war. And which pump station is this is the largest in the world where is that located and what they are as it's there. I called the worst quote republics they are the content so Algiers are written down there and it serves our western portion. Our ears then pop culture. And I hear this from the day is the largest pump in the history of the world. Anywhere on the globe sitting on the West Bank mapped to protect all three of those areas three parishes essentially. Bedside horrible flooding particularly. Through Katrina and Rita and several of the storms over the years. And that we have these armored levees these levees that have been increased in height that we have the best protection we've ever had. Did you think that has the opportunity of the possibility of giving people a false sense of security. You know it uses it at that you can remember Katrina was a pop per year. So the possibility Levy been all worked out still exists. Com so you know we count two that there's still risk but it does not need. You know fool proof system. So. Protective properties. Or should not have been accurate plan it well and them and the governor and Nicole and rumors as a pastor that the mayor. You know or life at work wore them the proper. And obviously this system doesn't protect everybody on the West Bank. And I knew it does not protect areas that are south of the protection system between the gulf. And the major metropolitan areas where the vulnerabilities that still exist. On the west bank and are there plans to try and protect him more communities in the future. Well I can't speak up the areas outside but you're you're right there are burned down the important areas are outside of the art in the system. And so they have that some of the lesser. Let me that there are being constructed so I believe that it really hammer political protection and restoration authority and and some of the on dirt that Derek didn't. Or parties. They're trying to give them some level protection. And I believe that you know work. All right so if another Katrina were to come today and we don't know two storms are ever the same but an exact same storm like Katrina were to happen again which is extremely unlikely. We have in protection system that would not protect us from another storm that was exactly like that on the west. Well what system that today it's been called her in on temperature reductions. And what that would do the witness it was real it's and then but don't break and how it went really in stone wall that failed. And that was catastrophic failure at current crop. What we have now it's a system there are some possibility. There are Corbin news armor abilities and if they do become aware you can at least. And then change it by letting would insert arms and at all that we can't work out so. To reverse the blood. Just not catastrophic. Bloody hat trick. So we could see what levees over top we could see. Communities filled with water but we can get that water out far more quickly if we have something greater than a 100 year storm than we could. In Katrina or before a trip. That's correct and so after Katrina one of the things that. Jerry parish in all around the metropolitan area that it will statehouses. So. Pop operators can mount union movement and many of these pumps to make sure that we drink in this city. Even excellent skill. So he wouldn't take as long to turn them on and once they are turned on their bigger and better and more efficient than those we used to have so drain into it happened far more quickly. Oh. But the bottom line messages if we get a major storm if we get something greater than a 100 year storm. People are still probably going to be advised to evacuate and this system shouldn't be for a reason for them to say and I feel safe unless they even though they're telling me to get that. What you don't Katrina two years ago almost and you know certainly hope people forget that you know even if we don't. You're going to be without power you're going to be without hammered sir as you may not and water. You may not have you know all the other sources attribute to our maybe a week maybe two. And so. It really is it doesn't. Why Steve Bann he's got a big storm back way. Aaron planned. You know when the call comes. Jon Mann's on regional director southeast Louisiana flood protection authority west anything else you wanna share with folks before we looked around. Now I think you know we need this is the operative Turkey season and I that it would be in the season all indications order or we Alberta already. Are so I know what to them golfer pretty hot it was going to be that busy season but we did get mr. Obama are just a while you're there are many. I do my exercise so globally. That won't Kamal went but we're ready. And the best system we've ever had the largest pump anywhere in the world. And we are ready for what nature throws our way at least as best we can be under the budgetary constraints that exist this may be an ignorant question. But I've always wondered. Has there ever been talk of using these pumping stations at times where were not threatened by a hurricane where we have rain events that caused flooding events is there any application where these floods can help. In non hurricane events to help keep the region dry rating on the West Bank particularly free in you're jurisdiction. Yes it can be that that commitment aren't wearing out your interior on sprained screeched. And the interior pumps pump into the army now is now. So burned rain advantage of that the pop won't help you when coaches to each keep the search so. There are an armory in parliament. It is it just was in the bond. Yet doesn't sit there would be no application and there'd be no. Way that could helpful drain in the streets because adolescent until. Canals are overflowing I guess. Yet though are it would. It's just you haven't editors system and what we call him exterior system. I didn't have the answers system in the Paris and that finish and these bring interior shot. We we come out drop by it would do no good just injured pumped up to pump the water into our. Catcher John we appreciate it we are glad that everything's looking good that were better prepared than we've ever been before but understand we remain vulnerable we live. In a place