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Revelations about the Roswell incident and more compelling evidence that aliens are visiting our planet

Jul 19, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Investigative Reporter Paola Harris about her research and resulting books regarding the UFO phenomenon. First-hand accounts of the alien artifacts and technologies that were discovered at Roswell, NM after the famed UFO crash, and more dominate the conversation. 7/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. On the West Coast once I am East Coast financial ultimately welcomed me on really angry at myself Jason Ellison and he always sometimes. Always it's pretty cool TV job so I don't know if I speak I just experienced my first ever time warp. I think they did I sat down on the so fun to watch a little bit the news before the program. And next thing I know it was an hour and a half later and I was almost late getting into the studio it had to be a time warp did you Parker. No longer an abducted me and I'm not going down a net zero. But I will tell you when I erode actually feared that this is about an hour and a half about ninety minutes may be. Little lesson that and I can't account for I don't know what happened it's a time more prince where it is thought that's that's a loss of time actually. That the guest will be talking semi will be a perfect to Aruba to discuss this way about abductions and all that you know drafts and all Harris so I NG shields its talks on non. Actual politics and UFO's and and this goes on and on so but again welcome beyond reality radio with that with myself and I GG. And yet we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking pretty much extra terrestrial. It's yet we we love talking about the stuff and by it and that we especially different perspectives and tonight we're going to be talking and talking with pale Harrison. She's an Italian American photojournalist. She's been an investigative reporter in the field of action trust to related phenomenon and researcher very very long time she knows a lot of relief influential people in the field she's helped author of books she's helped the present stories. She's got a lot of really neat stuff and I'm actually anxious to find out. What's the difference between our perception of what's happening in the skies verses of hers her perception in Italy or just Europe in general. They see these things the same way we do they think to the same things we think they are. You know is that the same is it different and you know Alice how has the hole you have fallen and possible alien life. Looked out over yeah. Yeah yeah what are they thinking about it they have different theories than we do it's going to be an interesting conversation will especially when she's involved in the actual politics of it all the as the actual politics is this study of key individuals institutions and political processes associated extraterrestrial life and in the study in the political implications of extraterrestrial. Presence on earth. There are now during is that here is it is are we talking with them our governments talking with them are they learning from them some people say were getting all sorts technology from. Hum extra pressure life forms on these things are using every day that we don't realize especially when you see how much are. All just had our planes and our technology really advanced through a forties and fifties and in these huge leaps in technology where all the sudden we are creating just incredible. A flying machines that averages or mind blowing. There are there are periods in history need to look at it pretty recently where there have been major. Leaps forward in technology etiquette kind of gone through that recently in the last done in fifteen years or so we've seen. A major change I don't know if it's extra trash stroll and origin or not but we certainly seen a major change in the way we live based on some advances technology in the west Canyon's. As so well at these speaking of that we live in advancements in technology hub marketing meat delivered directly to your house neat yeah. Like hamburgers I mean like and it enemy. You name ultimate floating there. You're there to bring over and murder of hundreds go well if you moved flurries might get that so fifteen pounds of meat. Fell from the sky on Christmas house of yes yes your that's your this correctly. Paris Saturday morning a Florida family walked to discover that packages of meat had fallen on from the sky onto the roof of their home. It strange mystery began as many such cases do it with a booming sounds in the middle of the night and did our family fun it was under. So on these big banks but when they looked outside the next morning Finley discovered two packages containing Italian sausage meat sitting in the grass in the side yard of their household gets better this gets better. And this led them to conclude that the out of pleased me was probably connected to the the strange banging that they heard during the night. In this suspicions were confirmed when they found three more packages of mystery meat on their roof. So just this is just meet fell from the sky it was not just regular news Italian sauce it's deceiving its straw that detail different as Eric. So we totally did ours counted a whopping fifteen pounds of meat pitted mysteriously appeared on and around their home during a nine now. Think that first a fifteen pounds of meat coming from the that's somebody can industrialist and cannot imagine a you know again porridge TV was killed by he's now calling Italian sauce and the poor guy he got hit by fifteen pounds and Italian sausage result. But even making this whole thing weirder. Is the meat was wrapped in packaging. For the name of an Alabama Ling and clearing company who when they contacted. Had no idea why their business name was stamped from a wrap it. Oh no no it gets better and it's better. Therefore the or does the meat is as much a mystery is how it ended up and seemingly dropping out of the air from a bogey at their home. But to even. Yeah you know then they then started they do one here who is it started with a strange labeling him he was a drop from a plane. Possibly it was an odd drug deal that went our own in that one too strong. But it to after the law enforcement Jack. They're they're yielded no signs of narcotics or drunks. So now the editor Stanley and they're they're left with more questions than answers and so we hope that there. Not left out forever wondering exactly what happened that night and that home when there were. And just. Plummeted by fifteen pounds of meat -- idea I mean there's there's no explanation for that that there had done this is under the that makes any sense to me that companies the company -- -- on a daily calorie had no idea what with the new law enforcement -- again on this nothing no traces of narcotics or anything that we just did they cook it up than I have trying to open -- -- it was already -- -- -- -- has sewn -- so I -- she -- imagine that not only fifteen -- -- -- somebody -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- abduction story of an hour -- -- -- not really that important anymore -- -- -- -- embarrassing -- -- abduction -- -- -- of the -- and -- 151000 -- -- in -- house -- -- -- -- from -- course in -- always -- -- Florida -- mean it is but -- -- -- -- keep -- -- -- -- -- for not just unidentified flying -- -- -- -- Paul -- calling me. And pinch his brain that is not a natural hole. Cattle allowing downer on this side of it would be very side of beef coming down so if you have that yet. Make sheer it is that you try to figure out what the hell happened to Florida but. Yeah head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page and then head over to beyond reality radio dot com. You can download the free iPhone in injury to operate there which a logical listen the show alive. Catch past episodes join the online Jack you can also some cuts past episodes in them the light show long ago. And you can also find the station straight station whistle ceased to Wear a cross country getting ready to at a much more as well. And or you just listen right there on the web -- click the listen live to a panel and I connect you to the online chat which creep on register Greek community of people in their Angeles right there. Yeah there's also a link on the website we can go see information about our guests and any books or dvds or anything else that happened offer. As a follow up to their appearance on the program to replace find out more about them including the guests