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Colleen Mauro discusses intuition & spiritual telepathy

May 11, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Author Colleen Mauro about intuition and her book Spiritual Telepathy - and how those concepts can improve you life. 5/11/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday and those many years somewhere between welcome me on radio and myself Jason Hawes and it was awesome achieve each what do you think about intuition and what do you think about telepathy. Bombs intuition I believe. Mainly women haven't heard a few commitments to the ship was referring to armed but and to what was the second part of took telepathy. Can you take it into center and I'm I'm doing that right now sentinel and you guys telepathy. Yeah I've seen some incredible cases are. And he and I believe I believe and to lead and I am I just leave a lot of the people who believe that they can do it our Ankara. No no that makes. It does make a lot of sense we're gonna talk about it tonight with a guest. Telling morrow she's the author of a book called spiritual telepathy. She also founded a magazine called intuition a magazine for the higher potential of the mind. And retirement all that when we bring her on in the program just women and I'm just curious knew we had. People come on the program in the past and talk about intuition and how it's important to. Learn how to control it against manipulated may be just better understand it. Because it's telling us things all of the time I miss Davis choosing this trusted zone must choose to listen and some stone. And the in this from a big things stood in on trust trust him. It's I agrees I think that. Well essentially there I mean leaders have women's intuition it's Obama. Yeah man it's also an uncanny. But it will have that conversation tonight of course tomorrow is a best of program Monday Kevin Randle. Kevin is a Ph.D. in lieutenant colonel retired lieutenant lieutenant colonel. We're gonna talk about the UFO landing in 1964 at soccer row and it was witnessed by it police officer. Lonnie is a more was the officer who witnessed that this is a very very famous you folks landing. It's very very disputed. It's. Something that the UFO community talks about all the time the eyewitness money's a moron who was a police officer is a very very respected individual. So it's a great story ran have a discussion about that Monday night. And then Tuesday will be talking with Sandra Mendelsohn about our animal channel. You have a question you or connect to the past pat or whatever makes you tune in that night. So I think if it'll last night I was talking about what. OK tonight but may tenth. Is national stay up all night night. And what they're saying here is that you should. One night a year this particular night which would have been may tenth so attacks and right now it's tonight. Everybody should stay up all night so it's just poll online pawn all nighter I've done many many times now essentially and I mean you said arguing ever said to do it to me not just do a fund just had to do. But this is to do it for fun. Some of the recommended activities by the national stay up all night Knight foundation or whatever the group business to watch horror movies which I happen to like. And I think somewhere when I was reading about this they said. Listening to BRR beyond reality radio at least until 2 AM eastern and then go back and the sanctions against. We've started on public agree we're disturb anyone I'm saying out Lleyton on my I can't sit there and watched it a try to watch TV falsely account which. So vigorously I have to be doing things as to be out and doing things them or just go to sleep. While Bennett wouldn't be stay up all mine yet. On the other thing it is as we get into may eleventh year it is net it is that Twilight Zone day. May eleventh is Twilight Zone to. It's. So maybe the thing to do is stay up all night and watch Twilight Zone episodes I know toys owns on Netflix so you concede there maybe there's someone in the cable channels do in America and who knows. But there's some classic episodes of Twilight Zone. Then everybody should seek. Who want to come to mind quickly from here to serve many number that only the aliens come in they give supposedly all this knowledge and there's this book that they give injustice. People are getting ready to leave with the aliens who was somebody. So when they say to serve man. They mean for dinner. How about the one where the guy just wanted peace and quite know it details too so he can repeat. In the hands of previous classes after this yet he goes he he's in a bank vault or something and there's a nuclear holocaust is the only person left in the world. And he's kind of happy about it they can just sit and read but he breaks as reading glasses and can't read. Yeah that was a real twist of thugs in in the one it's a good life. And little boy who if you upset and the dogs did you cornfields yeah yeah pretty crazy stuff there all they actually did a remake of that when with that whole hello. Or surprise on the movie. Whatever it's. That was one of the ones that did get a 1983 movie -- yeah I was on Wednesday and there's also just in case you're wondering if there is an official Twilight Zone cocktail. On its three kinds are from regular rom dark from 151. Rom. Triple sec pineapple and orange juice owning it you feel accurate and that's what they say you make six at which time right into the twilight zones can. US pilots on a number she wants to go we're talking nine I was telling you about those body parts kept washing up you're going to reach them well you know another one cents. Who fourteenth body part as washed ashore and British Columbia peach. A mystery surrounding dismembered feet that keep washing ashore in British Columbia has another limb to a Sally bringing the total number of and explain body parts to fourteen now. Which I guess is better than an odd number when it comes things. But the latest mystery it was still wrong. It was discovered by a man walking on the beach in British Columbia's jamboree Gabriel Lee islands over the weekend. And I it was a foot and a workbook Jim. Yeah it's. According to the media reports and Canada authorities have since taken possession of the foot or attempting to determine who may have once belonged to him what fortunate defense may have led to to them becoming separated. Over it's unlikely to be an open and shut case space in the previous thirteen dismembered feet. Which have been found various shores of British Columbia since 2007. Of those around seven were linked via DNA to missing people all the owners of the other feet restore remain a mystery mr. But one of the series opener is that they're wondering if this is some sort of a serial serial killer. And it it does Mickey I mean he'd get now fourteen feet and washed up onshore. So you think of rabbits or something growing our right Tara. So do we think it's a serial killer do it could've been some type of accident and at sea that to mean there's just no missing people mean. Lot of possibilities to mine there he had a and one of the things somebody brought up something about it. From tsunami but. According scientists and so forth it's been way too long for things like that to be washing out pom. But I mean now they're starting to actually worry about. Possibly just a wave of body parts floating upon our shores there which is hysterical. I'd I think that's it is terrifying it's very disturbing and I just don't know if they have the ability to musing DNA or something them identify who these people aren't we in both the source of the of of it is some and it's just something just does art. Yeah sonong it's crazy it's a scary and hopefully they and they figure it out and become the solution. So our guys are workers are human intuition down while an intuition as to two feet of snow. All right so all of the phone numbers 8446877669. Until free at 844687. 