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Think Tank 1010am bringing fake guns to school

Mar 17, 2017|

Should students be jailed for bringing fake guns to school? Legislation has been filed by Rep. Dodie Horton. This hours guest: Julian Whittington - Sheriff, Bossier City Dodie Horton - Representative

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And top of the morning to you on this saint patty's day below what a beautiful day it is and looked like and even better weekend out there this weekend lots of things on on including. Saint Patrick's Day celebrations all across count and ultimately we talked about getting another. Thanks feasting and celebration of saint Joseph's day in. Talking to an expert curator of the Italian American racers. East bank regional library in cells stereo. Who will tell you everything you wanted to know about the history. And the traditions of angels Tuesday especially here in the wall and stereo which is so heavily Lleyton with Sicilian. So that's going to be a lot of fun that's coming up at twelve noon. Next now we're going to be joined by Heather away in the house as she is a certified identity. That risk managers specials and the disease multiple but what she's details about this talked about. Appliances. Spying on us now on wiretapping. Hacking. Mom well that she says microwaves can spy on you but plenty of other appliances can and talk about that with you. This hour. Legislature going to be in session in Louisiana coming up shortly one of the bills that will be filed this one. That would address the problem of what is called fake guns in school. Legislation's been Bob represented Dodi Wharton and Shreveport. She says that guns looks so real they can cause panic and chaos in school. The bill and I have yet to see it in its final form. Is propose to send a student could be find up to 250 dollars and spend six months in jail. So we'll talk to represented important coming up will be later on the hour. A right now we're joined by the sheriff of Bojan city who prompted represented important introduces legislation. Julian weeding Penn sheriff what do to thanks for being with us we appreciate it. What is it that prompted Jude to contact the legislate doors to implement on a bill that would. Prevent fake guns from being brought to school. Oh well there's a blocker in real life episode to bring attention as Upton and insults him from a incidental last year weird alternative screw it and Bolger. Or some students. Returning to each other with guns and them. After a couple our search in panic can block down everything else determined that one or more of them are soft or take on. And you could tell the difference between the real and in the cycle. I am looking at some of the images that that I'm not sure if that would fuel or Bill Davis and thanks to him for helping as did choose secure Yuba. I tell you it is very difficult enough grown up with guns on the firearms enthusiast and looking adamant and glance and particularly if you don't see that the far on in its entirety I would have one heck of a time. Determining whether this was a real if they go on and I'm sure you offices would too which obviously could result in. In some serious problems. As far as these fake guns describe what you considering and what will be identified in the legislation. Maybe you can talk drugs and import more about that but he can you tell. Well it imitation and that covered every time ago a lot of rumors some of them are just merely plastic. And of course you say well it has launched apple in the union this law that Tyco gulf. We've even heard okay to protect orange. Catapult the Clayton on and put those on a real and so that even more. Other competent situation but does any thing that you know immigration that would lead you to believe that it's a real good on swaps Covert. Now this. A lot of people referring to this as point like the little water pistols and soft and is that this is I don't know it's not. Not at all you know we all at least. Our generation wing you know like it's just do a little green water pistols. That that's not the focus of this that this of these guns that until you hold it in your pain and actually. Look to try and Obama could say consumer that the bullets go only the incognito just not a real good and so. They at least you know we're not folks in the blue green water pistols. McKee it's launched by. Tell me more about the incident that occurred at their new parish what what what ensued after all that art. And after the lockdown and so our search we've. Count. One taken one real and they came to our attention at that point that there are not related specific charge for the sake go. And so that's when we actually are policed jury would go to local ordinance covering but I know if we're having trouble here operation and I was so I'm not unique to us and indeed could be a state well state law. Kind of understand that it did toy guns. But what's the purpose of a fake why would someone bring in and wide to manufactures even make them. The reason editorialists to go to intimidation and strike fear in them. Present Israel on an incident won't do that they would look at real. What do bottom BB gun is that classified is a fake gun or is that a true five. Did this it is not and in them. And I've found on. Category but it will be covered in this any air assault discount another term babies for some of these things that any kind of predict how. It would it would come out of these things would be code. I'd if he goes they would need just a second sheriff we're gonna take a quick break we come back I want to talk about what schools exactly what grade what age groups as mine applied to was talking with. Jeff Julian Whittington font sheriff of Bojan city talking about some legislation that will come up before the the session now when the session begins with regarding. Providing provisions to prevent and applying some. Our remedies and and some fines if fake guns are brought to schools we'll be right back and listening to the think tank it's Friday on the big 870 WW well. And if you like to join the conversation use at telephone number we have all along with a sort of susceptible to city Julian Whittington was talking about. Legislation will be introduced at the upcoming session that would prevent provide penalties for students bringing they guns. To