WWL>Topics>>3/15/17 Scoot 2pm-House Intelligence committee says they have found no evidence that Trump Tower was wire tapped.

3/15/17 Scoot 2pm-House Intelligence committee says they have found no evidence that Trump Tower was wire tapped.

Mar 16, 2017|

A bi-partisan committee…and Senator Lindsey Graham says he has seen no evidence from the Justice Department about it either but says if they don’t answer one way or the other he may subpoena them for information. Has this become much ado about nothing? Is this way the press should not pay attention to President Trump’s tweets?

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Yeah eyesight is rather chilly hours are walking from my apartment building to the station now a little while ago if I was in the sun you know it was set it was nice to boy if I got into this year aid and the wind is blowing down some. Some side streets it was rather chilly. It's going to be a beautiful bit chilly afternoon for the first two Wednesday in the square concert for the young leadership council. A concert series starts up this afternoon at 5 o'clock it's free it's from five until all off till 8 o'clock. As a Lafayette square downtown it's a great thing to do with sushi get off of work or if you live on in Metairie you wanna come down and hang out downtown with us some people down here. Come on down Irma Thomas is a performing today. And a subsequent concert series and they're great to see everybody out sit in the afternoon so that starts this afternoon Wednesday the square. Also ahead and and yet soybeans sometime today sometime between now and 4 o'clock am gonna give away another pair of tickets. To go see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd this is going to be a sensory overload for anybody who goes I mentioned. The delights. And the sounds and somebody sent me text what about the smells. Yes what about the smells I'm sure there will be some smells in there if you know what I mean I mean come on it's Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. What do you think people do. I distribute the smoothie king center July the eighth had a got a pair of tickets the Pink Floyd song of the day is another brick in the wall part two. When you hear that I'll give out contest slide. And acuity color you win a pair of tickets and we'll be giving away tickets every day this week. So tragedy in Metairie. I mean I woke up this morning and this is one of the first stories I heard. And I thought you know here we go again. It really is all part of continuing conversation an interest in conversation that we started to have on Monday. It evolved into a conversation yesterday. And is a conversation I'm not gonna let die. Because there's been something really unique about this conversation with her on the ear to the last couple days. It's conversation about human behavior. From people who lived in situations that guided them within. And they may be utilities. Or maybe you lived in these situations and and maybe you're celebrating the idea that that people who. Who were raised the way you wore in the environment that you were raised in. That they have a platform to. Honestly talk about their life. And these stories have been compelling I've gotten text messages from people we've been talking about this. Who say that that call gave me goosebumps or I had a tear in my out. Let's start out by talking about five people shot to four are dead. Happen early in the morning. 12500 block of Pasadena. In Metairie between west employee and I ten nuclear area and there's a lot that we don't know. Jefferson Parish reports that the and I'm a once in a received a phone call from a female reporting she would shop she was shot in the head. Current journal fortune on a says stick to she's a university hospital. I'd deputies arrived on the scene found two males and females did in the apartment and then as they were searching the apartment complex. Saw an open door and found another dead body. In another apartment in our favor later I mean at this point we don't know. The chances are. Whoever committed this crime. Started out as a young criminal. End that's what our conversations and about. The honesty about what leads. Young people to become young criminals. And I think part of that conversation is also a tragedy that took place in Saint Louis yesterday. A twelve year old boy accidentally shot his younger brought. Damien homes and his nine year old brother were playing alone at home with a gun. They found a gun they started playing with they were home alone shortly before 11 o'clock. So already. A red flag can can go up. You connect twelve year old and a nine year old Paul Malone. Just before 11 o'clock at night is that is that wrong. They find a gun. They start playing with a gun. The gun discharges. Its Damien in the head. Not clear whether he shot. Himself or the twelve year old shot his younger brother. That is still not totally clear. Jamie was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead and police are not policed. The brother's name. What order we come back to here. Parents write. We connect to the home. We come back to the same. Thing. And it continues to have an enemy and this is 100%. Preventable. First of all. You know if you left a twelve year old home loan. That's one thing. But if it's twelve year old is the oldest person there and he's responsible not only for himself but also for a nine year old. Is that a little young to be in that position. Were you left alone twelve. Could she be trusted to be home alone a twelve. He's in general is settled enough. They look you know that the law is. That the law changes and in the law is it in some ways the law is is is kind of vague. But I personally think that that that's a three young especially if you put that twelve year old in charge of somebody else if you wanna comment on this. If you wanna comment on. The five people shot. Four people dead in in in Metairie. I mean I wish we didn't have this to talk about but you're here is a beautiful Wednesday afternoon but if we don't talk about this. And it seems like we're kind of ignoring something important that we should talk about. If you would like to join us this afternoon with your thoughts feelings and comments are numbers 260. 