7669. You listen decent TV on the on island. The reality radio Francis TV and I'm telling you need to go check out spirit con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Pour scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary coming mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Scary kind dot com. I'll call home hours or 46877669. We'll put a phone lines and later in the program generate that number down. Our guest tonight is calling morrow she's an author she founded a magazine while ago called intuition a magazine for the higher potential of the mind. And she just released in new book it's called spiritual telepathy in which she takes readers beyond. The intuition basics in and it introduces them to the next step more advanced form of intuitive perception called spiritual. Telepathy so let's welcome Colleen the the program great to have you on the show tonight. Thanks for coming out so let's start in the beginning here how did you find yourself going down this particular path. Well it dates back to the late eighties. I have always been very interested in the spiritual world and Internet studies and I had worked for several alternative magazine. And I was living in San Francisco and I suddenly found myself without a job and I was trying to figure out what to do. Charity work from the magazines I liked so it kind of stumped about what the next step would be. And so I was looking. For new magazines and I was talking to editors and it was a very about money. And 1 morning I woke up but I thought I need to get my supplemental health today and not think about the fact that I'm unemployed for an entire game. So it was October remember my favorite month of the comparative count and I went out bought simple and decided to just parent in my garden. And by clicking on the garden I had a kind of intuitive experience that I never had before. I felt like some words had just been dropped into my green and I immediately knew that it wasn't my. And the thought was the center for applied intuition. And it didn't make any sense in the context of what I was looking for I knew about the tenor and that the founder. And didn't make any sense that I would contact him I was looking for magazine job. But I thought about it for a few days and then thought well why not and I called them up and ask him to send me information about the senator activities. And the next day air that after I got a huge and a lot. I don't doubt in my dining room table there and a lot of brochures and very crude typewritten journal called applied. And that is the journal he sent to the membership I think we're just about 200 people. And the subjects were in commissioning creativity. Rick is the term without that really interest payments computer magazine and I think that these subjects would appeal to. A lot of people waiting on that this tiny membership. So I called him not ask to see him and I explained my idea when I got there. And you just lit up and said he would always have the dream of turning it into a romantic it seems that the right person Emerson up. So I went home and I created a proposal and went back and I suddenly found myself launching new magazine. And he I think that tuition is up before he got closer and turn any kind of rights over to me. And I later got a grand and which allowed me to get an officer and hires staff. And so listening to about that guidance released sort of started me on a whole new path. And I realized later that I'd never could've gotten there too rational process. And never would occur to me in a million years to contact him I was looking for a magazine jobs. And I also concede that in the next ten years there would be a flood of information about intuition and the magazine with clinical focal point. So I ended up in the right place at the right time to spies following that experience I had. Where do you think those words McCain just popped gear head where do you think they came from a. Well that's a good question and I'm not really sure. On the fact that there are higher beings that help guide the abolition of the planet. And they'll throw down information into people's brains when there's something that can be developed her. Or launched. And then also we also get a permission from the vulnerable to so I don't know where came from. I still don't know but the important thing was that I pay attention. And I acted on that that I would've missed a huge huge opportunity if I hadn't. June saint prior to that particular. Event that. May be similar messages have been coming to threaten your life he never listened to them. No I think that a valid and very intuitive always. But you like a different kind of experience it's almost like Erica for an auction in my brain or something it was really clear to me. That it wasn't my spot. They're really felt like had just been thrown down into my brain and I actually stood still pop won't want to think that I try to Trace back. And it was clear that it didn't come from me. So it's are at it some sort of higher power that is pretty much opening on the past. And so you'll ultimately. Founded the magazine and what was your objectives in doing that. Well it's early days from when they are just sort of a trickle of information about intuition. So what we didn't believe we provided intuition basic how to develop her into question how can be used in different fields why it's important. And so again there are just the big flood of information. That came out on the subject and over the next ten years I think it was USA today that that was the buzzwords in the ninety's. So we did that term you know ten years or so on then I was ready to do the next thing. And I started to study the ageless wisdom and I was immediately and that treat divide the subject of spiritual telepathy. And that's what started the city the subject I realized that this is really a higher level of intuitive profession. Is and perception. And that it was really the next step so it got started years studied this subject and eventually led to the book. Well it's funny because many people believe that. We were closer to it many many years ago in the past met some at some point we we lost and now we're trying to grab back onto. Well I think that that's true to a degree I think that there is level. Perception. There's three types of telepathy and the lowest is considered instinct four worked feeling based telepathy the Qatar gut feelings. And we're much more to about before the development of the rational mind in the scientific world view and everything was. Not intuitive and that's to be scientific. So we kind of lost touch with that mr. that it discount at but the interesting thing is that it doesn't go away it just kind of goes below the threshold of our conscious awareness. And I was part of what we did that the magazine is that we. Gave people permission to start listening to that and validating that. So that's C. The consider that earlier stand and well what type of telepathy the next step of telepathy is mental or mine to mine telepathy. And spiritual legacy it's really high it is sold a sold telepathy and it allows us to access the higher world. We're talking with Colleen moral off author of the book spiritual telepathy we're gonna get into more of this a lot more of it actually after the break here. I'm be prepared to call on with your questions a little bit later 844687766. And we always enjoy you to join the discussion and also make sure you check out the website its spiritual telepathy dot net. And on that note now associate head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality re elect FaceBook