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Mar 21, 2017|

The FBI, NSA, Justice Department and the CIA, don’t have any evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump’s phone. This hours guest: Bre Payton - The Federalist

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back busy day and you'll then dragged code twelve boom. The article notes all of the country and particularly in California where there were. Abyss of growing all the bad shall boobs and that ready room what are Burkle would you do is is there season. But also the midwest a little bit in the ease some of these. That proved crop reports. And there are all talking about a de emphasis of workers. Undocumented. Immigrants are printed were. Illegal immigrant a broad word and in California particular. Big increase. In pay. Arguably 30000 dollars sports six months or whatever dues to pick grapes. To. Paula bled us. Two victim it's. And they they can't leave his car to this article they can bind Americans. And what went up and confusing about. It is the leaders should we dump his story. Early second where drugs and and I think there's there's a lot to it. What I did people loan from The Heritage Foundation. Of the very conservative. Organizations. They say these them and all heard about. Americans not warming to do twelve work. Is ridiculous. That there and ready to go on. So we're gonna talk to and author of report Italy tartans. And we don't talk to a pro officer agricultural. Resources. And comments. You've seen the news that says it. I delusion that students have read and talk to him too liberal liberal. But we are with the America organization. I've got to. Told of it from nations were conservatives through but losing his troops. Tried and please others. This room where his big surprise to me dead all of a rival. That's probably couldn't from two birds could wind would just cut through and show yesterday. Detailing the budget cuts. And what I think Bob and and I knew all about it but I brilliant standard sequestration. Everything gummery inches back in 2003. Team. Congress will Democrats and Republicans. This debt is its own control. We've got to put cat all the way up I think it's 24 and 120 point two. Well a reading correctly and again we're gonna. The terror and on. Heritage Foundation extremely. Conservative. And that should. Of fund if that Truman and a big but when but I go to Wikipedia and read about it it's certainly suggests. That there's a real. And do away with cap. Trump as he did his dim Bradley Britons. To agree with the him to change. Sequence bridge. That's our job is truly believed we'd tried to give The Heritage Foundation they almost always come on. We tried observed conservative. Organizations. And and couldn't get in world soared Chua and me. What would you choose eggs are we gonna talk about. FBI director should call me. We're gonna talk about these. Director. Were upbeat and national. Should too rude to you. Association. And its. All of them based that he's saying. The wiretaps. Did trump talked about the surveillance. Did trump talked about. Day day. Have no evidence one Q wherever it true. I don't want to go back to exactly what trumps. It was his first week I think she would march. Terrible. Joseph phoned up the Obama had mullah quo Haitians wires. Captain trump tower. Just before the victory. Nothing that this. Is my core abuse. The beleaguered rooted. A better good watering could get league rate case says that the prose poem was acting on now. The resume I'd say wires tapped quotes. Tapping my opponents know quotes. George flies through the president's Press Secretary Gordon push. And way to Coleman at a bit and there's places. They have no evidence warrants to overrule wiretapping. Of surveillance. These are well. Number one form. So Blair's step in quotation marks. That could mean anything. Things code column which do it and again and this is taken out of convicts Herbert brutally taken. What the liberal media reported column which says that big could be listened to viewed through your mind what she was saying. Is everything we were being told in the media today. The intelligence community the CIA. And as saying. Have you bill would you listen to. From television and says that from her viable and who knows from our. Mike. But still. Sponsors depend swore it's trumps Blair's step quotation marks could prudent thing. But it. Both comedy. And had to be units say. Came out and said while mud through their we have no pollutants in true French are the they said we have no abundance of which are available at its. Usual the trump. Two were shortly after the awards presenter and ball going to tapped my opponents move quote ridge remarks. During the birds sacred election process does is Nixon Watergate. Bad. Re illness sick god. And spy pictures only response was well. When you actually sued wire tapping and not tap. He's sedated in quotation mark. Who have what do you. Had to be a bit I dreamed Combs. About those points a Jewish. I have no information that supports. Those tweets. We've looked carefully inside the appeal and agent sent down nothing. To this board to clone. He had the Justice Department is asked Kim did tell old who committed the agency. Also fans know him from age. And and that. Under questioning. Brand a dim for a all of the intelligence committee of the bridge which question and it's that he. If you reflectors. Colby said. No president could order she'll break. No president and has the power. Orders that some. Here's a push from pure and don't worry and and broad street and remove me. Pulled before it's a group with a booming. Roading jaguar opinion poll week you're asking you moved. To. Shall we believe president trumps who leads in the future or just consumed them to be big news. Red state so for our own spiritual world and scientific but. Karl Rove lives say it's may be good portions of six may succeed Texas. Got a lot of calls from people around the country loosely on the computers. Than 2% believed him at 2% today as no. He's for big news and Toomey even if you for him. Dissidents were good things. Suits. He tweets how to use claim it's. He is president. Of the mine did street's. Bottom. More powerful. In the world. Cutting out cold we had to be the head of the she. To be in this. It was OK all. And confidential police say. Going to be required to have income buildings are built do you