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Think Tank 1210pm Trump's accusation of wirertapping

Mar 6, 2017|

Who do you believe: Trump or the FBI on Trump's accusation of wirertapping during the campaign? This hours guest: Julian Sanchez - Cato Research fellow

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the think tank. No it's not Garland it's still Todd filling in for Garland dominance is here to 601870. Where he intact and 87817. Today on the old ping thing. We did a lot of they get about heartburn and some of these topics to give you heartburn. It's the support do you support the ban on the immigrants and refugees. That president Trump Plaza just signed in the new band and also now. We're going to talk about the story that broke go over the weekend due to president trumps tweeting. Oh what do you believe president trump or the FBI on and trumps accusations of wiretapping. During the campaign and joining me now is Julian Sanchez with the Cato research Cato research and instant fellow. Jolene I saw that you wrote this thing over the weekend. Saturday kind of explaining. Not Beverly explaining that are setting up all of this as to why a president trump made. Think this is happy underwear he got his information from or. If it could possibly have happened just explain now what should go and explain to everyone through the with a piece that you wrote that. How did you get to this conclusion or why the president may have gotten to this conclusion. Sure well so of course their morning earlier president come up without much explanation. I tweeted that he had just found out that Barack Obama has found that trump tower. Our it is of course an extraordinary and eerie argued then that didn't get back upper explain anyway. As many is that. And then told reporters that he was basing it on an article. But he would regret bright spartans. With a little bit extraordinary that. The commander in chief is getting his information about ink and intelligent activities like parties. Appeared DB. What he was what he was quite on. He's actually serve them well didn't actually know. They're really the port. What that needed it even easier going well in the article that at present problems. Then it would kind of be a telethon to an article that was fine and claims. Made by conservative talk radio as it left. Stan. That would in turn based on some important in this British crap originally a British blog called E Street the pan. Later pretty equally corroborated by armed. The guardian and the BBC. And the report didn't say. About wiretapping and they did. Not that I'm sources being in the community and indicated. In the court and interagency investigation into Russian influence. On the presidential election. By the FBI. Thought from the secret foreign intelligence surveillance court some kind of order not necessarily a wiretap order some kind of order. Juan and the usually applied for our per hour that did mention. Tom. Forces in the Donald Trump the direction as targets probably later eventually got approved presenting an hour focusing on Russian. To try to that track that runs down to lead involving the. The possibility that Russia had been trying to funnel money. Into. The company's as part of the campaign. Q influence. Not the election results we don't know came at bat. This isn't quite different from what what competent alleging he. It is for. Peter report by the way that they were published back in January. I have not seen since then. He has become a lot of very well source intelligence reporters here in the US. You know part contingent that report by story out much now I would take adequate at all. I am but. If he isn't it true that wouldn't be either particularly surprising or necessarily. Proper. You know it is. Consented to veto it he's one Russian campaign. To influence the presidential election. Of the mostly. One release of the NC packed emailed by a variety of other interventions. Not so wouldn't be surprising. If they got a lead that Russia had been trying to funnel money. And a campaign and and try to look at that financial transaction records or other kind of corporate records to see whether there was any piece about. It would be. Somewhat different story. Public campaign had been directly targeted. The first surveillance which did not really an avid about their hand. Still more certainly if if if prompting health depends. Targeted or wiretapped. Property did you not any indication yet that that the that was the case. OK so there wasn't biscuit era and I remember this before the and I and I have an article here from CNN from November 2. But talking about the FBI investigating into trump Russia ties fueled very little so they weren't looking into things and I think that's what he's he'd look bad. And he saw that does remember Harry Reid was calling for a wire why are you saying all this about Hillary's emails when you should be investigating. Russian ties the dollar prize. And he called the FBI on the carpet for that in and the FBI you know coming in opposite you know there's there's no known ties up and we can fine. So you're saying in a nutshell they probably were looking into these Russian banks right. And that may be may have