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3-9 7pm Deke & Mike: talking free agency

Mar 10, 2017|

Mike Detillier joins Deke to break down the day's biggest free agency news, both in the Big Easy and around the league.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lot of power. Mike Didier at Mike could do it on to go to WWW damn I did do EA dot com. Is here Whitney gunning it on a lot of things were gonna take a look at the big brought pitches. That being the big news in the NF the big names where they all what moves have been made. The big headlines and of course the headlines Amanda you most in New Orleans Saints kinda Saints have not come to terms. When nick spamming in new four year deal also the Saints Atlanta wide receiver Ted Ginn junior and I'm back AT clap impair on. The Saints it picked up veteran offensive linemen there Wofford a four year veteran out of Kentucky they would Detroit Lions his entire career. He is with the black and go Saints also gaining back in the fold banning Coleman. And released any of us on the horizon thinks maybe you're looking to move wide receiver Brandon cooks 260 when he sends them in involved you can take this. At 870 eights and Mike before we get on the big headlines you'll thoughts on the Saints action today the moves they made us well. The way I look at it you feel needs here and you've got good players. You know that that's the key if we agency. All the draft. But just a handful sides in this world that no matter where you at a place so did the productions going to be the same. Football wise and when you look at big guys that. It would again. The field specific needs. And they have good hits with this football team. And you know fairly is the most intrigue port of this. Because of the fact you know just an old couple weeks ago his agent coddled and now. You know he wanted but nine million bucks a year the Saints were able to bring him back. And the dynamics of this also goal counts all money. You look at the Saints. The offensive tackle position. Which Sheldon rank in. With on your mama and I would Davidson. Take at three guys now it's football's minimum wage. On the rookie contracts. So. Lord. Tech model well it will be here on a guy who is bigger and more potential when flash in production. Now he can't form my sheer winning game after it from the inside. And seen in quite some. Soul. I thought that was good because when you look at that you would that money being thrown around today. I kind of thought that his agent might twist that normal little bit and say pave it and that's gone out there and see what we can get out on the open market and see if we can't get mortem would decide to offer. Our let's take a call Oklahoma City for Larry Larry thank you for calling Debbie did but it. Go aggressive. And I are talking about. Okay you're in the other notebook. We hit it. Avery. And we certainly don't know well we've gone along. But he. Should. You know Whitney. You. Can can. Then cook. I mean it was so you could open and will be. Well. Go and pick up. I'd like to going to go out and be sort. Won't be. Able cook Corey Perry we. Mean a real well he. They need to that getting people on some on. It and they want the ball and you that you patent. You know you know I agree with you I think that that was a big pick you know I'm watching right we're. Since his days at Kentucky he's a big world greater. Depth especially. It nasty inside run blocker. Any of that pass protector. But you know to think about it is yeah pain goal courts when you look at would be gave job. They try and I called nick and he went to Tampa that they came back would be in lash at it like it cheap but it didn't. So yeah you know do what you do best. Match try to keep people that feel now I talked about that so many times and he knows that games 42 wins floor. Wouldn't rushed 30 times a morning game. But that's not that's not opinion that's. So why. You get a big guy right. That can help you in the running game. And to me instead of thrown a ball forty times a game that. In an act that six. Well on that running deal and I think you're much better all. I agree with you in that you can find speed guy. But you know you've got to be productive. It'd. The pocket on the track athlete to run out but he can't catch the one. He was a journeyman player in this league up to come and in the first round pick he bows from Miami San Francisco. Arizona. That I think he'll apparently changed his life. Ricky Proehl. That's why he bonds was fortunate Carolina Panthers wide outs look. As happened again over the last two years. What he's been mental sport but Ricky Proehl picture it but career. He's just not there yet to drop some passes but not quite as in the past. And I don't think that element. Have to be in your Arsenal that shouldn't happen hobbled guys that can do like every. Like cook's as the you got out that not only as a track guy but a guy can actually make a play the outfield. And again done that the last two seasons with Carolina. And greet you totally. Get that out that anybody would debate that. Part of it and that's why. It'll be interesting to see what happens it would Brandon Cox because I do go out of this morning the Titans. They doubled from offer on the table ought to the sites in the trade. Ultra branding coats that pats have been accepted nor has been rejected but. You know what would you give up that it's from England. And Tennessee. And you guys. That does not you have a track meet every week. Might