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Linda Godrey discusses Dogman & other upright canines

Apr 19, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author/ Researcher Linda Godfrey up upright canine cryptids including Dogmen and werewolves. She offers insight as to their origin and intentions. 4/19/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Well I want us anyway welcome the show already it's beyond reality re going GP Johnson Jason is off tonight and tomorrow night it's got some stuff going on but to catch up with us next week and let's get this party started and I say that because we have a great show lined up as we always do actually. Really excited about it tonight though. Linda Godfrey is a returning gash she'll be joining us a little bit later she's an author and an investigator will be talking about operate canines he may say yeah my dog does that tricked tuna so we're talking about. We're talking about things like the dog man. Like wolf man are where walls. Scripted sonoco to zoology type things were talking about creatures that have been spotted all across America. That look like canines. But yet they're walking into lakes and their man sized. And that a mere discussion tonight we'll Linda when we bring her on the program and we're excited about that. We also have some great shows coming up tomorrow night Keith Linder who is a he calls himself a house occupant because he was a an occupant of the bubble house. The hell house the poltergeist of Washington State and if any state has poltergeist Washington State is the one. We're talking about his book the book itself contains pictures there's audio video and a bunch for other things Keith when you'll talk to us about that what it's like. To experience the hell known as deep awful hell house. And then Monday. On course Friday is a best of program Monday we've got to Ira pastor coming on with us no Ira was rescheduled I can remember exactly why we had to reschedule Ira. But he's the CEO of bio quirk incorporated. We'll talk about complex forms of regenerative biology. That are found in nature. It may create novel therapeutics for human regeneration. Disease reversion healthy aging and so much more all of these things are. Chronic to mankind and mysteries of the medical profession. May have some answers. Too excited about that if we look ahead this is an interesting program as well Tuesday night John Egan who is an author and an artist. He's got a book called between love and hate the double is real he's plotting to get your soul. And we'll succeed. With many. Serena are talking about demons are they real. And what events took place while a demon was in his house what experience he had but they full blown demonic apparition in his house. Where they exist and why some people meet them some some won't etc. etc. lot of great stuff coming up on the program are excited about that of course. Right down the phone number so that you can call in when we open up our phone lines a little bit later. It's 8446877669. We always appreciate people calling in and joining our conversations with loved that. When we have those calls we had a lot of really interesting perspectives. When people call the program. Put everybody in the beyond reality radio chat hello to everybody in the YouTube jets great to see so many people joining the YouTube streaming it's really nice it's exciting it's something we're trying out. To be kind of an adjunct to the show. Its experimental right now and there were working on ways to make it even better but it's exciting to see these new technologies that work so a lot of liberties there. Listen what else we have going on a lot of great stuff on the website if you check it out be beyond reality radio coffee mug the official one. 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Bitchy check that out okay so we're gonna do is we're gonna take a break and we're gonna get ready to bring our guest in we've been excited about this one for awhile Linda got free coming back with us tonight talk about operate canines it's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson thanks so much for being here. Album back to time. Okay beyond reality video. Is GPA and telling you need to. Check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. The shirts aren't guaranteed. Johnson Jason is. And he's on an assignment somewhere maybe we'll hear from a maturity won't be with the tonight anyway can no promise you that maybe tomorrow night he'll check in with this otherwise we'll catch him next week we have a great show. Who lined up for you tonight we've been talking about this one for awhile we've got to returning guest Linda Godfrey joining us just a moment. She's an author and an investigator and a researcher remember going to be discussing a freight canines now we want people call the show. Reporting sightings of a dog man like creature. And the stories that go along with these sightings are not only on comfortable with the downgrade menacing and just that did the stuff of nightmares. Linda is gonna talk to us about that the springer into the program Linda it's so great to have you back it's been awhile were really really happy to have you back on beyond reality radio. Also glad to be acting for having me well you know we've been anticipating this for awhile last time you're on the program. On the discussion was terrific and we ran at a time. But bled you know what you been up to censure were on the show last I mean you're always doing something what if you've been doing recently. Well I can't. It finished in Newburgh. Beginning in February. That really took a line up my time and energy I was. Researching. On some things haven't written about before that I him all happened to stumble on to do her some really too keen eye and something's not. Com. It was quite an quite an investment in my time and interests. Say our current debt militant but the lion's share. It down and a few other things anti and then I try to keep appointment he'll working on its current. Hiking and known eerie isn't anything. And then there are always apparent to me you them so arm or never and and I Johansson. On unpublished ones that I Tenet cheerleader on this evening. Haven't not preempt that I have. Not added to land line agent agent may well be choosing her on the timing and not black so we talked about some of those aren't things you were discussing her new routes using. Yet we absolutely will not the book he said the even working on is that when it's yet to be published. Right it's a publisher now and I don't know or I don't have a final firms release dates are next. And it's around. It's a promotion that does a lot of editing you know it's it's a larger publishing houses are they running into the milk. And it takes longer than you might think teach us things into my brain and then back out of it so. It's coming or not I can't say anything about the title or any. I'm real details other than that there Carolina. Surprising things unit at Hammond senior a written about this extent you are. Well that's exciting and I think a lot of people don't understand how much work goes into putting together a work like this a book whether it's in whom it doesn't matter what it's about it really doesn't matter but particularly when you're talking about something that requires. You investigate and re search and get report I mean this is a tremendous amount of data collection. Not