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Dr. Carol Obsorne talks about the psychic abilities of pets

Jan 11, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne about pets and their uncanny ability to sense thing - sometimes precognitaviely. Nutrition and medical concerns are also discussed. 1/11/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On stimulus goes sir Stanley spills many are stuck in between somewhere between welcomed beyond really review with myself Jason holes in the always awesome GG Johnson. We are on the cusp of having to show that people gonna love. We haven't had any Mac but finally we're getting there this is certainly the one -- -- we've got to lie at least some original like Russia we've been a lot of great guests and a lot of gate great shows but I know one thing you know people love their pets people love their pets and I'd I've got three dogs and two cats in and 64 kids and it's like I total I noticed the order you put the media Qaeda or my docs I don't certainly adds there is my dogs a low maintenance in a cat cats or remain as they do and they do their own thing here with time you're gonna worry about them a little box and feed them yeah that's true that there are doing their own thing the kids while their high maintenance yet and it's the all true words but we're gonna bring in doctor Carol Osborne in a little bit and we're gonna talk about pets and there on canny ability to sense. Things that we obviously don't cents. Is it an ESP they have some type of fun telepathic power. Or is it something else are picking up on. And you made a good point Illinois we're talking about that you brought up the whole idea what it's something. Late term loans as giving giving off caramel and animals are just they're so receptive they picked up on every. Or any little change you have. Me I've walked into the house and then in and bad mood and usually talker and Matty and choose they'll come running up and you know saying hi. But I'll I walked in the house and a bad mood over something. And the bill purposely likable and like I won't say anything to send their purposely avoided. It what you can tell it's just stated the pickup so much from and then in the end they're just so amazed also yeah yeah and it's it's. On. You know on tested undeniable love and but I'm not much traffic to the words it's und fad it's a infallible and it's just it's just really incredible there that there really. These pets that we trees parts of our families is good reason we do that and so I doctor carols and talk about it we're gonna have a great conversation we're gonna take Samir calls later in the program and the people she's a veterinarian so. To be able to talk about a pet issues you know health issues for pets and stuff like that answer be good. So the whole thing with this weather that we're in we've all that happening I mean it's or you've got he weighs in Australia that are boiling bats brains are in trouble they're falling sky at a 117 degrees. You've got and cold front's going to Miami where you've got these iguanas and dropping out of five foot iguanas dropping out of trees. I'm now at this it's snowed. In the Sahara Desert. While. Yes now I know and I'm not you know amendment scholar of the Sahara Desert but I can imagine that happens very often don't know now and I putted well ever rate again yes and so but they ended up getting a couple inches of snow. Could you covering the sand dunes and and there's pictures. Actually it's one of the stories came upon beyond really news but it's amazing I mean. It's it's just. Everything is so screwed up in the were dragging it. If they're real and it's it's insane and is a man and a snow in this in this artist somebody's messing with a assuming you mean somebody used to get better everything's been flipped upside down that everything is backwards or settle a stranger things yeah. Pregnant when their car and brings us and now that and decide what's that called. Ups and don't look so down worlds on an articulate an arm around the world on whether. But yeah so it actually snowed in the sense aren't in the Sahara Desert army wanna pronounces. Yeah well. I I don't know I've never been there probably will never be there but the fact there's snow there has it has to be anybody who is there has to be saying what the heck is going on. Mean is just yet I think that cluster and two senators are striving to death valley California felt it's time. Yeah yeah that's the desert it was just it was brutal it was brutal so tomorrow night we're going to have a pretty interesting program as well Maurice Connor Rowe will be joining us and Maurice is the author of the book called forbidden science. It's it's basically he talks about. I'm named sure how to how to describe the basically. He will answer all of life's mysteries in our discussion tomorrow and well it's pretty much she all he hit his book forbidden signs talks about things like you know why we exist. And you know what god is and how were connected to god and I it's a pretty amazing some book and he's got some really interesting theories and he'll be on the program tomorrow night and we're gonna go through now. And every Friday of course is a best Somalia may she tuning check out our show in light of a Monday through Friday and were costly adding new channels actually getting ready to at a bunch more. I'm if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page forest. Then had to be on reality reviewed dot com where you can download free iPhone and android app to Los Angeles in the show life catch past shows join me online chat more. Or the senate and any of the great stations we are across the country and come Westwood One stations you can find that train them on reality reviewed dot com or on FaceBook page. On if you die or you can listen right from the what's the score goals in life tablets in the right hand corner did all of the show from iTunes or anywhere else do you just do us a favor and read it for us and helps push shall forward and makes it easier for people to find. And that's what it's all about. Now JV and I've been doing this remote viewing things and and we picked him we just pick a random card out of and a 52 card deck of cards. And we still the same cart people called in last night tried to a remote view war take a lucky yes. And pick and I'll nobody's gone yet we still have the same cards as long Jim and listen beings sort of kind of deduct the ones that haven't guessed. And if you able to do that later on Russia on. You Winfrey but he had to be sent out to you. And only gonna do as a remote view lucky guess you know look at the draw what are you gonna call you up if if if it's luck of the draw still Tulsa was remote feeling you get this field. Yeah make us feel good make this to accuse your psyche gum but no this is a serious effort to see if if we can get anybody who really feels like they have those abilities and they can any. Very quick and we understand some very the kind of a rigorous. Test of those abilities but have you given a shot and that we do have that same card will be thinking about it throughout the program. So if you need warmup you need to kind of connect with a SH start now and write down the phone number it's 84468776690. We ask for those calls. Will like you know will blow blow open the lines for that in the meantime we also want the number to talk with our guest doctor Carol Osborne would later. Yes again it's all free 88446877669. And 844687766. Night that you think in this that you you guys are getting a warm front and a New Yorkers. If you wanna call I've been compared to what it was over the weekend 3334. Degrees pretty warmer now than we that we hit an opera thirty seat but we've actually a 505152. Coming in and tomorrow and Friday. And and well Friday point four inches of rain to be dumped on us which is going to create massive flooding as we've got our starts melting and calling all the trains and so often a musher if you guys are getting hit by that storm. But crazy like a day and a half after. All that. That rain we're going to be back into the twenties in the team so should be an interesting ice skating rink everywhere he asked him dump all that rain makes a mess and an all freezes in place that always makes for real difficult everything everything becomes difficult that point. Yes so are its over and take a quick break in the we're gonna get hammered guest join us but you listen to Jason TV on yeah. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Sure we are really renewed chase champion. We're about to open the door. To the discussion of pets. Okay are you there and other public image of looking at the screen that you and it's completely frozen the thrill I UH yeah I don't know are we are is because of postings on the amount pictures yeah I know that you are doing so. So that that's you know and I normally at this point I would tell people to go to Chad and I join the chat room and I'm not going to do that right now because those pictures are full. And it's funny because some of the people that are in the had been in their free in ten or all night in their room straight to amusement days they've been with a sense beyond reality radio and grant I did it way back in the days ago. And their morning men each other and not to click the picture is conflict and tension shock anyway outlets for. Guest into the program tonight we're talking with doctor Carol Osborne she's an integrative. Veterinarian. And her website by the way is sugary Chagrin Falls pet clinic dot com and doctor Carol welcome to the program great to have you back. What are. It's always great to have you on and legal to towards. And right. And I'll be all of your all of your listeners I'm sure as well. Well one of the things that we always remarked about is that when we have shows were the topic. Has something to do with pets we get a lot of phone calls we get a lot of chatters. A lot of people are very very connected to their pets. As they treat him as part of the family I'm sure you know this you've heard this. But it's really the way the world these days. It is indeed an picked. Are one of the reasons that talks to read our minds are is because of an incredibly close connection and. Aren't just pets and their owners here with each other extra crude animation it's excellent. They possessed. Let's talk about you before we get into the pats themselves what even up to since you've been on the show last. Well just know working with a lot of word talks and acts. I'm working on diet can help put a little blogger try to minimize distractions and chemicals and all these unnecessary pharmaceuticals that are. A hotel or the market and we've been doing a great job. Well in decides and I mean it mourners in Utah muddled and the bad stuff that's helped Mary through lately it's been right down to dog food so it's been recalls callously left and right on dog food and and I'm sick out. Absolutely and I've always tell my clients. You were you weak and so we should target holistic medicine we use food as minister and soldier by independent certain food or she can your producer supplement your wondering. Food supplement. Is really penetrating impact. I always tell my clients to look great character goes poorly can try to you know. Make sure that the tapestry and your code is bright shining stars filled with energy to care items are brightly move freely. Cute guy. Especially in need of good indicator of academic. You know I think it's probably kind of similar to your veterinarian. Q what change you communicate your pets I eat a diet food energy supplement general. To. Austrian tennis culture lifestyle. I totally agree with that because I I've got three dogs myself and one of them has a green allergy. And I I didn't ask had dogs my entire life it's the first time in the suspect it's an Australian Shepherd. Com and it's a first dog I ever had that seems like he's allergic to everything and it's it's crazy thought dom. It but it will we knew we didn't know this at first and you know for a while he'd he'd he'd he'd go also he gets sick and you several kinds of issues here issues and all that stuff. It wasn't until we found out that he had these allergies and we changed his food that well he just became a total different ball. You know at. That's pretty complex. I'm veterinarian who's allergic to animals. About a 40% work. One out of every site talks I touched him subtype analogy kind of emerged you don't have fleas are the greens are the food. Potential here and sharing company YouTube. And making those changes immediately. After the can continue to released. It is exactly the right after traveled. Did you say your veterinarian and that's allergic to animals. So when it comes to allergies there's there's no magic bullet you know she's like distilled water. Foods which actually grange. And sometimes there's a special protein. We're gonna try to relate to a change in certain cases of technical world of difference. Carol we've got a lot of new listeners to the program since you've been on last week Panetta to a whole bunch of new radio stations as our affiliate list grows so. What are you offer those new listeners just an idea of who you are what you know we've been talking about a kind of but introduce yourself to them. Absolutely. I doctor Carol last word and I. Here I can series steadily Chagrin Falls Ohio or about a hundred miles east of Cleveland. We got out capitalist. Little integration. Generation earlier we're week we focus on on dogs and cats. So if you lived locally we'd we'd love to help you control of local league we're Chagrin Falls pet clinic just count. Got a great web site with over 5000 plus articles that I. I live in order to return to control from agencies. As well as of and agree cannot restore. We also welcome. Questions and comments we offer phone consultations for all of repellent huge precedent a local. Carlos told freaked. The statistics. Doctor Carol and actually receptive to. Can 76 sites are basically we provide our traditional. Western medicine. Which are natural. Holistic he searched right there at least. To trade up to myself well this. For each individual animal. Revising its. You don't actually kill local structured exchanged. And try to use actual product placements were aware of what we can. At what point in your life did you realize that this was your career path this is what you wanted to do. You know why I always loved animals. Connection and diet as indicated well and ready to allocate you know I've always been allergic quite quite Bob it has rock. So I was never allowed him appended as as a little kid it. You see between those little turtles Robert Brackett we. I had a little turtles in the tanks. So why I don't positions I was old enough regular household pets and you know I I have a lot of you know holes and I love it isn't so. In general areas just kinda liked about it your cheek and material. We often hear. The word alternative used when in in the medical community alternative medicine whether it's for human story. In our case suffer the point of discussion site in pets what is alternative mean in that context. You know basically you can see there's another way to do it where we're actually using the the portrait medications like etc. you know all the time I look at CP Yelp and things like we can of worms. You know there's really helped or hurt our revolution and all that commercially available products. I had available for pet owner refused. To repel ticks and fleas and mosquitoes. There are. True alternative solutions. I'll cope with things like. Social Orioles are registered users of the world garlic. Tea tree oil for for example that he used in various ways. And offer but