TA dot com mighty TA only two at a might look around some teams that made some big places and now looking and Callista big news is the Philadelphia Eagles seemingly Michael out of the cooks sweepstakes they like caught Alice on Jeffries and also. Torrey Smith the one with the it would those two receiver additions then all. Looking to avoid like. Branyan coax the Jacksonville jaguar is there active Mike and really short of their defense AJ boy at one corner prince are removed at that Alba and you've taken on edge is now. Conley as Campbell and Dante Fowler and him pause must be in. And I'm back along with Damon Ramsey who comes in May steal one of the steals of the draft. This Jacksonville jaguar defense might be the good old playbook. I agree deep now that we've taken on the quarterback. Meant that and if I got free money. And I'm only Jacksonville debate they actually every year is the third straight year and its been on the money in free agency. And they've gotten some guys that did little Lotta cash for. Eagle usually importance and the quarterback position because. B you would local paper that that's a pretty good football team. But what god can turn into noble on the call are. And and that that the big question mark with Blake portals goes again we've seen to good and the bad. In a lot of ways he's become like a young Jay Cutler. You don't know which you're gonna get out of it from week to week the way he throws the football and would not object to being straight immediate. At fourteen million dollar one year deal. It's. Like you know what. Publicly at fourteen million this year and come back on the block because I agree to Butler in Philadelphia. Mean yeah. And the chance Womack did the exact same thing they took one year deals. That himself right back on the market again. And soul you know in that time frame when you have a lot of buildup what you do what you gotta get your money I think that you know form. Caught in nets. An omelet and a good last year I mean it was really suffered try to find somebody to throw to downfield all killed Jeffrey give them be Mahan. A playmaker. Especially in the red soul but it's intriguing to me one year contract were not goal right back in the pocket again action. Mike another team has kind of gone a different way from this so this I guess you'd say. Sonnen is on offense. Was being pretty balanced rushing the football pass the football to Cincinnati mangoes admit to veteran Star Wars go. Long considered one of the best in their tackles in the game Andrew Whitworth are now a member of the LA Rams in Ziegler considered one of the best. Lamine available perhaps the best guard he now joins in the stays within the division in the five year deal with the Cleveland Browns. Cincinnati losing two key cogs in the window on their offensive line. Yeah in them all like it to you is that that the guy not out and double. Tubby you don't you left tackle and hand a guy that is rattled edge of being in a Pro Bowl both Foreman in and Kevin treatment from Wisconsin. Don't really good job Padilla. And and that's kind of the Williams to beat pieces like that. It's the old guys you know that would would work it into the career you know realizes that got me. Mean the Rams a whole lot of cash premium. Two gold pretzels. That's a big loss at Cincinnati and didn't we we talked about it some and passed about the as. That and it was a team on the peak I mean you know it don't mean from a talent stand point. 1253. Cat has good roster as anybody in the you know now and has that been taken. The last year and a half. That that defining moment a bit and that plea all gain a gift that deal. I think we'll be able. He would you look back. That the world picks which you can see with Marvin Lewis and I think it does go get worked most guys like this big difficult to replace. It into the next Mahan but just the problem that next man I know one thing. They have anybody. Else to Andrew Whitworth occupancy. The New Orleans Saints have agreed to terms I would take in junior receiver and linebacker AJ Klein from Carolina also Blair offered offensive guard. From the sort of allowing nick fairly and Willie Snead and Randy Coleman and now the Mike and I'm going with some top news in the NFL think it is that the Tony Romo situation here. And it just a moment the first mixed in Kentucky for Jo-Jo could even you're on WW yeah. I don't don't don't see it on. Like them later on in. Article about politics and do it doesn't work out. Com and we cut him salary receive that. I'll be that our salary cap or does take numbers is gonna hit it dead money. That part I don't look at what happened. Seen all the details of the contract. Of soul I really couldn't give you any rush on any light on that because there really haven't seen the details of what. Again because that's really what promises to guaranteed money which I'm sure not a huge amount. At this point so from a money standpoint I don't think it would be major at all if it didn't work out with head. And I don't think somewhere in this draft plans which is really deep at wide receiver at the plate people get a double. Oh yeah we finally it should be number one slot receiver and we have gotten you've got Michael Thomas. Enemy. As close. To a spot receiver. And this team has seen ill not baucus school it was a really good football player really really good but. Am market Michael problems has that Gil de Marcus schools and and some that. It was a tremendous player on this team we from legit number