page forest. And had to be under really reviewed dot com the final stations we Arab across the country and lists is constantly being updated its check in Austin. You can also download the for a the free iPhone and android app which allow us listen life catch past shows join challenge had more. It is listener from more aside by clicking the pop abundant in the upper right hand corner of the website and logical listen lie low hanging out now. I agree with the Greek community people them online chat and GB and myself are usually hanging out there. So you're into your quick break more Tomlinson Jason. Program don't forget tomorrow night as the best start showing beyond re out of radio Monday night we've got Kevin Randle coming on to talk about the soccer or UFO landing of 1964. It's one of the most infamous UFO landings of all time it was witnessed by police officer Lonny some more. A very very credible individual credible witness in this is one of the most discussed a UFO landing. As of all time in needed it's near Roswell it's kind of on that. That area and has people talking and scratching their heads still to the state what is it 54 years later. Yeah so put on you're tin foil hats like Judy and I will be doing that I may Xia to NN Esther it's a bit tonight we're talking about intuition and specifically we're talking about a book called spiritual telepathy the authors Colleen Moore own she is our guest tonight and telling I want to go back. To the magazine I am I asked you what you eat what your objectives were this of course what magazine was called intuition. When you. Were writing this publication and people were subscribing and reading what you hoping they would take away from. That they would learn to on developed first and honor their intuition. And again we really lost touch of that when we start to focus on rational learning. That the old intuitive way it was considered. Women's intuition and and and interiors somehow. Annika your really Smart you really want to go somewhere you focus on what could be known through rational process so we really learned to discount can we really got. We've really lost touch with that other type that can only. If we had there really take this conversation. Back aways and I would ask you this very very basic question. What is and how do we define intuition. Well it's a type a knowing beyond rational knowledge. It's information that has come to us in an instinctual way like for example somebody might sound really good on paper. But you have this gut feeling that there's something not about the person. Or that a job opportunity comes as sound great on paper that you have a feeling that you shouldn't take it. And people find out when they don't pay attention that they get the trouble. So it's another way of knowing not rational way of knowing. And the main in the main thing now about intuition is it's always it's always been thought to beat. Pretty much punches that are based on past experiences correct. Don't necessarily but it's it's. It's based on something that you know beyond the rational process. And the access to pay attention to which country is pan out which is down that's a delicate way to develop. And often we recommend that the people keep an incompletion journal but it's it's the way of knowing that you now when you don't know how united is now. Well is it kind of also like common sense I wouldn't stick my tongue and and light socket. No more. Tony can you give us an example and doesn't feel real world example something that you know just just gives some idea of how someone might recognize what you're talking about during the course of their day happening to them. I'm basic intuition shall clap I think these two should. Well I think our basic intuition get that's a lot of information about our relationships our data they line. But when you restart that happened to these higher level we get. We get higher and more reliable direction and guidance because this whole. Process of my training. And contacting the fall is really a higher level than our basic intuition. Because if all is really our highest the most reliable sense of direction and guidance. It really knows the big picture. It knows what our purpose for life sentence on. And so that is really a deeper kind of experience and that's really what I encourage people to do we already know I mean every two years. Books and the audio programs and classes about. Developing your basic intuition but it's really there's the next step that's available. How long did you publish the magazine. And during that time come from from what I've read and one I've learned. You you've studied and traveled extensively. Looking at a lot of philosophies that might be a bit foreign to a lot of people. How this how does debt type of information translated into. What we would consider an American culture or maybe a western civilization. Per say because it's it's these are foreign thoughts of waterways rent. Well yes amount because what I discovered and studied this is that the kind of my training and are running about in the book. Really it's a part of all of our spiritual traditions. And this I didn't have a background in world religions. But the information came from esoteric books and so I want to validate and make it more credible people but that didn't read these kind of books. So I I can't seem these clues it was talked about in this or that way in different spiritual tax. So I started sits study world religions and I found that the same teaching can be found in all of our spiritual traditions it's kind of a quirky change. That we can train in line to extend beyond the physical world and accessed the higher world. As you arm. Moved on from the publication outcome. Of the book itself it's a spiritual telepathy when did you start writing it. Augusta I worked for years in a factor of a magazine I started the study that it took swift and tradition. And that it's not an easy easy reader you study it took quite a few years actually. And I kept finding more that I can now like I said that I I about it if it actually is definitely different. Religions so it started to study more widely. And I wanted to to be credible and I discovered that every tradition and every culture really has some form this teaching even in the Bible to my surprise. Well and so a year and basically you're your firm believer that anybody is able to access these these higher. World it's not just like in the past I know it was only special individuals story so called able to do that but. But Euro you're trying to put adult or refer people understand that everybody can. That's right that's right we know that some people can contact her world. We know better saint and spiritual leader can buy the writings they left behind. But it also seems to happen because seemingly normal people look at something I thought about for years that want it to happen only to some people. We knew we know that Joan of Arc could talk to saints and angels. And Eileen caddie who received guidance that lend to that found in that can harm community in Scotland. And I also always loved reading about on the botanist George Washington Carver who walked in the woods each morning in Antarctica. Let you know again I would think why can they do it and the rest of the camp. You know are they more involved somehow and the rest of that. Pressed about and so was studying this stuff that it really that clear to me that it's possible for all of this is that a training in my training. That allowed us to make this contact with the higher level. And let's do the same thing for spiritual telepathy and it did for Internet intuition give us the basic definition of what we're talking about here. Spiritual telepathy is communication from the subtle world from ourselves or even higher level. And