doing good results are. Sure we're ready animals don't register for what reason or another. Aren't able to tolerate. Chose war works actually kill chemical preparations. We didn't dislike exchanged. Which certainly initially it's appreciate it. Our level of community. It is a vital importance. Our situation. To. Be sure that Europeans I've played twist. Seems like yell just have a powerful hepatitis every piece. By the other children. Yeah Christian democratic and social baseline level of experience. We are pretenders to. Tiger isn't like just didn't talent it's an internal level of protective immunity. For them seriously diseases. That there are various currently circular 62 reminders every year reduced to stripper. Prevalent hepatitis just took it a couple. Something you don't attempt to. Teach your pet project and we cannot be kept that card. And have those extremes put interior able the Jerry is a week ago around there rabies shots slips an average of meteors. All right so food so we're gonna take a quick break we will take a hard bravely come back we got a lot more questions for. You'll listen Jason Giambi I'm really reveal them back. Yeah. Right down from her take her her six and 77669. I know people have questions about their pets in Basel. And yes I've got on losses will also if you have a question about your dad. Feel free to give us a call and then you can ask a doctor Carol Osborne who's our guest tonight again crystal treaty 8446877669. Carol let's talk about. Nutrition a little bit freer animals and I know who are ultimately we're going to be talking about ESPN and pets uncanny ability to sense things and and how they do that. But this is this the whole discussion my nutrition is kind of the foundation of everything I think not just for pets but for humans as well and you keep mentioning the word toxins. It's pretty well accepted and understood now that this mass produced commercial food that we eat and then our pets eat. Is kind of filled with the stuff isn't it. You know it certainly is an. Throw the listeners out there that are wondering if a particular pet foods that are recalled a cataract. You can go to me saying that can go to the forward slash pet food recall Scott it's so that he. This simple little he Rick here to help keep the impression that because that can number of foods under Clinton hierarchy don't. Oh blessed to be perfectly honest with you so you don't change your produced having gastrointestinal. Problems perception historic. About it diarrhea even. You he's OK return of the ocean now want to keep. Remember that you know pensions just relished 101000 times. Greater than yours and mine. So there's a little bit of older. I yelled there's a couple of class action lawsuits going on right now. Source of the very picnic plans. What can make it was led the other which lead arsenic. If you if you could possibly police that she alarmed. You tell or read reviews but most importantly can't look at that I had when you get started here you go out. When it comes to dry food. These delicate Reid refused country skill and stressed look at those were elections sort of jokes to credit freeze situation. Is very real or just like we were you don't talk you're lucky allergies. Few a few minutes ago. Talks so Gregory fried foods they'd comedians are forced her that's. For those of you out there are still quite particular and hopefully we'll connect you know if you change your home cooking. So potent source. Basically you always kind of day. I'll finish or extra wood quality and approaching a west I told him closer to the category as well. And I'm extremely Casey. And vegetables 5050. When it comes to education system writing checks. Almost typical Christian for a start up. A broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts. After the act. Creepy strictly spinach kale cabbage Cilic six that are out you can make me feel pretty there. Is that he category. 60% as it is your vegetables your fiber. Our weakest at but apparently it works try to lose weight. Or would we're concerned with the allergies. If your you could pick a little Gabriel. We don't want to Kurdish approaching. What surgeries those guys veggies. As these final shirt you're good luck and keep our weather shock. Potatoes pasta rice noodles and company that which you know treated the middle section. Are cooking up anyway you like. We'll get an extra virgin olive oil is a great source of (%expletive) blows a natural. Social located three fatty acids. It also. Look at the smell or taste. The top three flavors of post talks loves barbecue or not just honest. He pitched to me is actually kind of at all. As well as our so it looks like source SARS but it color too worried about low sodium to Larry CAF. They are eight. It was a little bit. And most absolutely absolutely thrilled. The one thing that gets scary this these days is and when we're talking about the pet food recall is a lot of times it's not until all of a sudden there's a loss and people have lost their pets before he started hearing of this food being recall. And and that day it's a terrifying situation every time I go out to buy animal food it's it's you feel like years and you're trying to dodger bull. Well thank unfortunately. I think in many cases that's exactly what you what you are doing. Armed and he'll the other thing I wanted to say it. Is you know I I've got connected wish or actually it was specific brilliant food I've you. You know more than at home and I already. Diet I try to pattern area if you well we formulate specifically work. What ever disorder. Or helps issued a particular type deal might be experiencing. But our veterinary facility we had actual results. Wish that some of these raw diets aren't particularly kiwis. It's what we carry her office. Bullish it's our company's frozen and that agent morsels. It also comes pre strike on teaching for the owner you know you take a patio Wiki site please don't explain it errors sections. Interest loan volume. Produced as a result of the caddies. It is so little older it's almost nonexistent. So it's Belichick he a couple of booted a year in year out they're scooping up like. It doesn't seem to see what art school. Because the food is actually being wish and got. And as opposed to going over nuclear cared. While credit so we're gonna managed pepper some phone calls and throughout the of course illustrations and let's go to brands in Kansas. Hey Brad welcome to beyond reality really great to have you on doctor Carol Osborne. I won't commodity thank you so much for letting me come on I appreciate the love this show. It's amazing Carol actually might remember me. I'm a week ago are you on another program and I have my brother killed himself last on 6616. So yeah. Do you remember make I don't think I'd like twenty it is wonderful to hear from your friend. It's soda beer you want somebody can't be all gone beyond how it's amazing play at my brother and shut up on 6616. And then they may be OK later can showed up and really just an incredible. That can shut up. He never write the name is Jeff. And now the two month became back and I feel like my brother's spirit the most reincarnated in the debt. Oh. And more than likely that's cute that's exactly what's going on. Any. It was incredible I mean it's a sudden it's a whole oriental spirit does just that it's a crazy that. He was drawn them and he was there immediately. Jack you know. Well you know I I I knew I I can react. And and I guess his judgment just us just agree with you I assume so I couldn't. I think guys. Sounds like definitely that your your brother spears stayed right there with you. With the other 88. Animals that output could do that aren't particularly pig Akaka keel and a cantor. Well I don't you house. I got to do this. God bless you guys thank you so much blood. Come on say Cuban radical yet make sure you