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3-23 6pm Deuce & Deke: on the NCAA basketball tournament

Mar 23, 2017|

Deuce and Deke break down the Sweet 16 with UNO basketball coach Mark Slessinger.

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And aiming it left up to our number three other sports talk along with free as the catalyst I'm Deke Bellavia. Coming up this our ops guys are welcoming studio B hey coach of the year and no means privateers basketball team Chris out the NCAA tournament apparent. Marks messengers can set to. Helpless to preview the sweet sixteen matchup tonight Kansas a five point favorite nobody camps want again in the Purdue ball to make those. Michigan Wolverines on stage ticket to big wins. There a point favorite oval are in contact as a three point play over West Virginia in the Arizona Wildcats have sent him point they would always. Xavier talk about tomorrow night's game as well court in Minnesota we are coming to you also. It's operated at whopping impose some Saints news around there on him and now of course not when Butler and quarterback on. Hectic at my homes of these stories would come true which one would you like the country the Saints game Malcolm but they consider mean and you know. And continue to Cole and maybe Dre at Texas Tech quarterback home the thick cast a vote online at WW TO. Down before wicket to court dale we will. Do our due diligence and he caught and welcome Anna especially against coaching box as dismissed. Thank you so much with that and Mabry got some good sweet sixteen tell that will be the Bears sweet sixteenth and we have him because we got some mine but he knows basketball and in what we're I didn't know ago. It's how much that my apartment Croat to meet with really low basketball I just found out deduce a critically about basketball for rebels as well with the Steelers have. And everything when your bad athlete you're bad athlete that's all I can say so yeah I mean he he really had to defer to him that China more that more than me he may be the expert. Definitely in that code to me in a bit of time that you put me in on it and you know for me I was as an athlete actor do you go houses run and and I I want to jump on June we knew it was good enough to beacon is about the one that's Holland basketball. I mean it's another you know fun and you know how difficult it is compared to football and I'm not football but it's it's allowed hall of the basketball and the football you don't have the numbers don't have enormous. That's exactly right so closely as to be woods to break down the match at Cornell Cummins he was blessed first of all. Time at a reflect and and all the weeks that you have played in the tournament great great season went there obviously. You want to go up to Buffalo and play Villanova. As you reflect on the season a week later some thoughts most of us has on his own job and the job of his priorities you know you go back in the. You review the year and you've got to look at the big picture view that was as much as the last alerts at any every year. There's only what 34 teams in the whole country that in that don't and on a loss and so it's any anytime hurts and in you invest so much in the this body work you know we started practice for the Torre eighteen term it Monday so we were off Thursday Friday we're back in the gym ground again. Get ready for Torrey eighteen on Monday so it's it's a long run that's a big volume of of times it in frequency that your in the gym and your invest in. In one goal and one purpose and you know I stepped away and it took you know those two days off for a Thursday Friday just carried out my thoughts back together and just how blessed I was to have such a hard working group of guys. That bought in to being selfless. They gave up a lot of good shots for great shots for the teammates. They did that the next thing that moved our program. Forwarding got a championship back to the city in into our university so nothing but positive stuff you know will more from me as a coach I'm gonna go back. And our staff party started reevaluate itself Skelton. Doing the things that we didn't do right trying to fix those and get better in talking of people that watched distance and in our video is up to coaching friends that we respect. And get and analyzes so we can get better at that game as a coach who were saying Doucet and they could Uga figured our teachers that don't. You better get back to work and try to get better for any age you know coach marks messenger that dude is going. And I was gonna say coach you know I know you start to preparation. Four looking. How can you guys grow out Uga has grown next year in you know. As far as queues at Tucson this past fall or looking at guys this upcoming year would it be a grad transferred out will it be a ju co guy you know or is it a late moment high school guy you know what would you think it. For you guys take that next yet where you can repeat. As champions but also I was we get back into the tournament and go flown. Yet the attitude of these two parts we reset when we manner Arabic initial evaluation we talked about a team we thought we won