communication from the final world that's always telepathic. We don't audit weaker information just dropped into our brain where it's formulated and the pot. In my experience in my garden as the good illustration of that that it felt like information we just kind of thrown down into my brain. And you also talk about the concept of ageless wisdom what does that. Well this information come from a body of knowledge called interest with them it's also called the esoteric term history teachings. And this isn't very ancient teaching that was in mystery schools in Egypt Greece and babble on. And it was first put in the book form by the Hindu state potentially. Erode very classic book called you can see trends and that's from. A very important text stand in the and you literature but then again as I said I found it everywhere confident all of our spiritual traditions. Let's move the conversation and talk about the soul because the soul seems to be a key while it is the key. A component of all of this that we're talking about. What is the soul is as per your definition or as fruit of the definition of what we're talking about here tonight. Well we'd have an immortal soul that's with us in each slack time. And it's kind of historical knowledge and all of our lifetimes the missile sort of puts himself down a piece of itself down and take human experience so we could learn. Individual lessons in this in this lifetime and then we take that information and we move on to the next. The next flight with what we've learned so it's kind of historic information from all of our experiences. We've had people on the program and have talked about past lives and this accumulation of lives in knowledge and memories. Is that we're talking about. Where does that information go I mean some people claim to be able to were called. Past lies in these memories I can't I don't have any I don't know. How how it's at this some people can get in touch with that in others can't. Well again I think it's who have to direct connection to the phone that's really what to sort it all about. It's the type of my training attack of medication. Title allows this to make a direct contact with a full. And when we can do a whole new world opens up for us we're not just limited to learn human experience. We're talking with Carly Morrow she's an author her book is called spiritual telepathy and the website is spiritual telepathy dot net. Take a break and when we come back or get into the Sonoma more detail. I'm definitely visit the website if you've got questions for us will open up the phone lines in the second hour and 844687. 766. Members of to have you join the conversation so any questions about telepathy or into. Shouldn't make you give us a call 8446877669. Those injuries. GBM guiana really reveal. Radio would chase and cheesy and the phone number is 8446877669. We will be opening up the phone lines in the next hour for our guest coming moral. Comings and author spiritual telepathy is her book. The website is spiritual telepathy dot net and echoing again thanks for being with this this is a bit of a short segment before we get into another break here I didn't wanna. Give you an opportunity to let people know where they can find out. More about the book notes on your website entrance available other places as well. It is available on Amazon. But the lips I have to say the introduction so they can read an excerpt from the book there so that's a good place to start. Do you do you recommend that any dip people do any. I don't know what the word is criminal work may be or become little more familiar with what we're talking about Kurdish your book lead them for me to see. It does and it doesn't it it's really important for me to make it simple enough for anybody at any level to pick up and you. It's a very step by step. And that the yet Tex for this stuff is usually really convoluted and arcane and esoteric. And take a long time to get through it. And I wanted to put in really acceptable language. I wanted it to be very step by step there's I think twelve medications in the book and there are three successive mine training. And medications that you start with a really basic stuff and then gradually moved up. Colleen let me ask this when you're dealing with telepathy. You know whether it's spiritual club the hurtful telepathy in general how do you know when you're actually receiving a message from another. Person more. Or entity verses just hearing voices in your head how are you able to decide for the most. Well I wouldn't call it hearing voices inside your head. I would just call it the kind of experience I had in the garden where you just register or something it's often called in for and being impressed with an idea. And did the trick is that I don't know how to answer that because I had that experience and I didn't know where came per minute came from. Somewhere at source outside of myself and higher level and wanna saw the way it all wonderful that I realized. That I could never know now myself and had had come from a higher level. So in other words without taking that chance on what you what you call that whether you wanna call voices you're at or things that. Then all of a sudden come to mind. You need to test those waters before you can justifiably say whether it it might be from from something else. Sure you can ever really tunnel. Mean once we start to establish a connection with arsenal megapixel politics might training then there's there's a sense where you know pick up where it's coming from. But definitely a little bit more experience. It may. So we can make that connection and I think that it becomes clear because it just registers and your body and you can tell when you're being impressed from higher level. But at this stage most people don't really know. Again as we talk about the soul as the key to all this and you you've defined it pretty clearly however he's still have a question about when it comes to the soul as we have learned about it through the major religions specifically. From what are known christianity and we're told the sole. Is it is ace is a spiritual any divine saying is that the same. In in in the matter of what we're discussing here and now. So there really is no difference we're talking about the same thing and and stick key to understanding and connecting to office. That's right it is that is that the fine part of ourselves that sort of hard to find partner in life. And it's a source of just analysts guidance and information. And it's also what connects us all current. Correct exactly. It's set that there is the wants talks to me. The one folder full of humanity and when we make that connection we realized that were part of everyone and everything. And it's really very profound because I think. What the critical mass of people have that experience. To change the world and when you think about some of the problems we have in the Middle East personal pick for example. You realize that you can't really be changed during an expected in any other way that this is really essential that we do this now at this point in history. I agree because honestly if everybody in the world understood this event and that we're all connected in the in this way. I mean it would it would pretty much and hate and discrimination and and so much more. I try to be like chopping off your own arm if you realize that you're connected with everyone and everything. You can't rate war. Well that's a powerful concept we're gonna go to break here and when we come back on the other side of the Britain will take your phone calls at 8446877669. Our guest is Carly Morrow and her book is spiritual telepathy the website is spiritual telepathy not dot net. We've got a lot more talk about some make trees stay tuned. Yeah if you haven't yet