1878. Every coach Bible for. 2601878. Text embers a 77 years a text what's the contest line number aren't let me give you that number Simonyi to sit in the air tickets to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. The contests like this area code 504260. Wins just write that down. Are plug it into your phone so you can. It that is serious two as we announce a sincere thought the song another brick in the wall part two by Pink Floyd. So that's Erica final four to 609467. Here's a Tex I live close to that neighborhood and that area between west a polian and I ten. Has been going downhill ever since Katrina. Interestingly there are neighborhoods that have improved since Katrina. And they are neighborhoods that have gone down. Since Katrina. And I remember my my second apartment I almost rent an apartment on a Pasadena in memory so that was an area that I. Was. What eager eager relive it. In fact when I was in it in the progression in Kenner. And I thought about moving to the apartment of Pasadena and this was a step up I mean I was going to a dog and a nice apartment nice neighborhood. And I was excited about. It didn't work out. But I guess in some ways that neighborhood is. It's a little different. Is there anything to say about. The shooting in Metairie. We we don't know what plot. And I don't wanna be quick to speculate. But I would be surprised if drugs are not involved in this. I don't think these were kids. But once again. Here we are talking about. A tragic end. Gun control laws stricter gun control a soccer to change this. Because the people who are in this lifestyle. They don't give a damn about the law. And Erica follow those legal. Boundaries when it comes to owning a gun in handling the gun they don't care. And I would like to know more about. The family of this. This kid who was shot. In Saint Louis. Who with a parents. Where did they get the gun. How did the kids get a hold of the government. If you have a Garmin. I would be surprised. If you're not responsible enough to make sure that if you left a twelve year old and a nine year old home alone. How would be surprised if you're gonna is not secure. Because the person who doesn't care about securing a gun to me is not the kind of person who's going to be listening to talk radio. And they're not going to be sharing their comments witness but if you do want to join us for the comets afternoon. A numbers 260. When he seventy every coach 504260187. Tex ever 77 A I'm scooter the afternoon we'll get to your calls have analog Tex coming in August you're Texas well and we continue our conversation. When we come back. On WL. Here's a Texas says that I drove a tow truck on the east bank of Jefferson Parish for about twenty years in the area around Pasadena street in Metairie where this shooting took place. Has becoming drug haven for drug activity since Katrina. Here's a Texas says an earful of it like I'm nets I'm assuming that's directed to me. You're full of it if you can't have the same conversation about the white on white crime a white man kills his mom this morning another white man. Kills his girlfriend. And that's all part of this conversation off I didn't bring up race by the way. I'm having this conversation about about young criminals becoming. High criminals young people become colonels I haven't brought race into this. So why would you assume that I'm talking about. Young blacks. I mean sadly there's a disproportionate number of young blacks to grow up in this environment. But yet we've talked to African American listeners over the last couple days who have talked about how they. They had strong. Parents or grandmother. And they were around it but never became part of it. Also on here's an update on a pretty jacked up when you pull something else we're talking about this afternoon do you think president trump or somebody friendly to the president released. His 2005 tax information. 55%. Say yes we've got to shift in the majority in 45% say no give issue opinion by going to our website WW dot com. From Slidell Bobby welcome to the show. Current. You are not. Keep your primary. Term extension your thoughts about. Chill in the England. Aaron. I can recall. Were much orange and probably. I was more an Irish as much. I. Know. More yeah. Starts are built a career. You know war war. Ship. So that I can make more money. Yeah. Walking. Life. Without being more shall. The but what. If the blow. Bobby does it what would you have left a twelve year old in charge of a nine year old. 2:11 o'clock tonight. But that have been morals war. You think the time makes a difference. I don't know. Are. Very dangerous age. Old. Yeah. OK so you so so. So maybe the parents didn't have a conversation with the kids about the gun or may be the parents just left the gun out for the kids. Weren't there and the parents are I think that would put it. You know it goes. Noted. It went eight war. Up that you proper. Discussion we need to get the most work. Around