WWL>Topics>>3/23 12:25am Todd: From software to business incubation

3/23 12:25am Todd: From software to business incubation

Mar 23, 2017|

Guest host Todd Menesses speaks with Chris Reid of LookFar on how he transitioned from being a software company to helping grow small businesses.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining me now is Chris Reid with look far he's the president of look far. And look for is a software development studio Chris thanks for Julius thanks for having it would else you gutsy guy back a lot of stuff here listed. That that she's so you talked about but I'd rather use a at the meat just. But they kept. So what what looks like does. Is we built companies. We started out as they suffered belt and company. And an over the years. We started working more and more startups and and a renamed the company. Look far that three years ago. It's coming up on three years the September. And and that it was a way for us to. Focus more directly on and that's what we do so we work directly with start up pretty largely almost exclusively startups. And sometimes we built internally is in turn haven't companies as well. And we're doing more and more of that assessment as well. You've been here since the 1999. So you're taught accurately from New York again getting over the York people again. Not that that's a bad thing. Like people. But you've been here long enough we were having this discussion you're considered in New Orleans you know could she went through Katrina with the restless right so that's your considered it there letting you know. Now that I've given you the natives incidentally you blessed me yeah it with the so how can you help folks that come by here to entrepreneur week so we're where we've always been. They can sponsor partner week on we. Well that's the idea village IC and Turbo squid with the original four companies in the I keep building down the street here. And tests we've been involved with the idea built for a long time and out punched or week the last three years. We then. A major sponsors this year we've got a stage here early and stuff. And we do that. For two reasons we won obviously it's good exposure to start ups for us right but to. I'd leave that. Long term economic prosperity of world Owens is to be found in entrepreneurship in you know in an actress cents. That. If we see. If we don't. Continue to Foster. Innovation and change we're not an appeal yet. Where we want it is communities for example easy examples that were right next to it is the port. Lot of people look at port in very few people realize how much economic driver community. But. Very little that goes on the port is a large companies that are from all over the world. Local stories and vultures in the guys. On and so when we can apply at partners to that we can start seeing value added manufacturing things like that we're not panic yet from the smaller companies externally. On there or doing with their negative and so when I get more and a on the dress like the port. War. You know our culture food or music. All that sort of thing. We're we're learning how to leverage those assets as a community in not yours and that's what drives that. Chris pockets when it took with failure. So obviously look for the but you know for further iteration on through week we have and actually this vaccine testing thing that's worth mentioning. So outside of our state we have a whole way that all this up and start up showcase its actually a showcase of all the states. In the money raised and the companies involved in those states and so that's actually it was a staff members there.