we've got on tonight we also some great stuff coming up later in the week jet. Now we do hang out and vehicle that had tomorrow night Tom. Chances to be joining us he's and has a historian of witchcraft magic western religions contemporary second DeLia. And none and medieval pharma co PO which will be interesting to chat with him about because he also talks about being eight Gypsy. A juggler a musician Annie potion mixer and he said he lives somewhere but the key. He can't. Know but I was just reading that I'm so happy chose that one cause I would not have been able to say. 80% of sort of I mean it pharma cool. Pierre oil and what you're looking at the same thing I am and he noted that I skipped the few previous home court courtship and the Thursday the Thursday is going to be great shall we Robin Terry on. And Robin or we're going to be talking to him about a bunch of different things he but he's also the newer owner of ash forced to sleep you know. And I'm really looking forward to talking to Robin because some strange things that happened when now what we filmed there who's inching locations owned by another individual. About a year after we found their tornado came through it destroyed the roof and but two of the things around and ended up buying property on but my guess red for Robin and bought it. Aftershocks go to Augusta ventures and aftershocks to to show there and there was some weird things of them accusing. People film their prior to do show a blow. Redding had a Graham joined Democrats and always are it's stuff which is just. You know. And I it was stores are immoral but so be interesting to hear his take on that and what was said and if those programs that really did happen so. We'll say yeah I mean this is something that you know I've talked about the past. And done it's that's half the problem is all these people are out trying to Terry each other down woman you know the show gets that show and it's just gets old it really doesn't mean everybody's doing their own thing doing their own style estate as long as the rich just get along and respect each other for doing you know what when you're not doing super well on the reading just say just about anything to get some attention brought to you I was in the super low on the ratings and I said by scifi. Peninsula where they don't have guys that Chissano. All right so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back leads Arthur gasp. Is Paula. Nolan have pale pale Harris aren't so. This is Jason JPM URL. Gangs scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Experience to review Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson our number telephone number. That is a 446877669. If you wanna join the conversation at some point during the night we will take your phone calls later in the program pistol freely 446877669. We're talking about UFO's who are talking about the things that we see in the sky that we can identify. And our guest tonight is pail Harris pale is a photojournalist an investigative reporter. Also an author a lot of books to her credit conversations with colonel corps so connecting the dots making sense of the UFO phenomenon UFO's Howell. Does one speak to a ball of light in many many others Phil thank you for joining us on the show welcomed beyond reality radio are you witness. And I think we have a complete may have already a kind of cut got a late you earlier I tell you there's an hour and a half in my time frame and I can't account for it has to be it has anything to honestly I hung out with Theo and I think there's probably a lot more than just an hour and Africa throughout your life that you he's carried the most most times you're responsible and you know he's that is so. Correct I'm wrong wrong. That's our. You know you and you've. Traded those demons yourself not go for my own follow like I'm I'm I will not take credit nor you are demand influence who are slick Eddie is working diligently and getting peeled back with us is seem finally orca and Bob I mean at least once a month there's. You we should mention though we've got sent some really cool stuff coming up in the show and done we if if if you listen to the program you've got a very interesting story to tell. You should contacts with Canadian and let him know what he's got going on and if we if we have a slot open below we know we can try to get your story into the show it's slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com is the best way to get a whole slipped. I'm gonna call in their suite can tell you about and a Waverly hills units can only it's my show me ftp you're going to be just an unusual for someone actually has now over to Waverly hills over the week. Yeah you've got a big test for you family's house and your union its world the taps groups from all around Maria on the world a lot of times. Com all converge in the one area we all meet up sit down go over. Information caseloads how to make things more efficient hope and help people better and they're both men are well we've got our guest back and we've been kind of pronouncing it wrong. It's Paula Harris poll to be on reality radio sorry lost to their degree to have you on the show tonight. Think you guys they can know what happens in Vegas. You know I've been collar around well and my name is Pollack spelled PA OLA because I'm. Italians who nearly beat Powell I was born in Italy so it's not that it's weird it's and I am account. OK what's a little weird but they sort of bloody lucky to neutralize the easier for me to say is armed and well again that's sorry about all the confusion got great to have you on the show here this sense since we had a little trouble bringing you on here we've got a short segment right now but it's enough time for you to tell us about yourself how did you get involved in this in this crazy work that we call and to paranormal or US fall you apology or whatever we're gonna call it. Yellow is basically am an investigative journalists that's what I am in the field in Europe phone related phenomenon and I got involved because right there working late. The consultant to close encounters of the third kind you're doctor Jalen dynamic except the Libyan 79. So had been working for forty years in the field. And I kind of movie an allied to meet him and don't Evanston Illinois. ANC you know he was an astronomer in order scientists sent me out we will work with them because I spoke Italian. And can do is Italians translations so he's the best of the best that lurk within until nineteen. A no kill Jack 1986. When he died. So I knew railing near that he would work from blue book I knew and you would be doing a new all of this stuff and throw island's pretty. You know I was pretty lucky to it and they'll you know. It could be a lick the bask in the field. And obviously developed a keen interest in all of this and you know you pursued it after that work. To did you did you find yourself. Surprised by the fact that you really get involved in this or was it something that you seem pretty natural to you. We'll know what the natural back to you know hang you know I would teaching school or teaching. English high school that's what my you know degrees and that got a master of education and then. You know quite finale couldn't let Clinton into my life I was given a class called science fiction. And that appears borrower can. I begin to be really really really interested and how much of that for Israel how much of this earth science fiction and let that man. And then I moved to Italy because many deadly bank of cancers and repeatedly in 1994. And I elected the American oversees school of Roman most of my career we're definitely have from 1994 to 2007. I wrote for area 51 magazine so that some journalists. What my real job is gonna have written five books is due to interview people. Just interviewed the top level people I knew Edgar Mitchell Leah can. My biggest stories to colonel Phillips of course though the game after well I did to the interview with the former defense minister of Canada Paul Collier. Not your vote slowed them up but I will do and is not simple real you apology I doubt. And it's all the stuff we're going to be talking about when we come back tomorrow break we've got Paula terrorist. On when this photo journalists investigative reporter a lot of books to her credit including conversations with. Colonel Corso connecting the dots making sense of the UFO phenomenon. You'll foes how does one speak to a ball flight in many more by the way her website is Paul Harris dot com that's it that's PA OLO. Terrorist. Dot com. And if you got a question for her and feel free give us equality for 468776. X nine told freed 844687. 