solutions group. And and and it's only stem core two point. And I think they're also good possibility and I like a talk about this all the time he disagreed possibility that. These it's plagued with a gun in a manner in which they saw adults. Handling it gone in their presence. And challenge. I. Watch. And so. What really. These. Aren't things that. I mean that you do that. Who are better. You. Know. What. Their own power cord and you know the. Now I appreciate your call. Here's Texas says my daughter's thirteen a soon to be fourteen very responsible she was. 1213. She took out babysitting class and got CPR first a certified. So she can babysit. Here's another text of my brother and I were left alone in the suburbs in South Carolina had twelve and eight. But maybe twelve and nine is not too young. To leave his home alone. But they're too young obviously. If it's late at night and you haven't had a conversation with them about guns or you have an. Protected your garden you haven't secured your gun. For slight don't show you're never WL. Yeah and Janet are you good. At issue that's true. Yet there are a few people who think my name is scoop. Good student. Yeah. It. Our presenter and I don't sound like much it was. Telling them I'm sure these two sending and gentlemen. It turns out and that the gangster way. Canada and then well as well wars have been hops to India is. Now my neighborhood. Most certainly you know moments like among real bullets during. Joseph and you know that's you know that that's part of this conversation too slick you know kids Saddam. He's not afraid they're coming you shouldn't be afraid of your parents. But you should fear consequences. And obviously there's not enough I think and and and who sublime. You know it's it's not that I'm trying to pick on parents but I just think it's unfair for adults. And young adults to be so quick to blame no jobs no education. It's on its all this other stuff that's to blame. When in reality it really can be reduced to human behavior. Here's a Texas says so when it's a shooting like this it's always drug involved damn sure it is 4 o'clock in the morning. Odds like people on my people shot four people dead. And chances arts are struggling. And what about that that woman into Chile and her two kids. Three kids who were shot to her dad. Pathetic and we don't know about that eighth. I'm scoot CBS and WL news update with Chris Miller and we'll be back. Well The Beatles wrote this song. A long time ago. I understand people are curious about guns but you know like you got a responsibility to and secure your gun and make sure your kids know what to do with the gun. Before move on let me get to this text Tesco to. New Orleans singer from 1950s died Sunday in Florida Johnny garter fronted the swinging guitars 195657. And cut two solo forty fives on imperial records in 1958. It was my dance so sorry for your loss at every chance to. Read that here's a Texas says outside the two largest property management companies. I am one of the larger property investors on both sides of the I ten. In the cause weekly if you quarter. Even though it has not been disclosed what happened you have to assume that every drug related. The problem stems from absentee owners and landlords. From several of the run down properties. The key is eliminate two limiting the problem begins with proper resident screening an application processing. Something that some of the newer investors. Has no clue how to do. If we. Do not get a handle on this soon the battery apartment market will follow the same path as areas of New Orleans east. So if you just joined us here we're talking about the tragedy in Metairie five people shot. Ford dead. And also we're talking about. Young young twelve year old. Shot and killed by his nine year old brother. And Saint Louis left alone at home found a gun sort of playing with a boom somebody's dead from Hammond Danny on every WL. Good. Leo what it is beautiful. Okay. I want to go on. I would grade it now I came from a broken home. But it would cure. Mean amount. Opens goggles. In the law. Of opening gear from Armstrong airport. And twelve years ago. And I would be vocal. It's crops. But it. I. Execute. And mayor my body. 200 which were well received and it took it to them out. And stripped out. So. Part bag you can Egyptian there's. Ample support ships out. Dinner unless I'm assuming that you didn't continue along this this this past so what changed you. I I don't. Oh well a bit. Remembering him. And the doctor. Yeah do you remember that name. Two and did. You know. To. So he had a positive influence on your life. Right to a Danny are you doing okay today I mean he has some right to talk to about your past. Well enough. That's why don't show did it I am first time caller. While I appreciate you calling I've I wish you wish you had a professional to talk to who could help you. Reconcile things that happened to you they were not your fault. Because you know what your dad did do you was it your thought that you didn't ask to be put in in that system we don't ask to be born into it a specific family. Treat him a slam against. News in. April. I. And it you you do take their medication regularly. Every bit. Ago. And Danny DDD have health coverage. You have final part up a bit. Find it find a psychiatrist or therapist I mean you're not a weak person if you talked to a psychiatrist or therapist about. About your life and and helping you deal with us some of the things that you. You remember mean you know when you when your kid you know we should have memories of our parents loving this not