led them into something with. Some people in the trump campaign or may have gotten involved in and that's oral wiretapping. There's an additional stop some very good night and I've joined the times are. Sick. Well so I mean part of the problem here is that what the what Butler Benton like particle. Wired. Bundled together a bunch of different things and I think the editor trying to you are a bit. Coordinated. Obama intelligent wireless. People eat. Campaign to undermine account administration. And you get a bunch of different things they're kind of being grouped together. One these ports that order from the find the court what I thought and departed. That orderly part luck and thank looking at the there'd be a transfer of bonds or improper. Pat contact him back into it people about it. The campaign. I think obviously that that is a different level of concern and saying. Caught our wiretap it's not right because the only way you actually get. Any communications there is the extent that our transactions between the four target. And the comfort that will be much more limited I am and the second. Of course we know that. People connected with this campaign and administration. Have been recorded. According routine for surveillance and you know for example of course that Michael plan. The former national security advisor who lost his job and a terror. Tightly -- leading our ability to present it present about party. Contact with Russian officials. Goes both before and after the election. Tom but that is not something again that seems to have been the result of I can't or even necessarily connection at the deputy director politely. The atrocities he'd just wiretaps. Spartan. Government agent as a matter of course so we were completely. Part capping a Russian ambassador. When it. That's just what to say it. Julie will take a break and old target some calls and try to assess all of this again and and and explain. How all of this and how we got here and where it's gonna end up if anything. With all of this have you got a moment the stay with me here Julie. But we'll take a short break Julian Sanchez he's with Cato research Ares rocket institute Decatur research fellow. And he wrote this piece a Saturday that kind of explain how possibly the president got to this. Idea. That he was being wiretapped. By the president. By President Obama. Before the election. It's crazy and it's like it. It's like a spy novel you can't eat I don't I don't know if you could genes on to write this kind of stuff will be right back W. And welcome back to 60187. Or you can Texas and eight Soviets in the upper jaguar opinion people who believe trump or the FBI on from techies nation of wiretapping. Of the trump tower during the campaign. Right now those of you voting on line obviously for her first. At WW well dot com. It's a year wurtman results. The the vehicle stolen too. 63%. Say you believe the FBI 37%. Say. You believe from Julian Sanchez from the Cato Institute. Is with us today he wrote a piece about all of this now. The president of course we tweeted this out over the weekend. And his tweets first say terrible just found out that Obama had my wires tapped. In trump tower just before the victory. Nothing found that this is McCarthyism. You know and ended it just goes. On and on and on and on the BD did I think the 345 them. That he tweeted how long is present Obama gonna tap my phones during the very sick or election process this is Nixon's last Watergate bad or sick guy. But from what. The FBI is saying and from what they'd investigated. Apparently there was no. Wiretapping or claim now did they would this kind of be today and you you rank this in your in your piece that you wrote this weekend. Reversed targeting they were targeting someone else and possibly. I called the trump tower got into it. Yeah it. Right to reverse. Psychology and times. You do. Are are actually cut interest in someone in the US disputing. And black because it. Difficult legally to be well wiretap Americans. You and dad. Wiretaps that more overseas and then went to pick up communications and one that. Of course boasted it but it I'm pretty typical. I'm getting regulated or well of course kind of attack on Europe subjective intent on you know what. What the person seeking a wiretap. I don't really existed and really intensity. Up and leave him with taking the time it'll be yours wouldn't look like our art having borders. I would done improper intent to gather information. Domestically but again and it's really evidence. In the Canadian were focusing on. Wrecking bank immediate interest in earnings specifically whether. The next funneling money illegally in arm. You are to be okay trump campaign. Would be legitimate legal lawful lead to wiggle out. If they weren't particularly concerned with her criminal. Op sense that maybe we have it really wanted to. Look for a violation of banking laws. But it intelligence and security concern. And it didn't matter that should have been partner. To tackle three. But. In the media owe bit and a Patriot Act actually change the legal and you can do some things that had. A criminal investigative. Intent. On under by as long difficult and substantial. Intelligent