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The hauntings of St Albans Sanitarium.

Sep 19, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with film maker Remso Martinez about his documentary - Haunted Republic: St Albans Sanitarium. Having been the site of many paraonrmal investigations - on and off TV - St Albans has a diverse history and has been called the "most active location on the east coast." 9/18/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's among analysts goes to stand still many are stuck in between welcome to be unreal injury myself Jason mostly always awesome Jeannie Johnston a fifth summer came back. Are you using one real. Elaine who loosely DD forty million lose and it was hot today in but you know we're trying to Bridgestone for hurricane you've got some serious weather coming your way. Yes hats and everybody else they're gonna hit by hurricane RV now Beaulieu hurricane Jose coming up and but it's hurt him marine Maria I mean it's already category five and it's been hit Puerto Rico. It's unbelievable. Twist as it was then like eleven years since we've had a major hurricane and now we're just it's like one after the other after the other. It has been a horrible and to. Harper's territory it just clear read on the Puerto Rico on a rural state say it's. And you have got friends who lost our house is in Texas and house image in Florida and it's just it has truly been an insane yeah. Yeah and it's it's kind of just gun started to I'm hoping that it comes down but she's the way it looks announce one right after the other it's not looking good but terminally welcome everybody it's great to have you along beyond reality radio. We're going to be talking about seeing all been sanatorium tonight there's a new series of films coming out called haunted republic and growth from what I understand. Focus on individual haunted locations this one in particular saying all the incidents of film series created by Rem so Martinez. And he is a podcaster a writer filmmaker into political commentator and a producer he does all those things. We're gonna talk about seen all guns and also how somebody who is in the political world turns to the world of paranormal investigating. Well. That Stefan that's obliquely called which is what oh it's it's drained both sides are strangely buoyant and Oregon exactly exactly sort of half the time is eternal investigating find yourself investigating. The political aspects Bill Bennett and you are talking about a world full zombies and everything else you know and it's the haunted the hallways and that's for sure exactly if you avenue Amaechi had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. And then had to be on morality radio dot com where you can find all the grease stations we err on across the country you can also download free iPhone and android app. Which a logical listen line atlas catch past shows me join me online chat or he can listen right from the website just by clicking on the listen live tab. That'll connect you know agree online community full of people wearing JV and I hang out a lot of times during the show as well and we take your questions and it's a good time. Is a great time and it's more and more. Populated every week it seems. People coming from all over the world actually to join the chat it's funny and we've had people from Germany from binding Norway from the Middle East from India mean the chat room gets people from all over the world which offer some pretty unique. Perspectives on the topics that were chatting about throughout the course of the show so we invite to a journal join us in there. On ulcers should mention mentioned that tomorrow night we've got Michael beau dean on the program. We'll be discussing ghost hunting being a psychic and X or systems and that's are gonna focus on tomorrow night X systems we've talked about that on the program. On and off and it's always a fascinating topic. I've worked on enough of those I would like to welcome TB DB's. HD stereo and force Washington to Libya on reality radio and we welcome board. And so we're going to be adding a couple more coming up soon some Vegas and a couple different areas so. When I forget you're actually adding everybody on as we go there. Given to fit everybody it's going to be fun to be in Vegas rates in city Mensa. That's going to be finding mission on our audio Asia I mean we've gotten a great chance this weekend but did our bell our good friend are bell was he broadcasting from Vegas for awhile but not offended about a nobody knows in Nevada somewhere in this. And he I'm Imus meant he was yes phenomena I agree I agree radio man and had a great program really really enjoyed listen to that for years for years as a like I still like actually the old programs and Nanjing catch them whatever they re playing them. Mom Malia have a lot of so only time I EMI and yes of my iPod or actually in my iPhone and the senate and I'm not an award known known me she's putt anyway so agenda do this week I just did nothing I did I just did stuff I can't I can email account for the time which was the best weekend ever think. I wish I did nothing that I was from our football games or anything else. A crazy Padilla Spezza. I don't just get ready for this summer to be over which Sox Germany does do though is that follows is a really enjoy on him. However it goes so fast at least in the northeast it's like unity two weeks of really nice autumn weather than it seems to start snowing in unity he does not release another season unto itself it's like it just a quick transition. Our eyes so will take a quick break and we come back will be joined Byrd guess you listen Jason GPS yeah. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 16 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative and and discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrity. Leaks over twenty. Get your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't bring. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest and live entertainment don't miss Derrick Todd it's a week. Kind of fun for all ages more info can be found at scared con dot com that's scary con dot com. It's beyond reality rating which. Can meet. Our guest tonight is sur rent and so Martinez he's a producer podcaster writer filmmaker and political commentator. Talking about his newest documentary it's called haunted republic seem Allman senator Orrin G you've been to San omens we actually both of to have the two films there. Intermediate we did Somalia's new product I have been there with what's usually Steve and I am bunch of people went on offense there it's. It's an interest in building early this it is a really interest in building its got a pretty interest in history in the whole area has a pretty interesting history. It's one of those that do you know there are many of these across the country that it's been left in disrepair for very long time. And paranormal interest seems to have reinvigorated it and provided a reason for people to try to put some money into it restoring get back you know so it's safe been in habitable. And that is that when we do that. With a lot of different locations as well I mean rate down to. Some of the old forts and we've investigated him it actually decreasing as we if we catch any activity there. A lot of times that just sort of reinvent location in the people circling and and places can be fixed enemy in means a lot early dust. And I are effective in the Stanley hotels are great examples that they were ready to close their doors before. Go senators recorded their film there and they just develop a whole new. Industry forum. It really did and and Stanley to such a beautiful place bush and John and them when they bought the place and they were investing a lot of money into fixing them up. And as deftly. Us investigating there in the investigation Oakley it was one night but it was really two weeks long arm. That really opened up our largest and most doors for a for people enter it's to head down and them wrong it hurts some business stood hits. People and whether they're releasing a woman who must commit him get married and stay on to hotel but but but but of course I think the positive definitely always. It did Terry is mostly are destined. Rim so Martinez and so thanks for joining us some beyond really really great to have you here tonight. I scrutiny on thanks for having me Paris for tomorrow. So tell us a little bit about yourself I know that you are podcaster your