just collection but also verification. And often to offense this case authentication I guess that's the word onion means more to goes and all that. It it is you know it's not just collecting people's stories in here that long again and not what went in efforts where dot. It's good and it's open it's not enough to mourn meaning it could just learn and energy union or but I like to do is to. Find a creature right about in December I'll. Own grip Hastings in a bar compared them. Look at our border surrounding geography geology. Common human share buildings and things like that. Around it and China hiked up the status. Has to know. A little bit of insight as to what these things are what might have inspired them to be in this particular spot Carmen date in your limits you know ancient culture that they're that and I think that's where I get really interested. In this subject let's back. This up a little bit because I know who you are I know the work that you've done but we've got a lot of new listeners this program has expanded significantly censure on last. Run a lot of new radio stations around the country so some people might not be familiar to work so tell us how you got started what what was the entry into this what we would call a bit about. A thought of by unique may be some people think it's strange or odd. Topic we think it's Connor in other stuff that we read enjoy talking about most but. There are those on the fringe and aren't really familiar room formally with all this stuff such started. Sheer well and should. And then they reveal HL analyst here but it's been traced a 27 years. Since this began for me. And it was not very well known at that time and at the time it also seemed very strange to me. I remember feeling incredulous. Chuckling over it and what happened was I was really tired as a reporter. Not own a newspaper in southeastern Wisconsin has carved a week. And channel it was a weekly study and a lot of feature stories. On it was not a shopper and being an hour in hand. You know things that were written by. Journalists in investigated and that's it thing I guess and content that yet that. In my own home out of Alcoa or Wisconsin. We're seeing that there was something they call a wearable. And it looked like where all the anyway I'm investigative arm around long stretch of road called brain eroded. I'll let from a clergy halfway tune in next time in Burlington our country. Spooky scary not not a super isolate it was one of those little ramble. To which acts with trees arching over or any ink. I was lying by family farms. And throw on time little bit so would hear nary you know but but not a lot. So that was surprising and it just so happened that I was already working with a tiny animal control officer. On some projects he had he was looking into illegal tapping. And dolls are to some email stories. That's the thing is I was at this office. An incredibly hit he heard you say they call you bombed this thing people are seeing out entry road. Any and oh you mean does any work out a minute or older from his desk York. And the well wilder was linked cook. Wear off so at that instant it because people say let me think that this could be news you know it's just something that people talked about welk. When you yeah Connie. Official. Went up well or is asked mark where wolf. Numbers eat it you can't or something like that it it'll. And Serra. I went and talked about it let me ask you create that I would follow up on with an ax. Kitty at a netbook and that was another thing it really impressed me BI's. People who are currently in writing him. And they are saying things like I saw this thing whenever the derby means and it did not. If you're planning that hoax that's not what you do you know you don't want the authorities to come get you proprietor whatever. At least in my mind. So I was just an answer when I went to our opening to meet these people. They really ran the gamut in terms of needs. Term employment Europe they were farmers there blue collar workers like kind of workers men and women. And they didn't seem like being on clean up some story and there was a big agreement you know it's some incidents that happened is burn barrel as. Nineteen years prior. We talking to these people though. Term you're it was a long drawn out thing that surprised me. And then it just didn't seem like they are learning you know are they seem like they are sincerely. Still upset many of them. Term that they were recalling things that really happened to them when they were talking to me it was like me saying. There DT out tonight and check out orally. And so I really thought to myself well I don't believe and where agent and I really don't know not not Hollywood. I'm near medieval. Typical. Classics idea of where. It seems something. And what this is some kind you know an extra large species their. Our our example of timber well that came a little too far westar. Maybe there's something that's dangerous they should know about T you people watch and their children. Maybe it's just like the boat you know in the new something that people whose idea. Why didn't find any. Evidence of they have you know been that would be cool still to power even at the work while we're making we never thought. Now the editor. At people would be adjusted BI and our local area India aren't like a couple of weeks. And that I just had no idea of the potential that was out there and what I discovered when it was printed. The first thing was that people begin to contact me to newspaper office and take. This is not just something you know or chrome content we have this year it's not just your its unit in I realized it was where I had. Firm Neal from a star Airways and Virgin Islands in the east or Ian it was when I isn't. People can't actually get out and cheaper rate new wetter or you know look up the phone number in the newspaper. And Colleen there and so I realize this isn't much bigger phenomenon than not there was more to it. And also the media begin to come because this is pretty surprising that in contemporary times. The number of people are coming forward recording yet they had seen a lecture lack of a better term. Like a where. And so I had. Inside edition this is that when Bill O'Reilly was currently present. In saint edition it was a while ago and our viewers and you earned it insert joke show. And others that chat channel of the early ones enough. The local TV shows and read it shows galore it was just shocking to me what the local interest wasn't listening. And so I written that is in ten years and I during that time people were protecting me I was learning more about it. Because to be honest I had never even heard the word does allowances and ended in nineteen I had a lot of education or turned eighteen and my own. Yeah and after ten years. Yet another story actually that was quite different it was a local. Linda hold on just one seconds we have to take this break and we're gonna pick up the story where we left off its. Beyond reality radio and TV Johnson. Face off tonight welcome and appreciate everybody being here thank you for the great radio stations during the program cross country. That's a makes all this possible we thank them for being part of our affiliate list of who wanted to check out the list go to the website. It's beyond reality reader dot com or for listening online welcome there as well doesn't matter how you get the shows on June. Listen and participate speaking of which you join a call and later when we open up the phone lines telephone numbers 844. 