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3/6/17 Scoot 2pm- Trump's new travel ban

Mar 7, 2017|

Will it work this time? Iraq is no longer one of the listed nations under the travel ban and green card and visa holders will be exempt from the ban. Are you satisfied with that?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Honestly all weekend I could not tear myself away from the television sets and the news channels and I was flipping back and forth from Fox News to CNN MSNBC watching a mall. And it was all more exciting than any other drama that I could find on on on television the YMCA in Scranton Pennsylvania has got a new rule in effect. No more CNN Fox News or MSNBC or any of the television screens. In the gym. Because of the fight that almost broke out because of an argument that ensued as a result of one of the news channels being on television. You know we we we often see news channels on in businesses and in public. Has it ever come close to starting an argument and should we just and all of them he should should a business to the Smart thing and not put anything political on. In particular nova coffee shop or just Rand mentioned this at the beginning of the show. There by first sort of going there they have on the Fox News Channel all the time enemy isn't bothered me. It was an apparent Loudon I you know I mind my own business and I watch Fox News as well so that's not offensive to me. But I wonder if it was so offensive that they excited to change because today they have the weather channel. And I had seen in the past where it was of the reruns the channel fifteen reruns on channel four Eyewitness News. So I wonder if they receive complaints that Fox News resort. Because not everybody likes Fox News. Not everybody likes CNN or MSNBC. March Madness it's going on right now and it's about politics not just basketball. In a tweet president tropic cues former President Obama of ordering wiretaps. On his campaign. Before the election. So. Where's the evidence. The FBI director James Coleman. It's asking trumps Justice Department to refute. The wiretapping claim. Pressure over the weekend by the media. To substantiate his claims. Of the wiretapping by President Obama. Truck White House is now called for. An investigation. By congress. Into the wiretap. So is that an indication that there's really no no proof. To try and do sisters to create a distraction. Did trump get this information from a rant. By an ultra conservative radio talk show host is also an bright barge and I think it was a story that ran in the New York Times. Did he get it from. It it appears as if he got a mainly from the talk show host. And it's like you know you get these guys on the air some of women. And they just rant and rave and they get so excited I mean you know that they hate is actually getting worse. And what I see is. I see some people who are. They don't want to admit it but they're really kind of upset. The trop with so much promise is doing some of the things that he's doing. And to defend him. They're getting angry. And I think that may be the manifestation of a frustration. Which president trust tweet. That President Obama ordered wiretaps on his campaign was responsible or reckless. As a party general opinion poll 45% say responsible 55% say is reckless. If you would join us for the comment again there's going to be a lot of spinning going on in the show this afternoon. Not that there is Imus appeared happens every day but especially today I know there's going to be a lot of spinning so just keep that in mind. Our numbers 2601870. Perry code 5042601870. Tex Amber's 77. Here's a text. That says so scoot to why. Don't they give us the proof. Either freaking side where is the proof. Anyone has been helping the Russians. OK we will yell where's where's the proof. I'd I'd like to know the proof of all of a lot of things. But I don't think it's it's trump bashing. To say. That what this is a really serious thing. To accuse the former president. Of wire tapping. Into and Nixon Watergate style of a wiretapping. To accuse President Obama of that. With no evidence and and again where's the evidence and if there is evidence why would the president trying to give us the evidence. Instead of calling for congress to investigate. A suggestion that congress searches for the evidence. And I the only one confused. From uptown John your under the WL. It's good burst off the Chinese ceased at a proverb that that may you live and being as well we will. We we definitely went yes. An intimate vacation just in the last night. And I heard this that really look into it up like OK he was little deprived of much and again when he was tweeting or something maybe is gonna. You know sleeping problem or get Austria and wicks opened tweets that. Let us start watching last night the news shows and the different talking naturally out of the warm up the one on the right. And elegant the same no matter what network ERR toward him talking points and how much. At least a dozen different Democrats say it wasn't completely ridiculous but they all added up by. If there were actually a warrant issued that means that must've had information connecting trump the boot. Yeah that is the acquired. Cabinet well because it open