7669. Elicited Jason and. Is beyond beyond rarely do real right back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Kind of came home. The scene at the time. I love and all I think we can be so pretty young I saw when there are I did see it but it was just a phenomenal movie is still is loved them yet did you did you think that at the time appears as a kid armor watching the movies for the first and went to the theater and saw it and I tennis it was those two confused by it and knows I think it was as a as a kid I was a little let down ex expected to see aliens and everything else and but then as you get older and you watch it and it's really one of those movies that you each did you did you watch over and over again yes yes it is it's an opportunity really isn't such a great soundtrack yet on absolutely and our guest tonight John had some involvement in itself appalling terrorist policy photojournalist and an investigative reporter. Paula again thanks for joining us let's talk what are your book conversations with a proportional for small for those who don't know who was colonel Corso. Go to court so. Lab he had kernel work at the Pentagon during the Kennedy administration and and his book the day after apple came out during the fiftieth anniversary of their outlook crash in New Mexico. He will run out of me has special gas there begins he decided 83 your girl is gonna cocked. People Kabul kinds of people whistle blower and basically what he's federal that when he looked working in the 1960s. Or the Pentagon. He was told by general Trudeau to back engineer or replicate. These are facts that he would give them. In a trade in go to big industry and an aunt and I have these these industries just trying to figure out how these things are made. And they came from the crash your rival in 1947 and they include the fiber optics. I can ask any fiber. Laser. Integrated circuit. And it in acting and transistors feared there are several things and that in the you know it as several artifacts. Am thrilled I happen to be easier because my Africa from Middle East that need to meet him. Hand or right I understood from what he told me was that. Get that this had gone in the industry's most people McCulloch that military industrial complex and that the army. In the arm because he is an army. Outlook Libby using these artifacts I have four weapons aboard they use them for a he said that it we we needed to get these contracts. To hear a purse for weapons of war and then leave released then mania. You know India. The mainstream American. Society one of the things that he had to lower than the elections spew alert the night screening device. He's that would trigger a land but came up the aliens that being that these. Cloned he called them extraterrestrial biological entity don't have big black guys network Lan. And the trip that he took that land from the used to look up and down the the Pentagon and conceive of furniture night. Well you know that does well well Larry it just think that began that connect the dots stand. So in other words who bid the landscape. Opened up the ability for a infrared or. Yeah zero Lux. Well if so what happened is a little like collector. When these beings come especially the you know become terrorists though to do whatever they're doing. He said they give that they had dislike the ship and the chip and the being worked one. He's dead dead dead to have that led him. Love alike collector collector of light and then you know I guess that's laid that. They screening of is me and they screening at the very expensive night's screening goggles. And he said he's said that as the thanks to these. I cutbacks made they were able to replicate them and that these soldiers in Vietnam currency at night he leaned Goldberg that from the book. Well I think it's really inching where you're saying that the machines in these beings were one because some of the top scientists out there and I hadn't have said that if things did visit this planet. That they would most likely be some sort of an artificial life form because just for the ability to be able to travel. Here they would they would have to be somewhat of a machine. What do you even though you know he'll go good backcourt I don't know because. Basically what I do like average jet to take speak backcourt of people coming in outlook inept audiotape and so everything in the blood covered Asia at the trial court so is ideal state data in my pocket and the tape recorder in my pocket. So every time he got I moved quicker but I don't live everybody all my books they're earned abuse. I've just audio tape them and I tried to you know word for word put in the booklet they told me. And you know good I acted either of them don't wanna make mistake and I ever make a mistake. It would be serious so colonel Corso just said that he said. And the irony and I'm gonna I'm gonna go on the record and say that there are Roland and I feel. You've biology based out of Cologne on on the extraterrestrial. Biological entity and that the research I've been doing lately and in Latin America. Go to show that melded. Contact and Latin America are human people coming out chips. So that they're real alien and even even current court the Communists he said. You know he said Lee hit the panic I knew he could they're not happy in the book there's. Children that they're being had what will be in the brain that had. I'm microchip and one of the big Internet one log on and it has been very small part it end and he you know he effort that in the book. He says will we were really afraid of the blue on the look like I've. He can't because they can be look I'm on the planet around a knee that probably they're the ones that created are being. That's interest in organ and that little more detail but I wanna go back. Just to make sure I understand so well colonel Corso was saying was that there was a number of five. Artifacts that were taken from the Roswell crash specifically. And he was tasked with the reverse engineering those things and you listed a number of those technologies in these things that we used basically in every day life today. Absolutely Brett. He had it in 92 that stepped in 1960. Given that in 1960. The crash happened in 1940s and that seven and that that kind yeah I mean near port to a one they'd it would it would give not split until 48. Still even though criminal court but came out in 1960 that the airport at that step before. They already started doing some of that slope of some of the criticism as. Also on the Malibu already in the main funeral court in 1948 at the airports have that. They just don't have a kernel court's impact about it but they're gonna do is think being negative to that step from the trash. The air and I just right cracks there are several crack in the New Mexico area. In blowing you're talking a fiber optics and things of that nature and it had come from the these artifacts. The F fiberoptic Franken at city fibers like Kevlar. The tram bit dirt and the act. An integrated circuit. Did you know day in in the course and mentioned the united screening devices a whole list of staff. And it turned the book review listen and he analysts accompany you went to. I mean the the book has where he went to bell labs he went different lakers then. And remember again there for the 1960s or some other authority being worked. Panel and that's the and that's not my comment from military to take some sort of all and anything Alter and look for a military. Basis to be able to utilize that before. Allowing it into all the the sector for people that sleep combined in a consuming one. It in the N I guess that could get that when they went into space you know did a lot of spin out they had these have been miniaturization. And the reports. The devil later came in all medical that it lead I say in the the popular. The people activity. You know use different bills carpenters and it comes down. And you know being the why it's important just so you know from knee who have been working on everything for so long live. That the real green and I think the secrecy of secret is because the United States is a lot of them have. The you know the technology they were taken from the crashes plural. And a court free energy is part of that technology and and we lived in the world of pop. Feel. And these things do not you get similarly you know. Paula when you're talking with colonel Corso you said you had a recorder you recorded the conversations but you when you're talking with the mural was so looking in his eyes did