6877669. Revenue very interest in discussions tonight. You may have heard of reports of creatures like the dog man I'm sure you've heard of where walls. Either way I operate canines something that's becoming more and and more common. To be reported to be cited and we've got an expert on with us tonight Linda Godfrey author researcher investigator check our website at Linda Godfrey dot com. She got many many books out including monsters among us and maybe you were telling us that you he wrote what you thought might be may be a throw away article for newspaper you're working for. And it generated such a response. When you talked about the sighting of a dog man Mike Cree Tron bray road. And they had actually undergo some effort to reach out to you to talk about what you were reporting on that's come remarkable. I really really hot that my first door on this subject which was 2003. Good twelve years after the initial article. Not all of this how all people don't know or understand and now the and I mean it probably won't write another book on this topic. And of course yeah but what's it started the colts know well that Oliver and I got more reports from people are. Firm and then what are media and then I am. Guff shores well my answer Christ did two episodes of their oh I'm I'm based on May may books. And different things happened in so here yadda yadda yadda 27 years later. You know with 1718 but not in it not on this in nineteen. Most of the minor kinds region in usual things. It's just not my expected career. And at that time I mean I was in the newspaper. I'm not so professional artists user presented by a lot ER. Firm and asked I was making art and I also was it time. And different term leases Hannity green hurting education. So it was kind of juggle time and then all of a sudden got around. I just decided viewers two inches of many institute too many books right. And so that's sadistic way to immigrants and well. And my it is our term you know. Meet meet this all in the record and see what I am and figure it. No one thing you were telling us. When this story kind of started for you and when you started to take interest and write about it you said there was a a government official that had a folder basically an official government folder. That was labeled where wall's surface of the moon you know and it along those lines I mean that's. That doesn't happen very often that you get some kind of official recchi recognition. That this phenomenon might have some. Not to use bad pun but some teeth and. Exactly. You know and it just asked me that we're pregnant and two RB an animal control officer. I still I'm still friends with him. And don't well yeah get a hold on to discuss things once in a wire. He just was taking these people seriously you know when it was either. Thinking maybe it was a leaping I birdied that people were mistaking her being a standing and it's kind race but. Journey smaller than what people Wear it's I think. Describing in the witness that links to throw this in your because this description still holds true for the majority of saying things that people. They are saying it was something that worked right either. Will all are on a jury separate camp with when he hears and they had a law Russell keen eye muscle. If it's not and they policy no big things. On any what's usually covered in shaky here is Agassi dark brown are great. Arm yellow I shine it in the headlights or some type of light shining the ice. Stand I and its hind legs marking on its opening act but they'd always say. At least status to the statement well the lakes are bent backwards. And what they're referring to there is hot which would be that this argument. And you know about it dot Isla it's what you like walking tiptoe. Around that's basically how they're built to get around. And then eighteen hour enriching the right direction. And eerie calm most earnings are muscular. Especially heavily muscled in the I in India Burke. Live in areas where you'd expect. And so that that was such a consistent description especially Dan and you know that it just seemed are these people describing the same thing in the same certain. Eighth year that was the biggest part because. It look like a dog or wolf standing outbreak which is not supernatural and it's our but so many people would report that. It would make eye contact with any would feel that it was. Something I'll just as much as they are a series of body yet and that it indeed certain disappear attitude. Sometimes to there aren't extent that they felt it was. Trying to communicate and you don't want to jump on their car which it has done its error agents or armed get down or they tried to it they told anybody current it would then go and find them. That kind of thing. Sinner that's unusual that's not normal behavior. Or wild animals just normal wound and. Linda when you were getting people who are writing to you are contacting news sharing experiences with few. Where most of these people who did did they come from her perspective of being frightened by their encounter. Was it more of a curiosity. Or was it something other than either of those things. Mostly it was right. On there are some people are not everybody felt that re hearing and one woman who is driving. Husband's not armor lined into the current you know I think you peace corps rose. Any came out of the corridor in your dander and crass greeted revert. And kept going and she said she'd just jump in a privileged. To sync is being a crew she was seen in your car. People have really been shaken by a penny had their world news. On turned around and they're seeing something like you know it just changed my mind about what's possible and not possible in this world because that's something that wasn't possible. And most of the time that's what treatments that it's acknowledged that they saw something. That could not be yanked and a write in any way they comer or not so there are created beanie eat in the armor because many deciding steer the car. Or the creature and in most cases we're just bra into. The bushes but. Now saint you know. I just knew I was seeing something that shouldn't be. And that's what frightens them so deep. And any. These reports straight Q is people being somehow harassed. Or stalked even or menaced or were they one off sightings that people had and and never to be seen again. Well the very first sightings down. Am I received a monster around the brain or area and you're an shall any arm. And twelve and then they do girl you already quickly do Europe they went and turned out. Most of those were hurt more like somebody driving you are. Not on. People who are dumped rain on some richest people were passing through because his service short road from I mean highway to the hospital. So. Those people would most I would say what you would call a winner but all the years I come across people who Brittany and Al. Then they we're being stalked or harassed that Tony and I'll of them there on Collison UC egos where they stare at sketching glimpses of it. Heard often times it's in rural area and always. Arm but with the iron hammer us that are available and they'll see it you know we'll be lurking around hoops or it will be running away with the one arm. Or ladies in northern ill and I. Heard a sound winning in