WWL>Topics>>The mysteries and paranormal connections to some of Hollywood's best known unsolved murders, or suspicious deaths.

The mysteries and paranormal connections to some of Hollywood's best known unsolved murders, or suspicious deaths.

Aug 8, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Brian Clune - Author of Hollywood Obscura: Death, Murder & the Paranormal Aftermath - about his paranormal investigations and his research into writing the book. Many of Hollywood's most bizarre cases have paranormal connections, and not only are the stories themselves intriguing but the resulting paranormal activity remains very intense. 8/8/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Well stones to stand still when you start between what we're gonna be on really your radio yourself Jason Los railways are some Jimmie Johnson so the countdown beginning Jan this of the solar cliff final count for a moment. Now Erica not that countdown. Heck let's rat is Sarah somebody trying to get born in on her show here on the countdown to the the clip these clips it's what August when he first rate is not today. Yes it has here. And you know what's interesting is that a lot of communities across the country under so many people that are gonna go into with what's called the what is that that path it's the the and doctor I was Sonia. Path of totality it's about seventy mile wild strip across the country. And other so many people are traveling. As tourists basically to see this a clips into that seventy while 71 mile wide path that a lot of communities direction declaring states of emergency. People handle the influx of people. Why would only it would be stone because the amount of people coming into. Yeah basically they'll lose their a lot of small towns in this path and many of these people are preparing to see their populations eat double or triple or even quadruple. And that's gonna just put a rule a strain on local resources you don't like it when he Havoc a small local Woodstock concert all of sudden disappears and in a farm field you know Honda out of emergency services handled that and how to communities handle that. And that's kind of what these communities are facing. Cultures and it's it's not. It's not going to be a 63 or if 60% or 7% here Rhode Island I know you and I had been talking about giving South Carolina yup but I'd spend a little crazy with everything going on. But Tom and height and would love to get down there and actually see it. They'd be really really cool this is the first one in 99 years I don't remember what to are our guest had said that we had him on Tom when the next one was going to be but you know could be the only time only one we have an opportunity to see. But to write things haven't crazies it's going to be the article I don't force renounce. Speaking to create things arm while anyways welcome every member Miguel Perez if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio machine like the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com where you can final agrees stations we are across the country rate there might click station list. You can also bomb click the listen life which allows you to listen on the website join us and them online chat. And or download the free iPhone and android separates her from the website as well allow shall listen live sketch pad shows. And join the online chat and do at all on the hill except for the archived there wouldn't be good for. But I'm speaking craziness Jim in hell last week and we're talking about the lady who I mean this ghost cutting. And this has been on her hair yeah yeah nor is so now sixty year old woman has been lynched. After rumors that she was the one chopping off people's there which isn't true June while senator. No way to second. These people were so upset about this what they thought was a ghost cutting hair that they went after his sixty year old woman because they had display and then have to go after her she actually walked into the wrong neighborhood which is just horrible what you think bottom but. Mass panic spreads as people I states are reporting its mysterious ghostly attacker how to cut woman scares asleep. Well sixty year old and dull woman. It was alleged lead lynched in Ankara after villagers thought she was out to cut the Harris sleeping woman. The first reported fatality of what appears to be somebody turning into a case of mass hysteria growing numbers of people particularly in rural districts of can experiment pronounce his name to gimme a break hard on mount rush Oscar and Delhi a tar I oppression and mud ya. I have reported mysterious inches instances of sleeping woman being attacked and her being chopped off. Family members said man Devi left the home around 4 AM on Wednesday. She ended up losing her way and reaching. An upper class neighborhood where people spotted here. She pleaded that you lost your way but they took her being there has her being one response chopping people there and people's hair and that's what she was doing in their area. So I'll end up killing two students have very serious. The end you know eat this is kind of similar to what we were talking about a lot of the clown hysteria that somebody's gonna get really hurt. You know that it happened yeah and did end this is what happens when none and it is it's a mass hysteria temple and the worst part is like local police denied the death was connected to the goes Barbara panic initially but. Now it's coming out that it one spot on the end of the lady the lady has beaten to death and it's it's just a shame that. Something you get that out of control in the sixty year old Leach walking through the wrong neighborhood. And that's what you got to really. Where it on some of those countries I mean just the superstition and it just their their belief system. It it's a dangerous dangerous and again at noon it's a recipe for disaster is we just silence is truly a shame it's and is it to be even more mission and it started with a paranormal story. Exactly and we're just talking about that last week and and how is just getting more and more carried away. And out of control and this just goes to show that they need they need to somehow. Just resolve this figure now and terra. How anxious it's same somebody loses their life for something so silly. Yeah absolutely. We've got a lot of great shows coming up to that you should be made aware of tomorrow we'll be talking with brandy wells brandy is a compassionate clairvoyant and in in Chile Koehler. An animal communicators a psychic medium and paranormal investigator that kind of covers old gimmick Jack. Yeah she's world renowned and shall be on been doing readings and talking about all of her work. Tomorrow night yet. And oral Sumi dime playing and Jim Morrison the ads so are we doing Jim Jim and his apparent passing away about a week and a half ago. Or me playing his ups so this week and there's there are we talked with Larry Hancock. It's all good stuff and again the Jim Morris losses a big one for the parable kernel community in there have been a lot of people over the weekend who were around offering there. Memories and respect for Jim Morris and I think that's all well deserved Jim was a great guy he truly was and a he was just a wonderful individual and general but just. Just a pioneer in the field yes he did a lot of work and that all of us have relied on for I'm wolf for a long time. Tonight however we are talk with Brian Clooney and Brian is not only a paranormal investigator and he's written books. Ali California's historic wants ended ghosts of the queen Mary goes to be interesting conversations but his most recent book is called Hollywood Hollywood it's Europe. And it's it's and chronicling of the eleven most and more famous and notorious murders. And possible murders that are current Hollywood things like the black Dahlia murder