you ever get a sense. Of bomb bid. Any you know one way or another whether you felt anything was being fabricated miss remembered or was it complete sincerity in his face. Well he would also ahead of intelligence and around that they told you I lived in Italy at the time I would do on the story we brought in Italy spoke twice. There and he didn't speak unionized state Kabila of the court case against the book. And land in the 83 year old man who better intelligence 1948 I believe they're good they're I'll laugh at we're living well. As if packing and Ian isn't the isn't pancake effect so why he's doing that now and he can connect three grandchildren in the need to know the true. Can lower east and that lead rapidly to Europe. And when he spoke the two tanks leave we were able to bring them over all well and they are good and bad speak and I don't think he's gonna tell lies incredible lot of people in this provincial city mayors. It went very controversial in the United States but that's because there. The booklet called written by Bill Burton and you know it colonel courses real real military called the Donovan who age. People can see this real note on. Opened nice TV. At Israel loudspeaker. The booklet taken from here real Nelson courts triple will never and rob well. And so I think what happened Libya it appears to victory discrepancies. In the book and you brought the whole book and then everybody group that view. And I even heard you say it very difficult for researchers. Ed to a green that hit eight to agree need to get the green and then a lot of infighting in the field. Paul Paul when. It's been two years sense the book was written and since you do Ager interviews with him as anything else come out from any other interviews or. Are released paperwork you know government's opening up a classified files anything else that has either substantiated to refuted anything that. Colonel Corso told you. Good good beat put it crisis and. Well first dog you know that I if you look at YouTube and journalist who interviewed the former defense minister of Canada. And let out I went beer anything I do I go to person I've loaded Canon that. And Paul Elliott and the former defense minister told me that you know Italy said the reason why I I made this statement that you apple do Israel or their. Airplanes in 2005 he's dead. Is because I read core drill core principle architect can't help. A general in America that I knew Iranian military I crap then. That is not true then and and the general said yes and more into more. And as well I I believe. The former defense minister candidate he's got a book coddled delighted the end of the tunnel. And he talks about. If this. Secrecy would be you know eliminated it would follow that only our energy problem that would solve our monetary problem then. Poverty level of the the world it is the biggest kept secret ever so I admire looking at this saying I am. I did two interviews that and people concede on YouTube and and then also. Beard documents that the back of the book I got all of military record that I put it. Current course military records inspired being erected being released Kindle that England. Released their US will our eyes that's still did Ireland. So did Belgium Italy has on its web site ended the air force you right under the airport they have UFO sightings posted and you know and I tactic people that I've done too much traveling. In in need will be here in Europe and in they told me about you know incidents over the bases and so forth so. All my work give Lleyton that simple for its real. You know it's not real military intelligence people are after an ascent. And so I realized just logically just logically if you're gonna have these crashes and they were. At least explore in the electrical area right around when the atomic bomb exploded and a top of when he couldn't do without artifacts than a it wouldn't do with your defect from the body you can try to figure out who Libya why they're here. And and see how they apply is something that doesn't you GAAP and I'll. While then yeah all right so we got to take a quick break but that we've gotten just I'm most questions for you tonight new era it's just wonderful having on so he elicited Jason G. Total of content and it continues for over eighty years. You have also told you have three notice. The emphasis put it trying to do for the chip we have no idea I'm just trying to really. It just what you've done it yet what is it is all a matter who's worked you've got so we senator elicited a Jason JV MB on reality radio welcome the show. Yet welcomed everybody including her guest Paul Harris Rubin talking about her book conversations with colonel corps so we've got about five minutes here's a lesson that in this segment and I wanted to do what kind of wrap up the conversation. At although when you broke the book conversations with colonel corps so how this how was the information that you presented received by eight. That the general public and be the UFO community. Well you know it's hard to answer because I think the local community right now I just look at that the secret. Space program and that anxious to get the you know we have a situation where it will lie in your married search or Internet are in now. Hearing personalities is that the get Ali attention I was just in Italy in the month of June. And the I released the book and Italian in Rome I did two conferences and Italy in one in Spain and they received the ball very well because. There were too inept and also mean current court that was the real with the top. He obviously. Because of his background settle Beckham back here and there are currently level I know we're you know. We have a situation and I am teachers I'm gonna make this statement leak because of the teacher. Where researchers don't need anybody else's. They get to read your own to promote themselves and I have the view of my living right now. Over 300 bucks. And you know that I'd rat and I have read the latest ones other then just come out now. Because my philosophy here laughter is everything and I have to see what everybody did in order to connect the dots but added that. The prevailing threat a lot but the in the US policy. I mean the half of them don't even know Larry if I wrote it into conflict. And it. Bet it's okay because without it the re a real reason I wrote the book is that your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will go to the library some day. And betrayal cartridge reel real words that sort. The real guide what he really fat instead of any kind of mythology. It's out there are sold my mind reeled purposes are kind mystery. But the book was released what in march of this year hasn't been announced that long right. Yeah but again I know everybody in the field like that you know everybody. I mean. What I would living in Italy have rather over Richard dole and Linda Powell. Jesse Marcel junior Travis Walton and all of that big name and you apology then only really well. I can feel them really well. But bad people do not cheered their there information Natal that they don't view though police search I mean again I am teachers spoke. You know the only if you're like I passed the illegally get a degree in anthropology or any thing you have to read. All of it. And and then leave after a research paper in today's day and age that people are getting up Internap. They're not going to the original sources. You know and it can't chain so much but it's OK I mean I'm not complaining I'm just telling you the truth. I have had I had no feedback but it definitely mean matter because the reason I did it looked are kind now it's very history professor. Well I think I agree with you on a percentage specially have a much kids and the fact of the matter is I will see them instead of actually looking something up or. We're going to to a book to find the information. They'll just dole and pick up their phone and ask Siri or delve that Justin go on line and browsing and click on the first linked to comes up really quick on the subject. And that's that it does seem to be a lot of what society is turned into. Well yeah I ended flat because of it because it become an entertainment field I don't know if you agree with me but it. You know any more you quality and entertainment Gilbert should be at serious because these people are saying. People had interviewed. The intelligent. People I mean that it's real this real answers real stop and it went to get a look at it and another. Light in the allies attacked upon collier that the former defense minister. Also a matter of national security sodium than just. Nice little story. You know when they shut down their pill that mountain air force base in 1969. You're a person down to attend that film there of the were pointing at it USS REM showed up at bishop said he just married and that they. It's not entertainment. And idols I you know I I'd love fight I'd that this is the fact it. Now I totally area are it's we got to take top of the hour brick weak come back I wanna get into the axle politics I'm gonna get into a much different things with you you'll listen and Jason NGV I'm beyond reality reduce phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freely 44687. 