mid into. A smile smirk on in this suburb base area west of Chicago. And they hurt and this is screening the agreement to give back any door. Inside are a six hits over six let her. Creature standing and it kind ratings went to Canada in what their act in its job as move in Canada Christmas screaming and they eat it. Our properties being being done the window is about the patio door and yelled. And that rattled reaching out that a job can't can't does not ultimately your age but. Other people have actually last year tax they seem to go to cats or dogs that harassment on many times. Do you see then is. You know just a a survival thing where they're looking for food or is that something more. Intentionally menacing. Well I think Brett sorry dogs and yet it probably is who because. Armed they're often seen. By the roadside but aren't correct so animal carcasses yes and it appears they're like any keen angle that the you're meeting your. But in other stories. Where it goes after the larger dogs seem to be windy hill provoked. Or harassed by somebody's done there was one incident where I was in downing or banner became shallow bottom well. It not to fire from from shore and he has not sign the operates. On 09 standing on short Patrick. Two and a darn. Nandan. Generalist fishing. Let's trade his dad was going to be chill is this England's largest in the docks are emptying out of and it clicked into each year and just say Richard earned and and that into the woods but. He never heard any Trace it after that either and I hear over and over. Not only are these but also not the threat which actually. Attending the big foot sightings at the scene and as the dot and so I've. Investigated. And arm. Collected reports and both of them you throw that you're in both sit at the same way when it comes to those bullets in most cases. You said that he emptied clipped into the creature and there was no Trace of creatures runoff from the woods is that also something you've heard it commonly get these things will take bullets yet don't seem to be harmed by them. Yes right end when actress started receiving those kind of stories I was not if that's kind. As well Burris will be learned and I was surprised to find out their exact same thing it isn't it let her earn time. And you know it's almost like you Kevlar and they're sure it's it's very hard to explain. It's not just birth there was another round that happened I think in Argentina where. Our family was gathered at the experts are having family celebration. And this outbreak canine was hanging around to weigh in outside when the kids ran out. End arms aren't being screened and everybody else not they were somehow able to order. On his leg and inserted armed with Cole is an inch out shovels whatever they get around it and hit shield it. In winning and to try and arm get a hold of some of the polar bar and get away from that for a minute. Meet meet me assess what they're doing it came back out it was just aren't. We're talking with Linda gone free she's an author researcher and investigator website is Linda gun free dot com. Lot of books to her credit seventeen or so monsters among us is one governors also others coming out soon we're gonna take a break we'll come back and to continue our conversation. About these upright canines these creatures that no we don't known as dog man may be where walls are big coup by a whole whole bunch of other names but their there's certainly disturbing to say the least. It's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson. Stay tuned by the way the phone lines will be open up next hour 84468776. It's outside it's like 32 grants brings things like winter but I got over in section of my studio somehow her election maintenance and of The Beatles and insects but little bug of some kind. They will welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio wind JV Johnson thanks for joining me Jason is off tonight or guests and n.'s Linda gone free. Who's an author researcher and investigator Linda got free dot com is the website many books to her credit include months including monsters among us and Linda you know we're talking about these dog named creatures these canines these operate canines. And when you first heard about this and he wrote about them. I mean a lot of people would kind of just run the other way be you brace this whole concept did did did does it ever frightening is the concept ever frighten you India ever had any encounters that frightened you. Oh sure yeah I mean it's. You know in the beginning I wasn't thinking that it was anything but some sort of isolated. Term predator you know maybe I. Will that it street into a neighborhood by mistake. Somebody inning. When it got started I didn't really have any reason to be 3COM. But over the years and certainly in the current reluctant. Real me. I'm usual things you know it's it took awhile but I have. Senior what I'm sure is big but I have no other way to explain it and I was. Hired a a group that witnessed. What I believe was the spine of a dog man because it was covered with grief her. And it was running just around the edge of us let light up an isolated road in Michigan when I was there with the monster quest crew. And I wasn't the only one that signed it wasn't something that would brighten an upright spine covered with greet her. And then in Atlanta cross the road it momentarily blocked artery left of road signs. And we know later and it was entered into an eight month to block an hour. Yeah so I'm. That was quite frightening and one of the people who sought was a farmer witness and he was so freaked out we just had a leash distances too weak. An outstanding and second only right. Because there had been allies in the bushes and sounds are used to encourage teenage shaking the water out of its her. It was like two or 3 in the morning in. Gary very hot humid tech weather so I don't think we're somebody you or they wouldn't. Our newest exe did you know gender grounds but in weather like there so there was. You know but yeah if I had a really scary experience the bigfoot. In. 2012 that he could not going to that we don't harm and just type in the words footprints eat in. Read that that I experienced having something. Year in just tour loud cracks a completely living leak out. Seven. It's diameter. Earn a limb. But day I eat earned ebony inches in diameter. In just two trips south street may be 150 Heatley currently. My I was only now. With me I just out a lot happened to live near the kettle moraine state forest in Wisconsin. Which is a no or invitation to big I I think getting reports. A big threat appearing from as early as in the 1960s there. And the duck man in the same area interestingly. Canals and things out when you get these sightings I can show you what it each army arm. But it's a dot manner abatement which side of a certain lying it's going to be because it seems different types of terrain just. Just as interesting to honey can just study one strange creature you know lending or to just be so many different types whenever you. Yeah I'm really active area. Male the other all they all have the same level of curiosity were we should have the level seen curiosity because the georgians is so mysterious were talking to Linda god for we're gonna break. When we come back on the other side of the break we will open up the phone lines for your questions your calls it 8446877669. Don't go away