and that. I investigated. Yeah and the paranormal connection to all those things are there going to be some really cool stories. Yet and and it's funny because I knew I just heard shared one of his articles I didn't and he relies it was his book can on the Hollywood its current. I posted one of the articles on my FaceBook page about a week ago. And the mineralized through bad times has book but it just uninteresting booked I want to get my hands on and check out. Yeah oh every one of those dumb cases that are considered either. Some rumor considered closed cases but distilled big question mark over them a lot of them were just unsolved like. The black Dahlia. Murder and they're just so bizarre and they're so full of intrigue and and personalities that kind of a larger than life and Hollywood as they. As they make them and it's is pretty pretty cool stuff and Indiana paranormal twist on that. We've got to have some great discussion tonight at all. We investigated out there we were talking with the son of our. I'm doctor Arthur who said that his father who was so was the murder deterrent is a guy you know and it was just. And he was a detective. To top it all nimbly user detectives and you know he had gone through all the stuff and fondle this evidence supporting it and I think it was there it was probably one of the best episodes we've but it. Yeah I was agree when I do remember that there's an upcoming summer movies on that particular case I don't know if you view I'm sure you've seen MJ in their available on some horrible ones to the snow descending order your the crime scene photos from that collect and served as gruesome and grisly and unbelievable injustices so bizarre. And then Larry because of course and after the investigation or during embassies we never try to taint ourselves prior to investigation and by going through a lot of stuff. But during the investigation we will and I am there was there was definitely a tough tough want to look at the crime scenes. That some of the army like trans Allegheny some of the news things and he had one of one guy put to bed. Now the delight of a bad arm other guys hadn't answered jumping on these these these are insane individuals. And anybody can do that to another person yet I think what caused it through from their head you know. As I said besides just like that I just heard that and just disgusting Ari iso us in this state. Break when we come back to bring Brian Clooney and it's beyond reality radio Jason JB I don't know the creature. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scared content October. It dates are October 6 through the eighth the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is a great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror for. Film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all there and organ meaning out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Erica time. Dot com. Today scary time I'd come visit the web site. Day use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary can. I on reality radio Jason Allison Jimmie Johnson thank everybody for joining us. You don't agree radio stations during the courage they show around the country we've got to a nice long list of affiliates we appreciate them joining the beyond reality radio. Family and were always welcoming new stations to the group as well. Yes some will be loading up some new stations on the analysts you can finalist we've got to dumb idea FaceBook dot com's last -- on reality radio page. And also on the unreality review that Tom will be updating atlas from more stations within just the next couple. So now always adding stuff so and if you get a station in your area that you think should carry the show onto cinemanow its Asian chicken and beyond reality radio and send them to our website in the fight on how to do the jump on our list harass him that's what we always say nothing works better in the standing on front pick it's it's. And just district say yet. But anyway are we talking about something completely different tonight we're going to be bringing her guest Brian gloom Brian is him among many things a paranormal investigator he's the co-founder. And they historian for the planet paranormal radio and planet paranormal investigations. His interest in history has led him to be volunteer aboard the USS Iowa and at fort MacArthur military museum he gives lectures a colleges and universities about colonel topics. Are we talking about his book Hollywood Hollywood ups Europe. And double b.s kind of specifically chatting about eleven of the more famous and notorious murders and possible murders in Hollywood history Brian welcome to be on re notary agreed to have him show here tonight. Thanks guys it's definitely a pleasure to our. They added to its funny Brian I was just talking with Jim last week I did a post online about this book that showed up in my in my news feed now account all. I checked the spoke I had no idea it was your book but it's it's something that I've I've won I've wanted to check ounce its Acela. Did did you get a chance to read I have not yet but I'd I Planon. Yeah I think you'll really enjoy it. It's kind of it's got like three different genres. Mixed into one seat you kind of have a Hollywood scandals you have true crime and then of course ship paranormal and kind of extreme I think. Right and there's no there's no such thing is how Hollywood scandals. None whatsoever or a O'Brien knew that it went chest infection part of the well and they do this Bryant for all our listeners out there across the country and the women on who you are and what got you involved in this field. Well. And actually got involved and it back when he was eighteen. Eighteen when he to something like that happens. And I was trying to find something to reconnect. Here day Asia the scouts. And I'm I kind of wanted you know stay friends with them. Authorities had. And I I asked him is there some we could do together atlas logo sonic. And I kind of gave his word look like are you kidding me. And a serious so. I found. Bob Davis who is part of and that goes on in society back. And area. I've been amended and ever since I was having so much fun whether it I just Wear that my son. Bailed. I'll let the left and get bailed unless you have. I don't think it was fear. I realized it out. A hot and in. It was just one of those things or but I guess it just wasn't quite she thought it was going to be. When we started blood. Bob and have a ball without ever so it will hit. And I think the whole name ghost and ghost hunting and it says of course it's its menus allow more since ghost hunters button that today calling ghost hunting. It gives us hold different vibe to it instead of calling it and it investigating paranormal paranormal investigations. Then that's sort of changes the whole tone of what year where you're getting involved in which you're going out to do. And to end to look. For. Right and you know most of the time eloquent guys that work asked. Hugo ghost and said well yeah it really are asked. Unit is blank stare like there's a difference. You know slow yet. This kind of role that. And you know I I classify myself as an investigator redden and it goes on or percent. Not that there's anything wrong with ghost honor it is just I guess my personal preference. Yeah lately has said it just gives a whole facade of something where when people raspy I did I did the show ghost hunters but. I'm an investigator of paranormal investigate claims in the paranormal all around the world. Right. Yeah exactly. You know you had a artery you started off. As an investigator and the way it you remained the same. Regardless. Absolutely Chapman and just in name but yet averages are all so our. So you don't. Brian you've done a lot of work a minute we're going to be talking about your book Hollywood obscure as soon