take care that can't take care of all the animals but give the cattle and inspection special extra little special love for sure. Let's go to this is Bob in Boston he Bob welcome to the show. It. What's on your mind around with doctor Carol Osborne. While it looked at and there are pockets so much about who recommends that a part of that pace up beaten him my old people the Arab. The artful. From the Cannes and actually gotten so much better in the last two years but. Seems to have o'clock in the morning. And I'm I'm one Aaron nom it was the fact that like he had an echo cardiogram before an eight Amish got a modest the president she gets excited. It might push up on the tricky errant. By trying. Armored down you know and then it's it seems to subside but what everyone else that you except she's got a call from one and it should go to. Are some that might shall on the house on that you corporate art something from the mice from respiratory why are on my should do. Com. For the confirmation is like fifteen years old and open. You know quote are full blast it it's been a lot better armed. Gray hair at all on white. They're trying to to a white Beagle eaten at the other dark pool matador resulted die. I blame them. Chinese dog food and they. Next I'll tell what party you preview we have a very good point. When when we wake up virtually no important that we could talk. A lot of times and other times we call that occurred across. And the region for that is because it is an American issue which you just described to us are based on that you're cubicles. Lab testing. I sometimes when we're actually seeing it. What accumulates in the towel on the where we sleepy. In order to get an expression are what we breakup we constitute clear that particular care situation. So my suggestion would be. You just hear veterinarian. So let's do it here maybe he can give you a little something. Can help the historic deal to bring a little clerk and get rid of what sounds like a little political. And to the respiratory passages. OK guys guys that you keep peace he had been on like a little bit. Our legal watchers in the last time that document at a little bit of an ammonia but Alec to flourish medical and something from the loan. At the moment I don't think he picked opponent. We'll just like to Sherwood do you think there's a little bit of blue accumulated. And she might get a little direct whether it's traditional direct likely six or whether it's alternative direct something like candlelight erode. I I would mesh around which. She's a vet so that you guys to figure out to carry this thing. To release a little bit of that clock figured that your dog. Bob thanks for the call and we're gonna take one more room then we're gonna go to break and when we come back from break we'll get into this ESP question. This is also Bob but this Bob's caller from Florida hey Bob welcome to the show. I that this is Bob from white springs Florida and I had a question about cats. Why habitats and because some allergic I had to keep her as an outside cat. I have a fourteen years but then she started losing a little weight I took it to the vet. And he did this series of tests and we've found that she had feline elites. A chain and I have to put it down I was wondering or is there any. Work being done to develop a cure or treatment for feline agents. He you know you don't. That's that's a great question. I certainly. Like to wish any of these are curable viral diseases I think. We expected dedicated. Medical literature and they're professionals. Researching. Point 47. You can try it. Pictures and have their way of playing. Some people and it also can do to push these disorders. You know in my experience. Our pets with age also they don't have a very good review system. They are subject to college of emergency for bacteria and viruses and sort of come down to tracked. I'm a lot of these peace. Actually to play well. Talk a little unaware that touched cats. What you wish you vital key here for example. So he answered your question it is absolutely I urge you wait all kinds of research. Are are these disorders. Oh they don't insecure currently. Certainly are working on it and hopefully will. Which cures for this and many other things are in the near future. Bob thanks so much physical yes thank you. Thanks we're gonna go to a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with doctor Carol Osborne we'll get into this so whole question about animal ESP. And the phone numbers 844687766. Night and told freed 8446877669. You listen Jason. And TV I'm beyond elegant radio. Radio phone number 644687766. And I would love to have you participate in our conversation. Tonight our guest is doctor Carol Osborne. She is an integrated veterinarian were talking about pets and we're gonna get specifically into the possibility of pets having a sixth sense ESP if you will you should check out Carroll's web site its Chagrin Falls pet clinic dot com she also has a couple of books doctor carols and naturally healthy dogs and doctor Carroll's. Naturally healthy cats so Carol gonna ask you. Dogs or cats which preference this. Yeah I but I just about a creature would wish for election alone. Guess if I had to pick one that I can tell which they are split. Level law. Hit all a very very source I'm in the come up they they wanna hang out they wanna play the constant abuse their cats. Depending in the cat but most of the time they tend to come around on the line of food. It. The little snow obvious yes in America. I yeah I. Actually as a when I was a kid I had a cat that was very very affectionate but we don't have enough time to get into the SP question to hold that to the next hour let's take another phone call while we've got. Their way to do this is Victoria from Wisconsin he Victoria welcome to the show. Victoria witnessed. Who I think we may have lost she's I hear she's got an idea. Maybe it's a cellphone connection victory can nearest. It out there and ask you to call back in Victoria will get your question in the next hour so. I guess we. Two minutes here so I'll I'll ask this question in a terrible kind of open up the door of two this ESP. Conversation when we talk about a six cents. In pets is at the same type of six stents that we talk about but we talk about humans having ESP is that were discussing. Well you know. Medications. Can extremely similar. I can expenses associated with making things. Most notably. What you refer to as controlled road and Jordan. Also refer to as K katyushas organ. Which should English. Just specialized. Sensory apparatus. Looking at the rookie of the loan. The outside environment with just internally. I glanced. What is it offered. Extend perceptions or. Ability to proceed quite knew about some chemicals. Other substances. Lecture to Carol there's. We can't we know that particularly. Well I know dogs I don't I don't knows much about cats or maybe some of these other pets that we would have our homes burned to but the sense of smell. Is say I think you said 101000 times greater than humans sense of smell. Which it tells me there's probably things. That are that are communicated through. Whether it's pheromones or other or orders. That we don't even realize are happening but it dogwood. You know you're you're you're exactly right underdog status in this supernatural is natural. Because most OK okay. Except that Jeter react or Victoria and so you know what we're talking about the six cents on. Why is important well. I'm just sick since the result of talking nearest exceptional those. I used that can pick up quite good movements are in very low light. Certainly the success is re responsible. For the psychic paranormal powers of pets. So if it's. You don't think hearings and that the smell in the division. Work its application of pre technician. The clairvoyant sort of telepathy. And gentler rhetoric is. No matter you know how the entire tube DOT takes its scientific can't protect. Their remains to be changed. Are certain things are certain powers. That. We are able to. He you don't see through our parents that this giant just doesn't have all the answers work. We're and I and I agree with that and and million of taking a break and if you so quickly noticed. And up and I'll get you typically come I've come back but I'd I have a dog Mattie knew she was a wild dog at a Tennessee received from high kill shelter. And I used her for paranormal investigations we brought her on the show and she was there for. Where many years she still here now but I and when we come back I wanna get your take on on and mauled dogs with in the paranormal because she she being in the wild she hadn't dealt with any of the high magnetic fields or any of that nature. So we brought her shoes anything she was able to pick up and so much more than a common dog eat having your house will get into that commitment to corporate phone numbers 844. 