to. Yeah I think there but there but aren't they bringing up the idea that look okay if truckers right. Then does that mean that there was enough evidence for each judge to approve the the wiretap. It means whoever requested to get the wiretap descent told the judge they had that the commission and as for why there's no evidence it. Which researches like now if they don't believe me go on actual government web site. Look up five and look by the wiretaps and by the court and find out how hard is even for the president to get by the information released into asking congress could literally almost takes an act of congress. To get by the information released I have a problem with five in general but I don't believe it's part of the democratic process. And I think it's a cool erupted institute and then it has been since bush and under Obama just as well. That they use it against political enemy I'm not a big fight and I just don't think. It's the way things are exposed to be done it there's no way truck could even as president just get them to release date I'd go war. Well what were quite social then what is the basis of his tweet. I don't know what he'd get somebody's given him information I mean you know he's about it outlook WikiLeaks you know what it is as they did it. And I'm not saying again that not summing need them there's a pretty good case it made that. But this is I'd these Democrats keep coming out debt and it just wouldn't surprise me if it had been it just it would surprise me at all. We've we've gone from a nation of supporters politicians to a nation a ticket sales. You know it's he'd be your guide or the other guys Satan and that's that's starting to like that under the under Clinton. And then Darby but Obama ramp operative supporters you are it was justified they don't Nobel Prize when he had even been in office. You know. You don't if you know people do forget that that there are as many blind. Obama followers as there are truck followers. Yeah oh yeah exactly and people also forget. If you got to this level politics I mean to sound like a pessimistic view but if you got this level politics you're partially corrupt. You didn't get to the presidential low level without being partially crop that I'm sorry to say that. That's been to all time you've corrupted or shall at least some because it. To happy thought bits a realistic thought John I appreciate the conversation are you wanna join us are numbers 2601 a seventy area code 504. Or 601 a seventy. Tex Amber's a 77 he also was on this day marks the sixth 1981. Walter Cronkite signed off the CBS evening news as anchor. The media's changed a lot since then. Is there anybody in the news media on any of the channels broadcast or cable news networks. That you trust. There are a few that I actually trust and we'll come back for that and more of your comments on WL. Nor did not true I'm screwed in the afternoon. We're talking about a over the weekend of March Madness has started over the weekend of a president trot tweet out that former President Obama. Now wiretap the truck towers and the president property where is. When he was not even president yet it's not in this morning and so was there evidence to indicate that that was warranted or is that simply not true we don't know. Eat the case right now and what would motivate president tried to do this. If it's not true. He's call for an investigation by congress to find the evidence so does that mean it's not true before it backs your calls also mentioned that today president Donald Trump. Did sign a revised travel ban executive order. Which are changes things a little bit here's attorney general Jeff Sessions who is still the attorney general and you know maybe he's gonna weather this storm. I here's where Jeff Sessions had to say about the on the new executive order. Three of these nations our state sponsors of terrorism. The other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries. Countries where governments have lost control of their territory. To terrorist groups like I saw Laura al-Qaeda. And its affiliates. And it's I ran Syria Somalia Sudan Yemen and Libya that are now on the list Iraq has been dropped from the list. Also on the senator on Lindsey Graham from South Carolina where senator a rally over the weekend. And he said that all of this stuff to do the president's tweets abouts. About former president Barack Obama wiretapping him. They see Graham the audio of this is not great but you could hear what he has to say at this rally. He says all of this is very trump. It's. If it's true. It's really bent the President Obama would do this. If it's not true. It's really bad the president trump would do this. And since today's the day in 1981 there Walter Cronkite test site off the CBS and news for the final time we can't help reflect and think about how the media has changed. Is there anybody in the media that you actually trust. And getting some checks like Lisa Eric Ted Koppel from lives on Nightline I years ago. Ron Burgundy. The via the Internet TV show anchorman and Mexican drug. Yeah I'll let the saudis Max Headroom used to be reasonable trustworthy source of information. I thought about this a lot over the weekend. I really trust Chris Wallace. Fox News. I watched