had over at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality ready elect FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com brief final stations we are across the country and that this is constantly being updated news stations being added. All the time to check in Austin you can also download free iPhone Mandarin average Terrell told us listen life catch past shows join me online chat more. Or urged listen any time we're live for it from the website. Just by clicking the up pop up in the operating corner of the website it'll connect to a to an online Jeremy Dawson the show right Carol radiology deem myself a great community people. But yeah. Who is a lot more to come yeah. Arts or go to break and we'll be back just a few moments. Reality radio Jason G. This Thursday on the West Coast Friday. He screws used to soon. So our Jason Allison it was awesome chief eat rocks so our guest tonight is college Colleen moral we're talking about her books spiritual telepathy and you can visit the website spiritual telepathy button buy dot net but before we get back into that discussion. I just wanna see how many people are having some success tonight with these stay up all my night tonight or. The main town still PM may tenth was the officials stay up all night night. They chose to do that because a lot of colleges in the middle finals and kids tend to. Home writers to study for their final sign in maybe that's why if it's may tenth I don't know. Me eleven SP sleep all day mean to us time date may eleventh that must be must be catch up on sleep there a need I need to be touch upon might mic in my mouth work great here. Keeps it over these words. But that's what may tenth into may eleventh is stay up all night night. And then may eleventh is as we talked about before Twilight Zone today and Sony you know. I'm used to upon my you cannot feel it's quite yet you can get that foggy weird feeling in him and that lack of sleep thing. But the zone on television series the original ones started in 1959 ran for five seasons and you know their seasons are much different to they didn't do. They were kind of used to while in a day of street in the age of streaming in binge watching seasons come out their ten episodes. But I think prior to that most television shows head might 26 or so episodes generally. It somewhere in that neighborhood and a season like friends you know I hit Cilic that would have 26 episodes a season. Yet there that's how lead the east due scripted shows and because when we started on reality any reality was only you know 1012 episodes a year in ghost hunters want first. Shows out there that we needed 26 episodes a season over a reality. He'll have a show that is done that was like the real world and on other shows started falling by scripted shows are much different. Well the toilets and I think they were doing something like 3032 maybe even more episodes during the course of the season I think it's very from seasons CACs to a lot in this especially with something like that where you have. Rod sterling who was the creator of that program obviously a legend in in a TV and film. I'm having to write those episodes and come up with those very very unique ideas and Eustace borrow from a lot of you know short stories and other scifi writers and use those as the basis for these episodes but it's still quite a monumental task. Peace ago. And toilets on. Outer limits tales from the dark side and tells tells Chris Krueger crypt keepers are actually different yet junk -- net. So but I guess they used to be it lit at night the best things to watch. Well some we have both thought also have a good friend his name is Doug Brody and he is the official biographer of roads rod sterling had. I've been prepared for Twilight Zone day being today we. We could've had him on the program but we will have the money simply because he has some of the best stories. About rod sterling and how rod used to work and he's actually very very close withdraw its rulings widow in the together wrote a biography of rods so. It be great to have them on the program some air force an idea of let's talk about intuition and spiritual telepathy Erica. I am totally that's it with your back stretcher in and the seed are they are fast and Colleen back into the program going again. Thank you very much for being with us tonight. That website is spiritual telepathy dot net. And I talked about the tide of evolution that's a phrase that you use in the book you talk about. That being the way to make it possible for our soul to access the universal or defined. Mind tell us what you mean by that in and what type of evolution are we talking about here. Well it's interesting and this is something that I stumbled over a pilot study met. When you think about evolution you think about our emergence from animal to human and Merrick another step which is our emergence from human does this superhuman. And that's starts to happen land that we start to accept the higher world. Because what we do to cross that boundary from human to superhuman. And we extend our attention our perceptual abilities beyond the physical world into the final world. So then we've become what's called soul infused personality. That we have the foot boat world so to speak that we still have our typical world but we also. Have access to this huge amount of information that's available from the world. And when you say again evolution of the soul or what are what is changing what is the what part of the soul is actually making these adjustments to allow this to happen. I actually don't think it's fearful that the evolving out of the salt does but it's really that human personality and golfing. So that we become big become aware directly aware of this world of the full frontal world. So it's more of just say an awakening. And again that's at extending our attention and our ability our perceptual ability beyond the limits of the physical world. We can no pains through our rational mind we can know things to our gut feelings. But there's also a higher appear intuitive way at no point. And we're right at that doorway now remarks Hubbard. Talks about. This time that's been really habitable he called this is big he called the crossover generation network responsible for leading. The way from one stage of our species evolution to the next. We're right at that turn away when we can do the training and evolve into this higher level. Well and out there especially this day and age were more people are walking are stepping away from religion. As a following but they're getting more into this hole. All I want I'd have to say spiritual. Aspects of life is so that's sort of what's leading us down this path as well correct. Let's go to the phone lines we do have found some listeners that are winning to join the conversation this is. AD welcome to the program we get beyond. Kind of old. To attack can you glad you finally out there you see the thing. Goodwill from the shuttle. Thank you can't pancake guru com. I'm calling you really can mask armed. I'm calling on more about any English and tiny hands. At first I thought. And it yes. Like Nicole Langford and I have very strong. And and exhilaration the he feelings try he. Didn't matter don't garlic something just doesn't feel cry eat all our. Certain they'll need did count EU eight expo I need. You know any email lists a person and situation like me you actually own. You know if something's not right. He the person Egypt to be met before and sedans ipads being sent hot and like I've postponed. A trip. Parents traveling at night she easily won and eat pain and mom and the first day and that is prone to trapped. Because I've gotten. It's yes. Calling to lay eat and won't tomorrow night. I think it he might be better I just don't know why he. Play