school we also are taking text messages comes in real time to the studio if you wanna shoot its attacks with a comment question 870870. I should've what do and I had a text to that that really cents Upton in them really know on number occurred to me but certainly is uses. Very appropriate to enter in his discussions saying that 3-D printers. Are capable of fabricating. Real plastic guns. So that even complicates the identification of law of all fake files are on even more so because you can and I mean those. Or real guns and they look fake and not make guns that look real. It is very confusing and when you come out split second's life and death decisions. I don't think you have tons split Ayers and therefore you know for the student safety. You know they're going on an island prepared we have school resource offers and every school in the studio or report one of these it is one of my sorrows our continued. Smuggled in whale for. You know while I would think it would have to for their own safety and the safety of others. I'm as far as saga that the schools what all the levels of grades are ages that this will apply to if it's Britain and its final form and and brought to legislature. Well it's it's there's no wage. Requirement in here and so is it time at all schools in mode repair. So that would be from kindergarten on up the college. Yes sir and since Herbert Warren of course there's always discretion and every law that would have on the books also the and it all four culture learning just returned to prosecute them can garner you know for an orchestra that much. Box but yes of the law it there's no age restriction limits on clay. Seoul would they be charged as a juvenile or an adult if Sarah. Stage to be charges an adult. And I mean you don't mind if they do indeed. Or were charged with violating this the new building in law right. What they would dependent on their age and their juvenile Lipitor to do now though as an adult you know based determine that that's already in the then on in law is not unique to have to this new. So the penalty. Understand I'll find out more from represent an important would be 250 dollars or six months in jail do you think the judge would. Wood into I guess it could depending on the circumstance. Depending on the circumstances that is soccer and there's there's different you know and mum on par with a judge. Two the brought owns scooted. And been bullied or scared from something order reversing on it you know bring to scoot. Cult chaos and panic and and urged model so sure that's as well and good. Sold one has been the reaction so far that you've gotten back feedback is it. A lot of people that believe in Minnesota you expect any opposition to legislation. How old we. Rips an important primarily and I'm on my car firm spot training going forward this and heard some some concern from our Second Amendment folks. And others know. Two people only or more programs and represent ornaments. She's. Gypsy in Davis she's a concealed carry person course I'm in law enforcement and of foraging sport coach and so. This not induce act and they don't even real guns that request the Second Amendment to begin with so and that's ridiculous. That somehow this violation of you're gonna right. Well there are a lot of laws in place a ball wins where and how with regard to our homes I would maybe expect some opposition from those those groups is in fact they tried to maybe. Ban the sale or manufacture. That's not what is. I don't know I was no no this is that you can't Hamels could business and not banning them from. American Marines I have just just don't screw around what is this time to. Ryan is there anything else you'd like them. Notre that this is about safety for the for the for the period primarily through. The students that would be threatened her and given it about one of these post that the individual child that. Flex its that would produce one of these against law enforcement that they could be keel. No I don't think people realized. The chaos that results even if it's it's innocent that it is turns out to be a finger on the mean when you gotta. Close schools and put him in lockdown in in him and activate enforcement procedures in and then put all that into play as a lot of expense lost time assistant it is goes on Saddam and off. It is a minute to create panic and fear and children when they even if it turned out to have to be taken the end of that experience. And that's the most what schools about. Well thanks for spending some time with that in will follow up on it washed his legislation isn't as in the session and practice he would. You do this. Chef Julian waiting for Bojan city what do you think about that good idea bad an idea and we got a pretty opinion poll question up now on. Asking use that what do you think. We should do with these fake guns is that the elbit burdensome and as the fine. Too stiff mean. It would be too much to expect. A juvenile to pay 250 dolls has been six months in jail. A lot of lot of questions but now hopefully will get these these screen shots of these up on our website and maybe then you might check out our web agent to be revealed that. I'm looking at some of these which. If you may with found the six hour Pete 229 is a very very common. On handgun. One is an this pictures of both the one is and soft and it shoots six millimeter. Hard plastic BB. And that is an imitation. On the one on the bottom is a real gun and shoot forty caliber rounds and the difference between them almost indistinguishable especially to an untrained even to trying dies he may optional law enforcement off some might even have a difficult time and is also a photo of two guns confiscated. From a student. At a bullishness is Bojan parish alternative school last year. On one of them is all also one that shoots the BBs. On the one on the top is real. On the bottom. Is the same imitation gun and just seen from a different viewpoint and those things were on about 35 dollars. And as some others on there then there's also some shots of what he referred to as toy guns. And pointed out that that's not what is this legislation is about. Students and not allow numbering toys anyway. And may be for a field day a special occasion they might want to bring one needle water pistols assault and indigo the costumes like that it'll be. Cleared so anyway we'll hope to get