have a big thing to back up those concerns. And until you get a bug going public with the club. What does that say about him it's president. It called Q 00187. Doubled up. It. Well. This right. British jaguar opinion poll we do whatever day you you. See on its tip to. That it Hughes modern com. People calling and when people call. But but we do com reports that it's guaranteed in the ago colds. Part detects some give people from all of the country. Calling him or texting remain so. Bigger audience and here's yet. Joseph I believe president troops tweets in the future. Or just consumed him to beat fake news. Ready for the edu blown percent abuse and create his tweets as big news. Red state. Read corps ignore. Of the gulf coats. And treat his tweets as big news that sort of say earlier. I mean. It does present era and it's with more power than you but you know some world. Say you know. They can be ambler. A Twitter because. That's bent its way around the media guy that. It's new world it's in new world of communications. You have what you see out there and exactly what you news out there and got that. Good read you called the European side do you call with an have been NC eighty. What are room they'd become blue oval of a gut. And get on record where I think it was wired the prompter. Or. Either if you guys in Poland in the of that I think I was sure but he old. At trump now. That all of would take him that I ain't. They would have told you who exactly. What they told the intelligence. Community. Questioning and investigation. Yesterday. And that they didn't do due to have them on tape saying. You don't really months ago. That you did have information that while. I went with the twenty. Hit it to me it's just. Column in six of its. The two wouldn't do this kind of thing. Would or. Being guaranteed. To head to head. Solemn. Thing to back to a and listen to show toys for. This in the truck. Some room parts. Breaded. March pose. Red pride board branded drug report. He got his information. Pro Middle East War and rebuked all function and from one individual. Group blitzes as coal and toward. Him on and it must act stuff. There's ago. I think it's owing to loans. And and he promises taught Cho. That. Somebody should give bloom of saliva. He claimed the clones or murder. Clamps Hillary Clinton and who which was responsible. For that I'll match. Justice. Antonin Scalia who was murdered. Orlando and sandy hook balls than Brooke Shields were false flags of whom worked. Didn't that happen it was staged. And the government as well the weapon that can create and through groups of tornado storms. What if you read thing out and she owns if you're you're reading. Or listen to. Only conservative talk show almost. If you're reading the media. That can be and shoes you'd to doom. A Texas says Obama. Barred tap my phone. Or divert release series for bail me. And then you have the head of all your intelligence groups or your major intelligence groups. The deal with the court of the global forum congress and say we have no weapons and so that. What does that do you treat your incredible. Double. I'll give one. John. I'm always forget and we get an extra week as the good news that during a news 31. But but anyway. A more would go back even voter fraud. What happened they went to. Edward Rogers had vehemently do you have in the apartment Russian actors charge. Would go to college and state of Michigan. Manipulate viewers will know what to do an Idaho bowed and civilian who would soon. It was scallops and nor do not not Florida and Carol Ohio. All the charges of voter broad. Singed being not proven. It is isn't it time just a step back away. From that quarter. Double up. All right we're thinks about the U. FDI. And Thursday Ed. During war of the intelligence. Committee in Washington yesterday you talked about prompt and wiretap in Palin. Britain should in Peru and sort of British and from Asian and answering all of that is. And we have bring patent where those appropriate chronicle he bring news and Fox News commence in BC season and Walter Joseph Lieberman but long couldn't breathe and every news she's puritan Britain Iran. Degree in political journalists and brio appreciated time. I. The federal. With complete idiots as you wrote conservative. Libertarian. Type organization. Is that it's wrecked. Our in conservative me. Matt convened and the reason why I'm here called the matter. We can you like to and away. And feature a lot of writers and a lot of different perspectives. On but while we all agree on an army principal of the country utterly sent. That it would shut up. Do before we get in cubed team. What was your overall feeling about what was it 55 and words of a symbol. Compare this. I can't wait Democrat on overwhelm me kind of impaired. In this whole thing edit it very clear that the entire line. In the area mighty event. You know work fine machine went. FBI director came Colleen because nobody wants to grant and they want. To settle all of it. And and you know they're kind of ignoring their duties. On to do more important work you double down on the you know kind of be a cop. Crude Donald Trump to be wrong or something. Where we were if you will about Britain's lead and you can get. Broad to have Cuba for. Of the bird that states. Every day would look dual in new people each hour now we have our people. Should we believe president and troops weeks in the future or just and says Rubin to be big news with an 85%. In this are you sitting big news. Where in the FBI come to concessions in reg may have by abusing the wrong words. We have no that wouldn't to board. We have no evidence of surveillance. Do you in claimed that Britain. Was. Involved in surveillance with the White House has been knocked down. It is adjusts. Democrats. Reagan standing. Or does this really heard trumps believed bill. Certainly I. Donald Trump I need to attack utterly. Perpetuated. Brought about you know that are corporate or something about wished for years re like that. Like not surprised that the same person at bat and double down on that. It out doubling down on its claim that Britain who that it had an FBI you know a liar trap which are now under Barack Obama ordered. I like it. You know and need to pride in your new behavior led up. To our ability content into what he. Mistaken people voted for like him as. A stray. And at the same time all as saying that. A