where we can face a major storms and gosh I don't know that we can protect against everything thank you so much for what you do for us and we look forward to talk India down the road hopefully now when you're needing to turn that system month. You write that they either have a great weekend. I coming up we'll find out what's going up when I'm on the east bank and how the flood protection is for the east bank of Orleans Jefferson and the surrounding parishes we'll check in with the CEO of the southeast Louisiana flood protection authority east. On this first day of hurricane season after this. You trust the levees flood walls gates and pumps to protect you during hurricane season. That's our Freddie Mazda opinion on this first day of hurricane season you can go to WWL dot com and cast. Your vote would check your responses coming up right now though wanna check in with the chief administrative officer of the southeast Louisiana. Flood protection authority east Derrick Rose Derek. I gave him more in the dared me. I have made ansari a deck here it is the first day of hurricane season and we just heard from the flood protection authority west that. Everything has been completed with the war just pump station in the world. Our mooring of levees raising of levees to have the entire system on the West Bank protecting us to a 100 year flood protection level but I heard you say the news conference this week to the east bank. Is moving towards 500 year flood protection what is the latest on the system on the east bank and what is our level of protection right now. So I'd be able years discussion we do on. And that done and west and not on the east or in the same situation we don't have the system at the 100 year protection right now. The armor thing that we're talking about improves the resiliency of the sent to the spot on here. Level of protections what that means it is while it's not high enough to prevent water from over popping during that your that. The surge that comes over the wall during the 500 here that Europe for a bigger that what you wrote the let the are behind it or the flood walls and caused the catastrophic failures like we saw during. So we should have some and increased level of confidence that if we were to get another Katrina. That. Not only to increase their height but to armor them the water would still over top and the water would still fill the bowl. But it wouldn't destroyed levees to the wire could then be pumped out and life in a reasonable amount of time could resume. Yeah it gave it exactly right that you see right now around the greater area a much improved system people should feel more competent. Then they have in the past it's an excellent shape but again. John on the West Bank we have the stress that you can never fully eliminate risk we live on the Gulf Coast. We're live in an area that does major tropical event and so people need to take those appropriate precautions. Having an evacuation plan what do they view on supplies and water would be deal with our. Even things as simple as that you know there's a lot of the victory during the service hurricane season. That we always urged people take the time being through so that if the storm comes in one storm columns they are right. You have now this amazingly. Huge construction. What a Lotta Lotta people including your website call the great wall of Louisiana. That is designed to prevent the kind of surge that got into Lake Pontchartrain from even getting there. Again like we signed Katrina tell us about that and have a text messages and asks if that'll protect Saint Bernard from complete devastation like we saw in Katrina. Sure all what you're referring to what we called the lake insert that are out in north and east here the issue and it is you know. Of over one billion dollar project for the quarter engineers completed. That's 26 feet high. Along that fires stretch. 225 which sector gave. That ties into roughly 32 feet flood wall on either and it is designed to prevent the storm's surge. My partner Katrina came up the industrial on the go or coastal waterway. The only award. And prevent that sort of catastrophic failure is not only protect. Saint Bernard that are also protects the warlord east and New Orleans metro. From that massive part of. Or certain yet eventually Metairie and Kenner as well if that water and that surge never gets that far. He never gets past that of course it's not completely impenetrable or unstoppable. But it is designed to handle. Much larger storms and we were able to protect against in the past correct. Oh yes absolutely. It again like the rest of the orders system that's designed to protect against that 100 year level storm. And it's in excellent shape we actually and international visitors academics you name it common tour that structure. Are on a monthly basis. Did take a look at it to learn from it that see what was billed out there and how we are providing protection industry anymore. Nice to your overall assessment as were better protected than we've ever been on the east bank of Orleans Jefferson Saint Bernard black man's butt. We can't eliminate the risk. Yeah what it is cracking we are protected area that we serve which is Easter or. Are these east end apartments. But pretty area that we protect. Absolutely positive that'd substantiate that it's pretty it's seen in many years and most likely. You know we talk about a hundred year clawed at 300 year flood 500 year storm. That doesn't mean those things only happen every 100 years 300 years 500 years ready means as a one in 101 in 500 chance of it happening every year correct. But correct so well at 100 years storm. That really means that they're they've won 100 or 1% chance that storm happening every year like he. You know people should think that. Simply because Katrina was roughly 30350. Years storm that are on the app and every 300 years you know that chances there. Every year. You talked about how you've spent nine million dollars raising the east Jefferson levees approximately two feet. Since the last hurricane season how the core is spending millions more to armor the levees and increased their resiliency of the 500 year level of protection. What would you like to see going forward where there's still vulnerabilities you'd like to