one. And Michael Palmer potentially get it. Like that and down and it will maybe in the pay cook and now a lot of money. That's my DGA act Mike did Didier onto and a follow my detail on his site WWW. Det Mike did you create. That caliber come back the guy Dillon has an idea Luther in the Big Easy DiLeo saw us. Whose lineup for Tony Romo right now looks like Denver and Houston Texans and made a big move. To free up some money to pay the veteran quarterback will be it might take on that next on WW. And welcome back Mike did did create dot com MI DDA on Twitter. Is gone voted top signings and of course the Saints come to terms with. Wide receiver take Ginn junior and linebacker AJ Klein of Carolina. Detroit offensive guard Larry Wofford. And their own receivers will be sneak in Brandon Coleman and also defensive lineman nick Faneca question for my 260187. Duke and Texas they'd say in the eighth sending. Mike people already loud enough for the 2017. In the deep draft report academically you know bowl. The making eagle on two saint report dot com Mike TA dot com and go out and out the first couple days of April and working on it keep leader finish it out there and they get it to approach and so low have been out there again for a couple days of April and that this is one of the better trap them them. Over thirty years of me and from a talent standpoint it is really really good you can see why. You know. Seemed to stockpile draft choices in his draft class that they got some real talent and you look at. The players in the second to the fourth round that it's a real thick area there and so while. Some team is to make the Super Bowl run off this draft class. All right back to the phone to go Slidell for Dillon Dillon thank you for calling WW. Think Utley. All of the question for you bring in coat over here and trade rumors involved in the how you see that trade worked an out cut you know Butler didn't. Well first ball. You know kind of behind the scenes the Patriots have long been trying to sign now but. Been long been trying to do this for oh almost a year now get into a long term contract. You know but when you've got guys use. Yeah and the one thing I'd do Bill Belichick has always like Brandon cooks a lot. And in his bid which. Really surprising. He's talked about Brian Cook as a football player. And the same sort of thing I can say about the Titans the tip of the Brittany could do a would be to do for the football team so when you got out. Like you do with Kooks. You try to maximize. So you know what you do you leak information out when teams that just that when teams do in this one teams do that and drop the price four and I would not just take and it's complicated. Because before you could do something with the Patriots. Malcolm went out the side did get there and yet to agree to a long term contracts are not trading of one year. I want him to do long term deal with me so that's some complications in there with the Titans I think it's obvious the Saints want more than just eighteenth pick in the draft. In round one they want back and something else. In exchange for what and to be honest with our team back and forth. And you'll finally somebody bullets and you get what you project got a couple teams really interested here. And they instantly. He brings the most that you'd you could have or any player on that team out on the open market and you do you look long term as we've talked about it earlier. You get up the game Michael Thomas and in a couple years by an ankle is don't want that money and they use typical similar to what you see Antonio Brown get. Mike what we saw today is various Adam Dunn doesn't happen often when you're making a bad move. Especially. At the prime position quarterback you usually stop. You Houston today I got to earn his career around. Audits it is ED UMB a starter always overpriced to be a backup. In boom he fades out as hunted down like they are and Roy used to leave him Browns took on. Houston's bad news sports and their band looked in Houston's problems and has got to be rooting even if they don't get Tony Romo might. They often Hoke about costs while he's off the books. Well I think it's a basketball deal on the we've seen it done Indian BY. Guys being traded away in Indy on them. And I mean not gonna happen not wallet to me he got no trade you zilch. But the brown in them getting a second round pick they have money to eat sort of speak so they can do. And for the Texans this at all and what's interesting here want to go to. Jerry Giles. The most vocal and they'll make good luck and you've been great for the Cowboys. Now aside the market for instance and you gotta deal. And that carries but the result the Saints would dance. We're. Gonna cut criminals in that group of five teams come in and they pulled him. That's still bad he could still looking to replace him. All in the lineup but it's peculiar. And is the first market remember attacking and doing that. Very reasonable and in the tree. Where ops while mean he is not completed now with the Browns mean. Big cut him loose in in Noble's somewhere else he got his money. Sort of speak he got it got involved but. You got second round pick out of it and I pointed out. Detective kind of got renovated. The domestic they had. And it was horrible is still count about past. Don't think anybody would debate that. But Dick that you're going into the season. No one out brutal easy how he has. Meant that that's a big gamble for what assigned and and I think