lot of time and he does make these. Claimed that seem to be rather out and sometimes they and that being true I. Me. Complained about voter fraud. And that there are things that we Ichi Sheila and talk about. Women on it and buy it in reality eve voter registration. Are two. You ought but he the pew. Recharge our nation to other years ago. So you know I think it. It's funny that's funny and it's saying the impact perpetuated partnered but at the same time sometimes he ends up being right. Well I. See how all this end up hurting the credibility and I think that. And yet at record. You know you were colluding with the British government to do it. They work colluding with the Kurdish and I'll. Or let me take a break and come right back brew we'll keep you know there couple votes they would as. Questions comments it was called to ginger one that settling. What do you think this is that trump you voted forward news is that trump you would expect so. No surprise is no follow. War. Is this the president of the United States and should he be tweeting these clients. 2001 big celebrity double a yeah. With we had to be a piece. In the yesterday. But for the intelligence. Community yeah securities and Washington. Where brief period where those would do you have federal breed Bo for Google phone called Wanda you question. He even did this guy. Blows. While we voted for when he was real lose they vote shock room observing things wanted to. It's like changing. If you have the potential. Of Tak sing something that can blow back on due. And you wore the most powerful person in the world. Would you let coal they had to be of Caribbean. We drove there and whatever other agent. And save them and think about roaming the ward to prominence say a single bomb wiretap me. If I think Obama. For braille and if I think him Brazil Britain helped President Obama. Where did she break. Broke wide outs. It just beat column cents to do that before you tweet these Scotland. Allegations of a felony. Now I don't think. Didn't hired. Shtick but it Donald Trump is. He doesn't trust the institutions we get the truck. You know what the leaders of those institutions are howling. I think the entire point of dot com. Pirate and doubling down and lastly doubled down even. When and the FBI director James coming back under. You know they didn't colluded to wiretap trump under order but Barack Obama. Front decided to double down and say that he's line anyway and I think that the entire point here is that what he's doing. And I don't see how low light it up you mean not. Don't assume you're you're ahead of him. Can neutral and saying we have these cyber attack going on the news and and knocked out to our national read it. You wouldn't believe them because you don't trust right. Well I think that the entire point is that you know they're very hot the relationship between the executive. Branch and by. I mean Donald Trump and the truck administration. And the intelligence community. Are very clear at that point that there is the great dark struck those institutions. And I don't think that. That struck breakdown and the problem. That common ripple are. All Donald Trump all I get very clear that intelligence community. On perpetuated. And at that pat about it well there are obvious that there is. A key date and that black stoker. On individual from the Obama administration you're still working in a lot of these intelligence bureau offices. On the clear that they are trying to undermine Donald got clear. But everything happened general land and all of that at one right now I think. There is our relationship between those that need and that is a problem because it's literary their job to work together. On and protect us from rats and from violent so you're right in highlight that. If if if you're much movement to move to a call or brick in meant to vote. Drove with the brief period. I think you're him. Art. Or are you would call yesterday all want. Its investigation. Committee. I think that Jack named committee what it that this strong public interest. And I don't think disagreement jet that they are self. I had a strong public interest in port commission on the JK at that the nation you attribute that at least part of it. It was okay. Make that statement I just have a lot of questions. And so did so you'd think kid should rumor Romaine products that bring duke. Agree. No I I get it they're not problem wedge. You know the Democrats wanting to get to the bottom our lawmakers in general wanted it to the bottom on Russia. On the involvement with the election any theory could that they were involved we don't know to what extent but I think that we epic and not keep hearing in hiding it very clear that they're not about getting to the bottom on the story there about rent and meet your outlook. A matter comment repeating that talking point that election in which he knows a public are not sure. Briggs drank too broad time hybrid Greg David thank you Brooke called thing. Or should we view them we just heard. Conservative representatives. Say. Won an Oscar would've bought one and crumbled with the intelligence committee. Do community. Choose to brick and for some they may have learned is for us. And is that okay intelligence committee comes and says it's. Were were being attacked the B cyber war room with the would be an atomic bombs or drove. Anecdotally when she said and that's the problem. Are you kidding me. What you conservative liberal. We get the situation and block with the most open man in the world. Do not believe the intelligence organizations. And watching him. Therefore he won't believe them when they come and say eat. We're under attack. Did does anybody see a problem when that I see it break your bench Cruz who. Going to be your gigantic problem bright be even appear conservative. Or. Maybe. So what do you think about double to video. Aren't covered the directs. It would show its video probes budget caught. Could they be dead on arrival we're gonna talk. Would seek it oh. Terri and her origins conservative. Heritage who tells wrong. The lives on the gold sequestration. At least in 2013. And puts it on the Vince bending puts it came up. On spending. For social programs. How does that give added budget passed sequestration. And try to comply and well with the quality. Yeah of the jitters democratic ribs and help. Double dubbed go brigade celebrity immoral 53 years of.