political commentator you've developed an interest in paranormal give us a sense of how you get started novice. So I don't know why you guys how Watson Ayers I tend to only get sees things either or all going to hell were already in how. And so essentially when your life is all out politics. Of being home. For anyone that is in politics right now it becomes very clear very fast that you needed for texts so time. Talking to my brother I just graduated Liberty University were doing our show full time and as we're just sitting around the couch one night watching TV or like you know we've we've got we've got branch out and we've got something fun because at every time anyone thinks politics means migraine. Had. Well like we ought contribute something fun we wanna actually go out and answer tough questions. And you know first were spit balling solid steel b.s you know documentaries talking about. I'm all these politically themed topics and then eventually were brought like you know while he just he's something that we've always been interest or not. You know actually go conducts a paranormal investigation. So as. My brother Ryan you also produce the shows he brings me I look at an animal like Ryan you know we have absolutely no business doing this is like and and Mike and that's exactly why we need to get into this because we have no business being. And that's what kind of jump started things from the air essentially. The point upon his republic which is that this. Which is the paranormal spin off from my main show rams are probably it was really going at things from the bunch and Angel because. While you nom I'm. I'm a Christian and says my brother my brother was always more now. More aware of the pair are normal he was always more inched and that's up much like our father who's a you know page you're ghost understand and most on its hands so while those who were always warns of the paranormal something I was I was scheme answer as a widely that there's something out there but ultimately atlas idealists see it. I'm not really going to believe so far first elm on his republics in violence and orient. The main premise of it was only going to be it's going to be like a fifteen minute long. Which in around documentary episodes I the thing we can break up in the 32 chance to online or just be inching for people to see. Because of the group that was hosting the event Airgas and USA I'd seen a lot of the you know footage and other evidence they import and an on line in the first thing in my mind was wow these guys are either. You know they are there writers finding something absolutely amazing. Or they're really great scam artists. So I'm thinking oh we're gonna go this place which is called the most haunted location in Virginia Oregon wine on investigative journalists are instantly if people wanna go ahead and say oh he staging something how he's making something I'm putting my entire political career on the and it's not gonna work out for me in the summer I wanna go there and I'd Swansea it's gone on so I tried so that my left and right limits so that way people see everything out of lamps senior its on going there it's organization. Where they believe it. Alum I'm going to Aaron towards about 25 other people that are mixed between people there really are or about the stuff people arts apps skeptics. And then try and iron there were liking on this will be staying because it was at these people have to go ahead and have something happens of the folks can take something home. It'll just be something like no make sure that now let's now she'll something Tutsi were that would mean out feel some. That's a that's a common thing on our on a lot of those events and that's that's a common thing where I I've seen it so and that's why try to avoid a lot of the events only deals was certain individuals. Because. A lot of them I've I've seen rate down to people trying to use a walkie talkies to make key to meet your skull off. Just just for activity or try to give people all automatically do that fear. That something is there so it bailout that take control of them and now people are starting to feel it to being touched or are hearing voices and and things like that so it's something you definitely have to worry about. It's like that. Is that that's the psychic John AdWords back in like 2005. And it's time people's their future and stuff. And and you find out all eat it he toxin gene man's porous shows started. Got a little bit about them and he's asking them leading questions like is your grand monitor and it's like oh my god you're talking my grandmother. And that that type of stuff it's so easy to get people to. Buy into it. Especially when they are an environment as creepy scene now and again I'd I don't agree that that was. That was my biggest challenge going in because I go in there expecting. To have them really put on the show. And winds up happening is that it quick or they show us how you some new equipment that. Baylor and that's and ultimately it's between now am my brother Ryan and I and a friend that we met their name address Bailey who has. Your brand new paranormal investigators well and that's of the three of us around on around away from everyone else. Man. There were several occasions where I just want to apps is crap pants. Because the stuff that we saw like that's not doesn't act it. That's what happens in movies and sometimes it happens on TE you know the most I ever really seen lies. You know oh look there there was a sound at the end of the OL there was something on this VP. I'm seeing stuff like avenue in front of me. I'm that a lot. Runs so let's do this how much images that you did this this whole thing on signal that. Once you tell listeners altered give some of the history of sailboats for everybody. Totally so the land in which scene out incidents or hand is on right now. It was former Cherokee or land nick you know I think qanooni pet cemetery and the thing associated with an Indian burial. Typically doesn't go so. And lit mid to late eighteen hundreds of post civil wars Radford being built up. Zain Alvin's is initially a boy score it's an all boys school and what they really wanted to be was they want to treat the ideal chancellor. They also want to create like the gentleman aptly. For anyone that wants a military school like myself. You know that when you're an environment like that things get really tough when it's all boys it gets even tougher console are. Yes so what's on record is that you know the teachers would promote bullying because they were the tactic that oh you've got to build up the week by. You know tearing them down and stuff so right there you've got a very much he's no masculine environment. Around. I think as post world work shoe the area is eventually. You know left to disarray for a couple years and has brought back as. As then not necessarily insane asylum but it's more mental health Sara Torre and the purpose of the place was really to help people keel. So they try and a lot of the methods that came along the progressive mental health movement how lob electric shock therapy. There were some cases of lobotomy so you had a lot of people there that. Were brought in from around the country because apparently. Practices that are being conducted its now men's. Word you know cutting hands at time. And it was like that happens all about 2530. Years ago and in the place is completely shut down and it was actually purchased again. By former patient of I've seen out and and he wanted to keep it up because he was like you know I want people to know what happened. Because we want people to tell where we're going as you know society as culture and as we know where things came for. I know I know when it was a boys school. They were there were a lot of reports. Home besides bowling the people being beaten severely and and a bunch of issues like that current. I'll totally arming kids were really bloodied up then that in ally Al have. Any hard evidence on this but just from talking to some of the volunteers there they want to associate with ghosts and you say Beazer feel that just work for the building. On they said that there are instances. You know the teachers even being extremely physically be cents. And I know that there were reports also and we'll talk more about it when it come back from break of some of the teachers actually. Sort of putting putting boys together purposely flight. And in mountain what stronger one on pull through and so forth just a lot of craziness that is back then might have been looked at slightly different but. And on the home Glenn whoever are its so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll get into a little more than history. And if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like the FaceBook page or call in numbers 844. 