Smart and so it to an extent that any. Here that was Caroline have to be limited to targeting. Contacts we will Russian banks that's pretty credibly connected in a legitimate purpose. I'm looking for poor. Russian. The involvement in in the election. Julie do you think gonna get a tax and a semi through services do you actually think anyone would admit to doing it even if it did happen. Well we're going to make it it certainly figure. Did paper technically there was a fine that wiretap order. Then the court had to repeating applications to grant the order. And did you no longer than Obama administration is the company's history means players. Evidence that the court targeted. That they did trump or authorize the targeting. Trump campaign officials. Pratt. Has the authority declassified. And into the world com is a world. Evidence that that happened I would expect that they've they would announce it hourly should be artwork. Preparing an announcement. What do you think about the FBI directors trying to tell just the pharmacy don't say anything about this justice watches. What is the some people and and again I'm playing devil's advocate here of people texting back and forth them on one side or the other. I'm trying not to be a trying to get all the answers and secure Julian. Why would he say not to come right out and say we didn't do this. It found that only does want. It's up to do that. Rise to the the couple like I wanted to. But it is saying essentially. Look at our. Are our puppet easily taught you that he's op is getting. Very serious accusations. At least impropriety not criminality. On the basis of he let in didn't understand very clearly provide our news content and there shall we autumn character ball. And so one can imagine. Jet that simply being a little reluctant to come and also you know more generally. The lead yet aren't that easily wanna get into the net. You know they're fine art and specific claims about. What it. The problem where did you think about it time today you know it didn't intrusion wire. We didn't art current campaign. Then you that the world were at. Times one. You know have you have you confirmed that the united lap time I'm and you don't want it to happen to tiger I think it. Does not. Job something that our web site it's something that the president of the United States claims are obviously under. Like pony to the extent that the implication here is that the FBI. Pre schedule politically motivated. On that a presidential campaign. And hearkens back. To the kind of abuses. That got a lot of trouble and the 1960s and 1970s so are you budget director wanted to not. It. Typical bird count. The department. And when it comes all down to this. The President Obama would not be the one to say to do this right. Until it did a couple couple questions one is what they're wire. Target. Different campaigns are or companies. And again there's no evidence of that and in the second question. Once there are directed or there or interference by President Obama. Now obviously the president getting directly involved in that way. He's an investigation. Especially and that. A political opponents would be appropriate but again. Did you believe that happened that that the president denied it and you know something about keep even though analysts. An illegal that would be that that that. You know would be booed pretty risky to try. Julian Sanchez of Cato Institute. Thanks so much for joining us here on the BW on trying to explain all of this stuff and where the president may have gotten these ideas for a I'm. Jillian thanks so much will get a CBS update right now and that our local news and back. To your comments what do you think about this on WWL. And welcome back to 601870. Or you can text and a 7870 tell masses in fort Garland Robinette are ready jaguar people who believe trump or the FBI on prompts accusation of wiretapping. During the campaign that trump tower which wiretap. 63% of you now voting online so you believe the FBI. In this some of the Texas have come in at 87870. Says though is here's one now that the guest explained it may have happened by them looking for Russian bank info I think they have tapped the trump tower. Another Texas you have to go through a federal court judge to get a wiretap so give me the name of the judge or shut up and do your job mr. drop. Someone else texting the keyword here is plausible deny ability President Obama could have gotten things done with a nod and a wink. Another text since this last election as expose the dirty ness of our politicians. I am finding it hard to believe anyone associated with the democratic. Democrat and Republican parties I think they all are running scared in trying to cover their butts. Sadly the FBI CIA and Department of Justice is so tainted by the Obama administration Hillary Clinton may take years to gain trust back seems everyone in Washington is in fear of what trump and sessions will uncover. Right some states want to but the real Donald Trump is tapping your phones that degree of safety to find out how liberal you guys all. Well. Why would tap phones could we partly Poland. Over the year when you think. And people form those opinions based like I say. Guy