677669. Dental freed 8446877669. And we've we know in a bunch of people on hold so just stay on hold through the break we'll get your calls in the next hour it's beyond reality radio with Jason's. It's always some achieve each hit I'm gonna ask this question and I really don't expect you to get it because the answer could be a million things but clemency just just if if you come up with the same thing now. There are a lot of movies that we pretty much all see at one point in our lives particularly when were kids. And some of them have pets involved and there's one where is there is there's a pet involved and it's heartbreaking scene. And it's one of those scenes that lose we view for ever. Because it's so sad anything come to mind. You know it's funny at first I hate movies with talking animals and I don't watch and I didn't watch now and kids all. But if there was a movie when Samantha who's now 26 when she heard Haley were little there was a movie homeward bound in I don't know I was watching this. And I have to be honest and I hate us hit but it's the one more ice literally. I leave I T start to cry during the play in Durham I can't believe I'm saying but I did and I said I need to ever watch that movie again tears it tears there in the end the old dog's not there the other two called relay call me and it's. An upset and I started terrorist or just a softy at home run out of line guy AM that's not the one I was talking about a bit like a. Said there's a million answers to the question I was thinking of the scene no Geller when the the boy has to go under again and remember those boys the father has to go out in the dog has rabies against issues his dog I think ever saw. You've never seen old yellow and oh man we got we've got to bring our guest doctor Carol Osborne and she's an integrator veterinarian and we've been talking about pets on my didn't end Carol that scene and old Geller has to be. One of the most heart wrenching scenes ever put to film. Yeah absolutely. Tear Jerker beyond belief. Embassy absolutely should. You hope as far as toward those steps to tighten their way home across the country but that's just one example. I'm dictated and it's like its power. Protection. Is. He able to drag your way at all from. All kinds of places including the other the other side of the country. And that's because. That again through the extra. Six cents. He had electro magnetic fields in barometric changes but specifically. The iron oxide particles eager to talk sprained. Lights up when she magnetic forces in the polls appear. And brood of six cents. They're able to find a way to cope just dislike of ample almost. I only legally bought Lotus in this first Austin homeward bound instead brought me to tears in the win column launch. And the fact of the matter originally. I don't know if you guys remember that in 2004. Catches and I think I've just demonstrated personally Indonesia Thailand. Unfortunately it took took thousands of lives but I didn't have one single animal carcass or we just found. In that situation. Why would that be. I would have to say. Sixty cents allowed those variables to detract. Perceived. You know changes in the Earth's atmosphere that it barometric pressure. Electromagnetic forces success or anything he's in almost got out of search and seizure where as. Our sixth sense is is now like. Talk court would cash and down he lives were lost. Well and I will tell you if you're saying only animals find their way home. When I was a kid in their growing and up in upstate New York might we had a cat my father had to get rid of camp for whatever reason and now. I was with him when he took diskette he and we drove for a good hour hour and a half out to a farm and ended up yet giving it can't discuss. But so are you looking at 5060 miles or whatever it is now more. Like can tell you about a ball denying these it was about 910 days later we are outside and insurers. Insurers. Yeah fat that cat came walking backup isn't there Sandra can't came back is in the so I don't know what I believe it was the most incredible thing especially at that time. Like eight years old nine years old and that cat just made it all the way back it was the most amazing thing to. You know it it. In addition to this special power and success. Are allowed Campbell Q. I have these abilities that you and I don't you know you can just take the power than analyst. You know let's just pick a target for example they smell it purchased for brilliant. They have 200. Billion that tells it. In their nose to detect smells you and I we've got like fighting. I can't believe it should he know that that's that's that's a big difference and that's how I'd always helpful to. I PP you know deterred teacher at a certain point place. Or video to comply with these interceptions as the fighting your way at all. Particularly in certain. They're number one disease actually. Well over half a million people every year dorms are able to keep well. Which is greater than 95%. Accuracy. Lung cancer breast cancer. Prostate cancer. Yeah no that is amazing that is amazing Wesco back to earth reminds us is Victoria from Wisconsin again hey Victoria week we couldn't get to last time they'll be doing now. The Victorian. Victoria. And let him try it let's try. Amanda and men as they Amanda. Turned out to radio four's please. I'm our engine add on speaker. So. Well I hope so I'd tell you about quite. I back when I was 26 years old and Perry can now. I had moved down from Boston to Miami caller I thought that now. I needed a liver transplant. And my dad and I literally packed our bags and went down like right away I was very basic it. Had no friends at a bank right. Game and it what day we went out to dinner didn't know anybody there. And there was like this side block. Activity Bellic an open restaurant that was the opening next door. And they need to tidy wood there and they had fort out there and now she just came right up comedian. It was like instant love you know she elephant in my aren't like that and get the I never had a top floor. So I act that I can rescue her and they told me that she hit her then I had already put a deposit. So it like broke my heart. Lol I went home and Nate and I actually prayed to my Bartlett. Actually 2008. Is static and about that. So. I just set I had really want this stoic. So then I woke up the next morning and I call. The humane society and they said oh my god we're so let it all apartment demand that Jamaica they can't take the dot. And it was like I knew that I'm not at center QBI and and so I was really sick and Elaine. This is an August and I didn't I didn't actually have a transplant till about. Be in January. Oh match at that entire time she bill she just would lie to me all day. She wouldn't even get up to go about their. Like which I take her outside she