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Joe Fortenbaugh Interview on Double Coverage at 8:35pm

Mar 28, 2017|

Host of "Mornings with Joe, Lo & Dibs" on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco joins Kristian & Seth to talk about the Raiders leaving for Las Vegas.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I guess some. Tech city 787 about traffic on highway ninety near Huntsville high school looks like it was truck fire Allen from 8151 so. And that way to take an alternate route you can also. Get instant traffic updates and news updates in sports is text one of those words even whether to meet 7870. Talk about. The raiders moving from Oakland to Las Vegas. Joseph. Joseph for bomb. At Joseph Ford bond Twitter host of mornings with GO low in dibs on 95 cent in the game in San Francisco co-founder of the national football post dot com. A Joanna I think a pretty fascinating conversation day with his news it's a third. NFL team depth to relocate in the last at twelve months in terms of either apply or actually relocate with the chargers. And the rams in in in the mix with the raiders now what's been the reaction in Oakland and the Bay Area about this news today. Well gentlemen first of its ideology and trap me here is that the effort reactions among the and number one. Actually it means to claim they'll never root for the team again. Understandable you take something that they paid for something that they bullet for figuratively of course. Although we've seen the videos YouTube I mean literally in some cases but it takes some. Change. You can understand why they would never once did he ever again the owner something that they love out from underneath that. But the other hand is in the classic raider nation come out say you know what as much as the Sox. We're not locked in forever operators need to like god no matter where they are and it went through that before they want the team go to Los Angeles. It for twenty years. Before he went from Oakland Los Angeles and came back. Mark David is been around with the V 22 years before moving a plot against. So I guess there's something poetic that number in that timeframe that all of Oakland at at one and but who knows how it'll play out but it's certainly at that April raider nation the app and it's a big east day. You have being the raiders and the warriors the warriors were awful for the better part of the decade the second. Now they find out and do what might that they're moving average that the record awful for a decade so that they get. They're moving a lot say it took another ticket seat for the people eat that. Joseph walk us through this process to where we are now line it's two years away. But I mean how much did Oakland a city of Oakland make an attempt says to. You know keep the raiders with a new stadium. What the pad and WR if you're willing to. Into what the mayor's telling you've been named -- very good effort the reality is they need virtually no effort the effort of the reeker. When need what enough of the efforts that wind and make up for reelection in two years she can get up and clean up. We try hard to keep the raiders OK we try hard mark if it seems that bill and it in tribal if you if you read it something. Why Asia that proposal coming point four hours 48 hours before the vote laws that you'd you'd get this thing organized. Now to defend the politicians they were never will disband. Payer money on the stadium and that's something you're in California. You might at his Arlington Texas or Atlanta. What you're seeing that Intel board that people have woken up to it and they're tired of spending their money on billionaire stadiums. Build your own infrastructure is what the people are telling Californians are expensive enough as it. Take a look at it here if you near AT&T park with the giants play. One bat 950 square feet. Will run you 40000 dollars a month people are not interested in paying that much money and that type state and federal taxes so that they can. It to a new stadium project. So essentially via mark if it decides it will take the money given up 950 million to pass that and it's a great message. That that we get that in every other podium of the stadium were leaving that the bottom line. Or maybe just held another a franchise hostages and the Oscars aren't yet the outside city I'll I wanted to I wanted to expand on that exact kind of led me into where I wanted to go and I don't mean shorty says yeah I know he's got a lot of questions well but. Do you think that the NFL. Is is playing on some pretty thin ice here in terms of potentially going on the on a down slope of the mound top that they want drawn this is kind of like. This is maybe the beginning of the NFL's dominance as the top sport. He got a great question and that's what it should be kicked around because let's face it. Not long ago you that franchise is in Saint Louis dialogue football that he did Diego and Oakland and over the top five market. Now what you thought they was in exchange for Los Angeles that he understandable. Because you went for it to the number two market in the country. But did anyone ever stopped at its LA even want it pro football. If you don't think people realized from the East Coast California. A lot of people and a David I'm not from here originally I'm old I went to school here earlier in the job originally from the volatile area. But people here big big big lit by a pack. And know whether. It goes hiking wine country. They own much to do here it's like college sports don't play nearly as well as it would you guys. I think Alice you know I've watched that every Saturday at these people here in California and I can never talked about it on the air. Because people are not interested they keep things rather. Jive