certainly now would look to be used in. But you right it is and you will be you'll see the lip it out to a body clawing. And I talked a lot of people in Carolina but AJ and I thought it would and try to do what you with him when you consider. The had issues with will equally and it is not just a one time concussion he he's added a couple times in that last week against New Orleans was really bad. And agent Tom Davis. I bought that maybe right at the end the Panthers would try to ink him mopped. Because of back Eagles defense he's Smart. He knows what will never replace. And and so but it but again you know. It is people that would take the waited out the wind it would it takes away from the campus is a potential spark. Because. Why. With an aging Thomas statements and you like alternately on. Except when he drank actually walk. The play like pleaded his age is remarkable but this year nations with two weeks all make a big gamble airport. And I think that's an excellent pick up the pick up rate decline and it will be displayed for. Straight year they bring in god that they handle the Mike linebacker spot and soul man that that's a big position. On this football team and especially not he got a veteran coach and Mike Nolan likes the veteran players. So you can kind of peace solid together but it's interesting that line issue not from the site standpoint. But the fact that it did to Carolina. Is take away that you know that. Comically peace and chance that you couldn't get to the strong side weak side in the middle if any of the guys went down and it was a very productive football player. Here in New Orleans for Lusa Luther thank you for calling WWL. And let's. Yeah. Our failure yet but it I don't believe because he is to. Be. You need you turned your radio down Luke deplete. The OK and then just as due to fall mingle right. He's been there. You people on the year that you could be year. Mike Wooten and eat. Different. What route one they've got to pick pat structure with the Eagles. Stuck in neutral I don't care who you got in the secondary. You've got to get a guy can influence. The quarterback. And two in the two guys to keep an ideal and one would be toppled child in the defense is and from University of Michigan. Lonely guy out there got form spanned like a big on the war. And he's got I think somewhat integral strong and airborne it from the University of Tennessee got first thought that's Solomon Thomas might be I've got a feeling. Solomon has done what he's done it in himself up into the top ten. So both would be good to names to watch. From the incident and point altered from Michigan and point it from the University of Tennessee. The to thank you so much for the call Mike looking around all the other big news today as well you know teams there they look. You can go back and look at their moves in and their motives and you go back in New York. Really you know you think of by may he got married and and you got Odeo Beckham junior got Victor Cruz of course you never really saw those two together because. Cruz was never healthy like he was when the Jets made it Super Bowl run threat but they bring in a guy might gets bigger it is physical. And you know healthier in a Brandon Marshall and now you may have Brandon Moss and then made. Poor Mickey to dance on owner burners is as possible LT for sure. And he gets Shepherd slash U would be really good job as a rookie and along with the old del. I think it was a good move that you bring in a big physical wide out especially in the red sold. Big the Giants. You know they got legitimate talent and their defense was much improved a year ago my problem is he can run the ball. Because somewhere. You know you've got. Running game. And I mean the missing piece would Coughlin at the end date they have somebody. That would being need to. It to run the football he can be to take charge guy. And offensive line has been and general polls still. I like the signing of Brandon Marshall is certainly helped them in the red soul which is becoming tougher and tougher to score and today. But for that team to make that she'll. I'd been I think. Run the football I think it was a big port last year. Of the falcons' success. That as much as we talked about Matt Rollins and leave little unbelievable player. They've in Alex Mack in their running game all but corrected. Man you got those two guys in the back you would Freeman Coleman. You've got to take advantage you've got to do you win each and every week in India can run the football well. The Giants have the tunnel look at that Marlins in and that worked in Atlanta but we can't do that here. But I'd like to pick up a Marshal of what that team because of Woody can bring to the table in a red zone which. Inning doubled Tennessee double coverage again I'm not about that that double covered that you can take all of the books. Is Texas in the crew's got released executive who talk right now and the Giants picked up an emotional. Mike a team within the division them may one day explains inquiry and a solid defensive lineman. On a defense of laughter Redskins they've had some good guys over the years Hatcher has been one of course. Chris Baker or he now comes over to our basic he signs with Tampa Bay and also Tampa. Then again like dish on Jackson bought it dip in some serious weapons around again and I James Willis. Yeah and you know they're one of the teams look at their rear view mirror I'm not mean under people's well we don't do that but you know from that not