but I wanted to cover some of those ghost hunting or Perelman didn't investigating that you've done. And some of the stuff the written about. You've written a book that kind of basically summarizes or lists a number of the most wanted sponsor most interest in spots anyway it was a released paranormal and California. Tell us a little bit about some this that maybe and lesser known places that it gives you visited or written about. Well. Want to hum. And I don't know whether it's lesser known now. Since you guys are actually there that was a wolf are. Camp. But of of all the places that we then I gotta say that that was probably. Wanted to creepy as places that we've ever been. Unfortunately it's been torn down now it actually was torn down. Two months before California's historic card came out one that are I remember Bob Ehrlich. Oh and we're Durham. What are some events that were held in an effort to save it hood is number some things going on they're trying to stop it from being torn down is that is that my memory serving me correctly there. Yet they they had him. A group called saved the wolf manner. And they really did everything they could. But unfortunately the city of Clovis itself closed at about. Turning out. And they're actually the ones that came and it was. And and I know you kind of says it. Is kind of thinking about. Rebuilding. Unfortunately. Match and gone bad he was thinking about turning it into a hotel. And I'm thinking you know that'd be great you know blog one of the most out of hotels anybody. I'm for everybody else they listen into the show wolf manner if you remember that she'd done the show goes honors is the one where I had something to say I like the one in the hat. Right that's men which was creepy it was really just. Mind blowing at that point are it's a we're gonna get ready we gonna take a quick break when we come back more if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page calling numbers 8446877669. Again the seat 446877669. US and Jason. JPM got really great. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easy that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah I can cause Jeremi Johnson. Telefono received 446877669. If you wanna call and join our discussion tonight we're talking with Brian Clooney's the co-founder. And the historian for planet paranormal radio and planet paranormal investigations. He's written a lot of books including the ghosts of the queen Mary in Hollywood obscure death murder and the paranormal aftermath that's going to be great discussion but. Brian we've been talking first off about some of the places in California and that you chronicled. In your book. So the paranormal hotspots in the annual tournament wolf Amanda what are what are some of the spots that you think. Really are worthy of people taking a look at. There's a place in. By higher California and it's just inside the Ventura county line from LA. By a magic out. It's called Rancho commute loves. And as explained in the book it's probably the most famous place that nobody is ever hurt. It's actually where the Valencia orange originated. At this place is great I mean it it has. A lot of paranormal activity involved. And a very bizarre. Crypto zoological creature. Store. People are actually still. Seeing today. I never have of course. Yeah added that that's another area that Adam. I think a lot of people at least in California to get a chance should do this. At. Some. Moon river brewery or whatever that is. It what was that the moon notes on the moon river Berlin with a heck the name of the place that I was formal for a mosque back. This all mafia multi month must be idiots at a fifth Barack. Is the only the only tool that location it was it was a good application did have a lot of claims of pointing on. So I just wish that it shall listen on the other stuff. But and we also and we investigated the Spanish military hospital were out there we really didn't catalog going on there but that is California is just a huge stated anyways. He has and let's just great locations. Yeah there there's actually quite a few. A lot of people don't realize that. A lot of people say wall all you know back east that's that's where the real haunted places are because. It's got a lot of history. They don't realize that. Out here on the West Coast had. You have a lot of history as well especially with the Spaniards. That you mash Indians. Even had. So you're still have a lot of history has. A different than what you have Becky. Well and angry about that I think a lot of people. It is totally miss her represent that because the East Coast yeah we we have a lot of great haunts more of compacted area. And in this means you've got fight states all within a very small area that many in the make a New England but. Lot of people came over here there we have the witch trials channel that stuff but. Also people that weren't prepared to for the winters so they were freezing to death were starving to death. So there was a lot of that there were we had some serious Indian issues over here and yes all those led to some incredible. Haunting us throughout this area but yet but everywhere in the country just has has that history to it and then phenomenal locations. They did and it's just a matter of you know some of its. English European history and and Mexican history of the Spanish and yeah he does have a this is why it. Variety of things within the country. It makes it from any kind of excitement. The day it is him when every can take a different perspective and then ending actually I don't know if there's any difference in the type of colonel paranormal activity that comes. From may be a different culture dies I don't know think that there's any real differences there but there might be some. But I would ask you about the about the queen Mary you've done a lot of work with the queen Mary. Quite quite a what what are your thoughts and and mean what's impressed you when you know you've been there. The most impressive thing actually happen. This what you were on the ship. Current one of the darkness radio events. My buddy Bob Davis and I. There was a celebrity. Auction going on. And that we just weren't related. Interest and stand the auction so we went down and cool. And we actually caught Jackie she actually talked to us for about seventeen minutes all ought to. And it was really kind of kind of amusing because Bob tried to get horror Tim called him uncle Bob. As she wasn't having any of it. And at one point she gets started yelling. And it was. Odd I got the whole thing kind of amusing. Let back and I was still. A little bit skeptical of a lot of things. So while Bob is busy talking with Jackie are running a chick hit. Girl. And there was a religious group are right outside the poll. It is selling bibles or something I remember I kind of ran out there is look at MySpace. Hearing him talk to a a bunch of a religious people you know ask. Pilgrim here running around. The ghost girl and they were given me this look like OK you need to padded room. Dan. Just can't I can't stop there for a second we're at it maybe this is a good idea. If I don't went back in the pool. What we were able to have similar experiences I was active I was down at the pool and I and I remember than you're talking about because. And leave the guy Brian whoever wrote snakes on a plane. When it was there and spend all the money does set aside for dinner which is great is all the money went to a abused woman show shelter on. But I ended up heading down to that pool later. With. Sharon who I believe now owns Rolling Hills and we are down there yes to some some friends. And we had some of the most incredible interactions. Lists with. A spirit that was down they're just communicating back and forth and I went down their leader with them. I think it was the same night we Chris for Atkins the