a Fox News so Sunday again yesterday with Chris Wallace Chris Wallace is excellent and I trust him. I trust Anderson Cooper CNN and I trust Joseph Scarborough. Who dosing in the morning show on MSNBC. And he's a Republican. But he's far from me hard core conservative tees or a moderate Republican like so many of us for battery Jennifer year and to be WL good afternoon. And I want it at summation. The other. It's very simple. Is not a president can act in order. Wiretapping on accident. Her. Second. It would compound here at the FBI and they have adequately. And yet. Art they have it and Arctic pack and and they have probable car and the yeah it is a gritty there's probable cause. So I opted spelling it out there and Obama yet. It actually. Up a bad because. That means there's something going on there and it. And our talent yet there's something going on there yet it. But that get permission to wiretaps. Yeah that's I'm here that's a negative if truckers right in this did happen that could be. A islanders in an effort but we're talk like Jennifer was sometimes we talk in general terms and in our society and and when when call me is asking. The Justice Department he's asking the top administration asking the justice to parts are in your your right but these these these agencies fall under the Obama administration. I understand the point you're making technically. It's it's not gonna just beat the president the United States but it happened under the Obama administration. OK but it wasn't Obama ordering it the president can not just. Werder out fired. President cannot just order it but the president could be part of an effort within his administration. To have to order DO wiretaps ordered. Eight but a topic ankle my Jennifer semantics. I'm aunt but there's another point to eat blaming Obama for everything out to eat black. Right now he just like I'm apart that great and it was not on our group right. No you need it at that and make a lot how many times and bought it it's gonna want. We're talking about. Why can't we talk about it without talking about what trumpet. Out. What probably. A practically what Obama. But we're also not talking about the the the North Korean ballistic missile testing there went on godly yesterday. And some of the slanted very close to our allies or Japan and there was even talk in the news about how prepared we are on the West Coast. To deal with a missile coming from North Korea. Our. Oh. And so it's there's a Laguna. Okay so we're talking about Obama doing something bad he couldn't do instead of talking about. Important things and what you know protect our country at my back getting anything I don't it would anybody think we're getting anything duck. Jennifer I appreciate the call if you wanna join us 2601 a seventy text is a 7870. Up from Hammond Carlo here under the WL. They are it would carry them all the scandal that went on the last eight years were swept Arnie the Rocco thank. Clapper say that they wore on and and it but then that's what I'm on the American people. A little flat out lie. What I heard in that there's no way to Obama administration's wiretapping. I don't remember due to clapper said here's a pharmacy for a hundred. We'll pull it on its own and they. He's dead yeah that was no wire tapping on any US citizen also. On the court of law to. That right there are a lot about it at the. What he's elderly he's not the only one talking about this and if if truck has the evidence NYC turned investigation over to congress. What about at what do they got talent it just the market. Wrap and that's what it again. You need to clean out that that it didn't. The FBI's the FBI saying refute it. It. You Tillman and I. Won eight I don't know. What it applied. But now that the eight years of scandal. Right up to a yen in Colombo on an error. I got to drop on an Alberta and vote at. You devote to try. We're gonna get to CBS news that cracked point one while Democrats are already hearts you know. That they put much. Barbara and. Now that's and that's that's not that Michelle Obama's not going to be the next democratic candidate for president of the United States or poverty shocked. Although there are things that shocked us even now I'm skewed and we'll be back. Yeah you know I I don't go out of my way to say negative things about trump. And if you're new to our show and I have been highly criticized by a lot of listeners. Because I say positive things about trump. As a candidate. And as president of the United States. But when he president. Tweets out something like. My predecessor. President Obama. Was responsible. For his administration ordering wiretaps. On me. And there are does it at this point at this point. Appear to be evidence. I can't help but think that this is something that has got to be talked about it. And I just find some interesting things going on in the aftermath of those tweets about blaming Obama. White House sports person and I Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Was so on ABC's this week and she sits something really interesting about. A possible investigate here's what she said. I think he's made very clear what he believes and he's asking. That we get down to the bottom of this let's get the truth here let's find out I think