see us better protected against. Well I think that we look view we we parties and inspections that one thing we inspect. Routinely. You know we step on the system on a daily weekly date we look at being. Officially. Quarterly. Semiannual. Annual. Every five years and we bring in third party. Consultants and engineers to look at parts of the system as well picture that we thank. That said where where we look to continuous improvement. The industrial canal along. And in arbor navigation canal golfer coastal waterway we're always looking at those walls in there. Do you see how we can continue to improve them. We frankly are always funny best for instance. The process well what can we do better and he'll win. Observation and mark a turning. Looking at ways weekend improved interior protection. Along trade the egyptians think Charles. Parish line to see if there's ways to improve Libya way. Multiple places multiple locations it never stops. There we appreciate everything you've done to get us to this point we hope that we don't need it but we're glad that it's there. Men understand that it does have its limitations thank you so much about so that we have a safe. And nonevent full hurricane season. Thank you Dave appreciated you know it's. They're bay is CEO of the southeast Louisiana flood protection authority east coming up next. What should we expect this season what do the meteorological conditions computers models and experts think we will have to deal with. We'll find out coming up after the news on WWL. Beat Texas with your questions at age 7870. A call it's 5042601870. 1035 day talent in foreign Noual Norman glad to be here on this Friday as we get our weekends started grousing getting our hurricane season started joining us now is WW LTV chief meteorologist parlor Redondo. And Carl we heard that we have the best protection we've ever had from hurricanes. Both on the east bank in the West Bank with armored taller Levy is the biggest home ever constructed anywhere in the world. And that we're better prepared than ever before but so we don't need it what is it looking like meteorological in terms of what's he kind of season we should expect. Expectations for a these. Or kept him out in Colorado State predicted fourteen named storms. Via the so called the it's been a major hurricane late April prediction tomorrow. He and teammate came. After major. Here again it doesn't. It did not work that walk on and we think we're gonna take that in or out. Major. Amid all. Of course elliptical eastern built in central. Yeah we kind of locked out our friends and Texas and Florida not so much. But none of them came here of that today it means nothing for this year that's a whole new set of meteorological circumstances anything really of note. I hear from Louisiana the matters in terms of when you look at the lay of the land. The conditions that exist in the tropics as do anything we can glean from what we might be able to expect. Now because these are we see right now that led to the prediction globally though. You know the Atlantic waters in the eastern Atlantic are slightly cooler than normal that's it for all other general. Be easier expressions are higher right now which people look at that you know higher pressure on a lot of activity developed. General public and dry here in the Atlantic in the mid and upper level which is also that a pact neighbors everybody not just Louisiana we can't. Pinpoint just our state are part of the pulpit for the whole United States right now. It's an average year well then everybody has an equal chance of being you know land fall but again you know looking at the similar use the Colorado they look at. They opt for previous year but at the same weather patterns going 1980 here with the below average years and know that we can impact. 2014. With a below average year and there was no immediate impact the to a year. 2001. And 2012. Were above average year to eighteen and nineteen storms on eight and 2001 we have tropical storm out and they land ball went shopping Jack that in that ought to that there are huge grain into the and then a lot of the number twenty well. Are you and I beat the clock especially with a lot of flooding coming off the pot straighten out two years below average no impact. You hear about average and we had a major impact so it's about it he can't let you know we might be impacted if you. Yeah and a lot of that hard hard to tell how that impacts what happens this year but we at least you can look at similarities now I have a completely non scientific very optimistic. Statistics and I'll share. Twelve years ago was illicit 2006 was the last time we had. You storm named Alberto in the Gulf of Mexico. That year was the only named storm in the gulf all the others stayed out of the gulf so. Yeah I'd like I like that. So there's no science behind last putt. Dailies like the fact that happen and can be hopeful that maybe that happens again this year. Yeah and you know to deal with climate policies sometimes I mean. In the month of may we had like forty east toward the development Marc make in the 43 instances including helper we just. Only one impacted Louisiana the or in our paper. Even though we know exactly will happen until probably nine. When you buy the idea is that partly what factors that you get that you. Sometimes you go on the team it's an Arctic. Oakley continues. Can we glean anything from the fact that we had as an early storm does that mean any thing historically if there's a storm before June 1 a storm in May that tells us what the rest of the seasonal be like or is that really not statistically important. Not important because it before you're in a row we have a system before the hurricane season started back. You might have forgotten that two years ago we have one developed in January immediately committed an act state that. Just before you grow and develop for the hurricane season started so. You know you didn't really same thing as a matter of you know when the conditions are you want but right now I mean without being the warm the ball Mexico with a little bit warmer but it adds. Seeing the Atlantic is still. Cooler than normal so right now what we look at the markets you. Is around the Gulf of Mexico around the Ahmet and the northwest Caribbean opera Cho finally develop that that hearing we look at it June. I think you blanket bill to review the way out there anything to try to develop yet. We're talking a WW LTV chief meteorologist Carla Redondo on this first day of the Atlantic hurricane season for 2018. Yeah every questions for Carl anything weather related you wanna know either about hurricane season or anything else for that matter you get online right now it's 504. 