slamming. I sit right arm our moms and against the wall. And a you know mom when a as I started my own grip as bit as Obama's actual real. Camera no way are. When Danny eat you call any time but I I would I would encourage you to find somebody that you can you can talk to about it because again. None of this is your fault and you need to realize that today. Right. And so it sounds like you doing good. Oh great good. I went I went to college you know back. Review screw. According to put out Beijing. About management and are good at getting back and said he wanted. A news crew and everything for two weeks and grip now and are about change you know radio actor. A well optional and you delivered it. Danny would you would you would you do me a favor would you would you try to contact somebody about going to talk to on. I do that and I want you to stay in touch with us and what you call the show back to tell me how you doing. I sure group died in you have a good afternoon to carry yourself aren't you cute at current. If you Arnold hang on we'll be right back with more to your comments. When this day in 1967. The grammys are rather interesting Frank Sinatra won record of the year for strangers in the night. An album of the year for his album Sinatra on man and his music. John Lennon and Paul McCartney pulled an upset. Winning song of the year from Michelle. And in 1967. They won best new artist of the old best new artist of the year was not given I don't know why they candidate here but. You know Frank Sinatra and The Beatles more on this in 1967 just are showing a diverse musical is I'm getting a lot of text about to hear caller Danny from Hammond. I just caller Sharon appreciate turn all of your comments and on open attorney does so talk to somebody and I'm Danny here if you're still listening I want you to stay in touch with us and because there are a lot of people. Who are and sending text in a lot of people care about you so know that I you're scared you're cared about from Kenner Milton your under the WL. Good. Column in relation to the issues is removed as an aha. And then we have property and and since late sixty. That particular unit and it is. You already know or effects. What they've done late this morning and polite gentleman. He literally. Or a lot of single lone mean trading. Port though it was a real bad and I would you know the opening them use our work out. So Milton what happens every app I don't have a lot of times it could tell me tell me if you know tell me what happens if anyone else knows what happens. What goes down here and it did did somebody get drugs and not a form. Bad and bill. You know I could say it was built I mean it goes away. Mean the only goal those in the budget that lady and she's about and how. But I know from previous actions. Odd that remembers it's been involved in the and they've been saying Clinton and through an uncommonly good and kept taking me out about you don't it was Batman. Milton I appreciate appreciate that information. Party here on hold stay where it is we're coming right back a tear on your comments and into the next hour we're gonna continue the conversation we started yesterday and and on Monday. Our congratulations to Monte Leavitt to he's just won a pair of tickets to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Live at the smoothie king center July the eighth tickets are valued at town 150 dollars and you can get tickets by going to Ticketmaster dot com. It's a legendary. Roger Waters. From WL and will have another Pink Floyd song tomorrow afternoon. And you'll have a chance to win another pair of tickets. We'll be back. I hope or. Which WW. And today we wish every birthday to Phil lash of The Grateful Dead Chile is 77 years old today. From Metairie James welcome to WW really don't have a lot of time we get time for quick comment from me. That's gonna that used you've coveted in the big Dexter commented that that's it's likely more than likely probably. Drug related well elected these Will Smith murder of the chilled the night killing. We know what happened it was road rage. Why is there but not full definitive information given to the public by the authorities. As to what came down. Still this this was a mass shooting we have here in the parish that he was accorded to definitions for more people would get five people who were shot. Why are we not hold. Why the cost behind these killings scoot Libby so that the people if we just are not told anything it's just because this is gonna go on day after day after day. Maybe it's and that's citizens find out what happened they can they can go to the parish. Go to the legislature and do so. James. Appreciate the cause what's what's a little time tests I mean there might be. Strategic reason why the police are not tonight in a giving up that information right now and maybe they really don't know I mean. What what seems obvious to me. You know what when you when you talk about the police talking to the media you know it's not like having a conversation in a bar with your friends I just related. Now we nets official and so there are many reasons why they don't wanna give out that information. Officially. Until they know if we never found out that would be a completely different story. If you're on hold be patient stay with us. I get back to order call sigh I'm getting just a bombarded with attacks on every dollar your text. Respond to a few and I can we redo a couple of mere. Are coming up in the next hour some highlights from some of the calls we've had the last couple of days as our conversation continues. Your kids. Are watching you.