and I do and Laura is a big pile up blamed semis. On I 75. And it went in May and possibly the time that I would again and that area. He. And I go EDT news lift and at certain play being. He's just being around a group of people it would have been and he's like Hal are. Turned real flower but. These. Certain groups but people what would have not and next a well. I can't stand and wondering challenge that person is to just be equal and again it's you know. He's do you set a lot their deal let's see what Colin can handle their. What you think calling. I think are eager intuition is really well developed. Very well developed in your paid attention to it and it's that Manning out what I would suggest is keeping an intuition journal. When you get these compulsive try to down and then you can see which hands out and which doesn't. And I think you'll start to feel what what do you experience is when you're right they had that experience that you shouldn't be on the road. And what happened TD utility in your body what they just you know along the strong feeling that you shouldn't perceived. And then you'll see you'll start to see what the pattern yes. When something you think oh well why why not them as well try this and then it doesn't pan out you'll start to understand what the experience is that's real. Allow me chat com if you marvel yes the whole air. Yeah pat on the back then yeah I'm OK you know it's yes. Strongly. Is feeling inside tonight. Yeah. This something's not right jet ski and what I eat two or. Don't do that goal are you know something. And it just telling me stop. You know. And at first glance. It first started I just started whenever I get that feeling I literally leapt into in my hand situation like is. Even if that sometime that are really really want to do. I have to listen to mine situation backhand and she usually lie. I'm impressed because itself like me that your Internet faculty is very well developed. Annapolis rally and it. And rested team in the meditation. And thinking that that's something I bet I would be you know interested and gaining. Aaron I'm not crest and and found myself strong. And and guide me and the Jesus that I believe that demanded she end. Palin also help. Lou is connecting better Enola is my final. And nice correctional. Could be seen. He's you are saying that they like three steps and that is formed any pain that haven't lied to if he'd get a chance. And it and it can hear all that that can reflect on the map a little bit more if he can't achieve its team. I think you're absolutely right and again this is your tickets and so. What direction you should go on any kind of medications is a really helpful because what it does it starts to calm down and quiet the rational mind. And when that happens you can more easily here at the subtle play of your soul as subtle intuitive feeling that you should do this or not do that. So any kind of medication that's really helpful. 8446877669. We're talking I was telling morrow were talking about her books spiritual telepathy and we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll take more phone calls we'll have more discussion lot more coming up. A lot more to come elicited Jason GB and I. About absolutely nothing. Every song is about drugs though I mean Lucy is Karen I'm seeing a lot of that went out the other deals like that they were trying to pull stats when their bud. Personal name is about nothing according to America who wrote and recorded the song welcome back the show it's beyond reality radio. Everyone it's Jason NG feet. Monday night of course tomorrow it's a best of program Monday we've got Kevin Randle join us talk about the soccer row you wealth UFO landing of 19641. Of the most infamous UFO landing. On cases witnessed by police officer Lonny is a more it's going to be great discussion Monday night looking forward to that. And then Tuesday Sandra Mendelsohn animal channel or ink indicator so you wanna try to connect to the pass that living pat or whatever make sure you could tune in that night. Tonight we're talking with Colleen moral about her book spiritual telepathy and telling we've got a short segment here and I'm hoping it's enough time for you to tell us about the number seven why the number seven a secret. Secret you talk about an in your book. Well I'm glad you asked that because that's something that everybody wonders about when they start to read the esoteric material because you've that everything's seven next seven days a week. There's seven shocker at their second sacraments. Why is everything that happened. And I started to delve more deeply and I rather very typical book called. The agents with them. By eligible black ski and she talked about that too and she had to have the kind of esoteric. Scripture and about it but it really made sense to make. He said that the square has long been the symbol. Humanity that are represented before. Rates at that man and be triangle has long been. The symbol for the trip to Europe the spiritual world and when you put the triangle and two. Square seven point its star. Is created and that symbolizes the emergence of spirit and to matter. And that this is sort of the keynote of our particular time and full system. So that's why this seven is the sacred and sort of I'm guiding number further from for all of us conquer that this time. We have other numbers like three comes up all the time some people think eleven is a spiritual numbers well. Just three. And turn this discussion at all anywhere as it's in a number of christianity. Yeah you do come up with a three because that's paternity is that recited triangle. And eleven number it's really getting a lot of attention now on math compared to be the number of default so. And accurate is the one who Todd spiritual principles that true numbers. So there's double. Big subject on that. Well especially with the eleven because everybody's seeing the love them and now 1111 now the time certain and everything else that's showing importantly there's actually movie being made about that renounce. Okay so we're talking with telling morrow we've got another segment ago after the break visit the website spiritual telepathy dot net the book is called spiritual telepathy in his. Much more talk about on the other side of the break if you have a question about. Telepathy or intuition gives shouted 8446877669. And toll free 8844. 6877669. Ellis. The Jason JB ER Hillary. What are her spiritual telepathy is the website spiritual telepathy dot net don't forget tomorrow night as the best of program Monday we come back with Kevin Randle to discuss the soccer row. UFO landing of 1964. That was witnessed by police officer monies are more. So when I talk about that Grossman talked about the the UFO crash at Roswell. Wins Kevin Randle as well let's those are two of the most important. UFO incidents in at least some you know modern history anyway console maker so make you tune in Texas show. And then Tuesday night Sandra Mendelsohn who's an animal channel and communicators Chandler and communicate her author Andy speaker. We'll talk about to pets again we've we've had when this week we get when next week to. So is goodness and it's a tough subject as well I mean. I've always loved talking to people it to especially with the being such an animal lover and dog guy myself and it just paean to connect with pats pats. Our phone number is 8446877669. If you'd like to join our discussion with Colleen incoming. We there's a chapter in the book called the sol the kingdom of god and you talk about the fact that throughout history there's been a soul aligned. Human beings and you mentioned Christ as one of them tell us what these people are in by that definition and who are some of the other ones. Where you might think that there