actor who was there and an alum. And and so we went down their later and Chris was able to have an experience is so it was just endless down at that pool so active. Things tend thing a lot of things are going out and I think the only thing and set me off with. Wish the queen Mary was the manipulation. Of my footage when we invested. And I don't. I can't point fingers as I don't have any evidence of who was. All I know is we didn't have a key to believe in the room we and they were two people who worked there that we had to contact it was tough because they disappeared for two hours we could we couldn't find them. But that was only that was the only downside of that investing. Creation beautiful location. Great activity in and a lot of those areas. And that didn't need to be done if you didn't have to you didn't have to manipulator try to score around something you already had great evidence no no recent trying to make it. You know and that much more. Yeah it exactly. Remember this. We have our own theories about my goodness and it's you know more and seeing here and for the everybody else. They're listening it was we filmed that the queen Mary. We ended up catching a blanket being pulled down awfully bad on one of our cameras well upon further and further analysis of that. You could you we found that somebody had actually come in and for through small crawl space and was able to pause the camera. And move around in the restart the camera cell. And and Dave tangle actually help if I figured I wanna thank god. But I know that great catch you guys get along and that's the thing it's and this is one of those things where oh well somebody did it so it's it's going to be put on her on TV now. Because we we never behind anything I mean. If somebody. Had the the goal to do that. Well the name pay it needs to be shown needs to be shown to the world of things that they need to look out for on these types of investigations. Yeah exactly and you know like you said. They're there's enough activity on that ship did things like pet urges. Us. Exactly Hebron oil and ask you go back to that experience you're telling us about in the pool on BC you're having this conversation and I think you said 1517 minutes or something like that. On was this something you're hearing in real time or was it something that you heard later in any VP type situation what was the communication like. No it it it was not EVP it was all real time audible. And we actually started here Jacqui before we got into the cool were walking down the starboard. Court or. Forward of the pool area. And is walking down Regis and herder. Yakking away. At the time you know we've we've. Don't know who she was talking to. But it. Later on we did catch some EB he's at the same time we have. Audible conversation whether. And it's. Frittered it wants to listen to the audio they are shadows dot com. Greatest hits that conversation I guess you'd call it. That they can listen to but if you get a chance to listen to the full audio. And we were so busy you know always listening to the had Jackie footage that we never caught act garlic or or other choices. Mixed in in the audio that are all EDT. So the united it was really kind of cool. We realize that that we we have Jackie talk to us on. At least one. Male spirit. Talking and we believe that's summary we beat. And then there's and easy to beat him. It's stays in docking port and on and then there's also another female voice and extent. But yet Jackie. Jackie was completely. Audible. And she was responding to all of us are. And yeah she was choose actually responding to all. One of the things we thought was kind of interest thing. Was that she started saying that she wasn't gonna call Bob uncle Bob before he even mentioned. You're just kind of been thinking about it and we'd. We didn't catch exactly what you were saying until we listened back because you know. Jackie tens this how much she's kind of far away at sheet continues to communicate. She like gets closer. So it's almost like she starts off. Yeah on the rear of the pool area networks to waive or is. So you know there's like this for cognitive. Ability that she asked. Another. Kind of strange thing during that incident was sometimes get a tickle wrote asked again so I keep our can't market. And I get the technologist you know pop art and in my mouth and it and it Suze I don't. So I don't start a coffin in the middle of it EVP session our our investigation. Should add. Out of reach of that piece of candy I even pulled the market is here Jackie O. Dean. Head it was quite a cow look at an omelet or have a peace and mount. So yeah that that goes back to the whole pro cognitive things that. Interest. Sure we're talking with Brian clue and again he is the author of the book called Hollywood obscure a death murder and the paranormal aftermath are going to be talking about that book in a much of the cases that eminently looks at in that book but she's author of the book ghost of the queen Mary. And he's been internal investigator for some time. All right so we're gonna take quick break and we come back Maury listen chase JPM. He radiated Jason easy team very grateful to have you along. With the program tonight and Ross and Rachel ever guest Brian include a telephone numbers 8446877669. If you'd like to join the discussion. Before we went to break we are talking about what's queen Mary Jake is you you spent a great deal time needed events there have been many many dragged total of like nine or ten times it's a place that you know for good reason has it has a good paranormal reputation and despite that little snap flu in the episode of ghost hunters and I. And that's what I was saying yeah the place has a great and it agree report it's got great stories truly green activity. And there's no reason to manipulate some of these evidence. And that you know it was going to be on TV with the possibility of hurting your Euro on reputation. Arm. When you've you've already got to screen the screener activities so there's really no reason. And you know but the but again every time I've been there the place in the places that Hartley act together just kind of tainted all the real things going on there which is the problem that it just twenty did you bad teeth and chasing amount. When you travel 3000 miles over there to investigate somewhere and to have something like that happened that happened there that happened my speech to Stiller I think California screwed me more times I think and other state in this country. Brian we have Xbox three minutes here before we have to jump into break again at the top of the hour but I wanted to ask you before we start talking about the Hollywood book. This goes back here investigation what are what are the tricks and techniques do you like to use when you go out and do you paranormal investigations and what equipment do you like most. What are your kind of funny is we've been doing this for 1015 years now and we started to buy all of the equipment on demand. And now it just stays in a closet. So basically. The equipment we use we take a camera. And audio recorder to thermometer and EMS that's about it. We started to realize that once we had all of this. Equipment that we needed backpacks everything or that we stopped. Using the most. Important equipment we have and that's our brain our I's. Comments of dances. It you know end visual is fairly rare. So eloquently we snapped pictures that we pretty much rely on. EDT audible. The audio. Stuff and that's kind of what were known or. Is being able to get. You know law to be MVPs and things like that and Bob Barker receptor. Bob has a tendency to be able to get spirits to actually speak out loud to. Which. It is quite unusual. It's quite cool. You know we tend to get a lot of audible communication. And Bob Witten. Good luck. Yet and what people and people