the bigger story. Isn't who reported it but is it true. Okay don't you find that interest and let's find out the truth. President truck tweeted it out as if it is the truth. He tweeted out like let's get to the bottom of this I think this is what happened. You know if if if if those who follow president trot. And support him. If they don't understand that there are sometimes you gonna have to be able to say hey you know what that was a mistake. Then we're all in trouble. Q you don't say something definitively. And then say well you know know what he's really trying to do is look for the truth no he said this is what he did period. Terry your Debbie WL. I'm gonna. You know look at certain respect. Can I hit out people complained about font heed this he'd pat people you know are that are different out in forty years. Vote tomorrow. Because. He want to get over heated up and it and why don't let him. Terry I mean it's just not about getting Alfred because if if there's an acting president that is that is making false accusations. Even though. He won the election and yes I mean. We talked about a lot of what did or me we can't ignore this that we make it not this is not bashing trauma. Not understand science group. You know like that sank when Obama became part I didn't like it but I can't accept that some people will not accept that he's the president of the United States. Like and I hate it that's the unity he can you can discredit those people because this is not about not accepting him as president this is about. His actions in office up to this point and they are things that are worthy of criticism. Alliance with the same boat arming and something. He'd I just don't understand. But you know he is the president and it is an investigation into this spot wrong. You know did you do the same thing they did Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan has something to do it. I'm trying to think what it was I mean to. Dark red carpet and yet you know and I'll eat a lot of the things that happen and that people don't blame trumpeted what. You don't want Obama. It was still applicable here. And I'm getting subject's about that down Terry you're right you know bush was playing for things Obama's pulling for things but when you come out and say. That he. He did this in this was illegal and he should've done this to me that's a specific accusation supposed to well you know the economy stinks because of my predecessor or. You know the military is not good because of my predecessor this is a very very specific thing that I think challenges. Truth in our society in me you know sometimes people make mistakes and they don't speak the truth the wind. When a person who was president. Continues to on. Mix things up with without the evidence to back it up that's a scary thing because we do have this. This tendency to wanna believe the president. Well anyway food that you know it sometimes it. I mean I'm Mitt he does at an op mode at four I cannot understand what you don't. But you know he has the president. If people it is it is not what happened yet that it in four years you could -- model as well as of right now the president and the app itself on the people want this supporting trial. Yes I did anybody go game the protest when it would not exporting trial. But the police. Let everything happen. Well. Are you talking about the rioting the IRS no I mean who supports that if you support that you're an extremist. On our I don't I don't and you know there are people who do support that kind of action because India mines. This is so bad for so bad that they they have to resort to violence I disagree with him. Ought to do but say you can't you know and while we Terry that's not the point if he shot and killed somebody would you say why has it been in office that. I mean I in the that I am agreeing with all right they shouldn't that he should not until it broke I agree with you art but I don't. I do agree with you that he is. What 45 days now in. And up and you know again I think we're talking about March Madness at that goes beyond mr. pastor Terry I appreciate the call me I'd put in the very beginning to look. Donald Trump won the presidency. And and this was a fair. Election you may not like the results but this was a fair election that part of it must be except. What does it have to be accepted though. Is. Stuff that is just. A law. For. The perpetuation of fake news. We don't have to accept that. That should never be acceptable. James Taylor Bonnie Wright coming to this really kings center on August the third to this is our song of the day fire and rain. If you're the eighth caller right now you can get tickets before they even go on sale. This is going to be a classic concert James Taylor Bonnie Raitt August 3 smoothie king center. A caller right down to 60 wins 5042609467. Is a winner for governor if you well. It was on Tuesday march the sixth 2008. Charity organization in the United Kingdom issued a warning at nine out of ten young people were experiencing the early signs on hearing damage. From listening to loud music. The charity group says that fans should Wear earplugs to protect their hearing when they go to concerts bars and clubs. Because of prolonged exposure to noise over 85 principles. You