are a little more evolved than the rest of humanity. And did Jesus was a great example of what we would call the soul line human being. And he had the qualities of the full forgiveness tolerance and so on and that's what he type people. And other people that you could they were aligned arcane gone deep. He was often called. A man of great hall. Abraham Lincoln is another person Florence Nightingale. People that seem to exemplify sir the best with an. Can be said to be full line. No one thing I forgot to mention coming out of the break here you were offering a free meditation. Four for him in the can you wanted to give that to the caller that we had on December greatness but got a. And I I thought about it afterwards that I should that opportunity. So it's available I I created this page for all your listeners and they can find a premeditation. That they can download. Has spiritual telepathy dot net slash beyond radio kidney beyond that reality. And that there's two versions of the medication there's one with the introduction. And one of the justice steps and there's also another excerpt the book excerpt. So this is available to anybody listening. OK and again give that web address from her time. Stick out for apathy dot net slash beyond reality. Beyond reality okay awesome on again that's a free meditation you just go to the website you can get it there. A must go to our phone lines we've got to another listener call this is since calling in from Missouri defense what into the show. Yes I would and I. Should it's. I guess the senator barren area now to about numbers and all of born twelve not 1966. And remember a period of dollar stood out from me but as far as the members serving goes in there. I've learned that their work. Better in the marvel at the beginning. Groomed target name spelled out important do letters from that seven conflict. So and then hit Pinocchio shrewd casino. And get the jackpot it's 777. And the mark of the beast is 66 trick. So. The seven minute Ers also Corey tribulations of seven years apart. So I think the numbers she's talking about ish. Mean there there are people recognized numbers done something wrong what I Communist like you know you get seven. Yep torrid June yet even dares you at seven years each tribulation times' story. And Alice in Japan but that. Okay thanks for the call excellence that we appreciated what you think Colin. Well I think is not something it is that I everywhere in the Bible especially in revelation. There's the seven and field and all that and there's been written about how there's a deeper meaning. That two of the seven seals are really not about. The great tribulation and this horrible things are gonna be followed but their they have to do with evolution of humanity. And they're connected to at least seven chocolate I read about the from the book if I was so fascinated by that. That it when it's said that there's a new heaven and new earth but in new atom is born that's when we're start to open all of our shoppers can we become enlightened. And then there's the world is completely different. One thing that deep grown up in her phone call earlier before the break can achieve man wanted us to go back over the three types of telepathy can you do that again force. Sure there's three types of the first is instinct to come up I think. And as of our gut feelings which India though. That very developed that. And then there's mental our mind to mind telepathy and then there's the highest Stew which is spiritual or sold sold telepathy. And that has just peer into it knowing. An hour comes down to. Walton telepathy in general are you able to close yourself off him in case you don't wanna. For somebody to connect with you. Yes I think it is don't pay attention. That's pretty sick it is cracked up. What do you think. Colleen that people who have what we would call psychic abilities or is sixth sense type abilities. Are they tapping into this phenomenon that were talking about here they have a better connection to a demeaning most people do. Yes I do I do and it's the there's actual levels of perception. And that basics like get them. It can be connected to the Al stroll around. And that's kind of the lower level of perception and what I'm talking about the spiritual telepathy but that's kind of a higher level of perception. And the interesting thing about this is that the goal is said to be the portal to be even higher levels. That one reconnect with a full we have access to the universe smaller decline mind where information and also picked can be found. And I think study to this subject I realized that that's really the experience we college senior. That I started to study at the biographies. Many of far. Greatest scientists than musicians and artists who don't want. And many of them have this experience and they talk about it in exactly the way it's described in a listen kicking. That is through the full that they had access to this higher level of inspiration. And that it just started to flow into their to their per. As we get closer to the end of our discussion here on a make sure that we you know cover all the bases when people. Get in tune with this they read your book they figure out how to better understanding of how to better connect with a what's the what's the positive outcome for them at the end of the day. Well it's cute actually and I experienced this myself. The chicken from the basic medication has that connecting with default group what we do as we extend our attention up worry day after day. And we imagine sol as the star about six and just about our head. And why we do that we start to create a scrimmage between the human personality in the fall and the more we do that the stronger this connection here. We're really essentially creating threats and cables that link it to the higher world and it's just like. Comcast coming overturned. Hook up our phone and Internet. They're trading cables that allow us to have the flow of information into our homes. We're creating this sort of inner cable that allows us to have this direct contact with the entire world. And it happened very slowly. And at the very subtle process. But what I found is one who make this connection. What do we use the medication the last thing we do is we ask for people like to come pouring down. Offer lower bodies are physical mental and emotional body. And what happens is that. It's starts to kind of snowball lucky do that for a long enough. And it it's it's kind of settled energetic process that happened I think at speeds that are evolution. I noticed that it has has had a great effect on my life and I'm much kinder. More open hearted more tolerant. So I do think that it starts to kick in until a higher gear. Note the book. Explains all of this it talks about it give some background but you also offer some step by step instruction it's really informative and that's senses well. I wanted to be that way because. The subject that you think percent adjustment period and it's in books that didn't use very arcane and our esoteric language. So it's it's something that. Not everybody wants to wait through it's very time consuming and I had a period of time we're just devoted myself to. And now I'm working again it's harder to get back into it because it's so dense and time consuming. But I wanted to be very simple look anybody could pick it up. We've been talking with Colleen morrow about her books spiritual telepathy and the website is spirit spiritual telepathy done that telling thank you so much it's been very very enlightening. Very interesting and is there any other place to people who go to file your workers a website the best place. Well the web site and that's special download page but I can't and I get that just for your listeners. Because they can download the