this championship. A year ago at this time. Because the weekend we finished we had guys in the gym every morning before we started doing shoot in working out before we thought we won the championship. In the east two months in in March and April 4 final started. Because guys were there grinding and they had a a very clear purpose of what they're trying to do get better I think sometimes your best recruit to won there in your house. And you gotta get a better you gotta figure out how to coach him up. It's easy for for me as a head coach is tell my assistant to get a better player that's easy up. I were occured in the round of my better a better play a better coach and they're my guys. Ot I chose to coach and I chose to be the mentor and sometimes you gotta you gotta work with what you got house you know you can't just shuffle off and say go get a better guy. So I think one part of begat our team better the one week and once we got in house give those guy has been we got a core group of seniors and juniors. That are going to be self force and we had a great recruiting class in the fall. We saw four guys in the following we sent the smallest guy in division one recruiting class which is from way into locker my present. Who may be tips the scales at 56. 140. PH who usually I believe he has a get a goal today he has a pit bull. And then we said the tallest guy in the divisional class at 73 bowl wrecked from south Sudan used in high school outside Chicago Romo and hundred remarkably skilled. He'll be a guy that's on a lot of watching this right off the bat by his skill set I was a junior college all American west Oklahoma by New York City. In that we get really really counts and high school. Allstate Gordon Georgia outside of Atlanta a 65 Steve made the final four in the big school division. In in and they and we got a huge transfer local kid and Scottie please 69. Prep country day. The it was universally in Latvia and we just like it's got a huge huge ceiling. For us so we gotta get maybe one more guy in this class and a steal everything up but I feel really good about the group we got the grind and already you know the new guys will be an island on June ethnic sector for summer school in will be often call for desperate man. This you know coach. A marks messenger. It's deep too according and in Minnesota pulled his speed and offers a break court they don't think you are holding court and I think I missed that go according are straight and he's done hopeful and I'm like Korda now Maggette caught they'll go right here howry. And don't worry yards on Tuesday includes. They're. And there are questions we are okay armed. Proper course in what we're a lot like our process I would I would like to have. Pat my home. On the scene if we you know and you know. I don't know you know if if we will be able to get him out there and be back out there. The gators have. I'd definitely like to have on the team as opposed to they'd done it. This doesn't arc arc question bit. What what what what went. What I demand that a lot a lot to see. Like the saint. Pick up. And rights or demand. And that that the second thing is due to tired earlier. It did she didn't being Johnny and they'll are comic cap and he considered. I opted out do you not understand why aren't. Are men now wouldn't sit on it and because. Because it's it's off the CEO. No no no no no I wanna hear football related so all on both of them on that does them what they do I'll I wanna see when you turn on the tape. How can he fit into your offense I'm not even George and I'm not even judge them you know what they did off the field a one look at it from late here. How can yield my team you know and so neither really men's they'll probably fits a little bit better as far as the Saints offense from what they do. But when you talk about Capra kneecap nick is more. Reid's own guy the Saints are more predicated all on our own rhythm. You know and being able to hit certain passes that's about what kept us now he can get better. And do it you know men zeal may be able to do a little bit because he can move. But his his. He is more predicated he's got to get these he's got to get better with accuracy I'm not even touch in what either one of them. You know do off to feel you know because that that's a whole different store. In an excuse me I ya I'm excited to look at what you do what you are right to see. I'll work with what's got paid to do what what a young quarterback what what what real Avant because. Well what are being and pet a home. They've got our our about the world you know now he's he's been an it than that that's not a pro style offense though. So. So much are you wanna say much shopping to be with somebody like pat Holmes I got to a reduced to take on that. I'm a little late on break we'll come back at deuce take what he thinks about Panama home and also was the breaking down game one's sweet sixteen under way. The wolverines in action right now. And they are trying to continue to Cinderella run out of the big team taking on Oregon up early 98 breaking it down bullets age you know coach sounds like coach of the year. That being Moss hasn't given us preview the