we have a lot more left it's beyond. It's. His friends are off tonight and and should be joining us next week pressure which night he'll be back. In the studio Bora looking forward to that welcome to the show where you buddy we've got a great until I was Linda Godfrey were talking about canine. Creatures operate canines dogma and where walls those types. In those types that tell you see in arguably easier dog coming that you just a regular dog. That's scary enough imagine if it's on two legs can match I mean. The beginning today and just a debt. I tomorrow night we've got Keith Linder on with us he lived in a house known as the awful help house the poltergeist Washington State and if any state has him. Poltergeist Washington State is the one. We'll talk about the contents of his book that he wrote about it. On mold he's going to be sharing location you can see some pictures some audio video and and reports on what it was like live in that house. Monday night or Friday and is a best of as it is every week Monday night we've got arbor pastor during the show. The CEO of bio cork incorporated. Ira was supposed to be on the program while ago we had to reschedule but he's gonna discussing the complex forms of regenerate G regenerative. Biology. That exist in nature that can help create novel. Therapeutics for human regeneration disease were version healthy aging and so much more. And then to lose and I John Egan who's an author and an artist has written a book called between love and hate the devil is real he's plotting to get your soul. And we'll succeed with many. This topic will include things like our demons real. What events took place while he headed demon in his house pose is experienced with a full blown demonic apparition. That exists in the house where did these things exist how can you tell they're there and will most people ever meet one whole bunch more with John Egan that's Tuesday night's program. Our phone number is 84468776. It's now on the phone lines are open if you by to join our discussion. Linda is not only an expert in these separate canines but has experience with the many many different type script kids. And sightings. And reports so if you want to share one of those of us would be happy to have you join that. I'd like to invite you to the web site beyond reality radio dot com you can go there get a lot of information about the show you can see where the show airs in case you're traveling you wanna find a radio station in your area that carries the program they're all listed there. Plush you can get a hold of the beyond reality radio official. Coffee mug the one that makes coffee taste better than it's ever tasted before. Two great looking mug to go putter in the dish washing use it every day. Also stop ice Garrick con dot com under a lot of great things happening and the scare con world it's a great event if you like to get together with people who enjoy things like. Horror movies and paranormal reality television. On films a panel discussions great vendors parties all that stuff. Scare comes a place to be June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts more information can be found. At scare con dot com let's bring our guests when we got for Beckham the program by the way her website is Linda Godfrey dot com Linda. Know so much goes into the work in investigating the reports of sightings of whether it's a dog man type creature any type of cryptic creature you mentioned bigfoot. What is happening. On the on the cutting edge. When it in regards to this country these creatures because. You know frankly there are a lot of media reports there is some video there's some pictures but we still don't have that smoking gun and any of this what we can get it. Well you know it's the same thing with every paper that it no matter of the talking a bar nesting on Latin Nast or being flat or whatever. There are things like. Fritz tracks are probably the most frequent. Term takes firmer and but other than that it's almost as it. They exist in some sort of diaper touring or not things I mean it Adams that I greeted to certain ironic and trying to get too technical about that but. It's like we are in Weiner liberal immigration. And there are a step higher days. Almost all the way to explain why so many people can be sure they took a picture and they get nothing of the same thing happens entry Europeans. I've experimented quite a bit and it helped others. Com or are using your hands and trying to find out what's taking eight. It's always the same rate champions working great you've got some game records here Kirk is lying you can see it. Kings county and you know birds buzzards around. Or it's things like foxes and there they show just great and sometimes you might get working in Mountain Lion but yeah. Dance tour goes white or black aren't handed to are ecstatic TV. And then in the kitchen it comes out there it's in beautiful detail again. But the date is gone in you have no idea what to end. This is universal thing that happens with people returning to camp watching these things entry. Which is I think much like meeting the and then. Being able to suddenly put a camera up to your rights and Eamon you as something that's running. Next year targets driving to just really hired to react in the moment. India think that shot but let it sit there are other reasons too that we haven't. Well I you know the funny it's funny you said that because there are many many times I'll be driving somewhere and I'll be boom and rolling along and I'll see something and I'll think oh I should take a picture that be before you the chance I just past that are whatever. It's not as easy as people think to get a camera. When even though there on our phones even though we all have them with us basically still not that easy and I am really curious about what you said though. You know we talk about the lack of these this photographic evidence in terms of people. Not being able to take pictures but isn't it might be more than that what you're suggesting here. Is that people are taking the pictures is just that the creatures themselves aren't necessarily. Photograph mobile as we would expect them to be. Well that's what it seems like you know and I clearly want to see it as it's just people were very you know are looking and it. And it's hard to get Shaq. I have to say well I it's not that I don't believe that you so not it's just that it doesn't show up or register. Artists first half. Or video in a way that we are here and obviously. Chicks brings out that happens to your. You know not always so. Yeah that's I think it's scary perplexing in another real obstacle. You are properly investing event investigating these things spent so many. Or not. Recorded until their true cold pieces for instance. I have one I was into about tonight that I got from just a few weeks ago last month. In March from a management to an amazing saying yeah happening I mean again. But it happened in 2009. So that was nine years ago so. Attempts to reach out there you know big you can't expect it I mean I think oftentimes people are moved. It's just that they Cherie easy meat easing owners in side their minds. And don't know where Great Britain. And it may be years later but at times they discovered there people who. There anxiously hoping to get to a massive great numbered ports only. You know just being around eagle at the hour and Johnson conclusions from the