68776. Excited until three B 44687. 7669. You listened Jason and javy Dioner later you'll be right back after us. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. We don't you bring your phone. Receipts for 46877669. Tonight we're talking about two. And also just paranormal investigating in general our guest tonight Iran so Martinez is a producer of podcaster writer filmmaker and a political commentator. And again thanks for being with us from sorrow and he'd ask you though. We are not a political show we going to take sides here. But I am curious as to your opinion of the political climate compared to political climates of the past are we in the most. Contentious. Bizarre political climate dead. At least our generation if not many generations of seeing. If he became president machine that dealing. Com was going to bring the dead back and then trump sending out an anchor between everyone's buddy it's it's funny you bring that apps available days. I recently became an editorial assistant for magazine called him manner conservatives. And today as I was walking to work at share your shared park in Washington DC. Black lives matter enchantment actually decide to camp outside my office. Which was pretty cool because like a reports stories typically have to travel very far this one literally rights right outside my doorstep. So I decide to cover story because each and easier rally year protests or anything whether it's on the laughter the right now it's the same thing as well they're burning trash cans leading fighting cops and a bunch of people were arrested so I looked at my answered this morning you know there's this story outside I wanna go ahead toxin and actually. Your what they want. So I went outside I went over that. You know Alec the group organizer and I'm like eight Amir a wide just talk to you guys are your what's going on Jones sit down. This gentleman offered me launched I turned down ones you like all you know it's really products are Alley to bottled waters bottled water. We sat down for an hour. And it was an incredibly civil conversation we found that that we have mortgage almond and you know. Anyone in the corporate media would like to have. And you know was it was incredibly enlightening conversation because we didn't interrupt each other we learned a little bit ultimately I mean we stood up we showed cans and we wished each other get day. And that's how most Americans live their lives. I really don't think that. People walk outside may look around that and the people at the store the people at the restaurant they Wednesday revenge they're neighbor didn't think what I just ate that person. Her ex lions he reads me obvious those people exist but there's such a small fraction. The media focuses so much on that small fraction than they wanna go ahead and amplified because it brings them clicks it brings them views. You know about the purpose of the media these days isn't her report the news but it's a craft a story both on the left and right. I'm. I'm getting to the point where I'm not necessarily apathetic. But I'm just not buying into their BS like I really east and it's gotten to the point where I wanna go ahead and figure something out the best thing to do is to actually go out there and figured out. It's like what I tell my friends you I graduated from Liberty University. Go to a gay bar. OK got to go home the go to a Muslim cultural center. You know. It's just like go go actually figured out those years where yourself it's like. I told a friend of mine recently it's like would you rather have somebody go to France. Come back and tell you Francis like or would you like to go see transfer yourself so I. Eight in writes I have a friend. While very. Programs one of the reasons I asked the question about the political climate is because frequently we have guests on the show that talk about that the world and trained and maybe you know appalled apocalyptic scenario what is it called. Gorgeous man made or whatever the heck it is. And and they often point to the contentious political climate as evidence do you wish your work in the paranormal and may be haven't looked at this specifically bit. Do you see any parallels or connection between what we're seeing not just in Washington but it around the world politically. And what could be considered some type of apocalyptic. Scenario. I I have been thinking about this a little Maurice and Fiat thing is. And the last time you had this type crap happening was that freaking middle age the dark ages. So when you see something like that popping up you gotta ask yourself okay. It is this like you know the sources something hers is the result of something else. I started worrying about what. Days. You know around the time of the year spring back in 2010. I was just in high school at the time Maier member even my teachers saying oh isn't this wonderful they want democracy. And they want liberalization. And all this others and I'm watching the saints up they aren't in my. Now are they just Mara plays this this guy and astute guy and that going ran killing a bunch of people is does. If it does really. You know strike and they're sometimes in the when you look at some of the other problems in the Middle East you have prices premiere on death cult I wanna go ahead and bring about the end of days and any go ahead you look at what's happening with North Korea they're ramping up there military rehearsals and you look at Russia and there. You know ramping up their war games and now we nuclear showdown like you you know. But I Cuban missile crisis. I think any minute any stinging. Any event can be used to justify knows this is the end of the world but it. Ultimately I think that's always have a grass because you know everyone says though the cold war's going to lead to the end of the world or war well war world ports to is going to lead to the end of the world I don't think the world is ending any time soon by that shouldn't discredit and the and the things that are going on now because. I do you think that throughout segment serves you know human history and you see in the Bible there are always times where things get really really really bad. And it's a challenge. For good people to rise up against evil let's have a black and point type. It also isn't that the same Time Warner isn't that the same time are usually. People who have different police systems and might not. I really connect with each other seem to have really pulled together and and work together. Definitely I mean. We young Briere the sixteenth anniversary of 9/11 was last week and on my favorite story uses as the second towers coming down. This one Muslim man. He fell down and his leg got out lenders a beamer something and a deal wearing yum I came over picked him up and said to mom brother we need to get out of year. My. We shouldn't huge government as a by as a violent middle Lance and forcing one's one belief we get along just fine. I think that's how most of America is I think when push comes shelves. I'm that's how most ever need people are they'll come together when and gained though that you know we've got to go ahead do you something. And you know that it's it's something only time can sell by am quite worried I'm quite worried about culture we have right now. You know you look at the facts that. Planned Parenthood kills more people than most Communist dictatorships. It throughout the last hundred years and Alan bats and I you look at the facts that were trying to just completely rewrite our culture it's that this routes in this world view where. We just make up things on the spot that does bother me. You look at the church for example I'm a Methodist. You know I met this churches put down the middle on some buried very basic things that used to be you know absolutely true it's that bugs the heck out it means they're so when we're seeing all of this jump into a cauldron of craziness. It is easy to get wrapped up and think maybe that's something greater than what it is. But when you break it down. And you think of things little by a little any compared to the rest of history. I mean it could be worse I don't think rat that breaking point yet where I could say wow why