sweet sixteen right here where you can hear the game this weekend on WW. Which you know coach mocked semester at Deuce McAllister on big bell of the Eddie McAllister 2687. Hates him you beat us up politics did overcome a team just a moment. Game number one in the sweet sixteen as a coach as an in house the miscue wolverines at the big team coach this is sweet sixteen and look a I lost this time but every year always put your nickel down missed and stay because that's where is only as in the sweet sixteen but. They got pop earlier in this contest in this can seem to be a team in the Big Ten has got a lot of steam turn it wise they are rolling. These fans in the Big Ten tournament Purdue also lately tonight mr. Qin and arc and two teens. Mister Whitmore tradition but argun is a team it's pretty much thought to be one of the team to the packed up pact would be to class with the comment along what you're feeling right. You know admits it's an amazing story you know he got a plane crash. Right his they were goal of the Big Ten turn him in a play in the first game practice skier. Because all the uniforms were on the plane and they have just been playing lights out since then. Coach Beilein has done a phenomenal job of those guys that played different unique styles forced. The mix in a 131 zone with Manny and they really spread before they can put four sometimes five shooters on the York. And really play pitching catch with a lot of people give you chastened. And get them ago on the flip side. Offensively organ is Dana Altman has them playing at a high levels well and they generally are just a tough tough team to deal with the office we don't broached. Is a tremendous player and plays when the storm asleep all the time. In just a huge huge game going on right now that that'll be fun fun officer gave people watch. I did W on the knowledge still on top of the football GW thank you for calling WWL. JK. Coach thank you particular calls it is what all. I wanted to say it's analysis. But. Just can't test appreciate. Column about is that the 00. And they talk. I wrote to church just. Future. Or it's going to be. Remembered. That meant short. Term and where they're a bit ago. Yeah. Mean he's he's got a laundry list of things and you can you can. Good. So. The only opponent. Only thing there is indeed a beat that you for the count only thing people look you know me it's it's it's human nature becoming guestimate all a lot wanna pick on. All that was happened was it was a breakfast or lunch and they said now then that was it that was that was nothing else other than a conversation. If if anything he needs this other than people talk and we'll have to wait and see the don't think we know right now is. Those two top coaches talked a lot different people all the time. Bill Belichick talked about strong bleeding even though entered optional out of Bill Belichick Newton nearly any sane thing about it press comic so. You can't control people talk to and you can't control what people say about the people who talk so we'll just wait and see. Breaking that mold a street sixteen Knicks who CBS. We knew we talk about teams don't wanna get delayed us and get the most inside information we bring in their TP would've found those teams that analysts experts who got one to help us. Talk about the sweet sixteen or took a little look at games and actually right now that being the Michigan Wolverines they are taking on. This evening in the sweet sixteen Oregon Ducks are up thirteen to ten early on the next game in the match up is a foresee West Virginia Mountaineers in the west region sweet sixteen Pepsi to contact the bulldogs. Coach mocks lessons you know with his coach list. You know about this meaning the health of a conference and your team team meal or a Sam Stephen their programs. You'd three schools of the summit comes gates gave you tough not comet or you'll but it overall. Conference does not schedule more to have gained all allies not conference. Then you're in a situation almost like and Zach away I look at this team there's 34 and one. And they lost like you know late in the season at the begun to thirty wins and there was a question of would they be your number one seed much like saint Joe's many years ago when he had Jameer Nelson. And at the point guard not think like why but it goes back to conference and non conference play. Talk about the structure that is based in basketball we see more basketball baseball and how. Did you root in of the program in the sound and you weren't having to be one day whereas he's not just all automatic B it we're seriously could be considered Fernando. It is so many factors go into any taken that for example was the case that he QB and the can be Boller for us and eighty's and ninety's that was you know we were that team you know we were that Wichita State the ball with the game Zagat. That was consistently in the top 25 in in those teams are forced each year to go out and play. A much much tougher nonconference schedule. Then an SEC or big twelve or Big Ten team to validate how good they are in its act you know it's really tough on them. And then the teams in those power conferences