just. Run back in the mean like out of bed with me when she is that when I have my bad days and I could get out of bed. And now. She just could always tell and then not after I had my surgery. I without a war or about two and a half years it was a very very around long recovery iconic kept getting infections then. Getting sick again and she just would Ali now. He'd been hit by how to cut or where are like pilot that are big that would graduate she could tell right away she dig under the blanket and she would like. She could smell it. Yeah actually the yeah. She's she's she's she actually could. Show us what you're doing well now. I'm yeah I think that we're in 2013. So congratulations. Thank you that. They read and I I wanted to call vote that she just shouldn't have to weigh on a couple (%expletive) An album I did feel like. She did they have for being late capable worked out of my life. Jews will be the usual. Yeah and she she's one that got me through it. But even if she had said she can't fake it she has looked at the girl like. I had an enlarged spleen and she ended up coming down with congestive heart failure which will it enlarged heart. Great local likely that we had to take the same medication available. It would just shoot I just feel like she was sent to me. Yeah I think I think it's probably some truth is that Amanda thank you so much for sharing that with a sin and it didn't you know keeper in your heart and another shall always knew with the U and this. This isn't an uncommon story is it Carol. You know it circuits certainly isn't. I had done it. A client get it right carrier they're just here Ohio. Particularly long story short. This was just didn't throw locator tool. We're working to acquire a target why our best. Is that they know it was all falling outage can be exposed. Appreciate what medications you can imagine. I've been targeted and titans from the so called atypical fully the latest. For which there's no security. You know can you repeat that have basically. Long story short is that the other dog Steve Turco was. Just terrible secret everybody. What happened to west. It's woven into every breast cancer. She you don't have bilateral mastectomy and reshape it was pushed out. The couple laps later they want to quite or. The woman and I immediately after surgery and recovered for the breast cancer situation. And the magnitude of the dog out once signals saying. The dark skin and hair code orange flawless. My reason for sharing that story because it didn't start in English Nationalists say only that the person you love Ireland. Breast cancer drug was a winner that breast cancer only the second stage one. I work I've. Confidence. And diagnostic capabilities. Were unable to attempt to act. Told what to do with education work. The dog was so worried that so what's gonna happen to Carla. Some indiscretion distress and anxiety. Are always special art. Wait wait she was taken care of breast cancer was resolved. The dogs all the torture etc. you'll be right back again. So that's just another example of the other dog would always take just chosen and actually just suddenly apparently already oversight of the rest of you well. And they can that would ultimately it's different cancers. He'll throw a little like cancer. I don't even things like diabetes and epilepsy. It has software like that I was. Let's try to take one more call here or we're gonna do this again before we go to break this is Victoria in Wisconsin hey Victoria with a sustained. Yes here I mean. I. I'm coming at them both married and they have little connection. I get here in the North Atlantic where there's no why I couple. I'm so I did have a couple questions bird I can hear all I sure have a cat and had a pipes he. And he had it and I discovered it six month old is now over four years old. And I just have a you know some questions in regard to what you were intake is I'm mapped. How would that really put out there for a lot of people to understand that Padilla. And can you give me a little bit of you know light on that subject of the great. He is somehow feel like I can spiritually I just on the it's to its original hearing and she didn't see that is poorly understood. I comes in a way forward and try to form which form to your kid at Victoria. Honestly it. But as much as I know about it I'm pretty sure did and others filming strained. The FIP and got diagnosed literally until they have a biopsy. After they're peak I don't unfortunately deceased for a guy and pretty assured that there is light form of the dry form. He helped what what I would save you weeks is this a failure rates I just finished diagnosis. It's not evil could be a change and it still does he get a whole has been as tasks. Like you know you're being Irish I hold me. Host of tech giant. I'd stay away from our old drugs and chemicals. And I would be act. Using a lot of potential oil is any any type of herbs and natural products. That you could work which you can beat your shoulder area not. Or are definite plus you know it's also things like acupuncture Ricci. Hearing and feeling very helpful to get the endorsements. Our church a reason Arab unity. As much as we possibly can't. Shows would be that things. I would suggest focusing on but obviously. If you had a ten through six once each word in your certainly George W right. Well thank you very much I I do give him any good diet he is definitely battening up a little. He expressed a good morning impressed chicken and I tried it and crew which we get him the wild instincts. Dry food and also what he has bet on pregnant alone point five milligrams. Currently every day and he's had an episode does past October. But he's been on the pregnant columnist for the whole entire time that these aren't out and need ahead. Right now if Victoria I'm sorry we got a touch just there because we do have to get into a break we'll be right back it's beyond reality ring Jason G. Show. Quick second here you can go back into your parade but the farmers say 446877669. Sort of give us a call and chat with our guest doctor Carol our sport. Yes and a doctor Carol we come back go ahead and Wheaton and I sort of drop the ball didn't get into my dog Matty who was a wild dog and out of Tennessee received from high kill shelter at her temperament tested and everything for the kids. And I brought her here because I wanted to be able to use a dog that wasn't contaminated mean with all the things around homes and all that stuff where electricity and all that for paranormal investigation I also want an animal that could protect yourself and some of these places were in because of the animals. And she's she's been phenomenal picking up that she's been able to pick up where I magnetic fields are in all these all these things were a lot of my other dogs have a net. Haven't been able to come to adjust during the break just think about that and I mean. Is. The dogs that we have at home I guess being all around all these electronics to they lose some of their. Some of their their senses some of their abilities to pick up on these things and I think that's that was something that that interest me and I've always I'm always wondered about that but. And we'll get into that when we come back but ours so the phone numbers 844687766. Earned and. All three beat 446 and seven. Some six tonight. Veterinary. And her website by the way some think you should check out because it's it's got a lot of really interesting information on its it is Chagrin Falls pet clinic dot com. She also is a couple books doctor Carroll's naturally healthy dogs and doctor Carroll's naturally healthy pets great stuff retreats. Venturing and Alan stock Carol. You know talking about it in her electromagnetic. And sensory capabilities. You know if you consider. Some of the ultimate professional ghost putters I use to document. What territory