if this is like you know leading up to the and times. Well and then you see things like what happened in Texas and everybody uniting and and it's sort of restore restores your faith. And. And every I mean actually. That's totally broke the narrative in the mainstream leniently is before that a week ago you have been saying that or either answering world war three year civil war the sequel pick your poison and here. You have just everyday people going around helping each other. Now what I love absolutely loved it when the secular left in Hollywood specifically when they gotten sick that. Hurricane hit that area because people are trump supporters and it's and it's the results of you know us electing trump is present. Wind you have them you must have a lot of belief in mother nature being strong deity. Syria does parts of Texas that got it destroyed. Where the most like urban metropolitan multi cultural areas of the century and they probably didn't even vote for chumps on here you are you're going after poor minority Democrats that now lost everything you're saying it's because. Trump is pars I mean you're either stupid ignorant or army that's been there really your option. Though. Barrel past staff from there and see what it is in every eight or real America sang with the we see this problem here what's going and fix. Isn't that why the next hurricane headed toward ground into a same same reason in some strict number one and here Texas first they're transported rounds next to. Just getting any anyway we're talking with ram so Martinez we're gonna take a break we get back when a shift gears get back to the discussion insane omens internal investigating. And the documentary that Ramsey has put together. Yes a lot more to come phone numbers 84468776690. Anything you wanna call and again told treated for four. 6877669. You listen GC. Dvd honor really revealed. If it's beyond reality radio. Peace in our. Aren't cheap and chancellor phone receipt for 46877669. We're talking with rams so Martinez. We were talking a little bit about politics as it pertains to some of the apocalyptic scenarios that we've talked went on the show. Guests recently actually have talked about the end of times coming based on things they saw. In the world's political climate but time runs note doesn't necessarily see it that way which I guess that we can take little comforted that. I hope tax airplane tickets from action. As if yes what I believe is the right yes immunized at Venus just a quick programming note Tom last week we had Jesse Quackenbush on the show and he was talking about the exclusion of Johnny frank Garrett. In relationship to a murder that took place of a non an elderly nun in Amarillo Texas. And the fact that he was wrongly convicted and wrongly executed and he has a documentary. Called the last word and for those who were looking for it it is on YouTube actually. Yes you did a lot of things Eric in my thoughts are looking at certain typing anything listen Jesse Quackenbush right now com. Here's some issues happened with his daughter and I'm not sure if if you're aware there's been actually the night that we had Jesse on his daughter. Was she shot almost man and there's conflicting reports of what what happened that night. Parallels are sure he'll he'll find that online Leo looking it up but banks are Jesse still coming on hanging dollars and talking even though it is him and his family are going through that. Yeah I can't imagine them and it. It maintaining the concentration that he did you think the program knowing that was going on but either way thanks to him but. The documentary is on YouTube you can find it just search for the last word just he Quackenbush a Johnny frank Garrett. I I actually watched it over the weekend there's a couple versions one of them has an audio issue doesn't work bomb all the way through but you just find one of them neo and you go through it's pretty interesting story. And we NJ JV and I were supposed to be a marked man Cecil and we ended up not being able ago I had family emergency remark with my father and we didn't end up getting down there so totally not just sucked. There is very disappointing you know are very excited to go but obviously understandable that we couldn't couldn't do it hope anybody who went to had a great time IE. I hear it so is a fun event and for giving us some if you dig. Go give us a call snarl one because we really wanted to be there but literally twelve hour before my flight I we get we have to balance our product and it. When happens are whispering rents of back and a shift gears and take this back to talking about. Ghost hunting and saint omens in particular. Unless you're telling us about your MP your approach to making the document Terry you actually used the words in a must configure I think you may have invented it. And if so we're gonna have to submitted to a Webster's but debunked she knew said. Which. And I'm EV PG defined as saying that you approach your paranormal investigating by try to disprove. Whatever the claims czar and try to find a rational explanation kinda how ghost owners of approached its investigations and ram so. He said he saw things during this investigation of seen all the instead to just blew your mind. Exactly and I think the one thing that go senators had that none of these other shows are because now it seems like you need concede scene in goes your guy get the shell. History Channel. I think that for a lot of these new programs. The people they're investigating these sites they wanna see something. And they go into every situation as oh I will do this and answer results acts yours he will have. I'm going in there with only a little bit understanding of what other people obscene. And it's really my job Jessica observe. Like if something's going to happen it's going to happen like it way if let's say a person is on a house ought to do something. Or something happened it just happens. Because I've seen enough people that I've met since we did that spelled words like you know the reason why and he never chatter something is because they don't they're trying really hard to get something and you know I think that otherworldly entities you know spears I think peeking out pick up on sometimes. As I'm going in this situation I'm really going there and I'm I'm just watching. During the fell. You see my brother who had conducted investigations of the zone of my father in the past. I'm fans watching Indy it was really my job observing I give that objective. I'm look at it because I ate. You know bear there's always that part of viewers like why wanna believe something I wanna see something incredible happened at the same time it's like you know were grounded in that world that the nine to five job and everything else you've got to see it to believe it. So as we're conducting our first spoke so well investigations. In the basement has seen albums. I mean it's just. I on the how much further decently as army against armies are describing. Well we only have voted thirty aliens here in this two out solo that's the great to hold the hold out until after the break all the specifics to left today and I just I'm just happy. You you like the way that we did a done ghost hunters say that means a lot to me because that's the way we've always investigated the so that's the I'll look we've always had this going and looking for the real explanation on things. And not just going in with oblique displaces haunted by going in trying to truly figure out what's going on whether it's paranormal or not so. Really appreciate that and that positive shout out to Osama. Our we're gonna take quick break more to come here pharmacy for 46877669. Dental free it. 8446877669. You'll listen. Jason JV BRL. Weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 16 eap turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative and and discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't bring. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from stream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party tonight. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest and live entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com that's scary con dot com and. Yeah. I. Case can start and between welcome Eleanor Eleanor you myself just because they always are summoned. She each Jones you know I'm thinking this stuck in between part is probably the place to be any more going to the East Coast getting hit by hurricanes the Gulf Coast getting hit by hurricanes in northwest has wildfires California as wildfires. I'm thickening in between Puerto safest part right now. Yet you you know on your probably right junior currently under center right while but then in between there was gonna have a torn tornadoes and now they're very early in earthquakes are either leader and skirt you're out of luck matter where you are but we feel for all the people that are suffering through all these natural disasters in me you know and all honesty our hearts are with you and in a speedy recovery and it's been in this teen years or more he really has Guinness in this hurricane seasons and brutal especially with this new hurricane. Hurricane Maria which just became a category five inserted directly towards Puerto Rico. Well. I mean it's just passed her arm Irma was a 51 point 242 ways of five fortunate when it hit Florida news had done I think scaled back to two with I remember correctly and it you know it goes on those terrorists prior either way it was devastating. Counsel and our hearts to books everybody in and just please stay safe this during the ship the sir can Moxley Jose looks like it's going to state just off of the coast but. It's its winds still going to be should be an announcer calling for me so that's that's going to be tomorrow it's gonna hit you in this process. Expose assert sometime tomorrow on goal until Wednesday so. It'll be inching trying to do like pretty good about and it's adios. I don't I owned by two radio stations as everybody knows and in 1990. About a month after I bought my first radio stations. Very rare occurrence and and I grew up in their lives to Tony on to New York which is are in the middle with state and very rarely do we have any severe wet weather elected lot of snow but severe weather is very rare. A tornado came through when he out and I two because I bought these radio stations I decided I was gonna go out into the tornado broadcast lives. As the tornado was whipping through Boni out and I didn't see the funnel cloud I was just in the middle of all the really high winds around it but. I heard it and I was reporting live as the tornado was ripping thrown him to catch my dedication to radio. With the show goes honors I've been well. And if you watch a show you know I've literally dealt with earthquakes. Tours are hurricanes tornadoes. And floods tsunamis. And everything else I was in Hawaii when Japan yet with a tsunami in the wee bit. And it's just it's the same but tornadoes terrified me because we're in Indiana. And we had a bunch of tornadoes come through and we're at a hotel on the kept on sounding the sirens and a and we return from Aaron go to this area in the hotel but a one point. The sirens are going off and we went outside and Jim it does sound people say that sounds like a trend and does. It's it's it's crazy and we watch this tornado on it was heartbreaking but. We launched a tornado and it ended up hitting farmhouse that we its nearest whole hotel. And it was a Stanley in the and the family ended up losing their lives g.s but it was just seeing and seeing this destruction of these things can cost and have a very good friends in Oklahoma and stuff proved. Who dealt with severe tornadoes as well. Those things are terrifying does that can happen they just show. It's just it's yesterday and you heard me here to see it coming. Right tornadoes can appear very were rapidly a U ten you know with the conditions are right for one but they can just appear out of nowhere and they're very unpredictable it's nobody can say it's gonna touchdown here you just don't know and in my movie that movie twister really really showed you how how. How quickly they can have. And once they're on the ground their path is unpredictable well you just can't tell cinemanow counts and they can and destroy a house here and the house next door can be perfectly fine and the skip across the land it's on in their unbelievably powerful and scary absolutely right. And we welcome back to their show everyone we do have some great programs coming up for you tomorrow night Michael Bo dean well beyond his. A psychic the also does X as citizens are gonna talk about axis isms in the work he does. And when today we have Lisa K she's a Ph.D. a teacher and author speaker and she specializes in intuition she teaches others how to use their intuition. So it's more accurate dependable and trustworthy. Threw a revolutionary step by step into waste intuition technique that anybody can news are gonna talk about that take questions for her ten authorised. Were talking it was Susan Wilson. She's an author and media on intuition expert and spiritual teacher so. To be a great show as well if you download shell from iTunes or wherever else. Because you wanna listen to it on the notes to us a favor and rate of course trying to get those numbers up and also. Greatly greatly appreciate it. And you can also download free iPhone and android Everett from the beyond reality radio web site. If you wanna listen on the go or find any of the stations we are hundreds and generally to radio dot com as well. Are we're taking a quick break only come back we'll bring our guests and we're talking with rim so Martinez about his document Terry haunted republics saint Altman's sanatorium. We're gonna find out more about the evidence that he caught in things he saw what who's doing the investigation. Harry listen Jason. On reality radios to communicate via phone numbers are 8446877669. We always welcome calls in the program we'll talk about anything in special even has to do with our topic tonight as we talked with. Crimson Martinez about San album sanatorium song is for him factory eighties. Can help do that such an eighty sound song and it's one of those ones that I love but I hate. On the put into effect at. Which fourteen Haiti the deal like the song but you'll love what our memories of relax I love the song but I hate to love the sun eleven yeah I think that's what did you feel like it too much into that virus on the original video for they did the comic -- thing you'd probably hate the subject I don't think guys are determine the cause a person who was the worst video ever really I mean just from standing around sick but yeah and they -- to the current toxic effect the other comic book wonders it was really groundbreaking and I think it was one of the probably one of the most successful videos of all time and MTV back when they used to play videos and expects to miss at least do that that's an all MTV -- recently videos or music music videos yeah I'm sort of capital and now it's in Rome teen mom and Arabic speaking of television just quickly before and we bring rams are back can't. Have you noticed that all the new shows police many of the new shows. Not necessarily reality shows just new new dramas on major networks or cable channels whatever all have a paranormal connection. Yeah it's I'm really. I'm really unbelievable how many of the new shows coming on television whether it's things like American horror story the Walking Dead those are little more or oriented but they do have a prayer almost I am. But all these initially keep watch them like while there's another when this one's about you know vampires lessons about this lessons about that and end here in the article. Everywhere and it's you know and that's what I said there everybody's been asking about goes owners Roy and what's happening with the and we we pulled it because we just got tired of and just the relationship and dealing scifi. But. Honestly there's been so many spin offs or knock offs are what we started back in 2004. That it's just we decided that you know on if we if we bring him back we just wanna change it up because everybody's copy the format so many different times. And it just it gets old so we wanna make it different. Bring it back in just a liven it up yeah. Yeah okay so Lloyd and anyway it's interesting to see how TVs change armor of the days when all the new show he's been sitcoms and that doesn't seem the case anymore anyway let's welcome back in rents are Martinez. He's a producer podcaster writer filmmaker and political commentator his newest documentary is called haunted republic saint Alden senatorial. So I rams are again thanks for being with us and thanks for being patient during a break. Our target guys so log so EEU you you put you know you put together an effort tournament to document Terry and I anchor Seth desk why did you choose same Norman's is a location. Had you