get a pass. Where you take for example there were teams unit where they were seriously considered eclipse and for example. As an automatic bid and they were five games below 500 in their league. You know it's so here was in Zach who was grind and and there are some good basketball that they give every time of you can win thirty plus games. You got a good team everybody's got players and everybody's got placed hit. So there's there's good basketball going on and for our league the same thing we got to go out and play. Very very competitive nonconference schedules to compete to prepare us the into the season as we got to watch out run to make to make this tournament make a run. Cotto got two questions for you and you just let me know if you demand from what you all talk. You know war and can you talk about Craig Victor in what your thoughts on him you know obviously the we used to be at LSU and in tune. Just tell me your idea of a U basketball you know I've got different thought. I'll weathered it it's helped. The bell park he would as far as in the US or has it held them back you know practically. Any kid goes a huge he thinks he's going to the league you know and what's your thoughts on a U leads as far as how that all works in and your understanding of. You know it's heroes don't allow us to talk particularly about. Any individual recruit that has signed a letter from terrorism and rolled. At our universities who prohibited from doing that when I will say in regards to that to our recruiting is we're always gonna try to go get. The best student athletes to fit the mission of our athletic department or program. In our university. Partially out of that to get as many of them for right here in the metro area. That fit our mission at that we're doing we take very seriously then our Jersey city new walls on the front we want to represent our city. Each and every time we can't. It in the second party question what when it was summer basketball I see you there are tremendous programs that I think. Help facilitate and move get kids and get opportunities to get higher education degrees and get scholarships. And then there's some there's some that that that don't to have that same mission there's some that are very honorable and work and high integrity and there's some unfortunately. I'd just like any other business or industry that do not. And you know I eat people have to make Smart decisions have to try to surround themselves. With the best people that they can each and every time and know that these are that these are young men they're not. That they're not they're not grown adults is a young men that need mentoring. That need coaching. Every young boy needs a coach and in hopefully that they can get surrounded by. Good coaches that help work on the skill set improve the fundamentals and put them in competitive situations. To get better and plays the team. And has now we look at this match appear tonight a very interesting one West Virginia income sacked. West Virginia seems to be in a good match a bit only about three and a half full point dog. Hug advanced trademark all the way back to the Kenyon Martin days and is able and you talk about go back in time what if he's a guy gets hurt early in the game and it turned it when they draw a number one seed in the there. With their ballclub it's Saints used just like how far can they go with just one of those what he has and injuries are part of the game. I'll organism ballclub and lost the power forward earlier but they seem to be doing well as sweet sixteen. But that trademark Preston podium may have Bob Huggins you know if West Virginia comes out on top tonight this press gallery it hit someone has spoken on a successful day. You know Huggins is an incredible case study because he he's changed he changed and adapted into the stressed. Over the last couple years and you know when he went back and talk to a guy. Wade bag as a basketball junkie would talk to Kevin MacKey who who coach Cleveland State upset famously upset Bob Knight and Indiana. In the NC turn them but. He his press has been war and as the rules have changed that the irony of it as a rules have changed and in. The league that it's he has called a much tighter game he's coached is pressed very very well on the continue to force turnovers to tempo. And he's recruited to that with the length and size. If foot speed it's so it should be an incredible game at the again Zach has is good skilled group and has good overall team as far as ball movement pressure and under total understanding. Of a system they've got a lot of veteran guys to fit your senior guys that are very very talented very special. I get to meet that's the game of the sweet sixteen that should be the best game. I coach now let's look at the next game on the main Youkilis coming in next will be Gonzaga and West Virginia and laid on the night in night games. Fourth seed Purdue and topsy Kansas Bill Self boy in the evening when they away from fall fieldhouse this is distant. An unbelievable program you could albeit over the last decade they all the most consistent the most solid program. Just a body of work and how many great pros puts