ask me all the time when I look for an investigator and you just summed it all up the most important thing an investigator needs is common sense. You can throw all that equipment aside because they don't have common sense then then they're not going to be and they're not going to be good at check and it looking for real real thing that's going on anyway. Exactly come common sense in critical thinking knows those are the two acre. Most important or an investigator. Possess. And the size you want somebody who's willing to look beyond just taking something that happened in and automatically chalking it up to being paranormal because. What happens as. The minute the skeptic or somebody else gets a hold of that evidence they terror department makes the field looked just pork. This is the fact threat there as you want somebody who's going to truly. Not just take what happened and just and you know labeled they really get in there and try to figure out what's what's really going on. And as a plumber guy who Maghreb plumbing under construction background I've got electrical background. Now bang in the wall. I'm not going to assume as a ghost banging in the law it could be an them could be hit errant error in the in the Miami could be a enumerated numerous things. Rate down to we've had situations where chip monks have have been in between that and the the joists in the wall. These things had to. Yeah end and that's sort of things that you know we don't quote a lot of evidence out. Just because of the fact we will not put anything out. That we shank can be picked apart so we actually throw most of our stuff out and only put out stuff. CO that we can just. And that's on the Smart view. Yeah enemy a lot of markets that we don't put anything that were like whoa that's because. You know we don't have a lot of stuff it will keep the stuff for our own. Edification and Ed Ed you know to listen to. But putting it out into the public or somebody can you know just pick it apart like the the audio that we got from the queen Mary. The amazing Randi according to him we got nothing. So he's even picked at a party even though we put waves showing that where Jackie. Was speaking with flat lined. Well then there's people out there that no matter what will not believe and Nina goes to walk in front of them and they're just not going to not going to admit it. We we were actually trying to figure out how they amazing and even sought. I would do with Brian Kluwe and and when we come back from their top of the hour break we're gonna get into his book Hollywood obscure a death murder and the paranormal aftermath some great. Intriguing mysterious and curious. Stories of Hollywood deaths and possible murders and all sorts of great conversation coming up O'Brien. As sort of take quick break more to come to listen to this team. OK game the deepest and approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the place turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place in this. Agree it's best if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October. It's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. It today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare Khan and. Stores it's close Armenian. And between welcomed an honor and review myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome JV Johnson so went from summer approved. Its home. Soon and almost gimmicks together when the weather's been really really strange round here and you know there's. Always talked about. But some sort of blaming on this or that there's people like that nature she's mean mean I'm (%expletive) don't say the word power hitter to beat me out of my own shelter but. There are people that are blaming the upcoming solar eclipse on these weather patterns and maybe that's true maybe this on the to do with a I don't know I think you start Troxel it could be Donald Trump. The cost excuses for everything at this point global warming if clips and Donald Trump the three of top excuses from GPS because he hears his relief may be. May be that flatter Syrians have been doing for. Well speaking now status of a Scottish officials demand action as flat earth theory. Graffiti aspirants flatter flat earth theory graffiti try to Sarah and determine grip now and then. So graffiti making this her claim that the earth is flat has begun appearing on road signs in the highlands capital after the strange vandalism swept other parts scale. Signs south of the classic bridge outside hardens garden center and the old. Idiot visitors center have all been tagged at the lines the earth is flat. It comes just a couple weeks after identical graffiti was spotted on the 89 in case. There are fears the conspiracy theorists antics could encourage more vehicles. We're talking about feeding general here we have zero tolerance for graffiti in the highlands but if we allow this vandal to get away with it. And it could be just the start says the nervous south counselor Duncan McPherson. We need to find out who's doing it and nip in the bud before it becomes a bigger issue we don't want and we don't want is other people adding to. So we also worries that any increasing graffiti will impact on Taurus perception of the highlands and is he afraid the people won't come there because they'll sell off the end of the earth and mind. That's the letter theory I don't know him so but people where I'm posting this awful all around are on the mend its funny because again just never subject we've talked to bar recently on the show. We've had flattered and hollow collar theorist. On hand talking about it so. Geez we talk about this now this handle this graffiti we talk about the hair the dose cutting people's parent some for a league is murdered you know. This is bad beer we'll be careful we talk about but it will say this about. What is exit that especially when you donate go to Europe and as you know Jay you've been there as well you know that in the buildings and in some of the historic sites there I mean. Talk about history and talk about. Age I mean you know we think someone's old here at 200 years they've got a 3000 year old monument. They're exhibit to you a grant by a walking through a field over there come across 5000 year old tomb that we can walk into this and they don't want you to know problem totally hear building sixty years old that paring it down. Knew we were in castles there were thousands of years old America. And they gave it's just they have so much history there and it's just it's incredible. Arm and they have so much respect for I think that's important. But also over in Europe if your house isn't haunted you kind of the weird personal blog is a premiere of your house is haunted you can aware person blah so it's it's a total 180. It's true and I was going to mention that you know anytime. Anybody would even consider defacing any of those buildings with graffiti or anything in India and I've been Italy many times and it seems very very common and Leo the number through the Roman ruins and facilities like. Political poster slapped on these beautiful. It structures that it's just it's just crazy and it's almost as though they take some of that stuff for granted but dumb either way that's one of the worst things they do you know people who wanna have a message shouldn't shouldn't go to these historic structures has been spray paint demo of that they're doing is just. Makes no sense now. Betcha that's so we're talking about and I were talking O'Brien clone he's a co-founder and historian of plant at planet colonel meridia in planet paranormal investigations. We're talking about his book Hollywood obscure. Eleven of the most famous and notorious murders impossible murders in Hollywood history. And all of with the paranormal aftermath. So we're gonna. In the mountains say this is going to be a great discussion really