know it's amazing I've been in this business for so long and I mean my hearing is excellent. Mean I just yet a lot of people when does this mean McCain here in here and I'm just really amazed that. You know that it all the years that I spent in music radio. Listeners and listening to all this stuff I mean my hearing is released on X group winner. Here is purpose. Get to. Secretary until it applies just worker tickets to go to see James Taylor and Bonnie ray live it's many kinks in August 3. And we'll do another body rate or James Taylor song I'll announce it at the beginning of the show just after 1 o'clock when you hear that song if you want the eight caller. I tore contests line 260 weakens your winner of the pair of tickets you can win the tickets before they even go on sale now from New Orleans chase here on WWL. I don't go. Out me. Really. Hear distanced him by code. At apple quality of these. He would make campaign Obama did Obama did it went out we won't take care America's business right now. You've got the president's. Medical. Our medical grade again. The new surface that. In the ground being it's only here. Russia and Japan and where that would be owning it talks about was call Lenovo wit. Legally talk. At. The president. Why are we can now and everything. That was I want him pool and it why not work clothes what they own. Students see it and he was weak and. Well I mean you know the president you know. I appreciate the call you know sometimes we have conversations tea I take it as a compliment. That people feel so comfortable. Way to have a conversation with me that they let an expletive fly I mean they're not trying to be vulgar it's just. But the fact that they're having a relaxed conversation and so if you've never called this show before it's it's that easy I mean people just have relaxed conversational the year but like I can't let that go. I here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. I was president trumps tweet that President Obama ordered wiretaps. On his campaign was that they responsible thing I was at a reckless thing. 62%. Now say it's responsible. And 38% say it is reckless. Here's a text or what about the lead singer of AC DC his hearing is toast. We yet there are a lot of people out there whose hearing is toast I'm pretty amazed. Van on mine is still alive still intact after all these years. Well for forty years of wearing headphones whether his music radio talk radio and a crank these babies up. I sit here I'm I'm I'm curricula are if your hole stay with this let's take a break we're coming right back with a more your comments we continue to talk about. The am the president estates a tweeting out. That President Obama. Wiretapped. Trump before it became president. And yet now. Push for evidence. President trust says congress needs to investigate. In a White House spokesperson says well this is what trump believes congress these two and in investigate to find out what really. It sounds like he doesn't have any evidence. It's my impression we'll be back on their WL. Happy birthday today to Nancy Wilson of the supremes Nancy Wilson 71 years old today. I'm screwed in the afternoon. There are sources now that say they FBI director James Coby is incredulous. Over Donald Trump tweeting out is that so President Obama wiretapped. On him before he became president of the United States. And we've also learned that the FBI director is asking the Justice Department to the trump Justice Department. To opt to refute. This text that's not happening instead. The tone administration sent congress is going to investigate to see if there is evidence. Are you find that kind of interesting. Let me share a text acuity that this is the kind of text that. I deal with on on a regular basis. And I share this with you because. It's it's disturbing how quickly people jump to conclusions. The text says. That was rude scoot. You hung up on him without at least. Letting him now. Can't believe you're doing that. That was very rude. I dumped. The caller. Because he inadvertently. Used profanity. I guarantee. The person who text this. If I would have let that go. This will be the first person on their phone texting me saying how dare. You let that go. I thought I explained that. But again this just goes to show you the pre judgment. If if something. Best in the caller suddenly disappears I hung up on the assumption is I'm trying to stifle opinions. Know every once in awhile somebody inadvertently uses profanity. And again they use it because. They feel relaxed in the conversations that we have which is is is great. I love that. But I can't let them profanity go. Coming up in the next hour we're gonna add to our conversation will continue this conversation at the conversation the YMCA in Scranton Pennsylvania. Putting in a new rule about banning. CNN. Fox News and MSNBC from the television screens at the YMCA. Because some members almost got into a flight and arguments apparently has erupted. Because the news. Has been on television. And so. We often see televisions on in businesses and public places. Have you ever come close to getting into an argument with somebody have you ever been a cup should business is not do that because of the way politics is today we'll be back.