and ultrasound that negotiators are using amplified microphones. And after every little sound. Trying to get if you don't blow killing ghost was first. As we entered the network dogs and higher frequencies are Cubans. Figured I'd only get higher frequency. Can accurately. Introduces four times that you would I can't. He can move carriers it. Italy and towards wherever this shot just coverage throughout the visuals. You know put that poster using the vacation generic drugs actually shoot better than humans in low light steps of course it's even better. When it comes to electromagnetic. Fluctuations. You know you have detector is a tool and every ghost hunters arsenal right. And that's what he was blown away. And listen when it comes to caps you know can match accuse. The police that they sleep. According to the F perhaps. So cats. We have a superb. Sensory. Electro magnetic capabilities. Can directly Serbs these things. He's been superiors are going to be. Well amazingly we were filming one case we are doing an episode at a place called Bobby Mac using Pataki and I. And Matty at that point she and we we always put them we always put out recorder around her neck with a little night light on the south and she locked down this one column and for whatever reason would he was sitting there growling and so forth old pond later reviewing the evidence. We ended up picking up an EVP from that area there which blatantly said it was obvious that said. The dog sees me. And this was just a voice that grant night at the time did not hear but Matty for whatever reason had been locked on that column and that's exactly where that voice came from the dreaded two it was recorded right under her digital recorder around her neck. So amazingly she had picked up on something that was there that we were unable to seek and whatever was there was able to seal her. Absolutely can't you know let it grow into whether that was you know I think an old spirit. Forget it was I don't know. That those chickens are not uncommon at all. You know when it comes to animals goes straight straight to the post page he should be. As frequently. Aura were frequently. Power jetted out to Q Hewitt comes. Yes it's amazing so our question to the phone lines here this is a Nora from Massachusetts nor welcome to be on reality really protect non. Yeah I'm surprised I got. Yeah I'd like to hold down. Person went to the phone. That I'm calling because of the call from Victoria. About her dog. Who had. And an illness that that these that the immune system to be built top. Sure I'm so nervous she got no idea. Who contribute. But the the thing I was thinking about it I'm giving attacked not carnivore the research international. And accept plant tours are that each side of the body what doesn't belong in the body straight up people and animals. I got this cat who has aids. And it came a point where he was hiding and not not eating not showing not just hiding and it looked like he was just going away to die you know. So I've set all my god here we go again. I've pulled them out. Reports that employed a little bit every day. I gave him baby food. And again the carnivore at three times a day. And he is back to normal I took it took a little wild. You know he you know first softly and then regular food and he's on his own eating like to peek now you know. So I wanted to let Vick story and all but carnivore every search international. And acting do you view the 1800 number if you want. I think that that's wonderful inspiration. I don't think people are using the camera. From what I can obviously a different issues. But the fact that Judy your particular care responded so well. This is very encouraging. And the beauty of these products include whatever it is that. He's really helps or doesn't but there's not any person should persuade. The I would say he turkeys were this or that might happen. This is a wonderful wonderful information that it works. Sure hope but it Victoria still listening. I Nora this is what I wanna do amen to what you wanna hold them have our producer picked up and get the phone number and then mobile offers from that point a case of thanks for calling and and put John hold stay there and we'll have somebody pick up the phone and get that number from you thanks so much OK so I have a question. Carol. We had talked about two. It goes dogs' sense of smell and I read an article recently that said do you we all know the saying no dogs can smell fear. And it turns out some researchers supported they actually ten. Smell fear because. When somebody is afraid they actually. The and they speier a little bit more there there there's adrenaline in their body and that. Is and gives often ascend to that dogs can pick up so there's truth to that. He got away and so little girl just. Didn't actually get sick and that's success that allows them to perceive that. So yeah even it's. Even social. Just a body language. It. They need to hear that you guys like like I picked up on. Pack your dog is picking up front and you'll remember talks are so went to push us. You know they can't read our clients. Biggio coming completely telepathy. And it just makes perfect and we can't actually relies on its. This paper where this secessionist. So it talks to detect all due respect mr. Enzo warned that the dog is exposed. To that particular individual. It reinforces. The view in the tradition just. Any potential Q if you will showed that the more you're together. Victorious only candidate. I don't deserve an architectural. People reading skills if you will. Well about half hours so explain this to me then because I'll I can be in another room the my dog. And I'll have a chip or whatever and I know me and my and one thing my dogs are addicted to be loved them and they'll do anything for our. Hot and spicy cheese it's which is candidates thing in the world but they love them. But anyways I'll I'll be sitting in the living room I'll have them talk ruby in the other room and I'll think about give I'll just think about giving talker the cheese. Now he's in and he's in the other world well. For whatever reason he'll get up and walked in Omaha credit to me like he knows I was going to give me Jesus this is so we're missing in the world how does that work. You know well I can't point to react to talks talks to read your mind George. Able to. Protect those incredibly subtle changes and he said Welker there's a war between us you know this is just so incredible. I think to think about just. Charged smell in person per trillion. There's an example. Take one single drop of blood. Diluted. It to twenty Olympic size swimming pools. I think to a desperate he told the result. Bigger dog will spell that big easily the so you know obviously against UN sanctions we will look at the rule would we we see the room and bring your dog walks into the world. Here he spells of oral. So that's essentially spell. Is is why they're detected cancers at stage one stage you know if you guys and our host. Can't just diagnostic equipment at the Syracuse hospital reputable. And I even detect it. It's nestled that's awesome and don't sound. Yeah a huge. Also why we can trust them. And an airport security to find explosives and they remain. The first time I went through one of those security lines and all they did was have a dog walking up and online I thought to myself how the heck are they gonna you know be short earth yeah everybody's okay here but these these animals. Are trained and they can they can pick this stuff up and all they have to do was walk by in the if if there's something there they'll pick it up. Absolutely it's it's been seen since it allows you know that dogs to sit out a kind of excitement of seeing people. Obviously helped found this particular drug and alcohol effects of cancer can stick it goes right on the line and can sketch I have kids Atlanta