looking forward to this are so we'll take a quick break when we come back all game bring in Brian backgammon and we have a lot talk about you'll see that Jason JVB on reality really will be right back. Discussion as we broadcast. After midnight on the east I don't know why don't go to Dallas you have got to download our form and it's 1 AM on the West Coast Tuesday and the is the status you know and I just I wanna TV ads at people enjoy your modeling pictures so much are trying to get me to post them on FaceBook you know it play. Gonna dismiss it can just say something or I don't even dare look at chat anymore. The thing that you're putting up and there. I don't even dare look at those pictures when these when I see the extra black turn my head back because I don't wanna know that's kind of like just well. That's a little money FaceBook page well you're the best one of but he put her friend if your friends for a sports. If you would Brian including tonight he is the co-founder and historian for planet paranormal radio on planet paranormal investigations his books include ghosts of the queen Mary and the wanted to talk about now. Which is called Hollywood obscure I death murder and the paranormal aftermath and Brian this must've been. Quite yet quite a fascinating project undertaken I guess the question is first is. I know why this stuff fascinates and intrigues me why does fascinate and intrigue view. Well believe it or not when I started writing and I didn't know that I can get into. I actually. Called my publisher and you know that's if there was any kind of books that they were looking for and they said Walt true crime could you read it true crime book. Ask Alec well you know. An off camera for crime. Or the parent are all. And my editor apartment she goes in that might really work. So I actually started arts. Thinking all right on the grocery dollars. California a lot of people don't know it is like a serial killer chapel. Yeah liquor. So I started Kalla checking into the zodiac killer want everybody those. OK it is and take a lot of research. And restart was so small. And as certain about Bugsy Siegel that's first. Start. In research. And I just found myself intrigued by the whole. The whole concept. And and I started to check out another one that would be easy and really was it. It just sort of you know I was gonna do this whole California. Serial killer and an intro on down to just Hollywood. And I found myself going oh wait I have a word count. Which ones grow out all of these different. Other cases. It all head. The weird mysteries attached to them call. Had some sort of paranormal activity attached. And it was really kind of hard to figure out which ones. And which one is this any news or possibly a later Claudia. And bloated. When I first started I wasn't really into. All true crime now get off. And god help anybody that looks in my browser histories are gonna think I. Am. The what is it about these stories that fascinate people though I mean. Very very recently one of a very very very successful miniseries on nine Netflix was a making a murderer man remember the guys named to stay the story of the guy was falsely accused of crime many of them. Being convicted of murder. I don't what was wildly successful there shows like friends X-Files in cold case files what is it about these. Stories that just fascinate people. Personally I think it's a fascination. With people thinking well this can't happen to me. What are they could. And they don't hit it it's human nature to take a loss as happened the other. But there's always that little nagging. Suspicion in the back of a person's head it okay will they be would have. So I'm going to check it out. At least that's what I've always taken from his dad's had a hell. You all be watching bush won those shows now. And you've taken well but I don't situation. There's also a real morbid per curiosity that just seems to be. Comment. You know these stories of death and tragedy and so mysterious death in mysterious tragedy just seemed to grip us. Right and I read a lot of it that I really don't understand. I went down into the museum a death down and Hollywood. And the it was just packed. End. I want an end to end it starts off colonel light but then after awhile. I was looking at all of the exhibit's. And the photographs. I I actually only lasted about twenty minutes for a head delete. But it. The whole time I was there was kind of look at it the other people. As you know. And they were just. So intent on on looking at. Some of the most grotesque pictures I've ever seen. And it just had a baby wonders like. It draws people. And I still don't know. But I I can kind of understand it in a way because. Now after researching it like I said you know I've. I'm continuing. To. Do research on things even though I'm not currently writing about it so. I get it but I doubt if that makes. Yet there are a lot of really interesting stories and really interesting personalities in your book Telesis. One or two of the ones that really stand out as being bizarre and have an interest internal connection to them. Well. The one that I. In here even though it isn't exactly. Hollywood. But it's it's just kind of on the outskirts and that's the Los feel as murder mansion. This is an incident that took place in 1969. Doctor Harold pearl Sinn took a ball peen hammer to his wife's. Then. Took they took a hammer to his oldest daughter Judy. But he was in erupted all tried to kill her body is at their daughter. And it turns out that he thanked god. Why. His other children managed to escape the house. Well what makes the case so bazaar is the fact it. Doctor pearls and killed himself for the police got there. They ended up selling the house. But people that bought the house. Never moved yet it is basically used the home is. The storage. A world where talk in what is now multi million dollar mansion. Wins they passed their son. Did the same thing everybody that lived in and it's a very small cult act at all. He used it as a storage. End. The most bizarre thing though is. The Christmas tree from the night of the murder was still in the home. There were cases of spaghetti us. Nobody removed any of the curls and furnishings. You know over those days. Fifty years of the house being a storage shed. And it was just really kind of bizarre. The people across the street. Said that they would always noticed. Somebody's looking out the window even though there was no error. They were Scherer. Moans and screams coming from the house. So it was one of those I was like OK I got a. It is. As close left Hollywood and it's like Ara. Who was there ever anything that and came home that explain why this doctor ended up just. Brand which snapping which he did to him. And in innings. No they're they're real there was never. Eighty concrete. Reason. They had found some notes that. Judy curls and head. Kept in the car. David against. A father was having some financial difficulties. That is the only thing that they think is OK well maybe he's finally. Pressures. Or. Catch. Finally snapped when he realized I don't have the money and yet there has never band and actual reason on why. He he did it. And then again you know to me that kind of makes it a little bit more oil as well as you know we may never know even the kids are still alive. A silent. And no one really knows where they aren't more. We've got about a couple minutes left her for it to hit break again and I'm I'm curious about the cell almost Tod story. I'm Todd was an actress who read the pinnacle of her career register she was was was becoming very very popular. I'd leave the stories in mysteriously died in the reason I'm particularly interest and she exit grow up. Pretty close to where I grew up and should also start with a Marx Brothers and be one of my favorite comedies he so tell us at almost odd