DN. Based on what you've learned. Whether it's reports or your own experiences. Do these operate canines. Have a more foreboding. Atmosphere around them or an energy around them vs other types of crypt kids I we we've had several people report that. Have you found that to be true. Yeah that's probably generally true or not in every single case. Arm. But they certainly seem this year mark people man does bait you people on here. Quite the scene an idea of our armed the jets in is the big there compared to. Having a very hour. Lot of thinking anchorman he and that's understandable too because it they don't generally aren't Jeremy described as having those are things. You're not on NBS. IRR. Burner. Alpha. A chain and animal in its. Wait when accepting bets that he nine Abbey's editor coming in you. That's just get it straight year a little bit more then you do tend to think single mean. Or winner but out in our cases I still think it's the idea of yet to hear this from people over and over it the idea of not knowing what it it's not being able to. In our mental Rolodex and where to the right targets at Allianz business sections that they realized something dairy different. Well whenever cryptic do looking at and it's not normally an amateur and that just be sure out because you don't know how to react to it. There also seems to be. And this may or may not be true. But to seize B demonic element to it mean when you see a big foot we see a rendering or picture or whatever of the bigfoot creature you don't think demon but some reason that canine face. Has has a connotation that might lead you to think something far more sinister. Yeah and I have had people described them as demons in Blackburn and called it an email straight from the hell. And I actually in my is among Casper that you mentioned I can't. One of the most chilling content ever received which was hammering each city cherry and is not conservative Bob Baptist our church and in an ordinary night and day yet you shaped use and they haven't direct view of the warm in here crass and then. And it was great it is airmen the pastor steps down from. From the party young and this were an quality in any noticing acting nearest Lee doubled I'm stands up. Gives isn't the end she likes screeched. And then. This whole family of four people plus until those people are congregation. So not her it's just Sheen instantaneously. Right Jack Nicholson you know in in the movies or on you know on a deal here is where everything is progressing slowly and they're during risk isn't it. Instantaneously. Was. Suddenly appearing and us senate plata great burg wolf. Calling screeching well what odds and clients under Orleans and they said she can't clear corpse and arms or just something you never heard or. And there were luckily the hour or up in front because it was a transition break in the air in the armed service. And they are able sitting out as an instinctively. Leaked sure her any ironed out and appear and that annaly said then see where his acting ringer will self. Now this is a very. I just saw near its tight middle aged couple day you're around them present years is decorated Vietnam veteran. But they they and a children's not there what are their children resentment teenager. And you know that they tried to tell her that it was just a somebody's John Rainey did Richardson and ran back out. And they said she's like around you think ams do they are this kind of report where it seems so far there. I generally ask people who signed a form saying that. The best of their knowledge this is it showed actual current is is being experienced it I interviewed in person. Three times I checked up on all kinds of little side things that they are meek. Every single thing they tell me I need my husband or one what are prison interviews because he's. Yeah I appear nice and there is no reason I cannot any internal need to import. Sharing the truth is being is they knew it but went out there and get but it even. Yeah you know. Let's unless even get to a couple these calls here this is Ed calling from North Carolina he Ed welcome to beyond reality radio you're on with Linda gone for. Great job getting the Ali. Questions. Such a beautiful it's they I have. Question about trail cameras with all the trail camera except and so fort. One in the Glen has never seen pictures on trial cameras and also look bigfoot which he'd blown up which does slip vehicles. Do we you'd think somebody might have some pictures at some point and it will not call again and was helping my head. He had not heard and I don't know if you have a if you Google Yahoo!. Don't walker a few days ago. That was in Argentina they have the peak they have some pictures. Of war. And they killed a German shepherd a pit bullet nickname. Was this the did the possible to put congress signing is that we're talking BM yeah. It was more to me like a doll. Interest and interestingly did you hear about that report. Yeah I pretty much ruled out where it is not an actual photograph. If you look closely at that and this has been I I've seen a difference in mind that these are. Railways and the hearing Nairobi's. And you and trying to hit on Ryan the exact same. Eight it it was just the exact same thing you sanity to our one of the hearing Einar. Released error in the face the other direction and then Springsteen to act and and it's sure in in in encounter or yeah. The problem with what the technology today it's so easy you just coming level about Ed's other question and you kind of addressed in talking about the stroke cancer and far more common then. They have ever been and yet we still can't get that definitive image we have about a minute for a jump and a break here. Right and the most I've seen around those winds amidst that he not and you is still at it yet but amidst a skewed to its. Then all of a sudden in the western half an hour security photographs. And then it was back to the regular arms green and missed on in the Dierker. Has earned. Yeah okay thank set for the phone call we are jumping to break here we'll be back more with so many gone through they have a lot more to go it's Linda Godfrey dot comic wanna check out the website it's. Beyond reality radio and TV it's. Beyond reality week one team Johnson jus sauce tonight. Our guest has undergone three we're talking about dog man where walls other operate canines he's menacing creatures that have been. Reported more commonly. Getting ran third in the league of bigfoot and other such odd creature signings and we're gonna continue that conversation just few moments. We've got to get back to break the last segment was wrong here are long here so we've got jumping to break in a second but I wanna remind each morning Keith winter will be with us. He lived in a house called the bottle hell house it's a poltergeist of Washington State is the story. Wrote a book about he's gonna talk about his experiences that's Thursday night Friday is a best of program Monday Ira pastor from bio port he's the CEO will be discussing. Complex forms of regenerative biology in nature that could create novel therapies for human regeneration of disease reversion healthy aging and so much more. That'll be an interesting conversation and then Tuesday John begin. Will be witnesses talk about a book he wrote that's called between love and hate that double as real he's plotting to get your soul. And will succeed with many that sounds