260187. AM after this timeout will take your questions for Carl he can also Texas do text them to us at 504. Now you can text them to a city it's 7870 that's how you do that a brigade seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you trust the lobbies flood walls gates and pumps to protect you during hurricane season. After this we'll tell you how your voting you can vote right now at WWL dot com. I. 1045 days Cohen in foreign Noual Norman thinks he can thank you for trying to yes. On this Friday joining us chief meteorologist at WW LTV. Carl Larry Redondo our big 870 pretty Mazda opinion poll do you trust the levees flood walls gates and pumps to protect you during hurricane season. 75%. Of you voting at WW weld accounts they know. Only 25%. Say yes part of me thinks that's a good thing though Carl because it indicates what everyone's been telling us. These these systems are there to prevent catastrophic failures again to prevent the kind of damage we saw with the city flooded for months after Hurricane Katrina. There there though to pump the city out more quickly should it. We getting more than 100 year event and only protect us up to a one and 100 year event should it occur so I think it's give the people aren't going our way out we're fine. We've got armored taller levees and bigger better palm so we don't have to evacuate of course. If we get another major hurricane and evacuation would still be necessary. Absolutely I'm Nat evacuations built your best way to be in shape and not depending on. Anything out to anyone else so absolutely evacuation that would that Whitaker. The predictions are for a around normal may be a little more. And active than an average season. But let me ask you this historically as you look back whether it's Colorado State's predictions whether it's the a national Oceanic and atmospheric administration's predictions or any other predictions for that matter. Even though we have the best satellite radar bu we airplane computer meteorological system we've ever had. To try and predict when and where storms to form where they will go and how strong they will be once they do form. This is still very tricky business isn't that how accurate. Our first the season predictions and then secondly the ability for us to figure out where these things are going and how bad they'll be when they get to. Well I think are able via the seasonal forecasts no story there in the ball park you know when you do court April. They don't change very much in May. There in the ball park the only time but he can you forecasts were complete but it went. A couple years when an need to develop that would expect and shut down the hurricane even that we get a lot let activity. Then what was predicted so something like that unexpected by. Generally those seasonal forecasts are pretty much in the league ballpark you know I'll buy one to reach and that's pretty good when you make orca that aren't bad. Now a part where one's going to go there is much more competent than not that that may around the year. That the media idea where things went ago it's much better and that's what hurricane standard this year. Reduce these side of the column because in the past by year. The track forecast is much more accurate than what it has been. And you go back to this that the network choked even before we had any idea remembers what and an organizer with and into Monday through Friday morning. And the models were all over it and copy Louisiana. To around Apalachicola and we told you we don't know we're going to go but we have a pretty good idea to be between southeast Louisiana and Apalachicola. And where did it on the and between Panama City and debt and so even. Essentially right in the middle of day area that was under the hurricane watch are there with the tropical storm or department. Yet he would in that area so that like even with uncertainty as to not having an organized with them until Friday morning. It could be a general range within that target area now the intensity Puerto not that many time. That I have no competent and at all and hurricanes and admit that that that something they certainly are continue to work on that what. Wouldn't expect it to be beat by a mile per hour tropical storm in the gulf. I'd even that I wouldn't surprise me was ten mile an hour more media weak hurricane because I have that. Little competent in the intensity forecasts that hurricane center or the model up for that matter because they've been so long many many many tribes. So looking at Alberto specifically I know that you know as they typically do hurricane center in the National Weather Service. And their initial watched that the issue it's always a pretty. Large area that spans several states and then as they get more confidence in the forecast in the models come and a better agreement they shrink it and trinket and trinket. Did you feel like the process worked well with Alberto in terms. Was did the war put too many. Areas are too large an area under the watch initially or is that pretty much what they have to do. Based on what ability we have to predict these things days and days in advance. Well debate on via initial model on Monday through Friday morning. I mean again we that we have any idea that the model can grab on to that one matter. So the models were anywhere. Two Apalachicola of that area that. Never really admire him all over the place in that general rate so that rate the hurricane center. In two under the initial optical storm watch. But until it was important to them on Friday morning. Then the model and start running during the day on that one point that Friday night and be open model one. Battle of the model one that would put more stock on and I did because the 10 o'clock at our achievement. Friday night at 10 o'clock patted moving toward the I think it would be Alabama