the bill and and when it's. In its final form of sport it's the session in the world on a more model we talked to the representative who will be righty who has authored that deal will be introducing it. Dodi Portman representative from a Bolger. I want remind you there is a party for a clause with three tickets. To draft sport craps indicted Nabil wants to send you to the official launch party. On the Nash you'll want to museum PP 305 its new home. And lake shore landing. Party's gonna be Saturday march 20 you enjoyed food music. Non drank it you welcome back to one of the world's only fully restored combat veteran PT boat and existence. And today when your final chance to win. Take part of history graph for crafts from the national World War II museum. And WW. I coming up all right after the top of the bottom of the hour news we're going to be talking to representative Dodi Horton and find out a lot more about repeal. What chances she thinks it may have been asking you would be you for or against it. This bill I know maybe there's some good reason to oppose that. I don't see it if there is. Sheriff while winning in mentioned that some of the Second Amendment Rights groups expressed some. Some opposition awesome concerned about it. I am aware that could come from that keep. Something that could cause a lot of chaos in and problems. Kids in schools. Nancy hi you can be against. I'd against a month techs coming in says good proposed allegedly legislation put guns in schools. Let the parents pay the fine. And to. Cannot hide of the Giles well I guess that's what you call. Aaron yeah possibly so. I it and now hopefully we get those images up because I think in order to really understand is if you've never seen. These fake guns us them she plastic baby some don't shoot at all. In when you look at them side by side with a real far Obama thank you get hold much better understanding of what problems consume them so will talk about that also are common implement later on now we're gonna talk about appliances. That are spying on. Yeah as a few of them that do we'll talk about that I here's another one says police have enough with real guns without having to worry about toy guns. We ought to go after the companies that make them. No gun is ever he. As long as as all launch from the line of demarcation between what is they fake gun and toy gun total two totally different things. Toy guns a recognizable as strictly toys vague guns on mistaken for real guns. I'd back out to talk to represent an important and discussed this with him right after week. It is CBS news special. And welcome back into the think tank telephone lines are open for you heard a number 504260187. If you prefer to text us. Instant text messages come in we've please ask that you text responsible if you gonna be driving use a designated texted that number is 870. 870 comes in the studio real Tom we welcome you. Messages you're text duke calls and also Europe. Suggestions and all comments. Aren't we also ask you to participate in and daily authority opinion poll question question this hour is what we're discussing. Should students be fine and or jailed for bringing fake guns to school. Right now 67%. Of those responding say yes. 33%. Say no when there will be legislation introduced to the session that will establish some parameters for that and establish penalties. Up to us 250 dollars fine for a student or spend six months in jail. Taking it very seriously joining us now as a representative who was offering that bill represented Dodi Horton up from the Shreveport area and Bojan. Demi and Dodi thank you for joining us we appreciate it. And thank you sheriff Whittington was just on whether send I guess he was the one that came up with decide DN in and discussed with you. So obviously you agree with him that this is something very important and need some time to be. Measured in the legislature whether we should adopt a Sauna. We get there on your Whitney hand. And me. And how more care terror and you know his duties quicker and to protect and my job is to see it when Burnett into record. And you know from what I am hearing from people from well. From gun in which and him in time and other. Don't understand what the situation really is they're they're kind of out right where I people eatery that. I don't know anyone and Rory currently decree law you know there's the croc and I hit it at the beginning the count our relations. And I look forward to sorry to say and it is being able to you know be made better. On stronger. And you know. To Dioner then it you know I think it going to be. And America and Louisiana. I don't know any manner process. Choose to be at any. All that they force them so support you know I'm now the big problem. And in the country and I want I need a life that didn't. And will protect them on an epidemic or a split second. So the number is HB 43. Okay in it it'd be viewed on line may be on the brief filed its already then now. If you could tell us some of those specifics of the language of what it says in one of penalties on that it provides. Blindly a lot market position and imitation firearms. Cricket or ammunition body count on school campus Ernie scuba. Wrinkled arms the function within 1000 days in school campus. And it required gold and other student and parent. On the end of the meal now and that lull. It also shall not. Lump or back. We get a commission directly out there dialogue and an opportunity opera curious. And it does not apply to do in the Asia or employee acting during the normal course to get employment or student acting and direction. A little bit hopefully it does not apply. Any person having written permission of the principal. Portrait added in Oregon seventeen. Dot bravery they won the hotline recording on right. The position it does not apply. Anyone that was the possession of an image patient column cricket amnesia. Occurring with timlin and ate at the property entirely on private property and tally with Democrat restaurants are entirely within a motor vehicle. That cover our can still period. It does not apply any cheering an imitation arm protect now ammunition to our program in which he would do it well. That we where they used the imitation. Predict now ammunition clean. And it does not apply to active in a row participating activity like Karl usually. Up to ban and or any other