rather foreboding but will have that conversation Tuesday night. Our telephone number is 8446877669. Give us call the wanna join the conversation. David Johnson thanks for joining it's your phone calls. If you do wanna call in NT 446877669. Would love to have you and for those are you on hold BP shall we get to the calls. How whether guest Linda Godfrey. Check out the website it's Linda Godfrey dot com many many books available and in fact that Liddy you've got like seventeen books are so right may be more. And I'm eighteen I think in New Orleans and leave it sounds. Term yeah but it and then make the gamut of topics I mean you spend a lot of things. Right on I collapse of the weird and out of the Barnes & Noble link US series and let's not to get to do weird Michigan. On that one now the league and seen in years on this and long but. It won't get out most recent but each. There is one com American monster is that I wrote economists. I want people understand. And adapt and large next are the numbers are different types of crypt at the scene in town that. North south north and South America. Outlook just not real life just the number it's so weird large. Flying things was astounding that was what I started that book outlet but of course the arm I'm not operate teen analyst. Using your summer as the two or expand. Let's jump to our caller lines here let's go to Dan in New Orleans who want to share a story with a seat and welcome to show you're on movement got free. I'm from Louisiana down in Leo cultural leap over there and media. Lessening kept alive rebel base. And it spoke in a boat here. Oh man years how many equal and opposite goes you know were stories about. And. I think named it on form of group. So as head of the they had a story about that on nine NC yes the law and you want you back at osu was fictional. And in the name the US room remember his bug blew. Did you ever have an experience yourself stand or these garage sturgeon number. Well I'm pretty boy that's in it but we've lived you know who are traveled over and as the country is to do with young engineers. Flood studies of. On New Orleans I'm no stranger to odd. Sayings and this is one of a long list there but have you heard that name before Linda the bungalow. I actually referring to the real locker room. Is he catered dinners and the French who were our own little guru which would mean where. I can't you get done these southern states and literally is a very common. Her four. Okay thanks stand for the called sharing the story with this New Orleans has its share of stuff on whether it's. Ghostly activity or scripted activities a lot of it going on their. You brought up Linda early in the conversation about these canine creatures a supernatural commode component is there something sutra and supernatural about these are these or these flesh and blood. You know just Harden elusive creatures that terror Roma in places just make them hard to find. Well that's the really interesting thing. On our very arts portion of sightings. I'm a teacher creatures that don't really do anything ulcer or supernatural that is you are disappearing her son. You know having glowing red light but. There are certain number that you and Aaron. It's really hard to say it say with Sarah. On the normal to just deal or are there but in hind legs which is weird. In and explain but it snapped supernatural. If you wake up in the air is this extra time. Sure. Don. You know we've seen in outer reality. Is seeing it read I like now being kind you. Well that's. Not Murray the phantom docs or the UK you know replaces. Anything is any kind of real and and then you veterans in between and it got the need to mirror contain her seat shifter. Column. Notices skiing locker you've got other sorts of two additional scene shift Gerris. On Disney. Are the ones in medieval times in the banking and had just been able to. Mold their forms. So you never know. Exactly what you're looking at if you don't enter a mirror that and it in in many cases. On some people believed that these aren't stock rejections that you are able to. Train their mindset that they can or is there is no energy hour in the C a when these creatures. That may be the tool less so this is. It just saying in that it's our probably in my estimation. Maybe five to 10% aren't these old currently Stanton. Or supernatural type things and most of the rest of the sayings. Iron east inked it look like it's huge lacking timberwolves are German shepherds. That they accurately. And many people are afraid. Because of the way they they be keen. What is it wins some cemeteries seems to be a connection with signings and cemeteries is that just a coincidence. I don't think so because it happens a pre currently. And it's not just our burial sites it's on some minor cemeteries. I'm just seller any seem to be am looking very close to cemetery. If experience he doesn't mention it has not been go and see where it happened in the end I'm cemetery and now. We're nearing close arm. Cracks in the teeth. And I don't know what it is if there's something about the you know the or camping arm. The spears there her exactly. Or at its peak times. And another practices that. Cemeteries and sacred spots are being built in me and bury old. Snipes and their cell many times and he'll engine choice. I mean if you are areas lane who are like the military where it's an installation that's another. The thing that I find stand correlation that's. An especially in both cases. Armed creatures are a little while the UV that Blanton or the shapes your tech than the hour of the normal. Byrd's night of each. It's our let's go back to our listener line this is Vince calling in from Missouri agents will the show. He had an idea. Artists. Just. I recall from my past. Thirteen fourteen years old. I don't want to serve as a mother hospital and and she coalition said do not. Saying the saying do not freaked out then don't do nothing. And about that comment from around the corner and his head looked like the head of the or are mule. And it was really scary and naturally I freaked out and just kind of this question my mother and what else is in the small counts so it was like everybody in this man but no one knew where he got peace after brief round but he was. They've nicknamed him he'll face yeah actually had a name a real name him the very nice person. And his owner if it aghast at it if there's if she thanks genetic saying. Well and Vince I'm convinced let me ask aren't Vince let me ask you did this gentleman have just distorted human features that made him look like he had. And mules face. Or no access easily I had on the earth manner manner four. New army oh yeah I'm not. On our heat it's city and. Yeah he could talking a very nice in general. It was just not think of David it was a very scared look. You know as a child and her anybody it would. And any even if he loses you know he was held back you could tell you know he walked in and you could tell he was you know he knew it look like in. But it was Bernard Ebbers like but he definitely was not. It was not a normal thing it was a company can you know there's just something that's. Maybe exist one time genetic mutation or is this something that. My account. From somewhere else I'm not sure if they actually call him mill basin. My mother wore it should do not saying nothing as soon as I mean I actually holding belt saying nothing. And he walked