on at the college level bait they really reached their peak. Known for getting some guys that stay in the program for several years not many ones and on if any. And it guy at Kansas I think Julian Wright might have been one of the last ones at their reliever in the early in his career before. His junior season but talk about the Kansas Jayhawks there with a class not only declares the B two of the last few games I mean they had a four game cushion. In that conference and still you start to see how tough the cup which was which team like west Virginian Bayliss to stand around. But they had to deal with one of the biggest and most physical in skier people in the game and he wants 370 pounds now Caleb wanna game. Is legitimate knee Smith player of the year candidate they. You know when you look at consistency. And you think about the feat that Kansas has pulled off some bills of pulled off. They want thirteen straight big twelve titles that's me it's it's unbelievable the meanest so it is so he's he's a book which he's at all or sport in right if he's on his fourth president. If at all possible at her I mean we think about it it's its amazing. Feet where you think about the arms race that's gonna and that leak with facilities. Everything that's going on in they have not been unseated in he can coach and he gets guys to play. He gets them to buy into the system he's unrelenting. On them share in the ball and playing the right way. It was really good swat again if people wanna watch a great player who was going to be a special player. At the next level. Watched like the only thing that could ever hold him back would be an injury where he could to get heavy into it controls way. But he is a dominating big man who has an incredible facilitator. Of the ball he's a great great pass to a big soft hands. And you know Matt Treanor is a very good coach and a friend of mine Greg Gary former to a point guard. It's his top assistant played your prepared Clark in Indian guy too and it just a great. Coaching staff been in there they are the dark horse to me in this tournament as Purdue because if if sweat again stays hot. They're going to be they're going to be wrong they are a bear to deal with and that labors have you watched a QB on the left side of the assembled down screen for shooter. They're gonna post demography of the ball and let him go to work. That you know coach. That is moxie messenger and you know private T is you up in oh on Twitter at coach less onto would have much more we got to get to tonight's big matchup. Many people feel a talent wise on roster Arizona may have the best roster remaining in the sweet sixteen teams and then all match ups tomorrow break it down the sweet sixteen with a guy who knows. Something about basketball you know private deal men's basketball coach. Mocks lesson to break it down on the home a sweet sixteen and the national championship WW. And coach asks on Twitter at you know basketball coach marks an end it would just talking about those sweet sixteen got three in the books won the night coach. Not often do you play a team in the post season in any phase. This many times but tonight when they square off you going to see Xavier in Arizona Sean Miller. And Chris Mack will meet this week sixteen is the second time in three years team did a very familiar with the to the personnel programs goose the interesting matchup tonight. It would be amazing the oaks Sean coach city Xavier. Chris plated Xavier and there's a lot of history there that goes back. The Sabres an incredible basketball school tradition in Cincinnati. And they're going to be too hard nosed teams and played very very fiscal. Former you know head coach to pass neck local guys assistant top assistant Arizona doing a great job there as well and in in different mind. Go to you know when you go all the way kind of like Atlanta was Pete's always a young you get you get a chance back. But I don't think some people realize it how I don't even really know how difficult it is and when you think about getting as close to victory you can. Not Carolina. Got their motivational issue losing basically at the buzzer the Villanova. Their Beck in a respected by the bowed out program basically Butler. Hasn't not dropped off since emergence of Scott Stevens he bottom up back to back appearances in the final four is program has been very consistent. Then you know Butler is right on the the edge of being. I think inning ending knee high major team do you think about. Really when I got started you know back with Barry collier. In in the wintertime recliner and then you know was able go to Brad Stevens and his is continue Demetric it on. And they just win and they continue to do it they keep moving up leagues and in moving up. And continue to plague brutal brutal nonconference schedules every year. And go out and play the best. You know it's an amazing thing and it's amazing things they've pulled off I don't know how they've done to be honest with you that it's just. It's mind boggling that of what they've been able to do there. ACC started to take another step toward seriousness and thought the coaching ranks outs in the village down