story. Okay well. Thelma and knew that as she got older that. Her career would start to fade. End. She wanted to make sure that she was set in retirement. So she went to Amanda she loves she wanted to have. A relationship Wear them but is that Roland west. But he was still married and he wasn't gonna break up this. Cutters this whole story that they were having this torrid love Sarah. Did it. Most likely did not ever occur even know. Dumber herself probably wanted wanted to do. So they set up a media business. Ought not Pacific Coast Highway. Right Malibu called alma Todd sidewalk day. The bottom part where is four and you know normal folks. Were at the beach. Or just driving by so they keep going to the the lower part and bank where. Second floor. Was a called joy is room and that was the more upscale. Restaurant where you know you had to be addressed to the nine. Yeah that's rob the celebrity's would go. Well. In December. Of 1935. Rowland in Osama got a fight because she is going there or party. And on Westin one ago told Selma picture your back are. Well she was a little bit late roll and closed the the cafe. Tumble lived on the third Florida cafe but he had blog posts. Locks and she only had a key for the bottom mark. So I was December it was it was late at night she is all so she walked up this. Huge flight of stairs to. Garage where Satan was our. Set I got into the garage got into the Lincoln started the car and realized it carbon monoxide would kill. Now that. That is the accepted story. Hold on. There before we get into the series and what may be the mischievous part of that story you know Internet data quick break are you listening Jason. That's the facts. Near record discussions yeah Switzerland's top of interest due suits some of the individuals come on you like I'm from how important the death. But nowhere mostly gas we have on the shore it is Phnom. Yes slick does a great job on bringing some really interesting stuff and we're back as they get the tyrant they'll let us. Probably says welcome back to be on reality radio everyone a reminder that tomorrow we'll have brandy wells on the program. She's a clairvoyant and an angelic healer and an own animal communicators psychic medium and paranormal investigator will have a whole bunch of stuff should be taking calls and discussing her abilities. On we're going to be doing a tribute to Jim Morris. This week as well. On Wednesday and we're gonna do him playing in past show that we do wouldn't Jim I'm back to February. Jim as many have you heard if you listen into the showed and Jim's great guy. And the passing away last week and done real to him about oh yeah he definitely deserves a trip he's just. He was an incredible man and a Thursday were talking when Larry Hancock. And if you download the show it iTunes or any morals to us a favor and just rated for us. It helps force a show foreign and we know a lot of people downloading installing tens of thousands times today and we greatly appreciate the sport on that you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page. And yeah just join the community. And if you're looking for information. On any of the guests that we have on the program particularly on how to get me neither books or dvds really happened offer just couldn't be on reality review website click on the guest heaven you'll see it all right there clearly because it will they were to get it. Tonight we're talking with a brine clone we've been talking about his book Hollywood obscure a death murder and the paranormal. Aftermath and we were in the middle of this almost Tod story and he led us up to the point where. She got in her car. Started it and the carbon monoxide killed her in the garage at least that's the official story in your gonna take this down may be what being a might be an alternate to -- possibility. Possibly two alternate possibilities. Dare is a theory that I'm looking channel may have. Killed her because he wanted to turn it joy is grow. Ambling out. That that one it probably never heard. I could find no evidence of looking out. They say he was here. Another one though is that Roland west himself shall tell. On his. Private yacht the joy eat. I won't go into detail about the double murder part of it. But what I found it interesting ones that joint leader. It was built by Roland west and Keyon Thelma used to go over to cattle. Crews. Well after she died. He sold sold the boat. And then over the intervening years. The drug heated just had nothing but problems it would keep running aground. At one point it disappeared all of the passengers off. Boat disappeared. It was found floating 600 miles away from wearer. Last reported to be all the passengers had vanished and it has actually. Become known as the merry Celeste of the Pacific. Now. Before Thelma. Passed away or was possibly murdered there were no problems with the ship whatsoever. After her death however there was nothing but problems. And that there is is that role in west killed her on the joy he does. Brought her body back to the garage put it into the Lincoln started the car. Ed made it look like an accident. And other than this speculation is there any evidence to support an alternate theory. Not real. They they did fine carbon monoxide. In her. Bloodstream. Which you know if she was already dead when he put her in the car. She would have inhaled it. However there's also a few theories of the fact that. You know he was powerful Hollywood director. Had friends at the LA. Police department and they may have covered at all doctored the autopsy. So there's there's there's a whole big mysteries or death which. Just really convoluted conical. Ruin another sounds weird for me to say that. Not set fascination thing that we're talking about before what are some other some of the other stories that that. But I mean obviously get a bunch of from the book but Pope what really really graduate. Com Caroline Munro of course I mean how how can how can I. A lot of people don't realize that one or one of the main problems with Hershey had bipolar disorder. Her mother had. Was bipolar and pass it on her. That was one of the reasons why she. Had so many problems. Leading up and into the night she died. Or go into more detail. Not a I don't why are reader. I did come across. Some tapes. She had given to her psychiatrist. They're kind of explains the whole. Kennedy. Tion. An and there was also a book came out in the early ninety's. It also kind of dealt with that from. A famous Chicago mobster. And edit really kind of an interesting. Tale that I don't flat out. Say you know what I believe I kind of leave it to the reader to decide whether. She was murdered. I. Personally. Believe that it was not suicide or accidental overdose. And I'm not a conspiracy theorist is just one of those things and I went to the researchers at all. Well you know just a bunch of things that were never put out. Also doubt one is definitely. You know when one of my favorite. Now my wife's favorite. Is the case of Ramon Navarro and a lot of people have never really heard of them. But he was actually. Rudolph Valentino protege and wondered Rudolph Valentino lovers. Wants Valentino past Navarro became. The new Valentina. But over the years he kind of faded from view. Yeah his homosexuality. Put him aside even though viewers. You know very discreet about it. And his murder was very violent the Brothers who killed him were. Probably threw them most ignorant people on the planet. They had heard a interview that he'd given about how he would just read read permission his house. And he made statement that he had 5000 dollars and Bremer. Well what he meant was he had paid 5000 dollars Everest living room read these idiots thought that he had 5000 dollars hidden in his house. So they went over there and beat him so badly that even in the quarter reports that this