766 and I will be right back. They on the West Coast once in the East Coast many are stuck in between Walton. Eon reality radio myself Jason Hawes and the always arson Jimmie Johnson I had the of bacon cheeseburger earlier and into why do I need to know. He says if we need to see mile grimacing a little bit. This doesn't have a little indigestion and let's hope they weren't his they need to know that he did you look at me funny when they say that I forgot to explain myself. And okay well and I appreciate that I just don't know I think Erica if you haven't yet I welcome the show if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like the FaceBook page and head to beyond reality radio dot com where you can now. Listen the show alive brief news click the listen live tab on. You can wolf find any decrease stations we are on all across the country. And download the free iPhone and Mandarin operator from the website as well which allows you to listen the show live. Catch pass episodes join the online chat and you can do that all on the go as well. I don't get me wrong it was a good bacon cheddar cheeseburger was we're still going down the path with just if that's what have maybe that's where that hour and a half or loss it's. That's what I'm wondering if it's related to could be connection there. It was one of those out of the world burgers there a way ago I gotta we've got a great shows coming up too so I join us for the rest of the week. Tomorrow night we're going to be talking about witchcraft magic western religions. And medieval pharma co Pia with Tom. Pat says and then Thursday night Robyn Terry who is the owner of bomb ethnic -- states which was featured on ghost owners. A few years back also we did at first we did have charged us three guys who their first but it was also featured in some of the other paranormal reality shows as well. It's a very very active haunted location and there'll be talking with a Robin who's the owner of that and see what they've been up to recently. Yet so and our guest tonight is Paul Harris. She's him very well known foreign journalists investigative reporter. And she's she covers the topics of extraterrestrials and new iphones and she does a phenomenal job with. Yet we're talking about earlier her book on conversations with doctor with colonel Corso really changes subject just a little bit and. I'm appalled I'm kind of interested in finding out what do you know. Popular or common. On the thoughts are among the you know Europeans are specifically Italians were or you spent a good deal of your time. Vs American. Interpretations of what's happening in our skies when it comes to unidentified flying object is there any difference in how it's perceived. Yeah at the conference simply getting your person up. Let me add that when I was living there I thought I would living next to the Vatican's I would very much involved with. Monsignor well DG you know the Vatican slowly you made a few statements about you have dollars and eighteen. They conference is a very serious I mean you don't sell anything you know T shirt there is no commercialism. You go and and that beard lake a lot of professor of the lot as. Professional people. It go and could they wanna battle I mean they give the curious about the real story and they want it now and and today it received. He. Kind of last sociological. Phenomenon. And and I hit elite pack it in in Europe and Italy we've had situations where. In 1955. There was that you apple over the stadium in Lawrence then everybody sighed and they looked up and there are lines. In that particular you have while reading something that word from the black piece substance. That we call Angel here in the field that inner apparently related to glassy due to release it. Im still. In and very common in the airport in Bremen Germany in 2009. Led shut down because of US policy in hand. It's only reported in Europe in their papers and of course. Beijing China at last year's ten times the airport was shut down because Europe. We had 1 I am sitting here the O'Hare airport situation. And I went there because the wanted to cut to the people and you know that's right away in Italy debug immediately so. Yet there if you look at the whole world wide. You know situation and you study at all you realize interplanetary. Phenomenon. You can't make it generalization. About that it's still happening. I in the producer of the lot plan conference and Laughlin Nevada. It is in the fourth year in November 10 through twelve and one of the app through vendors designing now I'm from Mexico city of the great if you couple that he'll ever seen in my life. And last year there were five video from the Ukraine which is in Russia. So look they doing my hair would they don't know where the Ukraine light we have I'd video. A cluster of you coupled in Russia over the Ukraine had been watching some kind of situation or some kind of conflict. Well I yet have a little girl world view display. And you've brought as you mentioned many noted experts in the field to Italy to speak many of those folks of the names you mentioned anyway are people who we've talked on this program more we've seen speaker for spoken to elsewhere. I went when they go to Europe. Are they receive the way away the same way we're used to seeing them received here in the United States. Oh yeah my guide yes mean traffic flow and people want attacked him. You know days because they do their homework on at that golly Miller book or they're going to. They're going to know the case they're gonna know the book they're gonna know the background they're gonna know everything. The person that was received the basket load with Jesse Marcel junior Libby. Nine year old you know during the rob well incidents at other rap on all the pieces then. Guess she mark felt junior team to to Italy with her family. And they wanted to milk is that people not to and said did you see the and yeah they get there really admired and and there are looked at you know with a lot of aberration because again that you know America is the body that. Dubbed the most in the EU apple field and our American research using very well now I mean we don't know any Italian police their kid the only person that they attacked me about. Would volunteer bulb each year the Vatican because of that I didn't level lecturing with pat. Well why do you think it's looked as soon differently overseas than it is here in the US it seems like. Overseas a lot more people ham are open to allow more people have respect for a butt over here forever reasoning tends to be. And it could be media wise and everything else but their turn sort of pushed into being like the outcasts. Well actually entertainment it's like you're being in Beckett pitch. It's like you will find. The protagonists in Europe at a conference for this little little green aliens culture. You know they just won't do that because then sank as low command. And the people that are lucky by the hotel would never come in and Kabila made it strictly it would be ridiculed. But the one of the reasons why it's ridiculed because it won't believe we pray that it had nened. It's very commercialized featured sent. If it is an aunt and there's a lot of memorabilia dealer around it and everything it's more it's it's a Mormon entertainment industry. In in this state where I think it's more of study in other countries the biggest. Different I can tell you in Edwards in Barcelona Spain in 2000. And nine live Stephen Bassett the good the actor rare. Were a lot of different people Michael Ayala. Bob dean we were all Ireland the only woman in the old 1400. Attendees could be a major conference call kind returns. And it didn't and they were very serious and and that never seen 1400. Attendees did anything except the Star Trek conference. And so any more right increasing make it more like a card trick conference. When we look at events and one of the things that is kind of a benchmark in the United States is the