left and followed up with coach quite a wee hours know about what's gone on an erupting Kentucky. But when you look at South Carolina when they bring a guy like Frank Martin Meehan first appearance in the sweet sixteen to take on on Baylor got them Molly is is extremely rare one of the best players in the big twelve. Coming in at seventeen points a game means and Darius on well. Other than the Kentucky players in the couple of Florida you could dog he was one of the best was one of the best players in the SEC soccer Lannan on from the air. Territory here but there ranked lately moment. When he brought in for mark that was like bringing instant expert. It validated. Who they warn you took him from a very very good cute and left music he's left a great team a team loaded team and Kansas State to go to South Carolina. In a rebuild it in the remake it in he has done a phenomenal job. In those guys are tough they're physical. There and little bit of a throwback team can ride my group was this year we played very very tough fiscal reform and and serve the ball offensively and of their cap they kind of go opposite bowler. Small they're gonna they're gonna lot of support and they're bigger numbering and hatchet. Each time and he is tough hard nosed Newt. And he validated and who they wore that they were going to be on the map in I think in my mind and I think they're had a schedule where where people thought it would be. Baylor has become one of the better programs in college basketball their fourth trip to the sweet sixteen all since 2000 anti. Coach when you talk about blew goats of basketball at the who's who cram and cram have you wanna say. Kentucky and UCLA so many names you could throughout did a great story programs. This match up coach this is the final four the matchup in the sweet sixteenth. It's that it is in when you get thing about ball going against mark in I think marquis is is to me. Mark is as good of players errors in judgment as well this year. Obviously his brother was a phenomenal. Two way player at Arkansas but he is special and he's fun to watch hoping praying that he stays in the year. I think for his development I doubt he will but I hope he does. I had to meet the sleeper got to watch and that is not ball. It's more it's mock him at Kentucky you watch it dude you're gonna be entertained and you'll love watching IQ points. And sonic coach in the sweet sixteen they knocked off the defending national champs you know you go back to Alando Tucker when he was they thought it was their time they go back to frank the tank to get entertainment he gained just close within that time Wisconsin has become a big solid team. In the Big Ten national power taken on a Florida Gators. At all really a consistent program if you look at full balanced program the morning said he even though when Donovan laughs had the most Jamie Jets coach white really comes in any. And stability right he's amazing in and I think you know I'm not that I'm not saying that because he's you know 'cause he's he went to high school down here but he is a great guy. He's humble he and I you know. Talked to win against each other when he was at Louisiana Tech. One of his assistants dusty may and I grew up literally about ten miles apart from each other. And they do at the right way that play or he's got good guys in this program. And Manny can coach and I'm poor form every second I'm I'm making no bones about it I will pull for Florida and Mike White. Every time I think key special I think he does the right way in I would suspect that they're gonna win and win DoubleTree. Coach less on Twitter and you know gravity has coached a lot of people excited about your program what you've done made it through out wanna some camps coming up for the youngsters out distant things you've got coming up that people can get involvement in acting you know what will be will be released in our youth camp dates coming up in the next two weeks on on you know privateers and a Twitter with me with coach last. We've got shootouts the first week of June 4 shootout for high school. Teams at first week in the last week of June will have eight different days of when they shoot outs. With twelve to sixteen teams today so you know privateers and that coach less kimono and we got things going the right weight hit it we don't get on the bandwagon get on the boat. This drives they only don't get off I didn't continue to go on opposite a level it hadn't been in the while folks. And nobody coach less is where this and next week Monday you recap the sweet sixteen the elite eight. You preview the final four and you come to us a lot Avant in the next week from Phoenix where he and a who's who of college basketball go out. And got to rub shoulders and pick up on some things in Phoenix next week coach marks lessons that you know privateers dot com and coach list onto the coach. Always have plays that we reported seeing you get home and thanks Retief thanks there's Mexico are right at the McAllister Tony six we got. Gears back. Bound to NFL action might interrogate joins us. Are next out radio on the home the Saints the Tigers and a men's national championship WW.