function of the university. Campus. And so it. You know it could and it original day and all warm and in committee you know the concern. I'm sure ballot concerns and and people from all the line will be there in OB properly and it. And isn't that the committee truly out of our armed or not it is up to last year. And the shares are the enemy. My job is to represent. An iPod and and and to give my share an opening in wish to president hit. Well it sounds like its wealth on Bowden and there's a lot of the different concerns that are being anticipated close as you know being legislated with things get their questions and always come up that you did not think of the Nesta purpose of it going through the process. I don't thing that kind of jumps out at me was the term imitation. What does that on recovery is at Broadway it would cover anything and even looks closely like a final including these toy guns or is it more targeted to. A fake gun which town you know it's semantics what imitation means what what is the intent of using imitation. Immigration is currently the imitation. It from the year the real opt in. And so that's what they use the term imitations. Because they actually there on is toys that are imitation. Record that he's saying I kind of real. God and I know that your listeners they do it without her arms and taken place Wendy. The current player hand and by our our imitation. And a what you know trying to robbed someone element look at your hair actually entity would port issued a 140. Not local campus that was in the profit of committing a crime and an imitation. The gun that looked like it how worried. Caliber. And in when you're trying to law enforcement cannot tell the difference. And where it's scary situation and take a little. Dislike hull can't go and vote your players are their biggest rival is another school in my district would Clark. Will and when they were playing a car with go into the parking lot from the opposing school into student hand to imitation. People look like pistol with two imitation and why eating people now. In our area most people are always. Carrying concealed in a look here we've seen it late into it it the miracle that and it just our act. But I am opera there was able to apprehend him and stop in the 38 year veteran. In law enforcement Perkins did not know it they were IQ he handled them. And so it should real situation and unfortunately. It may call for this type a La recently. All right. Still the red zone of what will be right back you'll continue the conversation Paula Hammond wants to comment while also got some text messages and late 7878. We're back right after. And a pretty opinion poll says in response to you should students be found a jailed for bringing fake guns to school 68%. Say yes. 32% say no this and pretty much it since we started the polls sometimes these bulls take drastic turn this looks like it's. Headed that way with the of them overwhelming majority its support of at the author of the bill representative Dodi Horton from. Bojan parishes where this talking about this let's bring Paul in from Hammond. He's got a comment Paul thanks for you call. I don't dot bank to thank my caller. I would record and then this year. We have. Law on the books already for this sort of and also that's just immediate built on a field reduced salt than lull in a going to be all the and that's what it feels like to me I think that there. But it and it doesn't matter for Crandall commit a robbery burglary bike ride it matter that I haven't gone. You know on our finger. They should take it in him and he'll apartment to apartment now in the mud. You know it shouldn't matter at the deputy comes up on the situation. And see this situation and built my name. Like in the upper. Well this bill would not be four of you know committing a crime with a fake guns to school it would make having the possession of that fake gun in school. A crime in his difference in order to prevent chaos and turmoil may be somebody from the losing. Represent a point you wanna address balls come. You thought elite unit you know Mary how we can't Lotta comment yet. On the doctor's report and I'll plainly and I understand. Is airlines and others and someone has yet. Two. Connector to show that they have a weapon there or not they're going to be shot he'll. Now they work and school netting only weekend. Or I've I don't know about race field I don't record been active in that it meant what I did and it. Went job. And we need to write something like the share of attention they're important to hit so that mine Greenfield. And then hey Nan. Go to school. And the biggest. Protected that they can't. Best that there today and again I'm preparing. Is going to be an. It in the group now. Maybe in the the profit beat Ian. And that in mind to get that year and in which president okay. And it did not need it and it it will look at committee in. We. And I like the tight compact and so I'm not part. Eagle. I'll eat it feel. But not because understandably. Yeah represented what we're out of town but thank you for it for taking time to explain to bill further and now we'll track it to the legislation and maybe get some updates as it is vehicles that. Appreciate it thank you. I will be right back at the wrap up first hour of the thing and tell you what's coming up in the second now right here on Saint Patrick's Day you'll listen to the think tank on WW. I closing out a pretty opinion poll 65%. Of our respondents sublease student should be funded jailed for bringing fake guns to school 35%. Say no. Will tract house bill 43 authored by reps in and of Dodi Horton as it gets through the legislative session and keep you up to date on that I mean I totally get and I got to Texas says his son now uses those air assault rifles and pistols. They dress up and fatigues and goggles and helmet Nikko have long wars. They don't get hurt but then they agree they do not belong at school and I think that's the whole point not trying to ban the products. Limit the sales of strictly to keep them from where they should not be mean. Mom knows the kid we had real obesity and wars with no goggles no batting. Big teams went in the woods would be B guns and Johnny gels on to stand. Kids like to have the play war or whatever but now. Fake guns in school. Wrong deal. Will be back what more the think tank right after this.