borderline more toward east so that was there are indications that. Our impact may be much lower than what they actually are because that. The model all over the place would that look like beginning Friday night and through Saturday. The models kept it more toward east Napoli weeded we kept mentioning our impact we're gonna be much low we all that that Saturday and Sunday what are again. What they're going to be wrong. Alberto is going to be from normal thunderstorm and copilot truck so that people 60%. And that Britain has not been canceled a normal thunderstorm chances around your summer. So it was an art in fact that we had a better idea but until. We didn't have that topic and and that's why you know we expected to be king will look like some of the models show we would have more impact like especially heavy rain. So the bottom line is if we don't get a senator circulation an organized system. It that is you know days away from the coast if it forms and it's only two days away from the coast that's really the best data to work with and mother nature sometimes can be difficult and you just cannot. May many times with limited data and information foresee exactly what's gonna happen as much as we'd like to be able to foretell the future. Absolutely and unfortunately I don't know like we hear that Monday morning we think these are the gonna change that we can Leo Monday it depend on what happened with this system because. We don't know yet until. It becomes an organize the net win. We articulate little more competent court I know going in kept plant we're going on the date we have been that the data all of meteorologists are looking at nobody. You know nobody wondered what otherwise seeing what the models are showing in the amount of rain expected part of our area just on the yet to heavy rain this to these. One little not eaten it could have been. So unfortunately until any system is organized Bernard circulation. Once the model went dark morning bill as a model runs in the data that I'd start drinking more. I'd say you're not a fortune teller you're a scientist or get down to it and you can only work with what you have you can't make this stuff up and you can't predicted. If you don't have reliable data with which to do so. And I think that people have higher expectations or at least wish that we had even better technology than we do. But like we said the limit the levees the palms the flood walls negates those are limited. So is our ability to forecast a lot of the stuff. Aren't portly and Miller but he would like him I know I would like beat your. Science and fortunately. You have to rely on the date until we get hurricane hunters out there and got the actual data in the city into the computer model and be. We have a better idea models have a better deal happen. The that the army came back OYO water on these children are in it can't light up the local there and that was until Friday morning when it became a we are circle you can see the world come up the Yucatan peninsula that we are in an article out there getting data that was related computer models that start coming out later on. In the evening on Friday and that would win. We would have a better idea wind we're in a month ago and you saw them track start to keep more toward east that. Certainly men are impact going to be much lower and and it turned we are pretty nice memorial today and Tuesday when it looked like those states for a earlier. And like I said you know Monday Tuesday. The senate complaining that the system was hard to predict and that a large area had to be put under watch while just be happy that it's not a comedy speaker. That's I wish a lot of people did in life generally find more reasons to be happy than to be angry but I think social media has put us in a position where people are. Predispose to being angry all the time so. Or yeah I know that vote open well I don't I don't. Will leave that right there Carl anything else you want to share with the audience as we see this first day official day of the hurricane season gets under way. Now with the public at large real you know go ahead and videotape or take pick a car trip to Asia to leave it. Unfortunately you do opera a lot you have a record of what happened out too caught the cure. Your drawers and everything and just you know be ready though quite ready wait a minute. If something does that again. Thank you Carl we know you'll be there forests throughout this hurricane season if need be let's hope so we're just talking about. Local weather or not about hurricanes as we move forward Ben we know the risk we've chosen to live here where that risk exists have a great weekend Garth. You're you're Carla Redondo WW LTV chief meteorologist and reducing text messages after this. Text message says the weather people embellish stories to get the people all riled up just to give them something to do. I'm not gonna say you're entirely wrong but I really don't feel like we do that here we are very careful just to provide you the information we have we don't try to scare the crap out of you we don't try to tell you that things are gonna be worse than they expect to be. But we do try to tell you what we know and frankly what we don't know and a lot of what we did last week was tell you we don't know what's gonna happen they don't know where this thing is gonna go they don't have good data. So in if you were scared. I hope it wasn't my thing we said the person says has the hurricane center come up with any new tools for predicting the strength of approaching hurricanes they're working on it. They're trying they're constantly reading new computer programs putting new satellites in the air more buoys and trying but so far. There's just not good science to predict the strength of a storm when he gets to shore and they admit that knows as your guests said the levees can still be topped. But they want disintegrate in the process because they're black armor now. How can you talk about a city of the water is as high as the polyps well the pubs are much higher than Monday's first of all second of all if the water is higher than lobbies you don't. There's no point pumping this is not doing anything yet the way to the search goes away then you pumping out. Next our social media and job applicants.