do we just that are gas from the it was a two who was libertarian by the way. The Cato Institute they're deemed a libertarian group they're not Republican or Democrat. He just traced down. Howell president trump could have gotten to this point. From reading would bright part from what. Conservative talk host Mark Levine said. And so forth and so on and you do remember the investigation that was. The FBI was investigating. Into drop in Russian ties Harry Reid had called for that. When Michael Meehan released about that they looked more. Emails. From Hillary Clinton just before the election. He was complaining why are we talking about you looking into the Russian ties with the president. And the FBI said there investigations into the trump Russian ties has yielded little. So at that point and this is a CNN article. Back from November 2. Month take sides again from CNN not from blocks up from whatever right border there. So that's what they were reporting. So again. How does this all come down who he believes it's gonna come down to that will there be an investigation. Likely there's probably going to be the term administration wants one. Donne wall or doing the other investigation into Russian ties so they're probably investigate this as well and throw this in. Is this a smokescreen. Just to drive us away from anything else that's going on. What do you think 2601870. It detects an 87870 let's go to Tom and almighty Tom thanks for call and a BWO. I'll thank you so very much Robert mile pavement and died I hear that we're talking a lot about wiretapping right now and that sort of thing and by the court notched up. Are you guys from the man by the name of rock types. I. Okay go ahead in Google him he has a former NSA whistle blower. He claims that the NSA regular wiretaps everybody including potential presidential candidate. And anybody who wants to run for office. I mean it. Hitler and his art the FBI saying that they know for a fact that trump has not. Being wiretapped or whatever show me an affidavit from somebody at the guy says I know a 100% certain. He is not being wiretapped and you'll never seen it and in the play Eli. And nobody could really be sure. Just so there's no drills to. I mean there may indeed I mean it's the program was written. Who you know computers or programs times in the paper trails and apparently don't sometimes they make you think that they don't and they do. You know that that's the nature of the kind of stuff I'll also talk about bright board and you know a lot of people really like art. Not the conservatively about tidal last year. That means that odds seem days where. The USA today reports. Russia supporting. Separatist against the side than a bright parked on and then you find out now and others support in records. So I mean the same you know. A news source is particularly good or bad you know unfortunately. We as Americans need to relook at more captive about that we each article went on there. And if we can't do that and that's probably of the school system but unfortunately you know sometimes some time any news organization. To put out a boat at that story yeah it. The Red Line and say everything is gospel you know exactly although there's a lot of there's a lot. Out there. That view it. Oh everything we say illegal don't listen to these other people. I mean honestly our our new organization outright losing weight right to keep public enemy. That other people who are nipping at my that he'll speak in market share. Tom I think what the the big issue here has gotten a rout though is that. President trump weeded out that it was President Obama. It dated men ordered I think that's where the contention is coming whether the there was or not this investigation from Russia are. Are not maybe it was reversed because they're looking at these Russian banks and maybe somebody in the trump tower head. Connections with the right banker did business with them because trump has business ties around the world. And it got back yeah that that you know that that's the shot and I do I think the issue is I am I am saying it was President Obama saying. We need wiretap I think that's. The jets think what's interesting is that there's a lot of the stuff about Russian investigations in the trial. Truly a Russian influence the election match is gonna check to the Clinton foundation like the rest of the world it. I mean you know that's that's these the go to hit it is that there and make a bet a lot of shots. That's slipping and I think that doesn't sound quite right about all that I let alone. I think who is still trying to figure out that reset button and Hillary gave him that it's. That's its. Arenas and perhaps she was secretary of state remember which he first met she handed them this recent budding we were re setting our our our relationship with Russia and Catholic sentiment that he had no idea it would Whitman. I would neither here earlier and that Hillary Clinton right. Tom I don't think I don't think anybody or Hollywood. Tom thanks for caller I gotta get some other goals here I'd the president makes ruled that our rights let's go quickly to Larry's Lionel Larry thanks for Colin W Abdul. All right it's not rather odd. Our. It is