investigated their before. Have you you'd do dish open was somewhere how'd you pick it. If I think something had shown up on safe spot and my brother who is coordinating that allows coordinating another project teams like they were on the scene albums on this other place. In north Virginia site literally optical line. And end up tossing it's so wife works in ways that's. I wish I had something sexier Italian eyewear wholesome and more hour and a. Well it's been called the most active location on the East Coast I don't know whether that's necessarily true or not I know it is active on the lease reports have been minutes active. Tell us about your investigation and what types of things you saw that he as you said we're just gonna blow your mind. Well one of the methods that I that was kind need and he was Eddy of flashlights session. That was what CEO a large majority of route in the film we conducted a series flashlight sessions throughout our home. I'm observed throughout the building at San alma Santorum on partially. Utilized as a box. Up pandora's box which I I've got some grapes at the pandora's box and you know just. Just other things that we were able to catch our camera Tommy about eight hours shortage because you're only there for about. You know twelve hours from start to finish but. We had to condense it down to an hour Salman during certain parts of now filming. It now we we didn't have a night camera and the sub and we probably should Bassett and we're like oh we'll just be able cats are flashlights. That you know it for army officers arts and there were a lot of really all things that we weren't able cats just because. We we didn't have the equipment for a one of them was in the boiler room. In the basement of the main building where it's apparently demonic activity has taken place and that was by far the one. Place where a series of things happened or I remember what are your driving next daylight. Geez if we had cut down on tape why that that was the band. The the price of tickets and pop Warner idea I got an. But I think what we're able Caster out the night really just kind of shows you know what the process a bit because everyone just wants to see. Results acting you know once they cedars ultimate on quite want to understand how that happened it was huge we showed them a process. As things are happening like OK let's go ahead and check our batteries let's go ahead and check everything that can possibly happen. And there are certain parts of the film weren't so weird things happen and as I'm married. Or we can't explain that just comes Europe conclusion. But you know I think the spear box as a box that really freaked me out. And then just other things here in Europe and at one point. Now Warren wonder recreation rooms and I'm interviewing one scene Alvin's volunteers. And Ryan Ayers and now for appeal but no my brother Ryan there stoic calm collected person. That's on the very few times and my life I've ever seen my brother completely like jump out of its Abscam he just completely flipped out. Because he he's convinced that he sought shattered year. And then you know I mean it's just it was such a garage. Back CB Al. It's still feels like a surreal. Experience of feeling a dream almost and I remember it and just being in the moments this up happening spotted this this isn't real this is in real skip jumping your mark on. Rams so you. When you set out to make this documentary what was your objectives just to show an investigation to see which you've caught her retelling a story of some kind what was the point. I wanted to come out for a few differing goals whine because I'm history buff and Mike you know people who want needy something they wanna see it's high into political angle. I kind of went into it way. You know the idea of let's go ahead and talk about the mental health movement in America and then as I'm fleshing out of Mike or you have like tigers and investigation like OK Al I'll talk about that for a few seconds. But Dow's cash or what happens when you go. A group goes on with an organization 1990s they're going to argue. So in a sense I kind of went with OK let's just show people. This is what you're getting antsy when you get in Cyprus. It wasn't until we got there and we actually started going on Arab solo investigations. That it really changed. The whole feeling the film because you know initially I'd been on Bryant there's going to be like 1015 minute documentary. Talking about how we want a whole group of strangers by group that's that we're gonna find something and we didn't really catch marched by in now. Go go tests app for yourself. What it was there was that a. Claim were were they saying that means they guarantee you're gonna. You're gonna have some sort of activity. They had said that everyone comes out experiencing something and that's buried in a news. That's very nice very vague why overlapping language words like well you know something very subjective. Where and when it comes about that stuff you know I. People don't like to get burned people wanna see what you're getting at face value now one. Reaches into a mystery box and before media that they like all know he was checked for 200 bucks or something. Now with this arm. This whole thing Israeli. I wanna see what happens and why some mean people flock to the side stuff because you were mentioning earlier he never seems to be a paranormal craze. A supernatural craze. This is one of those things where people that would never ever go it goes on our suddenly saying let's go ahead and do that this week and see what happens. So I to an extent I just want to cast he would the fab. And instead of just killing of that kinda coming out an hour long film. Where I taught things that are amstel getting phone calls from people asking me what the hell out. Yeah. Well it's and it's it's also one of those mass seriously when that many people are in a location in. Then and it all depends on me in the individuals that are there. A lot of times if we're if one has something and it spreads the fear throughout the throughout the rest of them. As why we look I liked to large locations where we can spread split up and says you know smaller pockets or groups you know fight people here fight people there and so forth. And when we never guarantee anybody's and you're gonna happen you're gonna have some sort of activity of course you hope for it but you go in with the open mind that. It lets trying to figure out what's going on here to gather weather's paranormal or not. Exactly MM a giant Sherlock Holmes fan. And he now on the age of you know Michael Bay's transformers everything's exploding it seems that people just want the immediate results but they don't wanna go through the process. Well my favorite shows on TV right now is actually belittle files. Any I can identify rob. You you look online you'll forms of people talking about Charlotte out he has no business doing is he's an actor. I mean that the main reason why he did it was because you want to have a fun show our kids were going really enjoy it Apolo files. When compared to allow the other paranormal shows out there is that he really does enjoy the process. And he's seen the process. Whereas others it's like a Kyra like this happens and this happens and all of that happened immediately. The processes what makes the journey and you're not enjoying the journey it will not make the results as a means they are like storm. Mr. and how somebody can justifiably say. That he is no no point being in there are no right to be what are their lasers so I I just say no first off this field doesn't have any experts it has a bunch of people that are looking for answers trying to figure out. What surely going on and he'd get people who do that in a positive way get people who who do hidden in a poor way. But everybody's trying to look for those answers so I think everybody has a right to go in SM something interest them to go in and tried it and try to understand and look for some answers. So that comment alone just. Just is in port taste and it shows some of the people who do get involved in this field that really shouldn't be in the first place. But let it work will get into that only come back. Phone numbers 8446877669. You listening Jason GBM beyond really revealed. Listening online welcome to everybody here in chat room. An extra special welcome to you of course yes and if you listening on the at him hello as well. Geoff price apps actually free presets are apps are free