right now trying to pick equipment. I can dramatically McCain I don't just if you welcomed. Different specialized or cancer or I'd try to hold and a under an incredible sensitivity. That the talks have hit you know we we are we certainly don't count. So we talked about natural disasters earlier and you had mentioned the tsunami that hit Indonesian I think about a hundred over a 100000 people lost their lives in a disaster. It was true very tragically he said no animal corpses and OPEC corpses that were found. Which is which is amazing. But we we you know I think we've all been aware that there is that there is something going on with animals and their ability to predict or sense or in some way forecast. Natural disasters whether there earthquakes or are we don't know of tornadoes war. Other types of disasters now. Do you. It's look at that and in and see that sense that ability in those animals as something telepathic or something more biological. Axed. Did you know that telepathic the other communication and using just survived. It's certainly. The DREAM Act candidates. We can and I. You're critical public works like every day the word proud of movie you don't fight your way home from you know the other side of the country. All of those six relate specifically to restrictions. Whether it's iron oxide particles of the brain that I I guess called by a light up when she first exit polls. Whether it's odd that little sense of smell whether it's a combination. Oral. I'll just read skills. You know the prepackaged clairvoyant insular I think I don't think you can always separate out. Exactly we can't. Psychic abilities responsible. Sure he carefully cut. Which paranormal ability. To get past and present says. I think a lot of times you know it took its combination. Yell at established our society you know these. Institute where they always say to all this research that the PS site trailing order a tricky now. Are colossal owners over credible justices. Something that Casey is related to deal Kobe at migratory restriction burst so I think the just cherish so what do we tell now. But what we do know. Is that to charities seventeenth only on the connection between. People of their parents is so strong. It's it's well beyond this presentation on its protection and it. We only have a couple of minutes left and I wanted to turn the topic to us supplements a nutrition again. I'm because I know that you offer a number of those things on your website. And at one of the things that you know we all kind of pay attention to reports coming out about vitamins and other supplements. And it's mixed you know medical science sometimes is telling us they're great for us sometimes are telling us they don't do anything for us. What's your beliefs and how does it affect pets. Is it the same way that effect that it affects humans. You know I have absolutely. We have accomplished. It's just it's called Parse PH WS. To take anti each wellness system. So they can deliver to obviously virtual world. Available for drugs and caps at the it is a combination of 46 different. I antioxidants vitamins and minerals can actually I can't tell if you characteristic. Herbs camera. I committed treat a couple of times UK based on age and body weight. We got a small breed dogs traditionally power's going to strong at least what excited. We got a large breed dogs were eighty pounds who normally usually a much shorter lifespan. To that smaller media breed. Going strong at age sixteen. Which has almost unheard of so yes you're right combination of vitamins and minerals or nutrients can reverse. Retarded. He agent process by 200% and what that means is that's an extra can reach for a dearest. He could spend right there next year pad. Can spend all your secretary office so we had a wonderful results. You can't create supplements. Natural nutritious diets. Which we which are such that people across the country and also Actuate. Our wonderful results like that as well. I just haven't agreed to I wish Japan. When it appeared aged properly. A very slow paced. And that's but it all your time and and that's softer so. Absolutely natural diet and based comprehensive balanced. And or supplement like pause or there's the other ones out there on the market on camera can reverse the clock. I associate Uighurs were really different it's been a little or no secret time together. And I and I didn't. Get Carol good as rumor saying and we were up thirty seconds here. I noticed a new website you have recipes for pets and you can feed pets and notice so what are stood out to me was one for cats and I saw some fruit and their cats. Really eat fruit. No I am absolutely have to have time. Don't be afraid to try this and that a lot of cash like a little luck it'll probably aren't totally different things statistical error. I was on a friend in particular to those of you with Clinton's re never communicated particular size and shape. It was a little dried foods so when you have a young cat and you are just different I pressures you know left to right semi moist cataract contributes to a variety. And you'll see that the pigs like fruits and vegetables weight can asparagus. Finally create created this competing. It's absorbed those things you can call eight guys slid the district should be based and it looked have you brought any whoever you. And real because basically you're you're you're Catholic or. Are these are all things that I have trouble leading elect the church myself. I thank you so much for joining us it's been great having you on we look forward have you back. Or take two's Mike. Pleasure I'd love to join you again. We have a great night thank you so I reject quick break when we come back who finished wrap things up it's beyond the only agency to. Where parents have clinic dot com as a whole bunch of stuff there including those recipes for making your own pet food. How long ago pets just say whatever table scraps happened do may be you know be done at the end of the night and mentally yeah it's proven that that's long slow yourself you can feed them table scraps. Yet all it's true I mean does resume you include community that's enough food generally isn't about half the pressure I put it. I didn't wanna pass along that phone number that one of our callers was talking about nor I think was her name it's carnivore international researched. It's 8668368735. And I think is just carnivore dot com but either way if you Google carnivore era carnivore international research you'll find. Find information. And I know we didn't get to the card reading thing tonight so sorry about it's just minutes it's been a pack night and smoothness and a lot of calls in and that I mean tomorrow show I don't know when my. Just pulled up on the actually cool music. If you haven't ME Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio liked FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com we finals stations we are on a cross country that Lewis is constantly being updated summation you check that often. On the you can also download Treo iPhone and android operator which was listen life touchpad shows joining Allen chat more. Or any night relies. Click the listen life tab you can join GP myself and she Greek community people. As we hang out talking Olson right there from the website if you download the show from iTunes or any of those please just please do us a favor and read it forest host which shall forward makes it easier for people defiant. On that's gonna do it for us tonight again a big shout out to doctor Carroll has more common anyhow with us you'll have a great safe night and Jason NGU kitchen tomorrow. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted it's any great. The only angry news soon. Yeah you know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason host an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.