irrelevant anyway it would be Garland early calls in and some reason. And on the rule they have been you know. To usually it was long long right now he's elevated due smokescreen. Our military and Amanda are sold in these people just relief while well. I army corps ball with all the elderly don't ever known and Jillian arms rock bond market and I'm Obama would be the com and Spain. Well you know like I said and I have a guy on who's not Republican or Democrat. The libertarian guy him and his breakdown of it and as he said. In his breakdown bad it's probably. Hi the unlikely. That brought President Obama had any direct involvement in this. Yeah because he you know if they did have the idea but I mean it has to mean need to into so far smoke screen. What it would buy. On an a market two Q1 and maybe one column on. They don't they ought to do all. Thank you for on a month ago. Mayor elect. Russert so are turning out from the naval great. On medical alert. In Latin but now that's what they should be work. Wasn't it wasn't a sub it was a of some kind of fishing vessels that obviously vary you know. They spiral we spy on them as violence we note. I ought to be if you don't believe if you don't believe that week the cold the Cold War and I'm doing the quote to the figures and it still spying on each other trust here. Mecca of mature outlook on army aspire to mark and I can hear. The longer commute to and loans and you've been. Alerted that holes. Two you know two hour drive and you don't hidden on some. Now Larry and thank you recall man thank you for your service to and your sons and services are. All right we'll take short break be right back this is WW up. And welcome back to ominous is in for Garland Robinette 260187. You could Texan 878 semi here are some of the textile these are the text I'm reading the text right now. Someone says let's seat upon us being present United States does not need a federal judge to wiretap anything or anyone. Someone else texted this is nothing a smokescreen by trump he's running scared. Another Texas junior court order for wiretap think they follow the rules gimme a break. Another text mister Donald Trump really do you think that his supporters are that dumb and whatever he says he thinks thinks his supporters of that domino whatever he says they will believe. Now beginning yankees taking advantage of those people's minds if he tells you that the world. That is his words believe they believe it. Another Texas just watch the US can attack while we've got our heads up our you know why it's bakery and investigating who may or may not have done something to whom. Another Texas trump is worth. Tapping his phones as the students that went to trump University College. This is another text mister properly should tax returns and all this will go away or hurt you which are weight comes out. Another Texas could be solved very easy trump just needs to reduce his evidence to substantiate his accusations but he won't because he doesn't have an. And some says here's a text no one cares. Next right there let's go to Lloyd in the world and drew quick tale Olympics are going to be to do. How Lori. Didn't get it. The problems here who's going to be in that. You know after. Excellent had to be checked that back caught in the line. Telling. I'll turn of the fact. Well in a that the president I think that are real problem. For the country not well trial but when the country cannot trust the president. We have a huge problem. You do you think we've had this problem for awhile that the country doesn't trust any of its politicians on loan level in the present. Partner and I don't know if you can block Obama that you just hateful Rocco. I'm not I'm not talking about a lot of saying every every time they do a poll you know congress comes up hardly get the same people he is getting old reelected. Well and it's crazy. I think that the difference between can. I won't don't and can't. And I think that. Politically I'm I'm an awful lot. The China administration has shown that in fact there are okay quick line and telling you that there. Mobile concept called alternative. And when you say alternative thanks Heidi you know that there line. Is it'll turn the well I'm playing with Deloitte. And I gotta I gotta go to this break Lloyd thanks for Colorado man bachelor and all right. Bob Knight will take a break be right back and wrap it all up studied below. All right are ready judge or opinion poll right now who do you believe trump or the FBI on Trump's accusation of wiretapping during the campaign 62% of you voting online now save. You believe president trump. 38%. Say they believe. The FBI. What do thank everyone who helped Shelden Williams. Big John. John we could soon be Littlejohn. Working them working aboard mats control. Helen's and Danny producer. Coming up next go to and he will continue this conversation so if you wanna get in line to make comment about. Trump them the tweeting in the wiretapping and all that. Lines are open now go ahead and give my call 260187. The or text emanate 7817 will be all set and ready to roll with that. Thanks for listening. And I'll see you guys down the road hopefully garlands back with you tomorrow my about.