MP3 loaded in the other devices and then and then experiment with the medication. That's terrific and let's give that again it is spiritual telepathy dot net slash beyond reality great. Awesome thanks so much for coming on Colleen and we look forward to talking to you again at some point. Great night. OK so go to the website download that free meditation. You won't we won't be sorry that you did that we're gonna take a break here when we come back we will take some phone calls into our our. ESP slash psychic slash remote you know X. I think his last shot and ours so I should resume as a guard and there are a yen in the hole I do the same car we haven't changed the cards same card we've had so if you have listened. Last few times and we've done and you'll know that there's been some cars you can remove from the pile. And with your remote viewing. So make sure you give us a call phone number stole free at 8446877669. Angel when a teacher so. You'll see Jason GBM beyond reality radio will be back after this. Are you tired of the costly charges and bombing a loved one doesn't. The meeting with the mortician interfere with your play on the back nine he oversaw. There's got to be a cheaper way. Save money and do it on your own time with the craft go home and bombings. The crowd go pull the bombing did consistent all the years of. It's needed to start bombing at home today to hide her respirator is less energetic. Chemical in chapter operating systems super dream to suture needles that and more. Tillman and Apple's passing Mickey pacifist. True to the home why political heat stroke interfere with your backstroke used to Prague Oklahoma bombing came to start small. What do you show that not intend to call themselves. The crap and you can. Hartnell crap goes to save you money. May not be right Mina theatrical hell. It may not even be legal go to craft go home and bombings that you'll save on the way to the green Franco helping out the living so you can afford to go. Highly recommends that you clean all and involving kit tools for using them for cooking and. There aren't a hundred chasing change detour to pesto programs Thursday or excuse me Monday Kevin Randle will be when this Kevin is a Ph.D. retired lieutenant colonel we'll talk about the soccer road UFO landing of 1964. That's going to be great discussion. We're getting ready to take some phone calls for our psychic remote viewing experiment if you wanna get in on this it's really I mean if you think you've got some. Psychic abilities that's great if you don't give it a shot anyway as your guests are nothing to penetrate. 844. 6877669. Is the number and if you actually come up with a right playing cards is just a regular playing cards from her 52 card deck. A warships and had a teacher pay go that easy to assume when a nice teacher engines you've got and every time Jack. I have program Garrett show it to you you and and sometimes it still literally any let's go to the phone lines right now. Let's see this is David calling in from South Carolina he David welcome to show great to have you on do you feel like you've got some psychic abilities there. Not now it's gone and you're gonna employee tells guests are seriously like a brick. Out very well that's fair to OK we're gonna still concentrate on this card we are going to think about it we're gonna give me an opportunity to penetrate our minds. David is a guy who. As a guy with no psychic abilities have you listened to other cards that have been said and have been. Guess they're really just a little over the last you're every night. All you keeping a lesson to better violence. And I gotta keep a list come on you tell us. And probably be really dead that's fair enough okay RE take a shot at the cards. Are. You gonna have to keep keep that list going there. You like wanna start write them down. To. David takes a much for calling in and in played with a Syria on this. We've got to I don't know if we have time for another one but I. And we think you know I've I've been dying to actually played the game to scrap of commercials so I think we're gonna take a second to exist parent and then if we have time after that apple will get into. Into some of the other callers what is Nightline scooters are great sponsors cracker that makes incredible product. I mean they aren't they are. Also coming to their cutting image they are awesome so is necessary it's it's be on reevaluated. PG hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab mine in the microwave no JC don't. I see myself. Don't let this happening you Brett goes it's umbrella is the perfect protection for the perfect and finger. The crap goes umbrella is made up of high quality heat resistant asbestos and perfectly suited to handle the most dangerous jobs just don't breathe here. He used the umbrella for. For apple to get some protection while using matches during coffee sunbathing near the pool changing spark plug tingling kiln fires ceramics and so much more and how about those romantic candle lit dinners in when you can be watched. Don't worry and provide protection thanks umbrella. The umbrella usually. Sells for 2995. But pulled now and we'll triple you'll order. One for Pete's not the end we reported today crap global donate thirty instead safety seat super. Dot com international. The craft umbrella is the only seed do you approve some protection device on the market it isn't your thumb worth it. The crap goes umbrella should not. Not considered at some protection device and it's illegal in some states that most states that Allstate. I think that I think yeah. I think that was the first craft a commercial. They were gave to us to play in the rose one of the first ones anyway. We have to get some new ones with them I know there are trying to send tomorrow and we seven iron but. I mean they they are always just cutting edge there has been thinking outside the buck they're gonna try to take. One more of these calls here but before doing remind people to go to the web site four spiritual telepathy dot net. Slash beyond reality download the free meditation let's go to Justin calling in just his good friend of the program. They just need to give this shot this. It okay right so we'd Jason and I are concentrating on the playing card only to do is focus on what we are thinking about and see if you can tell us what the artist. But the point is can I if I win. I give it to me repeating color. If you want to conjure that up for that's very kind of you Justin. Greg isn't about the good. I hit it. It. Now adjustments are anybody mr. nice try to agree yes yet keep listening Justin because so you'll get another opportunity you this another night thanks so much for calling and we appreciate you listen to the show. All right so you do with her yeah. If you have if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radio dot com or your final stations we Aaron across the country would be less costly being updated news stations are being added all times check frequently. You can also download triage when an Internet great perilous listen live cat specialist Jeremy and Elijah and more. And or just any night rely just click the the button in the upper right hand corner of B unreality radio dot com and it'll open up a a player and Jeremy can hang out with a bunch of us and listen the show rate their online download the show from iTunes or anywhere else's to us a favor and read it for us to cells push it forward and makes it easier for people to fine. That's gonna do it for us tonight everybody have a great night gets some rest and it's Jason NG VOK chills and. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Simpson told students they. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following act. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.