yes sir if you hit it in telecharge perhaps a lot of people while they're charged Democrats we do now we do not just Wilfred and go to the either via iTunes store or the App Store or the injury story in just download it need to get to. Elijah to chat that largely due the first have you ever gonna this could give and I know you can listen to back episodes UK and I don't Solder the site doesn't she can do would also put that I could dial the Treo iPhone and under an average from beyond reality radio dot com and allow us to listen live catch that shows and join me online chat. On the go except for the chip on to ago so anyways welcome back to Russia. Yeah welcome back our guest tonight is so red so Martinez were winding up our conversation them all the we have bunch of things still to talk about. A rim so low let's let's go back and talk more about the film making process here. When you decided to make the documentary about saint Aubin sanatorium. Was that your first effort as a filmmaker had or had you done other work prior to that. It was actually my very first attempt and I feel cabin payers about it but at that time. As Ryan or kindness deciding how we're going to these things we just watched a lot of other shows like OK we get the angles are set to camera placements. You know I wanted the films have Campbell Blair witch project approach to it and I know that you know. Point of view films such as and the watch and others. You know people like that type thing like you know paranormal activity cyclone now we'll try making it. As quality as we can't trying give them back in the moment I feel if it's a little rough wall like examine immaturity and it was so far even now we have extremely limited budget. We had scarce resources. You know it's not. It's not just punish quality on this show definitely but I think we did a pretty decent job on her first go. No this. Particular. Episode or not I mean film I pull an upset because it sounds to me like you're gonna have and you're looking to do a number of them in this series right. Yeah are we actually won and now. For each on members for premium content. We did actually release our second. On interpublic feature exclusively for PH out subscribers. And down that. Actually took place a few weeks after we had investigated. Saint albums so at that point we can definitely you know fix our mistakes and we knew what you do and what not you but we went to hadn't. We went and surveyed Gettysburg. Battlefield in Pennsylvania and we already had 92. Places that. Other and are more groups have been seeing and you know you go get a spurt today. And there are more yeah paranormal message eat salmon arm novels so we do Israel in a while ago somewhere. That no one has ever done in long the investigation that and it took a civil several locations. But the main one which actually got the episodes namesake was a location cult suicide rate edged. Where a majority of its general accident he was post civil war which led to my favorite things deal. More demonic activity than we had encountered before and down since then we conduct another investigation. Which was actually about two nights ago what's funny was you know my alma Virginia I lives. Now night in ten minutes away from Manassas battlefield them yet for those southerners listening it's the battle of bull run. And there was this one stretch of road which was a confederate and union. Hospital grounds at one point switched hands a couple times. So as were trying to figure out a wary now park our car when we give you this investigation. We actually called a church near rise in the week said a word gotta be doing this nation on the road around the corner from your church is there's a chance that we can go ahead just parked our car there past midnight so that we think we're trespassing. And they're like oh yeah usher. Arm while Europe about eco ahead you know where your show and everything destroyed and investigators and it's very of that way to escape the church. So I was like OK well what happens in the church and out on. Nothing Regis feel kind of weird. I investigate at least Saturday Allen's only donkey and our mean my team and that being there for seven hours dealing some crazy nonsense. I. Is an that's funny house's some places can surprise you. Exactly because not I didn't. It's not I was scouting them it's just that you know and dealing with the old church and you're dealing with a place like of course you don't feel little bit creeped out especially if you're alone. My expectations from this last location one Rahm I mean I just I just didn't think her gun deal marched so I brought my girlfriend. And within five minutes. Knives are testing the waters in the main sanctuary near the culture this church. Com now is the fast robots that Ryan's working on going crazy. But we ask. Around the room it's like something near and immediately flashlight goes. Can I mean I can get more T tells about that but I mean she's so cores beaches and I spoke. You some members of the congregation on Sunday. After getting like three hours sleep from that money ends you know they had told me how he parks and didn't tell you what was. Going on there b.s who wants you go cold and holds you down. And by the way you're the first investigators actually come and take a look at other church. Sami not even though was a ski area nine. You know it it really was kind of a rush and it was really cool and alternately what does show you is that you know reality is shrinking we're. I do random place. Like now I mean it's it's pretty I didn't even want a church I asked to use their parking. And next C nine that going on on and venture with. My girlfriend and my brother and another friend of mine. A were conducting an investigation like that worrying are. It's almost like we feel like war ghost hunters source W would only ever see on CD it's. It's a strange strange world and now are far from my hand up political gigs acts guilty for everything else. I do this because I also want people half and no one. I feel you know the Internet it's terrible because you're always you're the worst of G man. I want people have fun I want people to go out and try different things ask questions or even have. And just go live life because we have so many questions that Gina really bring us together when it's like you know. What are the big questions like what do it together let's not worry about the stupid nonsense that the corporate media and everyone else wants to focus on. If it takes me dealing echoes hunt for people that means for people seem scream and so like and economic question a world Ian processed. And yell on the venture wished me. And that just makes the whole thing perfect and you know I I thought homage republic is going to be just one thing saying albums and it's turned into. You know something that my brother and I've become extremely passionate about. What are some other places that you have on your hit list and you mentioned Gettysburg is being a great location and I know Jason and I both are here with that it's. In fact we talked to people Lotta times we asked the question hey how'd you get started when your interest in the paranormal and it infrequently starts with a story about allows of the Gettysburg battlefield and I saw this and that just started. You're definitely right there are a lot of groups are groups down outweigh. You can't there Iraq. This places so which one other run hotspots month are on your wish list of foreign the pondered republic series. Well the next location will be checking out next week is warrants in jail out here Northern Virginia. Boy you know the one place I'm really trying to lock down one day's the enemy or else. If I can go conduct an investigation there. Regardless of what I finder when I don't mind I can go and does mean a wrap up things from mayors say OK I'm done checked out as players who get. That would be great place. You have so. Obviously talked about paranormal investigator from the ghost perspective. Will any work ever focus enemy of the paranormal topics like encrypted Zurich or UFOs or anything like that. I am I'm a little bit more has and again to those categories because I am. I just think a lot of bats really haven't hounded to death. I mean when you're dealing with a ghost when you're dealing you know spears something else typically your dealings something that's in the confines based. And has multiple witnesses and you're seeing a trend. When you're dealing with you know scripted or UFOs. Those