Roswell, New Mexico incident. Is there anything similar to that that at that it's in Europe that is kind of like there are a positive for lack of a better way to describe it you know their cry of for the Alamo I mean ours is Roswell what is or some in Europe that some more. Well you know varietal and wrote a book I can't come come magic I only in their 93 crash and most of in the air. And some of them are from Europe. For some unknown are from Italy in a court in milk in Virginia keep in Britain that America the first to go and they're the first ones to go and no matter where to go over the world. And elect of Virginia the American women and to of our union Brazil they were they where there. And well I don't know what to say except that you know there must be some accord. Somewhere. Where is there in the crash here and there is major incidents. Belgium have a lap let everybody know about it can be ready triangular you Apple's going over Belgium. And gay you know. It's studied by the states that I think they render its imports Cason. In. And England very very good about you know there was the case they're great beard you know bent waters and urgent court. Where the England did not believe and nukes but to click. Well at and Nixon in the in the storage area they are so that you apologize delight gallon not that mixing you know you know we have an incident where. And I attractive pennant and then girls who are protagonist of that and you know that there were that would that is an incredible case because Aniston told me preparing his hand down that. Crap half didn't get that binary code and he also said that is that the message he got in his Greenland we are you from the future. So you know I talked to people who have had incidents over the area now he didn't just record what they say. When you speak to these folks in particularly an interest in and Travis Walton Tom his story's pretty amazing to for the folks that are familiar with his story if you've seen the movie fire in the sky that's Travis a story. He was abducted. He can't account I think first it was for like seven days of his of of his like he disappeared he remembered its most of it he was an alien craft but. Paula you be so I'm sure you've spoken with him and you looked in his arms and there are people that say this is something. That you know he either imagined or fabricated what's your take on and I happen to believe them. The you. Travis senator blanking tonight I went out of living room everybody into my apartment I Alan Alan island beer holes. Note have a disappeared for 5 days PM seven witnesses who regular public that it is seven lumberjacks. We're looking that bad he can't ever get anything with several objects who feel guilty because they let them. The only differences that came here based people think that in a when he was taken he was abducted that he thinks that that Korean late teen. And hit him and when he woke up he had kind of a critical structure and it Japanese think they brought him back to life. He'll say that now on their lectures and they were two species of alien aboard that crap. In that sport and I after polite but they would think it would still in there and she said. Well they were so much. Apollo round in Nevada Test Site at bombs. That they were testing she said that everybody and in my. The city a lot of people a lot of people in the city getting leukemia because of the radiation so he she things for testing radiation. So a because rally that would he think they're doing there and mean Aiken I don't think these just appear. And so ultimately fell lectures. But he's telling the truth and he he he went he'd ever milk something he'll parodied here and now. Well and Hollywood's notorious for that they they put their own spin on things no change stories and and add things that never happened and as so it can kinda be expected when it becomes feature film. Yeah and that and I actually met him at the premiere of the reach a settlement around when I was interpreter how I met and it is back in the newspaper. Led led interviewing him and he needed an interpreter so and he's. He'd never changed its story very very humble person you know he just normal person. Yeah he really is we're talking with Paul Harris poll is an investigative reporter. Has written many many books on the topic of UFOs including conversations with colonel Corso connecting the dots making sense of the UFO phenomenon. I'm excel politics all of the above the next of politics stargate to a new reality we're going to be talking about all those things after a break. Are sort of take a real quick break when we come back a lot more you listen to Jason and javy and Dioner illiterate. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. It's beyond the only. Jason changing your telephone line 84468776690. And I were talking with the appalling terrorist by the way. The website is Paul Harris dot com it's spelled a little differently we kind of got tripped up on this earlier it's PA oh. LO Harris dot com you can find a whole bunch of information about current work also. If you go to the beyond reality radio dot com website Yule log click on the guest have annual. Find information their daughter work as well and you get league coverage to her books absolute try to make it easy for. And we do OK so Paul the water actually jumped to the final check. I don't know but it is still LA can match that's for their feminine feel well it's. Oh Yale aloe and meals thank you Paul. Thank you for correcting and Eric it's been kind of like a comedy hour. Anyway. Quickly jumped to the phones impeccable listeners on hold in the wanna join the conversation this is buried from North Carolina very welcome to beyond reality radio. Hello I'm Jason. VAN ballot to. Security you know my connection to all erode our allotment to Andy Al Madonna and after reporting here and here because of the bunch cousin. Who scandal and your wallet. And how it's going to come mom I have formulas Judy. And it will assist G got a hold to our. Now small let's also make you very much always good to hear from him there. Not located. Wouldn't want to. Talk about the opponents. Are at the emotion on. And then all of that as senator Hillary and being run back in the early eighties. My well alcohol is a doctorate and it doesn't go am I need. Finished college here our job outlook he edited news military duty and assured. He was it like can he. Airport today. And I found that over yet AM there on the news story. When this thing happened to the end he was a major and here's Connell. On a regular he's here well you know today you want to kick him out shout about this dying. It is Israel. That that that was not true you have oh yes and a and a half aren't. And they don't count squash it can usual. But anyway that's not content and dark does love to hear what you think about it. Thanks very thanks for. Bringing that to our attention thanks for the call what do you think Paula. Now let's get a court that Israel we have colonel hawks who have that the tape recording him as. Looking through the forest at CNET bang and that they immediately then. You know trouble and so forth now we have enough to prove that that was reality and there are also nick Pope came out with the actual documents. I can I have a question of you guys believed to work Rhode Island and my father loved the Italian council. For Providence, Rhode Island I did most of my education in Providence. Well I wanted this. Yeah well at it in the East Coast the 88 graduated from Rhode Island College in. My dad was Italian counsel for the state of her balance so he diplomat. And hear him mention war crime violent and haven't heard baton on time. Let's because I I actually live in Warrick Rhode Island and I am originally from Steve York but it grown up most analysts and more ground on them like the one German person and Rhode Island sustainable over time. So that delicate for me it's a great place it really is so. So let's let's talk a little bit more about what you Saint Paul about what's happening you've talked to a lot of people you've got a lot of stories you've collected a lot of testimony. What do you think is happening in our skies. Well first I think there and there are a lot of species. I interviewed Clifford stone did twelve crashing people's three of them and Vietnam. Sorry uphold certain I'm sorry have to do a job literally sell that it was we have to jump to quick break we'll come repackaged them the only. The show sorry about that Paul. We we're talking or calling terrorists investigative reporter author of the book conversations with colonel torso and