with that real well but that album art and they're not gonna pay for the stadium and I don't think it ever really wanted I think that died in New York City making decisions. For Wesco. People who didn't necessarily want it to retain their the charges are going to be in utter failure and you came in the east it was a top five market for make it. Now I also believe in Las Vegas and Olympic victory here before I've moved it to up the Bay Area and it's a great city but it's number forty in terms of market size. Look back at 2008 and look at what happened that Haiti when the market tanked. No got hit worse than one day and another question and answer twenty years and now where we're gonna come from every man. That no one electorate we're in order for sticking with happily eat anymore they edit it. Why can't apple. So. They have to worry about long term viability. It played out per year obviously it was a lot because it's new and Chinese but for me here on the road I don't know how viable in the day. Yeah no I'd like I figure fired up I am I'm fired up with the accept a place in Vegas myself so I understand all their problems could setting at our Maria if you'd get to a figure stuff from Joseph fourteen bop cosa mourns the Jolo and dibs on 957 game in San Francisco at Joseph for Bob. On Twitter. To Mark Davis here do you think. And this little retrospective now is everybody just is he's angry and has ire at him in this whole process but do you think if he had his choice everything being equal he would have wanted to stay in their recede just. He was done Israeli out. It depends on what I've what part of the time when we're talking about is if in the year absolutely not it may need four years ago. Lot of problems that have taken place that so many people don't know when it came back in on the on the addition. And and it paid off and everyone says that the taxpayer is still paying forward. But it did that the team into the second loan out on mortgage and they are the ones that Liberty City on the there's so much behind the scenes that know what I understand you we've joked about the cloning in the village flooding on that stadium. Our responsibility. That they're chart. Structure yet it will pay for it and hopefully in the teens and they hear what the team without fail what essentially happened. Would that when you try to make the plate for a way and they kicked out of the equation. It in the city just took advantage that they put the belief. And it took it from I think 900000. Dollar year to about 2.5 million they they add Mark Davis over the battle civic. Situation. That it is it that I. Decided. On the back though and do whatever I can get them while they're so you know one may. That well. Maybe it's not going to be and it's an appeal to an all out there but India with the transplants travel is that it. Gonna beat it eight times worse but can he get in the city and wanted to never Oakland. They can look at the anyway that. Free trade for top kill all that stuff they take care that you and mark felt eleven days. And that's helping Oakland never. Added today to carry in the go home broke on your fly it. Other rate is going to be interesting is that going to be an Oakland for two more years of the fans mob probably not allow government go to the games actually here's Roger Goodell today staying. Boy he's disappointed for the Oakland and yet so is this your second excuse me for second outside yet. OK when you make 42 million dollars a year. You can sit up there and take shrapnel all day long for these billionaires all day along and not think anything about no idea and it's in my classes in the U Joey is. Our art is anything. Ernie fans gonna show up to these games the next two years while lately there is a lame duck team. Well I think two years because I'm hearing rumblings that they might be out after one. Real nice job of saying today. We are either too. Years that we hope that even that we have a deal done. We can meet their 20s19 to do it raider nation once as we've blocked is that it. Just conjecture that. Mark Davis. Paying lip at the hands hoping he can still make money. While the team figured out another avenue bottom line it would be at your that they could be here and now and they were the it would be gone and night. I think from. Standing and has no bearing on it I think definitely want your and they wanna get yours that is possible so that you're going to be. Exercise that option. So a lot of people understand. There you go up. Rejecting the idea of sharing with the 49ers Lotta people realize the 49ers arguments in Clara would go to companies to pro football teams. Number you know and it sounds crazy but you're eight home games are held in India you're like down every week and essentially at sixteen road games. You could go played out there don't discredit the back of how much mark heated hate Oakland right now. And I wouldn't be surprised if in one in nineteen. One year before it opened in May it. Maybe they suck it up and play it simple expedient which is what you know he would and they were there ever been and knows it's adopt. Inglett regret does not work for an NFL team and that's not what you wanna be playing it you're going to be. Super Bowl contender but that's what they you'll reduce ticket Oakland they want nothing to do with that. GO Ford by at Joseph Ford ball good follow on Twitter a host of mornings with Joseph lo and gives by the way that's when the coolest names of the show I think I've seen on nine to five cent in the game. In San Francisco co-founder also of the national football post. Dot com Joseph we appreciate the passion and also the cantonment. Any kind of what I want to Portland main event got a thought on that. Doug Levy are you my pleasure extravagant. On treatment. I don't any.