things happen and deal half a pound in my have a single location but they'll have batteries they have a repeat pattern. Of visitation or activity and a lot of the people that see that type of stuff. I just think that you know I I question. Whether or not they were really share in the same quite politely. In terms of you know like the fields of the colts I think that definitely gains by interest. I mentioned about an hour ago that. You know one of the creepy things about. Right now is that there's a rise of satanic cults and the country. And without giving you merchants that I started somewhat of the investigative process and figuring out okay. Where are they weathered. This something that could possibly not just beat. Related to criminal activity we're seeing what is this leading into something else that maybe we need to worry about as a society. Because when you start looking into the secret societies and you know black magic and Rudy were that type stuff. I think that has more or each and paranormal and supernatural realm then not saying. SaaS watched cheaper Cabrera and ET. So who would you say this are rise in non satanic cults come. Where where does the the right Charlie Sheen to be even more isolated in the US and where you get this information on. I'm getting it from jets you know a lot of local newspapers it's not count pop up from and the Washington examiner approach or something bad. It's just something that I actually heard it on the show how podcast Silas Taiwan go ahead and see this app. Why did see was that you're seeing a lot that pop up in the midwest. I think Saint Louis was a city where. I satanic panic took place and ladies early ninety's you're seeing a lot of pop up there. You're seeing a lot of strange occurrence occur in the East Coast now mind. Neck of the woods Washington DC you're having some whispers. Satanic cults possibly on this company definitely sort of. North then up north has always been a hot spot as well and back in the seventies they were very open about satanic cults and and so forth that the calls actually. Did a lot of things so let everybody know they're out there but then all the sudden. Going into Latin into the eighties. They went underground and it was because the government was collecting a lot of information off of these individuals and and really researching into a survey they took a sort of underground so they can do their their own thing and keep it private. But yet there is. It definitely is a patent. There's a bunch of them popping up all all throughout the country again now and I think it's more than dude they're just. Terry being underground and now they're just coming back onto the public's. Yeah I mean settling. It's. I think a lot people think that's avenue is cool these days and I don't take its ears when I see a bunch of young teenagers. Running around saying I'm part of a cultures. I think about this you know we averaging problem here in Virginia especially because what Arab dear leader Barack Obama did here as Surma she'd brought and a whole bunch. Children he called them children were actually in there. You know mid to late morning and you're gang members Sparta MS thirteen US hadn't said though we're gonna go ahead and bring you in the United States she came all the way you're robbery and brought them up in Northern Virginia. Winds up happening and scenes of losing track of all those kids now what happens. They disappear and suddenly you have crease and human trafficking you know an increase in brutal executions. You know the last couple months I mean Lynchburg Virginia MS thirteen. Cut off for kids' hands seats on him. Some other parts of body care saying there and they left him in the middle of the streets were want to see. I think Iran gains and wrapped a mob thing about. Colts is that they are operating at eighty Smart ones don't wanna talk everywhere salaam will leave a calling card behind it is there a case. If you screw with us or coming JE at the end of the day they're really in so what they're doing it early serious they are going to be hard to track. I mean you're not get secret society Mellon Arena everyone knows about your secret is out. OK so we're almost out of time here rim so wanna find out when and where can people see any of 400 republic films. What they can do is they go on YouTube right now type on to public you'll go ahead here first films now been seen or enemy if you wanna get access to all Barre. Shorter investigations neither on your pop shots that we have a PH romper Graham for just one dollar mark. You can go ahead and get everything hard republic Droid but ramps and Martinez out nature on. Or go to my website and read every every now rents OR EMS. So republic dot com. Annual go ahead CO wink for on Republican feature on got a lot of free content out they are the fun stuff. You got help us on their church and gas in the car for the dollar month yet everything. And I'm assuming that this same website people just when it does check out any of your other work as well. Of course have they want action that we discussed politics and that's mainly due. Great article thanks for coming up yet thanks so much for coming on hanging out it was a pleasure and we look forward talk and you again. Settlements during great thank you so much wrap male or a great thing to do again the website is ran so republic dot com REM S over public dot com. All right so we're gonna take quick break Mort economy elicited Jason JVB and rarely revealed right back. A guy should not be able to send them to lack lack of testosterone. Has to be. That's a nice seeing that night he Atlanta and I'll just sit around in my swift kick something like that welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio again thanks to rim so Martinez. We're gonna quickly go to the phones or is there aren't a lot of time we've got Chris who's a truck driving he wants to talk a little bit hey Chris welcome to show. Hey guys I don't this is going on. Just wanted to thank you for Daimler coffers to add and I hope everything is OK Jason wood or gambling. Now all they give up in my dad's just sick but man it's time. Takes time. And it us. Yeah absolutely it would it just what I when we are down there at the marked man passed on we heard the news strategist and force. You know why we were really like cute guys is because you guys are always been family first and and it is just awesome you know to you know I love you guys show. Because these guys go crossing Gavin report what you cover whether it be. Supernatural are you know Levy family oriented it's just great. We'll make it means our windows. And did you get a chance to spend some time at the moth man festival Chris. Absolutely now we're down there and outsized in fact I recognize a lot of the names previous speakers and we're on you're on your guys show on time or another. And I'm not terrible names again. Remember it and right now Rosemary must down there Rosemary guy Eileen yeah Loren Coleman am genuinely. Yes it's acorn behind. And Blackburn. A a lot of our crypto goes to a what sort of user has to do illogical. Decisions. Whether it was our Cindy here is that we we're just gonna hear a lot of marked man stopped but it is that was fascinating about. There was six foot there or TARP but everything and it is just. When I was gonna ask you guys were if you were to make it. And is there anything you haven't done an alliance you guys missing both like you know hit the really great life as far as. You know anywhere from plotting to. You know doing everything I don't know it just popped in here you guys talk about your guys' lives. Tom how how how we we've definitely had room full life yet what we have a minimum Memphis Aaliyah that we haven't had the he had a good episode yet we haven't done everything and Elijah so that that's what we let you go thanks for the call. Hope quick question. Any means he had in America to Michigan anytime soon so that Michigan pair Irma convention and she's Emery. I'm a share and Russia will left to seal we always have our radar out for events and no talking to people time so we can Chris we're gonna let you go discuss run time thanks for the call. All right so make she tune in tomorrow another great show this is Jason NGV beyond reality or is everybody have a great night at. And media is to despise it's include things like Alexandria Johnson's we need. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting it's sleek and AD ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.