I'm gonna re asked it's because we give you absolutely zero time be answered before the break but Paula you've talked and spoken and interviewed. A lot of folks. This route to you know your time and looking into these topics. And done you know what what is your what is your impression of what's actually happening in our skies. Well I'm an actor in two parts at a tag about Clifford stones sergeant. Quick ports down. Who had been armed with crash retrieval from the army. And he had told me you have three of the it dissidents were in Vietnam. In in one case he he EC in total had a contact with the being who gender argument that would leave people feeling over here. So. You know he's said they're 57 different races trial court so that there were fifty. Different species and I think they're observing I think they're looking at the evolution. Of these species on the planet and how are we content and that. You know if we are you involved at all in any kind of evolutionary scale. That's number one I think is that there observing and because I also noted from the video that. Actual you know little writings and incidents that are they're over hot spot. And it started in 1945 with our exploding in the atomic bomb at the trinity site. And you know I think that they are just wondering how big have to be worried also they are wondering what we catch up to. Because leaking or not traveling among the stars we're not going to other planet. Looking for our brother and sister her you know all our people are you know if civilization grabbed an act. They're doing that and though I am I that's number one and number two I think. That. Certain people have. You know a sensitivity where they can be contacted and they are getting messages. In my who are mainly to and today in in this the last four years has been in Latin America I've been beat Chile Argentina. Colombia Mexico and messages that these people are getting our. That we better watch the college at this planet because we may have an ecological. Disaster. Shuttle you know apart from climate change and everything. They're interested in our survival and the leak did Bjork album then. And so I think mostly in their men that are that are watching their watcher in. Court the plan to develop and experiment and pretty well maybe the planets have collective consciousness. Where they do what's good for all of their people and we just didn't look good for a. Well do you think that they want to us to know that they're here or do you think that they are trying to. Make sure we don't I would think with the technology to be able to get here that they could avoid. Our detection. Easily. Gambling you're watching them over soccer stadium that this happens a lot in Italy and in Germany. They like it and now here at it and I think that you know in in a lot of key. They they appear. Yeah it isn't in there are people too I mean that we'll get together and build it building some kind of spiritual work and they appeared to being. The craft appeared that happened in Chile at large yet happened in the Atacama desert feeling. Would run contacting you become the Gonzales than he did to our live. Meditation with a group and they they learn there where the car after an overhead there's nothing in that desert not. Well you know I eat daylight given though if they want in there but I think that it's like a wake up call for humanity. It just like you know picking you didn't get past the primitive stage here and let Europe and seeking to be a little bit more involved little. You didn't have a conversation with us. And may become out into the start of the need you know I think that that's the bottom line I think that the consciousness of the net consciousness aspect. Is the bottom line and that's the one that I mean you were playing in a lot when conference that I produce. In November every year because I think that that's what it's about it's kind of a wake up call it I don't feel the entertainment. So it's more. And that they're waiting for us to that evil for advance in the off before they actually make content very similar to what bleaching run Barry did start track. Where he may according to the crew the news they could observe. Otherwise but there weren't supposed to life interrupted org or change it by any means or make any contact. Yeah he was an absolute genius who led the way and the people and in young people especially in the early resonate with the message. Of the Star Trek generations you know you know I'm very people. You know they they really get it I can they get it they get that much more than we do and a lot of ways. You know honorary put all kind of different species together. All kind of different looking species together and and you know we're still stuck with racism so you know he had a really great agent. And that's and that's a valid point too I'm you know he yeah he's connecting all these different types of species from different worlds and were and we can't even get along with. All all the same species. Apps so they were gonna come and speak to planet Erica where you land where with the ago. I mean you know the good speed to planet earth because leather pants. Human species where would they go out there so many borders some match. Nationality. And you know there's you know some much. Give vision you know where we're would you expect them to. Yeah I'm doing expect. And if they speak to one if they speak to the American cemetery off there at the rest of the world that they speak to the Russians can take offs and so yes this is so serious problem. Paula thought they got a big individual. You mentioned fifty to maybe 57 different species. Here observing us in one form or another of these all from the same origin or is it a 52 set two or 57 completely independent. Space travelers. Just all here kind of concurrently. That's when I get to be really complicated. Hit the 57. Clifford still to come because the other manual that had that. Lifted but I don't think they're all space traveler I think summertime traveler let things summer into dimensional. They're always appear on another dimension. I think summer interplanetary but there we have a lot of injured dimension reality here. And I had you mentioned the goal then colored dimensional phenomenon because that's all part of it. Dimensional program on hand whether it's you know in the dimension or other dimensions in Rio. And some of the being probably company dimension. Met next big question do we have anything to fear by their presence. Well we did that it would have already happened. Hit it. I figure you know I or not the next few people in the world see it added we're not colored people and the world I don't think they have that. In reality. The problem we have now I mean I'm not gonna name all the different crying. Now look different things that we do need to gather in there and you know we don't need them objected to fear we I think we should be a regular cell. And Dave I think I think there you've modeled in the begun to use different stages of history and civilization and if they're traveling the interplanetary ones that they are traveling there they're trying probably going from planet to planet. Tried to look at what stage is people content companies the it's impossible. That we could be the only people you've never it's impossible they're and other people out there. Yet there has to be and what to do the governments of the world no arm. You know we've talked off and on this program about the secrecy and and the may attempt to cover up a lot of this stuff. Are you a firm believer in that do the governments know a lot more than they're letting on. Yeah absolutely. Especially. You know I've been in the United States they have a vested interest because they have the technology. But in Europe there are a lot of incidents over a needle bases I mean Alison Sardinia and I had. Military people coming over speak to me you know Italians that. We're telling me about your outlook coming out of the water. And all kinds of situations they've had. And so I like it it's a universal situation that would that conference. In a few dozen I think twelve class citizen hearing in Washington DC's Steve Bassett put on. In the Ali we'll carry guys in the air from her late Paraguay's Brazil Chile. And their cabin of a problem they have on their base here because you know they're there are military pilots are flying in all wanted you putt right in front of them made it. They don't know what to do and they work and that's been recorded for people that really want to real facts in South America and other places in the world. I you know it's gotten