really true. DeSean Jackson brings them beat plea element to the table. And you know. Who want their additional whereby that team coverage. Met with Mike Evans played in on the other side and yet that they got as Marty noble and good to do. Not Jamison got again that a pro football but that deeply element is that now would dish on and you've got to respect that that he can make that play. And and so yeah out of the box. Got healthy a little bit nail salon a few poured out of the deacons in here and there. And got able to fully draft choices so. Beagle like Indian NFC south as it is gotten much tougher if you gonna win this the rigid. You pulled quite a fist fight because those three teams. Battling new England's. You know you can see where they've kind of things about the goal. The one guy you read and hear anything about today Dante height now. Not me you know it was we got it you would consider one of the top two with three free agents out there. And it's pretty silent on the high power. Halt today. You consider you know one of the top free agents out there and you know maybe it's in the works but. You know what you think about the other guys in the mix here. You name was really high. Talked about much other than Willie might go back and doing good or maybe Miami or maybe it tightens it. The other big name guys and I think. We're nice as we are an awful. We'll come back he might to recap begin to Saints moves today in his final thoughts on a free agency day one might day erected a what is next here on WW. Double courage coming up next free agency free agency and more screen zipper of activity from the saint on the first day of free agency. Receiver T gain junior and I'm back. AJ Klein signing with the Saints day. Defense to tackle nick fairly back in the fold and the latest on branding coach talk about the moves the biggest and most surprising ones now with the Saints but the NF fair hang out with Christian is set tonight from eight to amendment. Here on W de Villa whining now at NFL analyst Mike did you yea act might be the only two and in my could do yea dot com. Mike now looking at today you talked about some you he was surprised at Donta hightower. The Saints now Mike you've done some things. And one more resistant we talked about is in the defensive back Theo at corner. Is this of the mind you you got to look at look along to bring some depth or is this something now would you scene early moves. That you say well this might be one that they're pointing toward the during. Well I think it you know because supply and demand it just that the pass rusher as a point there. And so you always want to try to build that depth at the cornerback position that safety. I think that some that this team will continue to look for. And you know that some areas that he can't fill every need in free agency. But I think that this is a pretty strong start to feel at least some of the needs you have on this football team. And right now when you look at what the other teams have done. The sank in the NFC south. I'm rooting me up big early splash. And in feeling some of those that that needs that they tactic yet. And bring in and what I consider good players guys that it would they'd do. It's not just think it's too important sometimes god and they don't really fit. What Mateen does offensively and defensively elect would've done and so for. In the early part of free agency did do it but. I can guarantee it is not go for the plate I think that there are going to be pretty aggressive would this and you can see him make a couple more money over the next so we attendees. Mike I've found any thoughts of big moves Daewoo what are your respect Mike Garrett rule of thumb was if you spin Ernie has been over SPN is that the case now than Sidney had a mole last spending that. B yes and the other thing to keep it so much today I mean you look at what he's teams. And you consider well you know those well I mean what was it. You know it was is Brian Billick he was all but that's and a member of any was a lot of what is gonna cost to bring a guy in and thought it would give price. And it peace at any of that you know it was his weight it's like remodeled and Al's. That you get apple bludgeon. You didn't read nick got. And I think it the same way in free agency. That almost been put players. My thing about spending is just make sure you have the right guy. That is spinning the ball would want. Just spend that money correctly. A guy that does it which you know because in the in the that that's what counts you just look at that production more than anything else. NFL analyst Mike did today WWW doubt might victory that time and it might carry on to him Mike. Thank you what talk again early next week. All right Collins asked about Tulane bows out today idea America that a congress tournament. The Louisiana Tech coach McConnell continued there's. Post season surge is they beat you may be 69 to 57 and move on. And the colleges say turn him either oldham you know Marshall tomorrow in you and post it tomorrow night take on. Sam Houston. And the conference semi finals. Monday Tuesday when that went in the hand. They will be on national TV on Saturday evening in the conference championship game in Katy Texas thanks so much tomorrow and all the goodness all of a great information. And for the cagey game Bobby Hebert of the Bellamy you can listen to sports talk up Nixon's double coverage sports and Mo. Folks listen to Christian and set Knicks and the ability had a gritty.