was. Jewish. Yet it seems bizarre. And one of the saddest things about it is that it would have been total national news. Except per week later the Manson murders occurred it is wipe wipe it right off the newsprint. Hello. It's really kind of sad news and what about the blacked Alia. Detonated the black Dahlia. I found kind of interesting. Because Elizabeth short is not. Who most of the books say she was. She wasn't this. Hard partying slot that they always maker out today. She did have a lot of contact with men which actually put a and again I go into a lot of detail about the murder and as I was researching it I realized that like the black Dahlia avenger. He just hated his father. That hasn't it had nothing to do with the case. But there is a retired Los Angeles Times in order who got together with a FBI profiler. And they profiled. Who they believe the Keller was. And all I'm gonna say is I am 99%. Sure were. Larry harnisch that's the reporter. Came up with the right killer. Will win so we fill. There we we did it case there and where they're from multiple days and we knew we talked with the owner. And he was ex detective and he believes that his father. Was it was some. Right. Yeah and that that's a long that he he just didn't like his father. And I mean. I saw the picture that it eat it up Exel is short and you can definitely tell that they're not the same person. So you know I I can't you know and I will never be under percent shore. Which is why I say 99% I am 99% short yeah. The person. If we are profiler and learn corniche came up with most likely. The black guys killer and one of the reasons that they never caught them. Was that he died a year after the murders. But it's it's you read the book in you and you take a look at all of that and this course. It's almost impossible not to believe. You skilled surgeon. He had a connection to the family. His office was right around the corner from the built well slice is short. It just. The connections are just. Credit. And so you well they're listening to Michelle if you look at black Dahlia murder. Moratorium on short. Her body was actually found in wall and pieces. Revenue was found in pieces out there and just and might just in discussing discussing. Yeah. She she was surgically cut in half. The body had been completely drained of all fluids and headed in completely washed. They had almost the killer also mutilated and cut pieces of her skin now one of them all it turns out was Tet truce that she. And then I mean besides you know being cut half of course. Testing. He would cut. Or out into a bug test smile from. You're. The lips. And in people say it will what do you mean it and close second. Come to it is is a state think the Joker from Batman exit and yet net and that's what her face looked like I mean it was just. What. I think the worst part about that case is what. Newspapers did or bother. They found out who Elizabeth short was and to try and get information that other all our old bird it. Her daughter had just one of any pageant. And they used that to get all of these personal details out of other brother was like oh yeah. That she is given them an interview for a get a patent case and then at the end of the interview this it always you know a real. Shoes. And I mean that to me is yes. And Rand yeah. It's little it's it's hard to handle it there. Let's quickly it was will be just jump to the phone lines here we've got a friend of the programs Vince from Missouri on into question for you Bob Bryant Vince what Michelle. I got a good. Balance out try to ask okay. I Gaza guess senior normally note do. My daughter were killed. We all know that there and the man who will listen to ten years. Is out. And they're the man imprisoned right now Arab vibration mab man but he won't involve an actual murders as of Hollywood martyrs. Dictate. Don't get well beyond dictators. Have notes of places and knows how have been investigated for colonel. Like group trying. All actually they have. There really are no reports from the lobby house. That's not to say that. Our. Any parent you know that there there isn't any paranormal activity. At that house just that that the people who live there if there is a very quiet about it. Now the hate murderers on the other hand. There's reports all kinds of reports of activity. The where the mansion where that grandchild she's to be it's now match. Along with reports coming from the homes. I'm all. On the street itself Obama's closest from a man by the name of David Omar and he swears that Sharon Tate and Jaycee break her actually in his home. I will say oh he does have some activity Harry can't say who it is but now and we investigated and on the show and now they're did seem to be some activity going on there. But ten missile it says it's like sit. I haven't been to a Basra month house. But a couple's friends of mine have been some investigations. There's you know some conflicting reports you know from. You know some people say oh yeah did steadily activists say it ought. I'm not committed you know say either way just because I haven't been there. Marriage at all. Thanks for the Coleman do you think since we appreciate calling in. More quickly running out of time here Brian wanted to find out what's up next on your plate we've got going on and you do some speaking engagements stuff like that we have on the calendar. Well. I'm working on like three other books at the moment. And we just finished a great event and scare LA which was fantastic. Yeah and you know just I'm. Got a couple speaking engagements it to some sort of the colleges in the area. Just. It just look forward to heavens racers have a joke around about detected. Right as an excuse to research. And that it sure that's a joke anymore I think that's actually why do it. Yeah it's. Get ready retired I'm gonna write for a loan. That's great ago that's great. Brian thanks so much for joining us and thanks for sharing the stories the book is called Hollywood obscure I know that we have. A link to it on the beyond reality radio web page of the world's can people find the book. It's on Amazon.com. A bar. Or. Pretty much walk into any bar noble store. Shelves order. And edited it's basically being sold all over all over the world actually sold out Hong Kong which gonna go. That's us and always in Hong Kong but it's a I Brian thanks so much for coming on we gotta have you on again at some point. Thanks guys have it was a pleasure and I really enjoyed it thank you so much have a great night I Brian clue we are taking quick break we'll come back we'll wrap things up beyond. It's beyond reiterating that shouldn't swim meet to fast and it's possible that fast and really didn't. An extremely fast into. Really really quickly so make sure you tune in tomorrow we're taught you have Randy Wells. Patrick compassionate clairvoyant. Is and an angelic Koehler. And then Wednesday June Mars Thursday Larry Hancock if you haven't it raided the show if you download the show just who is a favor rated helps push forward we're trying to get that pushed forward for it make it easier for people to find. Also just had over beyond reality radio dot com finds stations were on. Or download the free iPhone and android app rates are illogical listen live sketch pad shows and join me online chat. A student be it for us tonight everybody thinks should tune in and we'll catch all the mileage Jason NGV beyond reality radio. And he'll be media is produced by sticking its includes news Alexandria johnsons and the economy. Don't forget to stop on her FaceBook peach give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality reviewed all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow up on where you. Liked being Gaston beyond reality radio and email to swing getting a Lexus Lincoln NE EDD wind and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.