Ralcorp has here at frog living daylights out of me the. Here it'll ever happen to him do you need a normal life and as Gary Aaron. He did a little hard he died at I think the young Nader like 51. While era hitter and I mean more down. Arms and hands exchanged information that. Might want to me a little thing in a sideshow you know this is because. That's what people aren't in those staying that Dini Koppen didn't if they had sir. You know so it is entirely in the realm of possibility. He had Seles or are you teach for the year and some other. Ernst and form any oftentimes. Mutations clustered chapel in herbs and you get Wendy already in. And her near another mutation of power to be my best guess if you assume not speak in the earth community. And little life and be nice and be on are. Working on and Syria he probably wasn't yeah. And we. Yet and its interest in these serious accidents for the phone calls sharing a story with us let's interest BC that the deer they're all sorts of books and in the hole you go back to the you know of the PT Barnum days and the side show and they you know they're called sideshow freaks. As insensitive that as that may sound. But they were. Deformities that were played up to be in some cases more than they actually word of Phyllis certain character role or something like that. Right lizard journal or arm. You know and everything. Out and I have heard of one scene well people who knew listing is the farmer who had. Year on their feet and legs. And Mon climb so that was a woman and her feet look like what you'd expect to Wear ski tour right. And she's this girl that her mother was this lady and they are there. They called me auntie and ended despite having where we'll take it should be what are Booker. Eats. Were gonna run out of time quickly here so we had to kind of moves through some of these things but what are that would spend the most recent activity that's been reported to you were the you've heard. The reports. Of these dog man or other type of a break canines sightings. You know again I did receive him last week Denver court is nine usual. Let it. But a England. And it's got more recent. The inactive ones than this but if you are playing I'll just take this your champion Aaron. She wrote it was when it was 102009. It was due to our rights and we cannot relate to that right now. And he heard the sound of what sounded like the person walking on the move this house. And his girlfriend and their two daughters are sounds that it will everybody. And he said he got this surgeon general and he didn't know what the creature has. He grabbed a machete and Democrats and eat it in owning a gun and opened patio dollar. Reports instance analysts. And he's not around the house and you're the sudden they're staying. Throws it down Colbert the rules what are their what their. Where it could look down at any city in and that these would appear to be a huge timber will listings and everything. He says he just throws his adrenaline just. I ran out of them any standing at one and it's going to Jeter and that's saying instead that there's huge thirty early recruits have landed. We hear way at a tiny lakes in and do his words. Well. So yeah and you know. Bear the girl friend and her daughters were. Here I. And they actually. Yeah he would seek yet another experience of apps or is it still at saint evenings sexy right. Lucky into the woods after it to disappear. Any said something excited and screamed don't like his presence. And it one in my letter to bring down is something was to see him going into those words. Mile. In the couple minutes we have left here's couple quick questions. What technical intelligence do you think these creatures have as a human or beyond human or resume more canine what sort of intelligence would you expect. The witnesses and again each ankle I want if those nagging is still leak. I'll sign it saying end this thing worked in my eyes are instant star looked at me. I watch what it was doing I felt it had a higher intelligence than seeing natural world or any type of natural animal I now get it. Knew it was there and it was aware meat and something happened days. You know Diener a screen and it was serious around me and six holes that you just stones here buying him you know attorneys see a bear that in the woods or whatever. Wind you'll look at the reports that you've gotten and the things he you've investigated researched is there any define geography to these sightings or is is it basically anywhere and everywhere. Not me and seem very well adapted aren't they do until late forested areas. On. Our grass areas corn field they're really. I think when their grocery habitat the same amount without being seen. And they can find train and Marion are into animals go into the cornfields and earpiece and the boring. So they like network and it just seeing pictures of inner and our nation or something with this eight Lipper courage not to. So on. There they're too that the examples thinking you know. Well there's a lot going on and there were just basically at a time here we appreciate you sharing all this with the snow your website is Libby got free dot com you've got your books listed there they can that be found elsewhere I'm sure where else can people find your books. We are at most online destinations Barnes & Noble carries among my arm books armed. Just six Atlanta and you're fever. About it but the but I you're in you're bound to think it also foreigner they are chair and Linda creed economic and experiencing when Sherron me. Or it's a question or something and done stories that you haven't been published counselor. And you've got a new book coming out soon. And hope soon if that happened. But it works all right Belinda thank you so much for being with a Snyder is a fascinating discussion and were hoping that you come back soon especially if we get. Any more on significant reports of these creatures among us. He plays that we nine B crowd to come back anytime and banks are your listeners to. Ari thank you again the website is Linda got forget dot com check it out a lot of books to her credit including monsters among us is beyond reality radio I'm javy. Don't go away we've got to the. Little bit more we come back to wrap things up just. This equaled the songs she's known. Noticed that saying April showers bring may flowers and wait for snow brings we'll find out soon thanks for joining us every. Buddy and take human gone prefer great program it was terrific we appreciate you all joining us as well. Tomorrow night we've got Keith wonder who will be talking about his book the bottle hell house poltergeist of Washington State. His experiences and what led to writing the book Friday is a best of in the Monday night Ira pastor from bio corporal join us to talk about exploring complex forms of regenerative. Biology in nature that could create therapeutics for human regeneration disease reversion. And debt healthy eating so much more. Again thanks for being here I'm javy and I will see you let's see tomorrow night make sure you join us beyond reality radio take care man. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason thanks GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely don't really radio's so good. Yeah you never stopped going to finish the agency who paid the same sentence because well Jason host an actress and host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.