our hands I mean the these these. These sighting of these encounters. That we can't do anything about it. We don't have the technical do you deal with it in if they wanted to do it to do something do you baker said. And they're not the so I think the problem is that we need to wake. And it is like to wake up call it like it that you're watching Nelson the president meaning in your life and and unfortunately a lot of people don't wanna change their lives. The that a lot of touch this subject with a ten foot pole. Yeah blind if they get the technology did here that he and they wanted to do us harm it would be all over they were they far surpass us in technology but I think it's inched him he brought up the underwater UFO's because. That that we've actually talked to some individuals on the show about them and those are some of the most incredible claims the you'll ever hear I'm. People talking about being on a ship and see and being on the boat and seeing and seeing what appears to be you know a 200 foot long combined 64 wide. Kraft actually travel under their under their bulletin and shoot well from the water tick off we did a story not to Longo about it. Oil oil rig where they then watched. A UFO object actually come out of the water at a 45 degree angle we knew and should often into the into space. And I interviewed GO. Ideal fit your system French you appreciate insist that this be under naked let him a platform any dramatic see in these said that it the American came over. With their you know shipment that yet to look they anchoring get out a year delay any that I can't do that. Is acting get heavier that fast then he thought that night in Europe welcome out of the water. So the film and our pick it up obviously means you have the people well yes people no military no government. You know it. I think a lot of people mill a lot of people in the know know. But they can't really do anything about it and there you know it's more information that. Did you if you gathered the information you try to make sense out of it and against that's what I'm trying to do to make sense out of it. But it it'd worldwide. Phenomena I mean I mentioned the Beijing airport. Being close to mean you think those people are watching what's going on. It's really really interesting. It did today you know. Maybe this pisses me might be the final question here but you know if they're trying to deliver a message to us whatever that message may be is that we've can't Harmer planet we've got to be nice teacher whatever happens to beat. Wouldn't they be much more effective landing on the proverbial White House lawn and saying hey you were here this is why we're here. You need to listen to us and take this seriously it seems as though this the more subtle approach isn't necessarily working. Well now you know about the 1952. Citing. Capital sooner the yeah so yeah I think what would happen you know that we attracted so many people in the in the military did they talk about cheap down. We which you adapt and we would kill normally would chewed them to be eighty years is still he shot it my Grammy mean I can't really tell people I mean I'll people even the great master of the great people that have messages. They have cut the guiding the world that the people that have the message of peace and unity and they would we deal. We chill out for no I don't think that's a good way that would be a good way to do it I think it'll happen it through our children. And to our may be maybe altering the DNA the Indian mayor Turkey had their two other generation there. That may be will evolve and some and a much more spiritual manner and maybe will. Well will deserve to have a conversation with the content out maybe that'll happen. Paula it's been a fantastic conversation. We appreciate you being with us again the website is Paul Harris that's PA OLA. Terrorist. Dot com. Books are conversations with colonel Corso connecting the dots making sense of the UFO phenomenon and many others you'll find links to them on the beyond reality radio web site. Apollo where else can people find out more about what Europe to your when your work where you're speaking in your events. Well my FaceBook page and then I have another web site WWW. Star or USA dot com. Where I have a keynote speaker I have to and from Peru have popped out octagon from Turkey. Incredible things are happening in Turkey I have gauging her attack I have Regina Meredith I have you know. A lot of really great speaker of the eighteenth speaker in November it's November 10 to twelfth. I'd be queried hotel and it's three days of you know you apple and consciousness than and it serious dialogue about it so. And that web site at WWW. Start art usaid dot com. And I have a FaceBook page happened. Happen at some Italian an end and Spanish and English so good for the people all around the world are women elderly if they can go to the FaceBook page to. Well thanks so much are common on and hang analysis we look forward to talk to you again in the near future. Thank you so much for the invitation and good that you guys. Larry thank you Paul Harris it's beyond Real Madrid or Jason JV don't go away we've got more coming up. This is Jimmie Johnson cohost of beyond reality radio and I am Jason Hawes from scifi has hit show ghost hunters it has recently come to our attention that some of you may be experiencing difficulties contact in the show throw or coal free telephone number during some of these attempts there's been reports of unpleasant repeating beeping noises coming from the other end of the line many theories exist and some -- you have gone as far as suspecting the vast government conspiracy. Or some other improprieties and maybe interfering with the effort to reach the show our producers have investigated this phenomenon we've uncovered some very interesting information most importantly they too have heard this strange beeping noise but has been described by some of our callers. 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Number ones first and foremost remain calm number two distance yourself from any sharp objects or small children number three slowly and carefully removed the phone from year to year number four and this is where it gets tricky. If you're on a traditional landline find the button that would terminate the call on the phone. If you're using a cell phone at the end call option may be a little more elusive but it is certainly discoverable. Number five during this process please do not make any sudden movements and number six when you have ended the call check to see the busy signal is gone if so you were out of danger if not repeat steps one through five. And finally once you're safe we wanna two minutes and then try to call again if you get the busy signal on your second attempt. Please repeat all of the steps to. It shouldn't take more than a couple of tries and this strange noise will no longer be heard annual peacefully in comfortably have your call answered by one of our professional call screeners. Every Coles important does have beyond reality radio and we appreciate your patience during this crisis. Honor literally chasing the fuel and done all please keep those mornings we are very very serious about the thanks to Paul Harris for a joining us who's who's great and Lou go literal great information and it didn't Russian ties to Rhode Island don't believe me out of that it's pretty cool to assume you. Her and Barry from a North Carolina didn't hear over and I'm connections there yes so it's pretty much all of it just all the so make sure you tune in tomorrow night or are we talking with Tom how access historian of witchcraft and magic and western religions. And then Thursday we're going to be talking with rob and Terry. Robbins the owner of ash more states we investigated back to season five or six and Osiris. And is definitely great location we a lot of good questions for him if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio I'm like the FaceBook page. And then had to be on reality radio dot com we indulge Treo iPhone and android app. We're just listen live for their from the on such quick listen live or final agree stations we are on thanks everybody for tuning in tonight will catch all the morrow have seized back. And you know you media is produced by state eighty acres include tunes like Alexandria Johnson for intercom. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality read it all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be guest on beyond reality radio email to sleep get eaten. That's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.